Best foot job ever pov amateur wife feet sexy toes

Best foot job ever pov amateur wife feet sexy toes
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When I awoke that morning the sun was streaming in through my bedroom window, it was already hot, today I felt horny and wanking in the shower didn’t help, because I was horny again shortly after getting myself off. In the office the day crept slowly by. I was in one of those dreadful booring meetings that come about almost every week at the office, to plan the coming week.

My co-worker sat next to me and we were the only ones on this side of the table. Her shirt was low cut and she had these breasts you could stare at forever. During the meeting I got aroused just looking across at her.

I loved the wanton look in her eyes. I felt my cock growing, working its way up my jeans. My fingers traced my cock in my jeans as she very slowly ran her finger down to her thigh. She began to rub her inner thigh all the way up the jeans that covered her. She continued to work her hand over her crotch.

She massaged her pussy bulge and swayed her hips. Slowly her fingers traced her pussy lips through her jeans. She kept squeezing her thighs and contracting her muscles. We made eye contact a few times, between that and seeing her rock ever so slightly back and forth on the chair it was over, my blood left my brain and gathered in my cock.

Licking my lips, I reached down and rubbed my cock. I remember nothing of the meeting, and know that she knew exactly what she was doing. When the meeting was finally over I managed to hide my hard-on until we got back to our office.

"Sextoy" I said casually, she turned and I was standing next to my file cabinet. Before she could say anything, I pressed her up against the cabinet.

I bit her neck as I ground against her middle. I wanted her to feel what she had done to me. With one hand rubbing her crotch through her jeans, I used my free hand to fondle her breasts, never taking my mouth away from her neck. I could feel pre-cum starting to make its way out of my cock. "Stop it! Someone might see! You like playing dangerous games, don't you?" She asked.

I ignored her until finally I came up for air and she was panting with arousal and fear of being cought by our co-workers. Mine, I thought as I led her toward my desk. "Come, come and look at this." Aparently thinking that I was going to show her something work-connected on the screen she leant over my shoulder.

I just grinned and started the video of our last office session, showing her on my desk, begging me to take her. She glared at me first but when I whisperd in her ear „Remember that email I can send making our videos known to our co-workers and to your husband!“ she finally nodded her ascent.

I was struggling to concentrate on my work, but for the rest of the day my head swam and my thoughts skipped from one scenario to the next involving the upcomming session with my wanton office toy. During the day we kept constant contact over the chat-tool, exchanging links of hot porn photos from our favorite sites and chatting about sex.

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"You know you want to my toy, I can see your nipples poking out! You've given me a hard-on again." I typed. I was right, her nipples were sticking right through her shirt.

“You are making me so hot and wet. I can’t wait to have your cock between my lips, pleasuring it with my tounge, sucking on it.” she answered. As I watched her answer I felt the tent in my jeans rise.

This went on and kept both of us horny and aroused through the day. She couldn't sit still, I repeatedly saw her rocking on her chair, her hard nipples poking through her shirt and my cock was at least semi-hard all of the time. When all others had left the office I walked around and checked, making sure that everyone was gone for the day.

Returning to our office she met me at the door. „Mmh, your cock is hard,” she murmured, her fingers caressing the length of my stiff cock as it struggled to be free. My breath became shaky as she gripped my shaft through my jeans. „And your nipples are, too. How could my cock not be hard, with a horny sextoy like you rubbing it?

You kept me hard since the meeting this morning.” I said.


She stood before me and unzipped her jeans. She let it wiggle its way down her hips. I felt my cock twitching, as she moved her body before me. I slipped my hand onto to her breast and caressed it slowly through her shirt and bra, then moved lower until it was between her legs.

I slipped my middle finger past her thong into her pussy and was pleased to feel that it was soaking wet. I twirled my finger around, moving in and out to tease her a bit and then went to work on the clit in earnest.

A low chuckle sprang from my throat, as I stared to finger her pushing it in and out. The more I fingered her, the wetter she became, I could feel her creaming up and responding. She was panting now, and so was I. She reached down and unbuckled my belt, pushing my jeans down and off, along with my shorts.

