TSPlayground Teen Ladyboy Barebacked in Tight Little Hole

TSPlayground Teen Ladyboy Barebacked in Tight Little Hole
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The following story is fictional. If you are upset by incest, rape and sexual abuse/exploitation please do not read it. I don't condone any of the crimes the villains commit in this story. In my opinion rapists and human traffickers are the lowest of the low and should all get very long prison sentences. Also, I'd love to hear your feedback, what you like and what you don't like. I plan of writing at least one more part, Brandy's story isn't over yet.

Part 1 Brandy looked up at Vlad with scared eyes. The carpet dug into her knees uncomfortably and she felt tears running down her cheeks, she hadn't even been aware she was crying. Brady was nude, her petite body exposed, the cruel bruises very noticeable on her fair skin. Vlad was nude as well, his massive cock hard and hanging to his knees. He was a mountain of muscle, and Brandy knew he could snap her neck in an instant if she displeased him. She reached out with a shaking hand and curled her slender fingers around Vlad's uncircumcised cock.

Brandy gently peeled the foreskin back to expose the glistening head. Vlad grinned. "So you can learn. You aren't as dumb as most American girls." Vlad said in his deep baritone. His Russian accent reminded Brandy of Dracula and would have been funny on another man, but there was nothing funny about Vlad.

"Suck, little girl." He ordered, and Brandy didn't dare disobey. Brandy flicked her small, wet tongue over Vlad's tip. She ran her tongue along his piss slit slowly, up and down, all while holding his foreskin back. His cockhead had a musk, like testosterone. It was a manly smell, and she didn't hate it. Slowly, as if Vlad's cock was fragile as fine crystal, Brandy wrapped her pink lips over his pulsing head.

Lovingly she suckled, then took him slightly deeper, a fraction of his length at a time. Brandy's jaw ached, just to get the first couple of inches inside her mouth, Brandy had to stretch her jaw so wide it hurt. "More." Vlad growled and put his hand on the back of her head. Brandy tried to take more, but it was hopeless. She was tiny, and Vlad was a giant. He pushed on the back of her head, insistent but not forcing.

When she grunted but was unable to take another inch of his cock, anger glared on Vlad's face. He pulled her away, a handful of her soft blonde hair in the Russian's ham sized fist. He yelled something at her in a foreign language. She sobbed and cringed. "I can't take any more, you're too big!" Brandy squalled, but it was too late.

She saw Vlad was reaching for his belt. It lay draped across the footboard of his bed. Brandy screamed and raised her arms in front of her face just as the belt came down. The crack of leather against the girl's skin filled the room. She tried to twist away as the huge man rained blow after heavy blow down on her frail body.

Brandy was screaming and sobbing, trying to do anything to avoid the belt until finally the abuse overwhelmed her and she crumpled onto her side and lay sobbing. Vlad stood over her, panting. His rage had passed for the moment.

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She felt his hard fingers digging into her upper arm and then the pain of being hauled to her feet. Naked, crying and trembling her pulled her to the bedroom door and unlocked it. In the next room Brandy could hear Andre and Trey laughing and Sveta crying. There was a crackling sound for a few seconds and the girl cried out in fear and pain, which only brought the demonic laughter once more. Just like the rest of the house, the living room was expensively furnished.

The carpet was white, as was the leather sectional and matching chair. Trey held the squirming Russian girl on his lap, both were nude. The crackling noise came again and Sveta sobbed. The skinnier man was torturing the helpless girl with quick touches from a stun gun on its lowest voltage setting. Andre was standing nearby, coolly sipping a drink and smiling. Sveta looked at Brandy with pleading eyes but there was nothing she could do.

Brandy couldn't free herself from this Hell let alone Sveta. Vlad pushed her closer to Andre, who grinned even wider. "Nothing too rough." He said. "I'll try." The huge black man said sarcastically. Brandy stood trembling as Andre approached. Brandy expected the usual groping, but something was different this time. She saw a deep evil in Andre's dark eyes. Quick as a striking snake the hugely muscled man drove his hard fist into her stomach. Brandy's knees buckled and she hit the floor.

