Enchanting japanese shares her fur pie with different lusty cocks

Enchanting japanese shares her fur pie with different lusty cocks
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I am the newest faculty member at a women's college. I don't want to disclose what institution for what will become abundantly obvious.

For the remainder of my story, I will just go by Dr. Joshua, Dr. Josh or simply Josh. I am a gambler, but I usually win. I play fair, so there are rarely ever problems. Anyway, I had a rather sizable chunk of money, so instead of buying a new house or a very expensive car, I thought I would have some fun with it. Over the summer break, I posed as a laborer for the school when they did minor repair work on the dorm rooms.

I planted some goodies in the ceilings of several of the rooms. No, not hidden cameras. That has been done and very often the women find out. And I didn't want to take that chance. I had something much more interesting in mind. Instead, I planted novels full of sex. I planted a journal supposedly written by a former grad student at the school and a few pictures of myself in my apartment on campus. These pictures were shot in a way that made it look like this former student was taking voyeuristic pictures of me.

I also put spy holes in my own apartment at very strategic places, such as the bathroom, bedrooms and the living room. However, I also installed sensors by these places, so I knew when I was being watched. It sent nondescript notifications to my watch. It was time to bait the trap. I left various bottles of alcohol in the ceilings of several rooms.

For good measure, I left one or two ceiling panels slightly out of alignment. *** It was probably a week after the fall semester started when I noticed a few of the freshmen talking to their neighbors with a lot of excitement in their voices.

I heard murmurs of parties in dorm rooms. I wasn't sure if that meant that they discovered the free alcohol left for them in the ceilings. However, by the next time the class met, the girls were dressing much sexier and giggling among themselves. While others were putting their finger to their mouth as they were stealing glances at my pants.

I had them! Obviously, when the couple of girls discovered the alcohol, they told their friends to look in their rooms.

And one of them must have found the actual prize I had hoped that would changed all of our school year and beyond. I intentionally ended a few minutes early, so I could start the next phase of my plan.

I asked the class if they were settled in with college life yet and if they liked the school so far. Some of them said it started off slow (with the school being in the middle of nowhere), but it had recently shown a lot more promise.

The rest of the class giggled. Chrissy introduced herself and asked: "Dr. Josh, so what do you do during the school year when you aren't in class or doing other school related stuff." I said, "There isn't much of a town, so I basically do a lot of things at home.

I work out. I like reading, listening to my music and watching movies." She laughed and said, "You work out???" I replied, "Hey, I am not much older than you ladies in here. I am only in my late 20s." She replied, "Still ain't buying it. The heaviest thing you probably lift is your little laptop, professor." Acting all hurt, I lifted my sweater up a few inches to reveal just the hint of my six pack.

(Ever since I found out that I might get a position here, I started working out a crazy amount of time.) I heard gasps from most of the girls. Just then, the bell rang and they started to leave. All except Chrissy. She just smiled and started to pack up her stuff. Once everyone left, she winked and as she was getting ready to put her things in her bag, she turned in order to have her face hidden.

She bent over to reveal that she wasn't wearing anything under her mini skirt. Prolonging her task, she started to wiggle her ass just a bit. Neither of us said anything. It was better that way. She knew that I was still watching. And I had my precious plausible deniability. After a minute, she started to get up. I picked up a folder and started to look at the contents. Chrissy didn't catch me staring, but she did look down and see my erection.

She didn't pretend that she hadn't seen the impact she had on me. She bent over to whisper something to me. She lingered several extra moments allowing me to get an eye-full of her incredible breasts. Finally, she decided to whisper -- "Your welcome, Professor." With that, she turned and walked out of the room holding up the back of her mini skirt. Whoa! I wasn't expecting that at all. *** Later, that evening at about 8pm, I heard my watch give its first ever notification.