Then she removed her own jeans as swiftly as she could. “Let me check you out. Start fingering that cute little pussy of yours. Play with yourself toy" I ordered. She slid her middle finger down her thong and started rubbing her pussy. She turned and took her thong down, bent down to pull it off her feet, giving me a view of her moist pussy.

She turned again, pulled her shirt off revealing those awesome breasts held up by her bra. When she unclasped it they fell out. My gaze rested hotly on the sight of her full breasts. „Don’t you dare move an inch toy!” I leaned forward and took the left nipple in my mouth. I sucked on it furiously periodically grating it between my teeth. It must have hurt, but apart from the odd gasp she never moved a muscle.

I turned my attention to the right breast when her left nipple had expanded fully and gave it the same treatment. I grabbed her breasts, squeezed and then bent my head down to her erect, hard nipples.

I licked each of her nipples before sucking hard on her breasts. She let out a loud moan as I squeezed her breasts, while licking and sucking on her nipples.

I sat back down on my chair to enjoy the view and I told her to start rubbing, greedy to experience as much visual stimulation as possible. I leaned back, pushing myself into my chair, took my cock in my hand and was slowly massaging up and down it's length while I watched as she started rubbing herself. I watched her, allowing herself to work herself up, her hands playing with her body, touching, stroking.

As my hand came up and rolled over the head of my cock, one of her fingers snuck into her pussy. Wetted, her fingers began to work sloppy circles around her clit. She brought her other hand down to steady and to spread her folds, spreading them wide.

One finger sliped inside and I watched as she curled it forward. A gasp came from her as a slow upward thrust followed when a second and third finger slipped in. The sight was incredible. She had one hand displaying her lips to me by spreading them wide, her other hand was stroking faster on her clit.

Fingers were tweaking her clit, stroking it. Her pussy lips were so engorged, swollen, begging to be pleased. She was lost in her desire to cum.

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I watched her move. She swayed and stretched. She caressed herself.

She stepped toward me. I looked at her body, at the curves of her breasts.

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Her hand now moved quick massaging her clit, rubbing herself feverishly, closing her eyes, moaning out loud. My cock was wet with my precum, my hand was stroking slowly.

I wanted to cum later, in her, on her. I needed to pace my strokes. At first, I was able to match her rhythm with my own strokes. But soon her caresses became so frantic that I could not keep up without cummimg myself.

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Her mouth opened wide and her eyes closed tight as she started moaning. Her legs started shaking, shoulders hunched and her moans turned into a low growl. My cock was so hard watching this. She began to let out a series of little grunts, her hips bucking uncontrollably as the finger on her clit went into overdrive.

The grunts turned to moans as she neared her orgasm, staring at my cock and the hand that stroked it. She kept her right hand busy on her clit, and slowly swirled her left middle finger in her hole.

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She was wide open now, totally exposed to me. I leaned forward for an even closer view, and breathed deeply of her warm scent. I had to grasp my cock now to keep from coming. „Just like that," I said.

„You make me so hot," she said. "You are making me crazy. Oh God, I am so close." „Let it go," I gasped. "I wanna see you cum." „Please come over here and toy with me, I want you. I need something in my pussy, please fuck me." she passionately asked, still frantically rubbing her clit. I started to stroke my self again, I continued, taking my time, feeling her stare as I wanked myself.

Her body shuddered violently as the waves of her orgasm washed over her. It shook her like a leaf. I shuddered at the sight, my hard-on throbbing so hard that it felt like I was going to burst out of my skin.

I wanted her badly. I wanted to ravish her. I would. My hard cock demanded it. "Oh yes," I breathed, moving forward in my chair and said “Get on my desk, toy.” She obeyed and draped herself upon my desk in front of me. I grabbed her and slid her body around until her head was hanging backwards off the desk. I moved up until my cock was touching her lips.

She opened her mouth and received my throbbing cock. Maneuvering myself above her head, I started pounding down. I rammed my cock down her throat.

