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Jasmine Summers Fucked by Big Cock
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Thea - Chapter Four When the car with Jake in it became a dot on the horizon, Thea turned to go back in the house. Suddenly Floyd appeared. "Mrs. Thea, how you be?" Smiling, she knew immediately what he wanted. He had that look and a glance at his crotch confirmed it. The imprint of his cock was prominent as it pushed against the material. "Looks like everyone is gone." Floyd said.

His eyes looking out over the farm. "Yes, I am by myself for at least the next few days." She replied in an almost whisper. "How bout' dat? Hmm!" He exclaimed. "Me too. Even that sorry ass Lois had to go see her Mamma again." "I know. She told me. Her Mother is a sick woman." Wiping his brow, Floyd suddenly remarked about the weather just as a maid came close enough to hear them.

"Yes it is. Oh! I forgot! Uncle Dan left a letter for you. Would you like to come in and get it?" She asked in a voice loud enough to be heard. The worker finally finished and left. Thea then added in a whisper "We can go in the library. The house girls leave in a little bit." "Hmm! What we gonna do in the library?" "…Whatever you want!" "Good. Dat be fine!" They just started for the house when the three house girls came out.

Telling Thea they were through, she stopped and spoke about some minor issues. Remarking about a letter to Floyd, the girls confirmed it was in the library and left. Thea was shaking as they entered. Locking the door, she turned around to face him. In an excited voice, she spoke "Uncle Dan and my husband will be gone for at least three days. Can you think of anything to keep me occupied?" She asked with a smile and a little nervous laugh.

Without a word, Floyd looked down and pulled her luscious body up against his. Their lips brushed and then fused together. Breaking apart, Floyd lifted her skirt up around Thea's trim waist. His hands then moved and cupped her bare butt cheeks. "Hmm! Let's see! What's bout I strip yo' ass and gives you a good fuck?" Mashing her lower body harder against his, Thea gasped in accordance. "Um! That would be good…we could do it here…the wall_!" "Den again' what's say, after I fucks you till you scream, we go down to where Buddy be at…and you gives him some of this good pussy?" He interrupted as his hand went around her front and up between her thighs.

He smiled, as her slit was damp. But, hell, it was always wet! His request startled her for a moment. Sighing, she knew this subject was going to come up as every time they got ready to make love. Floyd had even been hinting that if she didn't, he may forget her, and move on.

Pausing only momentarily, she thought why not! Her husband had as usual, been giving her half rations so to speak in the loving department.

And Uncle, well he was always so busy! Yes! Why not? Buddy was a very attractive man and he seemed to know how to keep his mouth shut. Besides, Thea was also getting a little tired of Floyd's ways. Not enough to stop having relations with him, for he well knew her wants and needs. But, if the opportunity presented itself…!" "Okay." She answered in resignedly voice, "What do you want me to do?" "You know where the old tack room is in the barn?" Floyd answered in an excited voice.

"Good, here is the key. I want you to take some food and liquor in there. You hear me? Huh! Now listen up! We gonna be spending a long time in there." he answered with a hint of bragging. "You understand?" "…Yes." Thea answered, her body shivering inside.

"Uh…Floyd, you ah, Buddy …are you uh…going to…uh…spank me?" "You mean like I did last time? Uh, I don't know! Probably will. Why? A few love taps on yo' big fine ass make you ebben mo' sassy! You no dat?" He answered with a lop- sided grin. "Oh! Yes…that will be, uh… good, okay!" Oh how she hoped they would! She loved it when her butt was spanked and spanked hard.

The heat made lovemaking that much more intense! "Good! Now dat shit be finished, you listen Bitch and you listen good!" He said in a stern voice. When we get there, I want you to have yo' blouse open." "Yes." Floyd reached out and swiftly undone the buttons almost to her waist.

Her somewhat confined breasts seemed to enjoy their freedom as they pushed forward, dipped just a little, and settled into an most enticing view. "Good. Dat be bout right! Also, how bout yo' skirt?

You got a real short one?" "Um…no, wait! Yes, yes I do! I will be right back!" She answered excidely. This game was having an enticing effect on her as the heat built between her thighs. With that, she exited only to return moments later holding what looked like a tiny piece of material.

"This was my cheerleading outfit." Floyd smiled and said. "Oh, yeah! Put it on!" It was perfect! Unbuttoning her skirt, Floyd smiled when her nude lower body came into view. "Whoa! He said as his eyes stayed riveted to her.