I had an audience! It was in the bathroom. I went in and started to disrobe. After checking my face in the full-length mirror on the back of the door, I turned the music on and went into the shower. I started singing and intentionally substituting Chrissy's name any time it was appropriate to do so. I didn't start touching my cock until after I washed my hair and shaved. Then I started to lather up my body with the soap and paying a lot of attention to my cock.

While singing sexually-charged songs to "Chrissy" and remembering the delicious performance that she put on for me in the classroom, I was stroking my cock until it was as hard as it had been for months.

I didn't know for certain, but I suspected that Chrissy was the one in possession of the special goodies left in one of the rooms and I was reasonably hopeful that she was watching me now as I was now masturbating for her. I put a chair for whoever was going to watch me. Since I was the one who installed the spyhole, I spent an absurd amount of time figuring out just where the holes should be and even more time camouflaging them.

I wanted them to be as large as possible. I wanted the girls to be comfortably able to play with their pussies as they watched my performances for them.

I wasn't sure, but I thought I heard a woman's moaning in pleasure. It could have been one of my neighbors. I was telling "Chrissy" how much I was enjoying her mouth on my cock. "Chrissy, you got me so hard this afternoon.

I wanted to take out my big cock and let you suck on it right then and there. Ooh, that's it. Take more of it. That's it. Chrissy, baby, that feels so fucking incredible! I am on the edge, baby. Where do you want me to cum?

Ah, you want to taste it. Yes, I love that idea. Go faster, Chrissy. I am about to." I was pumping my cock as fast as I could. Suddenly, thinking about Chrissy this afternoon and now masturbating with me on the other side of the wall, I just exploded.

Imagining my throbbing cock shooting into Chrissy's hot mouth, I felt my knees go weak. I heard a woman cum, too. I still wasn't sure, but it did sound like her. And what were the odds that a neighbor and I were cumming at the same time!?!? No, it had to be Chrissy or some other girl on the other side watching me. It just had to! After I cleaned up, I shut off the water and said, "I want to fuck you so bad.

I want to see your beautiful breasts bounce as my cock is slamming in you. Good night, Chrissy. I can't wait to see what you do for me next time we see each other." Next phase of the plan should be happening soon. I smiled myself and fell asleep in my bed -- as content as I had been in at least 6 or 9 months. Maybe in years. *** Two days had passed since I thought Chrissy was spying on me while I was showering.

It was almost time for the class and I was getting hard just thinking about what would happen when she came to class. How was she going to top the other day? And what about my plan? Sure. Chrissy had a incredible body and she was smoking hot. It was just that after all that time and effort, I didn't want merely one girl. I wanted as many as possible. *** I was already in the classroom as the students were filing in and finding their seats.

Chrissy was one of the last students who came in. She somehow managed to get the spot directly in front of me. After settling in, she winked at me. Trying to act like the professional that I was supposed to be, I gave her a barely perceptible nod and sat on the edge of my desk. Along with the rest of the class, Chrissy was quickly taking notes on what I was lecturing on. I had always enjoyed this part of the job. Having a room full of students hanging on every word I utter is quite the rush. And the fact that they are all young women and, for the most part, very attractive was exponentially more thrilling.

Halfway through the class, I realized that Chrissy was behaving like the straight A student that she apparently was. (After the other night, I looked up her records.) She was the valedictorian of a very large high school and involved a lot of activities both at school and in her community.

She received several smaller scholarships. Hmmm. I had definitely underestimated her. After class, everyone filed out of the classroom -- including Chrissy. Hmmm, was she playing with me? Did she lose interest in me already? If she did, I would have to start all over with another girl. I went back to my office and did some work in order to try not to think about it. I heard someone say, "Professor, may I talk to you?

Are you busy?" I looked up and it was Chrissy! Trying not to sound too excited, I said, "No, come on in. I was just doing some work for my next class." "Sassetta" was all that she said. (This was the one word that I was basing everything on. In the journal of the fictitious psychology student that I wrote, "Sassetta" was the code word that she supposedly used to put me into a hypnotic state.) I blinked three times.

