Elsa and lily kitchen lesbian babes pussy lick

Elsa and lily kitchen lesbian babes pussy lick
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JASON Jason thought swim practice camps were tough. At best they had ten hours of practice per day, sometimes theory to boot.

He loved swimming, but the hunger, exhaustion and soreness of his muscles after working out the whole day sometimes made him reconsider his choice of sport.

Jason strolled with the other guys towards the showers from the swimming pools located outside. The footsteps of their naked feet echoed in the hallway, no one talked, everyone was too tired.

Jason took off his swimming trunks, releasing his thick manhood of their constraint, turned on the shower and stepped under the cool stream of water.

Despite the fact that everyone was competing to get in the national team the boys had gotten along just fine for almost a week now. Jason was the fastest and strongest of the guys, and it was widely accepted that he would be one of those getting in the team. Unlike some, he took his practice seriously, and didn't let for example the girls' team practicing at the same camp simultaneously disrupt his focus. Even though Jason was the best and proud of it, he often thought whether it was a good idea to dedicate himself completely to swimming, as he realized there were other things in life.

Sometimes he felt jealous of the other boys, who were more sociable and sexually more active than he was. Jason was 16, with a face and a body like an ancient Greek god, yet he remained a virgin. He wasn't ashamed of his virginity though. He didn't consider it something you had to get rid of as quickly as possible, he thought he'd rather wait for the very best girl to bump into him.

He did like to look at girls his age though, and often in the night he'd fantasize about the most beautiful ones of his school, imagining them naked, wondering what'd it feel like to push his cock between their legs. The cool water poured over Jason's tanned, athletic figure, softly caressing his sore muscles and wiping away his tiredness and stress. As he showered he came to notice how sensitive his penis was. He hadn't had a chance to masturbate for almost a week now.

Of his penis Jason was proud as well, even though he'd never gotten to actually use it. Even while flaccid it hung at 6 inches, while rigid it was as thick as three fingers together. It looked even larger when put into relation with his height, as he was only 5' 8''.

The other guys often joked about the size of his cock, which Jason didn't mind at all. ASHLEY Normally Ashley hated swim practice camps, as they forced her to be away from her friends and boyfriend.

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Now, however, the last person she missed was her boyfriend, and the heavy workouts offered her a chance to get her mind off things. She had been seeing her boyfriend for six months now. At first everything had gone just fine, but during the last couple of months Jack hadn't seemed to have time for her. To top it off, nasty rumors were circulating about Jack having behaved somewhat improperly at one home party, and Ashley had herself noticed Jack sometimes looking at other girls with lust in his eyes.

Jack had assured her nothing had happened at the party, but Ashley didn't know what to believe in anymore. Sometimes she'd regret the whole relationship. Jack had never seemed right for her. Ashley took off her swim cap and released her blond curls that almost reached her butt.

She was often told she had gorgeous hair. Quickly she wriggled free of her one-piece swimsuit and stepped under the shower.

The water felt warm and pure after the cool chlorine water of the pool. The others were gone already, Ashley had stayed at the pool to be able to think in peace when the others had ran for the showers. The warm water ran down her back, between her buttocks and legs, softly licking her hairless vaginal lips. Her nipples were erect from the cool air outside, but the warm water quickly softened them. Her coach had once playfully told her she could never go pro because her breasts were too big.

Ashley loved her boobs though, and wouldn't have given them up for any price in the world. Unlike most sixteen-year-old girls, she could look in the mirror naked and like what she saw. The flowing water tickled her pussy, and she felt a familiar lust awake. Ashley knew exactly what she needed, but the person who could offer it was far away and Ashley wouldn't have wanted anything from him right then.

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She was amazed at how she could even think about sex at that moment. For a second she considered granting herself release with her fingers, but rejected the thought, sighed and started towards the dressing room. JASON After having dinner Jason returned to the dressing rooms planning to hit the gym, even though it was over nine in the evening.

The other guys had gone in their rooms to rest. Jason felt his back wasn't quite as sore as it could've been, and he thought he'd do a couple of sets of pull-ups before going to bed.

After having done the pull-ups, Jason still felt energetic and worked out his abs for half an hour more, and when he finally decided to hit the showers it was well past 10. The boys' dressing rooms were at the other side of the building while the girls' were just next to the gym, and after looking at the clock Jason decided he could safely shower up in the girls' side.

