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Hot Teen getting her pussy fucked cumshot facial
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Kylie had found it in her Aunt's hair salon. Working part time there after school took up most of her time, and her Aunt let her keep any tips she could cajole out of the customers.

In this case, the tip hadn't been money but a backpack that had been abandoned in the store. Two weeks of waiting after it appeared, her aunt let her take it upstairs to their shared apartment and keep anything she found inside.

Most of it was normal stuff textbooks, folders, pencils- but buried under everything was the book that changed her life. It was obviously an antique, with old fashioned writing etched on crackling leather. She could barely make out the words written there - Liber Mind Magia and, flipping through the pages, she figured the book would only do her any good if she took it to a pawn shop or something.

But the book refused to be forgotten, her mind wandering back to it no matter what she tried to do. Eventually, she gave up and began deciphering the old writing. She opened her computer and started translating phrases until she pieced together that the book was written in Latin.

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And after translating the first few pages, she was extremely weirded out. Kylie sat there, trying to wrap her head around the deciphered text. "This grimoire has been created to preserve the art of mind magic. Within this book are incantations, spells, rituals, and instructions to begin the process of becoming a mind mage a Psychic, as commoners refer to us.I entrust this store of knowledge to my descendants, and it will pass down though the ages to keep my art alive." After half an hour of telling herself that the book was a prank, something written by some stupid kid trying to act cool, she threw the book in her desk and tried to forget about it.

But she couldn't, and she took the book back out and started to translate again.


She finally stopped at midnight, with a good twenty pages fully translated and printed out. She started reading through what she had printed, and stopped when she reached the Spells section.

The one that caught her eye was labelled Unum via Possessio. It was a spell that supposed to let a person transfer their mind into the body of someone else. That person's mind would be put into a sleep like trance, and the possessor would be free to use the body whenever he or she wanted.

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And when the possessor returned to his/her own body, the victim would return to whatever state they were in before possession awake or asleep and would remember nothing of what happened during their time being possessed. Kylie scanned the list of ingredients. Most were just stuff from any kitchen salt, lemon juice, oregano but the one that was the hardest to obtain was the strands of hair from the one being possessed.

She glanced at her clock. 1:00 in the morning. And it was now officially Saturday, so she didn't have school or work. She sat there, debating what to do, and finally made up her mind to try the spell.

It seemed simple enough, mixing the ingredients together and drinking them before laying down to sleep.


And releasing the spell was simply reciting a few words in Latin, Exponentia Release when you were finished possessing the person. Slipping out of her room and into the kitchen, she collected the salt and oregano containers from the cupboard, the bottle of lemon extract, and a small cup to mix it in. She set the stuff on her desk, and collected a pair of scissors from the bathroom.

She stopped at her aunt's door and listened through he wood. She heard snoring, and slowly swung the door open. She took slow steps across the room, and stood next to her Aunt's bed. Gently, she lifted a few strands of the crimson hair and snipped them with the scissors. Sneaking backwards, she shut the door and retreated to her room. Sitting at her desk, she followed the instruction from the book. Lemon juice in the glass, and equal amounts of salt and oregano mixed in. She only filled the cup a fourth of the way, and dropped the hair into it.Drawing a circle around it with a marker, she recited the chant from the book.

Finishing the words, she looked into the glass. The liquid had become a deep crimson color, the same shade as her aunt's hair, and her own. She sat down on her bed and downed the glass.


It tasted kind of bitter, with a touch of lemon. Setting the cup on the floor, she laid down and closed her eyes. Laying there, she waited for something to happen. She refused to open her eyes until she felt something, and a full fifteen minutes passed before she gave up. Sitting up, she went to pick the cup up but froze.

Her bedroom light had gone off, and the furniture in the darkness looked different. Slowly standing up, she realized something felt different.

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She walked to the door, and flicked the switch. She gasped. Kylie was standing in her Aunt's room. The bed was empty. As kylie stood there, she realized it had worked.

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She darted out into the hallway and into the bathroom. Her Aunt's face stared back at her from the mirror. Kylie was speechless. The book had worked!

She had possessed her Aunt, and all it had taken was some hair! Kylie realized, with a start, that she could possess almost anyone. She worked in a salon, she swept hair on the floor. Taking a few strands would be easy. Kylie grinned, and decided to admire her Aunt's body while she had the chance. Her aunt only wore an over sized tshirt to bed, and since she shared a naturally small body type with Kylie, the 2X shirt was huge on her.

It slipped right off her shoulders with a little pull, and she was naked. She stood there, naked, and looked herself over in the mirror. Her Aunt was only 35, and still didn't have any children, so her body was in great shape. Kylie tweaked her nipples and jumped, the pain surprising her. Her Aunt was much more sensitive than she was. Smiling to herself in the mirror, she let her hand fall down to her crotch.

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Her Aunt's pussy was shaved like hers, and already wet. Running a finger along the slit, she moaned.

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Something in Kylie changed then. Hearing her Aunt's voice moaning was like a drug to her, making her feel light headed.

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She had always known that she was into women, disliking the idea of letting a man put his dick inside her. But this was different from masturbating, and so much more better.

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She could feel everything her Aunt felt, but she could also feel her own body reacting. Kylie walked into her bedroom and stood at her own bedside. Her body laid there, appearing to be alseep. Her body even snored lightly.

But, sliding her own pants off of her petite form, she saw that her panties were damp. Kylie couldn't stop herself now. She went to work stripping her empty body.Panties, shirt, and bra all went onto the floor, and Kylie climbed onto the bed, positioning her face above her own pussy. Flicking her tongue against her clit, she moaned as a shock of pleasure ran through her. She could feel an orgasm building up inside her, and she decided to finish herself. She rammed her tongue into the pussy in front of her, screaming as her body was racked with pleasure.She felt the orgasm build up, and finally both bodies came,Her Aunt's pussy covering her own face as she lapped at her own cumming pussy.

She collapsed on top of herself, and passed out. When she came to, she was still on top of herself, the cum from last night dried now on her face. Climbing off the bed, she stumbled to the bathroom and washed her face, cleaning off all the dried cum.

She picked her Aunt's tshirt up off the floor and put it on, returning to her Aunt's bedroom. Laying down, she recited the words from the book. This time, the effect was instant. Like she had blinked, her aunt's ceiling had changed to her own, and she was laying in her own bed.

Her pussy was still tingling, and her face was covered in dried cum. Kylie smiled, and went to take a shower. She was gonna have a lot of fun with this book.