That was the sign that I would give to indicate that I was under. Closing and locking the door, Chrissy said, "Josh, bark like a poodle." I did without hesitation. Satisfied that I was under, she said, "Josh, get up and stand before me." Without saying a word, I did what I was told.

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"Stand there. Don't say anything unless I say you can or ask you something. And you are not to move an inch unless I say you can." With that, she knelt before me. She was looking up at me with this look of adoration. (I know she had just met me.

It must just be something she picked up somewhere. Anyway. It was sexy as hell.) Without averting her gaze, she started to undo my belt. She pulled the belt so it came out of the belt loops. "Josh, I am going to be your new assistant." She pulled the belt back to get the nub out of the hole. "You are going to love the way that I am going to do my job." She pulled my belt out and put it down. Looking up into my eyes, she unbuttoned my pants.

"Aside from the things that I would be able to put on, ahem, my resume, I will be responsible for arranging special get togethers with the other students." Chrissy unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. "After all, you are the only man who lives within 25 miles of the college." At first, Chrissy was just running her fingers along the length of my very hard cock.

Breaking character, her eyes were suddenly filled with lust. Quickly recovering, she returned to her doe-eyed expression. Slowly pulling my boxers down, Chrissy said, "the other women are going to just love your big cock. And I am going to enjoy shoving this wonderful thing into everybody's holes -- especially mine." At that point, Chrissy took my cock into her hand.

She introduced herself to my hard cock. "It's so nice to finally meet you. I am Chrissy and I am going to be your new best friend. I am going to take REALLY good care of you. May I give you a kiss?" With that, she kissed the head of my cock. She started making love to it with her tongue. I couldn't help it, but I let out a moan.

With that, she stopped and started to speak. "I assume that means you like what I am doing. I am giving you permission to answer me by nodding your head for 'yes', shaking it for 'no' or shrugging your shoulders for 'I don't know'. Do you understand?" I nodded. "Do you want me to stop doing this to your, um, cock?" I shook my head, no. "I think I have a better idea.

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I am going to stop for now. But as your new assistant, I am going to come by your apartment, tonight. We will have our first day of orientation. And we can discuss what my official duties will be.

You probably don't know this, but I am actually a very good student and I will be an excellent assistant. I will do everything in my power to see to it that you advance in your career and." She then put my cock back into her mouth and started bobbing, pushing it further into her throat every several seconds. She stopped abruptly and picked up with her thought as if she never paused. "I will help you have sex with as many of my fellow students as you physically can handle -- without *any* negative consequences.

Would you like that?" My cock twitched and she smiled. "I'll take that as a yes, Josh. I absolutely forbid you to masturbate for as long as I'm your assistant.

That is now my primary responsibility. I will either be there to receive your cum or I will arrange for other women to fill in for me. Do you understand?" I nodded.

"I will be at your place at 5:30. I have something to do after my last class. Be ready to be fucked silly, Professor. After I bring you out, you will recall just a few things. You agreed to hire me as your assistant and that you told me that I will be spending a lot of time with you. You will forget that I had you naked and I had the pleasure of meeting my new best friend, your cock. Is that understood?" I nodded. Chrissy kissed my cock as she looked up at me.

She pulled my boxers up and then my pants. After finishing with my belt, she had me go back to my chair and she went back to her chair. "Sassetta" I said, "Ok, Chrissy. I will see you at my place at 5:30. I hope this position will be beneficiary for both of us." She said, "Me too, Professor," and smiling, walked out of the office.

*** I came home about 4:00, took a quick shower and picked up around the place, so it was presentable for guests. About 5:20, I got a notification on my watch that I now had an audience watching. Glad I thought of that feature otherwise someone probably would catch me doing something I didn't want anyone seeing -- like setting up for my scam. At 5:27, Chrissy knocked at the door. I was stunned momentarily by her outfit. She had very short jeans shorts on with a very tight, red half shirt.

