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Handsome homos suck and wank each other off until cumming
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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Characters as they are now: Sean - 25 - Found out the truth about his family 9 years ago. Kyle - 29 - Kylie twin brother and Sean and Emma, Ethan older brother. Kylie - 29 - Kyle twin brother and Sean and Emma, Ethan older sister.


Emma and Ethan - 15 - About to find out about apart of their family they didn't know about. Nicholas - 47 - Kylie and Kyle and Sean and Emma and Ethan father. Crime lord Elizabeth - 46 - Kylie and Kyle and Sean and Emma and Ethan mother. Crime lord wife ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "This is my next story series i hope you like it im not a good writer but i try and i will keep trying till i get better at it." "Getting off the airplane and walking to pick up my luggage and walking out of the airport looking for my ride home and i find it fast because their are six black cars and six men all have on black suits and they spot me and comes and take my luggage and walk me to the middle car and i tell my people to get in any car they want we are all going to the same place my family house for my twin brother and sister birthday and to let them no their family secret that we get told about when you turn 16 years old.


It happened to my old sister and brother but i didn't no about the rest just about the party and after they were acting strange for weeks and wouldn't talk about it. And after my 16 birthday and my friends left i got called into the library and my mother and father are sitting and there's where it all went down.

They told me that our family are a big time crime family and that some of my friends are from some other crime families that work for mine and that they are my bodyguards. After they was done i walked out the room and saw my brother and sister and looked at them and walked right pass the and to my room and locked myself in and got my phone and text-ed everybody he told me was my bodyguard and told them i no everything and went to sleep.

9 years later im working with my family in California i run that part of the family and my friends are still my bodyguard and the ones that are in the other cars. Im see the people looking at us because im guessing they no who we are and stay away from us.

I don't no how Emma and Ethan are going to take the new about our family but i will be their for them. Pulling up to the house feels the same i when i was coming from school it has not changed that much. I do see a lot of new faces around and some old ones and walk into the house its the same" Once inside i said hello to the older member of the family and told my crew to go and meet the new faces.

As i walked around my family house seeing and talking to people after awhile i was going up stairs. As i went up the sound of moans coming from upstairs grew louder as I got closer. I noticed they were coming from my my brothers room I rushed down the hall to see what was going on and saw my brother and sister fucking some white girl i was standing their for a while before they new someone was watching them and they all looked at the door and saw me.

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Sean how long you been their "Kylie said" Getting off the bed walking towards me for a hugging me while she's nude? Im hugging her back while i squeeze her ass and she kiss and moans into the kiss. Why don't you us "Kyle asks" and we can all have some fun before Emma and Ethan get out of school ? Maybe later bro "I say " where's mom and dad at. I leave them to their girl and go into my old room and unpack i will be here for awhile and i lay down and set my phone so i can get up to go pick them up form school.Once inside my old room im in the bed sleeping because of the long ride home.

I don't really no how long i was sleep because i feel the same as when i laid down looking at the time i see i was sleep for an hour and im up and out of my black suit to some black jeans and shirt and my gun holsters and a black jacket.

And i look into my brothers room and see if their still their and they are not and i look down stairs and find the sitting in the kitchen drinking a beer. You guys want to ride with me "I asked them walking to the table" To pick up Emma and Ethan from school.

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Sure i'll ride with you "Kyle says" Getting up from the table and following me to the car garage with them be-hide me. Walking to my black ford SUV and opening up the garage door and driving out to the gate.

You no our guards "Kylie said" are following us right? Yes i do "I say" and look in the rear view mirror and see two cars behind us.We make it to the school ten minutes before schools out and i see their ride parked and waiting for them.

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Im walking up to him and tell him im going to pick them up and for him to leave and walk back to my car and see some teachers and other staff looking at us. Why the fuck they looking at us i for "I ask" looking around us.

It might be "Kyle says" Because they no who we are or that we have eight scary people in black suits and black cars by us. The bell rings and the front school doors bust open and kids come running out to their buses or cars and some are walking.

