Sentando no pinto de borracha preto

Sentando no pinto de borracha preto
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This takes place on the planet Surnova during the end of their dinosaur period. The human's here evolved faster than did their counter part on Earth. The story is now being told by my son Thunder Bird. After War Eagle and I died, the rest of the tribe broke and tried to flee. The raiders chased and killed all the remaining members of the tribe. Our last hope of the tribe continuing, rest on the shoulders of Thunder Bird.

I left with 15 hunters, 15 women, and 15 of the older children. We took enough food and water to last us a couple of weeks. After that, we would have to forage for food and water. I headed West out of the valley, and swung around to the Southwest toward the river.

After 20 days of walking we came to the valley where the tribe had first settled. A few of us tore down the rock wall my father had installed in the bear cave. The valley was lush, with plenty of game to hunt.

We did our grieving while on the walk here, now it was time to put our grief aside, and start to rebuild the tribe. We started by scouting our surrounding territory making sure it was safe.

We hunted and planted a few crops like my father had taught us to do. In our tribe we had one man who studied the ways of the shaman, and one woman who had studied the uses of herbal medicine. It has been over a year now since the attack that killed my family and most of the other tribe members. It was a real struggle at first, but slowly things started to work themselves out. We still run scouting parties to the north to make sure the raiders have not followed our trail. When a strange tribe wanders into our territory, we check them out completely, before we make our presents known.

Many times we will trade with those tribes, including exchanging women. Talking with the people of those tribes, is always a good source for information.

One tribe did tell us that the raiders had gone North toward the mountains. Our tribe is growing stronger as the year goes by.

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The tribe has a few new additions now, as the women are starting to give birth. We are training the older children how to hunt, and fish. How to survive by building a shelter, and how to search for food. Also how to stay hidden when there seems to be trouble. We taught them how to build bows and make arrows. We found some really good Ironwood to make new arrows. The wood from the Yew tree seems to make the best bows.

I kept playing with the arrow head, using different sizes of flint, and even trying to use bone as a head. Trial and error method seemed to work the best, to find out which material would make the best arrow heads. We practiced with dummy arrows so we would not damage our good battle and hunting arrows. Most of the hunters were very accurate at 100 paces.

Our best shooters could hit the target at more than 200 paces. We practiced daily and in various locations just to be prepared. Life appeared to be good for the tribe, we had food, water, shelter, and nobody bothered us.

Still something seemed wrong or was missing. I could not put my finger on this odd feeling, but it was there. I increased the patrols and the range that they covered. The patrols reported back that all was clear. There was not any contact with other tribes, or raiders. I would go out with a patrol to the north, just to be sure.

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I did not want a sneak attack to catch us off guard. But so far so good, with no contact with any of the raiders. A few months later a tribe came through our camp. They told us that this is the year, for the tribes to meet at the great meeting grounds. The location has changes to an area a lot closer to us only about a 10-day walk from our camp.

I need to replace my wife who died of a fever six months ago. With a trip to the meeting grounds, and I could have my pick. When the time came, we packed up a couple of camels, and headed Southeast toward the new meeting ground area. As in previous marches to the meeting grounds, we stopped within a day of arrival, and refilled our supplies, so we had plenty to eat and drink. The whole journey took ten days, and we arrived along with a lot of the other tribes, close to the same time frame.

This time we did not hide our bows, and after we pitched camp, I had the hunter practice protecting our camp. After an hour of drilling, I left for a meeting with all the chief's present. They all express sorrow about what the raiders did to our tribe, but glad that some of us made it out alive. The talk was how the raiders were killing and capturing different tribes.

"Why don't we put together a group of our best hunters? We go north and attack the raiders, wiping them out." I suggested to the other chiefs. It became deathly quiet, as they all studied me.

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"Who would lead this group?" One of the older chiefs asked. I looked back at him and just shrugged my shoulders. After all I was the youngest chief at this meeting. There was some major discussion about my idea, it seems that this has been talked about before, and no real conclusion ever came out of those discussions. They could never find anyone who would lead this group. Finally after much discussion and finger pointing, "what about you?" The head of the chief council asked me.

"I would have to have full control, no interfering or meddling by other chiefs or older warriors." I replied back to them.

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They all nodded their heads in agreement. After further discussion, it was decided that every tribe was to contribute 10 hunters, and two camp workers. Wives would be allowed to go with their husband, but no children.

They would be expected to help as camp workers. Finally all the major details seemed to be worked out. We broke the meeting and headed back to our respective camps. When I got back to our camp, I called a meeting for all to attend and listen.

I explained what was discussed at the chiefs meeting. A group of hunters would go north in search of the raiders, and the rest of the tribes will wait here for our return. All the hunters volunteered to join this group. I picked out ten hunters to go with me, and left my step brother in charge till I returned.

A couple of the wives volunteered to go as camp workers. After a couple of weeks of practicing with our weapons, the group was ready to head north. I had 100 warriors, and another 20 camp workers. I did not realize what a major job it would be to feed everyone.


I divided the warriors in groups of 20 to practice as a unit. There was a chief in charge of each group. One of the camp worker's name is Raven. She is the daughter of Lone Wolf. He is the head of the chief's council.

She had been married once, but her husband was killed by some raiders, in an attack on their tribe. We seem to hit it off good right away. She is very pretty, with brown hair and eyes, and she seems to be built better than most women in her tribe.

