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Blonde teen slave dp Adrian Maya is a sweet piece of rump with her
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Tony couldn't stop thinking about Coach Simms. As much as he tried that fateful night at his house haunted Tony. When he would close his eyes he would see over and over again Simms' thick black cock as it moved closer to his face.

Tony was mortified at what he had done. He was angry with Simms for making him do it. But then, Tony also realized that Simms didn't really make him do it, he had, for a brief instant, wanted to do it. The reasons why he wanted to do it, or thought he wanted to do it were blurry in his mind. But Tony had made up his mind on one thing. The only way he was going to resolve this and get past it was by confronting Coach Simms and getting him to apologize and say he was wrong.

Then Tony could move on and forget this whole episode. It took several more weeks to actually work up the courage to go to Simms house.

He absolutely did not want anyone knowing he was going there, especially his parents. So after dinner, Tony slipped out of the house and rode his bike the long way over to the other side of town and to Simms' house.

As he walked up the steps, he began to think that maybe this was a mistake. Coach's final words to Tony came back to him as he knocked on the door " You will come back to me, I guarantee it" coach had said. But this was different. Tony was going to get an apology and then leave. There was a pause. Tony thought about knocking again, but decided he had been wrong. He needed to go home. As he turned to go back down the steps, he heard the door open.

He froze. There were no words. No hello or anything. Tony looked back over his shoulder.


The door stood open, but there was no one there. He could walk away. Get on his bike and race back home. Or he could go in. The choice was clearly his to make.

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For reasons that were completely unclear to him, Tony turned and went inside, closing the door behind him as he entered. He walked in, the house was quiet. "Hello?" he said. No answer, but he had that feeling you get when you know someone is in the house.

He walked into the living room and then through the kitchen. Seeing no one he called out again "Hello? Coach Simms?". Finally an answer. " I'm in the study Tony." The place it had happened. He felt weak in the knee and sick to his stomach. But he had come this far. He was determined. The door to the study was slightly ajar so he peeked in before he entered. There sat coach at his desk, looking at the door.

He motioned for Tony to come in, " Don't be afraid now, you've come all this way." Tony walked in the study, he started to close the door, but thought better of it. He was so nervous, butterflies in his stomach, legs wobbled as he walked. He felt like his head was going to explode. He glanced over at the couch against the wall.

He looked back at coach and Simms just smiled at him.


"Want to have a seat Tony?". " No. I'll stand thanks" Tony answered. Simms continued, " It's been a while and I was disappointed when you quit the team Tony.

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You really let the team down. You let me down. What do you have to say for yourself?" Tony was caught off guard. He was here to get an apology, not to answer to the coach.

" Look, I've been really mad at you. What you made me,, what we did. It was wrong!" Simms feigned a look of shock.

" What are you talking about Tony?" Tony was dumbfounded. " When you. When I&hellip." Simms smiled…" When you what?" Tony finally found the strength to say it " When I sucked your cock." Simms smile grew a little larger. " You have been thinking about that this whole time?" Tony didn't know how to answer. He couldn't say yes, he couldn't say no.

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He was stuck. He stood there, mouth agape searching for the words he has so carefully rehearsed. And now that he needed them, they were gone. Simms had completely disarmed him. He felt helpless. Then coach stood from behind his desk. He was wearing a pair of red spandex workout shorts. Tony immediately noticed the outline of coached cock as he stood.

He quickly moved his eyes away then looked back at coach, being careful to keep his eyes up. Simms smiled and rubbed his cock through the spandex shorts, adjusting, as he walked around the desk. "I know why you have come back Tony.

You have come back because you think what you did makes you gay or that I forced you to do it. You question whether you did it on your own or if I forced you to." Coach stopped as he stood right in front of Tony. Tony nodded his head yes to all that coach had said.

" Well, there is an easy way to figure this all out. You came all the way over here, came into my house without being asked or told to, you came back into the room where it all happened the first time.

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You've stood here with me this whole time and looked at my cock already." Reaching out and placing his hand on Tony's shoulder coach applied a small amount of pressure and with his other hand he rubbed his cock through his shorts.

Tony glanced down and then let coach push him to his knees. Placing a hand under his chin and pulling Tony's face up coach smiled down.

" Now we will see just how much you remember and how much you want to do. There is no video, and no pressure. All you have to do to prove yourself is display a little willpower. If you can take my cock out of my shorts and hold it in your hand without putting it in your mouth, then you can walk away and feel good.

But, if you can't. well, we will see what happens if you can't. Deal?" Tony swallowed hard. " If I do it your way, you promise to leave me alone and you admit that it was all you.?" Coach nodded his head yes.

Swallowing hard, Tony reached up and grabbed the waist band of the shorts. Pulling them down he slid them towards coaches knees.


The thick black cock sprang out of the shorts. Tony was a little too close and Simms cock hit him right in the face. Right on the chin and lower lip. Tony felt a little liquid there and instinctively licked his lips.

The taste of coaches precum told Tony that he shouldn't have done that. Coach liked it though and chuckled softly. " That didn't take long. But we won't count that, ok?" Tony nodded yes and reached up and grabbed the thick black cock in his hand. Coach moaned softly and began to move his hips back and forth in Tony's hand.

" hey you cant do that" he protested. Coach looked down, still thrusting. " That wasn't part of the rules. I can do anything I want. You just have to hold it and keep it out of your mouth." Simms' cock began to grow in Tony's hand. He was on his knees. He had to either look up or look at the cock in his hand.

He didn't want to stare so he alternated his viewpoint. After a few minutes, Tony asked " How much longer?" Coach replied with a grunt and reached down and grabbed Tony's head. Moving it in line with his cock he thrust way forward and the head of his cock rubbed on Tony's lips.

Then again. Precum was smearing on his lips. Each contact left more.

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Tony could feel the cock in his hand. He thought back to that moment when it did feel good in his mouth. He swallowed hard. Looking up at coach, his hands still on Tony's head. Coach smiled down, still thrusting, his cock making contact with Tony's lips.

" It's ok Tony. Lots of white boys suck black cock. Its natural to want to do it. I can see it in your eyes. Just let go of what others think and do what you feel." On the next thrust Tony parted his lips slightly but didn't open his mouth all the way. Coach pushed in a little deeper, the head butting against Tony's teeth. " We won't count that Tony." His grip strengthened. He thrust again. Tony again opened just a little wider, and coach thrust in again, moaning.

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Tony's lips around the head of the black cock. Tony looked up, " Did that count?" Coach shook his head no and thrust forward again.

This time Tony opened up his mouth and was rewarded with a big black cock pushing its way into his mouth Coach threw back his head and moaned loudly. Tony felt the sensation course through his body as his mouth was stretched around coaches cock. The thrusts picked up as coach started pumping in and out of Tony's mouth. Tony closed his eyes and just relaxed. He liked the feeling of the big cock going in and out of his mouth.

He liked the way coach reacted to it. He liked making coach feel good. He felt good. He felt right. He opened his eyes and looked up at Simms.

" There's my little cocksucker. I told you, you were mine." And with that Simms came a huge load into Tony's mouth. TO BE CONTINUED&hellip.