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Hey there, my name is Vance. Typical youth about to graduate high school. Just turned eighteen and was enjoying the last days of my summer vacation. Well, I was to an extent. See, I lived in a home with my mom, a woman who was a godsend to children. Seriously, I could get away with murder and if she knew some of the things I did when she wasn't around.

I loved my mother, but she was a full-time nurse and often overtime nurse. See after my dad left when I was eight, my mother had handled everything he abandoned.

After completing her degree, a house, two vehicles, and student debt crushed her. Determined to give me the right life, she kept all of it and worked nonstop almost. I'm sure it has been tough on her, but somehow, she still managed to be there for me. So I'm sure you are going, so what Vance, what's up? Well, I'll tell you. That is the purpose of this recounting right? See, I live in suburbia. My house was the second to the last on the block, which left an empty house next to ours, or well it was until about three months ago.

We had a new neighbor that I hadn't met yet. Course, I had seen her. Our neighbor was a group dead beauty. From a distance, I saw that she had smooth legs, tan skin and a body that she regularly hid under baggy sweaters, which only added to her allure. Who hasn't been the nosy neighbor? For a week, I watched her and movers fill the house with various sized boxes and furniture.

Whoever she was, she had money. I watched statues go in, covered painting canvases and not too mention the giant diesel truck she had. That truck would roar when started, making so much noise it was impossible to ignore as it sped away down the streets.

It would return late at night, an important reason I assure you.

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One night, the roar awoke me from my sleep. I was about to pass out again, snuggled so nicely in the mink blanket I had when I heard a scream. You ever hear a random scream in the middle of the night? You try to ignore, convincing yourself it was nothing as your heart races in startled fear.

Takes forever to calm down. My eyes were about to close and take me off to dreamland when another scream sounded. A noise that pushed me to get up and to look outside. Under the glow of a full moon, I saw nothing at first. Drowsy, I was about to turn away when my eyes spotted something. There, next to my neighbor's pool was a dark spot. It was out of the ordinary and I blinked a few times to see that it was still there.

It was, and something else was too. From the shadows, I swear two silver orbs watched me. I blinked and blinked to make sure, but they were gone. Feeling altogether panicked, I went back to bed. When I awoke in the morning, I ran to the window to see. The morning sun was already up and bright, but there wasn't a dark spot next to the pool.

Instead, my neighbor was lounging next to the pool naked. I wasn't a virgin and had seen a girl naked before, but my neighbor, well she got a brand new admirer that day. She was always there to give me an unknowing show. I even got to see the dark points of her nipples once, mouth-watering. Then one day, at what seemed random, my mother wanted to meet our new neighbor.

That Saturday, which was the only day of my mom had that week; she dragged me out to see out the neighbor, the woman I had been spying.

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The walk over, my mom made me swear to be friendly and polite, talking about how much it would be great if they got along with the neighbor. I suppose it was because after my dad had left us, with work, she didn't have many friends or even time for them. The walk over felt like my mother knew that I had been spying on my neighbor.

She was making me face the music. Though she had never said anything, I worried about being caught. Out neighbor answered the door, wearing a shimmering red sweater and khaki pants, that hugged her body and showed off her curves. She had a weird look on her face as if the idea of visitors was "Hey there, I'm Melinda, and this is my son Vance. We live next door." "Oh hey, I meant to come by and introduce myself. Come in. I'm Dana." Dana turned around, and I noticed how her black hair went past her ass.

An ass that was swinging with each step. My mother followed in, and I took a second to recuperate my senses before head in too.

When the door closed, the scent of woods assaulted my nostrils. Neither woman was visible, and so I stayed in the main hallway, studying the pictures hanging on the walls. There were paintings, not pictures of our neighbor or family. One picture looked like a four-pane window. Each panel held a picture of the same nature scene except in different seasons.

The next picture was a weird one. I knew it was supposed to be a tree canopy, but swirls of various shades of green drew the eyes to something. There was a hidden image, a face. "Interesting isn't it?" Dana's voice, as sweet and melodic as it was, made me jump. She was laughing by the time I came up to look at her. "What the-" "Hey now, you're a guest Vance. Bad language in front of a lady is bad luck." "I uh, apologize." "Apology accepted." Her eyes were a gorgeous hazel, with flecks of gold in them.

They watched me, and suddenly I had a feeling of being prey looking at the face of a predator. I'm pretty sure she even licked her lips. "Your mother is very kind." "Yeah, she is just busy a lot." "Nurses are like that.

