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Xxx hardcore taboo gay porn full length They keep it fresh  switching
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To start off i will introduce myself and my family My name is Robert, i am 33. I work as a teacher and as a track coach at the local highschool. i am about 6ft and about 185. i am pretty lean and cut if i do say so myself. I am married to a beautiful woman name Danielle. She is 30 and is a dance instructor. she is only 5'3 weighs about 110 has a nice 32c and an incredibly tight body. we have 2 daughters Rachel and Donna. Rachel is 8 and Donna is 5.

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the loves of my life. So now that you know a little bit about my family i will tell you some of my secrets. Bear in mind the stuff you are about to read is not real events however would love if they were. It was just one of those days when nothing seemed to be going right for me. I woke up late, spilt my coffee on my shirt and went into the wrong classroom. It was the first day of a new school year. I am a high school psychology teacher and love my job. Nothing is better than having a bunch of teenager who think they are the smartest things in the world and all you do in your class is play mind tricks on them.

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So after the horrible start to my day i needed to do something in order to make it better. Second period rolls around and there is a new girl to the school, her name is Amy. A sweet looking girl about 16 and just a petite little beauty. My dick gets instantly hard at the site of her in a tiny skirt and a polo shirt that leaves nothing to the imagination. As the class drags on i keep looking at her and winking every time i say the words hard or sweet or wet.

This is a basic example of classic conditioning. By the end of the class i told her that i would like her to stay after class instead of going to lunch so i can talk with her and see how her integration to the school is going. The bell for lunch rings and everyone leaves the room except Amy.

She comes walking up to my desk and i look up with a smile and i have my dick in my hand already and i look at her and ask her if this is what she wants. She smiles and drops to her knees and said that she was extremely wet during class and it was exactly what she needed. Classic conditioning a success.

Amy starts to suck on my dick trying her hardest to get it all in her mouth but she cant. it does not take long before i just needed to shove my dick in her tight pussy. When i pick her up and went to lower her on my dick she refused and just wanted to suck and swallow my cum.

As horny as i was i just let her go.


She began to suck on my dick again until right before i was ready to cum. She took my dick out of her mouth and jacked it hard and shot my load all over her face and in her mouth. It was exactly what i needed, or so i thought. I finished that day of work but i was still incredibly horny. I was craving to feel something wet and tight around my dick and i needed it soon. i drove home to see my wife and kids and when i got home my wife was running around the house frantic because she forgot she had an appointment.

So much for my afternoon fuck with my wife. She ran by me gave me a kiss and said she would be home in a few hours, and that dinner was ready.

After me and my 2 baby girls ate our dinner we decided we would watch some tv. I sat in my normal chair and my girls laid on the floor with there sweet little butts sticking up in the air. I found myself staring at my little girls asses wandering how nice it would feel around my cock more than i was actually watching the tv.

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To my surprise after a little bit of watching tv Rachel my oldest came and sat on my lap. Daddy was going to be in trouble. My dick was hard at the thought of my baby girl and now she was on my lap squirming as if she was trying to grind through my pants to get my dick.

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This drove me insane so i told them they needed to go to bed early. Once i tucked them into bed, i decided to take a cold shower to clear my head.

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Too bad it didn't work. I came out of the shower hornier than i when i went in and it was all due to the thoughts of my little baby girl. i put on my robe and went into their room to look at them while they were sleeping. i went to Rachel's side of the bed and noticed she was not under her covers all the way and when i went to cover her i noticed that she did not have any panties on under her night shirt. I froze and stared. There not even 6 inches away from my hand was my baby girls sweet little pussy.

i checked to see if she was asleep or watching me. I slowly spread her legs to get a better view at it with one hand and with my other started to stroke my dick, all the while thinking about how great it would feel wrapped around my throbbing dick. Suddenly i felt something reach for my hand that was wrapped around my dick and snapped out of my trance. I looked down and Rachel was wide eyed and reaching for her daddy's cock.

I told her she was not allowed to touch but she kept persisting and persisting. But who was i kidding i wanted her to own my dick. Her little hand wrapped around my dick Than she asked "what do i do now daddy?" "just move your hand back and forth baby." i told her in a quivering voice. Rachel very slowly started to move her little hand back and forth on my dick.

Her hand was not big enough to even reach around or really feel on my dick but just the thought my little girl was stroking my dick was driving me nuts.

After a few minutes i asked her if she wanted to help daddy more. "ohhh yes daddy!!" she answered very excitedly i than told her how daddy would love it if she were to lick and suck on it like a Popsicle, but to be careful not to bite it. She gave me a cute little smile and started to lick the entire length of my dick but her sweet little mouth was only big enough for the head. That didn't matter because it felt amazing. it did not take long before i picked up my little baby girl and took her into the living room and while holding her upside down and letting her to continue to suck my dick i was licking her sweet little pussy.

It was too early for her to actually feel much of anything because her first period had not hit yet but you could tell she was just enjoying doing what she was doing. after ten more minutes of her sucking my dick I turned her around and had her pussy sitting right on top of the head of my dick and looked my little girl into her eyes and said "hunny this next thing with hurt a little bit but daddy really really needs to do this in order to be really happy, and you want daddy to be happy dont you?" Rachel nods her head yes.

I put her head into my should and told her if she needs to she can bite my shoulder or cry into it, if it hurts too bad. I than slowly start to impale my little girls pussy with my dick.

I dont even get the head in before i hear the first whimper and ouches.


But i just tell her everything will be ok in a little bit and that daddy will take care of you. the head finally gets all the way in and i feel her little hymen just waiting for me to break it. "This will be the worst part" I whisper to my little girl.

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i wait for her to inhale a deep breath and than pop through her hymen. She lets out a screech of a cry and digs her head into my should crying and pinching.

i hold her close with my dick still buried in her rocking her back saying that it was ok and that i was there.

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After about five minutes of tears she said that she was ok and i slowly started to move her up and down on my dick. Never really able to get more than about 3 inches in her at once i still have never felt something so tight. it was not long before her little tight pussy was going to pull every last drop of cum out of me. i didnt want to cum in her so i asked her if she wanted some of daddy's special juice and she said yes.

When i was ready to cum i pulled my dick out of her pussy and placed it in her mouth and proceeded to fill her little mouth with my cum. After i was done she swallowed my load and said it tasted really good. I picked up my baby girl gave her a kiss and told her i am glad that you had fun and enjoyed it.


"when can we do this again?" she asked to my surprise. "any night you want to baby girl, daddy is all yours." I replied thinking that it never would happen again. I put my little girl back in bed and gave her a kiss good night and went to bed myself.

Never before have i felt something so tight and perfect around my dick as my sweet little girl. To be continued. I have had multiple thoughts on what i would do if i had daughters in real life. the will just be added into this series. please comment as this is my first story.

also i am looking to setup an real life incestuous group both with roleplayers and actual incestuous families if interested message me. hope you enjoyed this