"I got to feel this thing up a bit first." Floyd positioned Thea against the wall and put his arm long ways across her upper chest. The pre cum made her sex shine and emit a knowing odor. Cupping her, Floyd increased his hold on her. Using his middle finger, he slid into her damp sex. Thea gasped slightly as he pushed up her further. Oh God! How she loved this as he worked back and forth inside her!

She could feel the heat increasing and opened her legs wider. Floyd smiled to himself and began fingering the beauty more vigorously. Her strawberry tits bounced and shimmered with each stroke. Stopping, he turned her around and pushed her faced against the wall. The first slap on her left buttock cheek hurt.

The same went for the next one on her right one. Tears started to form after a quick and painful half dozen. "Open dem legs mo!" His hand slapped the tender flesh on her inner legs apart. She knew what was going to happen when his hand went further between them before he started. Working his hand rapidly, his fingers delivered sharp stinging blows to her labia.

Now her eyes filled and overflowed as Floyd continued. Her crotch was burning as he continued to slap her there. Then it happened! The sensation!

Two fingers suddenly entered her slit roughly and began jabbing her furiously. Within seconds her hips quivered and shook as she vented semen over his driving fingers. Turning her to face him, Floyd kissed her tears away. "You okay?" Nodding, Thea kissed him and whispered, "Thank you." Putting the skirt on, she gasped as her cunt was almost in view.

There would be no doubt that it would at her slightest movement. Floyd naturally loved it. "Hot damn! That's perfect. Wear it!" Thea smiled and nodded in accordance. Her insides were shaking with anticipation. Life was getting better! And now, cock number five was getting close! Floyd's voice was stern and commanding. Thea loved it! Already her temples were throbbing and her body was shaking internally with desire!

This was going to be the collimation to her thoughts and dreams. "Yes! I will be like you want!" She said in a passive voice. Floyd smiled and said, "You like this shit don't you?" His face was breaking into a knowing smile. Reaching down, Thea sought out his thick cock. "…I do as long as I get plenty of this!" * Thea entered the tack room and sat the bag with chicken and sandwiches down to go with the liquor she had brought on the first trip.

Then she opened her blouse and shaking with anticipation looked down at her tits. Gently squeezing the elastic flesh with justifiable pride, her breath exhaled loudly as the pale pink nipples grew hard. She quickly slipped on the short skirt. God she thought, my cunt and butt are almost in the open with just me standing here.

What was going to happen when she bent over or sat down? Her cunt was going to show, that was what was going to happen! And she was going to love showing it! Too bad there was only going to be only two men, for two more would be better!

Her crotch now felt like it was on fire. Putting a hand at her apex, she gasped when her fingertips touched her swollen labia. Moisture was already seeping through her pink tinged slit. Good, for Floyd sometimes just rammed his cock up her with no advance even when she was dry. Looking around, the room was littered with clean straw and old riding tack.

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The odor of the leather smelled good. Picking up a piece of leather that had been oiled countless times over the years, she was looking at it when the door opened, and Buddy walked in.

His eyes widened appreciatively at the sight of her. "Hello Buddy." She said in a low voice. "Come on in." She saw his eyes glued to her jiggling tit flesh.

The scene made her all excited inside. " Uh…Floyd…he…he wanted me to be this way." Thea gestured at her body, paused and continued.

Slightly embarrassed, she slightly pulled the blouse flaps together, then stopped, looked at him, and reopened the flaps. "Oh! Lord! Yeah, he told me about …dress." "Is Floyd coming?" She asked suddenly, letting her hands fall away. Glancing down her chest at the proud full flesh, she felt her nipples stiffen so hard they almost hurt.

"We were on the way, but Ray stopped him about a problem out in section - six. So…it's going to be awhile before he gets here. His voice dropped down. "Told me…to go…uh, we, uh_!

" "Oh!" Her voice quivering. The thought of him atop her was making her insides mushy. "Yes. Well…where…do you want to…?" She murmured looking down at the hay. The time had already came! Turning to look for a place to lie down, she almost knocked over the cold beer.

"…Oh! Uh…can I have a beer…?" Buddy asked with a weak smile. "…A beer? But…we…yes, yes, let me get it for you." She answered in a defeated voice. Handing him one, she then politely motioned for him to sit where the hay was piled up high. As she went down on her legs, his eyes fell on her bare legs. Thea had to pull the hem down, as a small tuft of blond hair wanted to keep poking out. Trying to display some modesty, Thea put her hand over it.

