Peque pero re sabrosa me encantan asi

Peque pero re sabrosa  me encantan asi
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Hello! This is just a little announcement, if you want to skip it, I'll have a big line of text at the end, hard to miss. So do you enjoy my writing? I mostly do it for myself, but people seem to enjoy it quite a bit, so I've made a decision, while I won't stop writing and posting publicly for free, if you would like your own story, including characters, plot, specific kinks, and anything else you could think of, you can have that, for the low price of 5$.

For that price, you get 4 pages of content, (though, if I Really like the story, I'll give you 6 pages, but only if I like it). If you're interested, please send me a DM, and I'll be sure to reply right away, (please be patient though, I am not always active on this site.) Every story which I do a commission for, I will also be posting online, with a disclaimer stating who paid me to write the story.

If you'd like more than 4 pages, the pages will be 1$ extra per page, (by comparison, the first pages are 1.25$ each) So I've finished rambling, send me a DM if you're interested in a commission, and enjoy the story! Joel pulled to a stop, parking his car as close to the entrance as he could, despite his best efforts, the large, light covered sign above the front gate was still quite a distance away, as far as parking lots go, this one was excessively large.

He sighed and got out of his car, making sure to lock the doors before he began walking towards the entrance to the park. He looked up at the brightly lit sign as he approached, remembering the times he had come to the park as a child, of course since then things had changed drastically, seeing as back then safety regulations were strongly enforced, and safety was the number one priority in the entire park.

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He had always liked it better since the revolution, though it was more dangerous, and tens of lives were lost each day, mostly the lives of women, since men were more protected, the rides had also become significantly more fun, not to mention all the the carnival style games that had been introduced.

Joel smiled to himself as he waited in line for entry, feeling that childlike excitement fill him up as he thought about all the things he would do, he had heard there was a new restaurant which had opened up in the park, he made a mental note to visit it, he had heard the burgers were excellent, "Unlike Anything you've ever tasted!" he hoped it lived up to the hype.

When he finally reached the front of the line, he handed the man in the booth his ticket, which he had ordered a few weeks ago, he was given his wrist band, and was allowed entrance into the park. Joel took in a deep breath as he entered, taking in the sight of the park he hadn't visited for years, he looked around at all the rides, towering roller coasters, and other tall rides, including his personal favorite, "The drop of doom!", he could see it towering over the buildings in the distance, and felt himself getting excited just thinking of riding it again.

The park was laid out into three main sections, there was the children's area, which was a lot more fun than it sounds, the lives of young girls weren't valued anymore than fully grown women, after all.

The main attraction was the center part, which had the most rides, including the drop of doom, it was also the furthest from his current location, but he planned on getting there later in the day. The part he was currently in he liked to call the merch section, seeing as it was home to most gift shops, as well as restaurants and even a few hotels for those who wanted to stay the night in the park.

His favorite part about the merch section though were the games, they were similar to old carnival games, the difference being they usually also had people up for prizes. Most of them were criminals who had lost their human rights, and were instead used as property, though some were actually volunteers, in these games, these prizes were used as incentive to play the game, if you got the highest score, you owned them, and could even choose to have them executed using the very game they were a part of, these deaths were rather rare, as the scores needed were extremely high, and often rigged against the player, but countless people attempted to win regardless.

The first game to catch Joel's eye was the dunk tank, the line was relatively short, so he decided it was what he would play first. Since he had bought a VIP ticket, his wrist band would allow him unlimited access to the games for the day, though the line was currently rather long, so he decided to search for something else to do in the meantime. He glanced around the area, and spotted one of the slave girls, she was tied up to a pole light, and was nude, other than a black collar around her neck, she had light, blond hair, and beautiful green eyes, and large breasts, likely a D cup.

Joel smiled when he saw her, but she seemed less excited to see him eyeing her up. The collar around her neck told Joel she was public property, essentially, anyone could do anything they wanted to her, he walked over to her, and groped her breast, to see her reaction. The girl turned away from him, she let out a soft moan, revealing her true feelings.

