Slit and face hole are fucked

Slit and face hole are fucked
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It was a warm summer Friday afternoon where Mark found himself sitting at his computer in his room. Although the transition from spring to summer had only recently taken place, today seemed a bit warmer than usual for that time of year. Mark sat back in his chair as he waited for the video clip he had just opened to complete loading its buffer. He felt a cool and gentle breeze come through the window and brush passed his naked torso as he was dressed in nothing more than a pair of cargo shorts.

He was alerted to the video's playback beginning by a loud explosion as the opening scene of an upcoming game began playing. He watched attentively as the video showed various images and captions from the game when he was disturbed by a knock on his door. He turned around to see his mother standing in the door way. "Mark! I hope to God you haven't just been loafing around the whole day." She said, her voice sounding slightly agitated but mostly exhausted.

"Common mom, can I at least get a decent greeting before you start busting my balls?" He said in his usual moaning voice that she had grown quite sick of over the past few years. "Look son." She began as she walked into the room and sat on his bed before continuing. "I know you feel like you have just finished high school recently but it was quite a few months ago. I bust my ass just to keep a roof over our heads and I could really use your help around the house." She said, sounding more defeated as she had begged him on numerous occasions to get his act together.

Mark's response was just a grunt as he continued watching the video on the computer screen which only served to infuriate his mother further as she stood up and stormed out of the room. Mark continued to watch the video as if nothing had happened however he couldn't help but notice scent of her perfume lingering in his room.

It was subtle but very evident however he was unaware of the stir it caused in him. Diane had found her way back downstairs to the living room and was sitting on the couch while talking to her friend on the phone. "I just don't know what to do Alison, he just won't listen and won't get off his ass! He just sits at his computer all day long." Diane said to her friend as she voiced her frustrations. "Oh I know just what you mean Diane, I had the EXACT same issue with my Tom, he just wouldn't show any initiative to do anything other than play video games.

It was driving us nuts!" Diane's friend replied on the other end of the line. "I just don't know how to handle it. I'm exhausted from work and this merger at the office is taking more and more out of me by the day. The last thing I need is to come home and deal with this." Diane said as she picked up the TV remote control began absent-mindedly flipping through the channels. "Well that's what you get for being an over achiever miss high profile business career woman.

You have too much on your plate and you don't know how to deal with it." Alison replied making a sarcastic remark at her friend's corporate success. "Hey don't judge!

What was I supposed to do when Burt passed away, I just felt like I wouldn't have to think about it so much or it wouldn't hit me as hard if I just kept busy." Diane replied. There was a tone of sorrow in her voice as she thought about her late husband and how he was always good with their son. "At least you have Jack to help you out, I'm alone in this and I'm at my wit's end." Diane added, once again emphasising her frustrations and defeat.

"Oh you poor soul, if only you knew. Having Jack around is like having two teenagers to take care of! I basically have to do everything myself." Alison replied, revealing the truth about her situation. "You have to be joking! How to do you survive? Especially since you are at home all day." Diane asked in amazement at her friends ability to handle her home affairs.

"Well it isn't without a lot of effort, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve. They are men after all and being the only woman in the house, it's pretty easy to control them both once I figured out what makes them tick." Alison replied, strategically not giving an honest or descriptive answer.

"Oh no you don't. Spill it! You have to throw me a lifeline here please." Diane pleaded with her friend to impart some wisdom on her and save her from her current path. "I'm not entirely sure my methods will apply to your situation. You might just find them outrageous and think I've lost it completely.

Instead, I can give you some ideas on how to handle your particular situation." Alison stated, hoping she had avoided any further interrogation. Although her and Diane were close, she could not disclose this information too anyone but the people involved in it. "Ok fine whatever. Gimme what you got!" Diane decided to settle with any advice she could get. "Ok I'm no expert here but you have been a single mom for a while now and have no adult male authority in your home.

Now hear me out before you disagree. Mark is 18 now so maybe you should bring it to his attention and declare him the man of the house so to speak. Maybe having some responsibility on his shoulders might change his outlook on life and hopefully his behaviour." Alison offered the only solution she thought would be relevant to her friend's situation.

Alison was astounded as her advice was met with hysterical laughter. ''You're kidding me right? I can't even get him to hold a valid conversation, never mind do the dishes or clean his room for that matter." Diane sarcastically replied.

"I'm being serious! You don't have to go overboard, just make him feel like he is needed around the house and you need his protection. Appeal to his sense of manhood and see if there isn't any difference in his behaviour." Alison responded with an honest and well thought out answer. "I don't know. If you weren't a physiologist I would've told you that you have lost your mind.

But what have I got to lose." Diane replied, not quite sure how she would go about doing this. "Ok great! But test the waters before you fully commit to this method. Ask him to open a jar of pickles or something and see if he doesn't jump at the opportunity to save the "damsel in distress". If he doesn't, then you will have to find another method of getting through to him." Alison further qualified her theory.

"Hmmm, I'm not entirely sure that will work but suppose it does, what then? How is that supposed to change his attitude?" Diane queried this proposed solution. "Well, if he displays 'courageous' tendencies that it is safe to assume you can move forward.

Simply keep asking him to "help" you and he will develop a sense of need. He will feel like you need him and ultimately that will make him feel like he is responsible for filling the gap of the man of the house in your life." Alison offered a full process map which she felt confident in. "Alright I will try that. But if it doesn't work, you will definitely be hearing from me!" Diane said with a playful tone.

"If it doesn't work, I will call bullshit on all the solutions I've ever recommended." Alison replied. "Alright, let's not get ahead of ourselves and just see what happens.

Anyways I think I'm going to call it a night. Talk to you later. Bye." Diane said as they exchanged their parting greetings and ended the call.

Diane sat and stared at the TV with a blank expression on her face as she tried to digest what her friend had just told her. It didn't take her long before she discarded the advice and made her way to her bedroom to call it a night.

The next day Diane found herself in autopilot as she only "woke up" once she realised she was in the kitchen trying to straighten out the mess in there. It wasn't long before she heard footsteps coming into the kitchen. "Hey mom." Mark said as he walked over to the fridge and gabbed a bottle of water. "Oh wow, we actually know how to greet today." She said sarcastically. He didn't bother responding and simply smirked at her comment as he sat down at the counter.

Diane continued cleaning up the kitchen when she suddenly heard her friend's suggestion echoing in her mind.

She pondered the advice for a few seconds and thought it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. She walked over to the fridge and grabbed a jar of pickles and began pretending she was trying to open it but couldn't. This instantly caught Mark's attention as he looked up and watched his mother. She realised he was now watching and tried to make the act look more convincing. As she was about to give up hope she heard the words she never thought she would hear him speak.

