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Marcelo Cabral e Marcelo Lagoas
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This is my first story and it is totally fiction. It is about young teens so if that offends you please do not read any further. 14 - Samantha [Sammy] 15 - Bethany [Beth] 13-Cynthia [Cindy] 14 - Victoria 16 - Mike 14 - Logan 13 - Jimmy [Jim] ------------------------------------------------------------ Sammy was super excited.

Her parents were going out of town for the weekend and had given her permission to have a slumber party. She had invited the "gang" to come over for a couple of nights of video games, music, games, with lots of snacks. It was going to be a cool party time! Bethany [15/Beth], Cynthia [13/Cindy], and Victoria [14] all had permission to spend Friday and Saturday night.

Sammy had been preparing for this for months. She had hid some of her dad's rum, tequila, and wine for the party. She also had some of her dads weed to smoke if they decided to try it. The girls were all excited to have the chance to try the stuff and get a little buzzed. Sammy didn't figure it would hurt to try the stuff on Friday night then have all day Saturday to recover. Sammy had taken out all the family games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Life, Phase 10, Checkers, Twister, UNO, a bottle for spin the bottle, etc.

There was also a horse shoe game in the backyard. She didn't care what they played or did. She was just looking forward to spending time with her peeps. Actually the girls would probably just stay up all night and talk about boys.

For meals Sammy's parents had bought the girls an assortment of TV dinner, snacks, and soda. They also left money for pizza if the girls wanted that.

On Friday morning, Sammy had got up at 9 am to see her parents and younger brother off. They left at around 10 am and then she started setting the house up for the sleepover. Sammy was wearing a pair of black short shorts and a black halter top to match.

Since school was out the girls were invited to come over anytime during the day. Beth arrived first at around noon. She wore a pair of jeans and pull over shirt. Sammy took Beth to the family room so she could put her stuff away.

Then Sammy showed Beth where the snacks, food, weed and drinks were. They decided to wait until the other girls got there before getting into them. Sammy intended to begin the party as soon as possible. Beth went ahead and changed into blue gym shorts and a white t-shirt. Sammy and Beth just sat around talking about the slumber party and what they'd be doing until the other girls arrived.

Cindy and Victoria arrived at 2 pm. Cindy's mom asked when she should pick them up and Sammy told her that her parents would bring them home. Cindy and Victoria were both wearing black shorts and white t shirts. After Cindy's mom left Victoria took out 2 bottles of Jack Daniels from her back pack. She told them that she had hid the bottles since last Christmas. Her parents did not even know she had it.

Victoria is the most adventurous of the group. Sammy showed the girls where the snacks, food, weed, and drinks were. She told them to help themselves. She told them not to get too buzzed to early! They decided to save the weed until later. They all wanted to try some of the drinks so they figured they'd do it while playing a game of Phase 10.

Sammy took out small 8 ounce cups then mixed some Jack Daniels with some coke for each of the girls. In each cup she put a quarter cup of JD and filled the rest with coke and ice. It was enough to taste soothing. She set the cups on the counter. The girls played the game and finished the first phase. They had finished their first cup of JD and decided to get another. This time the mixture would be 1/2 cup of JD with coke and ice. Victoria started getting the giggles early and the girls could tell she was already a little buzzed.

The girls were talking about boys and different things. Then Cindy mentioned, "You know it would be great to have one of those adult DVDs on while we're talking about the hot boys." Sammy told them to wait a minute. She went to her dads DVD collection and got some of his adult DVD's each with a playing time of 4 hours each.

Sammy specifically picked out DVD's that included girls doing things with girls. Also she specifically picked out the ones where the girls who looked really young.

She figured she'd put a DVD on and let it play while they were playing Phase 10. The girls were getting ready to start their 3rd cup of JD now. This time Sammy changed the mixture to 3/4 cup JD with 1/4 cup Coke and ice. The girls were all bi and had "partied" with each other before but they had not "partied" in this large of a group. Sammy knew the video would kind of get them a little bit worked up. All 4 were hot look girls and were sought after by the boys at school. Cindy suggested they stop drinking for now, have supper then put on their PJs and get comfortable since after all this was a slumber party.

No one would be sleeping tonight! For supper they had hot dogs, beans, and chips for dinner. They ate their supper at the breakfast bar and talked about what to do next. Victoria was the most buzzed and commented, "All I know is I want to taste all of you before the night is over." Cindy and Bethany both said, "We could get into that." Since the first DVD was just about over Sammy started another one.

By now it was 6 pm. Next Sammy said, "Hey let's talk about how wild we're gonna get tonight." I mean I am already buzzed and feel really good and will do just about anything. Victoria spoke up and said, "I want to play some touch, feely, games!" The other two girls nodded in agreement. Ok, Sammy said how kinky do we want to get? Beth said, "The kinkier the better." "Ok, what about spit, pee, shit, and stuff like that?" Cindy spoke up and said, "Mmmm, I can get into that!" The girls all agreed that the sky is the limit with no restrictions.

Cindy then asked, "What about boys? Can't we ask a couple of them to drop by?" Sammy responded, "No boys! I will be in super big trouble if any boys were to come over and my folks found out." Cindy spoke up and said, "Oh come on they will never find out!" "None of us will tell." "We just have to be sure not to get pregnant." "They have to pull out before they cum!" With that they all laughed.

Sammy was actually excited by the idea of boys being there but was afraid if her parents found out or what could happen. The girls kept trying to convince her that boys would really make the party a party! Sammy finally agreed to take a vote and let the majority rule. Naturally the vote was unanimous in favor of inviting some boys. One concern was finding boys that would not tell anyone. Boys tended to brag about the girls they "partied" with. The girls agreed that two boys would be more than enough.

