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Shy petite african teen deep throat white huge dick pov
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SECOND CHANCES: (Related to and subsequent to THE AWAKENING stories) Alexander Sunday, one of the ten richest men in the world, confidently approached the spanking new headquarters of DUOMENTALITIES, a relatively recent corporation enjoying some of its new financial resources through its IPO, which he had invested in. Alex approached every business meeting, with a positive spirit, since he had more than enough funds at his disposal to cover over quietly any failure on his part.

As he was approaching to be one of the first trillionaires, he had the funds to buy the secrecy needed, too. Though he rarely needed to make either of those loser's moves. This start-up has a very interesting history, as short as it was.

It had started as the product of startling research in the saving of the lives of very damaged in mind or truly horrible young people, by superimposing of the mental state of a much more aged provider of unquestioned honorability. At least as honorable, as the investigating bodies could determine. There was actual science involved in this, but some of it seemed to be convoluted with a dash of 'hocus pocus' added.

The results couldn't be ignored, though. With the first few objects of their efforts, the results were muddled, with the longest lasting being of two and a half years.

During the initiation of the change, the results were startling, but keeping the connection between the body of the patient and the mind of the older interloper was very difficult. During an exercise of a grandfather and his malignant grandson, it was learned that a DNA connection was a key to the success of the project. And then with his assimilation into the active life of a young teen's total world, along with intimate reinforcements from very close relatives, the success of this particular case was at the two year mark being very encouraging.

But, the researchers realized that the propitiousness of this case would be very difficult to repeat. So, they tried to find methods to duplicate the situation without having to produce the actual same initial conditions of that case. This resulted in the new science of 'Memory Matching' that circumvented the up to then relationship factor with an approximate duplication of it, with remarkable results.

It was hoped by the aged purchaser and providers of the mature mentalities that this would produce a type of immortality for them. But, it was at first and from then on a hideously expensive process, with very stringent protocols attached. No matter what the donor's thought of the process, it was intended to salvage something worthwhile from very damaged young people.

And the principals of this effort had ensured that it could not be coopted by any government or other entity by arranging that the research center, the hospital for the actual transfers and even the main researchers would all be erased, if any effort to interfere was detected to be likely to succeed.

The recipient of the procedure had to be on record as willing, or at least pass the very stringent assessment tests by third party analysts, who were very dubious about this whole thing from the start, of being an assumed a mind damaged or non-recoverable young wastrel, either male or female to prevent unfair coopting of unqualified mental candidates by the forces of the finances of the desirous donators. One of the conditions of the contract to enter this process was that in this case, you really couldn't really 'take it with you.' There would be enough funds provided to the project to cover the expenses of the accepting family, the project's education and a reasonable block of funds to allow the young one upon his/her finishing of his/her education to buy McD's sites or anything else he wanted to do with it.

But, the results were on him/her because the rest of his billions were forfeit in the process. A lot of it went to the corporation of the process, some to his relatives and a lot to 'Save the Church Mice,' or some other 'worthy' charities. His identity would be hidden from the public along with redacted reports of the success of the results for advertising, educational and research purposes.

And there was no escape from the results upon entering it, it was completely upon the newly occupied person to make a success of its new life within the framework of the support of the object's family.

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The current so far successful progress of the 'Jimmy' project was very encouraging in its second year. With the unveiling of the knowledge of this process to the general public, the IPO was initiated to get enough funds to fend off the expected copiers and reverse engineering types. With the funds that the DUOMENTALITIES Corporation received in the IPO and initial projects, they would be far ahead in this science for the foreseeable future.

All of this, Alex knew as part of the prospectus that he had received, along with a very revealing video that had been produced by the corporation for a sharing with very rich and likely subjects for the future of this process.

There was no hurry in all of this, because any time in the aged person's life the process could be entered upon with a likely match with a young person. As long as the aged person's mind remained viable. So, Alex was now approaching the Search Committee to inform them of his willingness to enter the process and his preparations to follow the protocols.

There were some undercurrents in his acceptance of the corporation's conditions, with a bit of monetary voodoo to hide some unknown assets and some possibly unsavory personal attributes. But, in all practical manners, his candidacy met all of the very stringent requirements for the process.

Unknown to Alex, a 'Rich Bitch' that he was vaguely aware of, named Madame Mathilda was entering the initial process of being accepted to this protocol, too. She was intended to be a key factor in his successful assimilation with her assimilation, too. The offices that he approached were not in Twilight City, where the physical work was accomplished, but in the rather sleepy mid-sized town of Big City, where most of the initial thinking, experiments and initial trials had been located.

In a quiet corner of the town was the super-secret headquarters and secrets repository for the whole operation. And its communications with the hospital down south were never done over the internet, nor cell phones.

It was always in written form and transported in very unpredictable manners. Their industrial enemies never quite got a handle on it and so it was never actually compromised, because fake encrypted messages were also sent between the facilities.

The public view of the offices would lead a person to think that this was a dental office of very advanced procedures. In actuality, a very busy dental practice really did take up the front of the building, but much of the secret operation was underground. And to access it, a person had to navigate right through an active suite of dental stations. When Alex reported to the front desk of the dental operation, he was told to take a seat until his dental assistant would be ready to lead him to his cubicle.

What she really did was take him to a rear door in the dental suite, which he was clicked through and then down an elevator to a much larger suite of rooms and operations. He then was guided to one of the sub-manager's office to confer on the possible service they might be willing to do for him. As he barely paid any attention to the discourse of the underling, he did catch the phrases: Young persons with healthy bodies who were on self-destructive courses; parents who were beyond their wits end with children that they loved but saw as totally wasted in their life and aims and the tears of mourning parents at their rebellious children's premature and very stupid deaths.

This corporation intended to do something about this in all the cases that qualified. In the case of the donors, it was often that the real purpose was to in some form continue a life that was being very successful, in some way.

With the opportunities in young bodies to also enact a number of fantasies of theirs that were not possible in their youths, mostly because in their relative youthful innocence they hadn't even been conjured up by them.

Alex as a serious scientist really did intend to continue his work to move forward the bar in his chosen area of interest, but he wasn't beyond working this system for other less honorable purposes and was setting things up to do so.

He had hidden a number of very valuable assets in secrecy over many previous years that could be tapped, before he even knew of this. And since he had done none of the same since his first interview with the corporation, it gave the appearance of him obeying the protocols, which heavily influenced the decision to include him in the program.

With this meeting, he was also advised of the young boy that was the target of this particular melding. The boy had been in constant trouble and was detained in isolation, possibly for the rest of his life. He had voluntarily agreed to this operation with the codicil that he would get at least a minimum awareness of what would be happening, with no ability to interfere or communicate with the newly acquired mental state that would inhabit his body.

Alex was somewhat dubious with this, but the sub-manager assured him that additional protocols would be in place to prevent that from interfering with his new life. Alex didn't fear the mind of what he considered an inferior person, but was worried that this other mind might be able to report back to the corporation on what he was doing, especially what he was doing that would violate the protocols that he had agreed to.

The man looking across the desk was surmising what the hesitance on Alexander's part might mean, but in his ignorance suggested that the remainder of the young man's native awareness, would not be able to communicate with anyone (not entirely true, actually) which calmed down Alex, which he tried to hide.

Well, but not totally from the sub-manager.

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From this the sub-manager placed an inconspicuous flag on Alex's prospectus and passed it on to the determining authorities. Alex was advised to get his affairs in order and report to the hospital in Twilight city the next Tuesday for the transference. They monitored his activity over the weekend and determined that it appeared that he was complying with the protocols.

His total assets were put in such a shape that if the transfer was successful, things would proceed as insisted on, if the transfer didn't work out, he would still retain ownership of all of his assets.

The determining factor would be his death certificate that would appear normal since only his memories were to be transferred. When Alex (now with the identification and body of Donnie) awoke, he spent some time in adjusting to his surroundings. He figured out that he was in a mental health facility, the children's ward. And from the clipboard at the foot of his bed he obtained the name and age of his newly acquired body.

Donnie Morris, aged 15 soon to be sixteen. When the nurse came in, she with a bluff optimistic attitude, "Well, our sleepy boy is awake.

Are you ready for breakfast?" Donnie nodded, but remained silent, not wanting to risk a voice just yet. "Cat got your tongue, huh." With his continued silence, she relented and let him dress to move down to breakfast. Even though the boy was physically similar to Alex's past youthful body, it was a real adventure to coordinate his dressing attempts. A silent voice from behind, said that he would help.

Alex pondered over that for a few stark moments, 'Wasn't he supposed to be a silent partner?' "Yes, I will almost always be silent and non-interfering. But, if I see a time of possible help, I will lightly jog you as to my availability to help. After all, I have a lot more experience in this world that you have dropped in to now, than you do." "Good to note, as long as you don't interfere." "No possibility of that!" With that he (they) moved down to breakfast, where the non-welcoming that he got indicated that either the others were not interested beyond their immediate covey of friends, or that they knew him all too well.

Probably a bit of both. But, he settled down to an at least edible breakfast anyway. And then waited to see what he was to do next. At that, again seemingly from behind him, the helping voice said that if he got up that he would guide him to the school room that he was expected to attend next. And so progressed the day, and after that with his experiencing the confinement protocol that he was to follow, he soon didn't need the help anymore and almost total silence became the norm from behind him.

Over the next few weeks the nurses and other personnel noticed drastic changes in 'Donnie's' behavior and attitudes.

He was much more cooperative in everything and definitely left his hands off of others, either in anger or in teen lust. In fact, they saw little of the previous anger tantrums at all.

Alex let a couple light ones to leak out to allay suspicions that they might have about him. But, trailed them off to nothing over a couple of weeks. And his hands on the girls, were just very light on them over that time, too. Not completely unappreciated by the girls, either. At his next fitness examination, 'Donnie' flew thru the analysis, on his observed behavior and his tested results. So, the administration floated the idea of freeing him to the Governor.

Since these facilities were overcrowded anyway, any realistic excuse to release someone was gladly entertained. And with the caveat that he would be closely monitored with his release, Donnie was returned to his very nervous family. Even though they initiated the replacement in him, they were very worried about the reality of what was coming home to them. Another struggle between hopeful expectations and dreaded realities in evidence, they feared. When the cab delivered him to their house in the late evening, Donnie appeared to be subdued, a definite improvement on his demeanor than when he had been dragged away to the reform school/mental health facility experience.

He just nodded to his folks and smiled at his sisters and them requested that he go to bed for the night, since he had already had dinner and wanted to embark on his return to a normal life the next morning.

His thoughtful parents acquiesced to that request and let him proceed up to his room to sleep the night away in his own bed for the first time in several months. As his eyes dimmed for the night, he saw a crack open in his door and eyes peeping at him, but with a quick withdrawal. The next morning, he with his release papers, dressed for school and caught the school bus right on time.

The other students who were well aware of his previous conduct were holding their breaths to see what would happen this morning on the ride. But, nothing did, Donnie just sat in his seat with seemingly no notice of anyone else on the bus.

And then at school he disembarked and met with one of the counselors to be reactivated in attendance with his classes. When he went home that night, he had a pile of papers and assignments to begin to catch up on the return to par with his graduating class.

He made a significant advances in them right that first night, with the results passed in the next day to the teachers' surprises. Another peaceful day for him and then another uneventful passage back home in the afternoon. That night he joined the family at the dinner table to everyone's carefully expressed delight.

No one addressed him in conversation, but they all acted very kindly to him, never-the-less. After dinner, he skipped the regular T.V. viewings and returned to his room to again attack the stack of homework.

Late that night, while he was lightly asleep, his sister Kate, a fellow high school student, entered his room and moved under the covers right up next to him. He was barely aware of this, until she reversed to be down under the blankets with his now arisen cock up her throat and her choking with his release of cum down her throat.

With this Donnie arose stricken at this turn of events that he feared could undo all of the efforts that had been made for him up to then. "Won't this get me into trouble?" But, ignoring him, Kate reversed herself again, and after wildly kissing him and then reinvigorating his cock, moved to the center of his bed and laid on her back with her legs wide open to his interest. With him seemingly under her control, he moved to take up his position between the open legs and immediately to her moaning and sighing, initialized his penetration of her vagina.

She actively cooperated with this effort, with her hands on his back and then his butt cheeks pulling him ever more tightly in to her expectant interior. Finally, with his mind completely turned off (but the real Donnie's turned on) he emptied into her vault as she shimmied and shook in her cumming climax, too. She then with him coming back out of the lustful mentality, reversed for them to cleanse each other off in the classic '69' position.

With this done, she tenderly kissed him and with the bedroom door prematurely opened for her escape under another set of eyes, she silently left him in the room despondent over this unexpected and unwanted occurrence. The next day at the breakfast table no mention of the previous night's events were mentioned, and everyone acted as if nothing had happened, even Kate. The day passed by with his delivering another batch of catch-up homework to the respective teachers and then back home again.

The same ritual was followed with him again retiring early to toil some more on the reducing stack of homework. When he went to bed that night, another sister joined him, with the same aggressive sex play and silence in the face of his concerns. This time it was Magna, who followed the same routine as Kate had the previous night, except she insisted on anal, instead of vaginal sex. He dumped into her just as deeply and prodigiously as he had the night before.

And fell asleep with tears in his eyes. (The original Donnie had a smile, though.) Donnie got up in the morning again to go to school, this time on a Friday. He was terrified at what would happen on the weekend, after what had happened on the previous two nights. After all there was still his mother in the house and another sister just about his age, too. But, he did what he could about the situation, namely had dinner with his family, dispensed with the T.V.

and worked prodigiously on the homework pile that was approaching zero in height. This night he was afraid to go to sleep and was ready to defend himself from any more female incursions into his bed. He, of course, very much enjoyed them, but in the aftermath was desperately fearful of the results that they would have on his status as a visitor into Donnie's mind. This time with his mind still awake and alert, another female figure appeared and came thru his bedroom door to his bed.

She was a slightly heavier version of his sisters and he knew immediately that this was his mother. When he tried to deflect her attentions, she resisted and reminded him that she was the reason that he was out of jail, as she put it.

He then felt totally vulnerable and gave into a session of sex with his mother that resulted in him emptying up thru her cervix, with her in her peak of sexual heat at her egg delivery into her womb. Somehow, he instinctively knew this, too. Then with very pronounced kissing, she left his bed with him in absolute terror and panic at what had just transpired and the risks to his new life that this might bring.

He worked hard on his homework over the weekend and managed to catch up to where he should be, he also mowed the lawn for his father, which he had never done before. But, on Sunday morning with the rest of the family at church, his younger sister came to his room as he was listening to music on his radio and successfully seduced him to fuck her, too. She left his room with a very large smile on her face, like a conquering Amazon Queen. That night he went to bed confident in his status at school, but very fearful of his status as a mind visitor.

Nobody bothered him that night. When he awoke in the morning, he was back on the hospital bed that this mind transfer had been initiated on, with fear and confusion binding up his mind. Then the doctor came in to address him. "Sorry about that! But, we have found lately that doing a pre-final trial in this mode is of a lot of help to get the mind visitor off to a good start when he is delivered into the real thing.

(This was a blatant lie! The real reason was because of incipient suspicions about his suitability for this project. They wanted to see how he would react to the situation.) For one thing, it helps him to see the kind of terror that he has caused in his former self in the welcoming body.

And since, he is not likely to suffer from or enjoy of the seductions that were stylized in the pre-trial, he will be prepared to enjoy whatever real occurrences of consensual sex that he will really therefore experience.

From your reactions that we noted, we think that you are ready for the real thing, and so next Tuesday, we expect you to return for the final delivery. Rest up in the meantime. Also, the real Donnie will not be aware of what is happening in his now overtaken body. Alex now left the building, and never returned. "Pity," said the C.E.O. of DUOMENTALITITIES with a smile on his face.

SECOND CHANCES 2: Alan was still in touch very carefully with some of his old rich bitch and rich stud friends from the old times, when he had been married to Edna.

He was assumed to be dead in a car wreck back when Jazzmine, was still alive. But with the aid of the BASH BROTHERS and an easily bought off and disinterested medical examiner, the fantasy of his death had been promulgated in the community, which enabled him to escape the attention of some very bad people who were targeting him for trying to help Brenda (Jazzmine.) It all started for him and Brenda, because Edna and he were in a quite open marriage, with both of them truly in love with each other, but because of high libidos in each they were also fucking about anyone that they could talk into servicing them.

On one weekend when Edna was away to fuck one of her rich stud buddies, he was unexpectantly left alone in his bed in sore needs to be attended to.

Brenda, who was about sixteen at the time and a budding hoyden in her own right, happened to walk by with his door open and out of curiosity she peeked in to see Alan trying to minister to himself with his modest sized cock in plain view to her. She, herself, had been dumped by her latest teen male playmate and was feeling rather pissed and blue over it. Besides, she had not found another person to take care of her needs for the weekend.