She then noticed that Buddy's eyes had returned to her breasts. "I guess you and Floyd talked?" She said after he had gotten a good look. "___Yes, yes we did." His eyes avoiding hers. "I…hope you are discreet." Her hands then came up and cupped her breasts. "What…discreet!" He blurted out. "Yes! No, don't worry, I'm not going to tell anyone that I have seen you uh, you're…uh!" Looking at him, she spoke in a low voice, "Thank you, but I was talking about …after you …me…uh!" Her palms were now massaging her tits a little more vigorously.

"Oh that!' he interrupted "Yeah, well, uh, rest assured, for I surely don't need an irate husband after me." His eyes avoiding direct contact with hers. "Wait!" he suddenly said " Floyd assured me that there would be no trouble!" "Oh!

No! There will be none for I'm not going to say anything, but just in case after you…me…! Her hand was now mashing her tit flesh even harder. ""Please trust me. I like my job and Mr. Dan has sort of hinted about some promotion in Georgia." His eyes were now glued to her tit filled hands. "Good. I don't need any trouble." She smiled at him. "Oh! The Georgia property?

Yes, that will be quite the operation." Her left hand went down to the skirt hem and pulled it down as it had inched up dangerously close to her apex. "Hot dang! I sure hope he gets it!" Buddy was getting worked up and his cock was killing him it was so hard!

Here he is he thought! Sitting next to a woman, a white one at that, and her cunt was almost in plain view! "I expect him too. If you want, I may be …able to help you!" She added with a deep look. Buddy smiled at her statement and thanked her. His eyes constantly eying her half-nude body. "Yeah? You would do that?" He asked as his eyes dropped down to her hand held tit. His hand was just itching to cup that flesh and squeeze, mold…pull_!

She saw his look and then his empty bottle. "Why not? Want another beer?" Getting up, her boobs dangled to within inches of his face. "You sure have pretty white skin." He said when she returned." I hope you don't mind that I keep…looking …but you look so soft…and everything." "No…I don't mind." She answered as her hand came away from her boob.

."Oh!" Buddy responded. " Say, mind if I ask a question? Thank you. I don't want to seem out of line, but…why are you…eh…here? You married and…all?" Looking up at him, Thea fidgeted for a moment, and then lowered her eyes. Clearing her throat, she then returned to his question. "I…Buddy…I…get lonely. Floyd, he…is around more. I need…uh, well, you understand?" She said in a low voice.

"I think so. Floyd, he…you…keep each other …um…happy. Right? Thea tried to answer with a smile, but the words wouldn't come. Finally she just nodded. Floyd, he tells me that you…I don't know how o say this_!" Interrupting him, Thea blurted out "That I do what he wants?" '__Yes. That's about it. He understands what I …need…want…!" "Hmm!

So, he told you to be dressed like you are now?" "____Yes! I…am sorry…but…oh…I like…when, Ohh!" She said with a little whimper.

"You must think I'm terrible?" "I think I understand and no, I don't think you are terrible. We all have our needs. Your secret is safe with me" He answered as he scooted closer and let his hand lie on her upper thigh. Their eyes met, and finally after a second or so, they smiled at each other.

"What you mean is that you like it when a man tells you what to do…when to do it…and where to do it!" his voice soft and soothing, his hand now on the insides of her smooth firm thighs. Her affirmative answer came out as a whisper. "Floyd said you was a smart man. "If I was so smart, I would have beaten Floyd to you. He has been a lucky man in regards to you." "__Thank you. That is nice of you to say that." Moving his hand from her thigh, his other one joined in as they went to her waist.

Easing her willing body close, he asked in a whisper "You are beautiful. And there is only one way you could look any better." "Thank you. Uh…how?" Buddy smiled as he started pushing her skirt hem up. Thea's breath caught when he continued until her blond covered slit was in view.

Looking at blond hair crotch, their eyes then met. "Now you look better." Thea inwardly shivered and then smiled. Damn! All his life he had wanted to meet someone like this and now his wish had come true.

Plus she was white, young, and a real beauty. Plus according to Floyd, a great piece of ass! Oh yeah! Was this going to be fun! Looking at the beautiful girl, he gave her a smirk and without a word, took her in his arms. Bending down, his lips brushed her cheek, lips, and neck. Then he reached up and cupped her jutting left boob. Giving the warm firm meat a good feel, his hand kneaded and pulled at her flesh.