But who should they invite? Finding boys that wouldn't tell would be a challenge! Then Beth spoke up and said, "What about my brothers, Mike and Logan, I know they won't tell!" The other girls looked at each other dumbfounded! They knew then that Beth was doing some partying on her own at home! It was decided that Beth would call the boys at around 8 pm to see it they wanted to come by for a while for some "partying." After supper the girls changed into their PJs.

All the girls had short silk like tops and tight fitting bottoms. They each had house coats to match. They sat down and started talking about what to play or do next. By now it was 7 pm. Victoria had her eyes fixed on the video and was rubbing herself a little. Cindy looked at her and said, "Hey save it for us and the boys!" All the girls giggled. Victoria looked up and said, "There will be lots left for you and them!" Sammy then brought up, "Hey what about birth control?" "I mean if fuck us and cum in us well you know what could happen." Beth said, "We just tell them they have to pull out before they do or they don't get any!" The girls giggled again.

Sammy said, "You know damn well if they fuck us they'll want to cum in us." The girls discussed it some more but decided not to worry about it and that it was worth the risk.

Besides they'd tell the boys they had to wear a condom. Cindy then asked, "What game are we going to play with the boys?" Victoria said, "A strip game!" The girls giggled again. Beth suggested they pick a simple game like dice, or high card draw, or spin the bottle.

Beth said, "Hey let's keep it simple and just do high card draw." She went on to say let's do it in teams like if the boys cards overall point count adds up to more than the girls we lose and have to remove a piece of clothing. After all of our clothes are off we have to do what the boys tell us or if they lose they have to do what we say. For match up the boy with the highest card matches the girl with the highest, etc.

They all agreed to the rules. Additional rules that were decided on were that once everyone was engaged in something time would increase by 30 seconds for each event and increase by 15 seconds for each round. Also a sip of a drink was required for each card draw. The drink could be anything available. For the kinky stuff you got some of that if you lost 3 times in a row.

More would be decided a time went on and after the boys got there. At 8 pm Beth called Mike and the call went something like this. "Hey Mike what's up." "Oh hi Beth nuttin much just chillin." "Watchin TV, listening to some tunes, and playing video games." Beth said, "Well you know I am at the sleep over." "Yea so what does that have to do with me?" "Well we were just wondering if you and Logan would maybe like to come over and party with us for a while?" Mike excitedly responded with, "For real?" All the other girls were gathered around listening to what Beth was saying.

Beth told him, "Yea we have lots of snacks, drinks, and stuff. We can play games, dance and just party a while if you want. You can bring Logan with you if you want. Mike was so excited about the idea that he got a raging hard on while he was talking to Beth. Mike said, "I want to come and I know Logan will want to but we have one problem." Beth said, "What's that?" Well you know mom and dad went to the seminar in Kern with the Smiths. Well, Jimmy is here with us for the night and we'd have to bring him if that was ok otherwise they could not come over.

Beth told him to hang on for a sec while she checked with the other girls to see if it was ok. The other girls were a little concerned but agreed to let him come to. Mike told her, "He is cool and won't say anything, not for a chance like this with some of the hottest girls from school." Mike then asked if she had any weed.

She told him she did and that she planned to just put it in an incense burner mixed with incense and let it fill the air to make the atmosphere more mellow. Sammy spoke up and said, "They can spend the night if they want but they have to leave by Sunday morning before my folks get back." Beth added that, "Oh and bring some condoms, I mean just in case the games get a little wild ok?" He agreed and said they'd be there at around 10 pm. Mike told Logan and Jimmy about the party and they were super excited about going.

Mike pulled out his pack of condoms and some Vaseline to take with them. The girls put out the cards and decided since Jimmy was coming they'd have to modify the rules some for him. They decided he would just be matched up with one of the girls following the existing rules. There would still be one extra girl and it was decided that she would be participating with the ones that were on the middle team. No one was to be left out. The boys arrived at 10 pm. They rang the door bell and were greeted by Sammy in her short PJs and house coat.

The other girls were in the game room talking. The boys just stared at her in disbelief. As she led them in they stared at her tanned ass cheeks. The other girls came in and gave the each of the boys a hug.

Sammy showed the boys where they could put their stuff, where the snacks, food, and drinks were, and then took them to the game room. The boys were all wearing knee length shorts, t-shirts and tennis shoes. Sammy suggested the boys change into their PJs so everyone would be dressed the same. The boys changed into gym shorts and t-shirts. Sometime during this Jimmy ask where the bathroom was.

He said, "I have to piss like a race horse!" Sammy told him, "Well you can piss but you have to piss in the splash pool." He looked at her in disbelief. Then she told him, "We'll explain it when we explain the rules.we're gonna use the piss for some for some of the games!" She pointed to where the splash pool was then went in with everyone else. Jim pissed in the pool and went in with the gang. Everyone sat down.

The girls were staring at the boys hard-on's which were visible through their shorts. That just excited the girls even more.


Of course the boys were staring at the girl's tits. Beth explained the game rules and the boys all readily agreed.

Beth also ask Mike about the condoms and he had brought half a dozen. Victoria asked if she could see them. Mike handed her the pack then he and the other boys went in to get drinks.

Meanwhile Victoria took the pack of condoms to the back bedroom and used a sewing needle to put hole through the middle of each one. The way the package was you could not tell she had punctured them. She wanted to feel the sperm in her and she wanted the other girls to feel it to.

She tried to put a big enough hole in each so that when the girls were fucked hard the condom would split in two. They would just think the package was defective. As you can see Victoria is a chance taker. She then took the package back to Mike, gave him a kiss, got a drink, and sat down beside him. The boys all got tequila mixed with water.