So, without bothering to think of it very deeply, she moved into the bedroom, slipped off her jammies and joined her Daddy (actually step-daddy) in his bed. He was too shocked to say anything, besides he had had the trots for her for some time. So, he just took things in stride and began to love the little girl up. She lightly kissed him because of feeling no real connection to him, but welcomed his attention to her still budding breasts.

She was one of the females that actually enjoyed having her tits suckled on as well as kissed and caressed. He lingered in this mode and then she moved his mouth down to her pussy where it belonged. He was wildly turned on by this time and completely serviced her young woman pussy, with a generous gift of her girly cum as his reward. He was a bit puzzled as to how far more he should go after this. She read his indecision and left little doubt about what she wanted next by laying on her back with her legs splayed out and a come hither look in her eyes.

He got that, and then moved without delay, in case she might change her mind not a chance of that, and pushed up into her vagina rather quickly. He got a loud sigh and moans over that. And since she came rather quickly, he didn't delay and came up in her paradise chamber very soon after.

They spent their time in bed over the rest of the weekend with him demonstrating with her everything that he knew about sex intimacies. She was a very able and enthused student. However, when Edna got home on Sunday evening and Brenda saw how she took Alan into her arms and led him off to the bedroom for now what she knew what, the guilt started to gather up into her mind and heart. For she loved Edna, her mother, like no one else that she knew and wanted nothing to do with breaking up their marriage, as strange as it was.

So, Monday morning she called a taxi and left to live a life on her own terms and abilities. Alan, even the cad that he was, felt just terrible over Brenda's desperate moving out and into a very sketchy and dangerous mode of life. He would pass a bit of money to her on the slight at times, pretending to be a client of hers and tried to monitor her situation as well as he could.

With her encountering Marcus, the taxi driver, he felt some relief, because he had a good reputation among the ladies of the town. He was known to be very kind and gentle with them, and absolutely honest in his dealings with them. Besides, in Brenda's case, he was the only safe haven that she felt comfortable in availing herself of.

Later he became aware of some very toxic people that she had become tangled with, including the mayor, and tried to warn her off, but was too late. It led to her being killed and dumped in a dumpster. He was very heart-broken over this and out of his anger, hunted down as many of the operatives involved in this as he could.

Even having the former mayor offed, too. Eventually the gang figured this out and made a move on him, too. With this the Bash Brothers came to his help, since they had known Brenda (Jazzmine) as a friend and provider and were very angry over what had been done to her.

With him the assumed victim of a car wreck, he decided to stay in Big City and use a bit of the vast fortune that he had saved after leaving plenty for Edna's future. He needed to be inconspicuous and so bought a local low volume gas station to stay busy and out of sight.

He completely changed his looks and no one seemed to think twice about him as he hid in plain sight over the years.

He did smile when Edna and Marcus took up with each other, he still cared about Edna and respected Marcus on how he had treated Brenda, so his blessing for whatever amount that it a counted for was on this relationship. After a few years, though, he began to fear that his cover could be blown, so he began to look into alternative options for the rest of his life. And the newly minted corporation, DUOMENTALITIES, came to his attention.

His rich friends that were still in touch mentioned this to him and alerted to him the up to date results of their very new and radical method for treating extreme juvenile misbehavior, with a mind transfer process called, MEMORY MATCHING.

At the time that he became interested, it was a very good time, since the possible donors for this process had become spooked by the underground related story of the failure involving a local man that they all knew of, Alex.

Alan showed up for his faux dental appointment and was with an assistant's guidance directed to a door to the rear of the treatment area and shown through by having the door unlocked by her.

He then went down the stairs to a much larger facility and down the central hallway to an office's open door at the far end. Once inside, the door closed and he took the only seat available to await his appointment, the real one for this visit. After about fifteen minutes, to test his patience he guessed, a spiffy dressed young man came in and took up seating behind the sparse desk opposite of Alan's chair.

He spent a minute or two looking over Alan, before addressing him. "I see that you have taken off all of the disguise that you have used for the last couple of years, or at least all that is convenient for you to do on short notice here, to assume your rightful identity, which will remain unspoken here.

Unwritten, also." Alan, just nodded. "You are considerably out of the range of our usual candidates in several ways, but as things are a bit tough for us these days, we are going to entertain using you anyway.

Do you know what this is really about and what is expected of you?" "I have seen one of your brochures and read it very carefully. And I have talked with ones who you have interviewed in the past. The ones that backed out." "I see, do you have any further questions about the process or protocols?" "No, not really. But I do have a couple of conditions that I would insist on, if I decide to go through with it.

First of all, with the complete divestiture of my wealth, I have this to be necessary. That the family that takes me in is well provided for out of my funds. That my education as a young person be guaranteed all the way through a PHD. And that one million dollars of my money be squirreled away for me to access on my twenty-fifth birthday to invest or use as I wish. And second that my identity remains unknown from the time I enter your process until I die, in my new identity." "Yes, sir.

Most of that is part of the protocol. But, we know for a fact that you have more than one million hid in various places, that we do not know the location of. So, that is of very much concern to us. We are sure that you will meet the minimum or higher standards of what funds will be invested in this process by you and to meet the protocols. But, we are worried about the hidden ones that we do not know the whereabouts of." "Well sir, that is part of the risk on your part.

I am not going to advise you to any other funds that I might have for you to be worried about. You only need to make the judgement call as to whether I will be honorable in their use, if they indeed do exist. I am entering the possibility of doing this mainly because, I am worried about being found out. There are still plenty of enemies of mine who would like to locate me, in a retribution mode, you know." "Alright then, I think that we understand each other now.

I will run this by the board and if you hear from us again, you will be in and expected to organize the transfer of the funds you are going to advance as indicated in the prospectus." "Thank you for your time, and I wish you well in your continued operations." With that, Alan redonned his disguise and left the building.

Three days later he got his confirmation with the caveat that they would be observing him even more closely than the others, especially to see what he did with his hidden funds, but if nothing overtly harmful was done with them, they would leave well enough alone. The next Tuesday with his documents in hand, he arrived at the Twilight City hospital to undergo the procedure. The next thing he knew he was again a fifteen year old boy, in an unfamiliar body and in very unfamiliar surroundings, just awakening from a night of sleep.

With a few minutes to get his mind and new body tuned in to each other, the bedroom door opened and his 'mother' came in with a, "Okay sleepyhead, you need to get up and get ready for school." And with a wistful look in her eyes, she moved to his bed and gathered him up into her arms to a robust hug. Frank, reached back and hugged her too, with the words, "I will try to make your son to be worthy for you to be proud of." She hugged him back with, "I know that you will." And then left the room for him to get ready.

Ripe aged mind, with young functional body led to the longest time that it had ever taken him to get ready to do anything. But, eventually, well before he would be late, he grabbed an egg muffin, and a lunch sack and was out the door to catch the just arriving bus.

Two presumed to be his sisters joined him in this, they seemed to be also of high school age. Or at least of late middle school development. One of them, Gloria, took a seat beside him on the bus. The other, Mary, went to the back to evidently sit with her boyfriend. When he got to school, a designated student aide took him by the hand and guided him to his locker, helped him to open it, gave him the binder with his class schedules in it with a map of the school and the location of the classrooms on the opposite side of the page to the schedule.

It was noted that he was up to date on his homework, but at a very low level of achievement. And the aide whispered to him, that she hoped that he was over the horrible acts of violence and other feared actions of the past, with his being released from treatment at the county mental health hospital.

Frank just looked up to her and nodded. During his first class he was a bit lost as to where he was to sit, so the teacher nodded to a front row seat, evidently to keep a close eye on him. It seemed that the whole school was in on his situation, but that was not so, the staff and student body had been notified that a formerly very disruptive student had gone through some very deep treatment, and was returning to the school, hopefully being a much more tractable person now.

They expected slips, but hoped for the best. Especially, those who had suffered at his hands. During the day, the fellow students were quite polite to him, or just left him alone.

Then at lunch, one girl came and sat with him. He seemed to recognize something in the look of her eyes, but couldn't pull up into his mind as to what it connected with. But, she was very helpful to him, to get acquainted with the school, teachers and possible trouble spots for him among the students.

There still were some who held very resentful feelings as to how he had acted in the past. Were still provisionally afraid of him, but looking for an opening to take a little retribution on him. After a couple of days of enduring pointed elbows and knuckles in the hair, he visited the assistant principal to get a reading on how much of this he needed to take. Mr. Stark informed him, that he had taken enough already and that he wasn't, despite his past history, expected to become some former victim's punching bag.

But, he must measure out his response to what actually he suffered and to not return to the fearsome methods that he had used in the past. He nodded to this, with the knowledge that he had done a little boxing in the Navy, during his youth. So, over the next couple of days, some of his former victims, now bullies, found that it was no fun getting punched by someone who knew how. And when they went to the staff over it, the answer was, "Leave, Frank alone!" That covered that and they stayed away from him.

But, Lacy, the little girl continued to be his lunchtime friend. At the end of the first week, on a Friday evening Frank asked his 'mother' about Lacy. Since she was being so friendly to him, and most of the other students acted a bit afraid of her. After all, she was just a bit of a girl, part Asian and only about four feet- eight inches tall.

Mabel, his new 'mother' informed him that she didn't know that much, but from the papers and T.V. it had been reported that she had taken a kitchen knife to her family and done a lot of harm to them, thankfully not killing any of them. That she had be incarcerated in the same mental hospital as him and had after six months come out like a totally different person.

Perhaps, she was drawn to him because of similar experiences she noted, in a conspiratorial manner. Frank nodded to her and gave her the hug that she so evidently needed and then they went on with the evening. That night Marcia joined him in his bed while he was dozing.

And when he awoke to her playing with his cock, he opened his eyes and immediately asked if this wasn't going to get him into trouble. She responded that it wouldn't since this had been going on for a couple years, and that their parents knew about it. The only restriction was that he was not to enter her vagina, only her mouth and ass, so that there would be no premature grandchildren in the home.

Frank readily accepted this and proceeded to use a very simple program of lust with her, appropriate to a boy of that age, and she wasn't complaining. She especially liked the new varieties of oral attentions that she had never experienced before, like humming on her pussy and using ice in her mouth. She couldn't wait until she could learn more from this new version of her beloved brother.

And with Gloria the next night, it was more of the same. But, on Sunday night, with Don, the 'father' out bowling with his buddies, his new mom came to be with him, and there was no vaginal restriction with her. She was an avid lover, somewhat plush of body, but very dedicated to give to him an extremely fine intimate time of it.

She especially liked the side-by-side facing '69' position. And when finally ready for the main event, guided him to resoundingly plunge and pull his cock into and nearly out of her love vault until he emptied up into her cervical area.

Evidently, she wanted for him to produce another son that would actually be hers, and not a hollowed out version, not that she ever treated Frank badly. When Don got home from bowling, Frank could hear them fucking vigorously, evidently to cover over any produce from her time with him.

He heard him explode in fear, at the no condom condition that she was evidently enforcing, but when it came down to it, no man in his right mind would refuse to fill this woman, if she asked for it. SECOND CHANCES 3: On Monday with his return to school, things seemed to be running a lot smoother. The bullies had been warned away and they seemed to be taking the warnings seriously.

The rest of the students seemed to be provisionally willing to let bygones be bygones, especially since they weren't being repeated. Even one boy, approached him at lunch with him sitting again with Lacy and asked very politely how he was doing. Frank responded that he was still a bit disoriented from the mental treatments, but was catching up rather rapidly.

Lacy was taking this in with interest. Then the boy, in a serious mode asked Frank if he remembered what he had been like before the treatments. And Frank answered him honestly, that he remembered very little about it. That most of what he knew had been told to him by others, and that he was horrified at what he had been doing.

The boy nodded in sympathy with that and wandered off to spread the word among the other students. With that, Lacy held his hand and looking into his eyes, "It is tough adjusting isn't it? I am about six months ahead of you. Alex was supposed to be with us, but backed out, so I guess you are my designated partner. They did this so that we wouldn't be totally isolated in this rather strange situation.

I will always be there for you when you need someone to unload on over the frustrations of this. But, it seems to me, that you are doing very well in it for the present." "Thank you, Lacy. I appreciate that. I think I know who you were before the transfer, but let's keep that unspoken.

And I am sorry, but I can't for very serious reasons admit who I was. But, I will definitely lean on you when I need it. You have been so helpful for my transition so far." She then inquired of him as to whether he would like to do some social things with her. He asked what she was interested in, and she answered that she liked burgers, movies, zoos and just plain walking.

He mentioned that he liked those things and also roller skating and visits to a library. She smiled and averred that there was much for them to share, and would he like to go out for burgers and a movie the coming Saturday evening. He said that he would have to clear it with his parents, but provisionally the answer was ,'Yes.' They broke off from lunch with her with a very big smile on her face. The other students noticed this. During the school week, Gloria and Marcia each only moved in to his bedroom for fluffing up once each, and Mabel was not involved in this.

She had given her approval for Frank to date Lacy, and his dad would provide the transportation, with a cell phone to cue him as to the timing of their movements. During their burgers, shakes and fries, they had a lot of time to compare notes on the challenges that they were experiencing in their changeovers to new bodies.

It definitely had its advantages, but some disadvantages, too. For instance she noted that she wasn't getting as much sex as she was used to. He didn't bother to add to that conversation, but noted it for further addressing later. But, he did reach for her hand and held it very lightly for the rest of their meal.

Try to eat a hamburger with one hand and you might know of the sacrifice that he rendered at this time. When they cued in Don to come and transport them to the movie, they sat together in the back seat, totally involved with each other. Don couldn't help but smile to himself. Even if this was as hollow version of his son, with a stranger inhabiting its mind, it still looked like his son, and he was happy, which was a very welcome view to him as a father.

When they got to the movie theater, they bought tickets to a movie that they were only mild interested in, because Frank knew what was of the most interest to Lacy. As they moved to the top row of seats, she was in front and he then noticed that she had on a short skirt that just barely covered her little girl panties.

When they were seated, two other couples moved up to the same row but then moved to another row at least two rows down. Lacy and Frank weren't sure if it was because they were recognized or just as a sympathetic favor to another affectionate couple, but they were thankful anyway. After they settled in, they suffered through the movie news and then the previews.

At the end of the previews, the theater darkened and the lady with the flashlight came through, this time all the way up to the top row. Frank and Lacy just blinked at her intrusion and she left to not come back. They then made sure that the shared cell phone was definitely off.

When the move started, they got ready for some serious snuggling, with her panties off and initially up to his nose, and his zipper moved all the way down. Since this was a very noisy movie, they weren't very much concerned about any noises that they made themselves.

It was an action movie with a very loud sound track. And the continual action scenes, much like a video game, kept the other viewer's eye right on the screen. They could have had a mass of giant spiders up above them and they wouldn't have noticed it. Lacy and Frank were only in to noticing each other from this point on. With her panties off and installed up into the neck of his shirt for his smelling pleasure, she moved his free hand to her pussy for it to be invigorated. It was already wetted and the smell wafting up from it had his mind reeling in pleasure.

Her hand was already stroking on his cock, very lightly as he wasn't giving off pre-cum yet. With this going on, they turned to each other and began some very serious kissing, tongues and all. And her other hand was guiding his head to the proper alignment for their kissing, while his found its way up to inside of her very small bra.

They were very happy with this for several minutes and then she laid down on the seats with the armrests up and mounted her mouth over his dick. He kept his hand under her body installed up into her pussy as much as he could and she was fucking his fingers as she sucked him off. He came soon after that and she then rose up to be beside him again. Then the next very intense action sequence started, he got onto the floor between the rows of seats and seated his mouth on to her pussy.

She was squirming with the considerable pleasurable feelings that this was sponsoring, and she then came too. For about another half an hour, they just hugged together with each of their hands sampling the various sexy zones of interest to them. When the lengthy finality finally started, she moved up on his lap and installed his cock up into her pussy and rode him to her and his next climax to the climatic music of the movie.

They then with big smiles disengaged and prepared themselves to meet Don to take them each home. They were hand in hand and widely smiling when Dad came to get them. They took up hugging close together in the back seats, and any mystery of what was generating this closeness was dispelled when Don saw that Lacy's panties were reversed and inside out on her. He smiled at that and thought to himself, 'Good job, son!' And meant it, too.

When he walked her up to her door, they engaged in a very long kiss and then with pats on each other's hands, broke off for Frank to return to the car to go home. Don, didn't say a word to Frank, just nodded when Frank looked up to the rear view mirror, and they smiled together. The next afternoon, Saturday, Frank got a call from Lacy advising him that her parents had okay-ed him coming over to play games and watch movies with her on Saturdays, if he wanted to.

And since they only lived about a mile apart, it wouldn't be that far to ride a bike or walk for that matter. And she advised him that her mother promised to keep her brothers out of the way. They liked to play in the pool with their girlfriends then anyway. And her mom promised to buy pizza's enough to feed all of them including the boys and their girlfriends. Frank asked to leave the landline phone for a minute and ran this by his mom. She said that it sounded like a lot of fun and agreed to it starting the next weekend.

