Free gay boys sex movietures Jasper helps Hunter out of his

Free gay boys sex movietures Jasper helps Hunter out of his
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For years my wife, Lynn and I had many arguments about her lack of wanting sexual activity.

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She didn't care for any sex and I wanted it. She would find any reason to avoid all sexual contact. One time we had a very nasty fight and I left our martial bed to sleep on the couch alone, much less stress.

Eighteen months later, I was still sleeping on the couch alone. My wife wasn't the least bit interested in trying to patch our relationship and never made any move to smooth things over.


When I asked for a divorce, she "in an instant" got all passionate and wanting me close and sexual. The only thing that really moved her emotions was her work. Earlier in our marriage she demanded that I leave my job because it interfered with our marriage because I had to go out of town once a month for three days to check on another branch office.

With her job, she would go out of state on her "enhancement seminars" for weeks at a time. She would argue that it was necessary, but her employer never required it for her employment, it was all her choice and pleasure. I had thoughts that she was using the seminars to have sexual contacts with other men, but then she avoided sex so much, how's one to know.

I do know that when she was gone on her trips, I lay alone in bed at night and had erotic dreams of my wife hundreds of miles away, in a hotel bed naked with some naked stranger between her legs pleasuring her. Maybe it was me. I didn't turn her on any more. I will admit that I had no sexual experience before getting married.

I've always been on the shy side and not aggressive at all where women are concerned. Looking back, there was one thing that was suspicious. On telephone calls while away, she was always cheerful and happy, but upon arriving home with me she became serious and ended up causing a fight.

She'd find something I'd done or not done to vent her anger about and her attitude then was, get away from me, you didn't do what I wanted you to! It was almost like she didn't want me near her because I might see a mark or find something that was suspicious and she didn't want to have to explain anything. Our fifteenth wedding anniversary was coming up and she asked me what I wanted.

I had been putting money aside for a special present for her, she liked good jewelry. I told her that she could have that diamond tennis bracelet she had been drooling over if she wanted. She responded maybe. She asked again, what did I want? I told her to arrange a very romantic sexually erotic occasion for the two of us!

Let your own imagination run wild, I told her. I think a lot wilder than you do. I'll challenge you to out wild me, anything goes! For our anniversary celebration on Friday night, we went to a nice restaurant for supper and then out to a night club to drink and dance. The place she picked was small and off main the streets, like a secluded neighborhood spot with music and a small dance floor. There wasn't anyone there except one waitress and the bartender.

We chose a table in a corner nook, sat down and ordered drinks. We were almost located in our own separate room the way the corner was arranged. I liked the privacy. We took our time and enjoyed our evening together to try to mend our relationship. We fought about sex, but we truly loved each other very much. We were drinking our drinks and then a gentleman came over and asked to dance with my wife. She jumped up and said sure, before I could object, if I wanted to.

She loved to dance, but I had two left feet and felt uncomfortable on the dance floor being that I was so clumsy. I looked and as best I could tell, she was enjoying herself rubbing against him. After the dance ended, she came back and sat down. Then we danced a slow dance and when it ended, Lynn said she was going to the ladies room. In a few minutes she returned and he was coming to our table at the same time. She saw him, stopped at our table and handed me her jeans, and walked to him on the dance floor.

This happened very fast before I noticed that Lynn had stripped her jeans off and her long blouse was now just barely covering her panties, like an extra short skirt. I had made the compliment to her a few weeks ago when she was undressing that with the long blouse just covering her panties was very sexy outfit.

My wife was now dancing against him very slowly and she put her arms around his neck and clung to him, putting a lip lock on him that was really sensual. Her arms around his neck lifted her blouse higher so now the lower half of her panties was now in view. I stood up to go rescue my wife from this assault, but just then a large gentleman sat down next to me and told me to stay put.

The song ended and he took my wife's hand and led her to his table directly across the dance floor from mine.

They sat close together facing each other whispering and kissing. My wife who never exhibited any romance in public was kissing and rubbing this stranger's arm and chest.

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They got up to dance to another song and my wife couldn't get any closer to him. The song ended and they walked back over to his table and he turned to say something to my wife and then she just laughed and looked at me.

They continued to ignore me, kissing and fondling each other. Another very slow song started playing and they got up to dance again. Lynn stood by their table and looked straight at me and smiled. She then slowly unbuttoned her blouse and took it off, dropping it on her chair.

It was then that I noticed that she didn't have a bra on. She always kidded that her breasts never grew up. They were small but firm and I liked them just as they were. In all of our years of dating and marriage, I had never criticized or make fun of her small breasts in any way. They were fine with me. She now stood there smiling at me dressed only in her panties!

She took his hand and let him lead her to the dance floor and she again pressed her body up against him tightly as she rapped her arms amorously around his neck.

At this point, I didn't know what to expect next. I looked at my "guard" and inquired what was going on? It also dawned on me that this was all part of my wife's sexual adventure. He explained that my wife had prearranged all of tonight. The gentleman she was dancing with was an old college classmate of hers named Tyler and he was a friend of Tyler's.

He introduced himself as Jim and told me that he was there to make sure all went smoothly with no hostilities. Lynn was afraid if the night went as she planned it, I would start a ruckus and she didn't want that. Jim said everything was cool and my wife had everything under control, just to enjoy myself.

He then asked if I wanted anything to drink, that he would take care of me and see to it that nothing happened to me if I had too much to drink. He'd make sure I got home safely. I looked over to watch my wife and Tyler kisses passionately like lovers and to see him slide his hands over her bare breasts and then around her back, past her waist to her rear.

He massaged her butt and then putting his thumbs in the elastic of her panties, slipped her panties over her hips and butt then down her legs as he tongued her mouth. Lynn let her panties fall to the floor so she was naked. The music stopped and Linda turned to face me smiling and showing off her totally naked body, with a smooth bare pussy!