The girls were all sipping on wine and were already a little buzzed. The weed enhanced incense filled the air. Everyone was eager to get started. Sammy turned on some Lady Gaga and put in a DVD that was a compilation of really young girls engaged in different sex acts. The boys just stared at the video. Everyone took off their shoes. The first round was about to begin.

Everyone drew a card. The boy's team won the first round so the girls had to take off their house coats. Everyone took a sip of their drink. Victoria was a little buzzed already. Beth was a little giggly and Cindy was just staring at the boy's pants. Next round the the boys lost and had to remove their shirts. Victoria gasp and said, "Now your' talking." In the DVD a young girl was being fucked by two guys.

She was screaming, "FUCK ME, FUCK ME!" Everyone took a drink. The cards were dealt again. This time the girls lost and had to remove their tops. All their tits were rock hard and jutting upward. The boys couldn't believe they were seeing 4 of the hottest girls on campus with their tits exposed! After another sip of their drinks everyone drew a card and the boys lost.

They removed their shorts and were just in their undies. After refilling their drinks everyone sat down and drew another card. The boys were staring at the girls and the girls were staring at the boys. All of them were getting more buzzed by the minute. This time it was a draw so everyone took off their bottoms. Logan had been silent spoke up and said, "Fuck look at those tight pussies!" "I want to fuck all of them." Sammy said, "Well you might get your chance but you have to wear a rubber." Victoria just kept quiet but was smiling.

30 seconds: The next draw the girl's team lost. Mike had the highest card and got to decide what the girl's team would do. He decided they would have to kiss the boys dicks and rub them on their face. Just kissing was allowed, no sucking. Mike was matched with Victoria, Logan was matched with Bethany and Sammy, and Jimmy was matched with Cindy.

The girls kissed and licked the boys cocks making them rock hard. The boys were moaning. Jimmy yelled out, "Kiss it you slut.mmmmm.OMG." After 30 seconds everyone then took a drink to prepare for the next round. 45 seconds: The next draw the boys team lost. Bethany had the highest card. Bethany wanted the boys to lick and suck on her tits. Everyone was matched with their partner and the boys did that. Victoria and Cindy were on the middle team and took turns with Jimmy sucking them.

After another drink they continued. Mike commented, "You girls are fucking hot." 60 seconds: The next draw the boys lost again. Sammy was the winner over all this time. She told them she wanted her pussy sucked. Match up this time was Sammy with Mike, Logan with Victoria, and Jimmy with Cindy and Beth. The boys started licking and probing the girl's pussies with their tongues. All the girls were moaning and trembling as the boys licked their already sopping wet cunts.

Victoria really ground her pussy into Logan's tongue. After 60 seconds were up everyone got another drink. Another rule was then decided. If a team loses 3 times in a row the time is doubled for the event. Also if there is a tie the time doubles and they draw again.

All of them knew the event would probably be fucking. No fucking until a team loses at least 3 times in a row with a condom. Fucking would be for the time on the clock or until one of the boys cums in the condom. If no one cums and if there is a 4th lost then fucking goes on until all of the boys cum. They reduced the kinky event to 2 times in conjunction with whatever they were doing.

1 min, 15 sec: This time the girls lost. Jimmy had the highest card. He decided he wanted the girls to suck their dicks. Jimmy was matched with Victoria.

She sucked him long and hard. Her spit was running down on Jimmy's balls and legs. He almost came but he held back. Mike was teamed with Beth and Sammy. They took turns sucking him but stopped when he started to get the urge to cum.

Logan was teamed with Cindy. She sucked him up and down her tongue playing with his pee hole. She was really making him tremble. Precum coated his dick head but he did not cum. After the round everyone took a drink. Everyone was starting to feel the urge to pee and they could if they used the splash pool.

1 min, 30 sec: The boys lost and had to lick and the girl's asses while fingering their pussy. All the girls were trembling in excitement. After the time was up everyone filled their drinks. 1 min, 45 sec: The boys lost again. Victoria had the highest card. She said she wanted the boy to finger fuck them and lick their fingers.

Each of the boys was paired up with their partner and did just that. Then another drink and to the next round. 2 min: The girls lost. Logan won the overall. He decided the boys would fuck the girl's tits. Logan was teamed with Sammy. She lay down and Logan straddled her. He fucked his dick back and forth between her rock hard tits. Jimmy had Bethany and Victoria. He alternated between the two.

Mike had Cindy. His dick felt so good touching her soft skin. He was really rock hard and had an immediate urge to cum. After the time was up and another sip of their drinks they went on to the next round. 2 min, 15 sec: The girls lost. Mike won. He said, Ok girls I want you to suck our cocks but first we are going to piss on you.

Victoria was matched with Mike. He told her to kneel in front of him. Logan was matched with Sammy and Bethany. Cindy was matched with Jim. The girls were told to open their mouths and the boys let go.

Pee went all over the girls bodies. Logan fucked into Sammy and Bethany's mouths while he was peeing. Mike aimed for Victoria's ears and nose. Jim peed in Cindy's mouth and fucked it the same as Mike was doing.

The air was filled with the smell of the nasty yellow fresh urine that covered the girls from head to toe. The round was finished by the girls sucking the boy's rock hard cocks.

Of course everyone got a sip of their drink. The girls all had to piss so they pissed in the splash pool.

The boys watched them with raging hard ons. 2 min, 30 part 2.sec: The girls lost for the 3rd time so the time was to double after the boys fucked them. Mike got the condoms from the counter and handed one to each of the boys. The girls were giddy with excitement and helped the boys put the condoms on their hard pricks. The boys were eagerly anticipating the feel of their hard cocks in the girls tight teenage pussies. They were all buzzed and were eager with excitement. This time Mike was matched with Victoria.