So, Frank passed that on and Lacy hung up really excited about this. That Sunday night while his sisters were staying over with girlfriends and due to go to school from their house; and Don was enjoying his regular bowling night out with the guys, Mable made it clear as to how she would spend the night with Frank.

Early in the evening after cuddling to watch a movie with Frank's mouth firmly attached to her breasts, they repaired up to his bedroom and got seriously involved. No hurrying this time. They had hours before Don was due home. This time after him emptying up into her vagina, she played with him with the object of letting him up into her ass.

Don arrived unexpectedly home to find his son, firmly installed up into his wife's ass, pounding her in the place that she never allowed him to visit. He was furious and stormed out of the house to find a place to sleep elsewhere.

Mabel tried over and over to get him on his cell, but after the first three times that it rang on his end, he turned it off. After that, she returned to Frank's bed and spent the night curled up with him, with his cock up her pussy.

The next morning, she received separation papers from Don. She knew what this would be a preview of and wondered how she would weather the time until a resolution of this.

Frank whispered into her ear to not worry, he had funds available that would tide her over until things worked out. And he also advised her to contact the Mount Beaver Detective agency to investigate what was really going on. He said that he could cover this expense, too. The sisters seemed to be oblivious to this, as long as it didn't directly affect them.

And during the following school week seemed to just totally ignore the whole mess, while they fucked Frank one of them on Tuesday night and the other on Thursday night. During the day, Frank and Lacy found ways to lightly share each other's lusty feelings, looking forward to the coming Saturday. And both of them were succeeding in their studies to a much higher degree than ever before.

The school staff noticed this and decided that they could fuck anywhere in the school as long as it was private, if that would ensure continued scholastic success on their parts. Of course, they never got around to announcing this to the loving couple, but they did just ignore their disappearances during lunch some times. The other students were in on this and loved the brazenness of it. None of them got the same considerations though.

On the first Saturday visit of Frank to Lacy's home, he was welcomed at the door not by Lacy, but by her mother. She took the boy in to her arms and led him to where Lacy was waiting for him sitting on the couch with a number of games and the T.V.

on. With that, she put on her coat and informed the young couple that she was going shopping and expected to be gone for two hours. And that the boys had gone with their girlfriends to the public pool this time and were instructed to also stay away for at least two hours. No problem for them, since she gave them enough money to treat all of them at the Burger Burp after swimming.

Also, that a pizza was on the way for the couple, too. With that she showed a wide smile and left in the car. "Wow," he said as he looked at Lacy's smile. "Is she always that accommodating?" "Not at all, though she is very fun to be around and generous, too. But this is very new in my brief experience with her." And Lacy continued, "By the way, I am fixed so that there is no way that I can become pregnant. It can be reversed later, but I probably won't do that, unless my husband wants it, since I already have raised babies and as far as I care, that is just enough." "Sounds good to me," Frank offered and they spread the games around and turned on the T.V.

to await the pizza man so that they could get to the real reason for this get together. They only had to endure about fifteen minutes of the noon news until he arrived. Frank from his own pocket gave him an additional tip, and then they parked the pizza on the kitchen counter and moved up to her bedroom.

When they got up to the bedroom, she sat on the side of the bed and asked him to sit in the cushy chair facing her. He could see her young girl panties and his cock was raising very rapidly. She noticed this and offered, "You know Frank that I am really enjoying this being a little girl. In my previous life I was a much larger one.

Sexy as hell, but bigger. I have noticed that by being this small that I am almost irresistibly sexy without any of the added features that the big girls need to use. I love these little girl panties.

They are so very comfortable, a lot more than thongs and lacy ones. And they also do a good job of containing the frequent evidence of my being turned on, which doubles as a very adorable toy for the boys to enjoy." With that she flounced up her skirt, showing off the total effect of her pretty panties and asked what I thought of them.

Through a choked voice, he offered that he thought that they were wonderful and that he was looking forward to enjoying her cum that was obviously wetting them up.

She smiled at that and took them off to toss them over to him. Frank immediately smelled of them and then installed them into the front top of his shirt for further inspiration.

She then continued, "And notice as I remove my top to show off my little girl's bra. Isn't it cute, too?" He nodded enthusiastically at that, too. 'And even without removing it, my little titties are highlighted by its being so colorful, don't you think?" More nodding.

She then shed the rest of her clothing and stood up facing me. "Now look at this little body with its lightly furred pubis, apparent pussy slit and clit peeking out at the top. Then my titties, so small but so precious. I can hardly keep my own hands off of them myself. After twerking them and teasingly pinching the nipples, she turned around and bent over to show off her ass and its entry.

"Notice my little rosette, it is slightly open now, isn't it. That is because I am turned on by showing myself off to you, my good young man. Now it is your turn to show yourself off to me." As she sat on the edge of the bed with her legs splayed out showing off her pussy slit, he did so, highlighting his not inconsiderable cock, to her fascination. It has to be admitted that men just don't have as many exciting places on them as women do. After that, she moved over to her bureau and took out a pair of panties just like the ones around his neck and though they looked larger than the other, she put them on and invited him, now naked up on her bed to be under the covers with her.

She guided them into a spoon position and then reached back to anoint his cock with some lube, which she also reached inside of her panties to spread up her slit also. With him totally mystified as to what was next, she reached back and moved his cock to be laying up her slit and then closed her legs around it. She then cooed to him over her shoulder, "Frank now pound up and down my slit and see how it feels to you." He did so with no little concern of a lack of stimulation, but boy was he wrong.

It felt if anything even better than being in her. This little girl body was the best pillow that he had ever cuddled up with, and her slit with her cum leaking into it turned out to be one of the ultimate nesting places for his cock.

After plowing that field for several minutes, she shifted her posture and he slipped up inside of her to continue the plowing, only now up deeply inside of her. He then understood what the panties were for. With my cock and balls installed inside of them, my cock was guided and held up to her pussy tissues to both of our delights.

Even now with me still installed within them and up her vagina, the stimulation of my balls continued. It was pure sexual genius at work. He stopped himself from ruining the mood by asking where this idea came from, He didn't care, and he soon after came gloriously up into her pussy with her climaxing right with him. When her mother came back home from shopping after the two hours, we were back on the couch playing cribbage, one of the very best games that two people can play.

She came over and took us each under her arms and assured them that we were doing very well in ensuring both of their transitions into these two new lives. With that she kissed him on the forehead and sent him away to go home with humongous smiles on his face.

When he got home, Mom suggested that he might want to remove the girl's panties around my neck with a slight laugh. SECOND CHANCES 4 After another week of on par activities with Gloria, Marcia, Mabel and Lacy, the next Monday, about two weeks since Don left, began with the bang of multi-merv missiles to Frank's life.

First of all, both sisters announced to Frank that they would be foregoing further regular attentions to him. They each had now regular boyfriends that would fill all of their needs. They didn't say never, though.

And on one particularly lonely night, when Frank approached Marcia's bed she opened the covers and sweetly welcomed him in. Mabel was now showing and so became very sensitive to how she was used, no intention to give him up in her pussy, but with severe restrictions how. No such restrictions with Lacy, though.

It was just inconvenient for them to get together as often as they would like. Even with sixteen year old bodies, they seemed to want to move in together and make a life from then on. But, that wasn't going to happen with approval of any pertinent authorities. So, they continued on, getting some fun at school at odd times and having their gloriously refreshing Saturdays together. Along with this, Don was found out by the Mount Baker Detective Agency. Candy took care of this investigation herself and in the process nearly fell into Don's bed herself.

Only Candy's professional reserve saved that catastrophe, because Don was a stud for sure. But, the report provided showed that his Sunday nights bowling actually had ceased a couple of years ago, and his Sunday time was taken up with a series of very ripe female alleys, oral, vaginal and backdoor. The youngest of them, the current one, was only fourteen years old.

This could endanger his professional career if it got out, not to mention his freedom.

Milkenema milf assfucked and jizzed on tits

With Mabel's newly apparent pregnancy from an unknown but suspected partner, there appeared to be a standoff brewing, which could lead to a sensible resolution to this whole situation. The respective lawyers were churning with hours and paperwork over that. And then to top all of this off, the local and national T.V. news announced that DUOMENTALITIES was under active investigation by several federal and state authorities including the FBI.

And in the preview to an hour long national report on this, it was leaked that a very senior retired FBI agent had infiltrated this operation and was regularly reporting back to the home office on his experiences. In the preliminary agreement with Don, it was agreed that he would have Frank on Sunday afternoons and into the evenings for the time being and the girls on Saturday afternoons.

Worked out for Mabel, too. Since she could well afford to wait until later in the night on Sundays to get her weekly fuck from Frank. It didn't' really matter to her. Since, Mabel wasn't taking up the intimate slack during the week, Frank felt a bit left out on a limb.

Lacy would have liked to have filled in some, but that was just not going to be for the present. Neither of the sisters ever denied him his needs on the few times that he entered their bedrooms late at night, but he also wanted to respect their feeling towards their boyfriends and so was very sparing of this privilege, which the girls loved him even more for.

On one of the Sunday visits; Christie, Don's new teen A.A. bimbo and Frank were left alone for four hours while Don had to take on an emergency meeting at the firm.

Christie made it apparent during the first fifteen minutes of their time alone that she was definitely interested, as Frank very much favored the stud Don in looks. Frank was unsure of how to handle this, he didn't want to punch his father's current pussy's ticket to paradise behind his back.

But the decision was taken out of his hands when he got a cell call from Don requesting that Frank take care of Christie's needs, but have her ready to be picked up by her brother at ten o'clock that evening. That blew the hat off of Frank's reserve and they repaired to Don's bed for some intimate games. Frank had never done 'black' before and was curious as to what differences might be in order.

In Christie's case, not much. The main thing was that she simply adored oral on her pussy. Her black partners tended to stall on that desired attention, but of course it was among Frank's favorite things to do with a female. As they laid lazily hands on enjoying each other's favors, Frank asked if she had a pair of panties that were at least two sizes too big.

She replied that she didn't and why would he ask that, 'pending' was his only reply. He then asked if she would wear a pair of his father's fancy briefs for some fun, and she with a strange look in her eyes, said that she would. As soon as she had them on he had her over on her side with himself saddled up to her in the spoon position. He then with her giggling, installed his dick and balls to the inside of the shorts and worked his cock up into between her legs.

She was now starting to get the idea and so she reached for the lube in the drawer at the side of the bed that she had often used with Don and anointed very generously her pussy slit. With that, Frank began very slowly to work up and down in her pussy valley, and she started feeling it right away.

She could feel her girlish cum beginning to add more slickness to the process and now her clit was getting glancing blows in the process, too. She felt her body warming up and her mind turning off, the preliminary to her being planted with man seed. Just as she was about to blow, Frank backed up and withdrew from her legged position. Her reaction was, "What the Fuck!!" But, he then moved her to her side facing him, but reversed head to foot, and then giving her a pillow to brace up her shoulders with and taking one himself, he initiated her into face to face, side by side 69.

She caught on right away and quickly they were sailing off into sexual dreamland, with both of their bodies lite up like a forest fire. It took several minutes after restarting the fires within her, but when she came, it was monumental, and he awaited his to be up inside of her.

As soon as she came down to a semblance of pre-climax fury, she rolled over on to her back and welcomed him up into her vaginal kingdom. When he got up to her throne, her cervix, she went bananas again and drove him to installing his royal favors all over her pulsating throne. As he came down she fiercely hugged him and then tried to kiss his face off. With that in progress, they both fell asleep with him still in her. The young couple entwined on the master bed had lost tract of time and so she heard the loud knocking on the front door.

She just threw over herself a bathrobe hanging nearby and ran to the door to prevent her adult brother from waking up the neighborhood. When he saw her condition, he closed the door and locked it behind him and took her by the hand to quickly move up to the master bedroom. There he found Frank still asleep, so Taylor nudged him, and when he awoke, instructed him to take the bottom, he was going to take the top with Christie in between.

So with a lot of lube on his dick and up her ass, they together made a Christie sandwich, with Frank on his back on the bottom with his modest dick up into her vagina, and then Christie face down on him, with Taylor in the rear, literally.

Taylor informed Frank that since he was on top, it was up to him to provide the motions, and so Taylor took the responsibility very seriously and was making all of them very happy. They each came like shotgun reports, Taylor, Christie and Frank in that order and then rolled over in profound laughter still installed in each other. Just about the, Don showed up and mused, "I see that you two have found a game to your liking, and invited Taylor in to the fun, too. How about me?" With Frank and Taylor withdrew from the 'field of battle' to watch the next joust and were not disappointed to see Don plant his lance right up into Christie's abdomen for another royal blessing to her.

With that Taylor and Christie went home and Frank was driven home by his father, Don. Nothing was said, just a lot of smiles to go around.

Don, thinking, "There are many more where she came from." When Frank sated for a change, undressed and cleared out his pockets to send his clothing down to the laundry, he found a plaintive note from Christie, 'Here is my cell number, and please let me see you again!" Frank figured that he would work this out for sure. He upon the next meeting found out that Taylor expected a tip for each time he picked her up and delivered her for his bother, and that the family welcomed a generous stipend towards their welfare also.

Since Frank had money to burn, this was no problem and the family responded by assigning Christie to Frank on Wednesday evenings and all night, since she was home schooled and had a couple of in person classes with labs to complete along with proctored exams to take regularly on Thursdays.

It turned out that she was very bright, too. Figures. Now, Frank had Wednesdays taken care of, other school nights as needed with either his sisters or mom, and Saturdays with Lacy. Sundays, he reserved for his father's latest crush as invited. Things were looking up, especially since Lacy and Christie hit it off just fine when they met at lunch on her first Thursday at school with Frank. Meanwhile, the divorce was quickly working its way through the legal process, undoubtedly advanced by having the BASH BROTHERS, a local facilitating sub-contractor to the Mount Baker Detective Agency, deliver the second batch of legal forms to be filled out by Don.

There were several urban legends attributed to them, and no one wanted to test the validity of them. So, Don filled them in right then and handed them over, "Thank you, sir!" was all that hey said as they took their leave.

Muscle and politeness, a devastating combination for sure. Evidently they were 'Odd Job' admirers. With the divorce, the current balance in things continued, with Mabel getting the house and primary custody of the kids.

She however had no intention of denying Don's access to the kids as long as he behaved. And he was sterling in his treatment of them to absolutely no surprise to Mabel. She continued to carry a dimly lit torch for him for the rest of her life, and he made it apparent to her, that he felt the same, despite their now legally enforced division of their lives. And with everyone's cooperation, Frank was getting his prodigious intimate needs taken very well of.


The next bombshell in Frank's life when he was instructed to visit the local FBI office over a matter of interest to both of them involving the DUOMENTALITIES Corporation and its activities.

When Frank arrived on time for the interview, he was left sitting in the waiting room, for exactly sixteen minutes. And then led to the interviewing room, as stark as could be imagined and then seated in perhaps the most uncomfortable chain known to mankind.

When Frank settled down on the terrible chair, the interviewer busied himself consulting with a voluminous notebook, completely ignoring Frank.

The guy, evidently FBI, was dressed rather finely, with a very neat haircut and clean shaved face. When he looked up to address Frank's eyes, he presented to him a very uninterested attitude. And then stared right into Frank's eyes for fifteen minutes, with apparently no blinking of his eyes at all.

If he thought that this was going to intimidate the sixteen year old boy in front of him, he was not taking seriously that the boy was only sixteen in body. In mind, he was three times the age of the interviewer and possessor of a whole lot more experience of this kind of session that the interviewer. After that the interviewer asked the boy in front of him if he had any statement to be made in defense of himself. The boy's answer was, "Not necessary!" And then silence until the interviewer gave up and sent the boy on his way.

Another one, he thought, because that is exactly the same reaction that he and the interviewers at other locations had gotten from everyone that they questioned. The governmental authorities then decided to turn up the heat on the corporation and the donors in younger bodies. So, they keyed in a Senate subcommittee that was starving for some issue to make public hay with.

And old persons taking over young person's bodies seemed to be their meat. However, when they subpoenaed the staff and subjects in this activity, they got the same treatment from the staff and subjects as the FBI had, received.

And when the blustering and threatening began, the T.V. ratings took a plunge and the political action committees told the Senators to back off. The public didn't care a fig about the staff, but saw only quite young boys and girls being verbally assaulted and threatened by big governmental bullies.

The public wasn't buying at all the assertions of minds being transferred. They believed their eyes at the youth of the subpoenaed youngsters. So, the interested agencies decided to approach this situation in another way. They called together all of the key administrative personnel of DUOMENTALITIES for a meeting and presented their findings and interpretations of the situation. First, of all they were not sold on the ideal of old people, even if they were rich, of coopting young person's bodies.

They admitted that in the cases that they knew of it had been wildly successful. But, the idea behind it made them want to throw-up. They also admitted that their efforts to acquire the technology used was a relative failure. They had made a number of intuitive guesses as to what was the manner of it working, but admitted that the success that it was enjoying must have been due to some insight that was a complete accident and unlikely to ever be discovered again.