She moaned as her mind tried to process what had just happened. He had hit her, as hard as he would have hit a man during a fist fight. He hadn't held back at all, and he had hit her low in the belly, right above her pussy. It was a new pain, strange and frightening. She looked up and Andre was smiling demonically.

From somewhere far away she heard Trey laughing and Sveta sobbing as Andre unzipped his jeans. Part 2 Outside the heat was still typical East Tennessee in late summer; sweltering. Inside the gym was blessedly cooled by an industrial sized AC unit.

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Besides, after the Middle East, the infamous southern humidity wasn't so bad by comparison. It helped that now Eli Winter wasn't lugging over 100lbs of gear, ammo and his government issued S.A.W. through a warzone. It was early, a Friday morning, and the gym was mainly empty aside from the hardcore weightlifting addicts. The gym was a catharsis for Eli. He had always been athletic, even as a kid.

Now he was twenty-nine and at six foot two inches, he weighed 260lbs of solid muscle. He kept his light brown hair buzzed short and stayed clean shaven. He never touched drugs, rarely drank and it showed in his clean lined musculature and face. He was handsome and intelligent, but after leaving the Marine Corps four months ago had been adrift. The service had been his entire adult life, and now that was behind him Eli was unsure of what to do.

He had earned several degrees during his time in the Corps and had a good job, but still the future seemed uncertain. "You ready for an ass whipping, leatherneck?" The voice cut through Eli's concentration, and he settled the barbell on the rack.

"Getting cocky with a superior officer, corporal?" Eli grunted, and sat up. "No sir." Will replied with a grin. The two men bumped fists, Will's dark brown besides Eli's white.

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Even though they had served in different units, and had only met after they had returned to civilian life, Eli felt a kinship with the younger African American man.

William Jackson was three years Eli's junior, with a serious yet friendly demeanor. He had grown up in one of the poorest, roughest neighborhoods in Knoxville and the Marine Corp had been his way out.

It had also shown him another side to life that he hadn't believed was real. The Corps had done more than give Will Jackson, one of five children of a single mother, a way out of poverty. It had set him on the path to honor, duty and self-respect, much as it had for Eli. "Jeff is on his way." Will informed Eli. Like Eli and Will, Jeff was an ex-Marine. He was an unarmed combat trainer, and one of the hardest men Eli had ever met.

The three men tried to meet at least once a week to lift weights, swap stories, and take advantage of the gym's MMA training facilities.

Though both of the younger men were combat veterans, Jeff was a step above in terms of skill. They all kept one another sharp, and were bonded in a way that only ex-military men could be.

"Hey Eli. You're already sweaty I see." The voice was a purr, and Eli looked up. Traci stood over them, smiling. She was dressed in the tight black and red spandex that the female trainers wore. She taught aerobics classes and was toned enough, and showed enough skin to drive the soccer moms and office workers who made up her clientele into fits of jealousy.

She was tall, gorgeous, with high cheekbones, pale skin, flashing blue eyes and a mass of shining deep red curls that hung past her shoulders. She pushed her pelvis closer to Eli as they talked. "Nothing too strenuous." Eli said, taking a long drink of Gatorade. "What is your bench up too now?" She asked in her best ditzy voice. "320." Erik said, with a bit of pride.

"Oooo, I believe it." Traci cooed and gripped Eli's bicep long enough to give it a squeeze. "You know I've got a new number right? I switched carriers." "I didn't know." Eli said noncommittally. He had went on a few dates with Traci when he had first started coming to the gym and had tried to avoid her as much as possible in the last month. They hadn't connected, and she had become clingy too fast. Across the gym Eli spotted the tall rangy form of their third man.