Buddy was inwardly smiling for Floyd had told him that Thea enjoyed kissing. He was right, as her eyes were half shut and a smile on her face, as he again tasted her full red lips. Scooting so he could get to her crotch better, he whispered, "Open up baby! Okay, hmm!" Looking down at her now bared blond covered pussy, his eyes gleamed with joy at the sight of her beautiful formed cunt. Pushing her legs open some more, his hand went down and enjoyed the slightly damp meat.

Thea gasped as the feeling fueled her body. Looking down between her panting breasts, she begged for a kiss. He did not let her be denied. Again she whimpered for his middle finger had found her entrance of love and was stroking her ridged vagina.

His left hand was now becoming better acquainted with the firm smooth breast flesh that easily filled his big hand. Finally breaking, their faces smiled back at each other. "Is this okay?" He lightly jested as he continued to enjoy her charms.

"Ohh! Yess! Um, you are …loving me so…good…d!" She blurted out as once again Buddy leaned down and sought out her crimson lips. Buddy was fingering her very well. Um, she thought as her hips moved to derive additional satisfaction.

How she loved to be fingered! Her breathing was now getting ragged. "Buddy, ple…a…se!" Again she cried out as Buddy was whipping his hand back and forth in her. Minutes later she was gasping and whimpering.

Twice she cried out as he fingered her into an orgasm. After the second one, he stopped. Wiping his wet finger on her inner thighs, Buddy opened his crotch zipper.

When Thea saw his engorged pleasure stick, she began to mumble for him to hurry. Lowering himself back between her open thighs, Buddy displayed good manners as he insured that she was ready to accept him. Slowly he pushed his cock up her. Only when he was firmly entrenched and was aware that she was ready, did he began to stroke her. Letting Thea squirm around on his penis, she whimpered, as it felt so very good inside her.

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Not too much or not too little! With compassion and courtesy, she was given an excellent bout. Buddy was a true gentleman! Twice she came around his charger before he emptied an acceptable load of semen deep within her. * Getting up and resting on his elbows, Buddy cupped her tits with his hands as his lips nipped at her neck, shoulders, and nipples and ended up at her waiting mouth. His spent warrior was still inside and soaking in their mixed spunk when he said, "Thank you.

That was wonderful." He mumbled against her neck. "Um! No! Thank you! Uh, will you…have me again?" Thea whispered in a small voice. "Oh Lord yes!" He answered excitedly. He then kissed her. "Just let me catch my breath a little." It was great. Like Floyd, he did not have large lips and knew how to use them. For a long time they just kissed. "Lord there is so much I want to do to you." He said when they finally broke apart. His spent penis laying against her thigh.

"Just do it! You don't have to ask!" She answered quickly. "Thanks. For I surely do want this more…and more!". "I was hoping you would say that." Her hand had taken hold of his damp penis and was gently squeezing the coffee colored meat.

"Would once a week, hopefully a lot more, She smiled as she leaned upward and kissed him, be okay?" She smiled as she lifted upward and kissed him. Taking her tits in his hands, Buddy smiled and said, "That's more than I hoped for.

I know you and Floyd get it on pretty often, then there is your husband." "Not as often as you think. Jake is gone pretty often, plus he studies the rest of the time." "The boy doesn't know what he is missing." Buddy said with a smile.

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"I would be glad to stand in for him!" "Oh! Thank you!' Thea laughed and then assured him he could. Then suddenly, she kissed him and said in an excited voice.

" Buddy…your office, can I come down and your desk…will you…uh…bend me over it…and?" "Hell yes!" "Thank you. Now, can I do something?" She asked in a little pleading voice. "Sure, what?" A sudden furrow of worry creasing his forehead. "I want to suck you!" She asked with pleading eyes. "Please! I…like to…do that!" "You sure can.

Fact is, I think I will have a taste of you myself." Lying down, Buddy had Thea straddle his head while hers was between his legs. Her mouth immediately became full of his semi-hard grisly- covered cock. Buddy smiled to himself as he looked up at the pink tinged slit. This woman had pussy lips that looked like they were stung. Umm! The things he had planned for this woman! Taking his finger, he inserted it inside the slit.

The lips seemed to grip and hold his finger. Pushing on deeper, he felt the girl jerk when he hit bottom. Oh yes. Girl, you are going to feel a lot of things stuck in you in the future! Pulling free, he watched a trickle of semen leak out and run along her furrow.

Lifting his head, he latched onto her cunt and sucked like he was a vacuum -cleaner. Ten minutes later, Floyd walked in and smiled at the sight before him. Thea was nude and in Buddy's arms as his middle finger was working in and out of her crotch. "Alright! Dat be what I want to see!" Taking a beer, he swallowed down half of the cool liquid before stopping.