She took the condom from him and opened the package then gently rolled it down the length of his penis. He shuddered with delight. He laid back and said, "Mount me baby I want to feel your hot pussy on my hard cock." She lowered herself on to him and gently fucked him.

Jimmy was teamed with Cindy and Sammy. They did very much the same thing. The girls lay down and spread their wet pussies wide open for him. Jimmy fucked slowly not wanting to cum yet but to stay in control. Beth was teamed with Logan. He wanted to fuck her in ass so he lubricated her ass with Vaseline and had her kneel on all fours. He then slowly inserted his penis in her ass and slowly fucked her. All you could hear were moans of pleasure.

Halfway thru the time Mike turned Victoria over and slowly inserted his cock into her tight slit. She looked at him and said, "FUCK ME you horny stud. Fuck your baby juice into me.

Victoria knew the rubbers wound not rip yet but after a while of intense rammng they would. Mike fucked his entire length into her.

She was breathing heavy and heaving up to meet his thrusts. Logan fucked Beth's ass in slow even thrusts not wanting to cum yet. The time ended with no one had cum yet but they were so close. The boys pulled out and just stopped for a minute.

They were all right on the edge. Everyone took a sip of their drink. Everyone was sweating and just excited about what was to come. By now it was 10:30 at night. 5 min.: Everyone took a card and the scores were added. This time it was a tie which meant the time doubled. Sammy put more weed in the incense burner. 10 min: Everyone took another card. The girls lost again. Jimmy was the big winner. Jimmy was matched with Sammy.

He looked at her and said. "I'm gonna knock you up you little bitch!" Sammy loved being talked to dirty like that. She looked at him and said, "Fuck me good and hard stud." He had Sammy lie down and spread her legs. He slowly inched his hard prick into her and began to fuck her in long deep strokes. Jimmy began to feel the urge so he backed off but kept even steady strokes in and out of her tight pussy.

Sammy's pussy was pulsating around his engorged dick. She could feel his hard dick hitting her womb.

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She was patient with him but wanted it harder. She was kissing and licking his neck and running her fingernails up and down his muscular back.

He was doing his best to stay in control but knew he could not last too long. The feel of her nails on his back was exciting him even more. Her blonde hair and blue eyes had captivated him to the point of no return. He fucked her harder and faster. His dick got harder and it seemed like longer with each thrust. Sammy clawed into him with her nails and would squeeze his ass then rub her hands all the way to his neck and down to his ass crack.

OMG.FUCK ME.mmmmm.YES. FUCK ME.FUCK MY TIGHT PUSSY. FILL ME WITH YOUR SEED.OMG I AM CUMMING.mmmmmmm.SHIT.I AM YOUR WHORE.YOUR FUCKING WHORE!!!!. OMG I AM CUMMING!!!! OH FUCK.She arched her back, her pussy tightened and she started a tremendous organism. With that Jimmy started ramming her harder and faster. He could feel what he thought was the rubber ripping but was not going to stop to check it out.

The possibility of his fertile seed being planted in this totally hot slut only made him hornier. He arching his back and went even faster. Then he yelled, I'M FUCKING CUMMING YOU CUNT! With that he started pumping hot milky cum in her tight pussy. There was so much cum that it started leaking out of her dick filled pussy. Then Sammy passed out but Jimmy just kept on fucking her. Cum was leaking out on her legs. Jimmy slowly pulled out and said, "Oh Shit! I may have knocked the little bitch up!" When Sammy woke up Jimmy was scared to tell her but she just said it was worth it.

She said, "There is only a slight chance due to my cycle so to not worry about it." She then fell asleep in Jimmy's arms. The time was now 2 am and they were exhausted. Logan was matched up with Victoria and Bethany.

Logan lay down and Bethany lowered her tight pussy on to his rock hard dick. Victoria was rhythmically pumping Logan's cock up in to her tight pussy. She could feel his hard dick hitting her womb. Her clit was about to explode and she was so close to Cumming.

She leaned back and was breathing really heavy. The room was filled with the sounds of girls being fucked by horny guys and the smell of pee and sweat.

Victoria knew the rubber was on the verge of breaking so she dismounted and lay down. FUCK ME Stud she said. She spread her legs open wide. Logan rammed his dick into her.

She wrapped her legs around his ass and started clawing his back. FUCK ME.FUCK MEEE.MAKE ME YOUR SLUT!.That just excited Logan all the more. He rammed long and deep. His dick was covered with her pussy juices. Victoria then yelled, "OMG I AM CUMMING.OMG" .With that she arched her back, her whole body shook and she gushed to an amazing climax. Logan couldn't hold back any longer. He fucked in deep and hard. Victoria held him in deep and continued to claw his back. She had her feet wrapped around his ass.

Bethany was filming it all. Logan yelled, "OMG I AM CUMMING.Uhhhhhh.TAKE IT BABY. TAKE MY HOT CUM!" He fucked harder and faster then felt a little bit different sensation.

The rubber had ripped. Uhhhhhhhh.his cum finished ripping the condom and cum gushed deep in to her fertile pussy. She held him in deep until the spurts subsided. Then he just lay on top of her. His dick got somewhat semi-hard but never went soft. He kissed her and licked her breasts. Then he pulled out and realized the condom had broken. OMG, Shit, umm, but Victoria just kissed him sticking her tongue in his mouth.

He looked at her and said but Victoria, ummmm.she said, " I saw it. It's ok. It's worth it." Bethany came over while they were kissing and started licking Logans dick. That really hardened it back up again.

Victoria told Bethany to lay down since Logan was still hard. Bethany said, "Come on brother boy fuck your older sister." Logan readily pointed his now rock hard dick at Bethany tight love hole because he needed more pussy to satisfy his intense need. With that Bethany readily spread her legs and Logan mounted her. He started rhythmically fucking her hard and deep. Bethany loved the feel of her brother's hard dick in her tight pussy. She sucked on his neck and wrapped her legs around his ass.