"Mom, can I help you with that?" He asked politely. Diane was in a mild state of shock as she never thought in her wildest dreams that he would volunteer to help her with anything.

"Sure, if you wouldn't mind." She said as she handed him the jar. Within seconds she heard the jar lid pop opened and he handed it back to her. "Here you go." He said with a half-smile on his face. "Thank you!" She said sincerely as she grabbed the jar and put it on the counter and pretended to look for other ingredients. "I must say, it's nice to have a big strong man around the house to help me." She added as she continued fiddling about the cupboards.

She turned around to find him smiling quite brightly at her remark. This was certainly a system shock to Diane as she had never seen him so eager to help before. Before she could say anything further he walked out of the kitchen and headed back to his room as if everything was normal.

It didn't take long before Diane had her mobile phone in her hand and she was dialing her friend's number. "Hello." Alison said as she answered the call. "Alison, I can't believe it worked!" Diane said with an astonished tone. "Really? That's great! It means you stand a chance at turning his behaviour around." "Hmmm, I wouldn't be so sure about that just yet. I will test this theory of yours more and see what happens." Diane said, not sounding all that convinced of this miracle cure.

"Trust me it works. There are plenty of more step you can take to whip him into shape so if this doesn't work, there is still a lot more you can try." Alison stated. "Really? Like what?" Diane queried. "Well, you could always try the chore and reward system. It can get quite involved so I'm not sure if that's best for you." Alison responded.

"What do you mean?" Diane asked. "It's basically as system where you ask him to do something and if he does it, you reward him. I know its a little crude but it will only work if you keep consistent with it, the moment you stop all your hard work will go down the drain. But that's advanced stuff, just try the basics first and see if it works." Alison advised. "Oh alright, I will give the easy stuff a try. You seem to know what you are doing since Tom is so well behaved." Diane commented.

"You think so? It took A LOT of work to get to where we are now, there was a lot of bribing involved but it think we are at a mutually beneficial point right now so it works. Any way I have to go now, Tom has finished doing the dishes and I have to deliver on my promise. See ya." Alison said. "Ok no problem. Speak to you later." Diane said and shortly after heard a click as the line on the other end was dropped. Diane stood at the kitchen counter and tapped her nails on the marble counter top.

She thought about her recent conversation with her friend and also thought about how Mark had reacted to her so quickly and in such a positive manner. She decided that she would commit to trying this method out no matter how far she had to take it as she needed to shape her son into an upstanding gentleman and not just another teenage hooligan. Over the next few days Diane stuck with her new found method of discipline and to her surprise it worked every time.

It worked on everything, from simply asking him to get grocery bags out of the car to having him change a light bulb, the minute she appealed to his sense of manhood, he was quick to aid her in any way possible.

The routine seemed easy enough and Diane had no trouble with sticking to it at first however, after the third week passed she found her resolve waning as she wondered why he couldn't just be a good person by default. "Why do I have to bribe him to get him to do stuff people should be doing for their parents anyway?" She asked herself as she got dressed.

She looked at the curtains and there was a glow seeping through the edges as there was a tiny gap between the curtain and edges of the window frame. She walked toward it and pulled the curtains apart and in an instant the sunlight came pouring into the room like water flooding a basement. She stared through the window and stared at the street in front of their house with a vacant expression on her face. She then turned around and walked toward her nightstand where she picked up her mobile phone and began dialling Alison's number since she was the "expert" in child training.

The phone began to ring however it just continued to ring with no answer. She cancelled the call and decided she would go about her day and being a Saturday she didn't particularly want to do anything. On her way down the hallway she noticed Mark sitting at his computer in his usual manner and she stopped at his door.

"Mark, didn't you say you would clean the pool for me today?" Diane asked. "Yeah but I'm not in the mood mom, its boiling out there." He said as his eyes never left the computer screen. Without responding Diane stormed out of the room and down the stairs into living room. She began pacing up and down the living room as she tried calling Alison numerous times but her calls were not answered.

Feeling like things are returning to their old state a little too quickly, Diane grabbed her car keys and headed out the door. She quickly got into her car and drove out onto the road, headed toward Alison's house. When she arrived she noticed Alison's car wasn't in her drive way so she parked on the street figuring she will probably have to leave as there is no one home.

She got out of her car and headed toward the house and once again tried to give Alison a call when she heard Alison's phone ring inside the house. She walked up to the front door and was about to ring the doorbell when she notice blurred figures moving inside the house. She tried to discern who it was but the figures where difficult to make out through the frosted glass of the front door.

She then noticed the figures walk toward the kitchen and curiosity got the better of her. She quietly moved to the side of the house and as luck would have it, the kitchen blinds were opened so she had a clear view into the kitchen.

She then saw Alison and her son walk into the kitchen she could finally hear what they were talking about.

"I hope you didn't wear yourself out too much when mowing the lawn today." Alison said to her son as she walked toward the fridge and he followed behind by a few paces. "It wasn't all that bad mom, you know I like helping you out around the house." Tom said as he leaned against the kitchen counter. "Yeah I'm sure you just like getting rewarded for helping." Alison replied as she opened the fridge and retrieved a carton of orange juice.

"No mom, I actually like helping you since dad is always at work, who else will help you without you having to hire someone." Tom replied as he watched his mother pour some orange juice into the glass she was holding. "Well that's really sweet of you honey, you are turning into a real gentleman.

Here, have something to drink. It's quite hot out today." She said as she handed him the glass to which he accepted and quickly drank the whole thing in a few gulps. Diane felt her blood boiling as she watched them. Here she is skulking around in hedges because she is in crisis and her "best friend" can't even bother to pick up the phone. "Feels better doesn't it? It's hot as hell today." Alison said as she picked up a towel and patted her neck down as she had begun sweating.

"That was good, thanks mom." Tom said casually as he placed the glass on the counter. "Speaking of good, you have been really going at your chores lately. I'm impressed!" Alison said, commending him on his recent behaviour. "Thanks mom, it's easier to do them since I have more free time with the summer holiday and all." He responded as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other.

"Well I like your spirit. That reminds me, it's time for you reward since you have been so well behaved." Alison said as she casually walked up toward. Once she was standing in front of him, she got down on her knees, unzipped his pants and with one hand slid her finger in the waist band of his underwear and with the other pulled his cock out of his pants.

She admired it for a few seconds and it began getting erect and suddenly took it into her mouth without allowing it to get fully erect. Diane's hands flew up and covered her mouth as she gasped and her eyes widened to their limits. She honestly for the life of her could not believe what she was seeing with her own two eyes. Tom let his head fall back and let out a soft moan as his mother slowly let his cock out of her mouth but before the head of his cock would come back into sight she would suck it back into her mouth.