She said, "Professor, may I come in?" She knew the effect she was having on me because she gave me a wink. Josh: "Sure, make yourself at home." Chrissy walked past me into the living room. Damn, she was gorgeous. Being a latina, she had long wavy brown hair, brown eyes, darker skin, long legs, a nice bubble butt going on and she was busty. Josh: "Would you like to sit down for a bit or take a tour of my place first, seeing that you are probably going to have full access to do your new job?" Chrissy: "Definitely the tour." She proceeded to walk into each room allowing me to watch her ass move as we walked.

In each room, she made sure she was standing extremely close to me. (If I hadn't known what this all was about, actually planned and wanted, I would have put a stop to it.) As I was talking about each room, she would sometimes bump into me or lean into me. When we got to the bedroom, she saw the oversized bed and looked at me with a faux surprised expression on her face as she sat on it, bouncing on it a couple of times.

Chrissy: "Professor, what do we have here??? You entertain much?" With the best sheepish look that I could muster, I simply shrugged my shoulders. Josh: "It was here when I moved in. I don't, er, entertain at all. I am very much single and I haven't had a date in years." In reality, I did buy the bed hoping that I would have the need for the extra space.


And as the journal points out, there are ways for uninvited guests to view what is happening in most of the rooms. Chrissy laughed at what I said, but she was looking at me with her finger touching her bottom lip like she was pondering all the things that she was going to do to me.

I got the sense that I was going to be her prey. Josh: "Let's go to the living room where we can discuss your new position. Did you eat dinner yet? Would you like a drink?" Chrissy: "I did eat. Thank you. If you have it, a glass of wine would be nice." I poured two glasses of wine and handed one to her as I was about to sit on the couch. She was just finishing up a text message.

Chrissy: "Thank you, Professor." Josh: "Please, Chrissy, when we are alone, just call me 'Josh' since you are my assistant and we will be spending countless hours together. If we are with other students or faculty members, go back to 'Professor'." Chrissy was all smiles. Chrissy: "Okay. I would really like that, um, Josh." Josh: "You don't have to tell me, but was that family that you were texting? I am just being nosy." Chrissy: "No, I was texting my friends to let them know where I am." Josh: "Ah, very good.

Never can be too careful. Do you want to get started?" Chrissy: "Absolutely. That's why I am here. Um, Sassetta." I blinked three times. Chrissy: "Josh, come and stand before me. Whenever I say, 'Assume the position, I want you to come and stand before me, giving me enough room to suck your cock." Ooh, Chrissy is training me.

I like where this is going. Chrissy: "Nod your head if you understand." I nodded my head. Chrissy stood up and removed my jacket. She started to unbutton my dress shirt, but she was looking up at me as she did it. It was very sensual. I am supposed to be her slave, but she was still acting like she was serving me. She pulled my shirt out of my pants, but didn't remove it. Chrissy knelt before me.

Like in my office, she removed my belt. Her eyes only left mine long enough to find the next item. Looking back up at me, she unbuttoned my pants.

Still not saying a word, Chrissy unzipped them. I was so hard thinking about my cock being in her within a minute or two and that we were being watched by my other students. (I wanted to take her right then. I knew, though, that if I did, it would ruin my carefully conceived plan that I worked on for several months.) Using both hands, Chrissy lowered my pants.

She smiled when she saw my erection pushing at my boxers. Chrissy: "Josh, I am not leaving tonight until your magnificent cock has been drained of every drop of cum." I heard moaning coming from the wall.

Another smile appeared on Chrissy's face. She was getting into having power over me, her professor, as well as the other students. I got the feeling that this arrangement was going to work out just fine. Chrissy pulled down my boxers and just smiled. Chrissy: "Miss me?

Well, I definitely missed you. Josh, lift your leg. Now, your other one." She removed my pants and boxers, placing them on the floor in the corner. Chrissy: "We won't need those much at all.

Turn just a bit. That's it. We have a few of your students in the audience this evening. And we want them to have a good view of my friend here." She took her cell phone out and dialed someone. She said, "Ready for opening night?" Placing the phone on speaker, she put it on the table.