And they admitted that the safeguards that the corporation had incorporated into their security had the government completely baffled as to how to override them. Probably, functionally impossible. People who are willing to die to protect their ideas, were usually beyond overpowering. To a certain degree this was a comfort to the government, since no one else was likely to ever subvert their security, either.

So, now the plan to proceed into the future came up. The government surmised that the expenses of developing this idea and the technology to implement it had long been covered. And that the corporation was now making extremely high profits.

The FBI knew that the investors had to make their payments on their B.M.W's and Sea Cruiser yachts. But, it was felt that if they would compromise to use this manner to better the future of middling offenders, by not sending an older person's mind to displace the younger person, but to use the younger person's mind for a redacting process to remove antisocial behavior impulses, that society would be well served and the payments on their yachts could continue.

This offer completely flummoxed the corporation staff and legal team. This was unexpected, they had been certain that they would face a cease and desist order. But, with that, they advised that they would study this offer when it was received in written legal form and then get back to them as quickly as possible with their answer or counter-offer.

The government official in charge said, one week and we will revisit and modify this offer. The corporation said that they would take that in consideration. A month later a meeting of all of the local young people who had been coopted was arranged and at the table before the dozen or so of them, was sitting representatives of the DUOMENTALITIES Corporation, and the pertinent governmental authorities.

The lead lawyer of the company called the meeting to order. "This meeting has been arranged to inform you patients in the process, of decisions that have been made between the corporation and the government.

First of all, there will be no effort to interfere with your situations as long as you stay out of serious trouble, including rape of other young people. You will be encouraged to take as permanent partners others in this program, as young possessed older minds would seem to match up better together. Second choice would be close relatives, who feel a special connection with you. Any incest involved in that will be officially ignored. Any hidden funds that you possess beyond what was granted to you by the corporation will be taxed as they are spent, unless you can prove that they come from already taxed funds.

That is about it, unless there are any questions. No hands went up and so the meeting was dismissed. Things proceeded from that point on, and the only transfers that were officially publicized after that were those involving redacting and then replacing the younger minds in their own bodies. This was suggested for older patients, but it was found that only the younger ones had the resiliency to endure the redacting process.

Two weeks after the meeting, Lacy and Frank petitioned the local court to have themselves declared adults and able to marry. The court in closed session was advised by the corporation and the FBI as to the status of the couple and upon verifying this information gave them permission and a marriage license. The families were thrilled. Less thrilled was Christie, but when she found out that it was going to be a limited open-marriage and that she was welcome to join in with them, she was very happy about that.

Time passed by, with Frank and Lacy again obtaining PHD's in their chosen fields, the same as they had in their previous bodies, and life moved on rather pleasantly for them. The corporation and the government kept looking for additional ways that the technology could be expanded in usage, but so far had failed in that effort. SECOND CHANCES 5: "How the fuck did I get roped into this assignment? What a 'cluster-fuck!'" "Anything wrong in there, Nico?" "No, Aunt Bell, I just got my little toe tangled in my sock and it hurt!" "Just watch out for those socks.

They can be dangerous, you know!" "Very funny, Auntie." "You're welcome, nephew." With that I got my six-six, two hundred and eighty pound body up and into the shower to get ready to face another day as a seventeen year old junior in high school. I remembered that I had done this before, and hated it then too, except for the football. I loved the football. "Do you usually wear socks to take a shower, Nico?" "Only today, Auntie.

Only, today." "Well, hurry it up, socks or no, since the bus will be here in fifteen minutes." "Yes, ma'am." I made it down in five and then rushed to catch the bus with a lunch sack that looked like a significant part of a week's groceries for four.

On the bus a whole seat was cleared for me. I had already only been at Benson High School for a month, but my reputation was well established. I was the star middle line-backer on a middling team that seemed to be improving by the week. The local coaches tried to talk me into the lines, but I knew from my 'donor' memory that I had been a star middle linebacker in college and that is where my future would be in this time frame, also. It was only, play me at middle linebacker, with a little tight-end or nothing.

And the coach couldn't afford to lose a player of my magnitude, so he gave in. Wasn't sorry when he saw the results either. On the way to school, a twenty minute ride, I passed over in my mind my assignment here. I was a fifty year agent of the FBI and a senior analyst when I had been recruited by the Senior Agent in charge to move back to a younger age and infiltrate the organization known as DUOMENTALITIES.

They had a method to replace the minds of young persons, who were either brain dead due to a medical reason, or beyond horrible in their personal lives. At first the transfers had resulted in persons who were stumped as to who they really were, but in the latest iterations, full active memory of their former selves was enabled.

It did include the ability to turn it off at key times, so that the former memories wouldn't interfere with current activities, like getting laid, which seemed to be happening more often than I ever remembered. It involved the use of a key phrase that had to be repeated four times, and then only for four hours at a time. Which was more than sufficient to finish off any of the current fuck-bunnies that I met. When I got to school, I got off the bus to the usual welcoming committee, the 'spirit gals' a loose (smile here) organization with school sanction that was assigned to keep the key athletes and anyone else bringing positive fame to the school, well taken care of in any of their personal needs or desires.

'Where the hell, was this idea when I had been a teen. Oh, yes, it had existed, but they then limited themselves to a very virginal kiss or a run for pencils as needed. Now, they practically fucked the beneficiaries of this treatment in the hallways, and if they had done so, probably everyone else including the staff would have congratulated the guy on his good judgment in allowing it.' Lunchtime was fun, and the reason for the large lunch, too.

I would get to partake in one of the empty classrooms and have at least three of the 'spirit gals' sucking me off in rotation as I tried to not choke on the eating of my lunch. Usually, made it through, too.

Both with an explosive expulsion of cum down a willing throat and the finishing off of one of Aunt Bell's magnificent homemade lunches. It takes a lot to feed and service a high school star linebacker these days, I guessed. It was Friday and that meant a playoff game, leading to the State Football championship. The other team was reportedly very nervous about playing us, because of me. Though my team had a mediocre record up to this time, we had made a dynamic turn-around when I joined in the action.

Two running backs that had run into me were out for the season. No dirty play on my part, I didn't need to. It is just quite damaging to high school running backs being tackled and fallen upon by a man-sized youth like me. The cheerleaders were all psyched up over this game. They had thrown around their pom poms in too many losses over the years.

They were planning on sharing their other pom poms, those attached to their chests, after the game if it was a win for the home team. The boys on the team knew about this and needed no more encouragement to follow through for the glory of 'old' Benson High. The game resulted in a thirty-one to twenty-eight victory for Nico's team.

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One of the most exciting ones in local high school memory. The losing team walked off the field with their heads held high, and not a broken leg or arm among them. The home team left the field baring the weight of the combined cheerleader, spirit gals and any other 'vestal virgin' that wanted to sacrifice her most valued possession for the reward of the players. There were going to be a lot of very apologetic prayers said by young teen girls this coming Sunday at church.

However, after the initial enthusiasm around me, I settled down to enjoy the company of Angelica a close neighbor of Bell's family and friend of James, a star basketball player of note, too. He was damn good for a white boy, and probably could hold his own with the 'bro's, too. Angelica and James had been very close until I came upon the scene, he got top marks for class in having attracted such a fine looking 'sister' even if she was a bit singed around the face with very light scarring.

I guessed that none of the rest of her was scarred. So, while a mini-orgy ensued at an after-thegame private party, I instead went with Angelica, my Angel, to spend some time with her. Her folks were very understanding and spent their time in the family room with her siblings, while she and I had the living room to ourselves. None of them made any effort to monitor our activities between us. With a T.V.

movie between us, I got some that evening. It was well into the movie after us spooning for a while and that led up to her lifting her skirt and planting it down on my uplifted cock from her ministrations. It took a bit of effort to get all of me into her, but when I did, her face lit up and I soon after planted a full load of my seed up into her.

I don't know who was the happiest in this, probably a tie. When it was time to go, walking home for six blocks since no one in their right mind would bother me, Angelica's mother came and saw me to the door, and with a light kiss to the cheek and a, "Come back anytime, Nico." I wandered into the dark all of a sudden not hating this assignment anymore. I knew that I would have to cover that at my Saturday regular report to the local Agent-in Charge.

I wasn't supposed to enjoy this monitoring of the other objects of this process that I had endured. On Saturday morning, I made it to the dental practice front for the D.M.

headquarters in Big City and then was led to the secret door, down the hallway and then out a back door to enter a FBI disguised van inside of a hidden garage, to be driven out to the local A.I.C.'s home for the interview. The A.I.C. welcomed me and sat me in his study, which was part of an empty home, as he had sent all of his family and staff out for hot dogs and ice cream. 'That should cause a riot in some tummies,' I thought to myself.

After I reported the facts that I had gathered for the week, which in my mind strongly insinuated that the 'process' was a raging success, the A.I.C. began to question me about my relationship with Angelica and my visit to her family home on Friday night. Okay, with this I now knew that there was a spy on my being a spy, and that my actions were being very closely watched and analyzed.

I just told the truth. She was a beautiful girl and very affectionate and supportive of me. She was also running interference with other gals that wanted to monopolize my time, instead of me doing my duty. I knew that that statement would get them were it would do the best for me. He nodded and told me to stay the course and let me go, with no further words. Benson won the state high school championship, the first team with three losses to ever do so.

I made all state and was being crowded by other high school coaches (which I duly reported in on) and also received preliminary attentions of college recruiters. They were very careful of their efforts, not wanting to lose their places in the National Championship Playoff's circle of likely candidates. During the basketball season, I cultivated the friendship of James, the white dude who was the best player on the basketball team.

Of course, I knew that he had been a star guard in a small college team, so it was no surprise to me. But, from my observations, I felt that he could have succeeded at one of the big schools, too.

He was that good. He was also a very cool dude, no wonder Angelica thought so highly of him. And when I found out that he was the one that had saved Angelica's life that made him my friend for life. And he never showed one bit of jealousy over my coopting Angelica from him. His attitude seemed to be, whatever was best for Angelica was good enough for him. And believe you me that was a powerful influence on my treatment of her. Anyone loved by someone like him, deserved the very best from me, and she got it to the limits of my abilities.

In my over seventy years before this mind transfer, I had had a number of truly fine lovers of all colors and many ages, and had married one. The marriage had lasted ten years and died a horrible death. Two children were very hurt by it, but at least we managed to insulate them as much as we could of the rancor between her and me. I was never even close to being tempted to try that again. But this thing with Angelica was the most heart-warming thing that I had ever encountered and it would be terrifically hard for me to leave it.

I made a promise to myself that I would resist leaving her if I could. It was deliriously fun sitting in the stands with Angelica crowded up to me on one side and a bevy of 'spirit girls' on the other, while watching James make fools of any guard who tried to challenge him on the court.

He had moves that Lebron would have loved on city courts that lit up the gym. His team won the State title that year, too. A double that no other state team had done for many years. And it made us both citywide famous and helped to draw us together even closer.

Angelica liked that, but she remained separate from it, because of latent feelings she still had to him, and the determined loyalty that she felt for me. I undersood, but it was good for me to have a 'bro' in this time, even if he was white. That Spring, he came in second at the statewide track meet and I placed third in the shotput, which I had never even tried before this year.

We both smiled at that. And that summer, I was welcomed to attend at James' folk's summer Saturday pool parties, the only guy outside of their family of my age allowed. This was when Angelica attended, which was just about every single Saturday. We then went into our senior years, I played football again to statewide renown, but we didn't have a very good QB, so we didn't go far in the playoffs. And James then let it be known that he had found other interests and wasn't interested in playing basketball that year.

That caused a loud outcry among the staff and student body, but his parents came through for him and stifled that and things moved on okay. In the Spring he won the mile in state record time at the state meet, and I won the shotput. We were both deliriously happy about that, and since we were now close to graduating seniors, the two families let Angelica drive my Aunt's minivan to a drive-in movie with her and me and of all things James and his sister, Mindy.

We got into the van and made our way to the Drive-In Theater, one of the last still in operation in the state. We had to drive about ninety miles to get to it. We then settled down with the back seat moved back for Angie and me; and the rear area covered with a mini-mattress and open sleeping bags for Mindy and James.

The mini-van also had side and rear curtains to protect our privacy, so that we could be as nude as we felt like being. I and Angie assumed that mode very quickly, I had no idea of what James and Mindy were doing in the back. But, I did know that none of us was paying any attention to the screen at all.

After some serious cuddling things got very serious between Angie and me. And finally she moved to her back for the final event and my sizable dick was firmly planted up into her pussy with me lightly banging it.

She had the biggest smile that a person could imagine. And then with my lips sucking on her tit and when I was about to unload, I saw the shadow of James come over the back seat's rear back rest and his mouth move to engage Angie's.

I was about to protest, when I felt a little finger move up my ass, to my delight, too. Then I got it, they wanted to share and augment our loving intimacy. With James deeply tongue kissing my girlfriend and me being steered on by a probing finger up my ass, I soon unloaded a mighty spurt up into Angie and James then withdrew to allow me to move my mouth down on to my beloved Angie.

When I came to myself, I was a bit miffed by all of this, but when I looked into the back seat and saw the two huge smiles there, it all just melted away and I laughed my ass off with Angie tightly held in my arms.

My only comment was, "Your Turn!" So, the back seat's rear backrest came down so that a clear path was made from the front seat all the way back to the back door. With that, Mindy doffed her clothes, I got to hold briefly her little girl bra and panties to my delight and then she mounted herself sideways just in front of the rear seat, leaving room for James to occupy that space. Then to the rear of them, Angie arranged herself aligned with Mindy's lower half, and I did so with her top half.

Then we awaited the fun. James began with some of the lightest kissing that I had ever seen. No wonder he was taking the deflection of his Angie, so well. Soon, Mindy was moaning, with him planting his mouth over her pussy and licking it.

She couldn't take much more of this and so he moved to between her widely splayed legs and quickly moved his cock up into her love chamber. With him proceeding in the probing of her, Angie moved to install her tongue into James' anal split, with occasional probing's up inside. And I moved my mouth down to very gently kiss and probe Mindy's mouth correctly interpreting the situation as needing the gentlest moves possible with such a young and tender young woman.

When James unloaded his spunk into her, he just seemed to melt into her, and I and Angie just looked at each other and knew that they would be our best friends forever!!!

We drove home that night with me plastered up to Angie as she drove and the two in the back seat seemingly having become one. We broke off at the respective homes with a lot of smiles and promises to do this many times again. After the next few weeks, the three of us graduated, with Mindy needing to finish two more years. A little over one, if she really pushed it. But, a couple of days later, disaster struck. James was in the hospital with his life in jeopardy. I went to see him and used a combination of bluff and two hundred and eighty pounds of persuasion and thereby got in to see him.

It was pathetic to see such a good athlete look like this especially since he owed me a lifetime of friendship and I was determined that he pay up on that. Not to mention the sadness that his love of his life, Mindy and his lifetime best friend Angie must be feeling.

I hugged him and then left with tears rolling out of my eyes. I didn't even try to cover them up. My red eyes and tears followed me all the way out of the hospital.

And then to the A.I.C's office in the federal building. He was shocked to see me, but even more so when he saw the red eyes and tears. Before, he could scold me for breaking security in this matter, he held his breath while I unloaded on him.

Unknown to me and to be brought up at my next reporting session, it had been decided by the head of the FBI and confirmed by the President, that I would be allowed to continue in my new self for the rest of this life.

They felt that they more than owed it to me for a lifetime of decorated service to the FBI and the nation. But, in this case dealing with Frank they had some good news. Evidently the mind reading of James' former self had been recorded and stored and there was going to be a determined attempt to reinstall it in James as an over-ride allowing for his current memories to continue. It was hoped that the improved manner of accomplishing this, which I had been a recipient of would work to stabilize James' mind and his health.

They had very high hopes. The only thing was that he would need almost continual intimate contact to divert him from the fear of his current condition and keep him centered until the process could be accomplished in the next week. So, after being dismissed with the knowledge of my continuing in this life with my beloved Angie, I called her and related what was up. So, she offered to be part of the intimacy work and I totally agreed. And it was so, she was one of the bare bodies and pussies that occupied him for the next week, and then the D.M.

Corporation had James flown down by medicopter to the Twilight City niche hospital for the procedure. The procedure was a success and James entered upon a summer long process of reclaiming his health. By that September he was ready for college, but not for basketball for another year of rehab. I was, though, and boy was the local college glad about that. As far as I know, I am the only recipient of the NFL's All-Pro team, fifty years apart, and they didn't even know about it.

SECOND CHANCES 6: "Will you all please come to order! We have a lot on the agenda for today. You will notice that in front of each of you is a microphone. The notes for this meeting are going to be produced from the speaking of all of us. So, please enunciate clearly. I will be taking few questions, and only at my request. This should help to move things along, since we have other matters to take care of once this business meeting is over. I am assuming that there is no 'old business' to take care of, and if there is it will be rolled over into our new business.

