Wife fucks big black cock in front of hubby

Wife fucks big black cock in front of hubby
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Chapter 38 As it was still early in the evening, we decided to go for a swim and head back to camp, to sleep in the relative comfort of familiar surroundings. I horsed around in the water a little with the girls, making the most of swimming naked with two hot chicks, but honestly after the day I had had, even my hyperdriven libido had reached its limit, and I wasn't sure I'd be able to fuck anything for many hours, possibly days.

We dressed again, the girls this time in regular clothes, not the uniforms they had sported earlier, and walked back to the main beach. A few fires were burning as groups of people talked into the night, relaxing before bed. Janie and I joined Jared at our campsite, and we began drifting off to sleep immediately.

I did notice, however, before falling asleep, that Joelle and Dkembe were still missing. I smiled as I imagined what they were getting up to, and my consciousness faded into blackness with that happy thought to seed my dreams.

We were in for a rude awakening the next morning. I was dreaming I was swimming, and Jared was splashing me in the face repeatedly.

I was getting kind of irked, and kept asking him to stop. I think my vocalizations finally woke myself up, and I looked around blearily. When the water kept hitting me in the face, I realized it was raining, and the wind was blowing droplets and spray in my face. All over the beach, people were groaning and muttering as they woke, bedraggled and damp, shifting around and covering items so they wouldn't get wet. The rain lasted for about 20 more minutes, then finally petered out.

As the sun began to heat up the beach, folks began emerging from their shelters and stretching. Our pile of fruit was decimated by hungry breakfasters, and several more eggs were found in the chicken coops. I cadged one from Anne, who had collected some for her girls. She gave it up with a small kiss and a wink, and I quickly had it poached in a bucket of boiling water, and shared it out with Janie and Jared. Each of us only got a couple of bites, but it added a little variety to our diets and was much appreciated.

Morning chores were shared out amongst the castaways, and as we finished, I spied Joelle and Dkembe sneaking back into camp. They looked disheveled and wet, but quite pleased with themselves. I vowed I would get my naughty nurse to tell all by nightfall. Doing a quick tour of the beach I encountered Gabrielle by the pig pen, sitting against a tree with a towel draped over her shoulder.

As she wasn't usually shy about her duties as a wet nurse the sight made me stop for a moment. "Allo Dave!" she said with a smile.

"Bon matin." "Bon matin, Gabrielle. Comment allez-vous?" "Bien, mon ami. But you should not use ze formal vous wiz me. I think we are much more intimate friends, non?" "Oui, mademoiselle," I said with a grin, sitting next to her in the shade. "What's going on under there?" I said, gesturing to the towel.

She lowered it, showing Wilbur's rotund pink form suckling ecstatically at her left breast. Drops of milk were leaking from the right one in sympathy. I thought for a moment of grabbing a quick snack myself, but realized the little porker needed it more than me. Even after having seen this before, the tableau of a piglet nursing on a woman's tit was pretty surreal.

I'm not sure if I would describe it as erotic, but the other bare breast, and the memories of breakfasts past that it brought me, certainly were. "'E gets fatter every day. I think 'e will be able to eat some food soon." She gave me a penetrating glance. "I will be glad, since I more enjoy people on le sein—the breast—than this cochon. He is not able to provide the service extra that you give me, Dave." With that she batted her long eyelashes at me coquettishly, making my dick stand up and take notice instantly.

"Well, since you are providing an invaluable service to our community helping Wilbur like this, maybe I can give you a hand, so to speak." She positively glowed with delight.


"Alors, what do you 'ave in mind? We are in a place publique, n'est pas?

What can we do wizout disturbing ze others?" "We have this towel, don't we?" I laid down next to her, just another beach dweller relaxing in the shade. I positioned myself so that my arm was under her bent knees, and pulled the towel over so that it hung off the side of her lap, shielding my upper body from onlookers. In my little tent, it became apparent that she was going commando under her loose sundress, so I would have no trouble performing a little amateur gynecology this fine morning.

I allowed my eyes to adjust in the dim light, the better to see her gorgeous Gallic gash. Her full bush blossomed out from between her smooth, pale thighs like a dark bouquet. Her fragrance was more enticing than any dozen roses, however, and it was rapidly getting stronger as she anticipated some illicit stimulation. I indulged myself in some relaxed caresses along the backs of her quivering legs, then slowly worked my way to that dense thicket of hair.

Combing my fingers through the curls, I marveled at the wondrous design of the female genitals. They were so perfectly suited for enjoyment, and so beautiful to behold. Her sighs of contentment as I gently massaged her soft, plump outer lips spurred me on, and soon I was running my lucky fingers along her slick inner labia happily. I traced curlicues along the tender pink folds, enjoying a leisurely expedition through her erotic jungle.