She then began moving her head back and forth, slowly at first but then increased her pace. Diane was in shock! The scene that unfolded in front of her seemed so unnatural, like watching a pig performing a ballet masterpiece in a tutu. The whole act was completely devoid of lust, passion, romance or any emotion usually associated with this sort of encounter.

Before Diane could get to grips with reality again she watched Alison release her son's cock from her mouth completely but only to start twirling her tongue around the head of his cock.

Neither of them spoke as they engaged in their incestuous act. Diane felt like her eyes were going to pop out of her head as she watched Alison orally pleasure her own son. As if things weren't bad enough, Diane watched Alison slide her tongue up and down the underside of her son's shaft until it glistened with her saliva.

With that she tilted her head to the left, wrapped her hand around his shaft and begun gently sucking his balls one by one while stroking his cock.

She continuously altered her attention between each of his balls as she quickened the pace at which she stroked his cock. "Are you there yet?" Alison queried, her question was barely audible as she had her mouth nestled in his crotch. The only response he gave was I nod and that was her cue. She let his balls slip out of her mouth and positioned her head straight in line with his cock.

She then proceeded to wrap both hands around his cock and began stroking it as fast and as hard as she could. It wasn't long at all before Tom's breath quickened and he began grunting. Alison moved a little closer, opened her mouth, stuck her tongue out and aimed his cock at her mouth while she continued to stroke it with no mercy. Tom clenched his jaw and his body went stiff as he looked down at his mother in awe of her performance.

Suddenly a thick rope of sticky hot cum shot out of his cock and ran a streak right across her face due to the sheer force of pent up pressure. Alison flinched and quickly adjusted her aim and the next shot hit its mark, which was directly on her waiting tongue. She continued milking his cock with slow but firm strokes as each shot of hot semen left the tip of her son's cock and landed on her tongue.

This scene continued for what felt like hours to Diane as she watched her best friend milk her son's cock and take his incestuous cum into her mouth without giving a second thought.

She likened Alison's behaviour to how a prostitute would behave when servicing a high profile client, no emotion at all just a cold delivery of service. Diane felt sick and disgusted but for some reason couldn't look away. She watched as Tom's cock finally stopped jerking and began going flaccid with a last, lingering drop of cum hanging from the tip of his spent cock. Alison curled the tip of her tongue upward and licked the hanging drop of cum as a person licks the last drop of custard from the mouth of a jug.

Without hesitation Alison swallowed her son's load and stuck out her tongue to show him there was no trace of it left in her mouth. Diane gasped once again as if what she had been watching all this time wasn't bad enough already. Alison casually tucked her son's cock away and proceeded to fix his pants before standing up and straightening her dress. She wiped the cum off her face with her middle finger and licked it off her finger as one does when baking a cake and they find a bit of icing on their finger.

"That was some good work you did this week honey, thank you very much. Now go wash up while I fix us some dinner. You know how cranky your dad gets when he comes home and finds dinner isn't ready." Alison said as she tapped him on his shoulder, after which he left the room as if nothing were amiss in this situation. Diane lost her footing and fell into some nearby shrubs. Startled by her fall she got up and quickly disappeared back around the house and snuck across the lawn to her car.

She swiftly entered the vehicle, started the engine and drove off quietly in the hopes that she had not been seen. "What the hell?" Diane said to herself as her mind tried to digest what she had just witnessed. She wondered if what she had just seen was indeed reality and not just a figment of her imagination brought on by her loneliness and of course her lack of sexual contact.

Diane drove home in silence, her mind was a mess as she tried to figure out what had just happened, everything suddenly seemed upside down as she felt like the ground had just been snatched out from under her feet.

She finally arrived at home and parked her car in the drive way. She turned the ignition off, closed her eyes and let her head fall against the headrest of her seat. As soon as her eyes closed her mind replayed the images of her best friend on her knees like an obedient school girl in front of her son and pleasuring him in ways a mother should never pleasure their child.

A cool breeze came through the half opened window and gently brushed over her head and chest. The cool wind in contrast to her sweaty skin gave her goose bumps as the two made contact. She opened her eyes as she began to notice her nipples were now so erect, they were actually visible through her bra and shirt.

She shook her head in an attempt to try and snap herself out of the daze she found herself in.

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She got out of her car and made her way into the house, determined to try and forget about what she had just seen. "I'm probably just going crazy!" She said to herself as she made her way to her room and changed into more comfortable clothes before fixing dinner for herself and Mark.

Diane spent the rest of that evening in a quiet daze as her mind couldn't seem to compute what she had witnessed earlier. Her brain worked itself to the point of exhaustion and soon Diane found herself turning in for the night in order to try and get some rest. The next morning Diane woke up to see the notification light blinking on her mobile phone.

She opened the message to find a coffee invite from Alison. Diane was nowhere near prepared to face her friend after what she had seen so she simple ignored the message and went about getting ready for a nice relaxing Sunday. She relaxing and watching TV when she suddenly heard the doorbell ring. She wondered who it could be as neither her nor Mark received any regular visitors, much less on a Sunday morning.

Before she could move Mark was at the door and was already opening it. "Hey Alison." Mark said with a cheerful smile. "Hi handsome! Is your mom around?" She queried. "Yep. Come on in, she is loafing around in front of the TV." Mark said as he walked away from the door and retreated upstairs to his room. "Oh, there you are lazy bones. Why didn't you answer my text?" Alison asked casually as she walked in and took a seat adjacent to her friend.

Diane was caught off guard by her friend's arrival. "I uh…I left my phone in the room, I didn't hear your text come through." Diane said sheepishly. "That's alright, I'm here now. So where do you want to go today?" Alison asked in a cheerful voice. Diane stared at her friend with a blank expression for a few moments. "Um, I'm not feeling up to it today. I don't really want to go anywhere." Diane answered truthfully. "Huh! I can't say I blame you.

I would be tired as well if were sneaking around my friend's home all cloak and dagger like." Alison said sarcastically. Diane didn't give a verbal response but her face gave her away as her eyes opened wide and the colour drained from her face.

"Oh my gosh I was just kidding! So it actually was you!" Alison said in the same tone a teenager does when they find out one of their friends secrets.

"It's not what you think. I just came over to ask for your help and you didn't answer the door but I heard your phone ringing in the house.

I found it weird since your car wasn't there so I went to see if you were home and&hellip." Diane's sentence trailed off. "And you saw me rewarding my son for his good behaviour." Alison said quite firmly without batting an eyelid as she ran her hands down her thighs repeatedly in order to brush the creases out of her dress while attentively paying attention to her actions. Diane was taken aback by her friend's nonchalant bravado in reference to her behaviour.

"What? I did tell you the stuff can get quite advanced." Alison added casually as she looked up at her friend because she had the feeling Diane was burning holes in her forehead from staring. "But how? How do you do it? I still can't believe what I saw!" Diane asked while shaking her head, not being sure if she really wanted to know the answer.