He squeezed her nipple, hard, and she let out a louder moan. He smiled, knowing this could be fun. He unchained her from the pole, and led her by the chain, using it as a collar, to a bench nearby, with a good view of the water tank, he bent her over his knee, feeling up her ass as he watched the line slowly shorten, one player almost got three bulls eyes, Joel spanked his new toy, quite hard, he listened to the girl as she let out a cry, a mix of pain, and distress, as well as pleasure.

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He repeated this, each time someone hit the target dead center. After about a dozen spanks, the girl's ass was a bright red, and he grew bored of hitting her ass. He stood, and bent her over the back of the bench, the line was very short now, and he knew he would have to finish using his toy soon, he dropped his pants to his ankles, and slowly wrapped his hands around the girl's neck, and began to squeeze, while he slid his cock into the girl's pussy, which was very wet, especially for someone who was fearing for her life.

He slowly slid his full length into her pussy, keeping it there for a moment, she moaned softly, taking every inch of him in, she was used to that part.


He began to thrust slowly, pulling almost his full length out, before he slammed it back in all at once, the girl let out another cry, of shock, and pleasure, he continued this, and began to speed up slowly as he went along, the girl's moans grew louder, and faster as he continued.

After a minute, he had a good pace, and began to squeeze the girl's neck harder, her moans lost some of their volume, due to her losing more air intake, though it was evident she was still enjoying this.

He kept pumping his massive cock in and out of the girl, his grip on her neck growing even tighter as he went on. The girl's moans slowly turned to desperate gasps for air, as her supply was entirely cut off, her face turned blue, but she was also showing clear signs she was very close to orgasm.

The two came at the same time, his cum flooded into her, as she let out her loudest moan yet, and Joel let go of the girl's neck, she desperately pulled in air, and started to catch her breath, she smiled at him a litte, while gasping. "Wow. thanks, I really thought you were gonna kill-" Before she could finish her sentence, Joel quickly twisted her neck, a loud crack was heard as her neck was broken, and she collapsed, giving no resistance anymore. He took out his cock, and tossed her corpse behind the bench, he pulled his pants up, and walked to the water tank, the line was now very short, with only a few other people waiting.

He walked up, and took his place in line. The girl within the tank was very attractive, she was seemingly a volunteer, they were usually the hottest ones, sometimes preparing for weeks to be used in these games, and look their best, she had black hair, and dark brown eyes, with a skinny, hourglass figure, she sat with her legs crossed on the platform, her hair already wet form all the times she had been dunked already.

The game looked almost identical to how they had prior to the revolution, the difference being the girl within the tank had a large chain around her leg, which was attacked to the bottom of the tank. After the platform drops her, she will be held under for a few seconds, then released, but since the player had three shots total, hitting each one would hold her under the water for long enough for her to pass out, this being how this game was won.

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The target was small though, even more so for the bullseye, which is what was necessary to hit if the girl was to be drowned. Joel had been practicing though, he was confident he would be able to win, he smiled as he reached the front of the line, and was handed the five balls. He threw his first ball, and was extremely proud of himself, hitting the target dead centre, he smiled as the bikini clad girl was dropped into the water, and the chain tightened, a timer could be heard, ticking down with increasing speed, urging Joel to throw again before the chain allowed her enough slack to let her access air again.

Joel threw the second ball, feeling the pressure the ticking was designed to cause him to feel, the ball his the target, but not the bullseye, the ticking slowed, but was still speeding up once again, Joel took in a breath to calm his nerves, missing the bullseye again would cause him to lose this chance, he threw the ball at the last moment, and let out a cheer as he saw it hit the bullseye once again.

