Youporn faketaxi stunning blonde with perfect tits

Youporn faketaxi stunning blonde with perfect tits
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Author's Notes No romance in this one - it's quite a bit hotter than the last (in my opinion).

The "murder" that I've tagged this with is only mentioned in the first scene, which is not erotic. So feel free to just skip down to Lykos's POV if you want. Always open to feedback, or suggestions for improvement :] _____________________________ CHAPTER TWO: Scene 01: Cassuis - Sex?

NO. Scene 02: Lykos - Sex? Yes. Father/Daughter Scene 03: Callia - Sex? Yes. Daughter fucked by father + brother. _____________________________ CASSIUS They called him Death. At least, the superstitious plebs did. He'd heard from one of his father's whores that they were too frightened of him to speak his name.

That if you even mouthed 'Cassius Lykosus' after dusk, he would appear to kill you. As if he were a daemon with nothing better to do. He rode ahead of his brothers. The people on the streets wouldn't look at him.

Every one of them thought that this was his doing.

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He didn't blame them. If he hadn't known for sure that he'd been buried in his sister's cunt when the fucking murder took place, he'd probably wonder if he'd done it. This wasn't the first body they'd found, cut up in the same way. It was the fourth.


In a week. He jumped off his horse and heard his brothers were following. A drunk in a stained robe kept his eyes on the riverbank as he pointed. His hand shook. "Found her just over there. Sir. Heard you wanted to be called on if there was another one." The man was scrawny, his cheeks drawn in in hunger, and Cassius turned to shield him from view as he pressed a few coins into the man's hand.

When he started to thank him, Cassius' hand wrapped around the hilt of his sword. "Don't say a word or I'll cut your throat. Spend it on bread, not wine, or I still might." The man nodded and scurried away before his brothers approached. Marcus led the way, squinting into the darkness as he tried to find the body.

"Did none of you think to bring a fucking light?" He pinched the bridge of his nose. "I have one." Gaius, the second oldest of five, stepped in front of him and they made their way down the riverbank. There she was, draped over the rocks like the corpse of a siren. Every one of the multitude of cuts in her flesh was surgical. Methodical. Just as precise as he'd have made them if this was his work.

Whoever had done this.

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he was a second side to Cassius' own coin. The first three dead prostitutes had been dark-headed. This one was not, and he felt his hands clenching into fists as Gaius stepped closer to her body with the lamp. Red hair was caked with blood and clumped around her face. It was still wet. He pressed two fingers against her wrist. She was still warm. This was a fresh kill.

"Did anyone see anything?" Marcus shrugged, and headed off to talk to the people crowded at the top of the ravine. Atticus and Hector followed.

Gaius turned to him. "He's a fucking spirit. A Daemon. No one's seen him yet." "Does anyone know who she is?" He turned back toward the hill as a scream pierced the night. A woman was fighting with Marcus, trying to push past him. When he got close enough to see the woman, he realized she wasn't a plebian at all.

Her clothing was expensive, cut perfectly. Her red hair was piled high on top of her head. A man stood beside her, finally pulled her off Marcus. It wasn't until he moved closer to the light that Cassius realized he knew him. The first three dead girls had been prostitutes. The redhead on the rocks was not. Not if these were her parents. "Cassius." The man, Titus Tulia, turned to face him. His mouth was set in a tight line, dark shadows were cast under his eyes.

"Is it Claudia? Is that my daughter?" He had no idea. But Marcus might.

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"Marcus." He waved him over, and pulled him aside. "Is that Titus's girl? The one about your age?" His eyes widened.

"Might be. I need another look." "Then go take one." It was. The girl on the rocks was not a dead whore. She was a nobleman's daughter. And Cassius rode home with a blackened eye he gained while trying to stop the man from rushing down to the side of the ravine to find his child's body in the condition that it was in. He'd promised to send the girl home to him, once she could be dressed. And cleaned. He was in a strange mood on the way home, trying to figure out why the fuck he cared.

