Of gay boys having sex xxx Big Boy Underwear

Of gay boys having sex xxx Big Boy Underwear
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Reece looked in the mirror and wished he was different. He was 18, 5'9" and a mop of brown hair sat atop his head. He had no muscle structure and had never seen a woman naked. He sat down on his bed and opened his laptop, immediately going to a porn website. He took out his cock which was already hard but unimpressive standing at 6 inches, and started to jack off.Just as he was staring at a slim girl with big, fake tits rub her clit, an ad popped up.

Just as he was about to close the ad, the words "hello Reece" appeared. Reece froze. "I know you don't like how you look," it continued, "and I can change it. Just click here" With a smile, Reece clicked and a shot of electricity ran through his finger, up his arm and into the rest of his body. He collapsed onto the floor, heat gripping all of his muscles in spasms. He found it hard to breathe as the spasms hit his chest and squeezed.Soon, he passed out, just as liquid warmth spread down from his head to the rest of his body.

Reece groaned. Sitting up, he held his head in agony. Using the bed he'd fallen off, he pulled himself up and felt something smack against his inner thigh. Looking down, he saw his cock was hanging low and his balls were bulging.


He touched it and saw it react. It stretched outwards, thickening to the width of his fist and elongating to well over 9 inches. He then saw that he was now muscly, a glistening 8 pack was fixed onto his chest.His face was now handsome and his shoulders were broader. He looked at the laptop where it now said: "here's whats happened. You have become the person you want to be but since what you want to be can change, your body can change too." Reece looked down and willed his cock to grow longer and it did!

He scrambled around his desk for a ruler and soon found the biggest one in his room. He placed it against his dick and wished it to grow bigger and bigger until it was longer than the ruler.A wicked smile flashed across his face. He needed to try it out. He went back onto his laptop and began watching porn again feeling his giant cock pulse in his hands. Reeceknew he was going to cum but didn't care. He came hard as thick ropes sprang upwards, the wads hitting his ceiling. His breathing slowed as he realised what he'd done.

He now had cum on his ceiling and his mum or sister would be back soon. He needed a mop and bucket but just wished that it would clean itself up. Immediately, heat crept through his hands and he stared in amazement as the cum on his ceiling bubbled and evaporated into nothing.

Reece's jaw swung open. This gave him an idea. He sat down on his bed and wished for a bigger bedroom. His hands heated up again and the walls creaked as the room expanded.Reece laughed out loud, holding his hands up in front of himself. He reorganised his room, expanding his bed, adding games consoles, multiplying clothes when finally, he drew a hot tub out of the ground and filled it full of hot, bubbling water.Just as he had crossed his arms in approval, the door downstairs opened an closed again.

"Reece! I'm back! And don't come downstairs, Jenny and Emma are with me," his younger sister, Sian, shouted. His sister was sixteen and though she wore low cut tops and high skirts, he knew she was no slut. Jenny on the other hand, Reece knew had given her last four boyfriends blowjobs the first time she'd seen them.

She was fairly thin with a small-ish chest but long, long legs that led up to her cute little butt. Emma, though, was curvy in all the right places. Her mahogany skin shone with beauty.

She had bigger tits than his sister or Jenny and her ass was like a shelf. Every time she walked past his room, Reece fantasised about grabbing her ass and ploughing her all night.But he didn't care about them now, he stripped off, tinted the windows and jumped into his hot tub.

From the hot tub, beer bottles rose out from the water jets. He opened the cap with his teeth and took a deep gulp.Reece had been sitting in the tub for ten minutes when he heard steps coming up the stairs.

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The door to the room next to him opened and shut again. Someone had gone into the bathroom. Spreading his fingers wide, he willed the wall to be transparent to him.

Slowly, the paint faded to an image of Jenny washing her hands and face. After she had stopped, she looked into the mirror and sighed. She grabbed hold of her boobs through her shirt and squeezed. "Why won't you grow?" she asked, "Sian's are C's, Emma's are double D, and you, you're A's." She released her tits and turned around, still looking in the mirror. "And don't get me started on you!" she said to her ass.