Gaby was obviously savoring the moment, and little shudders racked her slender form as the twin foci of pleasure—my hand at her pussy and Wilbur at her breast—sent shockwaves of delight caroming through her nervous system.

"Mon Dieu, I love to feel you touch me, Dave!" she groaned. "Have mercy on me while I change le porcelet to the other side. Her body wiggled as she adjusted the squirming animal so he could start in on the right teat. I took advantage of the break to lick her tangy nectar off of my fingers, then started in again on her cunt as she settled back down, my mouth now bursting with her succulent flavor.

I gave her oozing crack a deep Swedish massage of sorts, pressing heavily on the buried nerve endings of the hidden depths of her clitoris, and occasionally tickling the protruding and by now ultra-sensitive glans itself just to keep her on her toes. Once she was well and truly juiced up and panting, I began plumbing her depths with my extended fingers.

With first one, then two questing digits, I fondled the warm, ribbed tunnel of her young vagina. Applying some serious elbow grease and I must say, true professional dedication, I was soon buried so deep in her twat I could feel her cervix. I wobbled it back and forth a few times playfully, just to see what would happen.


"Jésus Christ!" she hissed, jumping slightly. "You wish to make me crazy?" "Absolument!" I murmured with an evil chuckle. Her breathing was now deep and ragged, punctuated by intermittent twitches as gasps as my moving fingers traced a complex pattern within her warm, receptive core. I was feeling so in tune with her, I knew by my awareness of her quickening pulse, the cute little catches in her respiration, and her freely flowing secretions just what delicate parts of her anatomy needed touching next, and how to best escalate the sweet torture to ever so slowly ramp up her pleasure to an absolute peak.

I had just begun vigorously thrusting my fingers into her, gently but persistently rubbing the spongy mass of her G-spot, when I sensed movement outside of my little hideout, which by now smelled like a private screening of Fifty Shades of Grey at a bachelorette party. "Hi, Gabrielle!" "Hi!" I recognized the piping voices of Morgan and Mackenzie, come to say good morning to their favorite French teacher.

Gabrielle was barely able to croak out a "hello," her body writhing in place discreetly as I worked over her cooze passionately. I couldn't tell from where I was, but I suspected the towel must have fallen off of her chest in the throes of her squirming around, because Morgan said, "Are you feeding Wilbur?" "Oui," my sweet young victim rasped tersely, trying to maintain her decorum as her pussy was pleasured surreptitiously right in front of these two innocent youngsters.

Another shudder wracked her body as I added a little thumb massage to her clitoris on top of the vaginal pounding I was already giving her.

"Is Dave sleeping?" Mackenzie asked in a stage whisper. "I sink zo," wheezed the frantic Frenchwoman. I could feel spasms wracking her tight tunnel as she approached climax, and gave no quarter, continuing my digital assault on her femininity. Little grunts kept erupting from her, and the girls must have thought the sounds a bit odd, for they began interrogating her. "Does it feel good to breastfeed? Is that why you keep jumping?" Mackenzie asked curiously. "I always wondered. I was holding my baby niece a few months ago and she started sucking on my booby through my shirt and it kind of tickled.

But it made me wonder what it was like for real." "It feels très…UUUUNH …très bon to nurse un bébé," she quavered, her strangled words interrupted as another seismic tremor shook her fuckable faultline.

"It looks funny to see a piggy sucking on you!" said Morgan with a laugh. "He really likes it." 'OUIIII!," Gaby moaned, losing control of herself momentarily, her body shuddering.

"I guess you like it, too," the little girl said thoughtfully, noting the undoubtedly focused expression on the woman's face as her orgasm loomed closer. "Morgan, let's leave her alone. She's busy," I heard Mackenzie say. I wasn't sure if the older girl was taking things at face value, or if she had some inkling of what was going on under the towel, but either way it worked in our favor, as the two girls strolled off. Morgan giving a parting "Bye!

We'll see you in class!" "Au revOOOIIIR!" Gabrielle wailed, shaking violently, the hand that was not holding Wilbur now painfully twisting my shirt as her release was finally upon her.

"Fuck!" she screeched in a high breathy voice, and her tender tunnel began gripping my fingers like a rubbery vise, a torrent of juice flowing out of her in warm spurts. "Ah, merde!

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Doux Christ!" she sobbed, twitching like a palsied crone, now drenched in sweat. Wilbur began grunting in agitation as his feeding was disturbed, and he abruptly slid to the ground and started tearing around the tree as Gabrielle dropped him in the throes of her violent coming.