I hope that you have filled out the questionnaires that I forwarded to each of you. The matters covered there are very serious to us personally and to the welfare of this corporation. I also, have the winnowed results of suggestions from the question boxes that I had installed around the campus. There are going to be very substantial rewards to those that make useful suggestions that are actually adopted by us. Any treading on these ideas or efforts by the managers involved with the 'suggesters' will be dealt with very sternly.

Do all of you understand? Show that you do by a showing of hands. Since this meeting is visually recorded too, there will be no acceptable excuses for violations of this edict. Probably all of you at this table are familiar with each other. The most important ones are me, who will be addressed by the title, Sir.

And the man at the opposite end of this table, who is 'The Brain' who made a bunch of seemingly unrelated ideas come together. We all work together, but I believe in a minimum of knowledge of each other's name, nor their personal lives.

As you know, the proprietary knowledge that makes this whole system work is basically the only valuable resource that we possess.

So, only four members of this board know the whole pattern. I, 'The Brain', and two other who are anonymous to the rest of you due to security concerns. You who are not of the four, should probably be very glad for that, since we four have a 'death oath' on each of us. If any of the four is absconded to gain information to anyone not authorized, the four of us will die and this facility will become an empty hole in the ground, along with the niche hospital that we use to actually perform the procedures.

The rest of you will escape that as long as you aren't in either facility at the time of destruction and are not suspected of being one of the four. All of us here have had very stringent procedures done to us to virtually evade any manner of questioning that might be used.

And you are paid very well to endure this threat to your welfare. We have our own security and it is tough. But, the FBI has decided to take an active part of our security as an outside source protecting us from threats that we might not be able to handle.

This is because they know our security protocol and definitely don't want the process to be lost. Our actual process will probably never be found out by anyone else. Others may come to their own manner, but it won't be ours. It took Mr. Brain's expertise, a lot of work and a couple of fortuitous discoveries to make this all come together. And since the fortuitous discoveries are unlikely to be replicated, the secret is safe with us.

Now a brief overview of where we are at this time. We are still an independent company doing our job and managing the way we do it. But, since the Senate Hearings which couldn't have worked out better for us, we have had to accommodate some government concerns.

The main ones are: the coopting of young people as recipients of the transfers, the intentions of the donors and the level of income that were are deriving from this enterprise.

The FBI has made it perfectly clear that if we don't do some generally acceptable work, that they are willing to shut us down and endure the loss of all that we have come to know about our process.

But, they would rather not have that happen, so this is the agreement that we have come to with the government, through the FBI.

We will continue as we have, but we will also integrate free procedures for deserving and indigent patients. Since, out introductory overhead investments have long been paid for, this shouldn't reduce our bottom line much at all.

The procedures are not all that expensive to do anyway. The main expense anymore is the protecting of the relevant knowledge of the procedure. When the next board member retires, after the enjoying our own version of the neurilizer, the person will be replaced by an active member of the FBI to watch things from the inside. No information of the operations is to be transferred to that person.

But, they will be able to monitor our compliance with the mutually negotiated agreement. This is one of the reasons for our overly long board session tonight. The other reason will become apparent later. Now at this time, we are five years into the active part of our processes.

Most of the recipients of the Mental Matching have been local to this city, for us to keep a close eye on them. Of the first batch, the longest surviving member was for two and a half years. Jimmy, has been a very successful project after we got over the separation syndrome when his grandfather, who was his donor, died.

It is over four years since his initiation and he seems to be doing fine now. Frank and Lacy are doing great.


They both being recipients and matched together. It has worked famously, since besides their obvious attraction to each other, because they are both members of the recipient's group they have that with all of its challenges in common, too. Interestingly, neither of them want any further children despite their considerable libidos and their enjoyment of each other.

They both say to that when queried, 'been there, done that!' Notice has been taken of this and it is now being addressed in the program's protocol. Nico is doing very well with Angelica. James had had some to do with that, also. His being big in heart over Angelica's attraction to Nico, while still accepting her as a dear friend did much to help that process along.

And we are glad that the FBI has okayed Nico to stay the course with his new life with Angelica and their friend, James. The relationship of James and Mindy, though incest per se, is not going to be a big problem, since genetically there would not be a significant threat to any children that they might engender.

But, interestingly, neither of them want children, either. They are just so bound up with each other, that maybe they recognize that a baby's interests might be lost in the shuffle. This needs further study. The babies that both mothers of the recipients had by their physical sons, don't seem to be in any abnormal risk, either. This is beyond our understanding at this point.

And the actual partners of the mothers have had varied reactions to this whole thing, further muddying up the waters of understanding. Alex was a total failure, and we will have to continue to analyze as to the efficacy of repeating that protocol again with questionable donor subjects. Alex himself is enjoying his declining years, with considerable more zest after his experience with us.

Now for some of the suggestions on how we might expand our applications of this process, because of the FBI mandate, and the fact that we are running low on suitable donors for this process. We will never run out of eligible recipients, sad to say. From an employee in H.R. in the company came this one: a temporary 'slut' or 'rake' session lasting two to eight hours, sort of like a super alcoholic drink to suppress any personal hindrances to enjoying an intimate time with an agreeable sex partner.

When it wears off, there would still be a memory, but no guilt as to the fun that was had, and the person would return to their normal mode of conduct. This one we took very seriously, as you will find out later this evening. Another one from an employee was a super effective way to eliminate alcohol, cigarette and drug addiction obsessions.

A way to truly undo these compulsions for those seriously wanting to do so. This should help repeat DUI offenders and might help to alleviate not only their affliction, but help the courts to have a good reason to show some mercy on them. If a person after treatment should return to their affliction on purpose, then it would be on them as to what happened after that since our process is actually relatively inexpensive, we can do some study of what other treatments charge and severely undercut their charges, to actually make money on this kind of treatment, too.

Another mentioned would be to curtail antisocial behavior in otherwise very responsible people, like annoying habits and perhaps fits of anger. Just think of the savings to society if those two things were successfully treated. Maybe helping mothers get the start on in the mornings, and husbands reliably off to work might be small feats that could have wide sociological benefits.

So, these treatments would go a long way to satisfying our government mandate and get them off our backs, like the very expensive celebrity surgeons who do 'split lip' surgeries on poor children to keep societies' anger off of them for the way they actually make their fortunes. I would like to have each of you now to put an identifying notation on your questionnaires that you were supplied with and pass them forward, just like you did in grade school.

Those that are unidentifiable or missing will engender a very resented visit by me to address the oversight evident in this fact. The resentment is because you should have taken this seriously, just because I went to the trouble to supply the forms to you. And that my time would be better served analyzing the good suggestions instead of inquiring as to why they are missing.

Now that that is over, on to the next item of business: All of your wives or partners of other deions have after you left for the meeting received an envelope with a notation that the meeting would last all night, accompanied by a gift card with a thousand dollars on it to be used on whatever they want, except for a search as to your whereabouts for the night. And whatever happens tonight will be covered by our employee confidentiality agreement.

Nothing is to ever be said to anyone, not even your mate. As to those who wish to refuse this additional meeting, there are forms on the desk enabling you to cease as employees of this firm. Barring that I expect you to be on the bus in fifteen minutes. And please put your cell phones, all of them, in a pile on the table before you leave. Anything of that manner, including pagers, to avoid arguments.

Any deflections on this order will be dealt with very harshly, I promise you. With that the pile of cell type communications devices grew rapidly. And they were, everyone of them, on the bus, too. When everyone had settled in, SIR required each to look under their seats and locate the black head covering, and as soon as the located it, to put it on and pull the draws strings very much like on a hoodie and then tie them off. This was a hint that they were not to know where the next session of the business meeting would be held.

Only Sir and one other person knew, and he wasn't talking, you know. But, she would be there to welcome the guys when they got there. After they got their head coverings on, and had them verified to be in proper order by SIR, he informed them that the bus that they were on was a selfdriving type, to settle (?) their nerves.

There were more than a few sighs by muffled voices over that. But, with SIR still unladen with a hood, at least he could yell out to them to lower their heads in case of an impending collision. He got very few laughs over that statement. They could tell, though that the bus changed direction and turned back on itself several times until the most directionally blessed of them had no idea of where they were.

When they arrived, they were rushed into the building before removing their hoods. And then permitted to gussie themselves up after having their hair plastered down to their scalps. Upon being made to be in proper form for societal introductions they found themselves standing in a line on one side of a meeting hall, with a similar lineup of gorgeous ladies opposite to them on the other side. The ladies were looking over at the guys with no little curiosity as to their natures.

Then the lady that was evidently the social director for this meeting, walked to the center of the two lines and through a system amplified voice asked for everyone's attentions. Since anyone that bothered to count the ladies on the opposite side would find that they numbered eleven, the indication was that the directing lady was going to be part of the occasion, if they were to be evenly paired up. "Ladies and gentlemen, let me have your attentions now, please!" She then awaited for the murmurs and chattering to stop.

"We are here for a grand experiment. One of the company's employees, actually me, suggested an advanced usage for our process, to widen out its applications. I can't wait to see what some of the rest of you have thought up, too." A little light laughter with that. "What we have here is most everyone's 'wet dream.' A process to throw off all inhibitions for a stated time, six hours in this case, enjoy unrestricted (unhurtfull, too) sexual fun and afterward feel no guilt at all, and a return to our normal manner of dealing with life and sex.

In this case, you will note identical appearing small closets at the end of your respective line, they go to opposite ends of the room to avoid premature engagement of the sensual kind. When I give the signal, you are to proceed to the one at the end of your line and walk through the cabinet, pausing for a brief moment until you see the green light flash and then return to the line you came from.

You will have to show a little patience at that point because your body will not be attuned to that mode. When everyone has cleared the cabinets, you will be directed to pull the mattresses out into the center area and do what comes naturally for this kind of kinky thing.

There will be no pairing off, each will be available to any of the others, part of the programing is designed to make that work for all of us. Also included is the instructions to be courteous and generous among ourselves to prevent hurt feelings and the reactions that come from that.

So, I will get in the ladies' line and we can begin the programming. " With that the lines moved rather rapidly as they were very excited about this experiment that they were to become a part of.

Then the two lines finished the programming, which was accomplished in rather quick order. The mattresses began to be moved center stage and the clothing was flying every which way. In this case, it was the guys who were a bit shy to start, but the gals soon overcame that. Naked breasts, asses and pussies seem to have that effect on males. The ladies didn't bother with sexy clothing, since none of them would be wearing it for long anyway, so they just got down to their skin and took the guys by the hands and soon had them totally engaged with them on the mattresses.

Interestingly, this whole extravaganza was being recorded from various angles, 'for scientific study purposes of course. The system blurred the faces of the participants, so no one's identity was sacrificed in this video recording. But, there was very real scientific interest in what would occur among the participants with at measured dose of the process active in them.

The first thing noticed was how the 'slut ray' was acting with the women. They were throwing off all caution right away. Within ten minutes half of them had dicks up their asses and the rest had them up their pussies or mouths. And they were arranging themselves to interact with multiple partners at a time, making the scene not of a bunch of individual acts, but nearly a totally combined one.

One lady had one dick in her mouth, another up her ass and a third either dick or mouth up to her pussy. And the cum both female and male was already making itself manifest among them.

Several ladies had cum already leaking out of one of their orifices, with the others to be filled up shortly. All of them were just a bit wild-eyed from the goings-ons. SIR, had the party director laying with her head over the side of two stacked mattresses, with his medium sized dick mounted into her open wide mouth and pounding into her throat. She wasn't choking for some reason and even through the stretching of her face to accommodate this, a very large smile could be seen.

He soon emptied into her mouth and then fell to his back to accommodate her next desired fun. A couple of the guys were taking a breather and also enjoying watching the action.

One of things that caught their attentions was the smallest girl present, only four foot nine inches, had three cocks up her ass, with them alternating in pounding into her. She didn't seem to be having any difficulty in accepting this, either. Several couples now were entering in upon a daisy chain, with mouths, vaginas and dicks the tying up factor. Evidently one of the participants climaxed in the process of enjoying this and it caused a seismic response right around the ring, with generous manifestations of cum both male and female being produced.

Sort of like the 'Wave,' at a football game. Some fatigue was setting in now, at the two hour mark and several of the couples were entwined with dick up pussy or ass and immobilized with a nap for the next couple of hours. A couple of hearty souls continued on with the fun as the other rested.

At the five hour mark, they were all awake again and the ladies went to work making sure that all of the guys were totally emptied of spunk, before they left. When the end came, it tapered out for each person over about fifteen minutes, about the same as it took to program all of them in the beginning from the first to last and then there was a dash to reconnect with their clothing, right out in the open though.

The girls walked around and hugged all of the guys before they broke off and with hoods back on returned to their respective buses. When they got back to the offices, they took showers, delaying while their clothing was refreshed for their return to their homes. Upon arriving at home, each of the men instructed their wives to take the kids out for lunch and shopping while they slept away from an exhausting business meeting overnight. Some of the ladies guessed what might have happened, but contained themselves to enforcing a one week couch trip for their mates, with the understanding that they probably didn't have any choice in the matter.

And they loved their lifestyle supported by these great paying jobs after all. But, at least something had to be done to make the point of the mate's disapproval.

Not one divorce ensued. It all worked out fine, though, because the guys while at work over that week got the benefit of a residual influence in the ladies of that night. And some of those ladies would eventually move up to the board as an affirmative action, with the retiring of some of the all-male board.

FORGETFULNESS INC: A tall white-haired man stands at the dais in front of a crowd of industry types, investment analysts and news media types. He calls the audience to attention and then: "Ladies and gentlemen, please give close attention to the following announcements.

DUOMENTALITIES, INC. has the honor to introduce a new subsidiary corporation to specialize in a very new application of our well-known MEMORY MATCHING process. The new application is called appropriately, forgetfulness.

Don't we all have things in our lives that we would just rather forget. Personal hurts, or embarrassing mistakes, or even disputes between our lovers that we just can't seem to get over. For those applications and others, we are consigning these applications to the new company, FORGETFULNESS INC, to utilize and develop its efficacy and learn of new applications.

To lead this new company, we have selected from within a highly talented and accomplished manager, L.V. McDermit. I now turn the dais over to her to accept the welcome to her new responsibilities, and to try to diffuse any real curiosity about this new product and effort.

(Said with a wide smile.) The tall, regal and intensely serious L.V. slowly and purposefully approaches the dais. She stares at the crowd balefully and then turns on her megawatt smile and sexuality. "I know for a fact that many of my subordinates, and perhaps at least some of my superiors, call me, Lovey. Perhaps because of my looks, maturely sexy body and sensual manner when I am happy. But, they also call me, THE BITCH, when I go on the corporate warpath over missed assignments and lackluster effort.

It's not the failures that upset me, though I don't enjoy them either. But, in any research company, failure is a common daily occurrence. It is a lack of effort and sloppy efforts that infuriate me. So, anyone that comes to work for me, and it will be me for some time to come, better be prepared to be intelligent about their efforts and ready to pull up their shirtsleeves and put their ass on the line. I don't really care what I am called behind my back, as long as I get the proper results from my staff.

But, you better be careful of how you address me in person. There are rumors circulating around that I slept my way to the top, part of the reason for the appellation, BITCH. [With this she removes her light jacket and fluffs up her very prominent breast line, with a barely seen brief flashing of her pussy.] Well, if I did, no one seems ready to challenge me being her now!

[And as she turns her body to the side to show its fabulous profile,] If anyone wants part of this from now on, they better bring spectacular results, comparable to what they might get in my bed!" This new company will be named FORGETFULNESS INC, which will name our main product.

We will have offices nearby to Seattle, San Francisco, Wichita, KN, Newark NJ, and Tallahassee, Fl. That will probably be the only treatment centers that we will have, but we may open small assessment centers for possible patients in more sites as the success of this enterprise justifies them. With that there was a hush over the crowd, and not one person in attendance could think of a single question to ask her in the abbreviated question and answer session.

Exactly what she had aimed for. And with the silence, she left the podium to greet some of her favorites from the crowd. While her declared enemies were left to twiddle their fingers, wondering where else they might be at that time. As she gathered her staff together, she recruited action and treatment personnel only from the existing company. This would cause the original company to recruit more employees to fill in the blanks, involving vetting them very deeply to avoid as much as possible agents of competing companies.

Or government agencies, either. As had been intended from the beginning, only four of the company knew the whole process, and anyone involved with one of the four independent stages of the process or the original four all knowledgeable ones were strictly not permitted to associate with each other. This was to prevent any passing on or comparing of knowledge, which might compromise the company's secrets. That anyone would ever guess the whole system, that wasn't already in the know was basically impossible, since a key feature of it was a complete surprise and accidental discovery, which was not expected to be repeated.

So, any of the top four or key personages of the four isolated departments were not allowed to date, or just fuck, anyone from the other departments. That was not a barrier to fun and games as much as a person might think, because there were plenty of personal and attractive people in the business offices and Human Services division to fill any one's dance cards.

It was from Human Services that Lovey slept her way up, that is rose up to become the powerful figure in the company that she became. Now that she had her research and action staffs fully filled, she turned her eyes to get a top business manager for that part of the company.