"What you think Buddy? She as good a fuck as I said she was?" Buddy nodded, gave her a few more strokes, stopped, bent down, kissed her, and then moved away. Opening his pants, Floyd pulled out his long hard cock. Thea shivered at the sight of it. Without a word, she awaited his onslaught. Looking up at him, she smiled. Floyd laughed and said to Buddy who was watching. "Told you this cunt like my meat!" Thea pulled her legs back and open.

She wanted to be wide open for Floyd. Pushing up her well- oiled slit, she grunted as he was larger and his size filled her completely.

Ten minutes later, a gasping Floyd rolled off her sweating body. "Okay Bitch, clean up my cock." Thea quickly abided by his command. Taking the brown sticky meat in her little hand, she murmured happily as it filled her mouth. Her tongue had just got the juices off when suddenly Buddy took her by the hips from behind! He was on his knees and was guiding his cock up her. "Open your legs!" He said in a stern raspy voice while fisting his cock head to her slit.

She gasped as he went up her. Umm she thought! What a day! An hour later, the only sounds emitting from the tack room was heavy breathing. Floyd had just pulled out of her well-oiled slit for his second time. Thea lay there heaving slightly.

Four times she had been mounted and four times she had licked the sperm from their greasy poles. Soon the sounds of their breathing grew easy, as they all slept. * To insure no one could see them, it was decided to leave the barn ten to fifteen minutes apart. Floyd went first. The minute Floyd went through the door, Buddy watched through a slit until he could no longer see him.


Turning to Thea, he said. "Come here!" Pulling Thea tight against him, he then pushed her up against the door. "Kiss me!" After they enjoyed a long kiss, he quickly stripped her. "This is the way I intend to keep you. Do you understand? Naked and hot!" Pulling the willing girl down on the soft hay, he began to once again explore her body with his eyes, his hands, and his lips.

Going down on her well-fucked cunt, he commenced kissing and licking her into one more mind-shattering orgasm.

Kissing her long and hard, he murmured, "Tonight." Inside the house, Thea showered and before dressing, looked at her nude form in the mirror. It gave a picture back of skin that was alabaster white with no imperfections. Her pubic hair was also light in color and the labia lips peeked through in the most enticing way. Cupping her breasts of which were heavy and full, she had to admit that she was an attractive package. No wonder the men liked her. Continuing to enjoy the rest. She reflected back on the morning.

Four glorious times she had been mounted. Four times she had been flooded with their love juice. Four times, she had bobbed her head upon their wet sticky members immediately after they would pull out. But wait! She had been fingered only twice!

Pooh! "We gonna be coming for some mo' of your meat tonight in yo bed. So have yo ass ready. Understand?" Floyd had told her. "Yes. I will be waiting." She had told him. Hmm! She thought as her finger found its way inside her slit. She may get another four screws. Oh, she hoped so! She had done without gone so many times in the past without loving! Life at times was not fair!

The far off sound of a barking dog floated across the fields as she lay there in anticipation. Naturally the beauty was nude. With every sound, she would open her legs in anticipation of the two men coming in. Hmm, she thought, what a great day it had been so far. There was nothing in the world like being under a man and him feeding his swollen meat up you.

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The slight pain at first and then sheer rapture as it would slide up your love channel. Then the rocking back and forth motion! Yes! What a feeling! Suddenly, footsteps outside her door brought her eyes wide open. She almost cried out as she lay back and opened her legs. When the outline of Buddy entered the room, she gasped with happiness.

His weight on the bed made her whimper from waiting, his lips spoke before resting on hers "Shh!

Open your legs. That's my darling! Umm!" You are so sweet, hmm, yes you are." His hand immediately went between her creamy thighs. Chuckling when he found it damp, he gave the lips a gentle but firm squeeze. "Okay, now we are going to fuck just as soon as I get these clothes off." Giving her slit another few squeezes, he said, "Put in your finger. There that's right. Feels good don't it?

Sure it does. Now take it out, and…put it in your mouth!" Thea smiled as she sucked on her own finger. The taste of her fluids excited her even more.

Buddy was now nude and crawling in next to her. "Open your legs some more. I want to feel you. Damn! You got the best pussy I ever felt.

There, that's a good girl. Okay, now get on this cock!" He turned so she could move her head and suck his meat down. Immediately, her slit swelled up with lust. Again after only minutes, he stopped her sucking on him and immediately went between her legs.