She watched as his dick went in and out of her pussy covered with her pussy juices. Most of the time while the others were fucking Bethany had been taking pictures with the digital camera and filming them with a video camera.

It was agreed that Bethany would get to suck cum and juices off of at least one of the guys as payment. Mike was matched up with Cindy. She was the youngest of the girls and her long black hair and eyes really captivated him. She lay down and Mike slowly inserted his rock hard dick into her tight soaked cunt. He knew he could not last long in this gorgeous girl's pussy. He wanted it more than words can describe. She told Mike to, "Fuck me baby I want to feel your dick inside me shooting hot cum in me!" "Make love to me, use me!" Little did she know that was exactly was going to occur.

"Practice making a baby in me." With that Mike started rhythmically fucking her. His cock would go in deep then he'd hesitate and drive in again deeper each time. She loved it. She was breathing heavy and moaning then started to cum. OMG she said and arched her back. The hot cum gushed out of her pussy all over the mat they were on.

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She was lost in ecstasy, completely lost. Mike's body was covered with sweat and the sweat was dripping down on Cindy.

Mike was starting to lose control. He kissed her and said, "Baby I have got to cum but I want you to feel good first." She looked at him and said, "Oh baby Fuck me hard. Make a practice baby in me. "Then she wrapped her tan legs around his ass to pull him in even deeper. She started clawing him, her nails digging in his back.

That made him fuck her even harder and faster. Her body shuddered with each thrust. He arched his back, his dick was in as deep as it would go and let go of a load of hot milky cum. "Oh baby, take it, take it all." Then he pumped her really hard pumping all of his cum out of his cum filled balls into her tight pussy.

His semi-hard dick popped out and he saw the ripped condom. OMG.She said, "What?" OMG you were so big you ripped it. Mmmmm it's ok baby I love the feel of your cum in my tight pussy. It was almost 3 am in the morning and everyone fell asleep from exhaustion. Victoria woke up at about 4 am and went out on the patio completely nude drinking some wine.

She was super drunk. Jimmy slowly crept up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. His semi hard dick was nestled in the crack of her tight ass.

He started kissing her and fingering her pussy. She turned around and kneeled down. She started kissing his cock shaft. She sucked him in her mouth and started to deep throat him gagging on his 5 inch cock. By now his cock was really getting super hard again. She spit on his cock and sucked him in again. He was covered with sweat and piss from fucking Sammy.

Victoria looked at him and said, "Do you want it?" Jimmy responded by saying, "Fuck yea!" "You want it bad don't you?" Jimmy said, "Fuck yea." All the time Victoria was playing with his pee hole with her tongue and swirling her tongue around his cock head. He was shuddering with pleasure.

Well you can have it but you have to do something for me first. Jimmy said, Ok what? She stood up and said you have to piss and shit on me. Jimmy could not believe what he was hearing. Victoria took Jimmy's hand and led him over to the splash pool.

She kneeled down in it and looked up at him with an open mouth. Jimmy had to piss really bad and need to take a good shit but he did not think he would be doing it on a raving beauty like this.

He aimed for Victoria's mouth and a nasty stream of piss started filling her mouth and overflowing into her hair. Piss covered her head and tits streaming down to the crack of her pussy and ass. She then lay out a matt. She told Jimmy to watch and she squatted down and started straining.

Meanwhile Mike and Sammy had woken up and were watching in amazement what was going on. Sammy was rubbing her self and Mike was stroking his dick. Victoria shit a long turd on to the mat. She rubbed some on her pussy and the sat on the turd on the tarp rubbing in on her ass and back.

Then she lay down and looked up and propped herself on her elbows. Shit on me Jimmy! Shit on my pussy. Jimmy was awestruck by what he was hearing and by now his cock was rock hard. He squatted over her and pushed. He shitted directly on her pussy then moved up to between her tits. Another turd landed between her tits. She pushed part of a piece of shit into her pussy and started rubbing it all over the outside. Then she said to Jimmy, "Come on baby fuck me.Fuck me hard.!" Jimmy slide his rock hard dick in her pussy and started fucking her.

Jimmy's dick was covered with shit and piss as he fucked in and out of Victoria's shit filled pussy. He was going to cum in the little sluts pussy.

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"FUCK ME JIMMY", Victoria screamed. Meanwhile Mike and Sammy's were really getting worked up watching Victoria and Jimmy's nasty patio fuck scene. Mike put his arms around Sammy and started fingering her pussy. She then took his hand and led him over the the kitchen counter. She got up on the counter and spread her legs. Mike pulled her to the edge of the counter, kneeled down, and started kissing and licking her pussy.

He inserted his tongue into her slit and started playing with her clit. She shuddered in delight. She could feel his tongue probing her, making her super horny. His face was now covered with her pussy juices. She was running her hands through his hair and breathing heavy. Her body was trembling each time his tongue hit on her special spot.

Finally she could take it no longer. She lowered herself on to the kitchen floor and spread her legs. Mike push his blood engorged dick into her tight wet pussy but then stopped. He went over and got one of the rubbers and put it on. Then he fucked her until they both had cum. Saturday morning: Everyone slept until about 10 am. The boys then got up, dressed, kissed the girls good by, and headed home.

They were eagerly anticipating the night. It was agreed they would come back that night to party with the girls some more. Mike was going to get some more condoms and other things to make the night interesting. The girls got up, showered, and cleaned the house up some.