He usually cared about no one's feelings. Part of him already knew. She was a pretty young girl with red hair. She reminded him of Callia. Their father was waiting by the door when they arrived. He stood silent as his brothers explained the situation. He wanted to go upstairs, to find his girl in his bed, warm, naked and sleeping.

Alive. "You know most people believe this is your work, Cass." His father's eyes narrowed as he studied him. He clenched his jaw. "I was here. All day. And yesterday, as well." Lykos nodded.

"I know that. Your brothers know that. But-" "Who else fucking matters?" His father regarded him silently for a moment, and nodded. "Send your sister to me when you finish with her." He accepted that as a dismissal. "I won't be finished with her until morning." He found his sister curled up on his floor, shivering in her sleep. He lifted her as if she were no more than a child and put her down on his bed. She barely stirred. He wrapped his body around hers, tucked his face against her neck and fell asleep.

* LYKOS He hadn't intended to turn Callia into a whore. Truly, the thought hadn't crossed his mind. He was quite attached to her, actually, after she was born.

She'd been a clever baby, like his sons. And funny. He'd actually thought of sending her to school, like the nobleman's daughter she was, and use her marriage to gain a powerful ally in Rome. His wife, Lyssandra had intervened. She'd been right. The old bitch had a keen eye for talent. She had hated his daughter, been cruel to her on the rare occasions they shared the same room.

Callia was beautiful, like her mother, and his wife had explained her view on the issue. Men paid a high price for a beautiful girl, sure. But Callia was exceptional, eager to please, and more than that, she had good blood. One both sides. Her mother hadn't been born a slave. She'd been captured by Lykos' army, but before that she'd led a strange cult of women warriors that bastardized the Celts beliefs.

They'd believed the Morrigan, a terrifying goddess of sex and war, blood and death, had called to them. Maybe she had. Callia's mother was the only one they'd been able to capture alive.

The rest of the women had fought to their deaths. And one night, Lyssandra remarked that she'd finally found a use for the child. Callia had taken to her training like she'd been born for it. And gone were his illusions about a noble daughter. She was just another whore after that. A whore he would sell like any other.

"How do you work out the cost?" Appius, his old friend and fellow soldier, inquired from across the room. "My girls work from fourteen to twenty.

They sell for the equivalent of their expected earnings for the remainder of their term." "So the older the whore, the lower the price." "Exactly." He glanced up as a soft knock sounded at the door. Callia stood patiently on the other side when one of his guards pushed it open. She'd obviously just come from Cassius' rooms. You could always tell. She'd been scrubbed clean, washed and groomed, but his oldest son's affections weren't stains you could easily wash away. Black and purple bruises circled her neck, her bottom lip was swollen.

When she turned around, her back was inflamed with fresh bruises and welts. Yes, selling Callia was the best option. If -no, not if- When. When Cassius killed her (and it really was only a matter of time), he would lose money.

If he sold her to someone else, there was still a chance she'd be killed, but at least he would get paid. He sighed. Try as he might to deny it, he would miss the feel of his daughter's mouth on his cock and the way her tight little cunt trembled when she came.

At least it would take Appius some time to come up with payment. His daughter was one of his top earners, and still in her first year of service. She would not go cheap. Appius shook his hand, and stared at Callia as he left. She smiled at him, blissfully unaware that that soon she would leave her father's home and be at the mercy of a man she'd met only once. Lykos refused to feel guilty.

It was for her own good. Better Appius than Cassius. He snapped his fingers. "Come here, my child." She took in front of him, wide eyed, a hint of a smile still on her face. Her little tits were round on her tiny frame. "Are you hurt badly, Callia?" She frowned, and the purple bruise on her lip stretched.

She looked puzzled. "I'm not hurt at all, Father." He sighed as he slid his hand between her thighs and worked a finger between the soft lips of her little cunt.

Her head tilted back, just slightly and her little mouth opened in a sweet little moan. She was wet as soon as his finger hit her clit and worked its way back down to her tight little hole. She was the perfect little whore, she even got wet for her own father. He slid his finger into her cunt, slowly, and her blue-green eyes met his. Her pussy tightened around his finger, and her hips rocked to meet his quickening thrusts.