Reece's cock stirred. He made it smaller than before but still 9 inches long. An idea hit him.He stepped out of the hot tub and put on some boxers before walking out of his room and into the bathroom. He opened the door wide and caught Jenny by surprise.

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"Oh sorry!" Reece lied, "I didn't know you were in here!" Jenny had suddenly released her hands from her ass cheeks and spun to meet Reece. "If I did, I would've put more on," he smiled, making his cock pulse in his boxers. Jenny was frozen, staring at Reece's body. He followed her eyes down before resting on his package. There was only silence. Reece sensed hesitation. "I'll let you have the bathroom, but can you tell me when you're finished?" Reece asked.

"Uh huh," Jenny mumbled, not taking her eyes off of Reece's cock. Reece turned and went back to his room, the trap was lain.

He shut his bedroom door behind him and willed his scent to change, to become an aphrodisiac. He then started doing press-ups on the floor in front of the door, looking through his window into the bathroom.Jenny had a hand down her jeans and when she took her hand out of her jeans, a trail of wetness clung to her fingers. "damn, he's big," Jenny breathed. She washed off her hand and left the bathroom before opening Reece's door slightly and poked her head through.

As soon as her eyes met his thrusting body, she smelt the aphrodisiac, the smell causing her pupils to dilate and her body to become more relaxed. Reece got up from the floor and sat on his bed, breathing heavily. "You have a hot tub," Jenny stated simply at the entrance to his room, as if in a trance. "want a go in it?" Reece asked. "of course!" Jenny exclaimed. She shut the door behind her and began walking towards the hot tub.

Reece quickly wished the room soundproof. Her heard a creaking as the walls thickened. "but wait, I don't have anything to wear," she said, turning to Reece who was now right behind her.

If he wanted, he could rip off her clothes, throw her onto his bed and have his way with her but no, let her want it. "Neither do I!" Reece exclaimed before clambering into the hot tub in his boxers. He sat opposite where Jenny was standing and saw that she quickly stripped before joining him.

She was wearing a light blue, lacey thong and bra combination which clung to her skinny figure. Reece couldn't get over those legs though. They seemed to go on forever. In the tub, she put her legs between his and pushed outwards to make room for herself. In doing so, she had inadvertently freed his cock slightly, leaving the head sticking out, though you couldn't see it through the bubbles. "what drink do you want?" Reece asked. "I'll have a bottle of vodka please," Jenny grinned, clearly joking.

Reece noticed that she had sat right on a water jet and was quickly becoming more and more distracted. Reece reached over the side of the hot tub, decided to call her bluff and when he came back with a bottle of double strength vodka, Jenny was amazed.

"Wait, how come you have a hot tub?" she finally questioned, taking the bottle from him.

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"Our grandparents died in a carcrash last month, left us a lot of money. I liked the idea, so I did it." "Aw man, that's bad, but cool at the same time," she giggled as her soaked tits floated on the surface of the water.

"If I had a lot of money, I'd have plastic surgery." "Oh really?" Reece said inbetween the large gulps of vodka that Jenny was taking. "Yeah, I'd get these bigger for a shtart," Jenny slurred, holding one of her tits in her free hand. The vodka was already working. "No," Reece protested, "they're good, they suit your body." "But I just want them bigger.

I mean, look!" She reached behind her and undid her bra. Her tits jiggled slightly, soft, gentle nipples erect. "Hold them!" she exclaimed. Reece leant forward and cupped her wet tits.

His cock stirred again. Jenny was drinking the vodka in long streams, her face churning as she tried to cope with the taste. Jenny's tits weren't big enough to fill Reece's whole cupped hand. It didn't mean he wasn't turned on though. As Jenny finished the whole bottle, she shook her head and stared into Reece's eyes.

She dropped the bottle and put her hand under the water and felt his cock. She rubbed it and pulled back the foreskin. "You said you want bigger tits?" Reece smiled. He doubled the amount of nerves in his cock and suddenly felt everything; every bubble, every sensuous touch from Jenny and soon he was rock solid.