As her throat started to convulse around my cock I held it there. The feelings were pure bliss for me. Her throat was massaging my cock like no pussy could, and I fucked her mouth and convulsing throat for minutes, my balls bouncing on her nose and eyes. Saliva was leaking out at the corners of her mouth. "Open your eyes and look at me while I mouth-fuck you toy," I ordered her. I drove my pelvis into her face, even more cruelly now, and heard the mumbled cry of protest that came from her as my cock shoved deeper and deeper into her warm wet mouth, driving far down into her working throat.

"Don't stop, baby, suck it, suck it!" I rasped as I heeded nothing in my quest to end this exquisite agony, the ecstasy that was building and building to the peak of relief in my burning loins.

Suddenly I felt the cum race in a hot stream up the length of my thrusting cock. Her eyes widened as my cock began a sudden wild jerking that, without warning, flooded her mouth with bursts of cum. I convulsively slammed my pulsating cock farther and farther into her mouth and deep down into her throat. I pulled out and another jet of hot cum shot straight into her face and over her heaving breasts.

I milked the rest of it out over her nipples and into her mouth. "Want to suck it off?" I asked.

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She looked at me and nodded. I stuck my cock back into her mouth, and she licked every drop of cum off. Staggering back, I dropped into my chair. She was draped across my desk, her head still in the air. Her whole body shook with her panting. "You ready for what else I got for you? I think you might enjoy this" I said and told her to stay put and wait for me. I hurried to the office of our boss, knowing it was unlocked. I knew from a meeting this week that he had stored a mattress from his bed there, which he wanted to sell on ebay.

"Come on toy, I'm going to make you cum again." I said when I returned and placed the mattress next to our desks. I went to my desk and pulled out the black 9.5 inch waterproof black multi-speed vibrator, 1.5 inch in diameter and firm for maximum penetration, then came the 10 inch clear jelly dildo with balls, 2 inch in diameter.

I handed her the toys and she placed them onto the mattress. Then, she sat down on it and spread her legs. I saw her pick up the vibrator, she started to rub it against her breasts leaving it switched off, but she used it provocatively.

Several minutes passed, and I could hear her moan as the toy was allowed to go further down, rubbing against her thighs and her crotch. My eyes had closed as I was stroking myself again, imagining, when I heard the buzz, still standing in front of the mattress. She had switched on the vibrator, but was still using it against her outside, her thighs, her breasts, and against along her pussy.

She was teasing me, and she knew it, the little sextoy. I continued to wank myself, with slow but powerfull strokes. She stopped, and for a while watched me closely, but I was oblivious as my mind was focused on her, imagining it were her lips peeling back my foreskin.

Then she was lying on her back on the mattress, legs spread, vibrator circling around her quivering clit. She lay still, her only movement that of her wrist working the toy against her crotch and her hips rocking in rhythm. Eyes opening and closing in spasms her breath soon matched her eyelids until finally her mouth hung open in one steady pant.

The vibrator continued to hum and her pants, her moans continued to rise until they overpowered the steady sound. I smiled, reached down and pulled the toy away, earning an instant whimper of protest. I thumbed up the setting and allowed her to return the toy to where she wanted it so badly.

The increased pitch raised her audible outbursts in volume as well and soon she was pressing the cock shaped vibrator against her tender flesh harder and harder. Moaning, she started to press it into her pussy with each slide, just a little bit, stretching out the entrance to her pussy.

She moved it slowly, cautiously as she allowed it to penetrate her, as she slowly allowed it to go deeper, her pussy muffling the sound. She stopped, just holding onto it by the base, as her face showed a multitude of expressions, of uncertainty, of pleasure, of arousal, of joy. Finally, she pulled it out, and then slowly pushed it back in, this time gasping loudly as she slid it home, quicker than before.

"Oh yes, yes" she said, as she pressed it firmly on the aching bud before running it back down her wetness. This time she pressed it a little more into herself, and rather than pulling it back out she started actually working it in and out of her pussy. I was dizzy with lust as I watched her pussy stretch open for the toy, its first inches buzzing inside of her body.

With every stroke its slick shaft pressed more deeply into her. She started thrusting harder with it, burying its entire length into herself and then pulling it out halfway before shoving it back in.

Her pussy slickly accommodated every thrust, her legs spreading even more so that I could really see the vibrator penetrating her.