She looked so much like her mother. He stood, abruptly. Undressed. "Your mouth, Callia.


Suck daddy's cock like a good girl." She hit her knees, eager to please and wrapped her little fist around his cock. She stroked it, once, twice before she wrapped her little pink lips around the head and looked up in him.

He liked to look in his daughter's eyes as she sucked his cock. She knew it. He could feel her tongue, hot and wet against his shaft, working slow circles just like he'd taught her so many years ago. She knew to get him wet first so that he slid smoothly into her waiting mouth.

She kissed the tip of his cock, sucked on it. His little girl licked her father's cock like it was the greatest thing she'd ever tasted. He felt his muscles clench as he looked down at her sweet little face. When she finally sucked his thick shaft down her wet throat, he knew that he would not be satisfied with just one hole this day. He wanted to fuck all three. He leaned back for a moment, just watching her suck him.

The he took her by the hair and bent her over his desk. She moaned softly as she raised her tight little ass high in the air, offering it to him. He slapped her clit, enjoying the sounds of his daughters cries as he worked two fingers deep inside her.

He positioned the swollen head of his cock at her glistening, wet hole and dug his fingers into her hips as he forced his cock in her tight little cunt.

She shoved her ass out to meet him, pushed her hips back against his, showing him that she was ready for his cock. He stroked the broken skin of her back as he felt her young little body stretch around him. His daughter's pussy was always so wet, so fucking tight, and she gripped his cock with her little body like she couldn't get enough of it.

"Please," She whimpered. "Please, Daddy, harder." He obliged her, of course. He gripped the sides of her narrow little hips as he pounded his cock deep inside his own daughter's soaking wet cunt. His second stroke was harder, her screams louder as he took what belonged to him. He owned her.

Owned her cunt and her pretty little round ass. "Hands on the floor." She giggled, he loved that sound. Loved the way her little cunt shook when she laughed and his cock was inside her. She bent over, balancing perfectly, her thighs close together.

It made her wet, teenage cunt even tighter and he fucked her with rough, violent thrusts. He slapped her ass as he did, watching the skin grow red under his assault. He would see his own hand prints on her ass when he finally moved past her cunt. There was nothing he'd ever felt quite like sliding his cock inside his little girl's ass.

He pushed her off his cock, and she looked disappointed.


Hurt. "Did I not please you father?" He smiled and pulled her close to him, his fingers playing with her wet little cunt as he leaned his face against the top of her head. "You always please me, Callia. And I want to reward you for that." She spun around in his embrace and looked up at him, her eyes shining.

She was breathless when she spoke. "Are you going to fuck my ass today, Father?" Lykos laughed. "Such a perfect little slut, aren't you? How excited are you to have daddy's cock in your ass?" Her moan was so soft, but he watched her hand slide down her belly, her fingers trailing just over her narrow little slit. He slapped her hand away, and a guilty blush spread across her cheeks. She knew she wasn't allowed to touch herself.

"But you said you liked watching me touch my cunt, Daddy." Lykos chuckled, a low, hungry sound. "I do, baby. But today when you cum, it will be for your father's cock alone." Her little nipples were so hard, he wanted to bite them between his teeth and hear her scream for him.

"Over the desk, Callia." She obeyed. She was nothing if not perfectly obedient - but he guessed that had far more to do with a love of cock than a love of submission. Her mother had been the most strong-willed women he'd ever met, and sometimes he was disappointed not to see more of that fire in their child. He still remembered the day he filled her mother with the same cum Callia craved; remembered watching Breena's belly get round and full. With Callia. He hadn't known then that in a few short years he would be teaching that same child to beg for his cock.

Best decision he'd ever made. It angered him that he had Lyssandra to thank for that; his wife, who had taken away the only woman he ever cared for. His balls were heavy just thinking about Breena, and when he stared at Callia's perfectly wet little slit, and her tight waiting asshole it was all he could do not to force his way in immediately.

