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Part 2 The rest of the day just passed, dinner, shower, games, bed. All the time i was reliving what i called the "Golden hour" in my head. From when i went from just a depressed guy who had just split with his girlfriend to being carefree and happy. All because of 1 woman's willingness to overstep boundries to help me.


Thats, how do i get her to do it again? Over the next few days i texted Lisa, trying to reconsile, but she wasn't willing to listen, she said it was something about how she isnt sexy or she was just a failure in the bedroom and made her feel worthless.

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I told her it was my fault, but she just kept repeating herself. Eventually i just gave up. It was the middle of the summer holidays, and dad was working his usual 8.30am - 6.00pm shift, and mom.well she was doing her usual stuff, cleaning, cooking, running errands.

Sometimes when she went grocery shopping i would masturbate, but it wasnt the same. I had the best orgasm of my life, after that everything else seemed less than spectacular. I guess i could just lie to her about helping me and make it up as i go along.

It had just turned 8am on a tuesday, i was wide awake, thinking of the best way to approach the situation. I heard dad's car screech off, and i was up like a shot, i went to the bathroom, phyched myself up and went downstairs, mom was in the kitchen cleaning the dishes from breakfast.

"Hi mom" i said "Oh, you're up? Thats a first, usually i have to wake you up. Something wrong?" she said, finishing her last plate. "Actually." And suddenly i realised i didnt have a plan, all that thinking was worthless and my mind went blank, so i thought of the first thing i could "I spoke to Lisa" "Oh?" Mom said, sitting down at the table, "what did she say?" "She uh.said we could give it another try, as long as we dont have a repeat incident" I said, sitting opposite her.


"That's great! So you two are back together?" She said, smiling. "Actually, i need some help" I muttered, looking down at the table. Being embarassed worked last time, maybe that was the best approach "What kind of help?

New outfit?" "No.remember what you did to help last time?" She nodded "Well, i dont want that to happen again, so could you.loosen me up again?

just so things go over well" "Ohhh" She said, realising what i meant "Well.i kind of intended it to be a one time thing" "But you also said you'd help me any way you could, and i could really use all the help i can get" My heart was beating so fast, im sure she could hear it.

"You know this.isnt allowed, right?" She slowly forced out, unsure of her next move "I know, but like you said. It's our little secret, I really like Lisa and i want to be happy with her. And i thought you'd help me. But okay, i understand" I stood up, and went to exit the kitchen.

"Wait." Mom shouted after me. My back turned to her, a smile creeped onto my face. It worked. "Yes?" I said, wiping the smile off my face and turning to face her. "I didn't say i wouldn't help.when are you seeing Lisa again?" She asked, motioning to the chair, wanting me to sit back down "Saturday, i think.

If it's okay, id like to get as as i can until then, you know, the more the better" This was dangerous territory, perhaps a deal breaker. I wasnt asking for one time help anymore, but for as much help as she could deal out. Mom sat in silence for a moment, deep in thought and said "Okay, ill help.but if you're serious about doing this, ill need some things. After last time my wrist hurt for days afterwards." Jackpot.

"What kind of things?" I asked, imagining all the aids i could think of and which she would pick. "Just some things from a store i used to go to.

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Ill go now, and ill be back around 11, stay here until then and cancel any plans, okay?" I was so happy i could litterally explode at that point. "Of course, thanks mom, you're the best!" I said, jumping to my feet and hugging her. True to her word, mom had grabbed her keys and purse then left. I have no idea why she'd be gone for 3 hours, but i wasnt complaining. She rarely left the house, only to get some shopping and all of her friends came here. There's some thing ive always wanted to do. I waved as she left, and as soon as she turned the corner off our street i slammed the door, locked it with the key, so i wouldnt be disturbed, bolted upstairs and closed all the curtains, next i went into my room and stripped down completely.

As soon as id composed myself, i grabbed my phone and set an alarm clock for 10.30, just incase mom came back a little early. I walked towards her room, every part of me tingling, expecting a knock at the door or the phone to ring, but that just made it more exciting, I had seen mom put the laundry away many times so i knew where everything was.

I stopped at her dresser, opened the 4th draw down, which was her underwear draw, bras on one side and panties on the other, divided by a small piece of wood going down the middle. I rummaged through until i found something i liked. Eventually i found a pair of red lace panties, they were a soft fabric and certainly not the thing she'd wear all the time, rather something for special occasions. And the purple bra she wore at our last little get together.

