Red Head Sucking and Fucking In Bathroom

Red Head Sucking and Fucking In Bathroom
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[I apologize for the extremely short length of this story. I have no idea where to take this story, and only really wrote it because of large feedback from the first part. Consider this a short transition chapter, and if you guys want to give me some good ideas, I can write a next part.

Feel free to send me comments about what direction you would like to see in the future. I don't mind continuing things, but would like a good idea to run with. Thank you to everyone for all of the awesome feedback during the first part, and I look forward to hearing from you again] Jennifer and I decided to watch some television while we waited for Jill to come back.

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We laid out on her bed, still naked, and still with an obvious hint of my cum dripping from her opening. Jill walked back into the room, a more reserved look on her face this time.


"I still can't believe you guys," she started. "Oh get over it sis," Jennifer said. "You said I could share him, and I shared him." "Yeah well I didn't expect you guys to go that far," she retorted. "I didn't think he'd cum in your pussy.

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We barely do that." "I don't know why!" Jennifer responded. "It feels incredible! His dick is so long that it gets so deep inside you and it's so fucking warm. I'm so horny just thinking about it.

He shot so much cum up my pussy, it'll be in there for a long time." "Oh shut up" Jill said, but Jennifer's words were starting to turn me on again. Hearing her describe how things felt was really arousing, and I was starting to feel the blood flow return. "Maybe he's just got more cum when it comes to me," she beamed. "I'm sure he doesn't fill up your pussy with that much.

I'm flooded." "To hell he doesn't!" Jill said, getting frustrated. She started to strip off her clothes and was soon naked in front of us.

"He's hard again, now that I'm naked.


I bet you he cums more in me." With that, she quickly climbed onto the bed and grabbed my cock. She pumped the shaft a couple of times and then slid down on my cock. She put both of her hands on the bed and used it for leverage as she started to bounce up and down, faster and faster as she got going. Jennifer only could watch a few seconds of this before she said, "No I want another ride!" "Fuck you sis!" Jill said moaning.

"This is still my cock." Jennifer went for her and the two of them started to wrestle, while Jill still managed to bounce on my cock, although a little slower than before.

Suddenly, Jennifer went behind Jill and lifted her up off of me.

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They were both small, but both had newfound strength with the current situation. Quickly, Jennifer climbed into position and buried her pussy completely onto my rod. "Fuck yeah!" she yelled as she started to ride me.


Now Jill got back up and started to wrestle with her younger sister. Jennifer must have been the more athletic of the two because Jill couldn't seem to get her off as easily. Jennifer gripped the bed tightly and managed to stay on my cock.

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Jennifer then knocked her sister off balance and started to hold her down. "You're going to watch it bitch!" Jennifer laughed as she pinned her sister down on the bed and rode my cock at the same time.


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Fuck you!" Jill said as she tried to squirm her way out of the compromised position, but couldn't seem to get her sister off of her. "Why don't you just be useful and help him cum in me," she laughed again. "I can already feel his big cock starting to stiffen inside me. Now I know that means he's going to cum. I can't wait for that.


It shoots so deep inside me. It comes out so fast too, like he wants to shoot it inside my pussy as quickly as possible." "Don't fucking cum in her!" Jill said to me from underneath her sister.

All she could do was watch my cock grow more swollen inside her younger sister; the large underside vein growing with each passing second. "Do it!" Jennifer said.

"Fill up my fucking pussy with your hot cum! My sis can watch how much cum you save especially for me. It's so thick! Get ready sis, he's going to blow his load! Three, two, one…!" With a grunt I lost the fight of holding back my orgasm, and shot torrents of cum deep inside Jennifer's pussy. At first they shot in at an extremely fast pace, and then slowed down but shot longer ropes.

"OH FUCK!" Jennifer screamed. "He's cumming in my pussy sis! He's cumming so much!

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It's filling me so deep." Jill watched and winced as my vein and balls contracted with each pleasure filled shot of cum. "He's still cumming! I'm so full of his cock and his cum!" Jill just looked at us, with a mix of anger and defeat. My cock fell out of Jennifer's pussy, losing blood flow as it slapped back against me. My cum quickly started to drip out of her, and Jennifer looked down at it with a big smile.

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"So much for him saving up cum for you," Jennifer bragged. "Look at it all! He flooded me. I'm so warm." "Yeah well there would have been more if it had been me," Jill tried to retort. Jennifer ignored her and watched the cum continue to leak out from inside her.