I heard two or three female voices. Mia: "Hi, Professor. It's very nice to see you." Traci: "Hi, Professor.

Chrissy says that we might be meeting her friend real soon. We can't wait." My cock twitched. Chrissy: "Did you see that, Mia???" Mia: "Yeah, I did. That was funny!" Chrissy: "Maybe you should pay the good doctor a visit sooner than we had planned. How many of you are back there right now?" Mia: "Five of us are here." Chrissy: "In that case, why don't you come in here too. I think you have made an impression on the Professor. Are you prepared to make your debut?" Mia didn't answer. Chrissy: "I hope I didn't scare her off or embarrass her -- too much." Chrissy was holding my cock and beginning to stroke it when there was a knock at the door.

It was Mia!


She didn't say anything. She came right in and stopped in front of me. Mia: "Can he speak, Chrissy?" Chrissy: "Not yet. I haven't tried." Mia: "And you're sure he won't remember anything." Chrissy: "Right. If I tell him not to, he won't." Mia: "This has a LOT of possibilities!!!" Chrissy: "I know it does. I don't want to hurt the guy. I just want to use him to fulfill our sexual fantasies. Look at that cock! How would you like to have that any time you want for the next four years?" Mia: "I am so in.

You are the best BFF in the world. Have you made him cum yet?" Chrissy: "No, I have been saving him for now. Do you want to join me?" Mia: "May I?" Mia and Chrissy helped one another take their tops off. They then knelt side by side before me. Mia seemed excited but nervous. They began to talk softly, so only the two of them could hear, as Chrissy held my cock in her hand, stroking it every so often.

Mia: "This is very different than doing stuff over the internet with horny guys or playing with our toys." Chrissy: "Yeah, I know. But that's what we get for having insanely strict guardians who sent us to all-girl schools for all of our lives. At least we had our devices, so we could get to the good sites on the internet. I just felt his cock for the first time a few hours ago." Chrissy grabbed my cock and held it for Mia.

Mia licked the head and I let out a sound indicating that it felt oh so good. Chrissy: "Would you like me to let him be himself, so we can see his reactions?" Mia: "Hmmm. I think I would rather get used to a real cock first and I really am scared that we are going to be found out.

I don't want to be kick out of school, arrested or have any of this go public. Can we wait until we see his reaction is in class? If he doesn't act like he suspects anything, we can push the envelope." Chrissy thought about it for a few seconds as she continued to pump my hard cock. Before she answered Mia, she looked at me and I could have sworn that she winked at me with her eye farthest away from the other girls before she looked back at her friend.

Chrissy: "Okay, we have the next three and a half years with this beautiful dick. There is no rush." Chrissy stopped stroking my cock. Pointing it toward her friend, she nodded.

Mia smiled to Chrissy and she resumed licking the head of my cock. She then swirling her tongue around the head. Chrissy looked impressed. Chrissy: "You go, girl!" Mia started laughing with my cock still in her mouth. Recovering, she started to bob. At first, slowly and only taking a little of me into her mouth. As she got used to me, my taste and smell, she got into it and started going as far as she could.

Damn. It felt great. She suddenly stopped! What the hell? Chrissy was fingering herself and she stopped too. Mia: "Chrissy, I really need him in me. I am so horny. Please, may I?" Chrissy winked at me.

Chrissy: "Sure, baby. Where do you want him? In here or on his big bed?" Mia: "How about having him lie on his back over there and have his head closest to the audience?" Chrissy: "Josh, go by wall and lie on your back." Chrissy stood and took me by my cock and directed me that way.

When I was in place, she proceeded to suck on my cock to make sure I was good and hard for her friend. As Mia got situated over me, Chrissy slowly stroke me. Mia exhaled as if she was readying herself to receive her first cock in her life. (She didn't have her hymen to worry about because she used her toys regularly.) Slowly she lowered herself onto my cock. When she was all the way down, she took a few seconds to savor the moment. After a few moments, she began to move her hips slowly and my cock went in and out as she moved.