She never had any children from her first marriage, and I had one boy from my first marriage. There are different laws in regards to couples who get married the first time, to those on doing a second marriage. Late one night she came to my tent. She slipped off her clothing and crawled under the fur skin blanket with me. We kissed for a bit and I groped her breast and pinched her nipples. She was squirming around in arousal.

"It has been a long time for me, please stop fooling around, and just stick your thing in me." She cooed at me softly. I moved to the back of her and she raised her ass up to me. I shoved my cock deep inside of her soaking wet pussy. She was tight, and let out a sharp holler as I slammed my cock back and forth deep inside of her pussy.

"OH Yes that feels sooooo good!" She yelped as I continued to fuck her furiously. I could feel her juices start to drip down my shaft, as I pounded away at her. Soon I got that good feeling in my cock, and I shot load after load of my cum inside of her pussy. "I hope you make it a boy." She said to me. "Is this your right time of the month?" I asked her, and she just nodded her head yes.

After that night we were pretty much a couple, and nobody thought any differently of it. She spent her free time with me in our tent.

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She was considered my wife, even though there was no formal ceremony, to bind us together. The march north went smoother than I anticipated. We made really good time and could see the mountains in the distance get closer. I had scouting parties head out East, West, and North, to keep watch for any raiders.

They did come across a few tribes that never made it to the Great Meeting Place. They had been wiped out by the raiders. After a three-week march, we made camp in a clearing surrounded by a small forest. I lead a band of 10 warriors into the mountains, to see if we could locate the raider's hideout.

We hid as a small band of raiders went by us, heading into the mountains. We followed at a discrete pace, as not to be seen. The path leads through a pass, and into a large valley. The raiders' hideout was in this valley. I sent a couple of warriors back to the main camp, to inform them of our discovery, and wait till I returned.

The rest of us moved off the path and found some nice hiding places, where we can observe the raiders in the valley below. I guess there to be between a 100 and 125 raiders in the valley. What we were not sure of, was how many were out in raiding parties.

They had numerous different tribe women as sex slaves, and camp workers. I did not see a single tribe man in the captives they had. There were some children, mostly small and new born.

We watched them for a few hours. I noticed that the raiders did nothing but lay around resting, and eating. Some were fucking the sex slave's. I signaled the rest of the warriors that it was time to go. All the time we were watching them, I never saw a group come or go. We left the same way we got in there, and we headed back to our camp. We scouted the area to get the lay of the land, as a plan was beginning to form in my head. There are seven of us that were at the commander's meeting that I had called.

One chief to lead each of the four units of men, the fifth unit was mine to lead, and two chiefs that assisted me with planning, and carrying out orders. I laid my plan out. I was going to send two units (40 men) to the East side of our position, and on the opposite side of the path from us that up went into the mountains.

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There were some small woods for them to hide in. They were to wait and attack any raiding parties that either went into or came out of the mountain hideout. We would do the same thing on the West side of the path. Hopefully this would lure out the main body of raiders, when they realized that they were losing men. We did not have to wait to long and the first group of came in our direction.

There were 12 men in that raiding party, and we took them out real fast. We dragged the bodies over to a pit and tossed them in, getting rid of the evidence.

On the other side they caught a group of 10 raiders on a return trip. After disposing of the raiders in rapid fashion, they brought the supplies, and the captive women over to our camp.

We had more space here to take care of them.


I sent three men back up into the mountain to spy on the raiders. I wanted to keep tabs on them and be ready, in case they planned to attack in force. We used different color deer tails as signals. A white tail means all clear, and a black tail(one dipped in tar) means trouble.

We had plenty of tails all divided up with the commanders. My three spies had a set of tails also. I am not sure what happen, but one of our spies was waving a black tail for trouble.

I did not see the other two. The one with the signal got about half way to us before he toppled over with an arrow in his back. Suddenly the raiders boiled out of the mountain in full force. They were racing toward our position. They must figure they could over run us. I had the units form up into battle units. The first unit would fire their arrows and move back to let the next unit fire, and so forth.

On the other side they were sneaking around to the backside of the raiders to cut off any type of retreat. My plan was coming together better than I hoped for. When the raiders got into range, the first group fired their arrows. By the time the third unit fired, the raiders had stopped their rush. On their backside my other division was firing their arrows, and we had the raiders pinned between us. When we ran out of arrows, the fighting was hand to hand.


We had an enormous advantage, after the huge loss the raiders suffered from our bow attacks. We made short work of the remaining raiders. We had wiped out about 100 raiders, and our losses were 25 warriors either killed or gravely injured.

I lead a group of thirty warriors back up the mountain, while the rest were busy stripping the raiders of anything of value. There were about 20 raiders left in the camp. We finished them off in rapid succession. We stripped the camp of anything of value, and had the camp women follows us out. As we left, we destroyed the raider camp. The march back to the meeting grounds went rather slowly with the injured, and the women and children with us.

It took us four weeks to make it back, with a couple of the injured dying on the trip home. Once we got back, the tribes were glad to see us back as victors. There was a big celebration party a couple days later. Also, Raven and I were formally married.

She is now pregnant with my child. A short time later my tribe left the great meeting grounds, and headed back to our home campsite. I am sure that both my dad and brother would have been proud of me for taking revenge on the raiders, for what they had done to our tribe in the past.