"Arrêtez, s'il vous plait!" she begged, her flailing hand latching on to my arm and forcibly extracting it from her drooling cunt. "Stop or I shall die!" I sucked on my slime-coated fingers happily as I finally allowed her to come down off the precipice of her orgasmic peak. Her whooping breaths gradually settled down, and soon she was no longer shaking so violently. I emerged from my towel with a smug expression on my face, and scooted into a sitting position next to her.

My face fell as she hung her head, shaking. I thought I had pushed her too far, and began to regret torturing the poor girl as I had. Soon, however, I realized she was laughing, not sobbing. In moments hysterical cackles were echoing through the jungle as Gabrielle reacted to the erotic explosion I had just set off within her. I joined in with my own chuckle, happy I could make her day.

"Oh, Dave!" she finally managed, wiping tears from her eyes with a hiccup. "That is the way to begin un matin extraordinaire. Merci!" "De rien, ma cherie," I said with a smile.

"But now, sadly, I must leave you and wash up. Someone appears to have soiled my hand." She snorted laughter as I rose to my feet, and bade me "Au revoir!" After a quick wake-up swim, I was informed by principal Dkembe himself that I would be teaching a biology class this morning for the kids.

Recalling his late arrival on the beach this morning, I considered asking him what the policy was regarding principals and teachers fornicating together, but decided to give the guy a break. If he was making Joelle happy, he was all right in my book.

I mentally organized myself, shaking off the idle thoughts, and ambled over to our improvised "schoolroom." I had decided to concentrate on the broad strokes of life on our planet: how it came to be, how much variety there was, and how things evolved. I figured the less interesting stuff such as cell biology could wait until the kids were more engaged. Once my pupils had assembled on the ring of logs we had dragged into the trees at the edge of the beach, I started.

"Who knows what the most successful creatures are on Earth?" A slew of hands went up, and I chose Alyssa (not that I was biased or anything). "Humans?" she said hesitantly. "Some people might say so," I said, "but it depends on how you define success. What group of organisms are the most numerous? Does anybody know?" Silence.

I thought of repeating "Bueller? Bueller?" for a while, but decided they weren't old enough to get the reference. "Bacteria win that contest easily. There are 10 times more bacteria just in our bodies right here, than the number of all the humans on the planet." I paused. "Does that make them successful?" "Yeah," said Alison, thinking. "But they're pretty simple, aren't they? I mean, they don't seem that impressive." "OK. How about what group of creatures has the highest mass when put together?" "Not people?" Connor said, anticipating a trick.

"Not people," I agreed. "Insects. When you put them all together they weigh more than 100 times all the humans on earth. Some people believe bacteria have them beat there, too, but others are not so sure. So maybe insects are the most successful." "But it's not like they've really accomplished anything, have they?" said Brandon with a frown.

"I mean, we build cities and went to the moon. They eat crumbs off the ground. How can that be successful?" "Again, it depends on what you mean. It's not really a fair question. I just wanted to get you thinking about what success is, when it comes to living.

Wall Street types will tell you the guy with the most money is the most successful. West Coast players will tell you the guy with the most girls is the most successful." "Or the girl with the most guys!" interrupted Samantha, making everyone laugh.

"Touché," I said, with a mock bow. "Other people look to good works, respect, leadership, influence, power, military might, strength of religious belief, whatever. The point is, that's not what matters to the rest of the planet, just us humans with our relatively narrow viewpoint." "One way of looking at success is durability. Certain plants and ancient creatures like the horseshoe crab have been around, unchanged, for almost a billion years.

That's a thousand times as long as our upstart species. Obviously they're doing something right." "Another way to look at success is whether an organism controls its destiny. What I mean by that is controlling the forces which shape life itself, and determine which species survive and which perish. And that's where humans have got the edge. We now understand the processes that push living things to change, that help some get numerous and widespread, and force others into extinction.

If we can control those forces, we can be the biggest success of all." "But let's start at the beginning." And with that, I took them through my best approximation of what we knew about the formation of life on earth, and how it changed over the years, the mass extinctions (making tenderhearted Morgan nearly weep for the lost dinosaurs), and the different Kingdoms of living things we recognized in today's world.

We touched base on religion and so-called "creation science," and I had to be firm with them. "Religion really doesn't enter into it. These are the facts, and while they may not be perfectly understood, there's no doubt that the story of our world reads very much like what I just told you. That's not to say there is no higher power; it just means that any religion has to accept the facts, and fit them into its teachings, rather than deny them and stake its entire existence on defending ridiculous viewpoints.

But I don't want to get too mired in that type of discussion. I'll leave that for Anjali and her philosophy class. I just wanted you guys to understand how living creatures have ended up like they are." It was amazing to me how fast the hour I was allotted went by.

In a flash it was time for a less cerebral but more practical fishing class, led by Do Hun and assisted by his daughter. I had forgotten how exciting it was to impart knowledge to hungry minds, and I found myself anxious to get to my next lesson in a few days. "That was pretty awesome, Dave," I heard a familiar voice say. I turned to see Janie watching me from deeper in the trees. "I was curious how you were going to do with them.