"Oh that's easy. Once I stopped looking at it in a sexual or romantic way, it's all really quite easy. I mean he is my son after all and the only feelings I have for him are the feelings a mother has for her son." Alison answered but she could tell her answer wasn't quite satisfying Diane. "But how? I mean that's not normal. That's not something a person can do with just anyone, that's a high level of intimacy!" Diane enquired further. "I understand that but you are looking at it all wrong. Ok think of it this way.

You didn't get all twisted and bent out of shape when you used to bath Mark as a kid right? It's the same principle.

I'm his mother and I'm just rewarding him for good behaviour in way in which is highly effective. Teens are incredibly receptive and obedient when things of a sexual nature are thrown on the table as a reward." Alison said casually. "I'm sorry but no matter how you sugar coat it, it's still wrong! I mean how do you even get to that point, do you just wake up one day decide you are going to suck your son's dick because he has been good boy!?" Diane replied, adding a rhetorical question just for good measure.

"It's nothing at all like that. It started off gradually. I caught him snooping through my underwear drawer one day and instead of punishing him I decided to use it as leverage.


He was allowed to keep my underwear for the night if he finished his chores each day." Alison explained carefully. "That's still a far cry from milking his dick and swallowing!" Diane said sharply. "Oh aren't we full of jokes today!" Alison shot back at her.

"Truth be told I'm not quite sure how it progressed this far but I've come to realise its highly effective when I flash him some skin to keep his moral up. When he has been really good I get him off just as reward for his good behaviour and to keep it that way.

Look it's by no means a tried and tested method but I will be damned if that kid doesn't march to beat of my drum." Alison said, sounding quite proud of herself. Diane just sat and stared at this crazy woman for a few seconds before continuing with the conversation. She tried by all means not to admit that she was incredibly intrigued by all this. "So how far have you actually taken this thing?" Diane asked, her curiosity getting the better of her.

"What you saw today is as far as I'm willing to go, anything more than that would be crossing the line." Alison answered truthfully.

Diane stared at her with a look of disbelief. "What? I'm serious!" Alison added. "You expect me to believe that after everything I saw the other day?" Diane responded. "Believe what you want but it's the truth. We have strict ground rules for this thing otherwise it doesn't work. He knows not to touch me in any way that is inappropriate. He also knows not to expect much more than he has already been given because I am still his mother." Alison replied, reaffirming her position on the matter.

"I see. I will pretend like I believe you just for the sake of it." Diane answered, not sounding entirely convinced. "Ok look, I can already see the wheels spinning in your head so before you do anything just a word of caution, start small and stay small. Don't let it escalate into something bigger or give into his requests, always remain in control of the situation. And please for the love of all that is holy, do not let feelings get involved, that would just make it awkward for everyone." Alison said, giving her friend some words of wisdom.

"Are you crazy? I wasn't planning on doing anything!" Diane retorted, astonished at the accusation thrown at her. "If you say so.

Look, I know it sounds crazy but it definitely works wonders. At the end of the day I go to bed knowing I have done everything in my power to raise a well behaved son." Alison said, further justifying her point. "When you put it that way I kinds makes sense, but it's still crazy though and I don't think I'd be willing to go that far to discipline him." Diane said, retreating back to sanity after almost giving in to a ludicrous notion. "That my dear, is completely up to you.

But you know, if you ever need help disciplining Mark, I can always lend a hand. He is quite a looker and I pride myself on being a good friend." Alison teased. "You keep your filthy hands off my boy!" Diane shot back at her. "Oh relax, I was just kidding.

Besides, I don't think I'm his type unlike you." Alison said casually. "What's that supposed to mean?" Diane queried. "Nothing. All I'm saying is whenever I come over, it doesn't matter if I'm wearing the shortest skirt in existence, I'm not the one he can't take his eyes off." Alison said as she twirled her hair playfully.

"Just what exactly are you insinuating?" Diane pressed the matter. She already knew exactly what her friend meant but she wasn't about to let Alison drag her family into this sort of sordid affair. "I think you know very well. If you don't believe me, wear something sexy one of these days and watch his reaction. If you don't see an instant reaction then I will admit I was wrong.

In fact I'm so sure of it, I'm willing to bet my car on it!" Alison said, reaffirming her notion. "I don't think I can do that. He is my son!" Diane replied in shock of friend's suggestion. "That's up to you, I'm just saying, don't knock it till you try it." Alison said, regressing from her affirmative stance on the matter which could be seen by her posture visibly relaxing.

The conversation then turned to something a bit lighter as the two friends began talking about their usual gossip which went on for the next hour before Alison decided to leave. Diane walked her friend to the door, said her goodbyes and closed the door as her friend left. She turned her back toward the door and leaned against in, giving an audible sigh as she tried to digest the conversation they had prior to things returning back to their normal state. Diane's eyes shot toward the foot of the stairs as she thought she had seen something move.

She noticed a very dim shadow move about and the suddenly still itself, her eyes went widened as it dawned on her and she realised what she was seeing. "Mark&hellip.Mark honey, you can come out of the shadows." Diane said as she held on to the false hope that it was just her imagination. Her heartbeat began to reduce in speed as at first no one stepped out of the shadow and she began to feel a wave of relief wash over her when suddenly she heard a voice speak from the shadows.

"I…I'm sorry mom. I didn't mean to eve's drop. I was coming down to get a drink and I overheard what you and Alison where talking about and I just froze." Mark finally responded in a shaky voice. "It's ok honey. Come out of the shadows, we need to talk about this because there is no avoiding it and pretending it didn't happen." Diane said calmly as she could hear the sincerity in his voice.

Mark slowly emerged from the shadows and stepped into the sunlit living room. Diane walked over the couch and reclaimed her initial seating position, to which Mark nervously sat on the couch furthest away from her.

She could see he was tense and nervous and felt bad about it as she felt this whole situation was her fault. Had she not gone snooping and seen what she did, none of this would be an issue. "I'm not upset with you sweetie so you can relax.

We just need to talk about this because this situation has gotten way out of control." Diane said, trying to ease the tension in the room. Mark just sat quietly and didn't answer her as he hadn't a clue of what to say I response. "Ok let's start here, how much of that conversation did you hear?" Diane asked, hoping he had just caught the tail end of it. That way damage control would be a lot easier as she could just play it down as joke.

"Did Alison really give Tom a blowjob because he did the dishes?" Mark asked, cutting straight to the point. Diane was caught off guard by his straight-forwardness and had to find her bearings before she could answer him. "Yes she did. But honey please understand that although that woman is my dear friend, she is crazy and she shouldn't have done that." Diane replied, trying to regain control of the situation.