So of them come up to us because they no us from when we went their and we talk for a few minutes before their off to go home and after awhile Emma and Ethan have not came out and we look at each other and tell our people to watch the cars and we go into the school. Kids are still walking around school and move out of out way because we are walking in the middle of the hall some teacher move to. We look in their last classroom and the teacher said they already left out.

Walking out the classroom back into the hall looking down the hall both ways and going the only way we have not went and see to boys talking about a fight going on now. You think Emma and Ethan going to will the fight "One kid asks" Closing his locker.

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I don't no "The other kid says" But we better hurry if we want to make it to the fight and they said that mason and Ella told their big brother and sister to come and their bring their gang with them.

Walking up be-hide them is easy when their not paying attention and once they turn around the run into me and kyle and fall back on the school lockers and look up and see the three of use and freeze.

I get down and look them in the eyes. This fight you are talking about "I ask" where the fuck is it going to be at little kids?? And if you lie to me you will not like what happens to you and i pull my jacket back and they follow me eyes and see the guns. In the school "One kid starts" Gym "The other kid finish" it for him?

Are you sure "I ask them" and get a fast nod yes. O key get your asses home now "I tell them loud" and watch them jump before they get up and run down the hall out the school doors. I text the ones at the cars to meet us around the back where the gym is and.

We make it to the gym door same as the others. Kylie opens the door and kyle and i are one the left and right of her with the other be-hide us walking up on the group of people. We have the "Scared Hitlers" and our big brother and sister "Someone says im guessing is mason says " and start laughing about it.

And you two have nobody "Ella finish the sentence" for him. I wouldn't say they had "Kylie said" no one to help them if they need it. Once she said that every head i can see turned around and looked at her and she started walking and so did we and the crowded of people parted so we can walk up the the inner circle to see what was happening.

Once walking up their we end up behind Emma and Ethan. And while looking around i see some old faces and they see me.

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Who are you people "Mason asks" and if you don't want to get best up you will get out of where now. Their our big brothers and sister "Ethan says" and you could even land a hand on them and if you try ed the same thing would happen to your brother and sister even the Scared Hitlers to.

match for them. Emma and Ethan walks over to us and hug us and that its good to see us after so long and how long we are here for. After telling them we will talk later because of the problem kids over there. So are we going get this over with "Ethan says" or are y'all just going to talk all day.

Boys if you see and of them try to jump in "I say" stop them fast and hard? Yes sir "They all says" and starts to spread out and get ready. What and the hell is going on in here "We all turn to see the school principal" with 4 police officer with her walking our way and pass us and up to mason and Ella ? I know you to started all the "She Says" and you and your group are to go to my office and wait for me their? All you kids better go home or do you want to go home in the back of a police car.

After that they run off and out the door and that just leaves us in the guy with her and two of the officers. Ms.Lee "Kylie says" nice to see you again. Yes Yes nice to see you three in the school "Ms.Lee says" been along time? Can i talk with you three for a little bit? Sure "Kylie says" can you two wait out side for us while we talk to Ms.Lee? O key "They both says" and walk out of the gym. Go check the door "I say" and make sure their not listening. After he checks the door she tells us that mason and Ella has been going after them for a year now they just moved here and picking fights with all the other students.

But me and all the other teacher stops if before it gets out of had "Ms.Lee says" we all no that the family don't play about stuff like this and don't want nothing to happen. After all that's said and done we leave out the gym and pass the office and see them in their looking back.

We will be seeing you all "I say" every soon and trust me you want like it at all. And walking outside we get to the cars we are about to drive off when we see Ms.Lee walking to us and roll down the car window?

i'm glad i caught you "She says" do you think tomorrow you three can come talk to the school more important kylie talk to the cheerleader team and kyle talks with the basketball team and Sean with the football team. Yea we can do that "Kylie said" any thing for our school'. And with that we left the school with Emma and Ethan happy because we will be in the school with them all day. Their texting away at their friends im thinking but whats really on my mind is what were going to do about them "Scared Hitlers" and i know same thing is on Kylie and Kyle mind as well because there as quite as i am.

They no the same thing as i do no one fucks with our family and get away with it. And the only thing to do is talk with dad about how to deal with them after he hears what all that happen at school today. That's the end of part one I hope you like it.