She had in mind a local talent named, Luthor Belisle. He was only five years out of college, with a MBA, but was already attracting attentions, because of his big dick and his very sharp business acumen. It was handy that he was Bi, but preferred females. He had no steady girlfriend or boyfriend as of yet and was known to play the field.

Since, Lovey wanted to build the business part of the company from the top down, she set her eyes on him. He was at this time about 29 years old and she was 38, each in their primes. So, she arranged to intercept him at the country club on the next Saturday night when he would be trolling for his next bed mate and intended to make herself available for that.

Upon arriving, she managed to get a table by him, as he worked over a young thing to be with him later, in bed. She was definitely interested in him as a person and date, but obviously very hesitant to commit to a fucking that night. After a dance of the two, she arose and asked permission to dance with Luthor, to in her words, "Ask for some business suggestions about building of her new company." Estelle, the young thing, actually knew what kind of business that L.V.

was aiming for at this time. She was reassessing whether she should give in to Luthor's advances after all. It was a slow dance that they were enjoying and because she was at least five inches taller than him, her breasts were parked right up and on his shoulders, with his neck in between. As he liked that very much, she left them there for the present while she plastered herself up to his eager body. "Anything you want to talk about," he choked out.

"Not at the present," she replied. "Why don't you take the young girl to your apartment and give her your, uh ………&hellip. member, and then call me to get the address to my place and get what you really desire." He nodded and then they broke apart, with him returning to take the young girl again up into his arms to dance, and L.V. leaving to get ready for him at her gloriously sexy condo. As the young couple finished their second dance of this grouping and since they had already eaten, he inquired of her as whether she wanted to go home and call it an evening, or come up to his place for some private attentions.

She quickly decided on the later, because she instinctively knew what would happen if she shied away from his desires for her that night.

Because even though she wasn't eager to serve up her ass to him yet, she still wanted to be at the top of his list for a permanent billing with him in the future, with a wedding to initialize it. So, if a premature ass-giving was necessary, then she would render that to her desired mate. In the taxi on the way to his place, he fluffed her up good and improper. His hands were everywhere and soon she didn't care at all, in fact was enjoying it and now looking forward to having her pussy entered and filled up, as she had so often read about and seen on porn videos.

Once out of the taxi, he had his hands down her panties with her dress lifted up in the back and she didn't even care that other guys on the way could see this. They whistled and made cat calls, but she was oblivious to this in her feminine heat.

On the way up the elevator, with several women in it too, he had her plastered up against the wall and with his hands now down the front of her panties and playing with her pussy as the other riding ladies watched with interest, perhaps wanting some of that treatment, also. When they got the door open, she immediately shed all of her clothing and he lifted up her small spare body and carried it to the bed.

He didn't waste time with undressing, but leaned over and guided her legs apart to begin the process of lighting her fire up even more. He then with his finger up her pussy, leaned up to kiss her and to suckle her breasts, back and forth between them and up and down from them to her mouth. At this time, her mind and moral gauge were turned completely off, and she opened her legs even father to welcome his entrance into her sacred feminine home.

He threw off his trousers and underpants and without removing anything else, he lowered his body to possess this tiny and fragile pussy, with its cherry still intact. After taking a bit of time for her to get used to his monster cock around her birth portal, he plunged in and right past her virginal barrier.

She was so excited by all of this that she barely noticed the brief stabbing sharp pain of its destruction and settled in to receive the deep plunging into her body's interior and the surge of the manly cum that she knew was coming to her inner love nest.

He now threw off all caution and then emptied all that he had in him up her pussy vault to her excited acceptance.


She not only didn't care if this would make her pregnant, she hoped that it would. It might accelerate what she was hopeful of, after all. With him emptied into her and she evidently not going to climax this time, he laid down over her with his body raised by his arms and knees to take his light and manly weight off of her pristine and slight female body. She appreciated this and reached up to hug him very tightly.

When they came down to regular active consciousness, she asked to go to the bathroom to freshen up, but he responded to her that he would take care of that and asked her to move her butt to the side of the bed. With that he kneeled down to clean her pussy up with his tongue and lips. She was very shocked at this, but soon was responding to it and then finally got her jollies off, too.

With this, she pulled him up back on to her body and kissed him until she was out of breath. They then rose up to get themselves back in reasonable and publicly proper order. He then informed her that he was taking her home, to accommodate him making a business meeting that night. She surmised what that meeting would be about and whom with, but kept her mouth silent over that fact. Which caused her to pass the first test of a continuing relationship to Luthor. On the way to her home, her parent's home, he informed her that he would be flying to San Francisco, the next Wednesday and staying over for at least two days, and would like her to accompany him to act as a logistics assistant.

He informed her that he would put in a request for her professional assistance on the trip, since they both worked for the same company, and that he far outranked her immediate boss.

Also, though she was young and very impressionable, she was also very proficient in her job of arranging for business trips for the executives of the company. So, the request would be very logical and pretty much impossible to refuse. With this, Estelle figured that the path into his life was still open for her, but that it would depend on how she treated him from then on. Her parents would be excited about this, and its possibilities for their daughter, the only one of their four to graduate from college and try to make a substantial place for herself that did not just involve having as many children as they could generate.

Not that they didn't love their grandchildren, because they actually did. They just didn't have to be raised in poverty (not actually), they asserted between themselves. They were a bit surprised when Estelle came in early, but with the smile on her face, they surmised that things were just fine. And especially so, after the announcement of him taking her to San Francisco in a professional capacity. They, of course, knew what other capacity that would also involve.

She as she laid on her bed and reviewed the evening's events and possible outcomes from them she came to the realization that she was under scrutiny by Luthor, for probable future relationships. So, she figured that she better be ready to up the ante, including butt play that would be surely coming up. She was wondering how she would ever get that monster cock up into her ass.

It had worked up her pussy alright, perhaps a genetic gift from her mother, whom she knew used a monster dildo when her father wasn't around. So, she made a note to visit the town's sex supplies shop and get some butt plugs to enlarge and loosen her entry port to accommodate him. She knew that once inside of her that there would be plenty of room for him, if judging by her solid deliveries from that port was any indication.

So on the next work day, Monday, she on lunch went to the shop and with the knowing help of a lady sales clerk got the needed appliances. She immediately installed the smallest one and was determined to wear it for the rest of the day.

Unknowns to her that because of her spare figure, tight dress and very flimsy panties, the outline of the base of the plug was there for everyone at work to see. None of them mentioned it, because of the fun that they had watching her, but none gave her any grief over it, either, because she was very well liked by her fellow workers.

In fact a number of her fellows, both women and men would have liked to have enjoyed her butt as it was being highlighted to them. The previous Saturday night, after dropping off, Luthor proceeded to across town to join up with Lovey, to spar over his being recruited to her newly established company. As he did, he thought over how he would maneuver Estelle into giving him more of what he wanted from her, without scaring her off.

He knew that he would have to be progressive in his attentions to her ripe young body, and continue to assure her of the hope that they would eventually get together, even maybe marry. But, he also wanted to be assured of her submissiveness, so that the disaster of her pulling back on allowed sexual activities or even worse a divorce wouldn't happen, so not only would her acceptance from then on be determined, but her attitude towards his desires would be analyzed.

When he got to Lovey's place, she immediately buzzed him up and greeted him at the door in panties only. A lady walking past behind him evidently got a sneak preview of what he was about to enjoy and remarked, "Lovely equipment there, Lovey." With that, Lovey grabbed his arm and jerked him into the condo. After that she turned and looked at him and then proceeded to her bedroom.

He followed to just in time see her lovely butt move over the side and into a rather large and foamy swim spa right in her bedroom. She motioned for him to join her and so he very neatly undressed and stacked his clothing neatly on a chair that was available. He then moved to join her in the spa and when he settled down opposite of her and facing her, he began to admire her pretty face and her floating boobs, alternately.

She noticed and with that moved closer to him and invited him to give some attentions to what he was so obviously admiring.

With that his hands moved up to caress her breasts and his mouth to savor her lips and tongue. After that their bodies moved together and they began to cuddle together, facing each other. When the kissing got hot enough, they toweled each other off and moved to her giant and soft bed. They took each other in a side by side 69ing process and when they had each other risen enough, his dick and her clit, they moved with him in between her legs with her laying on her bottom, to have him implanted into her sex vault.

There was no love involved in this at all, just a friendly sex fest, with business implications. After he emptied into her, and she then got her rocks off, they settled down to enter negotiations over him taking over her business affairs in her business concern. "First of all, are you at all interested in moving to my new company and taking over the business side of it?" "Possibly, what would be in it for me if I do so?" "You would have total control of the business side of this enterprise only subject to my occasional inquiries and the auditing of a very tough outside CPA.

You would get to select your own staff with the aid of a local detective agency and a local hiring firm. The detective agency would vet them as to entanglements with our competitors or governmental agencies, and the hiring firm would deeply check up on their qualifications for the job, including background checks to ascertain their availability for intimate fun.

You will be recompensed at a rate commensurate with your responsibilities at highest amount of your contemporaries. You will have the run of the firm for your intimate interests, including me once in a while. And a full benefit package, with some priority stock given out each year." As she took his dick up into her very wide mouth to service it again, she asked, "What do you think?" While mumbling her interests in him, he was using his hands to search around her ass for the possibility of entry.

She sensed this and moved her body into position for him to enjoy this entry, too. He soon accomplished that with little fuss and with his further emptying, he shouted, "I do!" But, then he inquired about his little friend, Estelle. And Lovey, with the only person inside of the new company that would ever be allowed to use that appellation to her face, replied, "I think that she will do very well to be your wife, if she will not interfere with your other duties and interests.

I know that you will be taking her on the trip to San Francisco to check out the offices in our new building there, so that will give you time to sound her out on this and other issues that might come up. I suggest that you two have three children about two years apart and set aside Sundays as strictly family days, with at least one a month with her parents. And that you arrange to have at least two evenings a week regularly with her, so that she can anticipate them and be ready for you on them.

And also, that you avoid ever rubbing her face in your outside pussy interests." He remarked that he thought that they would be able to work together, just fine.

And with that she had him reenter her ass hole and they slept the night away in that condition. FORGETFULNESS INC. 2 On Tuesday, before the big trip to San Fran, Estelle was just getting up to move to the lunchroom to eat, Marley a fellow worker approached her as she moved from her desk chair. "How is the big date coming along, Esty?" "Oh, it is developing just fine, thank you." As Marley looked around her to her rear, she remarked, "I could guess why, hun." "Oh, My God.

Does it show?" "Sure does, and don't worry. Anyone who notices it here in the office wouldn't say a word. They will just suffer in silence because they aren't going to get any of that, which you are showing.

Including me!" Estelle looked at Marley, like she had never really seen her before, and saw a faint grayish shadow on her lower jaw line. "You mean that you would like to make love with me, Marley?" "But of course, sweet thing. And I have the tool to do it with, too!" "You mean that you are a …&hellip." "Yes, and why don't you shout it out so that anyone else that doesn't know yet will be appraised of it!" "Oh, I am so sorry, Marley.

I didn't know. And it makes no difference to me. You are very pretty. How can I make it up to you, for what I blurted out?" "Stop by my apartment after work and we can discuss that." And so being the nice girl and subservient, too, she did. And got a preview of what she was going to get over the next couple of days. Was grateful for the introductory help, too. On Wednesday morning, Luther showed up at Estelle's parent's home to gather her up for the flight to San Fran.

He took her bags out to the Mercedes that he drove and returned to accompany her to the car. Her parents got only a very brief introduction to him because of time constraints, but were very impressed by this future son-in-law, they hoped for. On the way to the airport, they only engaged in light banter about the trip and what was to come down in S.F. He did mention that they would be discussing some very important issues while on the plane in a private room in Special Class, and inquired if she was up to them joining the Mile High Club.

Of course, she said yes, and with no little enthusiasm, too. With them settled into the special sleeper berth in Special Class and the plane off of the ground, they began to initiate their entry into a very special club. When they got up to 20,000 feet, he was already up and in her and when they reached 30,000 feet, he had emptied into her again.

With that they laid together and nuzzled up to do some serious talking. "Estelle, honey, I have some serious things to run by you now. Are you ready for some serious talk?" "Yes Luthor, I am. And was hoping for this." "Well, as you have probably guessed, I am interested in you not only for our present fun, but with a long future together. But, I need to lay some cards on the table, because a long term relationship with me will be somewhat untraditional in some respects. Oh, I will at the proper time marry you, so that our children will have a committed parenthood pair.

This is an unusual marriage proposal, huh?" "Luthor, I am ready for any kind of marriage proposal from you, after all you have already sampled the cow, you might as well procure it, don't you think?" "He he, I see your point. And I enjoy the 'cow' very much as you might surmise!" "Yes, I have noticed that." "Well, here is how it will have to be, if it will work out for us. When we marry, you will really be my wife, and center of my life.

We can have as many children as you wish, with three being ideal to me. We will have a fine home, and you won't have to work, but can remain employed until the babies start to come, and then I will want you to center your attentions on them until they are all entered into school. I will reserve Sundays to be strictly for the family. Church optional, I am not interested in joining, but will accompany you as your devoted husband anyway.

And I always did enjoy the meals and gentle association associated with their picnics. Wednesday and Thursday evenings will be set aside for me to be home for family dinners.

And I will actively love you as long as you can stand me. And I will never have children on purpose with anyone but you. The other side of this is that I will be a very important business head and will need to use all of my abilities to sponsor and advance my business's interests, if you catch the drift.

So, our marriage will need to be open to some degree, with me allowing you to share with Marley on Tuesday afternoons, if you want to balance things out. I should be home for the night on every night except Tuesday nights, that I need to spend with L.V. my boss discussing in detail the business, and on Friday nights with other required endeavors.

Saturdays will be up in the air, some at home and some not. As to our intimate lives, I will require you to be rather submissive about them, with all that you are aware of as of now and a lot more to come.

Except possibly for anal, there should be no discomfort for you, though. I would never want to hurt you in any way. And I will be discreet about all of our agreements, to not embarrass you in front of your family nor your colleagues. This is a lot to ask of you, but necessary if we are to make a permanent go of things. I don't want our lives to devolve into a divorce or a hurtful permanent relationship. I will always be truthful about anything that I tell you, but some things will remain unsaid and about them you will have to trust me.

Now, I won't bring this up to you again, until you have thought these things out very carefully. You might discuss this with your mother, because she seems very cool about things. But, not your father, please!" With that Luthor shut up to let the lady think things over while he laid with her and played with her titties and pussy.

When they arrived at SFO airport, they claimed their luggage and found the taxi that she had arranged to haul them. As they walked out to the cab, he noticed that she was wearing a very tight dress and suggestively swiveling her hips as they moved along. Showed up her delightful rear to good effect and maybe a partial answer to his marital offer.

They got to the hotel that she had also arranged and moved to take him into her mouth as he called about to arrange the tour of the new office building that he would be occupying, if this hiring offer worked out. He had some trouble enunciating with her intimate attentions, but managed to tough it through. It was obvious that nothing local was going to happen until the next day, so Luthor set in to try out some ass with Estelle. He already knew about the butt plug at work incident and the date that she had with Marley, a striking looking transsexual.

Still got his main manly equipment too, and initiated Estelle in the mysteries of anal sex upon her visit to him. He made a mental note to thank him for that service for him.

With the butt plugs that she had been progressively wearing and his initiation session, it should be a lot easier for him to get his monster in to the rear entry and up into her ass flue. When it became obvious as to what he wanted right then, she fully cooperated with the effort. She lifted her dress to up over her hips, got down on her knees with her head laid sideways on the mattress, opened her hips to his visual and sensory examination, and handed back the super lube for them both.

He was impressed about her business-like approach to this. A good sign for their futures together. So, he bent over and began waking up the sphincter to his attentions. Using his fingers first, her rounded the entry hole with very light touches, then moved his mouth down to liven up the sensory feelings in her.

When the hole began to slightly open, he slathered on the lube to her ass, probed a gob of it in-side and then plunged his mega member slowly up and in to her anal cavity. He got oohs and aahs and moans from her at his invasion of this very private place. And some low toned shrieks as he powered up into her.

But, at full depth, she began to thrust back at him, forcing him up even further and this brought on an explosion from him into her lower G.I. that left him and her breathless and ready for an immediate nap. They lowered each other to nap on the bed with him still parked up her back shoot and some of the cum leaking out around the entry hole.

When they woke up, neither of them felt like going out to dinner, so they ordered in Chinese and enjoyed it in their naked selves with only napkins to catch the spilled liquids on them. Even so, she got a gob of the red sauce and Luthor gallantly licked it off for her with her enthusiastic thank you in return. After that they settled in to watch some local T.V. and retired after a quick shower, to cut down on the pheromones and left over sexual odors. They managed to sleep the night away and only paused for some mutual oral in the morning.

Luthor took Estelle with him as an active assistant in the tour of the new offices of the even newer corporation. He wanted a lady's opinion of it to balance out his manly impressions. And she while still sashaying with her hips made some very intelligent and specific suggestions on the office's current status and what needed to be done to bring it up to his standards.