His hand cupped her sex and he whispered about how wet she was. Returning his compliment, Thea said that it was because of him. Their lips met and for long minutes, they kissed and fondled each other. "Okay baby, now let me get in you before Floyd arrives." "Please my darling!

Fuck me!" They had just finished and Thea was licking the last remnants of their mixed sperm from his cock when the door opened and a smiling Floyd entered. An hour later, her legs were still spread wide as Floyd was between them for his second time and Thea's fourth. After he finished with a hard lunge and a copious amount of semen up her wet cunt, she rose and cleaned her self and each of the two men. Rejoining them, they took turns kissing and fondling her body.

Soon, all were asleep. Just as the sun was breaking over the horizon, Buddy leaned over and lightly kissed a sleeping Thea. Slowly opening her eyes, she smiled and returned it. Pulling her naked body up against his, he whispered. Pulling back after he finished, she smiled, nodded her head, and then kissed him. He then slipped from the bed and began dressing. Watching him dress, she returned his smile.

When he motioned at her legs, he made her understand that she was to open her legs. With a smile, she did so gladly. His eyes took in the charms she had with pleasure. Reaching down, he cupped her sex and lightly squeezed the seemingly always-warm flesh.

A quick kiss and then he was gone. Looking over at a light breathing Floyd Thea's eyes swept down his muscled body until they rested on his cock. His scrotum looked like two cocoa- nuts. His cock was large even in a rested state. Um! She shivered! How good it felt when it was up her! Suddenly realizing that all the fucking she had done may have made her twat become loose. She eased a finger up her channel. A smile came over her face when the warm tunnel seemed to hug and caress her finger.

Good! The exercises had paid off. Removing the digit, she looked at it as the morning sun made the sperm shine. The smell then permeated her senses. Slipping it in her cupid shaped mouth, she thought why she should waste anything this good!

An hour later, Thea felt the bed as Floyd began to waken. Rolling away from him onto her stomach, she slightly opened her legs so that he could see her cunt. Feigning another move, Thea rolled over on her back and eased her legs open. She waited for his next move. For if he had wanted her, she would have gladly accepted his advance. A smile almost crept over her face as finally he got up. Smiling when she heard the door close now her hole would be that much tighter for Buddy to enjoy.

But for now, she would go take a shower and then eat. Umm! Life was so good! * Two days later, Thea was having breakfast and thinking how good it was going to feel again being bent over with the sweet cock of Buddy buried up her body.

She could almost feel the sensation, as he would stroke her ever so easily when suddenly Floyd suddenly came in and interrupted her daydream. Uncle had contacted him and he had to leave immediately for Georgia.

Thea's heart picked up a beat at the thought of having Buddy all to herself. The minute she saw him drive away, Thea sauntered out of the house and went directly toward the small office of Buddy's. Taking her in his arms, they kissed and Buddy kept her pulled firmly against his lower body as they expressed glee over Floyd leaving.

Asking her to return in a hour, she smilingly agreed after promising to give her some fantastic loving.

He didn't say a word as she entered exactly one hour later. Getting up from his desk, he walked over to her. Shutting the door, he bent and kissed her. Still mute, Buddy slowly opened her dress top. Squeezing her firm tits as they kissed, he finally stopped and took her by the upper arm He then led her to his desk.

"Lie down. Keep coming up until your shoulders get to the edge. Let your head go back. There, that will support you. Comfortable? Good!" Her head was lying back on a shelf that Buddy had installed.

It let her head go down, but supported it. "Yes." "Now, let me put this blindfold on you." A soft mask was tied securely around her head. "Can you see?" "No, not a thing." Thea was almost shivering.

She gave a cry when her dress was pushed up to her waist. "Spread your legs. Good." Damn! This white girl comes prepared! No drawers! Reaching down onto the pink tipped meat, he softly caressed the sensitive flesh. Putting his thumbs on each side of the slit, he commenced to pull the swollen cunt lips open. She gasped as he stretched her. "Does that feel good?" "Yes, it feels good, so, very good!" "Okay my little sweet, you ready for some serious fucking?" Buddy leaned down and took her face in his hands.

Thea thought it was odd when his palms covered her ears. He kissed her and she never heard the door open and the entrance of two men. Breaking apart finally, Thea could sense a change in the room. There was something different. She began to reach for her mask when Buddy spoke out sharply, "No, no! You don't sit up, touch your mask, or close your legs. Understand?" "Yes! But!" The sudden touch of lips on her spread open vagina made her gasp, squirm and whimper.