I did invite her over to some wine whenever she wants." "That's very sweet of you." "I'm a nice woman Vance," she said, smiling. I saw that she took good care of her teeth, but her canines were exceptionally larger. Nice or not, she was hungry and dangerous. Suddenly I remembered that red spot next to the pool. Whatever Dana was about, it was dangerous. I was about to say something, somehow bring it up, but the sounds of my mother;s footsteps snapped up both looking into the direction she would be emerging.

She came into the hall smiling. "You guys met, I'm glad. Vance, Ms. Banes tells me she is a business woman." "Please call em Dana." "Okay Dana, but Vance will keep the formalities. He is, after all, addressing an adult." I'm sure that if I pointed out that I was too, my mother would accost me for such. "It's time to go, though. Thank you, Dana, for the hospitality. If you need anything, here is our home phone. Call anytime." My mother walked by and prepared to leave.

"It was nice to meet you, Ms. Banes." "Likewise Vance." I turned and left with my mother. My mom was excited about our neighbor and went on about her.

The few things I picked up is that she was excited about having a possible friend so close. Unbeknownst to her, that meant the there was a chance that our neighbor would be visiting in our house too.

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Excitement filled me, and my mother bade me farewell before disappearing into the house to get ready for work. She had the day off but had picked up a short shift after another nurse called. I murmured my okay and went up to my room and sat at my desk.


There were games to play. Night had fallen while I was playing and I by the time I checked the clock, I realized that I had stayed up way later than I meant too. It was past midnight. Shutting off the television and game system, I went to look at my neighbor's house. Lights illuminated the backyard. A first in all the times that I have looked over. Maybe she was having a party. I caught movement and I looked over to the pool to see Ms.

Banes swimming in the pool. She was in the middle of the pool treading water and facing away from me. The moon reflected off the water, and she was basking in it.

That was when she turned to look back at the house, and her eyes shimmered. I thought it was just something my mind. A naked man appeared to form the back of the house and walked to the edge of the water.

I saw the shimmer of her eyes move from me to him. They were chatting, but something bad must have transpired. Suddenly, without warning, my neighbor was surging out of the water towards him. The leap ended in a tackle, and he screamed suddenly. They disappeared around the house and after a few seconds, she reappeared quickly facing towards the water, but I was left gasping when she turned around.

Blood covered the front of her. She was licking her fingers, but that wasn't unnerving to me. With her other hand, she waved at me. I closed my eyes in disbelief. My neighbor was a murderer and a psycho that ate people.

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When my eyes opened again, she was gone and utter fear went trough me. What the shit? In a flash, I closed the window blinds and rushed through the house to lock the doors. I clutched my cell phone and found myself sitting on the couch and waiting. Somehow through all the horror movies, I knew she would be over. There was no reason she wouldn't be here, according to my years of horror watching, and so I waited for the inevitable part where that door would shatter, and she would enter.

Visions of "Here's Johnny," flashed through my mind, except with a girl's voice and an ax. The door never shattered open, but instead, there was a knock. An innocent a light tap on the wood.

Not at all intimidating actually but it made me almost piss myself in utter fear. Slowly I approached the door, heart pounding in my chest like a drum. I took the chance to peer through the peephole, even though I knew it would be her. It was. She was wearing a grey sweater now, with white pants. My only thought was,"Man at least she dressed up hot to kill me but the blood is going to ruin those pants." The seconds felt like hours as I stood there.

"I know your there Vance. Open up," she said. There wasn't any malice in the words, but it sounded if she was amused. I am pretty sure I was "sweating like a whore in church" as the saying goes. My hand was shaking as the deadbolt clicked to the unlocked position.

My body was at the point of seizure when I slowly turned the knob and pulled the door open. She was rocking on her heels with her hands behind her back. Her smile was beautiful, and those eyes still had that silver shimmer in them.

No words between us, but I just stepped aside, inviting her into my home and certainly to my death. She walked passed, and I got the sweet smell her perfume. It was enough to calm my fears a bit and brought some tingling of excitement. I closed the door as softly as I could manage.

I guess if I were about to die, no noise would be great. I don't know, just seemed more manly to face your death head on, even though I was shivering like a small dog. Turning away from the door, I felt sharp nail dig into my neck as I was lifted and head my head slammed against the door. By instinct, I had my eyes squeezed shut, awaiting the strike that would surely disembowel me.

After a few seconds, I slowly opened them. Her grip was making it hard to breathe, and as light filtered in, I was greeted by her silver glowing eyes. Inches from my face her eyes beamed with amusement. "Are you scared?" she asked. Her voice was a whisper. I tried to nod my head, but with her grip, it was impossible to accomplish. "You leave me surprised there Vance, not something that has happened in a very long time." With that said, she slowly lowered me and slowly let her grip loosen.