Jeff's short blond Marine cut and narrow jaw was unmistakable. Traci reluctantly left to give her first class of the day. For the next few hours Eli's world consisted of takedown techniques, striking and submission moves. As Jeff was demonstrating a ground hold on Will, Eli noticed that they were being watched.

Eli recognized Andre, they had talked and spotted one another on the bench a few times. He was an enormous black man, with muscle on top on muscle, the type of build that only comes with steroids. Caught in the act of watching, Andre immediately began acting like he was doing anything else.


He began chatting with a girl that Eli had saw around the gym, a pretty blonde who looked like she belonged on the cover of Barely Legal. He shrugged it off, but kept an eye on Andre and his training partner, a skinnier guy Eli had heard called Trey. Eli had just went up the stairs to the second floor, unlocked his apartment door and walked through when his phone sounded.

The text was from an unknown number, but the attached pic left no doubt who it was. Traci had sent him a selfie taken in her apartment bathroom, she was nude, her red curls pulled back and her straight white teeth gleamed in a man eating grin. There were rumors that she had made a few porno movies when she was younger and Eli knew from experience that she definitely had the skill.

A second message came through, a video this time. Traci was laying in her bed, upper body propped up with pillows, and legs spread. Her perfectly shaved cunt was in a close up, her neat pink lips parted to take a slim orange vibrator. Her face was twisted in ecstasy as she fucked herself, and she moaned deeply.

Eli had heard those moans not that long ago. The video was short, only fourteen seconds.

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The third text came a moment after it had finished playing. 'Hope we can get 2gether soon' with three heart emoji for good measure. Eli grinned. "What the Hell?" he thought to himself. 'How about tomorrow night?' he replied. The response was a selfie of Traci blowing a kiss and two words: Hell yes! Part 3 Brandy was huddled in a corner of the living room.

Her knees were drawn to her chest and her head was down. She was trembling and whimpering like a frightened animal.

She didn't know where Sveta was, at some point during the most recent round of abuse someone had taken the Russian girl away. Her mind kept replaying the last few hours, oh God, her body hurt so badly.

It was more than just being raped this time, Andre and Trey had beat her with their fists. She had been slapped, pulled by her hair, choked, hit with belts, but never actually beaten. Brandy had been afraid they were going to beat her to death, her belly was still sore and her upper arms were beginning to bruise. So were her thighs and calves. Her lower lip was split and her nose had bled some.

She didn't notice someone standing over her until the rough voice spoke in Russian, or at least she supposed it was Russian. It sounded slightly different than the language Vlad spoke. "Get up, girl." A second man said.

He was obviously foreign, but spoke English well. Brandy stood slowly, on trembling legs. The English speaker held out an arm to steady her.

She looked at them puzzled. The first man said something in whatever language he was speaking and the second man replied in the same. They both laughed slightly.

The foreign speaking man's laughter sent chills up Brandy's spine, it was the sound a poisonous snake would make if it laughed. She took a moment to really look at the men. The foreign speaking man was medium height, probably in his mid-forties and thin.

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Not just thin but gaunt. His face was almost skeletal and his cheeks were sunken slightly. His black hair was thinning, receding and oily looking. He wore it swept back like Vlad's. His eyes were the worst.

Sunken but enlarged, they were watery and brown. When he smiled his teeth were black. He was dressed in a light grey suit with black tie. The man who spoke English was younger by a decade and much better looking. His hair was cut short like a soldier, and his face was full. He looked healthy and strong. His blue suit seemed a bit tight, and underneath Brandy could sense that it was muscle not fat that filled out his clothes.

"Get dressed." He instructed her. For a moment Brandy couldn't recall where her clothes were. So much had happened since she had been brought from the run down house where her and Sveta had been kept to this house. She assumed it was Vlad's but wasn't sure. The English speaking man thrust her clothes at her. They had been neatly folded by someone. She dressed, still shaking. First her skimpy black panties, then the tight shorts they had given her, and a thin tank top with a broken heart and a banner across it with HEARTBREAKER written in cursive.

