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Kelly madison kiara mia threesome
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We Shared her Dad &hellip."I'm stealing your dad, Tiffany!." "No way Mel,… I'll share, but you can't keep him." &hellip.we laughed at our words. You can't steal some other girls dad…but can you share? Tiff and I really didn't give a damn about rules.

…I'm Melony or 'Mel' as I'm called by everyone. I have no dad at all. I was the product of a drunk party my mom went to and doesn't even remember who all she had sex with, that night. She was young, but she's turned out to be a super mom. Now for a dad. What's a dad?&hellip. like my girlfriends have? Tiff's dad is the kind of dad I want. I've watched him around his daughter and he's so cool.

His name is Kurt. .

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His daughter Tiffany, or 'Tiff' as we all call her, takes him for granted as he always gives her advice and attention. I stand back and just watch, but I envy her so much. At first, it was just a crush I had on him, but now it's gotten to where I want kidnap him and keep him locked in my room. I had a plan to have him for my dad too&hellip. Kurt&hellip. &hellip.I was raising a 'coming of age' daughter. She was at that 'boy crazy' time and she and the neighbor girl Melony were driving me crazy.

They had another sleepovers here and my daughter Tiffany was always wanting to get my attention. &hellip.She burst into my bedroom that Saturday morning and attack me with her tickle fest on dad. Melony stood against the wall and looked in envy, as she had no dad. I yelled for Tiff to get off me and let me sleep as I giggled with her.

I had never touched Tiff but she wanted my sexual attention all the time. I had warned her before not to grab my morning wood, but she paid no attention to me. She made a grab for it as I fought her off. I said to Melony: "Mel, come and help me get Tiff off of me!" .Mel began to smile big at the invitation to come play. Mel was a year older and had some great tits going for her hot body already.

She jumped on me to help Tiff attack me, as she helped Tiff and not me. As I lay on my side with my hands covering my erection, Mel slipped her hand under the covers to feel me. Tiff was outside the covers trying to grab my erection. Now Mel lay on top of me all excited and her hand made it down to naked skin on me. I pulled Tiffs hands off me as I tickled her to make her giggle. Mel began stroking me and breathing hard in my ear.

.Tiff was distracted by my ticking her and didn't pay attention to Mel. Mel slowly rubbed her pussy on my leg and kissed my neck. She was getting herself hot over me. I sure didn't want to stop her, but had to because of the rules I had for Tiff about limiting the touching on me and her.

I rolled over on my stomach and told them both I was coming after them both soon. Mel kept humping my leg a little and kissed my neck again. Then they both screeched as I grabbed at them as they got off the bed and ran away.

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…I couldn't stop thinking about Mel's little moves on me. They were very arousing plus hearing her breath in my ear and her hand stroking my erection.

She wasn't my daughter and I thought how the rules didn't apply to her that I had for Tiff. I closed my eyes to re-live the feel of her hands on me. I drifted off into a hot dream about Mel……&hellip.

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…&hellip.I was laying beside her and feeling those nice tits of hers. Her hand was stroking me. Her soft kisses now moved to my lips&hellip.her tongue traced my lips… her warm breath was so sexy as it was heavy breathing. She whispered: ("…I wish you were my daddy".) …in the dream she put a leg over me and pulled her pussy tight to me. She took my hand and put in her tiny panties.

She took my middle finger and rubbed it on her clit&hellip.("…daddy…your so sexy.hold me tight and feel me…let's make love together…please…")……&hellip. &hellip.I woke up with a someone on top of me. It was Mel&hellip.smiling away and playing with my chest hair. I had to clear my head as the dream and reality were blurred. I realized I had a big erection and it was right between Mel's legs. Mel had locked her legs around it. She whispered: ("…Tiffany went over to Sean's house for a while.

She'll be back later.") I was still in a daze as Mel continued playing with my chest. She started licking my nipples as she breathed hard. I froze and let her play with me.

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… Her pussy slowly moved up and down on my erection. I whispered: (".how long will Tiff be gone?") Mel smiled and said: (" .forever I hope, I want to be your daughter.") …My daughter?…the girl wanted me to be her daddy. My thoughts went crazy with that idea. She had really aroused me and all I could think of was a beautiful sexy daughter you could maybe have sex with.

