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Lust porno für frauen
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Part III I was sitting on the couch drinking a beer with my roomates and telling them all about my wild weekend with Elena. They listened enviously as I told them about the events of last Saturday night.

Having sex on the fire escape at the back of the bar, our visit to the strip club, and then getting caught by Elena's mom while having anal sex with her on the floor in their apartment in the early morning hours.

However, they freaked out when I mentioned the whole discussion about getting Married. "Are you out of your fucking mind!!, She's 19-years old" Clem yelled at me. "I'll beat the shit out of you if you ever talk like that again." He looked at me with disgust and then looked at Chris and shook his head. "I can't even believe what I am hearing." Then Chris chimed in, "And I'll smash your head with an aluminum baseball bat." I knew it was all trash talk but I gave them credit for being honest and not holding back on how they felt.


I knew they were probably right but I didn't want to hear any more so I went off to my room like a dejected child. I tossed and turned on my bed thinking about the pros and cons of my relationship with Elena.

She was gorgeous, fun, and the sex was absolutely amazing. But she was also a flirt, she liked to tease other guys in front of me and I had to admit she was pretty slutty.

And yes, she was only 19-years old. I flashed back to that first night when I met her and she was getting fingered by the guy on the couch in the middle of a party.

Only weeks later that she ambushed me into doing a 3some with her and another guy, supposedly as a special birthday present to her.

But there was also a very sweet, honest, and caring side to her. Everybody loved her sweet personality and she had recently started showing me a lot of affection and telling me that she was in love with me.

I wondered if she could ever be committed to just me for the rest of her life. Or would I end up being some kind of cuckold husband, staying home with the kids, while she went out on dates and fucked other guys. I definitely couldn't go along with that. Ahhh, shit. I was so conflicted.

But my roommates were right, I couldn't even consider the idea of marriage at this point. I should just have my fun with her and make the best of the relationship even if it only lasted through the summer.

The next Friday, after a late afternoon modeling gig, she took the bus up to my house to spend the night. I lost track of time and she ended up having to walk a mile from the bus stop to my place just as the sun was going down.

I heard a loud banging on the front door and when I went to let her in, she pushed me aside angrily. I couldn't help but notice that she looked totally different. Her hair had a brunette color and it was feathered and fluffed up like some kind of 80s style haircut. She had on these tight spandex pants and wore a sexy white tube top that showed off her tight tummy.

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I told her later that her outfit looked a little like Olivia Newton John in the movie Grease. "I can't believe you forgot to pick me up, you jerk. And you didn't hear your cell phone ringing. I called you a dozen times?" she had her high heels in her hands and had walked barefoot at least part of the way. She stormed into the living room and I followed apologizing profusely. After she had calmed down, I sat down and tried to change the subject by showing her my new toy. I had bought a used video camera from a friend at work and told her I wanted to shoot some video of her.

She loved the idea and started to dance around the room twisting and moving her body seductively to the music playing on the stereo. I had fun zooming in and scanning up and down her tight little body. She looked so hot in her skin tight spandex pants and tube top clinging firmly against her breasts.

Finally, I set the camera down on a table, aimed it toward us, and left it running. The camera was connected to a big television so we we could look over and watch while it recorded. She sat down on the edge of the sectional couch while I remained standing. I pulled off all my clothes and got completely naked. I moved over next to her and she leaned over, grabbed the base of my cock and started to suck and slurp on it expertly. She really got into the video performance and I moved around until we had the best lighting and camera angle.

She cupped my balls with her hand and spun her head around and around on the head of my cock. Then she pulled it out occasionally and kissed and licked the length of it while I watched on the TV. Then she tried to take me as deep into her throat as she could. "You are the best cocksucker ever, baby" I told her while talking in the direction of the camera mic. She looked toward the camera with my fat cock in her mouth and I could clearly see her beautiful face on the big screen as she worked on me.

She opened and closed her eyes, enjoying me like a delicacy and let out soft sexy moans. She pulled out my wet cock and rubbed it all over face until she was covered with wetness. I lifted my leg and put one foot on the couch and she moved her tongue down to my balls and took each one of them partially into her mouth one at a time, sucking ever so gently.