She was barefoot but didn't care. She supposed they kept her barefoot so she couldn't run easily. After she dressed, the English speaking man grasped her upper arm. His grip was firm but gentler than she was used to. "Come with us." He said, and tugged her, once again gently, toward the door.

Brandy obeyed meekly. Since her ordeal began, Brandy's philosophy of meekness and obedience had kept her from the worst of the abuse she had saw other girls suffer.

Until today, when Vlad had brought her here. From the outside the place looked like a mansion to Brandy, who had lived in the same single wide trailer her entire life. But inside it was like something from a nightmare. Brady shuddered as the men guided her down the walk to the waiting SUV. The English speaking man sat with her in the backseat while the gaunt man drove. Brandy pushed herself back into the seat and awaited her fate. *** A few hours had passed. The men had taken Brandy back to the house she had been held at with Sveta.

They had taken her to the bathroom and instructed her so clean every inch of herself, to shower, shampoo, shave her entire body and douche. She had obeyed. What choice did she have? After she had finished, they had taken her to the basement and locked the door. The basement was drab and dark. Just like the room above, the only light was from a bare bulb in the ceiling fixture.

There was a large bed and a bedside table. She had went through the drawers but only found things that made her tremble: lube, handcuffs, a blindfold, a few vibrators and dildos of different sizes and porno. A few magazines, Hustler, Barely Legal, Penthouse and a stack of pictures that were obviously not professionally made.

The girls weren't actresses, Brandy knew deep down they were girls like her. Taken and used by these strong men. Finally the door was unlocked and the two men returned. Brandy stood before the bed, still trembling. Without speaking the men began undressing, folding their suits, shirts and ties carefully as they did.

The gaunt man approached her first. His body was as skeletal as his face and his grin was like a leering corpse from a zombie movie. He put a hand on Brandy's shoulder. It was damp and clammy. He pushed her to her knees. She was at home in this position, and subconsciously Brandy felt this was where she belonged.

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The thin man's cock wasn't large, he was smaller than her dad. He smelled badly though, like he was sick. It reminded her of an elderly person, but oily. He said something that she didn't understand. Brandy reached up and grabbed the man's small cock. He wasn't hard yet and Brandy jerked him, trying to get the humiliation over with as fast as possible. He stiffened slightly in her hand and grinned at her with black teeth. She jerked his cock faster and harder. It was spongy feeling.

She took it into her mouth, sucking it as easily as her own thumb. She cupped the man's dangling balls, twisting them in rhythm to her bobbing head. The second man took her left wrist and guided her hand to his cock. She began jerking him while she sucked his compatriot. The cock in her hand was much bigger than the one in her mouth and was already stiff.

She swapped for a moment, long enough to get the bigger cock lubed with her spit, then swapped back.

The younger man groaned in pleasure as she jerked him. The two spoke in that not-quite-Russian language and laughed. The older man still wasn't fully hard and seemed to be getting frustrated. It wasn't her fault if he couldn't get hard with an eighteen year old girl sucking his old cock, Brandy thought. A few seconds later the younger man broke away and moved behind her.

His strong hands hooked under her armpits and lifted her up. Instinctively Brandy kept her legs up, letting the man pick her up like a child and put her where they wanted her. Where they wanted her was the bed apparently.

He put Brandy on her hands on knees on the large bed, and moving never entered her mind. The younger man climbed onto the bed and guided Brandy's mouth to his cock.

He was decently hung, but not so large that Brandy had trouble taking him all. She sucked him eagerly, with her eyes closed, the way she might have sucked him if he was her lover. She surprised herself when a small moan came from her lips. Both men laughed at that. She heard the older man rummaging through the drawers of the bedside table, then felt his weight behind her. He touched Brandy's pussy and felt she was dry.