ASHLEY The sound of a shower running from the next room disrupted Ashley's thinking, and after looking at the clock she noticed it was half past ten. She had been in deep thought, considering the situation with her boyfriend, and even planning to leave him. ''Who the hell would take a shower at this time?'' she wondered aloud. She got up and walked to the door of the shower room to see. She was utterly taken aback by what she saw.

Under the shower stood a dark-haired, carvedly muscular boy whose fat cock hung tempting between strong thighs. Luckily for Ashley, his eyes were closed just then, as it took her several seconds to recover from her amazement. Ashley recognized him as one of the candidates for the national team, as the guy who everyone said was the fastest of all. She couldn't resist and peeked again through the doorway. He was more a young man than a boy, not very tall, still an inch or two taller than Ashley.

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He had thick, dark eyebrows, deep brown eyes and a strong chin. His shoulders were almost twice as wide as his waist, his arms as thick as Ashley's calves. His abdomen were like a washboard made of marble, shaped as if to draw the eye even lower.

With his slender yet incredibly strong figure he reminded Ashley of a cheetah. Despite him being deeply tanned, he had but the slightest glimpse of tan lines between his legs. As with most competitive swimmers, he had shaven his groin completely bare, which only highlighted the impressive size of his penis.

His foreskin was slightly drawn back, exposing a part of the purple tip. Ashley realized she was incredibly turned on, and biting her lip her hand found its way between her legs. At the same time she remembered she was naked and the guy could see her, but her lust overtook her fear, and she began caressing herself with soft, circular movements while eating this perfect young lad with her eyes.

She imagined what'd happen if she exposed herself and joined the boy under the shower. His strong hands would explore her skin, her breasts and her buttocks, his juicy and delicious penis would get hard from her touch. The situation was so exciting that very quickly Ashley felt her orgasm approach. She fantasized his big and hard cock pushing inside her tender opening from behind, she could almost feel it sweetly stretch her narrow hole and fill her completely.

Just as she was about to climax, the boy turned around and closed the shower, forcing Ashley to retreat behind the corner.


JASON The next day passed quickly. They only had a few hours of practice, after which Jason stayed at the pools. The sun shone from a bright sky and Jason felt himself perspire as he climbed up the stairs of the stand facing the pools.

Behind the stand there was a deck to where you couldn't see from the pools, a completely open yet still secluded place. Jason loved just laying there, listening to the silence and letting the sun toast his skin. He spread a towel on the ground and laid his back on it. Below him at the pool the water splashed as someone still swam.

The sound of naked feet on wooden stairs woke him up. Someone was climbing up to him. That's weird, usually no one comes here, he thought, and opened his eyes against the sun just enough to see who was coming. To his surprise into view rose the most beautiful, gorgeous and charming young lady he had ever seen.

The sun shone on her blonde hair, making it glimmer like silver and gold. Her curls looked endlessly long, flowing wildly across her tanned shoulders and neck. One couldn't help paying attention to her breasts: they looked absolutely astounding sticking out from her otherwise slender figure, protruding, perky and firm. The ruffled top of her white bikini covered them from just above where her nipples would have been.

The shape of her body was athletic yet feminine. The curve of her hips was pronounced and her upper body wasn't overly muscular as was the case with some female swimmers. Her thighs were slender yet strong. Her bright, sky-blue eyes noticed him, and she stopped for a brief moment, and Jason thought he saw a hint of a smile playing on her pouty, red lips.

Jason realized he had become partly erect, and the position he was in all but hid the fact, but he didn't have the courage to move. To his horror the girl settled on the uppermost level of the stand, only ten feet away and just in front of him.

She spread a towel on the bench and sat on it, her side to Jason. She quickly glanced around, as if to make sure no one was watching. Jason watched through half-closed eyes, hypnotized, unable to turn away despite his speedo-trunks becoming more cramped by the moment.

Suddenly the girl opened the hook of her top behind her back and let it fall on the ground, exposing her perfectly pert breasts. Jason's eyes blew open, and he felt his cock twitch. Her breasts looked almost overly large poking out from her chest, her small light brown nipples were like two blossoming roses.

Panicking, Jason turned sideways before the girl would notice his rigid cock. Jason couldn't believe what he had just seen, things like this didn't happen in real life, he thought. He couldn't get the hint of her smile, her bright blue eyes and her bare naked gorgeous breasts from his mind.

