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South Indian Big Boobs Bhabhi
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Make sure you read parts 1 & 2 first or it will make no sense. Hello Everyone. I'd like to start out by apologizing for taking so long to write the epic conclusion of this love triangle of a story. In my defense it took me this long to get the full story from all of the characters and for enough action to transpire, but I digress.

I hope you enjoy it and leave comments and ratings! This story is 100% true. I know each character personally. A Rock and A Hard Place 3 (Conclusion) April 8th, 2013. For most people, perhaps this was just a normal Monday night, but for me it was the crossroad of my destiny.

In one hand, I had Robyn, the girl of my dreams, the apple of my eye, the Juliet to my Romeo and all of the drama and indecision that came with her. In the other hand, I had Abby, my equalizer, my stabilizer, the girl that I loved but I wasn't in love with. Almost every person that I spoke to before I made my decision was adamant about me staying with Abby. "She's a good girl with few foibles," "You and Robyn will never work." A good 25% including Javier and both of my brothers told me that Robyn was the obvious choice.

I ignored the majority and got a cab ride to Robyn's house.

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As I pulled up to her house, thoughts flooded to my mind. She still lives at home what if her parents are there? Do I really want to do this? Did I think this all the way through? It didn't matter either way. Her car was gone when I got there. I took this as a sign and just told the cab driver to take me back to my hotel. It was as if I was stuck in a romance movie as the cab pulled up and I saw Robyn standing their leaning against a pillar with a "you can have me if you want me" look on her face.

She was so beautiful and without any make-up necessary. Her long black hair fell down carelessly over her breasts.

She had on a tight blue shirt that showed off her cleavage and left very little to the imagination. Her shirt showed off her flat belly and toned body. Her thin waist led all the way down to her plump ass clad in nothing but a tiny mini-skirt. This sign put the first sign to shame as I smiled and made my way towards her while awkwardly forgetting to pay the cab and, in my haste, overpaying by 20$.

"Hey Drewy, long time no see" she said coyly "Still Drewy huh?" I said with my most masculine douche bag voice She went straight for it and kissed me full on the lips. "I already told you…" Our tongues danced as we embraced each other longingly and slightly rough. I pushed her against the pillar and grabbed her big beautiful ass and lifter her into my arms.

We were all over each other for about three minutes before we realized that we were still outside and in public "Already told me what?" I said whilst trying to catch my breath and adjust myself. She smiled her most beautiful smile and looked at me with her pretty Asian eyes and said "You'll always be my Drewy dumbass"… I needed her. She needed me. It was all over both of us that we needed to go upstairs and rip each other's clothes off. I wasted no time.

I picked her up into my arms and carried her inside the hotel all the way to the elevator. Thank god she was so light or it might have been a problem.

I was on the 32nd floor so we had some time to kill. I put her down and shoved my tongue deep into her mouth and she returned my kiss with hers. My hand reached up her skirt to her panty-less crotch and I felt the smooth baldness of her pussy. She knew that I liked her shaved and had clearly planned to impress. I reached past her mound to her soaking wet pussy. She was in heat! I decided to tease her clit for a while, hoping that it would both drive her crazy and punish her for all the years she made me wait to do this with her.

I found her clit and rubbed it slightly.

I was rewarded with her juices flowing down my fingers. I thought to myself.


"Did she just cum from me touching her" Play time was over, she reached down and forced two of my fingers deep inside her wet snatch and groaned hungrily into my mouth as our mouths locked together and our tongues danced an eternal dance together. I looked up and we were still only on floor sixteen. I took my tongue out of her mouth and my fingers out of her cunt. She looked at me for two seconds and knew what I wanted. I watched as her head lowered and she got to her knees. She pulled down the basketball shorts slightly to reveal my almost semi-erect cock.

It was about 8 inches but I wasn't fully hard yet. "Oh my god Drewy you've grown" she slurped as she began to slick and suck on the tip of my cock. Pre-cum oozed out of my cock and she immediately licked and swallowed it. My cock now stood at full attention almost 9 inches long. She slurped and licked at my cock while she moaned and told me how much she missed me and my length. She pulled my balls out of my shorts and started to suck and lick at them while she used both of her hands to stroke my thick rod.