Her eyes were shut and her mouth opened in an "O". Traci (on the phone): "That looks so amazing, Mia. How does he feel?" Mia didn't answer -- at least, not using words. Instead, she continued to grind her hips around as she emitted incredible sounds of extacy. Chrissy: "I think that means, 'pretty damn good." Mia looked at Chrissy, smiled and nodded her head. She stopped and adjusted herself -- so she was able to ride me like they saw in porn on the web.

She placed her hands on my chest and her ankles on my legs. On the phone, we heard: "You go, girl!" "Mmmm." "I know where you got that move! We watched it just this morning." "Oh, I am so fucking jealous.

You are the first pussy he has had from our class." Mia lost her composure for a few seconds. Shaking her head to stop laughing, she stuck her tongue out at the wall and her face returned to that of a woman consumed with lust. She started to lift herself up and I felt my cock withdrawing from her. Her breasts bouncing as she moved.

Just as I thought I would slip out, she let her body down. She increased her speed causing her to make incredibly sexy sounds, barely perceptible, but Chrissy and I heard them. The sounds grew louder, though. "Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh." "Oh shit." "Ooooh." My cock fell out of her. Before Mia had a chance to grab it and insert it again, Chrissy grabbed my cock and put it in her mouth, bobbing up and down several times. We continued to hear moaning from the phone, but a bit of laughter too when Chrissy recovered Mia's fumble.

When her mouth left me, her right hand inserted my cock into Mia's pussy. After I was back in place, Chrissy bent over, put her hand on my chest and came close to my ear. Chrissy whispering: "You are delicious. I can't wait until I have you all to myself tonight.

Just remember what I told you before. I'm not going to go home until you are completely drained of cum." Mia didn't continue to lift herself up. I don't know whether she didn't want me to come out or she simply want to increase her speed because she was close to cumming. She started to grind away. Since she still had her hand on my chest, Chrissy felt my heartbeat increase. Chrissy whispered: "Josh, don't worry. Mia's on birth control.

No need to give anyone here any warnings. Let her have it." Mia: "Ohhhh. Oh. Oh." Mia's legs visibly began to twitch and what only Mia and I knew, she was squeezing my cock.

It felt more like my cock was being milked. A few moments later, my cock started pulsating and Mia slowed down as she felt my warm cum fill her. Continuing to slowly move around on my cock, she waited until I was done before getting off of me. The moaning that we had been hearing ever since Chrissy started to undress me gradually subsided. Chrissy proceeded to clean me up with her tongue. Even before Chrissy finished her tongue bath, Mia was up and starting to get dressed.

Mia: "Thanks, Chrissy. I really needed that. I have to go back and finish studying for the good doctor's class." With that she walked out of the apartment.

Chrissy: "Ladies, show's over. I'll give you 5 minutes and then you have to leave. If any of you haven't cum, there is going to be another performance soon.

Just not today." "Ok, Chrissy." "That was so hot." "Thanks, Chrissy." Chrissy: "And rememb." "We've sworn to secrecy." Chrissy: "That's right. We could all be expelled and ." "And go to prison." Chrissy: "Right.

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And I don't want to go the next four years without this beautiful penis." We heard giggling then and several girls leaving. Chrissy got me cleaned up for real and dressed me. Chrissy: "Sassetta" We were back in our places and I "came out of it". Josh: "I don't know why, but I am suddenly famished.

I am going to order some food to be delivered. What do you want? It's on me." Chrissy: "Thai?" I called in our order and within 30 minutes, the food was here. We ate as we chatted and laughed. After dinner, we did a few things for my classes. I showed her some of her duties. We worked for about two hours before I could tell that she wanted a break. Chrissy found my music collection and dance seductively to it.