One thing she mentioned was the necessity of having a room with a shower and a comfy bed for his day-time 'naps.' He smiled at that. And agreed. With the mission done, they spent some time wandering in the Fisherman's Wharf area and them packed and flew back to their home area.

On the flight back they worked in an Anal Mile High addendum to their official card. And bought some joke cards of the proper attributes to carry on them in proof of their new statuses. When they dropped her off at her parent's house, her Dad was not in evidence, but her mom took Luthor into her arms and held him tight for several very hot minutes with her unbra'd breasts making a noticeable impression on his chest.

When she let go, then Estelle settled-in in the same manner and Luthor left with a big smile and a hard-on. Things progressed well from then on. He moved to the new company and she stayed on with their old one. He thought of bringing her on in the new company as an executive assistant, but he knew that that would imperil his other interests from getting on the ground. He worked on his new staff and was scrupulously fair about the process.

He did insist on personal interviews with all of the persons who would be working with him directly in a personal mode and got firm commitments of all of the ladies and a couple of the transsexuals of intimate attentions to his secret napping room.

They even offered to demonstrate their interests and were allowed by him to do so, in their final interview preliminary to hiring. He even got a couple of magnificent blow jobs from the T.S's to round things out.

They offered anal to him too, to secure the positions, but he deferred that to later in case he should become interested. Since, Estelle was giving him everything that he could think of intimately and seemed very determined to continue to do so, they made arrangements to get married and named a date.

Her mother was ecstatic and her dad was suitably happy about it. At the chapel, her mother oohed and aahed at her daughter's beauty. And noticed that Estelle's belly was beginning to round up some. A pregnancy, or just a woman's maturing was apparent. She left the father in charge of his daughter and left them with her nude and just putting on her wedding panties to her father's interest, but discomfort too.

He hadn't seen this much of her since she was very young and it was getting to him, so Estelle locked the door and moved over to her embarrassed father and grabbed him into an intimate hug with his hands reaching down to her firm butt cheeks and his lips first powering on to her mouth and then down to suckle on her young woman's tits.

As her father was hurriedly reacquainting himself with his daughter's body, she lowered her hands and found his member to be very hard and totally risen. With this knowledge, she smiled up to her father and sweetly kissed him again. Then she lowered herself to her knees and nuzzled up to the cock that had impregnated her mother and started off all of her life and dreams.

With that in mind she slowly and with a lot of smiles up to him, opened his zipper and fetched him out as he was strongly shocked. And then she took his beloved and mature cock into her mouth and lovingly kissed, licked and suckled it until she let some of the steam off for him. When she finished him, with his cum leaking out of the sides of her mouth, he decided to get one last look up his daughter's pussy and lowered himself to suck her off, too.

He approached her small love patch above her pussy slit and nuzzled and rubbed his face in it. Then after looking affectionately up again at his little girl bride, he moved his lips down to penetrate and slip up and down in her pussy slit to her obvious pleasure. By now, she was rubbing her pussy into his face demanding even more sensual sensations to prepare her for the stress to come at the ceremony that would mark the beginning of the rest of her life. He then moved the tip of his tongue up to and in to her pussy vault, to taste the last few minutes of her maiden life.

She then gushed her young lady cum into his moth in appreciation of her father's loving attentions. With her lust totally aroused he stood up and moved her over to lean over a dressing bureau and slung his cock up into the young bride-to-be's open vagina. She bounced back repeatedly on to his cock and finally he emptied all of his fatherly love right up into her most private place. With him slowly moving out of a place that he had longed for, to his surprise, she turned and hugged him and told him how much she loved him.

With that accomplished, they both smiled and the preparations re started towards a very solemn ceremony to start in only forty minutes. Her panties went on with no effort to cover over or eliminate her father's cum from leaking down her legs. She would proudly bear that process under her white as purity wedding dress as she took the love of her life into a dearly desired marriage.

In the groom's quarters, his best men had moved on to other preliminary pursuits with the bride's maids and so with Luthor leisurely marking time before the last dash to dress up for the occasion, the bride's mother decided to check up on him. She entered his retreat and locked the door behind herself. She then moved to hug him again and whispered into his ear, that she wanted to sample what her dear daughter was going to enjoy for the rest of her life. So she backed up to a dresser in the room and opened her blouse to expose her bounteous breast to his view.

When she determined that he was ready enough for her, by the apparent rising of his monster cock, she un-Velcroed her fancy mother's wedding dress and opened her legs with her behind on the bureau and welcomed him up in to her very experienced pussy vault. She was stunned at how full her mature pussy felt with his penetration of her and let out a number of loud moans and shrieks as he pounded up into her to her delight. After he shot his cum up into her upper chamber, she closed the Velcro flaps and left the cum leaking down her legs under her long dress as a reminder of the best time that she had had in years.

Like mother, like daughter. She planned on repeating this as often as she could get away with over the years, after all it was her that talked her daughter into giving him whatever he wanted with her body. Then the ceremony started and finished with a lot of happy people celebrating the newly married couple, he being about thirty and her just twenty that day.

Neither of them had any interest in attending the reception, they whirled their ways through and left for more important things to come. The rest of the wedding party well understood that and had a great time even without them. Nary a pussy was left unfilled, and every cock got at least one emptying at the party. Everyone voted it as a total success. On their wedding night, they didn't penetrate each other, they already had a lot of success and experiences with that.

So they reversed her to him and they spent the night with their heads in each other's groins to their joint deep pleasures. He had noticed the cum stains on her legs, but ignored them. Over the years, they got their three children all healthy and whole.

They got along very well, and she never did start the process of discontinuing the intimacies that he so enjoyed, including anal. Actually with practice, it became much easier for them to accomplish and after they had the third child, it became the most featured sexual activity, since it wouldn't result in another pregnancy.

And it with practice became to be the provider of monstrous climaxes for each of them. Interestingly, when the family Sundays came along it was traditional for her father to ask her to accompany him to examine his new stamps in his very inclusive collection. With their withdrawal into his locked and private study, her dress would be lifted and her panties removed by his teeth and then they would fuck until they couldn't take it anymore.

She always left the leaking cum slipping down her pretty legs even under short dresses and bare legs intact until they got home. This totally delighted her father the initiator of this condition.

And when she noticed him admiring the view, she would widely grin back to him. When the father and daughter would withdraw for some parental sexual love making, her mother would also lead Luthor off into a far corner of the house to admire her looms and the products that she made on them.

However, as soon as the door was shut and securely locked, she would throw off her Sunday dress, with nothing under it and move her dear son-in-law to be sucked on and to introduce that monstrous cock up into her pussy.

She hoped that one day that she would get a son from him but it never happened. They really had a lot of fun trying, though. When Luthor and Estelle's children got old enough to be more aware of things, everyone had to be a whole lot more secretive about things.

On visits on Sundays, the children would be left to play with the other older children or in charge by their aunts. The uncles very seldom showed up so that they could watch their sports games in peace. Estelle's sisters began to be mildly jealous at all the attentions that their sister and brother-in-law were getting, so they maneuvered things so that they got their own pussy pounding on the visits.

Everyone then just covered for each other and things worked out fine. Luthor was very tired when they would get home, though. His regular meetings with Lovey continued right up till his death. And his activities with the young pussies at work did too. One of his first junior assistants, joined the company as an paid intern to get business experience while she took college classes as she finished her final two years of high school. When she came to interview, she insisted on talking with him in privacy.

Not unusual for those applying for work with this company. The offered wage and benefits packages were among the best n any business. When she entered the room, she showed a confident manner, in advance of her years as she took the chair facing him.

He smiled at the fresh young face and then busied himself studying her resume and educational record. They were both sterling, but short on actual working experience. All that she had was some light work at the company where her father was employed, with her as a file clerk. He looked up at her and asked her, "What makes you think that you are ready for working at a business of this stature?" Not said unkindly.

She looked a bit spooked by this question, and replied, "I have busied myself to learn as much about business as I can. I have excellent grades, but I know that my real learning will start when I come to work here. I very much want to start with a forward looking company like this one." "Well, said, young lady!" With this she somewhat relaxed. "But, you have to know that hundreds of young women are interviewing for this opening. There are only five open for the present." "I asked my father about that, and he said that I must be willing to make sacrifices to get a job like this and he hinted at what they might be.

I am a virgin at the present, but I am willing to sacrifice even that to get this job." "That puts you close to the top in eagerness for sure. Are you prepared to demonstrate your determination?" She smiled and stood up and shucked her clothing to be naked in front of him. She seemed to show no reluctance or nervousness over it at all.

She then stood in place and slowly moved around, so that her body made a 360 degree circle before him, letting him see her from all angles. After that, she moved up on to his desk and stood there with her legs apart for him to see her young girl and unused pussy. She reached down and spread her pussy lips for her entrance to be seen, too. Then she turned around and bent over to spread her butt cheeks to show off her ass rosette, also.

She then turned back to await what he wanted from her after that. He took her hand and guided her down to the floor and asked if she would like to see the inner sanctums of his office. She knowing what this would probably entail, readily agreed.

So, he led her back to the room that Estelle had designed for just this purpose and made her way to the bed featured there and planted herself on her back with her legs splayed. Luthor stood back and admired the view presented to him, and also the perfect guile in her manner.

So, he came up to the bed and sat at the side to allow his hands to caress around on this stunning young girl's body. She made appreciative sounds as his hands searched, prodded and entered various points of interest on her.

Finally, she reached his belt and loosened it and then opened his zipper to inspect his male member. Her eyes got very big at the size of it, probably wondering how she would ever survive it penetrating any of her private orifices. But she bravely persevered on and leaned over to take the head of it into her mouth. As large as it was, it turned out to be rather easily facilitated in her oral cavity.

Even when it penetrated down her throat. Her extra large smile was a lot of the reason for that. Then when he was excited enough, she urged him to between her legs to suck on her virginal pussy to get its cream out for him. She knew of this from many experiences in so called 'self-abuse' that so many adults put down, but her father never did.

In fact he had introduced her to the practice and guided her early efforts, while allowing her to access pertinent porn on his computer. Her mother didn't approve, but knew better than to interfere. So, soon the girl cum was gushing out and he then moved his monster up to the entrance and guided it in to the cherry found there. With that he looked up to her to get her approval and she nodded, so he pushed through.

Turned out that her hymen was easily punctured and her pussy took his giant cock rather easily for a virgin and a girl of her size and age. She only sighed a bit at his full penetration, with him fully entered into her. She then began to pump up to him and so he began pumping down on her. It took about fifteen minutes, of this play and then both of them came at once. When he withdrew, he mounted his mouth up to her pussy opening and drank of her girl cum and virginal blood, which sealed the connection between them.

He hired her right on the spot and she remained his main business aide and advanced up into the company's hierarchy still as his girl lover and assistant until her untimely death at the age of thirty five in a car accident. She was the other monumental love of his life, right up there with his dear wife, Estelle. Marley never did marry, and his relationship with Estelle on Tuesdays was one of the highlights of the week for him and her.

She just loved sucking on her breasts as he pounded up into her pussy. They never got tired of those sensations. The day after their sixtieth anniversary, she passed away due to some newly named rare condition.

She passed away in her sleep after Luthor had done the honors for her the night before. All of their friends, including Marley and Lovey were present for the very moving memorial service. Both of her parents and his were already gone. And the children were spread out all over the U.S.

and so only one made it to the ceremony. After the service, and the burial that neither Marley nor Luthor could stand to attend, they held each other for several moments in joined grief over the loss of each one's soulmate, the ever radiant Estelle.

Joined in mutual sorrow. When his lone attending daughter took him home, she took him into the bedroom and undressed him and then tucked him in. Later that night, she moved to be with him and nakedly joined him under the sheets with him only dimly aware of what was going on.

She kissed his forehead and then opened her legs to place his still monstrous cock between them and up into her pussy. No motions were entered upon, he just slept the rest of the night with his cock up the pussy of one of his beloved daughters and woke up to her being gone. He lived for another fifteen years and enjoyed every pussy that came his way for those years.

WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO DUOMENTALITIES? A very self-possessed man strides up to the mundane appearing front entrance of the DUOMENTALITIES CORPORTION's main offices. He impatiently waits for the door to open to him, and then approaches the receptionist/security agent at the front desk and announces his name, Dwight Malcom. This is of course not the name that he was born with, that name is a deep secret only known to a few trusted aides.

But, it is the name attached to him in the public eye as the world's first official trillionaire. And not on other people's money, either. But, on his own. Margo, the receptionist, of course knows exactly who this rich and presumptuous man is. And indicates to him, for a small lesson in humility, to take a seat and he would be announced to the higher management in due time.

In only a very slight huff, Mr. M. takes a seat to accompany the table of very up to date magazines and brochures found there. And in fifteen minutes; and not one second sooner, nor later; Mr. M. was called up to take the center elevator to the office of Mr. Wilson, the chief managing officer of the corporation. When Mr. M. came to the very plain looking door with a barely visible nameplate on it, the door opened before he could even touch it and he was entered into the room, with an air-driven swoosh to stand before the seated undistinguished looking man at the desk.

But, with Mr. M. standing in expectation, after sixty seconds, Mr. Wilson stood up and offered his hand to the glaring magnate. But, with a swallow of a bit of bile, Mr. M. accepted the gesture and then took his seat before the desk as all visitors are expected to do. And he immediately grasped that this was no mundane corporation celebrity head, but a real manager that faced him over the desk. "Of course, Mr. Malcom, I know who you are and am curious as to how we could be of service to a man who seems to have everything." With a very slight smile, Mr.

M. reflects, "There is not enough money in the world to have everything, but I do have much, as would be expected with my current status." "Yes, as we understand. And so sir, how may we serve you as to not waste your time (inferring his own time, too.)" Mr.

M. smiled at that maneuver, one type that he uses when necessary, also. "Mr. Wilson, I am somewhat familiar with your company and the work that you do. I have people that keep tabs on any venture that I might be interested in (to buy, is the inference here) or desirous of services from, but it just isn't practical to buy every company that is of use (by his inflection here, not excluding this company from his perhaps-to-buy list.) And because of the services that you regularly advertise and the suggestions of what others might be available, I have come to you to ask for a service from you for me." Wilson, sits back in his chair to digest all of what was said and inferred by this exchange.

The threat of a buyout was certainly intimated, and a false humility was shown in proposing that he has a task that he wants his company to assist the trillionaire with. But, the whole thing is too interesting to not at least hear out and not have security throw this self-made magnate out on his ear. Actually, DUOMENTALITIES, is a closely held corporation with all stock held by management and employees, who have been selected for their devotion to the company.

Even if this upstart magnate could turn some of the employees with his money, he would never get enough stock or debt equity to get even a sniff at a board of director's seat, nor any other real hold on the company.

The government had already tried to subvert the company and lost. The corporation was in very sound financial and legal condition. However, some of the connected suppliers could be obtained that would not threaten the corporation's work, but could cause some problems with needed supplies and services. So, the man, as rude as he seemed, would be listened out to. "What services are you interested in, Sir?" With that very evident demonstration of who was really in charge here, Dwight shrugged it off and proceeded to lay out his proposal.

"One of the things that money can't usually affect, is the past. I have left some situations in my past unresolved, as do all persons. But, I now have the resources, I hope, to rectify some of those unfinished relationships that I left behind. I would like to use your services to go back and finish several affairs off, to my satisfaction, without interfering with the main timelines of the events of my life.

I figure that I can do that best by leaving my original self in the regular time lines and have myself cloned to have a parallel life, without interfering with his, but getting mine completed in situations that he didn't see through to completion, anyway.

I understand that you have connections with a Japanese company that has gone far ahead of any other in human cloning. Also, from my database, it has come to my attention that you have done things like this before with success.

Thinking this through, I imagine that for doing this in 'realtime' back then, you would have to had briefly exported this ability to those back in that time and then retracted the knowledge as soon as the job was done. You don't have to confirm any of this, Mr.

Wilson. I have all of this on rather good authority. I can promise that I will take no lives, and rape no one. All other possibilities are in-play, however." As Mr. Wilson mused over this, he thought of consequences and so responded, "I will run this by my R and R people and check up on your history to see if there are any significant risks to this.

And when I get that together in just a couple of days, we will be ready to negotiate a package of services with you." With this Dwight Malcom stands and looking into Mr. Wilson's eyes with steely resolve, "I can allot twenty-four hours to get this together and then I will let you know specifically what you can do for me. I am very anxious to get this taken care of!" And he left off describing the dire consequences of delay or refusal.

Mr. Wilson, just smiled and replied, "It might be as soon as tomorrow, but please be prepared to wait a bit longer, if it turns out to be necessary. And now, I have other business to attend to, as you undoubtedly do, too.

So, you are excused to move on to your other responsibilities now!" With that, the code word had been given and two security men, of unusual size and fierce demeanor came in to accompany the magnate out, to his considerable personal discomfort and ire.