They washed the shit off of the mat and emptied the splash pool. They were eagerly anticipating the rest of the day. After an early lunch they all went back to sleep for a while. Saturday afternoon: At around 3 pm Cindy and Beth woke up. They both went in the game room and got a drink. Cindy remarked to Beth, "You really got fucked good by Logan!" "You guys were smoking hot!" Beth remarked back, "Yea but you and Mike really rocked! I can't believe how big and hard his dick got! It was amazing!" The girls sipped their drinks and got a little bit giddy.

Beth remarked, "Hey Cindy you want to have a little fun?" Cindy said, "Sure, how?" With that Beth went to her back pack and pulled out a double sided dildo. Cindy looked at it in amazement and remarked, "OMG I can't believe you have that thing!" After Cindy said that Beth took some butter out of the refrigerator and lubricated both ends of the dildo.

Beth told Cindy to lay down with her legs spread. She then inserted one end of the dildo into Cindy's pussy and started to pump it in and out. Cindy started breathing heavy and her tits got super hard. Then Beth straddled the dildo and inserted the end into her pussy. She then started pumping up and down. Both girls were lost in the ecstasy of the moment. Both girls were moaning and fucking the long hard dildo.

Both climaxed and collapsed on the kitchen floor in exhaustion. At 5 pm Sammy and Victoria woke up. They all came down to the kitchen for supper. They had sandwiches, chips, and sodas for supper. Beth's cell phone was ringing. She answered the call and it was Mike. He told her they'd be over and could spend the night again if that was ok but now they had to bring Jimmy's younger brother Steve.

Steve was suppose to be staying with someone else but a family emergency resulted in him being brought to stay at Mike's house. The big problem is Steve is 11 years old. Beth told Mike she'd talk to the girls and let him know. The girls were ok with it except they were afraid he might tell.

When it came to the games this would give each of them a partner. So Beth called Mike back and told him that Steve could come also. After the phone call Mike gathered the boys together and let Steve know about the party.

Steve was really excited about the possibility of being able to fuck his cousin, Bethany. He had wanted to do that for a while but was afraid to ask. Mike told the boys they'd leave for the girl's house at 9:30 right after the 9 pm phone call with the folks.

Meanwhile the girls were working on what to wear when the boys arrived. They wanted to give them a raging hard on the minute they walked in the door. They wanted to wear something different than PJs. Sammy suggested they cut black t-shirts in half and wear the bottom part like a dress. It would really be skimpy but that is ok. The bottom half of the t-shirt would hide their pussy but the boys would be able to see the crack of their ass.

So the girls made a trip to their local Wal-Mart to purchase the black t-shirts. When they got back to Sammy's house they cut the shirts and put them on. They looked really erotic. When the girls sat down and crossed their legs the shirt came up close to their pussy. Mike meanwhile had gone to Wal-Mart also to purchase some more condoms.

He was really looking forward to the evening events. Mike also picked up some baby oil, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream that he thought they might have a use for. Mike then drove home and put all the items in a bag.

At 9 pm the boy's parents called to check in. Mike told them they were going to a movie and to hang out with friends. After the phone call the boys got in the car for the drive to Sammy's house.

It was 9 pm and the girls were ready. They were dressed in their home made t-shirt outfits. They also had added black stockings just to make the outfit look a little sexier. Sammy had restocked the refrigerator and put out more snacks. Everything was ready. She had a DVD ready to play.

The splash pool has been cleaned out also in case they decided to use it. The bottle of Tequila, Jack Daniels, and the wine were all on the counter with cups and ice. Sammy put some more weed in the incense burner then got it started. This time the girls planned to meet the boys at the door and give them a hug before they came in. Everything was ready. At 9:30 pm the door bell rang. The girls went and answered the door.

When the boys saw the home made t-shirt outfits the girls were wearing they immediately started to get hard. The boys were already in their gym shorts.

The girls each hugged a boy and French kissed them. Steve got super hard and commented, "Fuckin A!" The girls took their hands and led them into the game room. Mike put the condoms, baby oil, and chocolate sauce on the counter. He put the whipped cream in the refrigerator. While everyone was getting drinks Victoria took the condoms to the back bedroom. She used a sewing needle to puncture the middle of each condom. She then returned the condoms to the bag on the counter grabbed a drink and joined the others.

Steve had not every had alcohol but Mike told him it was ok so he picked Jack Daniels to start. Everyone sat down and Beth told them the girls had decided to change the rules just a little bit. Every time the girls sat down they made sure the boys got a peek of their private parts. Since there is one guy for each girl lets draw and line up girl guy. Then switch during each sex round. The boys had no objection. Same rules as before on everything else.

Logan commented, "Your girls are hot!" The girls then wrote their name on a piece of paper and put it in a hat. Mike drew Victoria, Logan drew Cindy, Jimmy drew Beth, and Steve was paired with Sammy. It was decided that they'd keep the same partner until the sex started then they'd switch.

Rules were the same. The cards were taken out and everyone had their drink. The first round the girls won so the boys stripped their shirts off.

Everyone sipped their drink. The second round the boy lost again and stripped their pants off. Everyone sipped their drink. Next round the girls lost and had to remove their tops. The girl's tits were hard and sensitive. The boys already had a raging hard on and the girls knew it. It was time to refill the drinks. Mike volunteered to refill everyone drinks. Everyone was drinking Tequila so he got a tray, gathered up the cups, and filled the cups with straight tequila.

He was suppose to mix it half with water but he wanted the party to get going a little faster so he put in some ice then straight Tequila. He also added some powder to each of the girl's drinks.

The powder was a sex enhancing drug that would make them really super horny and be willing to do anything. He had used it before and knew it would work. He also added a lesser amount to the boy's drinks. For the boys the drug would cause them to stay hard all night. It would also make them want to pee more also. Mike returned to the game room and gave everyone their drink. Victoria commented, "MMMM, Mike you can fix my drink anytime! This is really good!" Mike knew it would not take long for the powder to work.