I was so excited, i could barely contain myself, i closed the draw, lay down on her giant king sized bed, the matress was so soft i felt like i was sinking into it, then the fun started, i put the panties to my nose, the faint smell of her perfume was still there, cheering me on, at a single smell my dick sprang to life, he knew it was playtime.

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With the other hand i grabbed her bra, i was suprised to find out it was a padded bra, i didnt even notice last time. Her breasts fit in there no problem and didnt seem to make a different to her size.

I cupped the outside of the right cup and placed it around my throbbing member, it was time for a good warm up. After all, i dont want to shoot too soon when mom is there. The bra was cold, making my dick twitch at the touch of it, but it soon didnt matter, my right hand began to pump my dick using mom's bra to help the process along, the left hand was up to my face, using her panties to remind me of her scent. Every pump felt better and better, for the rest of it, i let my imagination do the work, imagining her pulling my dick so fast and firm, so much it felt like i could pin her to the wall with my cum, then something that hadn't occured to me, what if i could lay her down here, and slip my dick into her moist hole?

And that was it, i was going. With the thought of me pounding my mother's pussy, her tit's flapping everywhere i began to pump my dick harder and faster, then i'd lean down and suck on her tits while she screams in ectasy, i pulled harder, faster. Im sure if i went more id just rip my dick clean off, but i didnt care. And finally i could cum in her tight love tunnel, after that id collapse on top of her, catch my breath and do it all over again.

Suddenly i felt a rumbling in my balls, that old familiar feeling, that my fun was at an end, i took one last giant inhale of her panties and enjoyed one last pull of her bra on my dick and i came. It shot into the bra, pouring out, puddle after puddle of cum, I lay back feeling so good, it was the best feeling in the world. And with that, my goal was set, I wanted my handjobs from her, but by the end, i want her on this bed, begging for me to make her cum.

With my end goal in sight, i opened my eyes, and realised id better put everything back and get dressed and act as if i was just waiting for her. As i looked down i saw the horror what i had done, mom's purple bra was now basically one half white, the right cup and covered in my juice. "Oh shit.she's gonna kill me" I didnt know what to do, i have no idea how to wash cum stains out of a padded bra, i stood up, checked the panties, they were fine so i put them back in their place.

I took the bra to the bathroom and ran it under the shower, hoping it would come out. No such luck, i decided i should just hide it in my room until garbage day and just throw it out in one of the bags. Mom had come home 11am, on the dot. I had refolded her bed, so she wouldn't id been on it, sprayed air freshener, so hide my stench of cum, opened the curtains, threw on my clothes and unlocked the door. When mom came into my room i was half way through watching a movie (Which i had just skipped to the middle, making it look like id been watching it) "Okay, got everything i need, off that computer, lets get you and Lisa back on track" She said smiling, putting a thick, blue bag down.

Lisa? Oh yeah.i had totally forgotten about her. I turned off my monitor and sat on my bed. Mom reached into the bag and pulled out a small glass. "What's that for?" I asked "Oh just for mommy's nerves, if im going to be doing this, i think i need some help too" She smiled, she put the glass down on the bed, reached back into the bag and pulled out a large bottle of strong alcohol.

She poured herself a glass, and downed it in seconds, then a second glass, and a third glass. I sat in amazement, my mom was a drinking pro. "Woooooooo, okay" She said, putting the glass down on the floor "I think we're good. Lets get started.

Lemme see your dick" She wasnt drunk, she wasnt slurring or anything, but she certainly seemed happier. As instructed i whipped off my pants at lightning speed, while i was waiting for her to come home i came up with a plan of attack.

"Uhh dick is kind of limp. Any chance of seeing your tits again so i can get a stiffy?" "Pah!

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No problemo!" She said rather loudly, she whipped off her white t-shirt, unhooked her bra and let those puppies out of their holster, they looked just as good as last time, maybe better.

I felt my nuts tighten instantly "Now.for the fun part" she reached into the bag and pulled out a blue, circular, gel sleeve. She smiled at my confused face. She pulled some strawberry lube out of the bag also, and poured the lube in my lap, on my dick, on my balls and through the middle of the sleeve.