He tried to think unsexy thoughts, but that gorgeous lady always returned to fill mind, and his manhood refused to relax. Time dragged on as Jason considered different ways to escape from the situation without exposing his erection.

ASHLEY His eyes had seemed closed, but Ashley was fairly sure he had seen the whole show. From the corner of her eye she had clearly made out the shape of his hardened shaft through his trunks before he had turned away.

Ashley was amused by the thought, but on the other hand she didn't want to come out as a slut, or for him to be embarrased. Ashley was dying to speak to him: there was something about this guy that made her skin crawl and her mouth water, that something which Jack had never had.

''Hey.'' Ashley froze in surprise.

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''I couldn't think of anything overly smart to say, but I decided to come and talk to you anyway.'' The voice of the tanned guy was dark and warm like a summer night. He sat next to Ashley on the bench. Ashley tried to answer, but her tongue was tied up and her throat suddenly dry. ''My name is Jason. What is your name?'' ''.Ashley.'' She had difficulty remembering it.

''That's a beautiful name.'' Forgetting her exposed breasts, Ashley rose to sit next to him. She would have needed only reach out her hand and she could have touched him. Suddenly she laughed. ''Why are you laughing?'' he asked, curious. ''You know, just a minute ago I was laying here, wanting to come and talk to *you*, but now I can't get a word out of my mouth.'' White teeth shone as he laughed.

Glancing over, she noticed he was still hard. She wanted just to tear off his trunks and release his delicious, manly member, to see it up close in all its glory. She noticed the boy likewise had trouble keeping his eyes off Ashley's unprotected breasts. Ashley wanted this young man, wanted him more than she had ever wanted anyone. Suddenly she came up with an idea. ''I've got to go,'' she said. Quickly she bent over and whispered in his ear, ''Come to the girls' dressing rooms at midnight.'' JASON Jason had difficulty focusing that night at the gym.

He couldn't understand what had gotten into him: normally working out was the most important thing for him, now he had big problems trying not to think about the girl he'd met above the stand. The words still echoed in his ears. ''Come to the girls' dressing rooms at midnight.'' Jason wasn't courageous enough to hope what would happen, but he imagined all kinds of things.

Maybe he would see the girl naked. Maybe they would have sex. Jason was partly scared: the situation would be completely new for him, and if the girl would want sex, Jason was afraid he wouldn't know what to do.

The time was past 11 and there was no one else at the gym, which was good, because Jason kept randomly getting hard-ons when his thoughts wandered off to Ashley's bare breasts or her enthralling flowery scent. After finishing with his workout, Jason stayed at the gym. He sat and waited, his stiff cock aching in his sports shorts. After what felt like an eternity the clock approached midnight, and Jason started for the girls' dressing rooms.

Cautiously he opened the door. It was dark inside, the lights were off, from farther away he could hear the sound of a shower running. He gathered up his courage and stepped inside. The rows of lockers seemed to continue infinitely in the darkness, a pair of white bikini lay on a bench in front of him, light shimmered from the open door of the shower room. Jason headed towards it. The sound of water grew stronger as Jason approached. He stepped in the doorway and even though he had expected to see just that, he was astounded by what he saw.

The blue-eyed angel stood naked under the steaming water, her hands entangled in her hair behind her head. Her luscious, fertile body was flawless, as if all the sculptors in the world had collaborated to make a bronze and gold sculpture of the perfect young lady. Jason's eyes traveled across her body, not knowing where to focus, unable to handle so much beauty at once.

In his shorts his penis grew quickly, and a lust was born in him, a lust to make this perfect girl his, if only for a moment. After a long moment the girl opened her eyes, and they met Jason's. Half kind, half fiendish she smiled and walked towards Jason hips slightly swaying.

ASHLEY Ashley felt dreamy and fully awake at the same time as she walked towards her half-naked Adonis. She stopped right in front of him. Brown eyes looked at her infatuated but confident. His closeness, the heat emanating from his body and his scent made her head spin. The bulge in his shorts pressed against her lower belly as she got even closer. Ashley slid her fingers on his neck, on the back of his neck, and pulled him closer, until his soft lips pressed against her own.

Only one kiss, hot and moist, and Ashley was sold. She wanted him as her own. Ashley let her hands slide down his body, across his wide chest, his rock hard stomach, all the way down to the waistband of his shorts. With one quick yank she opened the knot, bent down and pulled them to the ground. His half-erect, captivatingly handsome penis sprang up to view. She got up, took his hand and led him to the steam room. It was nice and warm inside the steam room, not overly hot: no one had been there in several hours.