She was amazing and I knew that I would be watching this recording over and over daily those times when I couldn't be with her. Finally, I put placed my hand firmly on her head, pulled my cock out of her mouth, let out a deep moan, and sent streams of cum blasting onto her face. She opened her mouth to let some of it fall onto her tongue which she then swallowed. I had really dumped out a huge load this time and it was dripping down from her forehead and cheeks and a little bit of it had landed in her left eye.

I backed away from the camera and then she moved in closer. She smiled, looked directly into the camera and said, "I love the taste of my man's cum." Then she stuck out her tongue and licked all around the edge of her mouth to catch and swallow the cum within reach of her tongue.

I shut the camera off and we both laughed. She asked me how it was and I said, "Oh god, it couldn't have been any better than that." She went off to clean up her face and then I got dressed and we went out to get some dinner. I was getting hard again under the table at the restaurant as we talked about doing more homemade porn and she suggested some of the positions we should try and the different outfits she wanted to wear.

I could hardly wait to get back home and start the camera going again. I noticed her eye was a bit bloodshot from getting some of my cum in them. When we pulled up to the front the house, I noticed some cars outside and figured my roommate's were having a little party. I suggested that Elena and i sneak around the side of the house and enter through my sliding glass door in the back yard to avoid the group and get right into bed.

Once inside, we started undressing but I kept hearing shouts and cheers coming from the other room. Then I just froze in a panic. I remembered that I had left the camera connected to the TV in the room where all of them were gathered.

I quickly pulled my pants up and went to the room.


It was too late. I stopped in the doorway and froze. There were about six guys and two girls sitting around on the couch and floor and they were all watching our video playing on the TV. It was right at the end and up to the part where Elena was talking into the camera with cum all over her face.

The guys were hooting and hollering. Nice!" shouted a guy who I had never seen before, "play it again!" "No, not again," one of the girls on the couch complained. They got quiet when I walked over and unplugged the camera from the TV without saying a word.

I stopped just briefly to give Clem a dirty look. "Nice cum shot, stud!" He said and they all laughed. As I walked out, one of the guys tried to imitate Elena with a Spanish accent, "I love the taste of my man's cum". They all started laughing hysterically and I slammed my bedroom door behind me.

Elena looked at me with a serious look on her face, "They saw it didn't they?". "Yep" I replied. "Well that's a little embarrassing" she said and then she giggled a little. "It's not funny. You know that no one will ever look at you the same way again" I said. Then her face got serious and I laughed. I guess now everyone would know what a great cocksucker she was. A year or so later this video was making the rounds on Internet porn sites.

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I still never figured out exactly who leaked it. The following week I took off from work early to go to the city to watch a photo shoot that Elena was doing one afternoon. I sat in a chair in the corner of a large warehouse and studied all the lighting and photo umbrellas that filled the large room.


There was a pure white backdrop that stretched all the way from the ceiling, down the wall, and across the floor. In the middle of the floor there was nothing but a long bench with a white thick leather cushion on top.

One guy was in charge of and adjusting all the lighting and the photographer was preparing his cameras for the shoot. Eventually, Elena and another girl came out through the door of the dressing room.

They were both wearing on short robes and I wondered what, if anything, was on underneath. Elena saw me, smiled, and blew me a kiss and I waved back. The other girl was Asian and I recognized her from some of the other gatherings. They called her "Chu" which I expected to be a Chinese nickname but found out that she was actually a Thai girl who had grown up in Singapore before coming to the U.S. Chu was one of the most beautiful Asian girls I had ever seen.

She was slightly more petite than Elena and had fantastic long legs and perfect smooth light brown skin. Like Elena, she also loved to wear tiny dresses, high heels and show off her body.

I considered her to be like the Asian version of Elena. They took off their robs and I was surprised to see they were both topless and wearing nothing but tiny Brazilian thong bikini bottoms. They also both wore spiked black heels that had small leather strings wound around their calves in a perfect pattern all the way up to just below the knees. Chu had slightly smaller tits than Elena but they were perfectly nice and round.

The photographer positioned them on the bench and had them wrap their arms around each other to strategically cover each other's breasts. It turned out to be a tasteful but super erotic photo shoot for a new brand of Vodka. They both giggled as they mounted and tangled up with each other in what looked like sexual positions. It would have been every guy's dream to watch this scene. The photographer took shots of Chu on top of Elena, breast to breast with them looking into each other's eyes and then they switched places.