But he didn't take his pleasure in pain. He took pleasure in the willing body of a tight young girl; one who begged for it, loved cock, craved his cum. He stepped behind her, shoving his fingers into her wet little hole and then moved them upward, stretching out her little ass.

He watched his own fingers work their way expertly inside her daughter's ass, lubricated the tight, rarely used hole with the wetness from her own cunt. She couldn't get enough. He could hear her, begging, moaning almost unintelligibly.

She loved getting her ass filled - that was why she got it so rarely. He used it as a reward. He pushed the head of his cock slowly at the opening of her ass and loved her soft, sweet little gasp. "Please, Daddy." He leaned back, looked down his chest to watch the thick length of his cock disappear into his child's ass. He loved watching the first stroke, watching her ass stretch wide as she struggled to remember to relax and let it happen.

It was so fucking tight, even tighter than her cunt had been the first time he fucked her, so many years ago. "Yes, yes." He could hear her sharp breaths, pretty little moans. "Oh Daddy, yes." He wrapped his hand around her body, just pressing the tip of his finger inside her cunt as he filled her ass.

He could feel her squeezing her muscles tight around his cock as he finally got all the way inside. She'd been trained so well, knew what her father wanted without being told.

He liked to enjoy this moment. The way her hole felt before he'd pounded it, stretched it to take him. He watched his cock slide in and out of his daughter's ass; fucked it slowly, his nostrils flared as he felt her clenching and tightening her ass around him. As always, the door slammed open.

Sometimes he regretted giving his sons permission to use their sister's body. There always seemed to be someone waiting for their turn. True to form, Hector stood in the doorway, eyes narrowed. "I thought you'd be finished with her by now." Lykos thrusted his cock deeper into his daughter's ass. "Blame Cassius. I just got her.

Though, truthfully, only one hole is currently occupied. I bet your darling little sister is more than capable of pleasing more than one cock at a time. She's quite skilled." * CALLIA Callia moaned against the desk, her lips parted. Her father's cock was so deep, so fucking deep, inside her ass, but her little cunt was soaking wet.

Soaking wet and practically begging to be filled. Her eyes closed slowly and her body jerked around daddy's cock as she heard his words. "Only one hole is currently occupied. more than capable of pleasing more than one cock at a time." Yes she was. Oh Gods, please, yes. She'd only been double penetrated once before, and it was so long ago.

Part of her early training just after she'd been fucked for the first time, and she still fantasized about it. Had to fist her hands at her sides as night to keep from touching her own cunt when she remembered the way it had felt when two of her brothers had fucked her at the same time. She dug her hands into the desk, waiting breathlessly until Hector shrugged and began to undress. Yes. Her father pulled his cock out of her ass, and laid on the desk.

She scrambled quickly to get on top of him. She had to hurry, she had to get her ass on his cock and get her legs spread for her brother before one of them had time change their mind. She positioned her ass hole over her father's cock as Hector watched her with an amused smile on his face. "Looks like the little whore is eager to please two cocks, at least." Callia nodded at him, a silent promise that she was eager as she slammed her ass down on his daddy's cock.

She took it too fast, but she welcomed the pain. She leaned back against his chest, and he gripped her sides, holding her in place. She spread her legs for Hector. "I'm ready." He stalked over to her slowly, his eyes on her little cunt. He trailed on finger down the length of her soaking wet slit. "Yes. I can see that." She trembled against his touch, the tip of his finger against her clit sending shockwaves through her body, making her clench hard around her daddy's cock.

She gasped as Hector fisted his thick cock and guided it to her cunt. She wanted this so fucking bad. She spread her legs wider, her eyes rolling back in her head as her brother worked his way into her little cunt while her father remained still, his cock buried deep in her ass.

Her moans were more like gasps, frantic cries as he fought his way in. She could feel how tight she was because her daddy's cock was already in and Hector had to finally slam himself the rest of the way in.

She screamed. She felt so fucking full, her tiny, young body being stretched in every direction. Two large cocks both forcing their way deeper into both of her holes. She felt it when they began to move, their cocks moving inside her in a dance that seemed perfectly choreographed. One second she was all but empty, and the next she was stretched so fucking full. She knew she looked like a whore, but she was a whore, so she didn't care. She laid there against her fathers chest, her legs spread open while her brother fucked her glistening wet little pussy.