"Yeah, I want shum double F's that this cock could fit into properly. And an ass to match." the vodka had really hit her hard. "My pleasure," Reece said and wished jenny's tits to be bigger, fuller, and still perky. The heat poured out of his hands into her tits, feeling them fill up and overflow over his hands. They had inflated and now began filling up, becoming perkier. Soon, it looked as if they were defying gravity and Reece took his hands away.

"oh god that's hot!" she shouted and pulled Reece's head into her now bountiful tits.

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Reece wrapped his lips around her nipple and placed his hands on her ass cheeks and wished them bigger too. They filled out and widened, causing her hips to broaden too. Reece flicked his Tongue across the now wider nipples as she pounded his meat with her supple hands.

"you're. so.


big," she panted. "So are you. now," Reece smiled. He put his hand to the front of her thong and found her clit. He wished her clit was five times more sensitive. As soon as Reece touched it she shrieked, taking her hand from his cock and placing it on Reece's hand. "Jesus, that's good. Better than when I do it." "What about when other guys do it to you?" Reece asked, stroking her clit in gentle circles. "Well, guys tend to, uuhhh, like it if, UUHHH, they don't have to do anything," she moaned.

So this was her first fingering? "Does that mean you've never had sex?" Jenny nodded, biting her lip. This wasn't Reece's first time. He'd had sex with a girl before, she was older than him and it turned out to be a bet.

But he'd still learnt a lot. He turned down her sensitivity slightly before lifting her up onto the hot tub wall. He kissed down from her tits to her pussy. When he kissed her clit, she breathed in quickly. He ate her out, pushing one little finger into her pussy hole. He ate her until she started to buck and spasm. Soon, she became wetter than every before, so wet that it was only a matter of time before she started squirting all over his face. "wow." Reece said bluntly, juices dripping from his mouth.

When jenny recovered, she sat up. "Now that was amazing," Jenny smiled. "I want to repay the favour." Jenny gently pushed Reece to the other side of the hot tub before ordering him to lie back. With her massive tits, she leant over him and wrapped them around his cock. The softness was amazing, especially with his heightened sensitivity but soon, he felt wetness too and he knew it wasn't precum.

He looked down and saw that she had spat on his dick for lube. Eventually, she tried to wrap her lips around the head, but had failed. Reece wished her mouth was a bit bigger and her lips fuller. Soon, he was experiencing bliss like no other. He had wished away her gag reflex and she now had most of his cock in her mouth. Her tongue lapped at it as she made great slurping noises.

Reece placed a hand on the back of her head and felt he was going to cum, but he had to hold back. "cum for me," jenny said, whilst taking a break for air. "how do you know?" Reece asked "with the amount of blowjobs I give, you know when a guy's about to cum." She then began to lick the tip whilst beating off the shaft with her tits. Reece pushed her head down and came. Reece wished more would come out so it did. Long thick strands blasted down her throat and into her stomach.

She took it all. Every drop. She withdrew, coughing slightly. Jenny then held reece's back and pulled him in closer before kissing him deeply. Reece dug his fingers into her ass cheeks and picked Jenny up, carrying her to the bed. Reece lowered her body down, kissing her all the time. He lay between her legs and kissed her. He soon moved down to her neck and tits, caressing every curve on her body. Soon, Reece found his cock was getting hard again.

It rubbed up against her slit and Reece felt the wetness cling to him. He made his cock as hard as granite, pushing the veins to the surface. Taking his dick in hand, he guided it into her pussy. She gasped and was rocked backwards slightly by the slight thrust. She was so tight, he had noticed it when he was fingering her but now he actually had his thick cock in her, it was a pleasure beyond pleasure and he began moaning as he pushed in further with each thrust.

He felt himself poke something which then broke. The hymen? He looked at her face and saw it contract in agony. He wished the pain and hymen remains away, making both of them feel better. After ten minutes, her moans became louder and louder too until Reece was up to the hilt.