I wondered where in the world they were going to be able to advertise these explicit pictures. My cock was throbbing now. Then Chu got on her knees and Elena climbed on and straddled her back as if riding a horse. She twisted her body at an angle to hide her breasts and her long hair fell down back across her shoulder.

The photographer moved around them, taking hundreds of photos. The flash was going off almost continuously. Finally they were done and Elena and Chu put on their robes and came over to greet me. I had to stay seated so that my hard-on wouldnt be so obivious.

Elena asked how I liked the shoot and I just said something dumb like, "Uhh, it was really great. You guys work very well together". They both laughed and I let out a little snort. Elena said that Chu and her boyfriend wanted to take us to dinner afterward and I said sure. Then they went back to the dressing room and it took about an hour for them to finally come back out.

When they emerged they were dressed to kill and my mouth dropped open. Elena had on a sequin covered sliver mini-skirt with a small matching halter top that barley covered her breasts.

The back was fully opened except for a small single tie to hold it in place. She also had matching silver spiked heels covered with brilliant stones that sparkled. Chu wore a low cut metallic pink mini cocktail dress with tiny straps holding it up on her petite frame.

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Her heels also matched the outfit perfectly. They looked so damn hot. "Where did you come up with these gorgeous outfits?" I asked. "Compliments of the house" said Elena, "besides, its not the outfits, It's what's in them that makes them so hot." I laughed and said, "That's a fact!

You guys are killing me here. Especially after watching you working your modeling gig here today". Elena was always getting free designer dresses and sexy outfits from various modeling agencies to borrow or keep and I loved it. We took a cab to an upscale bar at the end of Market Street. I was surprised when they introduced me to Chu's boyfriend, Hendrik. He was a black guy and wore an expensive looking business suit. Chu gave him a big kiss and he wrapped his arms around her tight body.

I could tell he was muscular and he told me later that he used to be a linebacker for some college down in Southern California.

We had a nice dinner and told Hendrik all about the hot photo session. "Man, wish I could have checked out that hot action, brother," he said. I smiled and said "You have no idea how these girls worked it in front of the camera." Most of the seemed to pay more attention to Elena than Chu.

We went to a club down the street and Hendrik got us in to a VIP booth. He ordered a bottle of expensive champagne and then left the three of us alone as he walked around and mingled. He seemed to know everyone in the place. Chu appeared a little jealous as he flirted with some of the other pretty girls. And I'm not sure why he did it at all when he had someone hot as Chu. Chu, Elena, and I went out and danced together while Hendrik did his rounds.

The girls were feeling very frisky and playful and I has having fun as they surrounded me and grinded up against me on either side. The other guys looked at me like I was the luckiest man in the world and it felt so good to have their hard bodies and tits rubbing against me from both sides. At one point I lifted Elena's dress slightly and noticed that she had nothing on underneath.

That made me want to drop to my knees and suck on her pussy right there. Elena stuck with me the whole night and didn't dance with any other guys for a change and I enjoyed having her at my side. Around 1am Hendrick announced, more like commanded, that it was time to go so he went out to the dance floor and pulled Chu away from another black guy she was dancing with We picked up and took a taxi to his apartment down in the Emarcadero. The place was definitely upscale and had fantastic views of the Bay Bridge and Alacatraz Island.

He walked around showing me all his household possession's and kept making a point to tell me how much everything cost. He sounded very pretentious but he seemed like a generous guy and he served me a glass of whiskey that he said cost $300 a bottle. But a couple of times he got on my nerves by saying stuff like, "How does that Mexican pussy taste, pretty good I bet." "Elena's Colombian," I answered.

He just ignored me and went to say "Always wanted to stick my dick into some of that hot tight Mexican pussy, I bet Elena's tight as hell." I just ignored him assuming he was now drunk. He put on some R&B music and as usual the girls got up and danced while we sat on the couch and watched them, sipping our whiskey.

Elena laughed as Chu got behind her and pretended to be fucking her. Then Chu reached up under Elen's flimsy sequened halter top and started cupping Elena's tits in her hands. I wondered if this was going to morph into a full-blown lesbian sex act but and it was really fun to watch them.

Finally Hendrik stood up and he stumbled a bit before joining in. I could tell he was pretty drunk now. They got on each side of him with Chu in front and started squirming against his body. Elena rubbed herself against his back and kept looking at me for approval, but I just watched. Hendrik then turned around and put his hand around Elena and pulled her close to him. I knew they were just having fun but I didn't like it when Elena squatted down on her heels and opened her mouth near his crotch and pretended like she was sucking his cock.