As soon as the door closed, Mr. Wilson sent out the signal for an emergency board meeting. At the board meeting that night, with the four prime members in attendance: "As you probably heard, Dwight Malcom came to see us, in the person of me, to inquire about a use of our services for him personally.

I delayed him for a couple of days for us to look deeper into his background (which I mentioned to him) and more specifically into the danger of doing business with him might entail (which I did not mention to him, but that he doubtlessly read into it.) Very real, but veiled, threats were made against our company, and as you know we four especially, have sworn that our key processes are so dangerous that they can never fall into anyone else's hands.

And so, I am initiating the ENDGAMEPROTOCOL, now. And if any of the four of us hear the word platypus from any media source in the next forty-eight hours, you will have four hours to end your life, with the responsibility of forwarding the warning to the rest of us by our secret notification process. I hope that each of you have prepared for this, like we promised at the beginning. With that there were four sober nodding heads.

I will take care of the data storage site(s) myself, and there will be nothing dangerous, retrievable there when I am done. For you others of the board, it will devolve upon you to manage things until all of our projects are completed. Enough data will remain for you to do that. You can choose among yourselves who will take the lead, and no more board members will be named at all, to prevent agents of Malcom from entering our company.

It is all provided for in our incorporation papers. When all of our current active projects are finished, you will close down the company and do a per stockholder payoff to those holding of stock then. And the corporation will simply cease to exist and our methods will die with us." As Wilson gazes around the table, "Any questions??" Silence. "Good, you know what to do." And with that a lot of sad, but determined faces moved to go home, four to greet their families for the last time.

Four days later, Malcom was invited back, to find out the conclusion of his outreach. To emphasize his displeasure at the delay, he sent an aide about five levels down in his organization. To show his displeasure at this, Wilson sent the aide on with the admonition that DUO only dealt directly with the subject persons.

And any further delays in his appearance would cancel the whole operation. Exactly one hour later he appeared at the front door again and was immediately sent to the elevator up to Wilson's office.

And when Malcom entered his office, he began the most pleasant smoozing that Wilson had ever encountered. Two minutes into that, Wilson activated the four hour warning (by having the word, platypus, insinuated into a news story on the national news) and proceeded to turn Malcom over to his techs to enter upon the agreed upon treatment.

The company had already activated the clone mechanism (back in time sixteen years before the target date, with time to mature till ready for Malcom's arrival) and it was then ready to accept Malcom's mental state, and with that against the agreement Malcom's current body was destroyed. The four died within an hour, and the closing protocol was activated, with a total destruction of the computer memory of all of the pertinent dangerous information.

Unknown to the principal people of the company, or any other human at the time, another protocol was initiated by the Stellar Sector Overlord, guarded by his Shadow Forces and due to be reactivated at some future propitious time. The Stellar Regional Overlord knew of all of this including the original recipe for the abilities of the company, since he had given it to them in the first place as a test of the reasoned intentions of this people before they were welcomed into the greater cosmos community of sentient species.

In his analysis, they had passed this test with flying colors, he being especially impressed by their actual demises to protect the process from unwarranted use.

So, he had moved to protect the small coterie of the company in their work to maintain the active experiments and took clones of the four deceased for future use. He also stored a copy of their data storage for their use in the future. He already knew about it all himself. Meanwhile, Malcom woke up in his young self, named Artimus Spangler 111.

He was called Arty, for short. He found himself in a foundling private home, but in the same city as his primary self. He went on to start his attendance of his sophomore year at a different high school, with a full background fabricated for him.

And since, he had a full memory of the events of his life as Artimus (Prime,) he was totally equipped to intrude on the leavings of his primary self.

And he took a little job at the corner market to help finance his interests, too. As he checked the calendar, he noticed that he had at least three weeks to prepare to reinitiate the relationship with Alicia that would end with his Prime self, then.

He remembered that the connection died over her insisting that his advances halt at the cupping of her blouse covered breasts, though sometimes he was allowed under the cloth, so to speak, and his frustrations over a dating affair that had lasted six months, with no forays between the lower garments at all. It was to break off, rather acrimoniously in three weeks from this coming Friday. And so he, Secondus, would have this time to think of a way to reignite the magic between him and her and also to move it towards the desired destination, his dick in her pussy.

As he attended his own school, he identified several possible objects for his sensual interests. But, he was biding his time to have Alicia, first. When the separation occurred, it was heard of even in the high school of Secondus. So, Artimus (Secondus) took notice and planned his operation-reignite the-fire plans. He was well familiar with Alicia's mode of social operation and very probably with the breakup she would seek the close company of her circle of friends and spend Friday afternoons at the local Burger Palace (Burger Burp) in their company.

So, he decided to offer a healing by showing up there, too and to enjoy a burger seemingly alone and unknowing of her presence. And so it occurred, but with no indication that she wanted to reconcile at all. So, the monumental ego of the guy that Primary grew up to be, took over and a plan was made to climb over this hurdle.

A couple of Fridays later, he found her walking up the street in the twilight of evening and so he pulled over in his beater car and forced her into the it to drive around, he told her. Probably the only reason that she didn't immediately sound out an alarm. He drove her to a spot that he had just found and started to talk to her, but soon found out that she had no interests in him at all. So, he pretended to need to get out of the car and then used a handkerchief saturated with ether and put it over her face to cause her to go under.

With her under, he moved her to the ground on a doubled comforter and let her come to, with her still loosely dressed. As she was coming to, he began to kiss and caress her, and got some very angry eyes in return. But, when he moved his fingers down to inside of her Levi's and panties, she began to realize that something very serious was definitely up this time. When his fingers first encountered her pussy, she jumped, but soon due to her involuntary bodily responses, she was moving in concert to the feelings that he was initiating there.

Thirty years of tuning up hardened escorts had fully equipped him for this with an assumed inexperienced girl. With her positive reactions (substantially generated out of fear,) he now moved to undress her and she showed very little resistance to this.

Matter of fact, she lifted her hips to accommodate him removing off her pants and then panties. And with them off, he noticed that her pussy was in full development for his initial penile entry.

But, he delayed to set the stage better. Secondus began to gently kiss her while his fingers did the walking on her clit and pussy slit. She showed surprise at her own responses to this. She became ever more responsive to this as his fingers continued on with her.

Finally, she was kissing him deeply and accepting his tongue down her throat, somethings that she had not allowed previously. And when he moved down to her breasts that had usually been protected from his attentions, she welcomed his lips on them to lick, caress and suckle on them. Her breaths started to deepen and accelerate and her breasts seemed to give him a response, though she had never been activated in that way before. Then his mouth moved slowly down to her nether regions and they were totally ready for his attentions to them.

Her clit was at full array and pussy lips were opened to show the inner lips and open pussy hole, too. He was mesmerized with this after all of the months of waiting as Prime and now weeks as Secondus. So, with glancing kisses and caresses of the clit and pussy lips, he moved to mount his tongue into her pussy hole, with her breathing now becoming gasps and with vocal instructions to not quit.

He had no intentions of quitting and showed it by moving his face to different positions of probing, so that her pussy hole got attentions in many various angles of attack and degrees of penetration. Some of them encountered her hymen and after several of those nudges, she was ready for the final event. So, she glowed in her watching him undress and arched her back up to accept his cock into her love nest.

He carefully penetrated past the hymen with little notice by her and then began to plunge and retract from her pussy depths. She almost cried when he withdrew and shouted out her joy when he penetrated fully into her. She had a slight climax with his emptying up into her and was holding him tight with that event. She then did cry in his arms at the momentous feelings that she had just experienced. He held her and comforted her in her joyous emotional celebration and things might have finished very well for them, if he had left it at that.

But, Secondus whispered into her ear to roll over for more fun.

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She wondered at what he had in mind, perhaps 'doggy' she surmised. But, when she rolled over, he had her duck her head down and he began to activate her whole private region from behind, including her clit, pussy, perineum and finally her anus, which caused her to start at the initiation of it.

He backed up for a few moments of her anxiety and then after probing up into her anus with his tongue as deeply as he could, he pushed a rather large anal plug up into her with her loud scream of pain and violation.

Then with him manipulating it, she came to calm down with the sensations now beginning to feel much better. But, she didn't know that the plunging of the plug had caused some light ruptures of her internal rectal tissues, followed by a slight discharge of blood that she was also unknowing of.

Secondus noticed this, but plunged his dick into her anyway and it did turn out to be a splendid feeling ride for her, too.

And this time she got a real climax with a shower of her cum spewing out of her pussy hole along with the cum that he had left up into her. He continued his plunging up into her and eventually shot out his cum up into her lower G.I. too. With that he supplied some towels in the dark for her to freshen up and helped her to his car and delivered her home to limp and struggle up her driveway to her back door.

Then he returned to his current home to decide on his next conquest, since he had finally gotten what he wanted all along from Alicia. Two weeks later, he on his way home, was grabbed in his driveway by two guys in hoods and thrown into the back of a dark van. And then inside one drove and the other pummeled him and tied him up. When he got to wherever he was then, he was thrown over the shoulder of one of the guys and with a hood on himself was moved to a very bleak looking locale once his eyes were uncovered.

He was tied up onto a desk type chair and then he saw who his host was. It was Alicia's father and the two hoods were Alicia's adult brothers. He still didn't recognize the reason for this in its entirety.

But from her father came, "I guess that you would have gone to a lot more trouble to hide yourself, if you had known what your little gafarble with my daughter had resulted in. We have already addressed this with your twin that was evidently the one that truly did date her up till recently. But, under intense inquiry, he convinced us that it wasn't him that did this latest terrible thing, no matter what it looked like. It is hoped that since he is essentially innocent in all of this matter, that he will recover from his injuries, but that is not a given.

With this, the realization of a tremor in his primary timeline came to his attention, because he remembered nothing like this in his primary past. So, he panicked and activated the code words to return him to consciousness in his body asleep in the future. But, nothing happened.

And for a few minutes he pondered this, as it seemed impossible that DUO wouldn't have gotten the message unless they were now inactive. And that could only be because his agents had bungled the takeover, or that DUO didn't even exist anymore.

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But, now he directed his immediate attentions to the father's angry words. And his response was, "Sir, I had no intentions at all to harm your daughter! I don't even know what went wrong to cause this kidnapping of me." "I know that, but in your raping her and even up the ass, you have put her in danger of losing her life.

She is right now in intensive care, fighting for her life from an infection caused by you when you ruptured the wall of her rectum." "Oh, no, I am so sorry, I would never had wanted any part of actually hurting her!" And inside he hoped that the father would accept this exaggeration of his regrets.

"Mr. Spangler, we assume that! We checked up on you and found you to be self-centered, selfish, proactively sexual and unconcerned about the results of your actions. But, not aggressively hurtful. And that you, with your intelligence and drive, might have become rich and powerful some day!" With the word, 'might', he got a cold feeling down his back. "But, your unconcerned actions towards my daughter will be atoned for in some way depending on what results for my daughter.

You will be the very unpleasant guest of my two sons who are very angry over the awful use of their dear sister. At the least it will be a very violent and hurtful couple of days until we know what is coming for her. And so with that pronouncement, Secondus got a few days of torment that he so richly deserved for all of the other terrible things that he had done in both lives.

After four days, Alicia rallied and except for not having any children because of the damage to her nether regions, she would be fully healthy and functional in her intimacies for the foreseeable future. When she healed up enough to return home and then discovered what had happened to her Artimus (Prime), she helped him to recover from his experience with her parents and her brothers. How she knew that there were two Artimuses, was never fully explained, though women just seem to know those kinds of things intrinsically.

Alicia visited Arty while he had been in the hospital for several weeks to stabilize from his injuries. Alicia's health was still shaky, but she seemed to be healing up quicker than Arty. Things were very strained between them, because at this point she had just come to a firm confidence that it wasn't this Arty who had violated her. But, her family had asked her to try to help him, in regard to the guilt that they felt over abusing the wrong young man.

So, she offered to bring his lessons to him and deliver the work back to his classes to not fall too far behind in his studies. Over the next couple weeks of her visits, she began to read a substantially different manner about Arty. He was respectful, not aggressive about romantic attentions and very grateful for her efforts in his needs.

With this a starting low-grade friendship began to bloom. When Arty was released from the hospital to go home and finish his recovery, Alicia continued her help to him. Her family was totally on line with this and even her brothers tried to do some things to help him, out of their guilty feelings, too.

Since Secondus was unknown to anyone but himself, Alicia and her family, he was unmissed with his disappearance. Since she had recovered, he was allowed to also, but found himself an undocumented prisoner in a certain third world country and lived the rest of his life in obscurity. And after a number of years, he all of a sudden disappeared, with the reflection of his unfulfilled financial successes (and thus no meeting with Mr.

Wilson and the generating of his secondary self) and demise in the future and the end of DUO's viability. Things between Arty and Alicia built slowly, but strongly over the next couple of years. One thing about this was Arty going to work for her father in his large hardware store.

When Arty was finally back strongly on his feet and caught up with his work in school, her father invited Arty to come to the store for a personal talk about things.

It is imagined how much courage this took on Arty's part. And Alicia's father noted that, too. In his private office, his two sons joined him and with Arty a bit concerned about this, actually he was scared spit less, they humbly apologized for their treatment of him, and asked if there was anything that they could do for him.

And he said that he couldn't think of anything, so Mr. Jensen asked him to come in on Saturday morning, and they would see what he could do in the store. Arty brightened up with this. Part of this was for the Jensen's to make it up to him, and also to watch the developing relationship between him and their Alicia. After all, it was still the same Arty, just in another version of the original.

Over the years until his graduation of high school, he got permission from the school to also take classes at the local Community college in business and Accounting and by the time he graduated from high school, he almost had enough credits for a two year college degree, which he got over the next year while working at the hardware store.

Arty had started with sweeping and general cleanup at first in deference to his still healing body, but with his progress moved up to being a clerk, too. And then when Mr. Jensen's wife decided that she wanted to retire from doing the books for the store, Arty was trained into this too. By the time he graduated from High school, he was doing the books, clerking and serving as relief manager on the owner's days off.

One of the brothers in rotation took over on Sundays so that Arty could attend church with Alicia and spend the day with her. By then, they were very deeply in love.

On a Saturday night when the parents were out of town, Alicia invited him over to hang out and it led to her bed. She initiated the love making with a flurry of very hot kisses, and he caught up to her lust very quickly.

Several years of built up feelings poured out that night, with him taking her in a way to help her forget the awful night several years ago with Secondus. His kissing was very tender, and his treatment of her breasts, took her breath away with its gentle kisses, caresses and suckling's. And when he moved down to her pussy, she remembered the intense feelings that had been stimulated in her with the other guy's attentions, but this time it was similar, but with someone that she very much loved and felt a connection with.

It made all of the difference in the world. As he sucked on her clit and pussy, he sampled her cum as it became present and with that, nature took its course and he was soon plowed up totally into her love chamber, with her totally confident and comfortable with this. He started the reciprocal plunging into and out of her and they entered the dream world that comes with uber sex. And when he emptied up into her, she was beside herself in glee over it. And then they without thinking about it, fell asleep in each other's arms.

In the morning when the parents returned they found the couple in bed in each other's arms with giant smiles on their faces, despite the fact that they were asleep. With a slight frown on his brow, the father closed the door and nothing was said at the time to the couple when they came down to have breakfast. To her parents, they seemed to show no embarrassment at all. The next day in the hardware store's main office, Mr. Jensen during his regular updating of the situations and desires for Arty's efforts about them, he suddenly stopped and looked Arty in the eyes and asked, "Isn't about time that you and Alicia tied the knot????" Arty smiled and said that he would get the ring that week.

And the next day after work, he and Alicia went to the mall under a false pretense and somehow found themselves in one of the jewelry stores there and just out of curiosity stopped at the display of engagement rings.

She out of love and respect for Arty's status showed her satisfaction with a modest one, and to her surprise he bought it right then for her. She had to wait a day to have it sized, but then wore it home to show it off to her parents.

They were unconcerned about its worth, but very happy about its existence and she then notified them that she and Arty would be getting married in six months. During the six months, Arty was allowed to spend the nights with Alicia to her parent's slight annoyance, but with the wedding coming close everyone was excited about the coming event.

At the wedding, her father walked her proudly up the aisle and her brothers took up their place beside him, teasingly so that he would not change his mind.

No changing of mind was ever made and they lived for many years together raising adopted children and greatly pleasing her parents and brothers.

Arty helped to get the store expanded and six other outlets were produced in local cities and when Mr. Jensen desired to retire, he handed the company over to Arty (and Alicia) to own and run, just with a monthly pension to himself. The company thrived and Arty and Alicia became wealthy, but to no degree as in the original life line.

Interestingly, with the change in the primary time line and Prime's not ever attaining to his powerful self (so, no meeting with Mr. Wilson), all of the future events including the demise of DUO and the primary four corporation managers reflected back to their original conditions. And so nothing eventually showed up different for the corporation.

Even the Overlord (The ruler over the quadrant of space under the authority of the Creator) was subject to the power of time.

And though he knew of all of the time lines, he thought this one was the best.