Putting her hand down, she felt the wiry hair of who she thought was Buddy. The mouth felt good as it flicked her clit. Her butt was off the desk, as she wanted to derive every second of this. Suddenly it quit and pulled away. "No! Don't stop! Buddy please!" Once again there was a return to her damp sex. This one was definitely different. But no! That would have been impossible. By now, she was leaking semen.

"Buddy!" She gasped from exertion, "Please! I…need it!" "Shh!" He responded by kissing her neck. "We are just getting started." Thea jumped when her buttocks were suddenly taken hold of.

How she thought did he get from one place to the other? The feel of legs against hers signaled that she was being prepared to fuck. The head of a cock against her open cunt erased all doubts. "Yes, yes my darling. Do me!" Thea said.

A spattering of laughter and it suddenly stopped. Who! Why! She was almost sure…she thought. An easy push and the head disappeared inside her. Another push and she was stuffed with cock. But it didn't belong to Buddy! No! This cock was different than his.

Wait, she knew who it was! It had to be Floyd! No, he had left. Besides, Floyd was larger. "Buddy! Who is…?" Buddy kissed her neck and whispered into her ear, "Shh, my little white girl.

Make no difference. Enjoy it. Work your ass!" Thea had to admit that whoever was fucking her was doing a good job. Plus she had promised Buddy she would do as he wanted. So, if he wanted her to be screwed by someone else, so be it! Minutes later, she felt the penis swell and burst forth with a load deep within her. His hands, which had been working her tits, gave them an almost painful squeeze. When she felt the now deflated cock slip from her heated body, she whimpered.


The next thing she knew, someone was lifting her chin and kissing her deeply. "Did my baby enjoy that?" Yes! It was Buddy. "Yes!" "Would you like some more?" "Again? Oh, I don't know!" "You sure?" he asked as again someone was holding her legs wide apart. Before she could say anything a cock, a very big cock was deliciously splitting her labia and filling her tunnel.

Wait! This wasn't the one that was just up her and she knew it didn't belong to Buddy. That meant there were three! God! Three men in here with her! How fantastic! Buddy was still at her front and he was peppering her with kisses.

So, who, ah! She moaned, as the cock in her was big. Very big! Each time it would back up, her cunt meat felt like it was being turned inside out. The sensations that it was causing made her gasp and whimper.

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Every time she tried to speak, Buddy would kiss her. Once, twice, three times, her body shook from the strong orgasms she was experiencing. Gasping, she began to cry with enjoyment as the big stick in her began to swell. Her hips were now grabbed firmly and the mysterious body began to slam against her hard. Again she shook as a load of life giving fluid erupted and coated the monster within her. Then suddenly, the hot liquid shot hard against her cervix and seemed to scald her.

Crying out, she slumped in total exhaustion. The cock that had just given her an exciting experience was still nesting inside her. Each time it started to back out, she would plead for it to stay. Suddenly she felt him put a hand behind her neck and pull her into a sitting position.

Her hole was still plugged and she wriggled back and forth to derive more pleasure. Her lips were kissed ever so sweetly and she retaliated by wrapping her arms around his neck. When her fingertips touched a scar on his shoulder, she murmured and gently rubbed it. They finally broke apart when Buddy answered from behind her as his hands went around in front of her and cupped her heaving tits.

"What does my beautiful white girl want?" "Please, let me se__!" She uttered as her hands went to the blindfold. "No!" The voice answered. "Not yet! Do you understand?" "Yes…I understand, but Buddy, Buddy…why…why are you doing this to me?

I thought…I thought we. You…!" "Shh." He answered as his hands worked the flesh of her now warm breasts. "Mmm, my baby needs this. You yourself told me that you didn't get enough cock! Is that not what you said?" Thea whimpered. The stranger suddenly moved away. His hands however remained on the insides of her crotch.

"Yes…I did, but__! She suddenly cried out as the feathery touch of warm breath cascaded over her slit. Then a rigid tongue lashed and spared with her clit. Her voice cried out as again and again. Her cunt was being treated to a world - class licking. Suddenly, the tide built within her and she vented her fluid. Pushing her hips against the tormenting mouth, she begged it to never stop.

Her cunt was lashed back and forth by the tongue. Then his fingers were pushed inside and her labia lips pulled apart. Next the hard tip of a tongue began lashing the tender meat of her pussy.

The sensation was so intense that tears came to her eyes when she had another orgasm. She almost fell from exhaustion before she was grabbed. She never heard the door open and close. Laid back on the desk, she whimpered slightly when her thighs were pulled opened.

