Brunette latina anal toy masturbation on webcam

Brunette latina anal toy masturbation on webcam
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As some of you know from the first two stories my ex-wifes niece Kirsten is quite the little slut.


This story describes her first anal sex experience. We dated for awhile and fucked regularly. A couple of months into the the relationship I started to get braver with Kirsten as she told me on more than one occassion that she is a sexual freak and loves to do new things. One night while we were in bed fucking I decided to see how far I could push the new things with Kirsten. I layed her down on her back and went down on her and ate her pussy for a few moments.

I made sure to suck on her fat pussy lips. She really liked it when I did this. I made sure to slide two fingers into her dripping wet pussy before i moved my tongue down towards her ass. I pressed my tongue into her taint which caused my nose to enter her pussy.

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I heard her gasp and moan. That was all the encouragement I needed. I continued further south and found her tight virgin asshole. I licked around her button and fingered her pussy deep at the same time. She moaned loud and grabbed my head. Since she didn't pull me away I took this as a sign to keep going.

I stuck just the tip of my tongue into her asshole. I flicked it up and down a couple of times. Meeting no resistance I dove in deeper. I stuck my tongue as far in her ass as it would go. Damn, did she have one fine tasting ass. Very sweet and hot. I started to work my tongue in and out of her ass. My fingers worked her pussy while I tongue fucked her. Her grip on my head got firmer and soon she was pushing my head into her ass. She is starting to scream, "OH FUCK, OH FUCK!!!" I removed my well lubricated fingers from her pussy and slide the tip of my index finger into her ass.

This was the last straw. I felt her legs wrap tight around my head.

She removed her hands and ground her pussy and ass into my face. I looked up to see her squeezing, pinching, and pulling her left tit very hard. It almost looked painful. Suddenly she screams, "OH FUCK, IM CUMMING!!!!!!!!!". With that my face is flooded with a delicious frothy white foam. I do my best to lap up all of her sweet juices.

Just as she is starting to come down from her orgasm I shove my finger all the way up her ass. Almost instantly she cums again. This one as hard as the first. I can't believe how much cum is coming out of her pussy, its pouring out of her, almost squirting out.

As she comes down from her orgasm she tells me to climb on top of her, she wants to suck my cock. I do as I'm told and climb up. My balls are resting on her chin as she grabs my cock and strokes it a few times. She has a nice firm grip, just how I like. She opens her mouth and sucks on the tip of my cock. Kirsten sticks her tongue in my piss hole and I love it. She grips my balls and squeezes them a couple of times, playing with them like benwa balls. Then she gets her tongue good and wet before she licks the entire length of my shaft.

As she works her way back to my cock head she looks me in the eyes and deep throats me. I love the eye contact, watching her deep throat my cock is arousing me even more. I didn't think that I could get any harder but boy was I wrong. Seeing her beautiful green eyes look me in the eyes while she bobs her head up and down my cock is amazing. In those eyes I see desire, lust, a willingness to please.

She moves down to suck my balls and stroke my cock. I put my hand on top of hers and slap her in the face with my cock.

She moans in pleasure with both of my balls in her mouth. It feels so good.

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I tell her, " Do you like that? Do you like getting slapped in the face with my cock?" She takes her mouth off my balls and says "yes, I love getting slapped in the face by your hard cock." She quickly resumes sucking my balls.

I slap her a few more times in the face with my cock before I lean back and shove it down her throat again. She gets my cock good and wet. With that, I move back down between her legs. I lift them up and put them on my shoulders. I grab my cock and place it at the entrance to her pussy. I stroke it up and down her slit a couple of times. Kirsten grinds her hips tryig to get my cock in her pussy.

She tells me to stop teasing her and fuck her already. I slap her clit with the head of my cock and ask her," Do you want it? Do you want me to fuck you? She yells "YESSSS. I want you to fuck me!!!" With that I thrust into her one hard push. She screams in pleasure and says OH GOD YES!!

I lean back and watch her beautiful bald pussy swallow my cock as I fuck her. I start pumping faster as her pussy squeezes my cock with each thrust.

I hear her ask if I like watching her pussy take my cock. I tell her that I do. She leans her head back and starts to play with her tits. I tell her to suck on her nipple while I fuck her pussy. Kirsten leans her head down, grabs her right tit and asks, "Like this master?" as she teases her nipple with her tongue before taking as much of her tit in her mouth as she can. I tell her, "yes, just like that my little slut." I hear her breathing getting faster and I now that I am close to making her cum again.

I take my hand and tease her clit with my thumb while I fuck her. She continues to suck on her tits like a good whore. She tells me that she is close to cumming and she wants me to cum inside her at the same."FIll me up" she says. I thrust deep and hard as her pussy clamps down on my cock trying to milk my cum from me. She squeezes her tit hard as she screams in pleasure. I let her come down for a second before I remove my cock from her pussy.

I move my cock head down to her asshole. I tell her to rub her clit while I slowly push my cock into her ass. She says that she has never done anal before.

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I tell her to just relax and play with her pussy. Soon I have the head of my cock in her ass. Slowly I thrust in and out, getting a little more in her each time. Kirsten moans, "Oh that feels good". After a couple of minutes I have my entire cock inside her no longer virgin asshole. I hold it there for a minute, giving her time to adjust to my cock being inside her ass.

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She says that she never thought she would like anal but loves the way my cock feels in her ass. I start to slowly pump in and out of her ass. She continues to rub her clit with one hand squeeze her tit with the other. I start to pick up the pace as her asshole has relaxed some.

I hear her moans getting louder as I fuck her ass faster. I know that I am not far from cuming. I feel my balls start to tighten up. I tell her that I'm going to cum. She says to cum in her ass, she wants to feel me fill up her insides. Thats all the encouragement I need as I give her ass one last hard push, burying my cock balls deep.

I feel the cum squirting from cock into her ass in long hard jets. Kirsten screams that she is cumming too. Her pussy squirts cum onto my stomach as she screams louder than ever.

I collapse on top her as our orgasms subside with my cock still inside her ass. She tells,"That was amazing" and that she wants to do it again.

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AS my cock begins to soften she also says that next time she wants to do ATM. She says that she likes they way her pussy tastes, since she has sucked my cock to finish me off after I have fucked her to orgasm. I tell her that next time I will fuck her ass and let her suck my cock clean of her ass and my cum.


I pull my now soft cock out of her ass and tell her we need a nap before the next round.