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Teen boy wank on cam
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Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, anything but that for me. I had butterflies in my stomach. I knew that I would be doing something with my son today, I just didn't know how far I would take it. I dressed normally and forced myself into the kitchen. Daniel sent a text. Daniel. What are you wearing Me. Normal mom stuff Daniel. K He trudged into the kitchen thankfully wearing cutoffs with a belt and a decent shirt. We had breakfast almost in silence, I think we were having a hard time separating the text from real life.

We went to our rooms barely speaking to each other.


Daniel. Any plans today? Me. Just hanging out with you, I don't want texts to be the only way we communicate but I've changed so much since we started, I'm just feeling awkward. Daniel. Me too but I adore you mom, I love what you're doing. What we're doing. Me. I know it's wrong but I am feeling thrills here that we're never mine to feel before.

I just don't feel ready to quit, not this weekend yet anyway. Daniel. Just not this weekend. With that it seemed like this was all possibly coming to an end, what would I do if this really were my last day?

Am I ready for the real world? With Daniel staying in his room I changed into my new outfit.

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I stripped down and put on my sheer nylon top that showed my breasts, nipples and all. Then a set of black nylons that at first you might mistake as my spandex, till you realize that they too were sheer. I crept out of my room so Daniel might not know I was out and about.

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I needed time to adjust to the idea of walking around basically naked and on display, knowing that my son could walk out of his room and catch me like that. Feeling naked and sexy I started texting with my son.

Me. So what things do guys think of doing with a girl. Daniel. Different things, sucking on their tits or sucking on their pussies or doing it with them. Me. Describe "doing it" Daniel. Shoving their cock up inside the girl. Me. This is what they think of when they're horny or when they are turned on? Daniel. Both Me. When you said you were getting blue balls from me before, were you turned on or horny. Daniel. Oh come on Me. No really, I want to know, no mentioning it out loud either.

Daniel. I was both, turned on and horny Me. Did you think of those things about me? Daniel. All of them. I quietly walked from room to room catching glimpses of myself in a mirror here and there, I really was on display.

I just couldn't let my son catch me walking around like this, but I couldn't stop. I sat down in the kitchen with my phone. Daniel must have heard me move the chair, I heard his feet pound towards his door. I panicked and gabbed the news paper for cover and crossed my legs.

I heard Daniel approach, then his breath as he gasped. I was so nervous, I uncrossed my legs planning on crossing them the other way.

I don't know why my feet stayed planted on the floor. Daniel moved closer to try to see the outline of my slit. I heard him suck in a breath as he realized that he was actually looking at my slit, not its outline. I heard his camera take a picture, I didn't want him to just run off. I couldn't grab my phone or he would see my breasts. I moved my feet farther apart. He moved closer, I couldn't see what he was doing but I heard his phone go off, close to my crotch.

Now he was heading for his room. I grabbed my phone and texted. Me. Blue balls? Daniel. U kno it Me. Come back Daniel. Can't yet. Me. Come back, no talking. I heard his feet slowly shuffling towards me. I took a deep breath and sent my text without looking up.

Me. I don't want to cause you to hurt. I looked up to see my sons crotch in front of my face, he was still in his shorts but there wasn't a belt. I could clearly see the bulge in his crotch. I unsnapped his front and drew down the zipper.

In pulling open his shorts I was rewarded with seeing the head of his cock up close, standing above the waistline of his briefs. I hooked my thumbs into his briefs as I pulled his shorts down and began fumbling with his cock. The first grown cock I had ever handled, I wrapped my hand around it and he thrust into my hand.

I was mesmerized, I'd never seen or experienced anything like this so I firmed up my grip and was rewarded with more thrusts from my sons hips. The purple head seemed to grow so I pointed it down more so I could see better.


Daniel groaned. It didn't sound like I was hurting him so I continued with my grip. He thrust so I started moving my hand.

All the sudden Daniels hips started thrusting in violent short strokes and his cock started spraying my face with sperm. I jerked it away but was so fascinated that I had to point it back just to see better. I just pointed it down more so his sperm splattered on my nylon top and breasts while he groaned, grunted and thrust into my hand. When he finished he just turned and staggered back to his room. I used my phone to photograph my sperm covered breasts and sent it to him.