My cock was twitching again as I wished that it was my cock that was inside of her. She continued, pushing it in and out, her eyes were closed, her face full of concentration, as she used the vibrator for her pleasure, sliding it in and out. I automatically started to increase the pace of my strokes, stroking my foreskin up and down, hard and fast, as the sight before me was a dream.

Her breathing became shallower, deeper, her moaning, her sighing intensified as she speeded up the movement of the vibrator, picking up speed. She cried out, long and hard, as an orgasm hit her body, her entire body quivering and shaking, cries of joy filling the room.


One hand holding the vibrator in place, the other hand working her own nipples, her back arched, hips and thighs quivering, shaking as she was racked by the consuming orgasm that left her breathless on the mattress below me. I stooped down and confiscated the vibrator from her limp hand. I flipped the switch and the vibrator started again.

I heard her squeak as I pressed the head of the vibrator into the folds of her pussy. "How do you like that?" I saw her legs start to shudder as I moved the head of the vibrator up and down over her pussy, her whole body convulsed when I touched the vibrator to her clit. Both hands finding there way up her body as she gasped and submitted to my pleasuring of her body as I worked it in and out of her unresisting pussy as fast and hard as she had been.

Her breasts flopped up and down, almost slapping her in the face. She reached up and started playing with her aching nipples, adding to the sensations that were taking over her body. She grabbed them, and began fondelling and sucking on her own nipples.

Twisting the dildo inside of her, I used my other hand to rub her clit. She almost screamed with pleasure. "Please stop, please, ist to much." I didn't listen to her words, I pressed the head against her clit and gently spread her labia with my fingers. I moved my fingers over her sensitive flesh. I flipped the switch on the vibrator to high and pushed it harder against her clit. I rubed it against the lips, she squirms in anticipation. I teased her a little more, then burried it deep into her, quickly turning it to high speed.

Her hips buck in response, I pulled the vibrator out again, circling it over her clit, and then I placed the head of the dildo at her pussy, it looked very large next to her folds. Pressing the dildo in a couple of inches, I watched while her head thrashed and those beautiful breasts bounced.


I wanted to get as much of it into her pussy as possible. Taking it slowly, I worked the big jelly cock in and out of her pussy. I couldn't believe it as her pussy stretched to swallow the whole length of the big dildo. The sight got me incredibly hot and my own cock was back to being rock hard as I began pumping her pussy with the dildo, really slamming it into her hard all the time holding the vibrator at her clit.

She started the make the sexiest noises of pure sensual enjoyment as I pounded her pussy, her breasts waved wildly on her chest as her pussy was stretched wide open. I rubbed the vibrator over her clit, pushing her to the edge, I wanted to hear her scream out.

"Cum for me toy, cum for me!" She wailed, her whole body trembled, I could see her leg muscles spasming. I didn't even wait for her body to stop reacting. I pushed the vibrator at her clit again.

It didn't take long for her to start cumming again, and this was a good one. It looked like she was practically levitating as her body arched and she cried out, her breasts bouncing on her chest as she humped and convulsed with passionate cries, her hands clutching at the mattress. It went on for a very long time, and when she finally stopped, she still twitched as I worked the dildo in and out of her pussy.

She was definitely getting close to where the pleasure would completely overcome her, I could tell she was getting exhausted from the constant demands and constant pleasure I was putting on her body. I took my jelly cock rings out of my desk and strapped one on my cock and one around my balls.

My cock felt like it was ready to explode and spew the cum form my balls. I pulled the dildo out of her soaking pussy and aimed my cock at it. As I slid it up and down just inside the lips, her hips bucked. I always love the second time, as it usually lasts so much longer than the first. Her panting intensified as I pressed my throbbing cock against her quivering flesh and pushed.

I slammed into her, pushing her into the mattress. I was even harder and larger than I had been earlier. She screamed in pleasure I pounded into her and I kept moving, in, out, up, down.