I wasn't thinking clear, but I said for some reason: (".how about tryouts starting right now?") &hellip.She got off me and left the room. I wondered if that spooked her at what I said.

I heard the door bell. It was Mel's mom.


I got up and grabbed my shorts and a shirt and went in the living room to say hi. She was a cool gal and nice looking. You could see where Mel got her good looks from. Mel went into the bathroom. I whispered to Mel's mom: (".Mel wants me to be her dad, what do I do?") We heard the shower go on as Mel was going to take a shower in the front bathroom.

Mel's mom Mandi scooted close to me on the couch. .She said: "I've been meaning to talk to you about Mel. Mel had gotten a kind of&hellip.well…an obsession about you. Your all she talks about. She said she even dreams about you and I think a lot more. I heard her saying your name late one night as I could hear her masturbating. I found pictures of you under her pillow. I peeked one night and she had your picture between her legs as she fingered herself. …If you could tell her you'll be her…a…'rent a dad' .or a 'fill in' dad or something until she grows out of this, I would be very grateful.

Do what ever you have to, keep her happy. I work two jobs and don't have the time to watch over her right now. She's on the pill so we don't have that worry. She smiled at me. "Keep her happy and I bet she can keep you happy…if you know what I mean."……Mandi smiled directly at me, then…silence& I slowly smiled back at her in silence&hellip.Finally I said: "I think I can handle the job." Mandi quickly hugged my neck and kissed my cheek.

She then left for work. &hellip.I heard the bathroom door close quietly. Mel had not been 'in' the shower, but used that sound to make us think she was 'in' the shower. She had been listening to Mandi and I talk just around the corner. She came out with her robe on and a towel wrapped around her (dry) hair.

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We both smiled at each other and she told me that she had called Tiff and her and Sean would be at the mall for the day. &hellip.The whole day alone with Mel?&hellip.oh…my&hellip.

Tiff&hellip. &hellip.Mel and I now had my dad set up for some hot time for Mel with my dad. He wouldn't have sex with me, or even play sex games much with me, because I was his daughter…but&hellip. he could with Mel.

It excited me to set them up to do the things I couldn't do with him. I couldn't wait to hear how it went, when I got back home. I ask Mel for a detailed description later of everything they did&hellip. Mel and I had been planning this for a while when Mel told me about her mom putting her 'ok' to my dad to…'keep her happy'. I wished I was Mel and could have what she was going to get…sex with my dad&hellip.

… We agreed that I would call before I came home, to warn her. Sean and I went to a movie in the mall. I was so horny, I sat us in the back so we could feel each other up. Kurt&hellip. …I went in to take a shower in my bedroom shower. My mind was pleasantly thinking of all the 'things' I would love to do with Mel.

There is nothing like having a girl like Mel on top of you naked&hellip.nothing&hellip. Mel&hellip. &hellip.I could hear daddy Kurt in the shower and I knew he was naked.

That picture in my mind was making me turned on as I got wet between my legs. I had heard him and mom talking and he was all for being my daddy also. I lay on his bed and held his pillow.

I could smell his aftershave on it. I had to put my hand in my robe and finger my pussy a little. I was excited and now, step by step it was going to be my turn to be close with my new daddy. …I had talked to other girls who were having sex with their dads. I envied them so much, it must be wonderful to have a dad that you can have sex with.

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Some told me details on how it started. One girl said it was easy, just rub up against him, or feel his dick and make him get a hardon when mom's not looking. Others sat on his lap at first, or when he was lying down. Some said he moved on them first and they let him feel them up and it went to more from there. … My friend Tara said to crawl in bed with him a night. Daddy's get erections during the night and just start jacking on him. He'll wake up and have sex with you then.

…All these stories just made me crazy. &hellip.Daddy Kurt was going to be mine. …I got up and slowly opened his bathroom door. He was singing behind the frosted glass. I grabbed his big towel and waited for him to finish. I could see the blurry image of him naked and also see his erection sticking straight out. My heart was pounding as I waited.