In a few seconds she felt his finger return, probing into her cunt, but well lubed this time. He coated her raw, abused pussy with the lube but it hurt so much. Brandy felt her belly tremble at the internal pain. It was her most sensitive area and for over two weeks men had used and abused her there most of all.

Brandy tried to focus on sucking the younger man's cock. He seemed to be enjoying himself, he was breathing hard and she could taste his sticky precum already. Now the fingers in her pussy withdrew and left her empty, but only for a moment. Soon a slim vibrator was worked inside her, and she readjusted her hips, bracing herself and spreading her thighs wider. The vibe wasn't huge, but it was long and very powerful.

Brandy whined from the pain inside her and the man shoved the toy deeper into her tiny, abused cunt. She could only imagine how slutty she looked, on all fours, a cock in her mouth, her narrow hips spread wide to lessen the pain of the probing vibrator. She whimpered and whined louder. Another sensation sent a tingle up Brandy's spine. Two well lubed fingers were pressing against her asshole. The pressure was light at first, but insistent.

She felt the fingers slowly enter her tightest of fuckholes. First just a fraction of an inch, then more. Tears ran down her cheeks as the poor girl silently sobbed. This was going to be her life now.

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She was going to be nothing more than a living, breathing sex doll for these men. Her feelings, her pain, her dignity was nothing to them.

Her body was just there to use. The fingers withdrew and the thin applicator entered her, filling her ass with the lube. Brandy felt the gaunt man's thin fingers digging into the meat of her hips. It was like being held by skeleton hands. He mounted her, his cock finally fully hard now as he thrust into her in one brutal motion. She couldn't help it, Brandy lurched her body forward and screamed around the leaking cock in her mouth.

The younger man's firm hand found the back of her head and he began to thrust his hips. Brandy's tears flowed freely as the men used her mouth and ass as they saw fit.

It wasn't long before they finished. The younger man's seed flooded her mouth, he groaned and threw his head back. He ordered Brandy to swallow and helplessly, she did. The older man's hard thrusts were painful despite the fact his cock was small, and Brandy's hips hurt where his bony fingers held her in a death grip.

He was speaking with each thrust, no doubt calling her horrible names in his native language. The younger man guided Brandy's head to the mattress and he held her head almost lovingly as he spoke. "There child, you know your place so well.

Your tears are beautiful, your suffering is beautiful." He whispered. The older man gave one final thrust and with a burst of guttural language shot his thin cum inside Brandy's aching ass. He slapped her ass cheeks as he pulled away, but it was without enthusiasm.

The younger man bent over Brandy and kissed her cheek. "Good child. You will learn your place. You will welcome it one day soon." He whispered. Brandy flinched. 'Please God no.' she begged silently. The men dressed without speaking to Brandy or amongst themselves. She lay in a heap on the bed, eyes staring at the wall, her mind blank for a long time.

She fell asleep at some point, and when Brandy woke up she hadn't moved from where the men had left her, belly down on the bed. She rolled onto her side. Her body ached from the sexual abuse as well as from the violence. Her ass and cunt were raw and swollen from the constant rough use and the back of her throat felt funny. Her arms were getting thinner, and her ribs were starting to show slightly. The sharp points of her pelvic bone stood out in detail.

Brandy knew she needed food and rest, but even if she escaped she had no money, no one to turn to. She didn't know if her daddy was alive or dead and if he was alive, how could she live with him knowing what he had let happen to her?

He had sold her. He brought Andre and Trey into their home and let them use his own teenage daughter for money. Daddies were supposed to protect their daughters from men like that. Brandy thought. She closed her eyes again, and without really trying went to sleep.

Part 4 "Fuck me Daddy! Oh fuck me harder!" Traci urged as she twisted in Eli's grip. She was on all fours on his bed, her lithe, toned body stretched out in front of him.

Eli pumped his hips harder as he tried to hold the writhing girl in place. His cock slid almost entirely out of her slippery cunt. Eli dug his fingers into Traci's' wide hips and pulled her back. His thick manhood sank home and he felt Traci quiver in pleasure. She was holding onto the sheets and moaning loud enough that Eli was afraid the neighbors in the adjoining apartments would start complaining.