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I wish my bio classes in night school had been half that fun." "I'm glad you liked it. I'm sort of surprised at how well it went. I haven't really done any teaching since I was a resident showing my interns how to cut and sew." "What about Tae Kwon Do?" she asked. "You teach there, too." "I guess so. I was thinking that was different because it's not academic stuff." I pondered for a moment.

"Maybe you're right. It's still imparting information, and whatever you're teaching, standing up in front of a group giving instructions probably helps build your skills for the next time. So I guess I'm a teacher now. Do I have to join the union?" "I think so," she said with a laugh. "You can pay your dues to me. I'll take them in services rendered." I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her tight.

"What kind of services?" She pulled my head down and whispered in my ear, "Stud services!" Her warm breath tickled my ear even as her words tickled my libido. "Mmmmm. I like the sound of that. When is the first installment due?" Janie's reply was cut off by raised voices on the beach. We turned to see Patricia and Horace in a heated discussion, if not a full-blown argument. It was obvious they were both pretty upset, but despite their angry tones, they were keeping their voiced pitched low enough we couldn't hear what they were saying.

Maybe it was for the best. After several violent hand motions and exclamations through her gritted teeth from Patricia, and a despondent-looking shrug from Horace, the woman threw up her hands and turned her back on him.

She quickly walked away, the sheen of angry tears visible on her cheeks, shoulders shaking with repressed sobs. "What's that all about?" I wondered aloud. "I don't know," said Janie, obviously concerned, "but I think I should try to find out." She hurried after Patricia, following the agitated flight attendant into the jungle where she had fled.

Horace was still frozen in place, a hangdog expression marring his usually taciturn face. I strolled over, hoping I could offer some comfort.

"Hey, are you OK? Can I help?" "I don't think so," he said with a sigh. "Life can be cruel sometimes. You feel attraction for someone, and then circumstances keep you apart." "Do you want to talk about it?" "Not right now," he said dejectedly. "I need to be by myself for a while." He turned to leave, heading down the beach. "Well, if you want to talk it over, you've got a sympathetic ear here. Just come find me." He waved a hand to indicate he had heard me, but continued walking away.

I wryly thought of the differences between men and women. Horace had taken ten seconds of my time and was done talking. I had no doubt that Janie would be chatting with Patricia for over an hour. On the other hand, Patricia would have gotten over her problem in a few hours while Horace would probably be moping for days. Oh, well. C'est la vie.

I sure wasn't waiting for Janie to come back for lunch; I was hungry now. I snagged some leftovers from around the fire pit, and after finishing them, cracked open a coconut, drinking the milk before shattering it with a rock. I picked up the pieces and brought them back to Janie's shelter to eat while I read and relaxed.

I must have dozed off in the heat, for I woke up disoriented a while later, someone shaking my foot. "I'm coming," I said thickly, rising to me knees.

"Let me get my scrubs on." I was still half in the throes of a dream in which multiple trauma victims, all of them looking like River, came pouring into the hospital needing surgery.

I had been getting desperate, because I couldn't keep up with them. I staggered to my feet, pulling off my shirt, before I realized it was Sharon who had woken me. "Whazzat? Who's hurt?" I shook my head to clear it. "No one," she said in an amused tone. "Now I'm sorry I woke you. You must have been pretty out of it." "It's OK. I didn't like that dream anyway." I saw Jill was next to her.

They both looked flushed and wound up. "What's up ladies?" "We need you, Dave," Jill said in a low voice. "But no one's hurt?" I said quizzically, still holding my shirt at my side. "No. We don't need you for anything medical." "Unless you count playing doctor as a medical need," Sharon said with a titter. My horny-meter spiked into the red. "Uh, what do you mean?" I said, conscious now that I was just in a pair of shorts, and these two were staring at me in a predatory fashion.

Cue the tenting of the shorts! my inner director shouted. Jill's eyes cut to my groin, and back to mine with a smile. Sharon sidled closer and, running a finger down my chest, said "We've had quite a time on the other beach, and we need a man to provide for us pronto." Her feral grin got wider. "And Jill says it's got to be you, and that you can handle us both." Sounds like a medical emergency to me!

"I am at your disposal, ladies," I said with an answering grin. Jill plucked the shirt from my hands and dropped it to the ground. "You won't be needing that." She grabbed my elbow and directed me into the woods, Sharon following close behind. The two escorted me to the clearing in the jungle, threw down a towel, and attacked. Sharon kissed me long and hard, thrusting her tongue into my mouth aggressively, and biting on my lip. Her hand was gripping the back of my head so hard I couldn't have pulled away if I wanted to.