She sat him down on the upper bench with his legs spread and stood in front of him. She was very much aware of her nakedness, and she noticed his eyes take glances at her breasts and between her legs.

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Ashley felt a wanting to sit in his lap and take him inside her right then, but she had other plans. Ashley was a girl who enjoyed educating herself, and she had always aspired to be as good as possible at everything she practiced, whether it was swimming, school or sex.

So, despite her limited experience, she knew exactly what to do. She knelt between his legs. His muscular thighs and thick cock looked so beautiful it almost hurt. Tenderly she grabbed his shaft from the base. It felt heavy and warm to her touch. Veins traveled up the foreskin and the purple tip peeked from the opening at the top.

Ashley ducked and took it in her mouth. ''This can't be real.'' he moaned. As slow as she had patience for Ashley slid her slick lips over the foreskin-covered glans, feeling its thickness and shape in her mouth. She looked up with his cock in her mouth, the head resting on her tongue. His mouth was partly open, his eyes closed and he had a look of dreamy wonder on his face, which Ashley took as encouragement to continue. She let the tip slide out of her mouth, and when she took it in again, she softly pulled back on the foreskin, so that her lips and his foreskin slid together, the exposed glans pushing inside a moist tunnel formed by her mouth.

She slid her tongue partly out of her mouth and caressed the shaft and the sensitive underside of the shaft with it.

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His muscles kept tensing and relaxing as Ashley sucked on his penis. Keeping her movements slow, Ashley released his cock from her mouth, and bent down to lick on his scrotum.

First with only the tip of her tongue, then pressing the whole tongue against his soft balls, at the same time stroking his member gently. She took one of his testicles in her mouth and sucked on it tenderly, then licked down the seam in the middle all the way under his ball sack and back up again. Focusing on his penis again, Ashley pulled the foreskin up and licked the tip of his cock, teasing, pretending to take it in her mouth but not closing her lips around it, only letting it visit her open mouth.

She pulled up with her hand, so that the foreskin was squeezed all the way up, and slid her tongue under it. His pre-cum tasted delicious. Ashley licked inside the foreskin, swirling her tongue around the tip it, tickling the most sensitive spot just below the head. Pulling her tongue out, she took the head in her mouth and pulled the foreskin back again, so that the most sensitive parts of his genitalia could enjoy the loving caresses of her mouth and tongue.

It felt amazing to suck on Jason's cock and to give him pleasure. Ashley felt her own juices flowing between her legs. Ashley grabbed the penis below the glans, at the same time closing the head in her mouth, so that her mouth and hand formed a slick tube in which his penis could glide.

She began slowly sucking back and forth, at the same time caressing his balls with her free hand. At the up-position her hand was around the glans and only her lips touched the foreskin-covered tip.

As she slid down, his foreskin retracted and the sensitive head slid between her lips, over her tongue and deep in her mouth. His cock tasted wonderful, of sex and salt. It pulsed in her mouth, and Ashley knew his release was approaching. She kept gently and affectionately sucking, licking and massaging his penis with her lips and tongue, until his moans grew louder and his cock began jerking in her mouth. Suddenly his cock pulsed forcefully and the first eruption of warm semen exploded to the back of her mouth.

She made a sound, delighted, and took his shaft as deep as she could, suckling on the base. Jason groaned as she sucked his sperm out. A powerful pulse launched a second portion of the delicious liquid at the back of her throat, and she swallowed it quickly. Intensifying his orgasm as much as she could, she squeezed the base of his cock and gently nursed on the tip as Jason's penis continued filling her mouth with the tasty contents of his balls.

Finally his orgasm subsided and Ashley let his still rigid member from her mouth. Her mouth was still full of his cum, and she swallowed it in small portions, savoring the sweet taste to the last drop.

JASON His head was spinning and he had difficulty focusing his sight. The girl kneeling between his legs smiled and laughed heartily at him, her blue eyes shining, a drop of cum on her glimmering lips, his half-erect penis in her hand.

Jason didn't understand how it was possible, but he felt like he was in love. Looking in her eyes he saw the most beautiful being imaginable and wanted her to be his. Ashley got up, bent over Jason and kissed him. Her mouth was moist and tasted of salt. Her firm breasts pressed against his chest. She turned and lowered her heart-shaped butt in his lap, and began to rub herself against his crotch.