He drove his cock into her hot, willing cunt hard. Eli felt his foreskin peel back, leaving nothing between his sensitive cock head and the inner walls of Traci's smooth pussy.

He groaned and knew he would cum soon. Eli grabbed a handful of red curls and tugged Traci's head back. He noticed Traci's normally milk-white skin was flushed red and she was sweating hard. Her back and shoulders were soaked, and her red hair was damp at the scalp. The friction inside Traci's cunt was too much, and with one last deep thrust, Eli emptied his balls in hard spurts. Traci cooed and twisted her neck to look back at the man who had claimed her with wanton, lustful eyes and a wicked smile.

Later that night Eli woke from a dreamless sleep. Traci was curled tightly to him, her head resting on his chest, one arm draped possessively over his body. He gently pried himself away from the girl. He walked to the bedroom window and stood there nude. Eli was reasonably sure no one could see him, the room was dark and his apartment was on the second level. Fucking Tracy had been fulfilling on a certain level, the physical level, the animal level.

She left something to be desired as well. There was no emotional connection, neither of them loved the other. Eli was Traci's Alpha-Male prize, a combination of trophy boyfriend, potential breeding partner, and there was no getting around that Eli was an ex-Marine.

He had killed people, he was dangerous, and he was a good protector. He satisfied the primal nature inside women. Eli watched the late night traffic pass outside the window. The moon was a quarter full and bright. A strong wind rustled the leaves on the sycamore trees planted across the street. Erik took in the beauty of the night time while his mind brooded on other things.

He couldn't see himself growing to love Traci, she was fiery; lustful and fun, but somehow hollow. Even now his seed could have found her womb and the beginnings of a life could be growing inside her. Would that be enough to hold them together?

Eli didn't think so, but in truth he didn't know. Part 5 Andre had followed Eli and Traci from the restaurant back to Eli's apartment. He sat behind the wheel of his Escalade looking at the door to the second level apartment the couple had went into twenty minutes earlier. That dumb-shit white boy was no doubt fucking that sweet piece of meat by now, Andre thought. His huge hands gripped the wheel.

Muscles stood out along his forearms as he imagined it was Traci's slim, pale neck he was gripping.

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Supposedly Eli was some bad mother-fucker, but Andre wasn't impressed. He ate bad mother-fuckers for breakfast and shit them out before dinner. He had watched Eli and his buddies practice that fancy bullshit fighting like they thought they were going to be the next Chuck Liddell or something. Eli was the biggest of the three and Andre knew he outweighed him by thirty pounds. A couple of good punches and dumb-shit would be out cold on the asphalt. His phone sounded off. Trey had sent him a text.

It was an address thirty minutes away. Andre fired up the Escalade and was there in twenty-five. The address led to a nice two story house in a nice part of town.

The house was painted bright white and the picket fence matched.


As Andre turned off the engine he saw Trey standing on the porch in nothing but boxer shorts, socks and a green bandana. The type of shit that got you shot in the wrong neighborhood. Trey was sipping a drink from a plastic cup. "Damn, cuz. This place is tore the fuck up." Trey said with a laugh as he led Andre through the front door. He was right, there had obviously been a party earlier that night. Plastic cups were strewn everywhere, as were pizza boxes, odd bits of clothing and the smell of weed still hung heavy in the air.

Trey led Andre up a flight of stairs and down the hall. They entered a bedroom that was obviously decorated by a girl in her late teens or early twenties. It was a small room, and the lights were off. Trey turned them on. On the little bed was a girl, probably about twenty. She didn't stir when light flooded the room. She was in something deeper than sleep, Andre recognized the effects of Vlad's white powder. Just a bit in a girl's drink and she was out for a few hours.