I felt her slim fingers wrap around the shaft of my cock through the material of my shorts, and in short order she was massaging my johnson maniacally.

Not to be outdone, I grabbed ahold of her braless tits through her thin tank top, pinching the nipples that were now poking out like bullets on her heaving breasts.

She moaned into my mouth and frantically scrabbled at the button on my shorts, blindly trying to undo it. After a few fruitless seconds of fumbling, which allowed me time to fondle her firm hooters happily, she shoved me away and dropped to her knees. She was then able to undo my fly and drop my pants to the ground, letting my rigid cock spring out. In no time it was nestled in her mouth, and her talented tongue began caressing the swollen head. I closed my eyes, head back, and enjoyed the sensation as this redheaded goddess sucked me off.

I could feel her sharp nails trailing across my scrotum as she worked, the claws of this sex kitten promising pleasure and pain in equal measure. I gasped as she popped my pecker out of her mouth and took it in her other hand, jerking it with long, heavy strokes and licking the clear drops of ooze now emanating from the tip with her pointed, pink tongue. I opened my eyes as she worked me over, and found her staring at me intently.

Her green eyes bored into mine with the focus of a laser beam, and the edges crinkled slightly as she smiled around her mouthful of dickhead. A delightful "Mmmmm" buzzed through my boner as she purred her contentment. Closing her eyes, she began deep-throating me, her full lips reaching the base of my cock before she gagged and had to pull back. Released from her captivating gaze, I let my eyes wander to Jill, whom I was pleased to see had wasted no time in getting naked.

No corset confined her bountiful body this time, and those stupendous tits swung free as she tossed her clothing aside. Her big, pink areolae were just as beautiful as I remembered, now puckered up, the tiny nipples standing as tall as they could and begging for attention. I let my eyes roam the expanse of her flesh, bidding the mountainous mammaries goodbye as I traveled across the great plain of her pale belly and down to the grand canyon of her twat.

I was pleased to see she hadn't lost much weight yet on our island diet, as her plumpness suited her. Her soft bulk was very comforting and feminine, and I noticed she still was smooth and hairless down there; she must have had laser treatments in her past.

I was glad, for as much as I enjoyed a full bush, it was nice to have a little variety, and her plump pussy smiled vertically at me without any furry impediment. My gaze was soon blocked by her hand, however, as she started stroking herself. I watched the pale outer labia peel apart, exposing the bright pink interior of her cunt. Her frantic fingers caressed the slick inner lips, now glistening with her juices. I could already taste her in my imagination, and I began salivating with desire as she penetrated herself with two fingers.

"Oh, I'm so naughty," she breathed, pinching her nipples with her other hand as she frigged herself. "I love showing myself to you. It makes me feel like such a slut. Tell me I'm your slut, Dave!" "You're my big, beautiful slut, Jill. You are so fucking hot! Do you like spreading your cunt for me? Does it get you wet?" I knew what this one liked; she wanted to be the bad girl so she could be punished.

"Fuck, yes! I'm so wet! Can you tell?" She pulled her fingers out of her snatch and spread them for me, a thick web of clear mucus stretched between them. "I can't wait to lick that honey right out of your dripping hole, baby!" "Ooooh, I want that. I want it bad." She plunged her fingers back into her cunt and began humping them wildly. "You are so nasty!" I told her. "Only a very bad girl would do something like that in front of other people." "I know," she breathed, her face turning red.

"I'm such a dirty girl! I need you to teach me a lesson," she whined desperately. Sharon's suctioning had reached a fever pitch, and my boner was twitching wildly in her mouth.

She must have sensed it, and fortunately stopped the oral onslaught immediately. She eyed the panting, quivering Jill speculatively, then looked at me with an evil grin as she said. "Bad girls have to wait their turn. You get to watch Dave fuck me before you get any." "Noooo!" Jill wailed. "I need a spanking now!" I got into the spirit of things.

"I'll deal with you later, missy. You sit yourself down right there and wait your turn." I'm not really into cruelty, but Jill seemed to have a masochistic streak, and a little harmless teasing never hurt anyone. If anything it's going to make her even hornier, I thought. Jill plopped her broad ass down on the ground in despair, her hand still busy in the depths of her gash.

Sharon quickly stripped off her tank top and shorts, revealing that gorgeous Celtic body to me once again. I raked by fevered gaze over her taut breasts, flat belly, and fiery red pubes as she threw her clothes aside.

She then stepped over to Jill and none to gently pushed her onto her back. "Out of the way, you. I've got business with Dave. You can wait your turn." As she bent over I found myself staring at the spectacular sight of her alabaster ass cheeks spread wide, just a hint of fiery fluff protruding from between them, framing the moist flaps of her cuntlips.

