Darla Crane and Riley Reid share hot BF in the bedroom

Darla Crane and Riley Reid share hot BF in the bedroom
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"Oh god!" I yelped fearfully as Dr. Roberts pulled my white cotton panties down to my knees. He had me bent over his desk with my little plaid skirt hiked up, so that my bare white ass was now fully visable. I tried to stand up, but he put a hand on my back, holding me down against the desk.

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"No!" I cried, "Please!" as his other hand reached up, and started rubbing my virginal little pussy. "What are you doing to me?" I wept, tears streaming down my face. He suddenly let go of me, and opened his trousers, releasing his hard, black cock.

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I stood up, and started reaching for my panties, but he grabbed a hold of my wrists, and pushed me back down, slapping my big breasts hard against his desk.

He let go of my wrists, and grasped me by the back of the neck with one hand, while the other hand rubbed the tip of his hard penis against my tight little vagina. "No," I wimpered, as I felt the tip of his thick meat moving up, and down my slit, "I'm only fifteeeeeen!" I grunted, and hissed in pain as I felt the tip forcing it's way into me, sliting my little pink pussy open.

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I clenched tight so that only the tip could get in, and then I felt him pull back. The tears stung my eyes as I opened them, and tried to look behind me, my cheek pressed against the desk where he held me firmly. I saw him put his fingers to his mouth, and as he brought his hand back down, I could feel him rubbing his thick saliva into my little hole.

Then, despite my attempts to keep him out, his bulbous head slid slowly into my tender young vagina. "Oooohh goood nooo!" I cried as he slowly pushed his thick, black cock deeper into my tiny hole. As he worked the head in, and out of me the pressure was almost unbearable. "Please, Take it out." I begged between my clenched teeth, "It's too big." "Oh I'm sorry." Dr.

Roberts said with mock sympathy, slowly withdrawing the head of his throbbing manhood. I was just about to heave a sigh of relief as the head of his penis was exiting my virginal pussy, whe he suddenly shoved his cock into me hard, all the way up to the balls, breaking my hymen.

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"Aaaaaahhhh!" I shieked, and the started cying even harder. Dr. Roberts laid his chest accross my back, his hard cock still all the way inside me as he whispered in my ear. "Shh, shh, shh, it's okay little girl. The hard parts over." I could feel his hips rubbing against my ass, swirling his cock inside me, stretching my tight hole as he bit my ear, and said, "Now we can just have fun." I could feel his hard dick slowly withdrawing from my tender little pussy until just the head was in.

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"Ooo, ooo, ooo." I grunted as he thrust his cock halfway into me three times fast, and then as he slowly pushed all nine inches back into me, I tried pleading again.

"O-o-okay Dr. Roberts," I began patheticaly, panting hard, "I-I learned my-my lesson. I-I-I won't-won't play-play with myself at-at scho-scho-school any mo-mooooore." My voice rising in pitch, and volume as the last few inches slid in.

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He rolled his hips again, moving his hard cock around inside my tight little pussy. As he lay accross my back, holding one of my wrists in each hand, pinning me firmly to the desk, he said, "I'll tell you when you've learned your lesson you little slut." He pulled out until just the head was in again, and as he worked it in, and out of me, he said, "And now, I'm gonna pound your little pussy." On the word "pussy" he thrust his hard black meat all the way in, splitting my wet, swollen vagina open.

It felt so good, but I knew it was wrong. He was my 40 year old principal, and I was his 15 year old student. I still had pig tails, and braces, but in truth that was the only part of me that still looked like a little girl. I had really filled out over the summer. My 38 inch chest supported my hefty D cups, and my 22 inch waist curved smoothly into my 36 inch hips which were perfect for my round, firm ass. I had also discovered masterbation over the summer, and I was sitting in a bathroom stall after school rubbing one out when the principal, Dr.

Roberts, burst in. My legs were spread open wide. I had pulled the crotch of my panties aside with one hand, and was rubbing my pussy with the other. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" he demanded. My eyes went wide, and my jaw dropped as I felt my cheels flush hot.

He grabbed my hand, and hauled me to my feet. "You're comming with me young lady." He snapped, pulling me down the hall, and into his office. Everyone else was all ready gone, so when he locked the door, and told me to bend over, I started getting scared.

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"Wh-What?" I stammered lamely. "You heard me!" He bellowed, pushing my face onto his desk, "Bend over, and show me your ass!" He pulled my skirt up, and started slapping my ass hard. I felt the tears welling up in my eyes as I cried out.

"No Dr.

Roberts! Please don't!" trying to move my ass out of range of his hand.


He grasped me by my panties, pulling me back to where I was. "Oh yeah," he said, pulling my panties up tight into my crotch, "You want me to tell your parents how I found you?" I paniced, "NO! Please don't tell my parents." I pleaded.

"Well then," he said as he started spanking my ass again, "You lay your fat titties against my desk, and take your punishment." There was sharp pain, and a loud smack each time his hand made contact with my supple young ass.

I tried hard not to cry out with each slap, but it hurt, and I was so scared that I couldn't help myself. Before I knew what was happening he had stopped spanking me, and had started rubbing, and squeezing my ass. "What-what-wh-what are you doing?" I sobbed with a mixture of fear, and cofusion.


"I'm giving you what you deserve you little bitch." he growled, and that's when he pulled my panties down.