Chrissy: "Sassetta" She came and knelt on the couch next to me. Chrissy: "You know, Josh. I wanted to tell you that I would it very much if you asked me out. You are going to get plenty of sex from a lot of your students. However, you have to be completely passive while you do. If we were a couple, however, you would be able to have me whatever way you desire." "If you want to make love to me, you could. If you want to fuck my brains out, you could do that, too. If you want me to give you a blowjob in the middle of the day, you could drop trou, push me to my knees and feed me your beautiful penis.

Anything you want. And this could just be between us if you want. Nobody else would know. Of course, we could continue with our previous agreement and I will help you have sex with as many students as you possibly could handle.

I am turned on by all of it. To see these girls fucking you, for all they know, they are raping you.

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Wow!!!" "But I will let you decide. Whether I am your assistant or your assistant / girlfriend, that will be your decision." After that, she got up and resumed her dancing. Chrissy: "Sassetta" Whoa! I wasn't expecting this. Do I trust her enough to follow through?

I would love to bang her, squeezing her breasts, slapping her ass, push her head down so my cock goes as far down her throat as possible as I am getting ready to cum. She is right. I am just laying there as the girls use me. And that body. Damn! I have to carefully weigh my options. Josh: "So, Chrissy, since we are going to be spending a lot of time together, how about we get to know each other a bit?" She stopped dancing and knelt by me on the couch like before.

Chrissy: "Sure. What would you like to know?" Josh: "Uhhh, let's start with something simple. Do you have a boyfriend?

Or a girlfriend?" She started to answer, but when she heard "or a girlfriend," she just looked at me strangely and said, "I am into guys. I don't have a boyfriend yet. I am really interested in this guy, but he hasn't gotten the message." Josh: "Where do you know him from?

From home or what?" Chrissy: "He is actually one of my current professors and he is also my new boss. I just started today." I raised my eyebrow to show mild surprise. Josh: "I would love to go out with you. You're beautiful. You're extremely intelligent. You have one of the best bodies I have seen." Chrissy: "So, Professor, you have been checking me out?" Josh: "Oh, absolutely.

I try to check out all of my students the best I am able without getting fired. My job is the most important thing to me. And as much as I would love to be with you, I don't think it would be possible.

As soon as someone would find out, even your BFF, I would lose my job and I." Chrissy: "Nobody has to ever find out. I promise that, unless you want me to, I will never tell anyone else. As far as anyone else is concerned, I will be your personal assistant who is madly in love with her professor, frustrated sexually because he took a vow of celibacy with regards to his students." Josh: "Are you positive, Chrissy?" Chrissy: "Absolutely!" Josh: "Well, then, will you." I didn't get any further than that when Chrissy put her right hand on my pants near my groin.

Chrissy: "Just relax, Professor. You don't have to anything, but enjoy what I am going to do." She looked at me with those big brown eyes as she moved her hand to my erect cock. Watching me, she ran her slender fingers along the length of my cock as if it were the very first time. She smiled. Chrissy: "I think I want to enjoy you for a while.

Would you like the TV on? Sports? Porn? Do you want a beer or something?" Wow! I never had this happen before, but I like it. Josh: "A beer would be great.

Thanks. Turn on some music that you like, Chrissy. I want to begin learning what you are into." With that, Chrissy lept off the couch, reached into her pocket for her phone and found some music that she liked.

Walking over to the stereo, her perfect ass moved to what was coming out of her phone. She connected her phone to the stereo. She went to the kitchen and opened the fridge. Chrissy: "Josh, would you like a glass for your beer?" Josh: "Just the bottle, Chrissy. Thank you." Chrissy returned with the bottle already opened and a napkin. She set the bottle down on a coaster and put the napkin down beside the bottle. Chrissy: "Would you like my top off, Josh?" Josh: "I would.

Indeed." Chrissy: "Do you want to do it or should I?" Josh: "I would like to." Chrissy smiled and climbed onto my lap, facing me and put her knees on either side of me. I kissed Chrissy as I put my hands on both of her hips. Moving up to her exposed skin, below her half shirt, I lingered there for a long moment. Chrissy: "I want you to know that you are the first guy that I have actually been with." Wow!