All to soon, however, she spun around to face me, then straddled Jill's head, bending forward onto her hands in order to present her ass to the warm afternoon sun.

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"Fuck me from behind, Dave. This bitch can watch what we're doing until I'm done with you." Sharon played the cruel mistress so well, it was hard to believe these two were best friends. I sure as hell wasn't complaining, though.

I knelt behind her, my knees up against the top of Jill's head as I lined up my throbbing cock with Sharon's dripping cooze.

Jill was now getting a front row seat to our lovemaking, forced to make do with her hand while Sharon got her pussy pounded just inches from her wide eyes. I stroked the bright pink labia spread before me, smearing the thick white discharge over them and giving the erect nub of the redhead's clit a little wiggle in the process.

Jill was whimpering as she watched, still stroking herself. As her flying fingers were right under Sharon's face, her friend had her own porno production to watch.

Seeing the chubby blonde stirring the soup, Sharon must have decided Jill was having too much fun. "You little slut!" she called out good-naturedly. "You better not get yourself off until we let you." "But, I need &hellip." Jill trailed off in an agony of indecision, her hand frozen in place. "Remember, you're being punished.

You can touch yourself, but no coming, or you'll pay for it!" "Ooooh, shit," the blonde wailed, denied release when she needed it most. "Go on, Dave!" Sharon said. "Get that meat in me! I've been good and I deserve it!" I didn't say anything; I just rammed my erection into her gaping cunt in one thrust. She must have been on a hair trigger, for she began yelling "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" at the top of her lungs, her vaginal walls spasming around my prick like a clenching, liquid fist.

I pounded her through her first orgasm, her juices dripping onto Jill's face as she came, and slowed once she had quit shouting. We both caught our breaths as I continued to slide in and out of her slick tunnel at a more sedate pace.

After a minute or two of gentle strokes I picked up the pace again, jamming my dick into her depths with ever-increasing intensity. Just for fun, I decided to give her a taste of her own medicine. "I'm not sure you have been all that good, Sharon," I told her.

"You seem pretty slutty yourself right now." "Hey!" she cried, still a little addled from her recent climax. "I've been good! Jill's the bad girl." "I think you're being a little bitchy to her," I insisted. "You need to make it up to her." And with that I grabbed the thick mane of red hair on her head and forced it downward, until her face was pressed against Jill's plump pudenda.

"If you're not gonna let her get off, I think you should giver her a little lovin'." "No!" she squealed, her words a little muffled. "I don't eat pussy!" "You do today, honey, if you want me to keep fucking you." I redoubled my pumping, grinding my dickhead against her G-spot as hard as I could.

Sharon reacted with another prolonged groan, and finally acquiesced. Slurping noises from between Jill's thighs, and the chubby girl's loud gasps, announced her surrender to the inevitable. I rewarded her by letting go of her hair and grabbing her ass cheeks, kneading the pale flesh and pulling them apart. Her little pink rosebud winked at me, and as she was being a good sport with her friend's cunt, I decided to giver her a little bonus stimulus.

I spat onto my fingers and, spreading the lube around, plunged the tip of my index finger into her anus. Between the pounding in her cunt, the stretching of her sphincter, and the unfamiliar, illicit pleasure of eating another woman's pussy for the first time, Sharon's circuits overloaded. Yelps of sweet agony erupted from her, and she began shaking once again as she climaxed. I plowed her steaming furrow as long as I could stand it without blowing a load, and finally pulled out, letting her collapse to her side as she gasped for breath, completely fucked into oblivion.

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Thank God for Anjali! I thought, still hard a rock. I wanted this to go on forever, these chicks were so hot. Before her training, I would have busted a nut long ago. Now I felt like a stallion; like I could fuck the whole cheer squad if I wanted to. I looked down at Jill, and decided it was time to give her what she wanted. "Is it my turn?" she whispered, staring at me with her wild eyes.

"Oh, it's your turn all right. But not for fucking. You still need your punishment, don't you?" She shuddered. "Oh, yes. Make me pay for being naughty. I deserve it!" I sat cross legged, my dick poking up insistently. You'll get your turn, too, Little Dave, I thought. I've got business with this chubby honey first.

"Over my knees, slut. I'm going to give you the spanking of your life." Jill scrambled out from under Sharon with obscene haste, plopping her bulk face down onto my lap, her soft belly sandwiching my cock between her and me.

Her big ass rose into the air like a full moon, begging for discipline. I could feel the trickles of her vaginal juices wetting my thighs as she lay there quivering in anticipation, the dampness only increasing my own ardor as I prepared to pleasure her with pain. Idly I wondered what events in her life had made her this way.