She only did it for a second and everyone thought it was funny except me, feeling a little jealous. They kept going at it for several songs and then Chu came and grabbed me by the hand and pulled me up to dance with her. She was all over me, straddling my leg, feeling my crotch, and just touching me all over. I was certainly enjoyed the attention but nonetheless I was a bit uncomfortable.

Especially since I was pretty sure she was doing it because she was jealous of the attention that Henrick was showing Elena. Chu kept looking over her shoulder to see what they were doing and so was I. I noticed that Henrik's shirt was now unbuttoned and Elena had her hands all over his bare chest. Here we go, I thought.

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Tonight is going to be "girlfriend swap" night. Even though Chu was getting me hot and horny, I had enough of the dancing and decided to pour myself another glass of Henrik's expensive whiskey.

I helped myself to a big glass and plopped down on the couch. Chu came over next to me and laid down with her head on my lap. I reached down and rubbed my hand to caress her pretty face. I then looked back to Henrick and Elena who were dancing close together to a slow song. Elena had her check pressed against his bulging pecs and I could tell she was hot for him.

I also suspected what was coming next. Chu turned sideways on the couch to face me and wiggled and slithered her body sexually to the music as I looked down at her. Then she reached down and ran her hand across my crotch and caressed my bulging cock through my pants. Henrik led Elena over to the couch and said in a slurred voice, "Okay girls, assume the position." Nobody knew what he meant so he instructed both of them to get on their knees side by side on the couch.

Henrick then lifted Elena's short dress, leaned down, and started to lick and kiss her bare ass cheeks. Might as well, I thought, so I got on my knees behind Chu and started to run my tongue across her firm smooth ass and down her crack. She tasted good to me, different than Elena and she squirmed with pleasure as I got her ass all wet with my mouth and tongue. Henrick then turned Elena over and started in on her pussy. Chu saw this and also flipped herself over and spread her legs for me.

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I lifted the tiny pink thong to one side and worked my tongue all over her smooth shaven pubic area and then up and down and across her delicious pussy lips while she bounced and bucked. As much as I was enjoying Chu, I wanted a turn with Elena so I moved to the other side of Henrick and nudged him over to Chu. I knew that he wanted to stay there with Elena but reluctantly he moved over. I got down worked on Elena's clit with the tip of my tongue the way I knew she loved it.

She wiggled and moaned with pleasure. A few minutes I felt Henrick push my shoulder and I lost balance and fell off to the side as he moved back to Elena. "Fucker" I though to myself and I moved back over to Chu.

I watched out of the corner of my eye as Henrik raised up to his knees, grabbed his massive cock in his hand and moved in to press it against Elena's wet pussy. "Gentle," she moaned and I watch the head of his cock disappear into her. I watched curiously for a while. His wet cock sliding in and out of her. Henrick looked over at me and said, "Ahh, this is some nice, nice pussy my brother." "My brother!" I thought to myself, "What a dick." Then I raised up and plunged my cock into Chu. The girls were moaning in unison as we drilled them in a similar rhythm to the background R&B music.

"Ahh. que rico," I heard Elena gasping and crying out in Spanish as Henrick stretched her tight pussy with his thick cock. Chu wiggled under my body and I leaned down and placed my hands on her tits which were exposed after she pulled down the straps of her tiny cocktail dress. Hendrick then pulled his cock out of Elena, lifted her up, and turned her over onto her knees. He reached down and pulled the tie off the back of her halter top so that it fell down along her arms and onto the couch so that she was now topless.

Then he slid his cock back into her and grabbed the fabric of her dress, now bunched up around her waist and twisted it and pulled on it tightly. He slapped his balls against her thighs and grunted as he pounded away on her for a while.

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"Okay, lets have some fun," announced Hendrick and he reached down and grabbed Chu out from under me. He lifted her dress off over her head and then he picked her up laid her face down on Elena's back while she was still on her knees facing the back of the couch. Both of their asses were facing out over the edge of the couch now.

Then I watched as Hendrick first slid his cock into Chu and then pull out and slip into Elena. "This is what this little ho's love, big black cock," he laughed and again I thought "What an asshole." But the girls just went along with it both moaning and enjoying themselves like submissive little sluts. I stood there with my cock in my hand watching and stroking myself, wanting for a turn, but Hendrick just kept at it until finally he commanded the girls to get on their knees on the carpet in front of him.