"Vlad will like this little bitch." Trey said. He walked to the bed and uncovered the unconscious girl. She was curvy, with a nice classical figure. Her tits were large and heavy, her waist narrow with nice rounded hips. She had an innocent face and long straight brown hair.

Andre looked between her legs, she didn't shave her cunt. It didn't look like she even trimmed. Then he noticed a smear of blood on her thighs.

"Little white bitch was a virgin." He said with envy. Trey smiled and nodded. *** It was an hour before Andre and Trey had fully searched the house and loaded up anything worth taking. There was some jewelry and electronics, a couple grand in cash taped beneath a dresser drawer and a nice Glock 40 cal. It was another half hour before they got back to Andre's place. The girl, Trey said her name was Sharon, was still out when they put her on the bed.

It was time to wake her up. Andre shook her shoulder. "Get up bitch." He growled. Sharon didn't stir. Andre shook her harder, she tried to twist away weakly.

"Lemme 'lone." She mumbled. Andre took her nipple between two huge fingers and pinched hard. "Owwwww!" The girl shrieked and sat up with a start. She looked at them with hazy eyes and Andre knew her vision was a bit blurry.

She raised one arm to cover her heavy tits and tried to focus her eyes. "Where am I?" she asked, fear creeping into her voice. "It don't matter." Andre rumbled. "You do what we say, when we say, or we hurt you." "I, I don't,, understand." Sharon said, her eyes starting to focus now. She looked around at them and realized she was in a strange room, naked with a strange man looming over her.

Then she noticed Andre was already undressing, his massive 11 inch cock out and hanging to his knees. Sharon let out a startled whimper at the sight. "Please, no." she began. Trey slapped her. Sharon began to cry as Andre forced her to lay on her back.

She pressed her thighs together tightly but Andre's massive strength forced her legs open easily. He coated his dark cock in lube and held the crying, pleading girl down as he forced the bulbous head into her tender, innocent hole.

She was almost virginal and Andre felt it in the way her pussy was reluctant to accept his length. Sharon's tits mashed into his chest as he raped her, she barely struggled but cried and moaned more than he was used to. He pushed more of his throbbing Alpha-Male cock into the girl's tight cunt. Andre felt her stretching and knew the pain was intense.

He grinned as he began to thrust cruelly, with no regard for the poor, helpless girl under him. He could only get half his length inside Sharon, but he still pounded away at her brutally as he felt his orgasm building.

He was sweating and breathing hard when the first spurt fired into the girl's unwilling cunt. Andre grunted like a beast and spurted again.

Sharon cried out in fear and pain, tears stained her cheeks. With a final thrust Andre finished with her, and collapsed on top of her trembling body. After a moment he rolled off of her, and stared at the ceiling. He barely paid attention as Trey rolled the girl over and lubed her asshole. She was crying still, but Trey was forcing her face into the mattress and her screams were muffled. *** It was past midnight when the door was unlocked.


Sveta's bed was empty, Brandy still had no inkling of the Russian girl's fate. Three days had passed since Andre and Trey had beaten her, and when she was brought back to the room another girl had been here, and pretty redhead with thick dark hair who was twenty-two.

She missed Sveta, and tried not to think about what may be happening to her, but at least Kelly spoke English and they could have conversations. The door opened and Trey guided in a shaking girl with long brown hair and heavy breasts. She was naked and crying softly. Kelly stood and put her arm around the brown haired girl. She stroked her hair and tried to get her to stop crying. Brandy wanted to scream! How were so many girls going missing without the police doing anything?

What gave Vlad, Marcus and the others the right to treat them like this? Her blood pumped hard, every wiry muscle in Brandy's scrawny body was tensed. She felt primed to explode but with nowhere to direct her rage. This was not going to be how she died. 'Fuck Marcus and Andre and Trey and fuck Vlad most of all!' Brandy raged internally. She would find a way out of this.

If she couldn't get payback she would at least find freedom. Brandy gritted her teeth and resolved to either find a way to escape or die in the attempt.