Why would such a sweet girl have such a need for punishment? I guess it didn't matter. We all had our kinks, and a few whacks on the ass weren't really going to harm her. The first blow landed on her butt with a resounding CRACK!, and she must have lifted right off the ground she convulsed so hard. "UUUNH!" she screamed.

"Oh God, yes! Hit me, Dave! Be firm with me." I whacked her again, leaving a matching red handprint on her other buttock. Again she yelled aloud, and subsided, whimpering. I could see her hand mauling her boobs as she got off on the torment, and decided if that's how she got her jollies, I'd go for broke.

My hand became a blur as I paddled her mercilessly, the sound of each blow merging with the previous into a continuous, crackling din. Jill was in a frenzy, screeching, twitching, and howling as she orgasmed repeatedly under the onslaught. Her pussy drooled onto my lap a fragrant stream of honey; her scent almost overwhelming me, pushing me to abandon all restraint and pummel her until my hand was aching and her ass a red, swollen mess.

I finally came to my senses and stopped. Jill was moaning, "Yes, oh yes," in a continuous babble as I caught my breath. Christ, what had come over me? I'd never gotten into physical punishment with a girl before, but there was certainly something cathartic about it. I glanced at Sharon, crouched next to us. She was obviously quite turned on by the drama, and was fingering herself while she watched, panting.

Jill seemed no worse for the wear, and in fact seemed almost giddy as she said, "Oh, thank you, Dave! I needed that so bad." "I guess you did, honey. But now that you've been punished, I think you deserve some gentler treatment." "If you think I deserve it," she said in a little-girl voice.

In lieu of an answer, I rolled her onto her side, and pushed one knee up to her chest. Her dripping snatch was now mine to play with! I ran my fingers lightly through the puddle of girl-juice on her thigh, reveling in the silky, slippery feel of her soft flesh. She sighed and seemed to melt further into the ground, completely relaxed. I traced her labia with my fingers, stroking the tender pink curtains until they parted for me. I took a quick taste of her from my now sopping hand, sucking the tangy, metallic-tasting nectar from my skin while I feasted my eyes on her trembling body.

Using one hand, I spread her slick cuntlips wide, exposing her inner recesses to my hungry gaze. My other hand moved up and down her crack, massaging her inner labia, tickling her clit, and occasionally dipping into her warm vagina to caress her from the inside as well. After a few minutes of this she was so horny she was beside herself.

"Oh, Dave!" she whined piteously. "Push your fingers into me! Stretch me wide open! I want to feel you deep inside me." "Like this?" I murmured, thrusting two fingers into her aggressively and pushing as hard as I could.

She jumped and moaned, then gave a delirious giggle. "More! Put more into me!" she begged. I inserted a third digit, stretching her love tunnel to its limit. I began moving inside of her, at first gently and slowly. It became apparent she liked it rough, however, so I amped up my thrusting until my hand was sore and her body was jiggling violently as my knuckles slammed into her perineum repetitively.

"Oooh! Oooh! Yeeeees!" she shrieked, now pulling her knee higher to her chest to expose herself further. "More! More! I need more!" Honestly, my hand was too big. There was no way I could squeeze another finger in. I'm givin' her all I can, Captain, my inner Scotty cried.

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She can't take any more! I began to despair of ever satisfying Jill. My eyes wandered to Sharon, who was still masturbating vigorously, obviously quite aroused by my attentions to her friend.

I eyed her hand, half-buried in her sopping slit, and got a naughty notion. I'd only ever seen it on the internet, but why not? It always looked so hot.

"Give me your hand, Sharon," I said, removing mine from Jill's pussy and holding it out to the redhead. She reluctantly pulled her fingers from her pie and laid them in mine, her dripping juices mingling with Jill's. I pulled her forward, placing her hand on Jill's sopping slit.

"Put your fingers into her!" I ordered. Shaking slightly, Sharon complied. I think she had been taken by surprise when I had asserted myself earlier, and she was now hesitantly accepting her new, subservient role. I watched, randy as fuck, as three slender digits slid deep into the hairless, chubby twat.

Jill sighed in contentment. "Now push another one in." Sharon's eyebrows raised, but she did, the tip of her tongue protruding from her mouth as she concentrated on her task. She may have started the day thinking she didn't dig pussy, but I could tell she was pretty turned on, and her other hand was soon buried in her own snatch as she finger-fucked her girlfriend for the first time.

"Oh, God yes!" Jill groaned, face pressed into the sandy grass. She was drenched in sweat, shaking violently as her cunny was split by Sharon's trembling hand. "More!" "I can't get any more in her," Sharon whispered in consternation. "Yes you can," I disagreed gently. "I think she wants to be fisted." "No way!" she gasped in disbelief. Jill saved me the trouble of answering by crying out, "Yes!