"Yeah I figured, that's so insane though. I bet guys all over the world would wash more dishes if they caught wind of this." Mark said passively. "Honey I hope you don't think you and I are going to head down that road.

I love you and you are my world but I just don't think I can cross that line." Diane said, trying to kill this situation off before it develops any further. "I know mom don't worry, I wasn't trying to hint at anything." Mark said as he stared at the floor. Diane could read a look of disappointment all over his face. She hated seeing him disappointed but she knew she could never go down that road with her own son. She softly bit her lower lip as she thought about the whole situation and how she could calmly navigate these dicey waters but at the same time end the whole thing without any expectations.

"Ok let's clear things up a bit. To start off let me just say that I'm not going to do anything filthy or sexual with you, you are my son and that would be wrong on so many levels…" Diane stated for the record and as she spoke, it were as if she watched his mood and posture sink lower and lower as if being pulled down by a strong gravitational force.

"But I have to admit there is some logic to what she said, I just don't agree with her methods." Diane added to her statement, as if trying not to let the conversation die off. "Yeah there is, it makes so much sense now why Tom would do anything for his mom. At school he used to talk about her like she is freakin' Wonder Woman or something. I guess now I know why." Mark said as he shifted his weight in his seat and slouched back into the couch.

"Really, I would've thought he doesn't think much of her, I mean which mom does that." Diane asked rhetorically. "Oh yeah! He was always super obedient and when she said jump, he wouldn't even ask how high, he would just jump. We always called him momma's boy but I guess the joke was on us!" Mark added while he was having a moment of realisation, as if a decade long mystery had just been solved.

"That's really strange, I didn't think of it that way." Diane said as she bit her lip again, trying to digest this new information she had just received as they sat in silence for a few moments. The silence was finally broken by Mark's phone ringing. He answered it while standing up and walking out of the room. As his voice faded up the stairs, Diane sat and thought about the situation and tried to digest all this new information she had just been exposed to.

Moments later Mark came dashing down the stairs headed for the front door. "I'm just going to the mall with some friends." Mark said as he whizzed past the living.

"Hey hey hey, just a minute!" Diane said in a successful attempt to get him to stop. Mark gave out a sigh as he knew she wasn't stopping him just to say good bye but instead to interrogate him.

"What now?" He complained. "Who are you going with? Where are you going?

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I need details!" She said as if what she was saying is common sense and he should already know this. "Come on mom! I'm not a little kid anymore!" Mark complained as he hunched his shoulders forward. "I know you aren't but I need to know who is taking you!" She pressed the question.

"Tom's brother is going to meet his girlfriend at the mall and is giving us a ride. There! Happy!" Mark said sarcastically. Diane simply nodded her head which he took as a signal for permission to leave and was out of the door like a bullet from the barrel of a rifle.

Diane had her own reasons for being so worried. After the conversation she had this morning with Alison, she knew her friend couldn't be trusted around her son. "If she is capable of sucking off her own son, imagine what she would do to mine!" Diane said to herself and for a brief moment, she had a flash back of the scene she witnesses of Alison on her knees with a cock in her mouth except instead of Alison's son receiving the blowjob, it was Mark!

The thought of it alone made her blood boil as she couldn't stand the thought of Alison having her way with her baby, but at the same time the thought of Mark being sucked off gave her a little tingle between her thighs which she was not at all comfortable with. "What if that slut actually tries to seduce him!?" Diane said to herself and as the words left her lips, a look of terror washed over her face before her reaction turned to panic.

She thought about how Alison dresses on a daily basis and realised she was a walking sex pot who could attract any man in sight, more especially a teenage boy who's hormones where the predominant reason for anything he does. In the back of Diane's mind there was an idea lurking, growing, pushing and pulling its way to the front and the more she tried to bury it, the more it made itself known.

Diane sat in silence as this idea took a firm hold, grew roots in her mind and soon she found herself pacing up and down the living room, convincing herself that her reasons were valid and just. "I've got it!" She shouted out loud in a triumphant voice and as she did so, the front door swung open to reveal a very confused looking Mark.

"You've got what?" Mark asked, his confusion was very evident in his facial expression. "Oh nothing, I was just thinking out loud. You are back so soon?" She asked, trying to change to topic. "Soon? I've been gone for three hours!" Marks said as he raised one eyebrow to signal his confusion. "Three hours? I didn't realise the time, I should get dinner started!" She said as she walked toward the kitchen.

"You really don't have to mom, I can just make myself a sandwich when I get hungry." Mark said, trying to dissuade her from the unnecessary task of cooking. He then heard her footsteps returning from the kitchen and heading toward him. "You know I must say, you are a really good son. Most kids your age would come home and demand something to eat but here you are acting a considerate gentleman.

You are going to make a great husband to some lucky woman one day." Diane said as she kissed him on the cheek and headed back toward the kitchen. "You mean like you? I always thought you were a great mom and wife. Well that was until dad died and you got that new job which keeps you busy all the time." Mark said, being absent minded of her feelings as he let his words fly.

Diane felt those words pierce through her chest like a sharp sword. She knew he hadn't said it to intentionally hurt her but she also knew it was true and hearing him say it out loud made it feel real.

She stopped walking as she reached the threshold into the kitchen and leaned against the wall with her head down. "I'm sorry Mark. I didn't mean for things to end up like this. It was hard for me when your dad passed away and I didn't give myself time to grieve.

All I knew was I had to provide for you which meant working more hours to make more money. I didn't realise that while doing all that, I was losing my identity as your mother." Diane answered however it was more than just a response. Her voice was thick with sorrow and despair. It was almost as if she were baring her soul a little and possibly asking for his forgiveness.

The room stayed quiet and suddenly Diane felt arm wrap around her waist as Mark hugged her from behind. "I appreciate everything you have done for us. You are a good woman, you always have been." Mark said as he held her for a little longer.

Diane was a little shocked at the fact that she had missed the part where her son was now slightly taller than her and his frame was much broader than hers. She felt the warmth from his embrace, it felt strong, firm and stable. On instinct she leaned back and without missing a beat she felt his body lean forward to 'catch' hers and support it.

She closed her eyes and rubbed his forearms and soon began to notice she no longer felt like her son was hugging her. Instead she felt a man holding her steady and supporting her.

His hands wrapped tighter around her waist and his hands began slowly caressing the sides of her torso as he nestled his face in the back of her neck. He inhaled the scent of her hair and skin which seemed to mesmerize him. In Diane's mind she was about to break away from the hug but instead she leaned her head to the side and on instinct Mark moved his head to the newly available area.

He lightly pressed his face into her neck and the sensation of his lips touching her skin sent shivers through her body. "Mark. When did you grow into such a gentleman?