The girls lost again and slowly stripped off their home made skirts. The boys just starred at their young teenage bodies. Steve's hard on was sticking straight up. After another sip of their drinks the cards were dealt this time resulting in a tie. Everyone just took a sip of their drink. Bethany commented, "I am starting to feel really hot all over.!" Mike could already feel the effect on the drink on his dick.

It was harder than ever and needed attention. Next round the boys lost so they removed their under wear. Jimmy comment, "Time to get to the good stuff!" After another sip of their drinks the cards were dealt again. 30 seconds: The boys lost. Victoria had the high card so she wanted to French kiss.

Everyone French Kissed their partner. Logan fingered Cindy's pussy when he kissed her. It was already wet. Victoria put her hand around Mikes cock and just held it there while she was kissing him. 45 seconds: The girls lost. Steve had the high card. Mike whispered to him to have the girls lick his dick.

The boys stood up, their cocks bobbing in front of their partners and the girl licked up and down their shafts. This made the boys so hard. The boys were feeling the effects of the drug. Their cocks were getting harder by the minute. The girls breasts were swelling and their pussies started producing a lot of juice.

1 minute: The boys lost. Cindy had the high count. Cindy said, "Ok, boys, eat us." She leaned back on her elbows and spread her legs. Logan licked her slit then stuck his tongue in. All the couples did the same thing. After the minute was up everyone took a piss break at the splash pool. Victoria commented to Sammy, "My body feels so hot! It's like I want to fuck all night!" Sammy said, "Yea, I am going to let all the guys fuck me tonight.

I'm gonna get all fucked up." Mike fixed everyone another drink mixing them the same as before. He knew he was pushing it but he also knew he and the boys would get all the pussy they wanted and the girls probably would not remember anything. That's exactly what he wanted. 1 min, 15 sec: It was a tie so the time doubled. After a sip of their drinks the game went on. Sammy got up and started a DVD before the next round.

The scene was a girl being fucked by a dog. Everyone stared intently at the video then went back to the game. 2 min, 30 sec: This time the boys lost. Victoria had the high card. She had the boys fuck the girls pussies with their fingers. The drug had caused their pussies to swell and with each thrust the girls were moaning with delight. 2 min 45 sec: The boys lost again. This time Bethany had the high card. Ok, I want to suck the boys while you eat me. To do this the girls lay down then the boys put their dicks in the girls mouth and then the boys licked and sucked on the girls pussies.

Everyone was really close to orgasm. The time ended with everyone on edge. After a sip of their drinks the decision was made to switch partners. 3 min: The girls lost. Jimmy had the high card. He said, "I want to fuck you in your mouth." So he started fucking Sammy's mouth.

Pretty soon her spit covered his rock hard penis. Steve was fucking Victoria's mouth mouth and she was doing some sucking on her own. He was breathing heavy and said, "Suck it.SUCK ME.!" Beth gagged some on Logan's dick. Her spit was dripping down her tits onto her stomach. Mike was fucking Cindy's mouth with even strokes.

When the 3 minutes were up everyone was eager for the next drawing. Of course at the end of the round everyone took a sip of their drink. 3 min, 15 sec: Everyone switched partners again. The cards were dealt. The girls lost for the 2nd time in a row.

Logan go to choose. Logan said, "Ok I want your girls to suck our dicks. Sammy kneeled in front of Logan and started sucking him. He tensed up and was fucking her mouth as she sucked him. He told her, "Suck my hard prick bitch!" Victoria was sucking Jimmy's cock. Her tongue played with his pee hole and swirled around his cock shaft.

Cindy was sucking Steve. Steve kept saying, "Fuckin A, Fuckin A, Fuckin A". Beth was sucking Mike's dick. His dick was a good 8 inches. She would suck then take his take his cock and rub it over her face and in her hair.

When the round ended the boys were about to cum so it was decided to take a short break. Mike refreshed the drinks the same as before. It was about midnight. 3 min, 30 sec: It was about midnight by now. The girls lost for the 3rd time. Mike had the high card. He said, "Time to fuck those tight pussies of yours girls! It's time to practice making babies! We're going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before!" Mike went over and got the condoms.

Sammy rolled the condom down Mikes blood engorged dick. She got up and French kissed Mike. Her tongue played with his tongue. Mike leaned Sammy up against the end table, slowly inserted his dick into her and began to fuck her in long even strokes. He wanted to control himself until the next round. Victoria put the condom on Logan's dick and licked and kissed his balls. Logan looked at her and said, "Come her bitch!" She lay down and he slowly inserted his hard dick deep in her pussy.

He fucked her in long even strokes. She was whimpering and loving it. Jimmy did much the same. After Cindy rolled the condom on he just started fucking. His balls were slapping against her body with each stroke. Beth helped Steve with his condom. He was so excited he was really trembling. His cock was super hard. She then lay down and Steve rammed his raging hard on in her all at once. She told him, "Hey hold on Rambo, you'll get plenty of pussy tonight." Steve's ass was bobbing up and down as he fucked deep into her tight swollen pussy.

All the boys lasted for 3 minutes and 30 seconds then pulled out. Everyone took a break. The cards were dealt. It was a draw so the time was doubled to 7 minutes. The cards were dealt and once again it was a draw so the time doubled to 14 minutes.

There was no way the boys could last 14 minutes no matter who won. The cards were dealt and the girls lost again. Each couple took their partner to a different part of the room. No one was time anything because they knew they be fucking for cum this time.

Mike kissed Victoria long and hard while she stroked his rock hard cock. She wanted his seed in her and she wanted it back.