This is what she lived for, all she was good for. Pleasing men, strangers, high class and low class like. She was available to anyone who had the money to pay for the pleasure and she got off on that.

But there was nothing quite like knowing she was her father and brother's personal little fuck toy. Yes, she'd give it all up to be owned solely by her oldest brother. But her father would never allow that, so for now she gloried in being used. Hector's hand met her cheek hard, he slapped her, right over the bruise Cass had left on her face and she felt her little cunt tighten around him.

/Hurt me./ He held her face in his hand, squeezing her jaw hard enough to leave fingerprints, angling her head down so that she could watch him slam his cock inside her. She liked that. Loved watching herself get fucked. She could feel it building, feel the heat starting to snake its way through her body, the beginning tremors.

She was going to cum, and the knowledge that she would cum screaming with two cocks inside her was almost enough to push her over the edge. She could hear them talking, but couldn't quite make out the words. She was lost in her own personal world, but she caught bits and pieces. Slut. She knew they were laughing at her, cracking jokes at her expense as they used her body, marveling at the fact that such a pretty little girl would love something this dirty.

She was dirty. She was going to fucking cum with her father's cock in her ass, and her brother's deep inside her pussy. Her back arched, and she whimpered incoherently as her little body began to shake, she could feel herself. Her holes gripping their cocks, trembling around them as the orgasm started.

Her body rocked, cumming so fucking hard around the cocks that filled her until she couldn't even think straight. She could hear their grunts, their groans as they felt her, cumming around them both. "Little whore gets so fucking wet." Hector's eyes were half closed, and he waited for the hardest wave of her orgasm to subside before he slapped her again, and their pace quickened. Both cocks filled her faster, harder, at a furious pace that actually hurt.

They were going to cum, and she tried to form words, struggled to ask them to cum in her mouth, but before she could she felt them both slam so fucking deep. Both of their arms pinned her still as they flooded her cunt and her ass with cum. She grinded against them, both of them, wanting them to feel her from every angle as the pumped her so fucking full.

She collapsed back against her father's chest and stared up at Hector. His eyes looked sleepy, and his forehead was covered in sweat. "What the fuck are you pouting about?" "I- I'm not." She shook her head. "Is she pouting?" Her fathers face nuzzled against hers. "Tell Daddy what's wrong, Callia. That's an order." She whimpered, and hoped she wouldn't be in trouble.

"I just. I. I didn't get to taste it." She felt both cocks jerk inside her and when they both laughed, she knew she wasn't in trouble. That had pleased them; the thought that she was sad because she wanted to taste their cum.

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Her father gripped her hips tightly. "Be good to your baby sister, Hector. She wants to taste your cum." She winced as he pulled his cock out of her sore, thoroughly fucked little cunt, and gasped when she felt two of his fingers slam deep inside. He pumped his fingers inside her cunt, as deep as he could. He finger fucked her lazily for a minute and when he pulled out his fingers, she realized what he was doing.

She leaned forward happily as he slammed his fingers into her mouth. She sucked greedily, her eyes closed when she got the first taste of his cum from her cunt. She trailed her tongue around his fingers, sucking off every last drop. "I think she needs a little more," Her father mused. "Callia.

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Knees on the floor." She climbed off of him, wincing as his cock slipped out of her ass and she got to her knees on the floor. She opened her mouth wide. She knew what was coming. Both of them gripped their wet, cum covered, semi-hard cocks and guided then to her mouth. For a moment they were close enough for her to wrap her lips around both, but then she had to clean off one at a time. She began with her father's, sucking and cleaning his shaft, tasting every last drop of his salty cum.

Then she moved to Hector's. Then her fathers. She licked lazily for a few minutes, and when she was done, she was smiling and their cocks were clean.

"Her father patted her head as she knelt. "Good girl Callia. Now go and be bathed. You still have to work today. Go earn Daddy some coin."