When did I miss that point?" She said in a low voice as she hung her head back and rested it on his shoulder. "I think that tends to happen when I'm living with a lady." Mark said, the heat escaping his lips warmed her skin in ways that sent pleasure dripping down her shoulder and spread to the rest of her body. As he finished his sentence, the heat exchange between their bodies caused a warm gush of air to rise from her skin and saturate his nose with her heavenly perfume.

He closed his eyes as his nose took it all in and without any prompt or forethought, he slowly kissed her neck. "Oh God!" Diane said as she felt her knees buckle beneath her. After having been single for so many years, she underestimated the power the human touch and began to feel herself melt in her son's arms.

"Mark, honey you shouldn't kiss me like that. It's&'s just not the way you should kiss your mother." Diane said as the laboured breaths left her mouth. "I know mom I'm sorry. You are just an incredibly attractive woman and I guess I just got confused for a second." Mark responded honestly however, he was far from being sorry for his actions as he proceeded to kiss her neck again, this time slower and more sensual.

"Mark, don't do that!" Diane said out loud as she raised her arm and slowly ran it through his hair until it was firmly placed at the back of his head.

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Her words told him to stop but she found herself holding him in position so he could not move his head back. Feeling her caressing him, Mark ignored her instruction to stop and kissed her neck once more, only this time the lingered for much longer than the previous two and as he opened his eyes to try and sneak a peek at her breasts, he was shocked to see she was now using her free hand to massage her breast through her shirt.

Diane felt his lips pleasurably assault her neck as she realised she was quickly losing control of her body. In a small burst of sober thought she managed to summon up the willpower to break away.

She stepped forward and leaned against the kitchen counter as she tried to catch her breath and steady herself. "Mom, are you ok?" Mark asked out of concern for her state. "I'm fine son. Just…don't ever do that to me again!

I'm not as strong as it thought I was." She said as she walked away, headed up the stairs and Mark heard her bedroom door close. Mark began to feel the crushing weight of guilt as he quickly replayed the events in his mind, trying to find the tipping point and wishing her could go back and undo it as he had just upset his mother.

Upstairs and behind a closed door, Diane found herself sitting on the edge of her bed sweating like an athlete. "What the hell? Diane, get a grip. You shouldn't allow that sort of thing to happen and you definitely shouldn't be enjoying it." She scolded herself as she saw this as a sign of weakness.

It had been years since Diane had stopped for even a second to consider her sexual wellbeing and she was caught off-guard by her hormone's rapid invasion and takeover of her body and mind. She tried to shake her head in an attempt to forget what had just happened when suddenly she noticed there was an intense heat emanating from the recently activated organ between her thighs.

Without giving it a second thought she stood up, yanked her pants off and lay back on the bed with her legs spread as far as they could go.

Impulse took over as she ran the two middle fingers on her right hand up and down her pussy, spreading her labia and plunging them into her pussy as deep as she could. "I'm so fucking wet!" She said to herself as she felt her fingers get soaked in her pussy juices. She pulled her well lubricated fingers out and resumed running them up and down her labia until she felt her heart jump as her fingers passed over her now engorged clit.

She began focusing her efforts on this highly sensitive and pleasurable spot and in doing so felt her heart rate rise rapidly and her body tense up.

She realised she was on the brink of an orgasm when suddenly she had an image pop into her head of Mark getting his cock worshiped and sucked but only this time, instead of Alison, it was Diane herself romancing her son's cock. Diane clenched her teeth as the thought sent her over the edge.

She closed her eyes tight and with her free hand grabbed the sheets with a clenched fist as if trying hold on to a speeding rollercoaster. She let out a squeak as the first orgasm in years ran through her body making sure to hit all the stops on the orgasm express. She finally managed to regain control of her body as she felt her limbs relax and her body fell into a blissful ecstasy which she could not put into words even if all known languages were made readily available to her.

Diane laid her head on the bed and within seconds she was transported to the land of dreams as her entre body radiated an afterglow of released years of unconscious sexual tension that had built up in her. The next morning Diane woke up and as she got out of bed she noticed her body felt lighter, almost as if she was immersed in water.

For the first time in years she felt like she had an abundant, almost bottomless reservoir of energy which became more apparent as she went about getting ready for work that morning. As she walked down the stairs to grab something to eat before heading out she found Mark sitting at the kitchen counter in a daze. The sunlight gently poured into the room through the kitchen window and the scent of freshly made coffee wafted through the air.

"Hey son, oooo coffee, Yes please!" She said as she walked up to the coffee maker and poured herself a cup. As the dark liquid swirled in the cup she lifted it to her nose and took a deep breath before taking a sip. "Where are you headed to looking all office-like?" Mark enquired as his eyes scanned her body from her head to toe. He had never taken note before but suddenly found himself in awe at how her teal silk blouse hugged her abdomen which resulted in the general shape and size of her breasts being clearly noticeable.

His eyes travelled down her waist and thighs which were tightly wrapped in a black pencil skirt which if he didn't know any better would swear their sole purpose is to showcase her ass and thighs.

His eyes travelled further down her sheer black stockinged legs and landed on her feet which were encased in high gloss black, strappy leather high heels which he estimated were no less than 5 inches in height. The leather straps were so thin, 90% of her foot was visible and to top it off, the stockings she wore were so sheer he could clearly see her toes had metallic blue nail polish on.

She looked like the office slut and to Mark's surprise although he had masturbated less than an hour ago he felt his cock quickly grow as blood rushed to fill it. "Going to work obviously, someone has to make some money around here." She said callously as she took another sip of her coffee. Diane was feeling like she was seeing the world in full colour after spending numerous years seeing it in shades of grey. Everything felt more alive, including herself. "Oh, that's weird. Yesterday you told me you had been given the week off." Mark said as his eyes travelled over every inch of her body.

"Oh shit!" Diane said and quickly covered her mouth with one hand trying to act shocked at the language she had just used. "I clean forgot about that! Damn, I could've slept in instead of getting dressed for work. Why didn't you remind me!" Diane replied, surprise was clearly evident in her voice but it had hints of joy alongside it as she realised she did not have to go into the office for a full week. "And miss seeing you dressed like this?

I don't think so, this was too good to miss." Mark said without thinking and as soon as the words left his mouth his eyes grew wide as he realised who he was talking to.

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At that very moment he remembered what had happened the night before and realised he was actively coming onto his mother. "Dressed like what? I don't see anything different compared to how I normally dress." She said as she took another sip of her coffee, this time she did so slower as she realised she didn't have to rush through her morning and could plan her day in any way she pleased. "Well for starters, you never wear shoes like that, I've only ever seen you wearing those closed up granny heels." Mark said, trying to back out of the hole he felt he was digging himself into.