That was something new! I had asked her to do that before and she refused. She then squatted down and grasping her panties, slowly pulled them up her legs and over her hips.

As she pulled her panties back on, she looked at me and smiled, like she'd just been caught being a naughty little girl. She and Tyler went back to their table and sat down. They continued to whisper and kiss, not acknowledging me at all. Finally Lynn decided to leave, for where I didn't find out. Lynn and Tyler rose and came over to my table. Lynn introduced Tyler and told me that he wanted to show her something special. She was going to spend the night with him in his bed and bring home a very special Anniversary present for me, but they had to make it first.

She had been hinting for awhile that she was going to get me her cum filled pussy for a special desert for our Anniversary. We fondly referred to it as her "juicy pussy." My desires leaned a little towards the perverted side. I not only loved to eat my wife's pussy, especially full of cum, but every once in awhile, she'd pee in my mouth as I ate her! Hay, consenting adults, right and to each his own! Lynn said she'd call before coming home, but not to expect the call before Sunday afternoon that she needed to get it right and it might take several tries.

They walked out and I turned to Jim and asked him what I was supposed to do. He replied why not get another drink and he'd escort me home when I was ready. So we talked about Tyler and him and drank.

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He was actually very friendly. In our discussions, Jim told me how Tyler knew Lynn.

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They were classmates together in College and became study friends, and later bedroom friends, as Jim called it. Lynn lost her cherry to Jim. It had nothing to do with romance; it was a lover's quarrel Lynn had with her boyfriend, actually with me; I deduced from the timeline and she fucked Jim as a revenge motive. After our fight, Lynn decided I didn't deserve to have her virginity and chose to let someone else take it.

She talked to Jim and offered to him if he wanted to take her cherry. It was her own special revenge against her boyfriend, me. Lynn not only let Tyler take her cherry, but she slept with him a lot until she walked down the isle to marry me. As she later admitted, she got herself "broken in".

In fact, the night before the wedding, Lynn with some of her bridesmaids decided to spend a wild night together in one of their homes with Tyler and a few of his friends as their own private celebration. A couple of the bridesmaids were married, but they were more anxious to get fucked and be adventurous and get filled with a stranger's sperm more than the single girls were.


A few months ago, Lynn happened to bump into Tyler in the mall and they resumed their friendship after many years. Jim wasn't sure, but he thought they may have slept together a couple of times since then, tuning up for tonight. Lynn planned tonight and this weekend so she could spend most of the weekend fucking Tyler. She was going to spend Friday night through Sunday afternoon naked in bed with Tyler letting him fuck her all he could. Lynn wanted to make a special Anniversary gift for me, a juicy pussy cream pie.

Jim made sure I was home safe and tucked in. I slept soundly and woke up Saturday about 11:00 and got a large late breakfast.

I reclined comfortably and dreamed of my wife naked, legs spread By the time I got home, with all my drinking I was ready to sleep for a wide apart, with Tyler humping her pussy and her telling him to fill her up. I'd love to have a DVD of all that! When she came home Sunday night, Lynn was all excited about what she had done for our Anniversary. Prior to Saturday Tyler had taken Lynn to one of his businesses; he owned and was in partnership in several small businesses.

This business was a tattoo and piercing parlor. My wife was very squeamish about getting either done, but the tattoo artist explained it all to her in great detail. Astonishingly to me, my wife allowed herself to be tattooed and also got a piercing in a very private, hidden area of her anatomy.

Lynn got a tattoo of a heart next to her freshly waxed pussy with both of our initials and a penis piercing the heart and also a pierced clit. She said the tattoo represented the two men in her life. Lynn had my made "my special treat," a cream pie, a cum filled pussy to be eaten.

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This was as much pleasure for her as it was for me. Lynn took off her new short skirt that Tyler bought her. She had a kotex pad in her panties because she was leaking cum so much. She and Tyler had made a large cream pie.

I took my time and enjoyed my Anniversary surprise while she told me of her weekend. Lynn and I were invited to a party that Tyler was hosting in a couple of weeks and she fully intended to go, whether I did or not.

She was looking forward to wearing her new short skirt with no panties, she bragged. My wife seemed to be coming out of her shell.

I was enjoying her new outlook on life. Lynn informed me that she promised Tyler that she'd share her pussy with him whenever he wanted her, especially now that she'd be having his baby. That was her "extra special" surprise Anniversary present for me. Lynn then said that she was ovulating this weekend and that was the reason she picked this weekend for our Anniversary celebration because it accommodated her monthly cycle.

She'd sleep with me tonight and go back to Tyler's bed tomorrow and stay the rest of the week to make absolutely certain she was pregnant with his baby.

Just as her biological clock was running out, she'd found a way to have a baby and fulfill our desire of having a baby. Sleeping with me was no problem in the baby making department because I had a medical problem that prevented me from fathering children.

We had talked about In Vitro Fertilization but the expense, and then my sperm was no good to use. We would have to use another man's sperm anyway. This was the same result, another man's sperm, Tyler's, but without the In Vitro cost of thousands of dollars. You might say that it was Tyler's "pleasure" to help us. Being practical about the situation, actually this was the best solution, when I thought the whole thing over.

Best of all, my sex life with Lynn improved! Tyler and I have become good friends, we share the same woman. In several places in the world, one man is allowed to have two or more wives, why can't one woman have more than one husband.

Anyway, now we had one child with three incomes and three adults supporting her. The following summer I went to the Gulf Coast on vacation with some friends and Tyler kept Linda company. I had a discussion with him before I left and he's going to do his best to give her a second baby while I'm gone and while she's fertile. I think Tillie would like a little brother or sister. Until my Next Anniversary