Doble penetracion con eyaculacion incluida

Doble penetracion con eyaculacion incluida
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"Shut up shut up shut up, here he comes," I whisper frantically, flailing blindly with one hand to silence Missy while I stare mesmerized out the crack I had created in the blinds with the other. "God, you're such a freak. Why don't you just go talk to him and get it over with?" Missy says, obviously a little sick of my growing obsession with the mysterious stranger who lives above our apartment.

I just can't help it though. He's so. mysterious. and strange. I gaze eagerly through my peephole as he approaches. I have to strain to make out his dark profile through the gloomy dusk but his silhouette is distinct.

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He walks with an easy confidence and a purposeful stride, as if he has somewhere to go and something to do. His body is cloaked in a full length obsidian trench coat, but his broad shoulders are unmistakeable.

Suddenly and without warning, he stops and stares up at my window, his face pale in the waning light and his eyes boring into me. With a gasp, I stumble back from the window, the blinds closing with a snap. My foot catches as I try to backpedal and with an impromptu squeek, I find myself sprawled out on my back on the floor, my heart racing. From across the room I hear Missy burst out laughing.

Climbing to my feet, I give her my best "Fuck you, bitch" glare and return to my place at the window. A quick peek reveals the stranger gone. "Just go talk to him," Missy repeats as I sit down on the couch next to her. "But I don't even know him, what would I say?" I reply as we begin down this road of discussion for the eighteenth time in eighteen days following eighteen stake-outs. Normally, Missy would be a good friend and try to bolster my confidence or simply listen to me gush about my mystery guy, but today she was having none of it.

"Chicken," she says. I hate her in that moment, knowing exactly what she is doing but powerless to defend myself.

I put on my best defiant pout and prepare myself to resist the goading, but know that I've already lost. "Pussy, wimp, scaredy cat.," Missy continues and after only moments I am crumbling to the onslaught. "Fine," I say with an exasperated sigh. "Help me find something cute to wear." --------------------- "Egads!

The blasted feds are on to me again!" I think, having caught one of them surveying me from a crack in a second story window during my approach to the apartment building. Moving quickly, I make my way up to my door, double checking my berettas concealed within the confines of my trench coat, more out of habit than any real need.

Contingency plans, escape routes, money and weaponry caches, all running through my mind. There was little time.

They know that I know that they know that I know. They would be making a move and it would be sooner rather than later. I unbolt the door with quick efficiency and am inside within moments. The interior of the residence is exactly what you would expect of someone in my trade.

Blank white walls devoid of life. Bare carpet, untainted by furniture except for the bed in the corner. The bed is covered in deep red sheets, perfect for hiding blood stains or concealing the odd cadaver. A laptop sits alone on the kitchen counter. This is my first stop. A quick succession of key strokes, a few mouse clicks and an email is shooting off into the vast relays of the interwebs. "Jeopardized. Might be going out hot. Be prepared for clean-up." I step away from the computer, my obligations fulfilled.

I walk over to the bed and sit facing the doorway. Over and over, I run scenarios through my head, mentally disciplining myself for what is to come.

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A faint knock at the door brings me back to reality. The sudden rush of adrenaline brings a smile to my face. I live for this shit. I stand quietly, tighten the cinch of the coat and slip a hand into the breast pocket of my coat, wrapping my hand around the cool, rough handle of the beretta nestled there.

As I reach the door, I quickly look through the peephole. "Typical," I think to myself. "Sending a girl to do a man's work." Unfortunately, this did throw a wrench into things.

Maybe some of you other cold blooded killers out there could simply open the door and cap a bitch in the head.

I daresay I'm of a better breed. Fine, if they wanted to play, I would play. Putting on my most winning smile, I open the door, finger still on the trigger. --------------------------- Missy, bitch though she may be, had thought of everything. I found myself sashaying down the hallway fairly oozing self-confidence.

I look good. Low slung jeans cling to every curve and a tight fitting tank top shows perhaps a little more cleavage than socially acceptable.