I gasped in relief when her fingers released me. Then in a flash, she had my head pushed to the side and licked up the blood from my neck from where her claws had dug in. The there was a sharp pain, and then I felt a pull as she sucked my blood. She was a vampire and was there to suck me dry.

There were weird movements from her mouth, and she pulled away laughing. "A vampire?

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I can walk in the daylight," she said. Her snorts of laughter were cute.


"Um, yeah" I replied. I was rubbing my neck and found that whatever wounds were there before, had been healed. Astonished, I wanted to ask what had happened. Was she a witch? "A witch?" Then she was in my face again. "Try werewolf." "A-a-a werewolf?" "Yes, you know, full moon, monster of the night. Howls a lot." "What are you gonna do with me?" Her eyes lit up, and her grin got even bigger as she took a step towards me.

Clawed hands grasped my cheeks and pulled me into a deep kiss. Her tongue darted into my mouth, and I was frozen in delight to feel her soft lips on mine. Eventually, the shock wore off, and I returned the kiss vigorously. Wrapping my arms around her, I pulled her in close.

It seemed like the kiss was gonna lead to more, but as my hands started pulling the bottom of her sweater up, she pulled away and walked down the hall away form me talking. "Follow me pup" she demanded. "I want you to know that you are one lucky boy." I agreed with that statement. Fact that I got kissed instead of meeting St. Peter, spoke volumes of how lucky. Following, I couldn't keep my eyes off her ass. This time, her hair had been bundled and sat over her shoulders so that the view of her behind was unobstructed.

We went into the living room, where she sat on the couch and patted the cushion next to her. I joined her but stared at the wall, trying to piece together what was happening.

"Vance, you are being rude. Look at me." My gaze turned towards her, and I was astonished to see her eyes drastically different from earlier in the day. They weren't hazel with golden flecks but instead were silver.

Dangerous, I felt like a deer looking into headlights. "So to answer your question and to ease some of your fear, it is up to you if I kill you," she stated. "See, I can outright just rip your throat out. You are pretty tasty, but killing you presents me some issues. I would have to move and honestly, I don't want to. I like your Mom, and I like this city. Unless you call the police." Crap. I never even thought of that. "So there are two issues. One, what to do with you and another I will explain shortly.

You want to live, and I can make that happen." "I give you my word; I won't say anything." "I believe you for now, but threats tend to fade over time. That leaves me with having to buy your silence." "I uh, don't want money." "Now, but you have been watching me.

I know what you want and am willing to say yes. All your teenage dreams about the girl next door come true for your silence and cease spying on me." Maybe I should have felt elation. Instead, I felt guilt. Somehow, I had managed to blackmail my neighbor. Though in retrospect, I think she was reversing that role. I thought about the great offer, but it was one I didn't want.

For some odd reason, I had the insight to see that one taste would just lead me wanting and longing for more. "No," was what I managed to say and I swore a growl escaped her lips.

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"I mean, it's not a good idea, as well as the killing me option too." "How so?" she said, and there was the sound of annoyance in her voice. "Well, I uh, well, watch you. I've." I was struggling with the words. More than once I had masturbated to her. I mean, walking around naked like that, who wouldn't? "You beat off to me?" she giggled and then put a hand on my shoulder.

I must have blushed too heavily because she began laughing uncontrollably. For a threatening monster, she was easy with her laughter. "I uh." "It's okay Vance. I can understand, so is that it?" "No. Accepting your offer leaves me with a major issue. I get you once, but then, it's engrained in my memory.

I would never be able to stop spying and honestly, I would be continual lust after you." She was quiet and looked like she was rethinking her offer.

"I also can only say that if you killed me, all of what you said would transpire. Can I ask you a question?" "Yes." "Why would a werewolf want to live in a house?" I was surprised to her look of astonishment.

"That is a complicated matter. I can tell you later about it." "So you decided?" "On what to do with you? No, that was your job." "I am at an impasse." "I could turn you," was what she finally said after more silence. It was a statement that floored me and how quickly such a monstrous beauty would offer it. "Um, well that would work," I said. "Of course, it would. It's perfect, but there is the other issue still." "What's that?" She was silent, but I began studying her sweater.

It was with lines, and I could tell thick, but I noticed that her nipples were outlined in the fabric. "They are sensitive you know." Her nipples?" "Yes." "Can you read minds?" "Not just any mind, only yours." "Why?" Smiling, she moved towards me on the couch. Her warm breath smelled of mint and I watched as she pursed her lips. Hormones raging, I figured what the hell. Time to take the plunge. The kiss was passionate, more so than the one when she first entered the home.