I moaned and told her not to stop as the smell of sweat and passion began to fill the elevator. We were at about floor twenty-something when the elevator stopped to pick someone up.

We didn't know what to do and didn't really care at this point, so Robyn stayed on her knees and continued to suck while a married couple walked in and snarled at us with disgust. Robyn continued to work my balls with her hand and show of her head-giving talent as she deep throated my cock almost all the way down to the base.

The couple was now staring longingly and jealously and made me reach my limit. OH GOD DON'T STOP ROB- OH MY DOG IM FUCKING CUMMING. UHHH I spurted gob after gob of cum down her throat. She started to choke so she took it out of her mouth and I squirted the rest of my cum all over her pretty face.

I continued to grunt as she caught her breath and cleaned up the mess on m cock and put it away. Half a minute later, we had finally reached our destination. The married couple stared at us judgingly when we left, but it was clear what he was taking his wife upstairs to do.

I slammed robin against the wall and shoved my tongue back into her mouth. I picked her up and carried her to my hotel room.

I had just cum, but I was already hard again and ready to consummate. I keyed into the door and slammed it behind me. I threw her onto the bed and jumped on top of her. We rolled around kissing and ripping each other's clothes off. I tore her tiny shirt from her body and unsnapped her bra. I began to suck hungrily at her ample breasts while my fingers found the entrance to her love cave and I started slowly finger fucking her.

As my fingers got deeper into her I felt some resistance and it dawned on me that she was still a virgin! "We always said we'd lose it together didn't we" she moaned "I know you can't give me yours but I still want you to have mine, take me Drewy!" She didn't have to tell me twice. I got on top of her and pulled my fingers out of her soaking wet twat. A slow stream of her juices came out with it and I licked my fingers clean. She tasted sweet and sour just like she always had.

I flung off my t-shirt and shorts and lowered my head to her sweet honey pot. I teased her with my tongue and gently licked at her clit while I shoved three fingers into her starving cunt.

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She screamed as I found her g-spot and rubbed at it with all three fingers. I started to lick and slurp at her tiny clit until she screamed at the top of her lungs as her orgasm washed over her. DREWY I FUCKIN LOVE YOU UGHH SUCK MY FUCKIN CLIT YOURE THE BEST OHHH FINGER FUCK MY FUCKIN CUNT!!

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Her juices spilled out past my fingers and onto her thighs and her legs trembled as her orgasm began to subside. I WANT YOUR FUCKIN COCK IN ME DREWY DO IT NOW PLEASE! She begged as she spread her legs for me, and offered her virginity to the man of her dreams. I lay on top of her and kissed her as my hand guided my rigid member to the entrance of her pussy. I teased her by rubbing my cock on her lips and virtually playing 'just the tip' with her for a minute. "Please Drewy I need it so bad!

I've wanted you for so long please fuck me. Take me. Make me yours!" I needed no more instruction as I slowly inched my cock inside of her. I met the resistance seconds later and asked her if she was ready. She nodded and braced herself as I got ahead of myself and shoved the entire length of my 9 inch cock deep inside of her for the first time. She yelled and a couple of tears flowed through her eyes as I apologized and said don't move it'll pass. Her blood and juices slowly leaked out past my cock.

I kissed her tears away from her cheeks to her beautiful eyes and, for that moment, we were brought back to when we were kids and dating and I had done the same thing. I waited for about a minute and asked her if it still hurt.

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"It only hurts a little now" she smiled "go really slow at first ok" I smiled back as I slowly pulled half of my cock out and slowly shoved it back in. She winced in pain so I did it even slower and began to suck on one of her nipples and play with the other one.

The more she got turned on, the less it seemed to hurt her.

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Within minutes I was pulling more and more of my cock out of her and shoving it in until she could take all of my inches. I lightly tongue kissed her. She broke the kiss and whispered into my ear. "Fuck Me Drewy" Those words were like a trigger for me. I pulled my cock out and placed it at her entrance.

I shoved myself inside with all of my force and started to piston in and out as fast as I could. We were both moaning and grunting as I plowed Robyn for the first time!