He watched as her tits giggled with each pound; he held onto each tit and squeezed slightly. Jenny's moans were now shouts. She gripped onto Reece's ass and pulled him in deeper. "deeper, deeper," she instructed, her voice roughed up from shouting. Reece wished his dick longer and fuller, feeling her become tighter. It got to the point where when he was fully inside Jenny, he could see her stomach poking out.

"OOOOHHHHHHH!" Jenny screamed as her pussy clamped down on him and the rest of her body writhed. Reece found himself about to come but didn't pull out. He buried himself deeper and shot his seed into Jenny, filling her up to such a point that she looked bloated.

Reece locked lips with Jenny and kissed her with such passion. She wrapped her legs around him and drew him in, their tongues flicking around eachother's mouths. As Reece pulled his head back, he dragged his teeth along her bottom lip in a soft bite which drew her wild. Reece lifted her up, her legs still wrapped around him, and held her. He felt her juices on his cock, which was still inside Jenny, and knew what would happen if he took it out. Placing his hands under her arms, he lifted her high into the air and felt her tight pussy moving up his shaft until only his fat head was left in.

The thing was, he had extended his arms fully and still, his cock wasn't fully out of her. Reece smiled when he saw Jenny's eyes which had bulged to the size of tennis balls. In one quick movement, he pulled his hips backwards, making the head pop out of her and watched as the cum spilled out, like water from a tap. Jenny grunted.

Reece brought her back down to eye level and kissed her deeply again. When Reece pulled back again to look at her with lust, she said, "What am I going to tell people about these?" pushing her breasts, that were almost wrapping around him as well as her legs, so they sprawled out over his chest. "tell the bitches who are jealous that you hit a growth spurt.

Tell the ones who you like what I did; well the growth part anyways," Reece smiled. "Will you change them too?" Jenny asked. "If they want me to.

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If you want me to change you again, I can." "I think I'll wait until I get used to this body first. But thanks." She kissed him deeply once more, moaning slightly. Later that day, he made all of her clothes bigger but not her bra; Reece strengthened her back, making it possible for her to support her gigantic tits. He kissed her goodbye and closed the door behind him.

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Five minutes passed before he heard frantic footsteps up the stairs. Reece had been seeing how big he could get his dick and so far, he hadn't met his limit. He shrunk it down to about 12 inches when he heard thumping on the door.

"Reece, open this door!" his sister shouted, "what have you done to Jenny?" Reece put on some boxers, trying to fit all of his dick into the lycra. When the door was unlocked, Sian flung it open and stormed in. Reece watched her stomp around his room, closing and locking the door slowly behind him. "What did you do to Jenny? HOW did you do that to her? And why is there a hot tub in your room?" "I did what she asked and what she wanted, I dont know how, I just wish things to happen and they happen." "And that's why Jenny has huge tits and there's a hot tub in your room?" "Yes.

Do you want something to change too?" Sian looked away guiltily. "Well, um, can you make my, um, boobs fuller?" "I can, though I'd have to see them first." Reece couldn't believe himself but when he saw his sister take off her top to leave only her bra, he felt his cock stir. Sian reached behind her and undid her bra, letting it fall to the floor.

Her tits were quite saggy, not as pert as they should be. Her stomach was quite flabby too, like the rest of her. "can you make them bigger? I'll do anything you want," she pleaded, getting closer to him.

Reece reached out, grabbed her tits and wished them perter, and a bit bigger. Sian grabbed hold of his hands, moaning as the heat hit her. He moved his hands to her stomach and wished her slimmer. He removed the fat from her legs, her stomach and her ass, replacing it with toned muscle. Her now slim legs suited her perfectly. She still had some curves, she was nowhere near as skinny as Jenny, but she wasn't fat either. "I wont even ask how it happened. But you just made me sexy." "Now, it's time for your side of the bargain," Reece smiled.

"What do you want me to do? Clean your room?" "No, have a look at this." Reece pulled down his boxers and his monster cock was released.

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"I can't do that!" Sian shouted, "you're my brother!" Without hesitation, Reece wished Sian was super horny. She suddenly bent double, hands grasping her pussy. With hungry eyes, she looked at him and growled, "oh go on then." To be continued This is my first story so any tips/pointers are welcome