She pulled the sleeve over my dick, it felts very tight i moaned a little, Mom giggled and began to pump, a strawberry scent filled the air, but i was more focused on the feeling of the sleeve, It was intensive, much better than my own hands, but somehow not better than hers. After a few minutes of this, i had a bolt of insperation. "Mom, you said your hand hurt last time. And im not even close to coming, so i have an idea" She stopped pumping to listen to me.

"I know this might be over the line, but i was thinking it could work for both of us, if you lie on your back and i could like-" She finished my sentence for me "You wanna titfuck me?" "Uhh.yeah, because you know, your wrist wont be sore and ill just do all the work and" once again, i couldn't finish my sales pitch, she stood up, lay down on the floor and reached for the lube.

"Well, come on, big boy" She said pouring a generous ammount bewteen her lovely, heavenly breasts. "Take my pants off first, i dont want to have to wash them" I did as i was told, unfortunatly i wasnt greeted by a pair of sexy lace panties as id imagined, or even a thong, but.average briefs, i threw her pants on my bed and mounted her chest.

"Okay, here i go" I said, slipping my dick between her round tits, she held them in place with her hands so i could fuck them without them flying away. "By the way, i spoke to Amanda, she said it might help if you heard some dirty talk while getting your new girlfriend to jerk you off" "New girlfriend?" I stopped. "Yeah, well i couldnt tell her we were doing it, i just said you met a new girl, but dont want the same problems and i asked for tips, so i want to try talking dirty, always wanted to try it, but your father isnt big in conversation in the bedroom" I began to hump her breasts, slowly at first, then speeding up.

It was an amazing feeling, Mom lay there in silence for a moment and then she piped up saying "Oh yeah, you like that?

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You like fuckin' my big titties?" She was right, it turned me on a little listening to her say things i would never imagine her saying. "Fuck them, fuck them hard.

Cum all over me, bathe me in your cum. You happy you bad, bad boy? Fuckin' your own momma's titties? Oh it feels so good, dont stop. Squirt your juice on me!

Go baby, go!" With that kind of encouragement, who could resist speeding up? I did, It was great. But ill admit i was getting a little tired by this point, thrusting as hard and as fast as i could for even a few minutes isnt as easy as i expected.

Mom then closed her eyes, and said "Oh baby, you're so big. You're making me so wet, fuck them more" I stopped for a second, wheeled round to look at her briefs and sure enough there was a little wet patch there.

I guess she wasnt lying about that, i went back to titfucking her, but then i hit my wall. I could feel myself so close to cumming, yet i was geting tired and slowing down, with each thrust i got slower and slower and my life changing orgasm was getting further and further away.

I had to think fast.i had a thought, but would it be going too far? I was so horny i thought it was worth the risk.


I grabbed mom's hands from the side of her breasts and pinned them to the floor. "Oh getting a little rough are we?" She said, her voice shaking slightly I then scooched up, pinning her hands down with my legs, i think she knew what i was planning. "Okay, thats enough, get back up and ill give you a handjob.

Seriously, get up!" She shouted, but at this point i was commited so i went for gold. I shoved my dick into her dirty mouth, she tried to say something, which came up as an inaudible humming, which made it feel that much better. I thrust into her mouth as hard as i could, i hit the back the her throat a few times making her cry gag a little.

After a minute of thoatfucking her, she stopped objected and started sucking, i couldnt believe it. But i wasnt about to stop when my balls were almost ready to explode. I slowed down and started thrusted more gently as she continued to suck, harder and longer. Eventually i couldnt hold it anymore, i sprung to my feet, aimed at the gap between those lovely round pieces of heaven on her chest, she shot massive stream after massive stream between her mounds.

My legs were shaking, but i took a step back as mom tried to catch her breath, her legs were shaking to and i could see the small wet patch she had before had become a giant puddle.

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Her underwear was soaking wet. Eventually she sat up, looked down at her breasts and said "Well glad thats over" she stood up, grabbed the blue bag and walked into her room. Maybe it was all the porn i watched, but i was damn skippy my mom just got off on the fact she was force to give me a blowjob. Afterall, when i was titfucking her she was slightly wet, but after my throatfucking of her she was like a waterfall.

Maybe this could be interesting. To be continued.