"Rest my love." Buddy whispered. "Do you want some water, something to eat?" "Yes, please." A sandwich was put in her hands. She jumped when a cold bottle of pop was put between her legs. Finishing, someone wiped her mouth and hands clean. When she said thank you, they gently kissed her. "Feel better?" Buddy asked. "Yes. Thank you." "Okay, do you want another sandwich, a pop, or… what?" "I want the what!" She answered with a smile.

Low laughter reached her ears. Naturally she kept her thighs opened as she was more than ready to be mounted and pumped full of spunk. Buddy went to her head and began kissing her. Someone was between her thighs fondling her cunt. Another was delightfully kneading her tits.

How great she thought as her body relished the attention. Her butt soon began to rotate and her breath became short.

Suddenly Thea felt a gust of warm air on her nude body. She also felt Buddy stop and sense that he was gesturing. Before she could say something, his lips were back on hers. Hands suddenly went down her inner thighs and joined at the juncture of her cunt. The lips were trapped and pulled outward until she whimpered. A cock head was now at her opening and being moved up and down her slit.

Yes! It was being pushed against her opening. She braced for the slight pain. Ahhh? Wait! This cock was not as big! That meant…oh God! There was someone else! Four? That, oh my god! Whoosh! It eased up her. Um! Yes! It felt good! Oh yes!

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This one was not Buddy's, nor the other two, so it must be whoever just came in. Oh yes! Whoever! It was a nice one and it felt good as it nudged against her cervix. Life was so good! Moving her hips in unison, she gave her secret lover stroke for stroke. Suddenly a hard cock was put in her right hand. She recoiled at first, and then fisted it. It too felt nice. Um, nice, just right! She wondered if it belonged to the last person who had fucked her.

Moving to the balls, she hefted them with care. The owner gave a sound of pleasure. Going back to the stalk, she worked the uncircumcised skin back and forth. Maybe, just maybe she could taste it later on. Oh! How she hoped! But wait! What! Another cock! It was on her lips. Yes! This was the large one! It belonged to the man with a scar on his shoulder. Oh yes! She was hoping it would be back.

Opening her mouth, the owner fed it to her like a baby. Um! This one still had the taste of their mixed semen on it. It was so big that she couldn't take it all. She pulled it free and stroked the monster a little. God! She would like this again. Licking it from the scrotum to its tip brought heavy breathing from its owner. Putting the tip back in her little mouth, she licked the pee hole. It tasted so good. Oh yes! She decided right then that she wanted more of this!

Somehow, she was going to find out who this was! When finally it began to swell even more, Thea whimpered as she stroked it fast at its root. The tangy dusky taste made her utter gibberish as it spit and coated her mouth.

Her throat worked fast to swallow the honey tasting liquid. Continuing to hold on to the meat, she felt him move and then his lips kissed the nipples of her boobs. Then he went to her neck, and then her lips. Oh yes, this person while black, did not have the thick lips prevalent in most. So that meant he was a mulatto. Her mind began ticking off whom she knew was light skinned here at the farm.

Hmm, other than Buddy, there was…huh, she wondered, could it be? Perhaps! The stranger bent down and he kissed her lips, cheek, and then her neck. Putting her hand on his head, she went around the back as he sucked at her nipples. Yes! It was a little longer than most men wore theirs.

Her mind however was still a blank.


Suddenly a cock that she was familiar with was put in her left hand. One touch confirmed it belonged to Buddy. Now the one in her right hand pulled away. Her mysterious lover stroked her cheek as he moved away. Um! He was a good and considerate lover. However, the cock she had been stroking with her right hand was now being rubbed across her chin.

Taking it, Thea quickly swallowed it down her throat. Buddy pulled away from her hand and he went between her thighs. Within minutes, her mouth and cunt were once again wet down with sperm. Buddy had beat against her as fast as possible.

He couldn't wait to send a load up her hole. The one in her mouth was fucking her with gusto. Thea was in heaven. Her mouth and expertise soon coaxed a nice load of semen down her throat. She worked fast to capture it all. When the meat began to pull away, she begged it to stay. Soft laughter met her ears and a foreign voice told her to wait.

When the touch of a hand on her cheek- bone surprised her, she cooed and rubbed her cheek against it. Going to her chin, the hand gently pushed it open. Another cock was waiting. Taking it in her hand, she exclaimed as it was the one that she had masturbated. Um, this was a nice one also. The tangy taste kept her excited. It was too bad that there was not another one there. For she would have welcomed him warmly.

Life was great *

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