He positioned them side by side and then he wanked on his long black cock in front of their faces. He let out a howl and unloaded. He alternated his aim to Elena and Chu's face and coated them with cum. When he was done, he instructed them to give each other a kiss and they obliged willingly.

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Then he commanded Chu to get on the couch on her knees and this time he lifted Elena on to Chu's back facing her down. He looked over at me, "your turn my brother!" I stood up behind them and first pushed my cock into Elena and stroked in and out a few times and then pulled out and into Chu.

I thought it was a bit kinky but it felt so good and I continued alternating between them back and forth. Then for the last time I pushed into Chu and erupted. I grabbed Elena by the waist sliding her forward slightly on Chu's back to bury my cock deeper into Chu and stayed there until every drop of cum was drained from my balls. Then I fell backward flat on my ass on the carpet and sat there with beads of sweat dripping down the side of my face. Hendrik laughed, "That's the way you do it." I looked at him and thought to myself, If he says "my brother" one more time, I am to throw my glass of whiskey at him.

Elena moved from on top of Chu and the girls rolled over and laid back on the couch. We were all exhausted.

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Henrick then picked up Chu and flung her over his shoulder and started off toward his bedroom. He stopped briefly and turned back to us, "Help yourself to the guest bedroom.

Elena you can always come in here with Chu and I if you would rather," he laughed and then walked off to his bedroom.

Elena and I got up and without saying a word went to the guest bedroom, plopped on the bed and passed out. The next morning I woke up first and nudged Elena to get up. I just wanted to leave and told Elena to get dressed. I walked out to use the hallway bathroom and when I came out Henrick was standing there naked in the doorway of his bedroom.

He looked at me and whispered, "Hey, come here and check this out." I paused for a minute and then followed him into his bedroom. I saw Chu on the bed with a blindfold over her eyes. She was passed out naked facing up.

Her arms were up over her head and she was tied to the headboard with leather straps and wrist cuffs. I wasn't quite sure what to think. I wondered, was she really into this or was Henrick just taking advantage of her.

He pointed over to his dresser and I saw it was covered with a variety of dildos and a large number of different kinds of sex toys. "Pick one out and have at her," he said and he looked at me with this shitty grin.

I just stood there staring at him in disbelief. "No, I'm not into that dude", and I moved toward the door. Then he said, "Okay then, how about I come over to your room and lets give your girl a DP, I wanna fuck that tight little Mexican ass." I just ignored him and then met face to face with Elena who appeared at the door. She looked in and Chu all tied up and her mouth dropped," What the fuck!" I took her by the hand and we left the apartment looked for a cab to get back to my car which I had left in a parking garage near the bar where we started the night before.

Elena looked out of place in the daytime with her skimpy silver dress and her high heels and she captured stares from people walking by in the early morning. She was worried about her friend Chu and I said, "Hey, maybe she is into that kind of stuff, you never know." She stopped to think about it and then said, "you really think so?".

I just shrugged, maybe. We were both hungover and tired, and we barely spoke as I drove her back to her apartment on the other side of the city. When I pulled up to her apartment, she looked at me and asked, "Are you okay?". "I dunno," I said looking into her eyes, and felt a tight knot in my stomach.

She bit her lip and said, "Now you have me worried." I turned away and said, "Let's talk about it later, I'm going home." I decided not to call her for a while.

Every day I thought about everything that had happened over the last few months and how I felt about it all. Especially this last little orgy. I knew that it wasn't really her fault. It was me who allowed things to go this far once again. But then I kept thinking about her making all those sexual advances to Henrick and I started to blame her.

Over and over again, I kept picturing her on the couch that night getting drilled by Henrick's big black cock and then him pumping his load all over her face. I alternated between feeling guilty because it made me so horny but I was also disgusted with myself for letting another man do that to my supposed girlfriend. Especially now that I knew what a fucking creep that Henrick had turned out to be. The following week I came home every day after work and watched the video that Elena and I had made of her sucking my cock.

I watched it over and over again and jacked myself off until I feel asleep. God, how I missed her. * If you are interested in part four, please give me a positive rating and any comments and I'll continue to write about my first year with Elena.