"What's wrong with my shoes?" Diane said as she looked down and tilted her foot from side to side, unknowingly showcasing her foot to her ever present admirer. "N…nothing.

They look hot. I mean!.they look fine mom." Mark replied but found himself stumbling over his words. "These old things? I haven't worn them in years! Your father used to complain all the time that I'm attracting too much attention to myself when I wear shoes like these so I stopped." Diane replied. "I can see why he would say that.


Old or not, they look gorgeous on your pretty feet." He stated and quickly clenched his fist and his jaw as he seemed unable to stop saying things to his mother he knows he shouldn't be saying.

"Well aren't we full of compliments today. Be careful, one might think you have a thing for your old mom's feet and heels." She said playfully as she put the empty cup on the counter. She turned to grab a cloth and in doing so accidentally knocked over the cup.

"Oh crap." She said as she watched the cup fall and shatter into pieces on the tiled floor. "I don't know what's wrong with me today, my brain is just absent from my body.

Diane said as she attempted to bend over in order to pick up the pieces but her clothes proved to be too restricting which Mark quickly noticed.

Within a blink of an eye he was out of his seat and at her side. "Let me get it!" He said as he rushed to her aid and before Diane could say anything he was on the floor picking up the pieces of the cup. "Oh, thank you honey.

I think I need to lose some weight, my clothes are a little too tight." Diane said as she brushed her hand against her stomach while trying to suck it in. "You look fine mom, in fact you look great." Mark replied.

"Well thank you honey, at least one man in this town thinks I'm worth looking at." Diane said. "Ahggg!" He suddenly said in frustration. "What is it? Did you cut yourself? She asked worriedly. "No no, this last piece has slid under the cabinet and it's a bit hard to reach." He said as he stretched his arm out in vain.

The rest of the pieces had already been picked up and luckily there was no liquid left in the cup so the floor was still dry.

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"Need something to pull it out with?" Diane queried. "No I can get it." Mark said with determination in his voice. He sprawled himself out flat on the cool floor and began stretching for the piece which was now within reach.

As he did so he picked up on a scent that he couldn't quite place. The fragrance was rather pleasant and was powerful enough for him to instantly stop what he was doing and analyse the scent. He quickly realised that the source of this delightful scent was his mother or more accurately her high heeled feet as he finally figured it was a combination of her perfume, her body lotion, the nylon material encasing her feet, and the patent leather of her shoes.

The scent quickly ravaged his brain and left him in a state of sexual zombie mode where he was unable to do anything other than follow the lead of his hormones. "Can you get it?" Diane asked as she leaned over slightly in a failed attempt to get a better view. "It keeps slipping out of my fingers." Mark said as he instantly shifted closer to her.

She was completely unaware that he actually had the piece in his hand already and was now acting on sexual autopilot. The scent increased in strength as he got closer to the source and soon he found his face right next to her feet and without thinking he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The scent travelled through his nose like liquid silk and soaked his brain causing it to flood with hormones. As he took another breath he felt his cock tense against the cool, hard tiled floor.

At the same time Diane wondered why she suddenly felt a slightly moist gush of warm air blow over her toes intermittently and as she looked down she was nearly floored by what she saw. Diane suddenly felt her heart begin to race and she could feel her pulse in the soles of her feet. "And just what do you think you are doing young man?" Diane asked in a calm but firm voice as she tried to hide the fact that she was flustered by such a bold move on his part.

Mark looked up when he heard her voice and noticed she was now staring down at him. He knew he was in trouble but couldn't help noticing how sexy and powerful she looked as she stared down at him.

"I was…I was trying to get this shard from under the counter." Mark said hopelessly as he knew his excuse wasn't acceptable. "Oh really now? And does that involve you sniffing my toes?" Diane said in a stern tone of voice as she put her hands on her hips and began to feel her heart rate steadily increase.

"N…no. I'm sorry Mom&hellip." He replied but his answer was cut short by her as she raised her hand with her index finger pointed out signalling him to stop talking. "No you are not!

Ever since you overheard the conversation between Alison and I, you have been coming onto to me in not-so subtle ways." Diane scolded him however she did notice she wasn't actually upset instead she seemed more excited than anything else.

Mark moved in order to get up off the floor but before he could complete his action she raised her leg and placed the front of her shoe on his forehead and pushed him back down on the floor and to both of their surprise, he obliged without any sort of resistance.

"So it's become quite clear that you think it's ok to hit on your mother but sadly you are very mistaken and I need to punish your for that." Diane said as she looked down at him. Her foot was still on his forehead when she noticed his eyes travelling up the underside of her thigh and toward her crotch. She felt violated by his eyes but felt exhilarated at the same time and with that she removed her foot from his forehead and placed it on the floor next to his head.

She stepped forward with her other foot and placed it on the other side of his head which resulted in her standing directly above his head as he looked up. "So you like sniffing your mother's toes and looking up her skirt huh? Well take a good look you little perv!" She said as she stood there with her hands on her hips, giving her soon a full view of her crotch. She could almost feel the heat from his gaze burn between her thighs as her eyes travelled down his body and noticed the tent in his pants.

Mark suddenly heard the sound of metal grinding against ceramic and soon noticed she had pulled up a kitchen stool and had placed it right behind her. "We are going to be here for a while so I may as well get comfy." She said as she leaned back and slid her wide ass onto the stool behind her. With her weight now taken off her legs, her high heeled feet were now dangling directly above his face.

''You know, I did mention these shoes are old.

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I think you should clean them for me!" She said as she held them steady above his face. "Can I have a cloth then?" Mark requested. "Oh no dear, no one gets to look at my pussy without licking something. You are going to clean my shoes with your tongue!" She said as she put her hands on her knees and held her legs and feet together. Again to her surprise he offered no resistance.

Within seconds she watched him lift his head and begin licking the soles of her high heels. The sight of this sent tingles through Diane's body as she watched him lick every inch of her shoes. She felt an intense heat radiate from between her thighs as she shifted in her seat in an attempt to apply pressure on her swelling pussy lips. "I must admit, you are quite good at cleaning my shoes. I should make you do this with all my shoes in my closet." She said and as her last words left her mouth she watched him raise his head and close his mouth around the heel of her shoe.

He slowly lowered his head as she watched the glossy heel slowly reappear from between his lips and this nearly sent her over the edge of insanity. "Ok that's enough!" She said, her breath sounded laboured all of a sudden. "Take my shoes off, I can't walk in them now that you have cleaned them so nicely." She said and without hesitation she watched him raise his hands undo the tiny buckles on each shoe's ankle strap.