Jason felt her hot, slick vaginal lips against his shaft, and in just a moment he was fully hard again. Noticing he was, she got up and sat next to him, spreading her legs.

''I want you inside me,'' she whispered. Jason was incredibly excited yet somehow calm as he settled between her thighs. She smiled at him invitingly, and when he looked down, he saw her beautiful lower lips were slightly apart, exposing hidden, bright pink flesh.

She leaned back on her arms and spread her legs even more, almost to splits. With his right hand Jason guided his stiff cock against her inviting, girly cleft. He felt immense softness and heat against the foreskin-covered tip.

''Push.'' she moaned. Jason jerked his hips forward, and Ashley's slit opened around his penis. She was so tight, that despite all the wetness his foreskin withdrew and Jason's thick rod pushed with the exposed head first in her warm cavity.


She moaned loudly, and Jason groaned with pleasure as he felt a pussy envelope his cock for the first time. Instinctively he pulled back and pushed in her again, this time a little deeper. Her pussy squeezed around his sensitive organ, soft as silk yet incredibly tight. They looked each other in the eye and breathed heavily as Jason began to slowly move back and forth inside the gorgeous girl.

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Only the thought of what was happening almost made him insane. His cock was inside the most beautiful girl in the world, which was like physical and emotional rapture. The entrance of her pussy slid tight over the shaft, inside her the walls of her supple vaginal tunnel massaged the head of his penis like a hundred hot tongues.

Every time he pulled out the cool air caressed his wet shaft, and when he pushed back inside her an intensive warmth surrounded the whole length of his manhood.

ASHLEY Despite everything being so dreamily perfect, Ashley could sense the smallest details. Jason's flexing and relaxing muscles, a wonderful feeling of being filled as his large penis glided inside her. The scent of sweat and sex, the taste of his cum in her mouth.

His heavy breathing. They had only just met and now they were here, yet in some insane way it felt so right. Jason's big, young cock was like velvet coated steel, and she could feel its shape perfectly inside her, its every bump, its every vein. It entered her in such an angle that it hit all the sensitive spots, sending heavenly, electric ripples of pleasure through her body. Nothing had ever felt this good.

Jason's cock fit in her pussy perfectly, pushing just to her cervix, stretching her walls sweetly. His slow, filling thrusts made Ashley's pleasure build up rapidly. Jason's rock hard shaft rubbed against every fold and slot of her tight cavity, making her moan louder and louder.

Her enjoyment grew and grew and finally overflowed and she climaxed, the warm waves of her orgasm spreading from her cock-filled pussy to all around her body.

He kept moving inside her, every stroke launching a new wave of pleasure, and her orgasm seemed to last forever. JASON The soft insides of Ashley's young pussy squeezed rhythmically around his penis and she moaned in a high voice. Jason felt a sweet pressure rising up the shaft of his member, felt it pulsating stronger and stronger, at the same tempo with Ashley's love canal.

There was nothing but the two of them, him inside her. Every thrust inside Ashley felt divinely good, she was moist, soft and warm around his penis, loving and hungry. ''Cum inside me. cum inside.

don't care.'' she moaned. It was too much. It felt like he was burying his sensitive, swollen cock in molten velvet. His face was lost in her hair and her scent filled his nostrils as he continued thrusting between her thighs. Her warm cavity contracted around his sensitive member, massaging its whole length, as if trying to suck the semen out of him, and groaning heavily Jason came. Pulse after pulse of hot sperm rushed up his shaft and burst out in Ashley's insides, which convulsed around him, intensifying his pleasure.

In a state of trance he kept pumping his cock in and out of her, lost in the sensation of ejaculating inside her tight 16-year-old pussy.

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His fertile sperm poured deep inside the gorgeous girl, flowing in every space, in every fold, filling her lovely teenage vagina completely. ''Ohmygodohmygodohmygod.'' Ashley moaned, feeling herself being filled to the brim. He couldn't stop moving, the feeling of her body engulfing him was too wonderful.

After every last drop of his seed was safely at the bottom of Ashley's welcoming vagina, he finally collapsed in her arms, exhausted, having lost his virginity, waves of euphoria flashing through him. -------------------------------- It began with fiery passion, and after several clandestine meetings, Jason and Ashley began dating.