He shut the water off and rolled the door open. He saw me and turn around in shock. I said: "Let me dry you off dad." He held his erection down and stepped out. I cover him with the big towel. .He didn't say a word but began to smile. I dried him off slowly. He closed his eyes like 'this can't be real'.

I dried everything as I got to really feel his body for the first time. His erection has dropped some, but began to come back up. I dried it over and over. He finally spoke: "Mel…I. .a…think we&hellip." He never finished as I dried his hair and then snuck in a quick kiss on his cheek. I put the towel back and got his robe and held it for him to slip on. His erection stuck out straight making a big tent in his robe. All this had me soaking wet between my legs. Kurt…… &hellip.This was all happening so fast, Mel wasn't going waste time, and time was here for us to get her obsession in high gear.

I reached over and locked the bathroom door and flipped off all but the night light. I had eyeballed her body for a long time, now I wanted to take my time and enjoy the sexual high is was getting from this young girl. &hellip.I decided to let her play with her 'new' daddy and get her fill for the first time. She sure did&hellip. &hellip.As soon a that bathroom light was off, her arms went around my neck and he wet lips kissed me.

She gasp for air then started in with her tongue. I opened her robe and now felt those beautiful tits of hers. I pulled back my robe and let my rock hard erection go between her wet legs.


She was in her own heaven now. "…oh daddy…you feel so good, hold me &hellip.just hold me and let me feel you." &hellip. I could feel her whole body had the jitters as her hands couldn't feel enough of me fast enough. Both our robes were now on the floor. Her naked body was against mine…it was awesome. She let her wet pussy ride my erection slowly as she felt it with her fingers.

She seemed to become a young girl again and whispered: (".do you love me daddy?") I replied: (".yes I do Mel, and I will&hellip., forever.") I picked her up and carried her to my bed. She had the most content look to her as we lay together holding us tight&hellip.

Mel's thoughts&hellip. …Finally I have a daddy. I don't mind sharing him but he's mine too. Now I want to have our pleasure as only daddy's and daughters can have. I'm going to make him so happy, anyway I can…and I know how to do that. …I rolled on top of him. I was going to make him so horny, he'd never forget this day…ever. Little Melony is going to show her daddy just how much she love's her daddy.

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I started with kisses all over his face. I let my tongue find his and let them go at it. My pussy was so wet, I could feel it drip on his erection. I moved my pussy slowly up and down on it. It felt so good and warm. I began to move down with my kisses. . I turned so he could see my wet pussy and get horny. His big hand held my hips as he slid my pussy to his lips. I almost orgasmed with excitement. He was so gentle as his tongue creased my slit. I had dreamed of this a thousand times and now it was happening for real.

I wiggled my pussy as I wanted his tongue in deeper. …I now had my daddy's erection all to my self. I held it and felt it all warm and my tongue went to heaven on it. It was all real now and I licked every inch of it. I slipped my mouth over it and finally felt what other girls felt with their daddy's. It felt so good, all warm and smooth.

I felt his tongue on my pussy and every time it flicked my clit…I moaned. I could take no more of this and wanted him inside of me. I quick turned and held him and slipped it inside of my tight pussy. I felt like nothing else I had even dreamed of.

I worked it slowly inside and laid down on my daddy. We wrapped our arms around us and we began to fuck. It now fit perfect and a steady orgasm was taking place as my daddy held me tight. I just let it all go as I began to get so hyper I got dizzy. Daddy held my butt cheeks and we began the most wonderful fuck ever. Faster……and faster as my body was fucking on its own for the cum it wanted. I made sounds I can't even remember as here it came. I lost my breath as I felt a mega shot of daddy's cum shoot in me.

I climaxed so hard I saw stars. Daddy moaned as he shot over and over deep in me. I just held on to the most glorious feeling of my life……I can't describe what feelings I had next, except I was holding on to my daddy for the ride to heaven with him&hellip. &hellip.Jolts and spasm's took us over as we lay locked together&hellip.all content now&hellip.all peaceful and joy beyond words……