My hair has been styled chic short and a slightly abundant amount of make-up brings out my large innocent eyes and naturally pouty lips. Mua. I blow a kiss to all my adoring fans. I twirl the lollipop, which was forced upon me last minute by my scheming friend, with my tongue. Abruptly, I am standing before his door and my mood dampens slightly as I realize what I am about to do. I hesitate for a moment, almost turning and leaving until I think of the hell there would be to pay if I returned empty handed.

No, I say to myself, I can do this. I lift my head imperiously and knock. There is a brief moment of silence and then the tumbler drops and the door is pulled wide. It is odd to see him this way before me. With no filter of window and distance, he does not have the mysterious larger than life sheen surrounding him. Yet, I sense a dangerousness about him that both scares and captivates me.

His right hand is tucked awkwardly into the front of his trench coat and he is smiling wolfishly. He cocks his head to the side, raising an eyebrow, waiting for me. "Ummm, hi, I'm." I manage to say before half choking on the sucker which I had neglected to remove from my mouth. Spluttering, I can feel myself turning all shades of red. "Nervous?" he asks, his voice full of concern but obviously edged with sarcasm. I nod my head dumbly, trying to smile back despite my embarassment.

"It's ok, I understand, why don't you come in?" he says, stepping aside to allow me access inside. I scurry into the room, feeling his eyes upon me. I hear the door close and the lock engage once more as I step through the threshold but it does not register as I evaluate my new surroundings.

A desolate sea of white assaults my senses. My eyes are drawn to a red splotch in the corner where a bed lies, it's sheets crisp and crimson.

I find myself scared and nervous but overwhelmingly turned on. In that moment, I make up my mind. I don't want to know this man's story. I don't even want to know his name. The mystery is all part of the appeal.

I want what I've wanted for eighteen days, and that's to feel his hands on my body, taste the sweetness of his mouth. I walk boldly into the room, my confidence returning as my desires take over, and sit on the bed, facing back towards him.

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I twirl the lollipop in my mouth once more and with a large smacking sound, pull it out from between my lips, super sexy-like. "So, you just gonna stand there?" I say in the most sultry voice I can muster.

--------------------------------------- "FBI bitches be crazy," I think to myself as she transforms instantly from meek and mild to steamy temptress. "Must be something they teach them in the academy." Oh well, I was determined not to let her catch me off guard. I stride over to the bed and stand before her.

That's when she catches me off guard. With a greater strength than I could have anticipated, she pulls me down onto the bed with her and is straddling me before I can react.

In my astonishment, I lose my grip inside my jacket and find my hands wrapped around her back. Her hands are on my face, drawing it closer to her own as we kiss. I can taste the sweet mix of candy and lip gloss on my tongue.

Her pelvis is driven into my own, grinding in unison. Thus disarmed, I decide that a thorough body search of my opponent is necessary.

My hands roam through her hair, grabbing handfuls intermittently. Razors, they could be anywhere. Finding nothing behind her ears either, I work my way down. Over her shoulders and across her back I discover nothing more than perfect female flesh.

I move to the front, kneading the softer flesh of her breasts. What good spy woman doesn't keep shit in her bra? I spend an additional minute ensuring my safety. A final credit card swipe leaves me empty handed. --------------------------------------- His hands roaming my body send chills down through my toes.

The heat of my sex is radiating off in waves.

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His erection grows steadily as I dry hump my crotch against him. Wanting nothing more than to feel his body against my own, my hands drift down to the cinch of his trench coat. He stiffens slightly as I begin to remove the garment, but allows it to be removed and thrown to the floor a few feet away.

Next our shirts go unceremoniously, him tugging mine up over my head and then me doing the same to him. I push him so that he is laying on his back on the bed. I grab his wrists as if restraining him and begin to kiss across the exposed flesh of his neck, shoulders and chest. His breathing is coming in ragged as I work my way lower and lower.

Just before I get to his belt line, I have a wicked idea.


Hopping off him, I take a couple of steps back from the bed. --------------------------------------- I stare salaciously as she begins to gyrate her hips, her hands roaming her body seductively.

She puts on quite a show. Several displays of flexibility remind me that this isn't just another lover but. I'm having trouble believing this is a fed any more either. Mafia maybe.

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Before I can follow the thought any further, her pants are discarded handily with a flick of her foot and I am enraptured with a full view of her naked body. She pauses in her display, raises a finger to dangle from her lips and smiles. I need this woman, and now.


