Cock loving petite babe gets her cunt banged

Cock loving petite babe gets her cunt banged
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[INTRO] many small tival matters plauged the mans mind but one main problem with his deed.

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she might over react. in a way he wanted her too he wanted those horrored screams to tear through him, and the pain of her nails in his back as she tried to fight him off. he didnt want to harm the delicate girl though. she was a small girl but gorgeous none the less.


she had a teasing frame, curved and playfull yet ideal and erotic. the girl was one of those flirts thatmost guys would expect to be teases yet she had no problem backing her playfullness with a spine of lust and sex. some girls bathed in jealosy of this difference others merely mocked it and called her slut. but they are the sluts the girls who flirt with all guys and fulfill their games with rejection.

she wasnt one that flirted with all the guy just a selected few who indeed she had feelings for. he was a latest editon to these lucky guys but on newly and not quite familiar for any realy fun. he had grown a liking to her nonetheless and felt a likeness of her own inside him.


the girl was a darker one and danced tantalizingly with a side know well for self destruction for not many can maintain the feeling and the fulfillment of true darkness this guy was another of these border walkers that soon too would plummet into these taboo and kinky ways for this similarity he hoped to bring out in her and take to this kind alongside. and when he deceided to rape her it was a riskfull try at it. yet he saw it win win for both ways he would have her and she would have him.

she would have him ravage her innards with his tool, willing it or not. "thy day hath dawned" (chapter one) he took to his pack a mask and few necessities.

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he chose a mask for he wanted her to belive it was a stranger. he wanted the fear in her eyes to be that of real rape born of hate and lust.

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for if she saw his face it may be that of mere roleplay thus he planned on removing midway of the sin. the pros of the possibilities teased at him like warm breath on a cold neck. he donned his mask and began the short journey through the streets from where he had stashed his car.

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as the house came into view he began to move slightly more slyly and arrived at the window. he spyed on his victim relaxing herself watching the television. prepareing to leave and enter he spyed her switch the tv off and go to her door.

he suspected a bathroom break and decided to wait until she returned to enter and he started having second thoughts about commiting his action.

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as she returned from elseware he watched her lock the door behind her. he looked on in puzzlement soon turned to erotic surprise as she lay a toy on the bed and layed down spread eagle. she began fondling parts of her selfs and shuddering as a hand entered her loose pajamas. she cast these aside and returned her hand to the lonely area on her lacy panties which appeared to be tearing up. as she got hotter with her self the clothes became more and more sparse leaving skin as the predominant view of the girl finally she picked up the toy and placed it at her entrance.

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she moved as if to slowly enter it but engulfed it with sudden speed. this made her onlookers cock jump with exitement as he knew he would last no longer watching without touching himself. he ran across the side of the house cock bouncing and rubbing against his pants the whole way. when he found the doorway he wasted no time or quitness on stealth.when he burst in on the room as he expected the girl was so absorbed to notice his loud entry and the kicking through of the door barely jarred her from her passion absorbed orgasm she attempted a jump of surprise but was to exausted to do more that shudder.

his clothes were off before she recovered and she was pinned down. he waited a moment to bask in the triumph and the crossing of this final threshold he thrust into her full force wasting no time on bull shit blowjobs or other foreplay.

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she fought it angrily and screamed clawing at his face. he could have restrained her but this is what he had longed for.he bent his head down and clamped on a nipple slightly more than playfully.

in doing that he left the mask vulnerable and she violently ripped it off. agonizingly ripping his mouth from her nipple she gasped in surprise as she recognized him and taboo lust flashed on her face. she played the game of resisting still but he could feel her cunt ripple around his cock and her hips pressing up against his he resumed his teasing game to her nipples this time flicking his tounge quickly around making her slip a moan that she patheticly tried to hide as scream.

he didnt hold back at all witht his cries that quickly became low grunts as pressure built in his cock. the building cum inside his cock making it pulse shattered her attempt at hiding her pleasure and began screaming full force.

theygripped together clashing warm skind in a orgasmic embrace as he shook her insides filling them, and her milking his spewing cock with skilled muscles and there they lay not a word spoken a whole new passion formed between them he knew he could now tread a new side of life her at his side pursuing darkness