Before she could instruct him any further, he turned the shoes upside down and took a deep breath, inhaling the fresh scent from her warm shoes. For some reason unknown to Diane, this disgusted and aroused her at the same time. "Why would you want to smell someone's shoes? That's disgusting!" She said out loud to which his initial response was a shoulder shrug. "I don't know, they just smell good. And they aren't just anyone's shoes, they are your shoes!" He said frankly. His nose was nearly saturated with the scent of her shoes and his brain was flooded with hormones, too much for him to mince his words.

His words made her blush profusely as he was now directly and openly complimenting her without pulling back or changing his statement.

She noticed he was staring at the soles of her nylon clad feet as he slowly moved the shoes away from his face and placed them on his chest right side up. Without warning she lowered her feet and let them rest on his face. Mark nearly went into shock as he was overwhelmed by the warm sensation of his mother's feet pressed onto his face coupled with the intoxicating scent that accompanied them.

"mmmmmmhh!" Was all he said as he raised his head to better accommodate her feet and to have them more firmly pressed into his face. "This is so disgusting Mark.

How can you even like that?" She remarked however, she could not ignore the fact that it seemed the soles of her feet were directly connect to her pussy as she could feel it get wetter by the second. Couple this with the fact that this was a lewd and disgusting act they were engaging in, excited her all the more. "Because your feet smell amazing! And they are incredibly soft!" Diane heard his muffled answer come from underneath her feet.

His answer did not aid her attempts to stop this. Without realising it, Diane had begun to slowly rub her feet all over her son's face as if she were massaging it and using it as a floor mat at the same time. Diane noticed something twitch in the corner of her eye. She scanned the room for the movement and flinched when she saw it again. "Do my feet make you THAT happy?" She asked as she realised the twitching was coming from the crotch area of his pants.

She admitted to herself mentally that she was impressed at the force of it as it was quite noticeable through his pants. "Mmmhmm! Your feet are so gorgeous!" She heard his muffled voice again as she continued to massage his face with her feet. She tilted her head to one side as she analysed this cages entity that kept twitching inside her son's pants and after a brief analyses she heard herself speak, almost as if it were someone else that saying the words.

"Take it out! I want to see how much you like my feet." She said calmly. She was astounded by what she had just said and even more shocked when she watched his hands move toward his waistline.

He undid his belt first, then the top button, then held the zipper and slowly pulled it down. Her anticipation grew with each millimetre the zipper travelled down its track away from her. He then undid the button on the front of his boxers and before he could even move his hand, his cock sprung out and stood proud in front her. She gasped at the sight of it and could not take her eyes off it for even a split second.

Her eyes travelling up and down its glorious, veiny shaft and lingered at the swollen head that was already leaked precum. To her surprise it twitched again which resulted in her flinching as if it were twitching right in front of her face, thereafter she watched as a huge bead of precum oozed out of the top of his cockhead and slowly ran down the veiny shaft. "It looks so full and hard!" She thought to herself as she marvelled at its build, shape and texture. Without notice or warning, she watched his hand move and watched his fingers slowly grasp his cock until it was firmly nestled in a closed fist.

He began slowly moving his fist up and down as he fell deeper under the spell of her sweet feet. Diane bit her lower lip as she watched his fist slowly increase in speed as it moved up and down his hard shaft, causing precum to ooze out faster to a point where the head of his cock was completely glistening with precum which ran down and pooled at the top of his fist.

Diane licked her lips and swallowed as she watched his cock leak its love juices for her. Diane's eyes grew wide as she watched his fist slowly open, move higher up on his shaft and close again. Only this time as it moved down it spread a layer of precum all the way down his shaft which now acted as a lubricant which allowed his fist to glide up and down his shaft with ease.

His pace suddenly quickened and Diane could feel his breath become laboured as warm, rapid gushes of air bounced off the soft soles of her feet. "Mmmhmm…mhmmmmh!" Diane heard a muffled grunt come from under her feet and noticed his body stiffen up as her eyes travelled down his torso.

Her eyes reached their destination just in time as she watched his fist tightened and give a few short pumps up and down his shaft. His hips rose slightly off the floor and Diane's eyes grew wide with anticipation as she noticed the head of his cock flare up and swell to almost twice its original size.

She watched intently when suddenly a thick rope of cum shot out from his cock straight up into the air, arch at its peak and came back down to give an audible "splat" as it landed on the tiled floor as another one squirt out from his pulsating cock. "Oh wow!" She said in awe as she watched this impressive display of the male reproductive system unfold in front of her to which she felt lucky to bear witness to. She felt his free hand travel up her leg and grasp her thigh as his body tensed from the seemingly never ending orgasm.

Diane simply put her hand over his and interlocked her fingers with his as she leaned forward and watched the last few pulses of cum dribble out from his cock head which slowly began to shrink back to normal size and his body began to calm down and return from the throws of its orgasm.

She felt his breath slow down under her feet and as a result she leaned forward, removed her feet from his face and placed them next to his head while she stared at him with a huge smile on her face. She let go of his hand and he was taken aback when she started applauding him as she stood up from her seat.

Mark was able to gather himself and stood up as tried to quickly tuck his cock back into his pants and belt up, all the while being thoroughly confused by his mother's behaviour. Diane stopped her applause as she could read the confused expression on his face.

"What? I'm not allowed to applaud a performance like that?" She asked. "No, it's not that. I just thought you were upset with me for liking your feet." Mark answered honestly.

"Oh my dear boy. No woman can be upset about anything after seeing what I just witnessed. That was quite a show you put on." Diane answered as she gestured to his crotch with her eyes.

"I'm sorry you had to see that. It kinda just happened." Mark said apologetically as he attempted to avoid any sort of repercussions that may show up in the near future as he knew his mother well for scolding him about any and everything. "Baby there is no need to apologise. I'm so lucky to have watched that happen right in front of me and if that happened because of my feet, then I'm flattered more than you can imagine." Diane said affectionately.

Mark was really unsure of how to proceed as he was now in uncharted territory. "Oh ok." He said, unsure of what to say next. Diane could sense his uneasy posture and knew she had to comfort him somehow although it would take a while for the dust to settle. "Oh honey, relax!" She said as she tried to calm him down. "You aren't in any sort of trouble. This is something that just happened between two consenting adults and no one needs to know about it.

There is no need to make a big deal of it. Ok?" She further stated to which he just nodded his head. "Great! Now go do whatever it is you do while I wipe up your cum and get dinner ready. I can't cook with you here distracting me." She said with a smile as she turned to open the broom closet too retrieve some kitchen towels and as she did so, Mark saw this as his cue to get out of there as fast as he possibly could. "And by the way, that's a sexy dick you have there!" He heard her shout out loud as he made his way up the stairs.

Diane leaned against the counter as her words lingered in the air. "Oh gosh Diane. You see one dick and you turn into a slut again." She said to herself and gave out a playful chuckle. To be continued&hellip.