Fetish realtors wet pussy licked

Fetish realtors wet pussy licked
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PART 1 (I'll write more based on how you like this one.) My alarm clock jolted me out of my sexy dream. I hopped out of bed, quickly realizing what time it was, and that I needed to get to school. Hurrying into the bathroom, I twirled my long blond locks of hair, as I brushed my teeth. I couldn't stop thinking about the hot dream I had had.

Even though I was having sex with my sister in it- WHICH IS COMPLETELY wrong- I couldn't help becoming moist as I thought about it.

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"Cara, hurry up." My twin sister, Jane called up the stairs. As I heard her soft voice call up to me, I couldn't help associate her voice with the one that was screaming during an orgasm in my dream. Suddenly, it all flooded back to me. A rush of excitement flowed through me. I sat down on the floor, and ripped my tiny shorts and underwear off, happy to see that both were already soaked anyway.

Pre-cum rolled off my hard, 9 inch cock.


I stroked it eagerly. I groaned loudly.

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I heard voices calling up the stairs to me, but I couldn't stop jerking my dick. Luckily, my parents had already left for their 3 day business trip, and Jane and I's younger brother was at school. "UGHHHHH…" I yelled. Cum exploded from me, just as Jane opened the door.

"AHHHHH!" We both screamed simultaneously. I tried to hide my hard cock, but I couldn't.

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She rolled her eyes. Under her own skirt, I could see her dick hanging out. My cock pulsed. "Cara! Put that away!" Her own tank top had risen above her DD sized breasts, and her nipples were hard under her top.

Cum poured out of my dick once again, seeing her this way.


My breath became heavier, and I couldn't stop cumming. My eyes were closed, so when I opened them, I didn't realize that Jane was standing above me. I could see her cock hardening under her skirt, and her nipples erect under her top. She smiled at me. Her cock was 2 inches away from my nose. My dick pulsed and pulsed. I closed my eyes, ready for the next orgasm to come, but it didn't. Suddenly, my alarm clock rung, and it was only 6:30!

Wait… I was still in bed. I guess it was all a dream… My covers were soaked in… yep. Cum. I smiled. My dick was hard and sensitive. I stood up, and walked to the bathroom. So much for that fantasy- which would never happen. PT 2 (@ school) Jane and I had some classes together, but our homerooms were different. We went our separate ways, with different things on our mind.

On my mind, was the sexual fantasy I had had about the two of us. Homeroom was quite uneventful. I rushed out of the room, trying to find the nearest bathroom so I could cum my heart out. I couldn't stop thinking about Jane. FUCK! I couldn't hold it in anymore. I rushed into the STAFF bathroom, and luckily, every stall was vacant.

I rushed into the largest stall, and came into the toilet for about 2 minutes straight, groaning extremely loud.


Suddenly, I was cut off my clomping footsteps that rushed into the bathroom. He/She went into the stall right next to mine. I muffled my mouth with my hand, and tried to cum as quietly as I could, but I guess the person in the next stall heard me.

"Need any help with that?" They asked in one of the sexiest voices I had ever heard.

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Then I noticed that there was a hole in the wall between our stalls. I hesitated… I really need to get to class and I couldn't do it with this huge load in my balls. I rushed to the hole and stuck my dick through it, imagining it was Jane's mouth. Ecstasy filled me, and cum exploded from my dick. I could hear the person's mouth fill up with my fluids.

He/She choked, and then spit in the toilet. My dick softened for the first time this morning. "Thanks…" I said awkwardly. I pulled my short top over my tits and walked out of the bathroom.

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The hallways were empty because class had already started. I decided to leave early. School would be boring, and I wouldn't learn anything because my mind was on Jane. PT 3 (@ home) I was sitting on the couch naked, watching porn and trying not to think about Jane as she walked through the door.

"Fuck." I scrambled to cover my dick, but my huge tits were hanging over the blanket. I paused the porn. "Why are you home so early?" We said at the same time. It was 12:00PM, and school ended at 4PM. "I just didn't wanna stay…" She said, as her eyes raked over my body.

My eyes raked over hers, as she decided not to wear a bra to school that day. Her nipples were practically hanging out of her shirt, because her top was so short. I could see her cock hardening under her tight mini skirt. My cock sprang up under the blanket. She smiled at me.

She inched closer and closer to where I was sitting.

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I could feel pre-cum rolling off my dick and onto the blanket. All of a sudden, she straddled my hard dick, and kissed me. My breath paused in my throat, and her tongue entered my mouth. Suddenly, energy overtook me. I rolled on top of her, and kissed her as hard as I could while playing with her hard nipples. She groaned as I kissed her neck, then moved down to her tits. My lips traveled back up, and I kissed her lips as our big breasts rubbed against each other. We rolled around on the couch.

My hand travelled down to her pulsing cock and I stroked it as pre-cum rolled onto my hands- from both my cock and her's. Suddenly, we both reached our "cumming-points" and exploded onto each other.

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