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He looked over to watch the girl in the tank, her eyes were on him, wide with terror as the gravity of what had just happened dawned on her. A moment later, she began to struggle, pulling at the chain, to no avail, when this attempt proved fruitless, she tried swimming up towards the surface, but the tank was too deep for her head to pass above the surface of the water, only the tips of her fingers peeked out with her chained to the floor, with that the last of her oxygen was depleted, and the girl went limp, the game directed looked to Joel for an indication of whether or not she would be saved, seeing as there was still time to save her from drowning.

Joel thought for a moment, pondering, before he shook his head, the director nodded, seemingly sadly, and left the girl in the tank. A minute passed, and when it was certain the girl had drowned, her body was fished out, and given to Joel, he decided not to waste any time, he could still feel the warmth the recently killed girl's body held, but it was fleeting. He quickly untied her bikini string, then removed her top altogether, letting her C cup breasts out for all to see, a moment later, he pulled down her bikini bottoms, leaving her corpse entire nude.

He left the bikini behind, and found a table, throwing the body down onto it, he positioned it so her pussy was easily viewable, and accessible, and began to unbuckle his belt, pulling his pants down,along with his boxers, he took out his large, ten inch cock, and positioned himself for entry.

He slowly pushed his cock into the dead girl's pussy, inch by inch, until he was entirely inside of her, he then began to slowly pump in and out of her, he wrapped his hand around her neck, as if he was choking her, though there was no air for him to stop her from obtaining, as he fucked the girl's body. He increased in speed, letting out a groan of pleasure as he did, he had always dreamed of this situation, winning a girl's corpse, and using it as a fuck toy in broad daylight, he had fucked dead girls before, but this was something truly special.

He pumped faster, his grip on the girl's neck getting tighter as he came closer and closer to cumming, he let out another groan of pleasure as he felt the release, his cum flooded into the girl's pussy, before it began to drip back out due to the sheer amount of it.


He smiled, and clothed himself once again, leaving his new toy naked, he left her with his first victim. He decided he would play one more game, before he went to find something for lunch. He looked around once again, and spotted a strength test game, one of those ones with a hammer, and target, and the bell.


He had been working out recently, and felt he could probably win it if he did his best. He walked over, the game had no line at the moment. There were various prizes depending on the strength of the player, with the top prize being a new slave girl. He smiled at the thought, he hadn't had a slave in some time, he usually killed every girl he got ownership of immediately. He looked at the girl who was up for grabs, she was already naked, and standing by the game, she had brown hair, and a C cup, she was skinny, and her appearance gave off a sense she was smart.

He liked the look of her, he picked up the hammer, lifting it up above his head, before he slammed it back down, but the lights only turned on almost all the way to the top, not quite reaching it. The girl's face seemed concerned, Joel knew he could hit it harder, he hadn't out everything into the first swing. He picked the hammer up above his head again, and swung it down with all his might, he heard the bell ring before he saw the lights on at the top, and the girl's face dropped, she had seen him kill both of the other girls, and feared the same thing would be done to her.

The man working the game handed Joel the leash to the girl's neck, and he led her back to the bench he was at earlier, and had her sit down, keeping his hand on her leash, tight.

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He spoke to her, "What is your name?" he asked simply. The girl didn't immediately reply, she was clearly scared, but she opened her mouth to reply, "My.

my name is Jenna…" she replied quietly. Joel smiled a bit, "Don't be scared. I'm not going to hurt you. I need a slave to help me out with something," Jenna's face lifted slightly, she was glad not to be killed, and didn't care what she needed to do, "Oh!

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Of course, sir, what do you need me to do?" Joel gestured to the pair of corpses behind the bench. "I need you to carry one. I'm not leaving them behind." Though Jenna seemed nervous, she picked up the lighter of the girls, she grunted loudly, and got the girl over her shoulder, "O-Okay… I got it…" She said. Joel picked up the other girl with ease, and led Jenna away, towards his next destination, this new restaurant he had heard such great things about… (To be continued?)