As she got more adjusted to my length, she wanted to try out other positions. She got on top and rode me like no cow girl I have ever seen. She grabbed at my chest and I used my arms to bounce her even harder on my cock.

The pain had completely gone away for her and she was just enjoying the pleasure my big cock was giving her.

It dawned on me that it was Robyn that I was fucking and after that realization I knew I wouldn't last much longer. I had to make sure that she came before me so I used my go to move. As I pulled her all the way onto my cock, she started to grind on it which wasn't helping my cause. I slowly began to grab her ass and smack it. I could tell by her moans that she liked it a little rough. Then I took some of her juices with my middle finger and started to slowly massage the outline of her anal opening.

Her moans got a little louder as I did this and as I popped my finger into her tight bum hole she finally reached her limit and so did I. OH DREWY FUCK MY PUSSY AND MY ASSHOLE YOU PERVERT OH MY GOD YOU KNOW JUST WHAT I FUCKIN LIKE IM FUCKIN CUMMING ALL OVER YOUR BIG BLACK COCK.

As she was writhing and screaming I lost it and I blew my entire load deep into the trenches of her until now untouched love hole. She lay on top of me with my semi hard cock still inside of her and shooting my final spurts of cum deep into her womb. I can't believe… we waited so long to do that Drewy" she said out of breath and energy. She was clearly spent. "Me either, you were amazing Rob… fucking amazing." We fell asleep right there with my finger in her tight butthole and my cock inside of her devirginized snatch.

I woke up the next morning and she was still on top of me, but my soft cock and finger had naturally come out. I decided to take a shower before she woke up and think about what had just happened.

I expected her to wake up and jump in but instead I heard her rushing to get her stuff. I got out to see what was going on and she was already dresses and ready to leave. "What's the rush Rob? Second thoughts?" I said as nonchalantly as I could. "No I just didn't mean to sleep here!

My parents are going to kill me when I get home! It's okay though that was the best night of my life Drewy and I loved sleeping with you. It was a night of firsts!" She laughed awkwardly at her own joke. "I have to go home and get in trouble, but do you want to hang out later?" "Nahh I just wanted to fuck you" I said jokingly "just call me when they're done beating you ha ha" She walked up to me and kissed me on the lips, looked into my eyes and told me the three words every man in my position longs to hear.

"I love you… I love you so much Drewy" "I love you too Rob. You're the girl of my dreams. Last night was the most memorable night I'll ever have" We came together in an embrace. I kissed her lightly all over her face. She returned my kisses. At first they were just innocent, but within seconds I had her back on the bed with our tongues tied together. I tried to remove her shirt but she stopped me. "Drewy we can't do this I don't have time right now" she tried to sound as serious as possible.

"Let's just have a quickie then" I said as I lifted her skirt slightly.


She agreed as she pulled my semi-erect cock out and gave it a few strokes to make it hard. I placed my cock at her still soaked entrance and easily slid all 9 inches into her still tight fuck hole. I picked her up into my arms and started to quickly bounce her onto my cock while I pistoned in and out of her. Immediately her juices started to flow down my cock along with my juices from the night before.

Her cunt muscles started to convulse and squeeze at my hard cock. Determined to make her cum, I started to pump into her as hard as I could. Seconds later, she was squirting out juices and writhing uncontrollably as she reached her climax. DREWY I FUCKIN LOVE YOU UGH YOU FUCK ME SOOO DAMN GOOOD OH MY GOD IM YOURS DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO MY PUSSY!!! Her words caused me to empty what was left of the contents of my balls deep inside her love cave once again.

Her cunt gladly accepted and squeezed out the last bit of cum that I had in my body. After that we got clothed and she was off. Since that day, Robyn and I have been together and hung out almost every day. I decided not to rent and bought a house out in California and I've been living there ever since.

Robyn is in Nursing School while I own and operate my own business. We both don't really believe in marriage and don't want kids but we practically live together already. I don't know if we'll be together forever. I don't know if we'll even make it a whole year.

But what I do know is I will never regret the decision that I made that night. April 8th 2013. The night I finally got the girl of my dreams. THE END How do you feel about Drew's Decision? Did he make the Right Choice?