Josh: "So, are you sure you are ready for this?" Reaching down with both of her hands, she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants just as she did earlier in the day. Reaching into my boxers, with her right hand she pulled my cock out as she pulled the boxers down further. She said, "I am more than ready." I had to laugh. I started to pull her half shirt up. Having to let go of my cock, she raised her arms up so I could remove her top. She didn't have a bra on, so her mancificienct breasts bounced as they fell out.

She wasn't HUGE, but she would have made the women who graced the pages of Playboy extremely subscious of their breasts. I held her right breast as I began to suck on her nipple. Chrissy moaned softly and once again grabbed my hard cock. She began to move her hands up and down. Whispering in my ear, she informed me that as much as she loved my hands and mouth on her that she wanted to get off of my lap.

She slid down to the floor at my feet and as she was kneeling, she pushed my legs apart. She put a pillow down and put her knees on it so she was in position.

She took my cock in her right hand again. Looking up at me, she started to lick the sensitive part of the head. Reflexively, my head went back into the couch's cushion. Chrissy's eyes sparkled when she saw the effect she was having on me, but she didn't stop.

Instead, she started to swirl her tongue around the top of my cock. All I could do was to look at this breath-takingly gorgeous woman working her magic on my cock. I tried to pick up the bottle of beer to take a slug. I finally had to rest my arms at my side. Josh: "You're a genius at sucking cock, Chrissy.

You know that, sweetie?" Chrissy stopped and cocked her head to the side and seemed to be pondering something.

Chrissy: "That's the first time I have heard that, Joshie." After giving me a very proud look, she proceeded to take almost the entire length of my cock down her throat. She quickly picked up speed as she slid the entire length of my hard cock up and down her throat.


Her nose was bumping against my body as she went down on me. I thought about asking her if my pubic hair was tickling her adorable little nose, but I didn't want to interrupt her. Instead I took my beer in one hand and with my other, I put it on the back of her head playing with her hair a little.

It might have been that I was getting a very energetic blowjob at the job from one of the most beautiful students I had seen in years and that she was planning to suck my cock and let me fuck her as much as I wanted, but I decided that I made the right decision making her my secret girlfriend. I was thinking about that and sipping my beer when I started to feel like I was about to cum.

Chrissy sensed that I was close too because she sped up even more. I stopped playing with her hair and started to guide her pushing her head down. She didn't fight it. Instead she put her hand on my hand and pushed down on it giving me the go ahead to push as much as I wanted. And I did. I had put my beer down to hold her head with my other hand as well.

I was guiding her head faster and faster with both of my hands.

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I exploded in her mouth. She didn't resist even when her eyes filled with tears. As the cum started to slow, I released her head and began to caress her face and stroke her hair. She didn't take my cock out of her mouth. She used her hands along with her mouth to literally drain me dry. Only when Chrissy didn't feel or taste any more coming out did she let my cock out her mouth.

She got up from the floor, picked up the pillow and set it on the couch, climbed into my lap and put her head on my chest. Chrissy: "Don't worry about your shirt. I swallowed it all." Instinctively, I put my arm around her. Chrissy: "Josh, that was so much hotter than I ever imagined. I loved when you took control of my head when you were cumming! I would like if you continued doing that. I feel so feminine when I am the object of your desire or lust. And when you use me to satisfy your sexual needs, that drives me absolutely wild." She sat up and looked into my eyes.

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Chrissy: "I really hope you are going to keep up with us, I mean, me, Professor. I have a lot of plans for you." Josh: "Oh, I definitely am going to try." I rubbed Chrissy's pussy. Chrissy put her hand on the hand I had on her as if to both encourage where I was going and to put on the brakes.

Chrissy: "As much as I would love for you to fill me with that beautiful cock right now, I think I should go and let you get your rest. You are going to need it tomorrow."