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She was doing anything she could to get pregnant by him. Mike looked at her and said, "Lets fuck like there is no tomorrow baby." She looked back at him and said, "Make a baby in me stud. Give me your hot cum. Mike lay down and Victoria mounted him.

She slowly sucked his 8 inch cock up in her swollen pussy. She started with long slow strokes and gradually increased the tempo. Mike's dick grew harder and more sensitive as she fucked him. His dick was hitting on her womb.

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The condom was stretched to the limit and the hole in it was ripping. Victoria leaned back so she could feel Mike totally in her. She was breathing heavy and kept saying, "FUCK - FUCK - FUCK." Mike was doing his best to control when he would cum but he knew even if he did he would recharge faster with the drug inside him. Victoria let out a loud screech then yelled, "I'M CUMMING, OMG, I'M CUMMING. " With that her pussy clamped down on Mike's cock and liquid gushed out of her fertile cunt.

Mike could stand it no longer. He pushed her slowly back and started fucking her full length. He told her, "I'm gonna fill you with my baby making seed you crazy cunt!" The condom ripped and he could feel her raw pussy milking his hard cock. Now he wanted her pussy even more. He rammed his cock in deeper and deeper.


Mike's body was now slapping against Victoria's at an increasing rate. His balls had swelled with twice the normal amount of cum. Victoria screamed, "FUCK ME MIKE, FUCK MY TIGHT CUNT!" Victoria then wrapped her leg around his ass pulling him in deep.

She wrapped her arms around him. Mike started to cum pumping hot milky cum deep in her pussy. He just pumped and pumped. She screamed, "FUCK ME.FUCK ME.FUCK ME.FUCK ME". Mike's cock continued to pump semen into her for a good 30 seconds then they both collapsed.

Mike's cock stayed rock hard. The drug was good. Victoria passed out. Mike knew she would be out for a couple of hours. He had planned it that way. He pulled the ripped condom off of his semi hard dick and went looking in the other rooms. He was a sex crazed boy looking to fuck some more. It was 3 am and Mike knew he had a couple of hours to have a little fun on his own. Logan took Cindy to the back bedroom. Logan told her, "I'm gonna fuck you good Cindy!

I'm gonna rape your tight little cunt!". Cindy looked at him and said, "Fuck me Logan, I want your hard cock deep in me. Plant your fucking seed in me". Cindy say back on the bed and guided Logan blood engorged dick in her tight pussy.

He kissed her and began to fuck her with deep strokes. Cindy started sucking on his neck wanting to leave a hickey on his neck. He fucked her hard then stopped then started fucking again. He wanted to make it last. His dick was harder than it had ever been before.

Finally Cindy started breathing heavy and gasp, "OMG, I'M CUMMING.I'M FUCKING CUMMING.OMG.!" Her pussy tightened around Logan' s cock and juice gushed out on to the bed. Logan could stand it no longer and climaxed in a wave of pleasure. They both lay there passed out from the drug.

Mike was watching when Cindy passed out. He moved Logan out of the way and put his dick slowly up in her pussy. He fucked long hard strokes. She whimpered a little but did not even know he was there. He bit into her neck and left teeth marks. Then he pissed on her and fucked her some more. Then he moved on to Beth. He wanted to fuck all the girls. Jimmy and Beth went to the kitchen. Jimmy told her to get up on the kitchen table. He got the chocolate sauce out and poured it all over tits and pussy.

Then he squirted some inside of her cunt. Then he rubbed his cock over the outside of her pussy and then rammed it in Beth's mouth. He was the most vulgar of the boys. He told her, "Lick it slut!

Lick my hard dick!" She licked him and then he fucked her mouth. Then he slapped his 5 inch cock against her face several times splashing the chocolate all over her face. Jimmy told Beth, "I'm going to fuck you hard cousin! I'm gonna fuck you until you can't walk any more. Then he lowered himself to her pussy and got his face in the chocolate.

He then straddled her and inched his dick in her pussy. He kissed her smearing the chocolate all over her face. His dick was now fucking her hard, ramming her tight pussy. He was fucking like there was not tomorrow. The kitchen table was jiggling with every thrust. It was unbelievable. Somewhere in all the Beth came 3 times. The climaxes were so intense. Finally Jimmy was getting close but he kind of slowed down and yanked the condom off.

Beth was so into it she did not even notice. He started peeing all over her on the kitchen table. Pee ran down her pussy to the crack of her ass. Then he rammed his dick back in her pussy and started shooting hot cum deep inside her. Jimmy said, "I'm gonna fuck you until I knock you up!

Both of them the passed out. When Mike got to Beth he was ready to deep fuck her also. He could not believe the mess on the kitchen table. He moved Jimmy over and started fucking Beth. He only fucked her for a little while though and then he moved on to Sammy. Sammy took Steve in where the DVD was playing.

His prick was rock hard. She lay down and said, "Fuck me you little stud." She was feeling really light headed and faint. Steve rammed his dick in her tight swollen pussy and fucked until he shot his sperm in her.

Both passed out with the video playing. Mike was super hard again and needed one more kinky thing to really get him off. He picked up Sammy and carried her to the splash pool. The pool had about an inch of nasty pee in it. He put her in there on her back. She did not even move. She shoved his dick in her cunt and fucked her with long deep strokes. When he came the cum mixed with the pee really got him off. He came in an earth shattering climax.

After he was done he carried her back and put her beside Steve. She had pee covering her body Mike cleaned himself up and woke the other boys. They got dressed and left. When the girls finally woke up they only remembered their first partner.

Sammy did not know how the shit and pee got on her. It had been a wild couple of nights. She started getting the house cleaned up. She knew her folks would be home by noon and she had to make the house look like she had just had a slumber party.