The strain of my boner against my pants is becoming unbearable. They are doffed quickly and I move to take her into my arms. I pull her to me, my prick pressed against her belly, eagerly tasting her flesh as my mouth roams and ravishes.

I continue to explore her body as such for several minutes, but soon am craving more. I pull her with me to the bed and lay down on my back, with my hands pressed under her ass, I push her higher and higher on my body until she is straddling my face. I inhale deeply, enjoying the sweet, sweaty musk of her vagina. The inside of her thighs is already glistening with moisture.

I dart my tongue out, eliciting a gasp from her and tasting the juices from the source. I move in again, my tongue lashing up and down with strong, determined strokes. I take one hand away from her butt and slide it up underneath my chin. Using two fingers, I slowly slide them inside of the beautiful pussy, inches from my face; all the while, my tongue continues its assault.

I begin to get a proper rhythm as I tap my fingers against her g-spot and move my oral ministrations to her clit. She arches her back, her hands gripping my upper thighs, as she pants and moans. I try to hold her steady as I continue to send waves of pleasure through her body.

I can feel her begin to tense and sense her orgasm building. Her screaming, "Oh my god, I'm gonna fucking cum," might have tipped me off as well. I pull her hips downward with my one free hand, anchoring her. I suck her clit into my mouth and am rewarded with a squeel of pleasure.

I roll out from under her just as she collapses, exhausted. With her lying on her back, I feel it is time to finally take this little minx. I move in between her creamy thighs, dick bobbing happily and lean myself over her.

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Suddenly, her countenance changes and I see doubt in her eyes. She scoots back away from me. "Oh, so that's the game," I think to myself. "Get me all riled up and then pump me for information. Not happening, toots." --------------------------------- I don't know what came over me, I mean, the foreplay was awesome and holy shit can he eat pussy.

I just don't know if I want to have sex with a stranger. I wasn't given much choice though. Even as I tried to back away, a strong hand darted out and ensnared my ankle. I slide effortlessly over the silky red sheets back in front of him. Before I can react, his torso is between my legs, his arms are wrapped tightly around me, pinning my arms to my sides.

A hand snakes its way up my back and over my shoulder, pulling me lower and lower on his body. His cock entering me is like a hot knife through butter, scary, a little painful and incredibly satisfying. I struggle weakly, knowing that I don't stand a chance of warding off my lover turned defiler. A moan escapes my lips unsolicited as I feel his dick filling me completely, the rocking motion of his hips building on the residue of my last orgasm. Slowly, in a sickly sweet manner, he continues to fuck me with long, deep strokes.

His mouth travels the contours of my neck and shoulders. I can feel my resistances breaking down as if his erection is sapping whatever willpower I may have possessed. As he buries into me now, I am groaning unrepentedly now, wanting more and more and more. My stranger then rolls to the side, arms still wrapped around me tightly, until he is on his back, planting me squarely on top of him, his cock still inside of me. Moving his arms, he takes hold of my wrists.

Still more than enough to restrain me, but giving me free reign to ride him properly. I take full liberties, sitting upright, my back arched, breasts displayed proudly, riding him for all I am worth.

My ass fits perfectly into his pelvic bone and I rock my hips back and forth every time I bottom out on his shaft. He pulls forward on my wrists and my torso is shifted forward. His arms wrap around me again pinning my arms, but not to restrain me, only hold me in place. He takes over again, thrusting. With each upward thrust, he pushes my whole body down with his arms. The pace increases quickly and soon he is jack-rabbiting into me; his butt leaving the bed with every drive.

I can do nothing but enjoy the beating that my pussy is receiving, knowing that I will be sore in the morning but knowing this is SO worth it. My orgasm tips the edge as, incredibly, he quickens his pace. I wail out in ecstasy as I ride the wave of bliss that rolls through me. The speed fucking is short lived as he too, burying himself deep inside of me, cums with a cry and a shudder. I feel the sperm paint the walls of my pussy in a warm, numbing white.

----------------------- So yea, I gave that bitch a good fucking and sent her packing. Try to spy on me, will you?