Put your whole hand in me! Reach inside me!" "Go on," I told her. "You heard the woman. Just fold your thumb under and keep pressure on her until you slide in." Sharon was wild-eyed at this point, charting new sexual territory.

She did as I said, and tucked her thumb under the other fingers already embedded in Jill's gash. Her hand folded itself into a narrower shape, and she began to apply pressure to the gaping pussy in front of her. Jill's groans increased in intensity until she was making a continuous muffled scream, her hand captured in her own teeth as she felt the burn.

Finally Sharon's hand passed the widest point, and suddenly plunged into Jill's dilated canal with a squelching sound. The blonde shrieked once, then commenced grunting, "Yes! Yes! Fuck me with your fist! Oh, shit yes!" I watched, insanely turned on, as Sharon's arm began pumping faster and faster into her friend. "Oh my God! Oh my God!" she muttered continuously, in shock now that she fully realized what she was now doing.

"This is crazy! I can't believe I'm doing this." I went back to stroking my own meat, still rigid and begging for attention. This has got to be the hottest thing I've ever seen! I thought, eyes glued to where Sharon's wrist terminated in the taut ring of Jill's vulva. Her whole hand is inside that woman!

Suddenly my stroking hand seemed very unsatisfying. I needed to get in one of these chicks right now! Just as I prepared to shove my prick back into Sharon's cunt, Jill derailed that train of thought with an unexpected invitation. "Fuck me in the ass, Dave! I want to have both my holes filled. Please!" Well, since you said please&hellip.

I wasted no time, scrambling my way into position, resting my nuts on her thigh where they were rhythmically bumped by Sharon's arm as she continued to fist her bestie. I scooped a handful of fuck juice from Jill's drooling snatch and wiped it across the puckered pink bud of her anus, making her twitch violently. Testing the waters with first one, then two fingers, I determined she was ready.

I lined up my rod with her asshole, and slowly pushed my way inside. The sensation was exquisite. Her normally tight poop chute was compressed even more by her packed vagina, and I could feel every movement of Sharon's hand through the thin membrane separating Jill's twin tunnels.

Her knuckles massaged my prick through Jill's rectal wall like the nubs on one of those muscle rollers physical therapists used. I commenced sliding in and out, pulling back until my dick head was just inside her twitching anus, then pushing inward until my pubes were pressed up against the soft, pale pillows of her buttocks.

The stimulation was building, and as Jill reached another climax under the double penetration she was getting, the bucking and heaving only enhanced my pleasure.

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I figured I had given my all; it was time to head for the finish line. Sharon had gotten a good fucking; Jill had gotten her spanking, and was now in the midst of both a fisting and a prime ass-reaming; now it was my turn! I pounded her ass faster and faster, bouncing off Sharon's fist in the process, alternating my gaze between Jill's perineum, now truly soaked in her cum, and Sharon's furry red snatch, which was receiving its own pummeling from its owner's left hand as she furiously masturbated.

The smell of pussy was everywhere; an invisible cloud filling the clearing. It mingled with the musky scent of our sweat, as we were all dripping by now in the heat, and the bitter tang of ass-crack as I churned Jill's fundament with my boner.

Soon I could feel it: the tightening in my nuts, the rising sensation within. My toes curled and my ass clenched. "Here it comes!" I bellowed, frantically pistoning into the woman below me. "I'm coming!" One long screech erupted from Jill as she felt the hot jets of my semen enter her.

Sharon let out her own frantic cry as her fingers whipped her pussy into a frothy mess, strumming her clit wildly and bringing on yet another orgasm. Meanwhile, I was about ready to pass out, the force of my ejaculation after holding back for so long nearly sending me into an out-of-body experience. I gasped and shuddered, my hips still unconsciously bucking and thrusting as I spent myself into Jill's abused rectum.

Finally, all was still. I lay collapsed on top of Jill, eyes closed and panting. I felt Sharon's hand slide from Jill, and suddenly the pressure on my dong relaxed. "Oh my fucking GOD I don't believe we just did that!" the sexy redhead gapsed.

I chuckled tiredly. "Well, you said the other day you felt like you had come late to the party, sexually speaking. I'm just trying to catch you up." Jill's body began shaking with laughter at that, and the vibrations as I lay across her soft bulk felt like the Magic Fingers in a cheap motel bed.

I enjoyed another moment of utter peace, then eventually heaved my body off of her, and gently disengaged my softening peter from her ass. She rolled onto her back, still panting, and fixed me with her penetrating hazel eyes.

"Thank you, Dave," she breathed. "I haven't gotten what I really needed on this island until now." She turned to her friend. "And thank you, too, Sharon. I hope I didn't freak you out too much. Still buds?" "Still buds. What are best friends for?" "Fisting, apparently," I chimed in, and they both erupted in hysterical giggles. To be continued.

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