My chest was getting cold with his sperm all over my breasts and face. I pulled it off and wiped my face clean. I walked around a bit like that, topless, until my phone signaled a text. Daniel. Are you still down there?

Me. Yes I sat down and picked up the newspaper hiding behind it. He showed up in the kitchen looking at my crotch some more.

No pictures this time, he just looked for a bit then started for his room. I picked up my phone and texted. Me. You didn't come in far enough.

Daniel came right back, this time he walked slowly forward. Undoubtedly at some point he noticed my bare shoulders. He gasped a little and drew closer. Now he was clearly able to see my bare breasts.

I never looked up from the paper, but I did hear his phone taking pictures. After he walked off with his new prize, photographs of my bare breasts I texted him. Me. No blue balls, right? Daniel. As soon as I take care of this. Me. Come back. He ran back, I set the paper aside and pulled his pants back down. My sons cock was hard as wood again. I took it in both hands and having a better idea what to do now began stroking it while pointing it downward more so that I could see everything.

This time he remembered his phone and began taking pictures of my breasts and my hands rubbing his cock. As he got ready to come I pointed his weapon at my crotch and watched his sperm spray right out and onto my open crotch.

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Some sperm actually landed on top of my opening which was only covered with a thin bit of nylon. I could feel the wet of his sperm on my vagina.

It was too much, I had to have my own relief.


I began to masturbate myself right in front of my son. I had to close my eyes to do it but t didn't take long at all. I massaged his sperm load right on my open slit and very shortly had a toe throbbing orgasm right in front of Daniel. From there we both went to our rooms. I don't know about him but I fell asleep.

I never had a sexual experience with or around another person before and I felt totally drained.

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When I got up I put my robe on and walked downstairs. Daniel was in his briefs and a t shirt, I thought for a moment then decided it was just as well. I went back to my room and grabbed my nylon top. I hand washed it in the sink and rolled it in a towel.

Once it was dry I was able to put it back on. Now I pulled out the rest of my new clothes. A short skirt meant to be worn over workout clothing. I went nude under it. A check of the clock showed I had napped for about 3 hours, Daniel must have done about the same, he looked like he had just woken up too.

I wore my robe downstairs. Daniel looked disappointed and began walking to his room to get better dressed without asking. I began texting, after he closed his door I was able to hit send. Me. I'm at the sink, no talking.

I heard his footsteps and looked. He was shirtless and had his briefs on with his cock sticking out. Does that thing ever go down? Apparently not his at least. I had no water in the sink, no need for that pretense. He walked up behind me and clearly remembering last night began rubbing the head of his cock against my bare ass.

I heard him quietly groan when he realized he had direct skin contact.


I could feel the material of his briefs pushing up against my bottom, so I reached behind and pulled them down. Daniel responded by thrusting harder, he angled his cock to try to push it between my legs and I clenched my bottom tight. I reached back and guided his cock up between my exposed bottom cheeks and up into the waistband of my skirt.

This is where he thrust. Until unloading more sperm into the fabric of my nylon top and my short black skirt. He the lifted up the material of my skirt and I heard his phone click with a picture of his sperm on my bare bottom. He then began shuffling away with his pants still by his knees. This was it, I was ready to become a woman. I began texting, as Daniel reached the top of the stairs I hit send without a second thought.

Me. I am ready Daniel knew what that meant. I am proud to say my son was ready to be a man for me, maybe that is wrong but it certainly felt right when he ripped off my little black dress. I spread my legs and pouted my bare ass out to him knowing that my ghost white pubic hair was going to be visible from that angle.

My son mounted me from behind and his cock, my cock now, was ready for me. He thrust up inside and began grunting and thrusting as he rutted himself off inside his mother. I could feel the head of his cock swell inside of me.

What little experience I had still told me this was it, he was getting close to letting go. I pushed back into him and grunted out a "yes, in me". The feeling of having jets of sperm unleashed inside of me like that, it took me over the edge. I started coming on my sons cock as he was unloading his ball sack inside of me. Whatever I thought during this only made my orgasm more intense. That he was breeding me, I was breeding him, this was wrong, I was getting laid, I was getting sperm inside of me.

I collapsed forward into the sink, Daniel held on and continued pumping his sperm into me.

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I finished feeling like a woman, a very, very satisfied woman.