Our tongues interlocked in a war in each other's mouths. The kiss eventually tapered off, but the sexual tension had only gotten worse.

She broke the kiss, and I moaned in disappointment. "You're so innocent, and it's sweet," she said. "Werewolf cougar, great." "Cougar or not, once I begin to change you, we become mates." "Mate?" I asked in disbelief. "Mmm yes." "Why?" "You know nothing of werewolves, but for now, because as far as I am aware, werewolves can only read the mind of a mate.

Mates, like a soulmate, are rare, like finding a needle in a haystack. This situation isn't my idea of want either, but I am not gonna give up the opportunity of being with my mate." "All of this for me because you can read my mind?" "Essentially, yes. If that weren't present, you would be dead. Weeks ago actually." "So that means after you change me, we are stuck together forever?" "It sounds awful when you say it like that." "No um, wait it's not that um." "Look I can wait for you," she interrupted me.

"Do what?" I was confused by the offer. "I can wait, let you finish school, go to college, you know, have a few girls your age." It was my turn to laugh. "No, it's not that at all. I'm flattered, but let's face it, if I were with any other girl, you would rip them to shreds.

Plus, I am not a virgin." "Good, that means you can pleasure me too." We both laughed. Maybe mine was uneasy, but as I watched her smile and enjoyed herself, the tension evaporated. What was a monster had become a goddess now in my eyes? "Haven't even seen me naked yet, and you think I'm a goddess?" I was about to answer when she lifted her sweater up and tossed it to the side. "It's better if you touch them. They are real." I had seen breasts before, what teenage boy hadn't.

But hers, they were globes of perfectness. I reach out slowly, feeling the heat of each mammary before they reached the flesh. I could see blue veins on the tops through the golden skin. I squeezed them softly, testing their firmness.

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They were massive and very perky. Each nipple was thick and my mouth watered. "Never seen a pair like this before have you?" "No, never. They are perfect beyond compare." "You can compliment a lady you know. You deserve a treat." "Wait this isn't one?" Laughing, she moved around until she had me pushed onto my back. "Vance, may I?" "May you what?" I felt her hands on my crotch. Understanding, I looked down into her silver eyes and just nodded.

Feeling a tug, I lifted my ass up, and she shimmied my pants down. "Oh my Vance, you are going to be an incredible mate." Great, compliment on my size. I thought it was too small, but then my fears disappeared as soon as she gripped it at the base. "Ready for your treat?" Was she gonna blow me? What the hell? I would have thought a treat meant seeing her chest, or at the most, naked up close.

Nope, she was licking my dick now, making me moan in pleasure. "You like that?" I was about to answer, but then she chose that moment to engulf my cock. There were cries of pleasure from me. Never before had I felt the swirls of a tongue of the head of my member. Then I felt the warmness sink-down my length. Buried in her throat, I wondered briefly of how a werewolf found itself knowing these expert things.

The heat disappeared. "I am no slut, Vance. I am a woman, however." "I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking that." "Not yet," she said. The second time her mouth enveloped my hardness once again, and her tongue pressed hard against the glans of my cock. Shuddering and moaning, it wasn't long before her efforts pushed me over the edge.

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It was like she knew and as the pleasure peaked finally. Each spurt of cum into her mouth never made it past her lips. She sucked eagerly and even rolled my balls around to get every drop that she could. All of the tensenesses left my body. "That was intense," I said finally. My heart was racing and then she did something I had never experienced with another woman. She laid herself across my and cuddled with me on the couch.

Other girls that I had been with had never done cuddled for a few reasons. One, they often were too afraid to do such actions in any home, so often they were done in cars. Two times was a thing that was never enough. "I like you, Vance." I felt her finger drawing lines on my chest.

We could have stayed like that for however long she wanted, but then she perked up. "Your mother's home." "What?" "I have to go pup.

We will talk soon. Oh, and one more thing." She kissed me hard. "She got up to get her sweat, and she wasn't wearing her pants.

Just yellow panties. "When did you?" "Take them off? Awhile ago. You could have had me tonight Vance, but I got greedy with other things." "Oh." "Don't despair; I have one more gift for you." She was behind the couch and bent over to grab her pants.

When she came up, those yellow panties sailed through the air and landed on my face. "Gotta run, enjoy those." And she ran towards the back door. As soon as that door closed, the front door opened. My mother came in, and I adjusted my clothes quickly before she walked in on me within an embarrassing situation that needed explanation.

Barely getting the panties stuffed into my pocket, I greeted my mother as she entered the room.