"You're huge today!" she whispered, in awe. I smiled at that, and continued my deep penetration. I drilled her as hard as I could, her hips bucking. She moaned continuously and said "Harder, harder," "That's it toy." I fucked her, spreading her flesh wide as I held the vibrator to her clit. Her legs started to shake, I could see her breasts jiggling. I could see her hips gyrating, pushing back onto my cock, rubbing against the vibrator's head as she cried out, begging me to continue.

"That's it toy, fuck me, fuck my cock." I could hear her panting, her nipples were hard and as I pushed the head of the vibrator against her breast, she involuntarily groaned. With my free hand I reached up grasped her breast, I twisted and moulded her flesh in my hands, driving her on.

"That's it toy, cum for me!" I could feel her hips moving, I knew she was about to cum again. "Stop, stop, please, stop!" I could hear the desperation in her voice, but that only drove me on further. I could hear her panting, the muscles of her thighs convulsed as she arched her head up and screamed. "No, no, please, please, stop, please!" I knew her pleas were sincere, but I wanted to make her cum again.

I kneaded her breast, squeezing it as I moved the vibrator up and down over her labia. Her nipples were hard, and I loved the way they felt as I pinched them.

"Cum for me toy." I loved the way her pussy throbbed around my cock, contracting, squeezing me. The vibrator continued to buzz against her clit and I knew she was about to cum again soon. She tried to jerk away but there was nothing she could do.

I could hear her panting, gasping for breath as she was about to orgasm again. "Please, please, please," I still had the vibrator forced against her body. I've never seen a body react like hers did to an orgasm, she screamed as her legs bucked, I thought she'd fall off the mattress the way they contracted so hard as every muscle in her body convulsed.

"That's it toy, cum for me, cum for me!" I ran the vibrator up and down over the length of her pussy, with particular attention to her clit. She screamed like mad. Her screams became shrill moans and she wrapped her legs around my hips, drawing me to her and holding on as though I would try to get away.

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"Fuck me." She managed finally, running her fingers through her hair, then finding her way down to her own breasts. "Fuck me hard, please. Oh yes." I smiled down at my very willing toy, pulling out and rolling her over onto her tummy.

"Get your ass in the air." I ordered, guiding her hips up. I pulled her by her hips and guiding her with my hands, positioned her on her hands and knees, as I took my place behind her.

With my cock still hard and wet, I shoved straight in all the way to the hilt in one motion. She moaned in pleasure, as I adjusted my rhythm, and I reached around and below her, to grasp her breasts and knead them. I pulled her up to my chest, as I pumped into her, and then pushed her back down, to ride her doggy-style again. She convulsed wildly around my cock while another orgasm slammed into her brutalized pussy! “You are fucking me to death!” she groaned while pushing back against my cock.

I felt my balls tighten and my cock twitched. I grunted in satisfaction as she squeezed her legs together around my cock. I grasped her hips and began to set up a slow rhythm, slide in, pull out, slide back in.

After a few playful thrusts, she pushed back into me forcefully. “Beg me to fuck you harder toy, tell me how much you love it”. She replied, ”Oh this is so good, please fuck me harder, oh yes please, please, harder please!” I sunk myself as deep into her as I could and felt my balls nestled up against her. As she kept asking for it, I began to really pound her and this made her moan even louder.

Her pussy was gripping my cock so tight that I knew she was getting ready to cum again. The inside of her pussy was wet and slimey.

"Oh yes!" She screamed. "I want to cum! More, more!" She yelled. I smashed her pussy harder and harder, faster and faster. " What are you doing to me? Oh, I'm cumming again!

I cant stop cumming! Oh fuck! It hurts, I'm cumming." Her words and the renewed convulsing of her pussy around my cock completely blew my mind away. I thrust harder, faster, then slowed, then faster and harder than before. Our moaning grew in volume until we both were engulfed in powerful, simultaneous orgasm when I couldn’t hold back any longer and shot my load deep into her belly as she creamed herself on my thrusting cock, sending spurts of cum into her pussy.

Afterwards, as I lay on top of her, her pussy was still twitching and heaving. Opening her eyes she looked at me, "Thank you. Oh my," she gasped after a long moment, "we have to do that again.

But now I need to go and get washed out." She got up. I watched her leave the room for the bathroom, cum running down her thighs with ever step.