Black lesbians nelly and natasha eat each others pussies

Black lesbians nelly and natasha eat each others pussies
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Becoming Daddy's Good Girl Chapter Six: Good Girl's Naughty Bath By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 I trembled as I faced my mother.

She stood in the entrance to the house, her arms folded beneath her breasts, her long hair gathered in a braid that was a twin for mine. She wore her typical, conservative dress, looking like a fifty's housewife.

I was naked. My eighteen-year-old body was covered in the silvery streaks of dried cum. Daddy stood behind me. We had just returned from the private dungeon owned by one of Daddy's friends.

There—before a dozen other Master's and their slave girls of various ages, including a few my age—I had been flogged, canned, and spanked before every man there fucked me and came on me.

It was all to prove I was Daddy's good girl. In the two weeks since Mom had left to take care of her aging parents, I had fulfilled all her roles in the house. I cooked all the meals, kept the house clean, and performed her wifely duties. I fucked Daddy and I loved it. I was his sex slave now. I proved it today. I was good and finally had earned the right to wear a choker, my slave collar. I was supposed to get it when we returned home. But all my joy had evaporated when I saw Mom. She was home a week early.

She knew Daddy was my lover. She would be furious. It was incest. It was cheating. She would be furious with Daddy. She would call the police and file for divorce and everything would be ruined. Why couldn't she just stay with Grandma and Grandpa and my stupid sister Alice. Why did she have to come back? Tears beaded my eyes. I trembled. I should say something, anything, but what could I say? "Well, that's it?" Mom asked, arching an eyebrow.

"That's how you greet your mother after not seeing her for two weeks?" I blinked then my jaw dropped. "I thought I raised you better than that," she said.

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"So did I," rumbled Daddy. I glanced back at him. He wore a pair of blue jeans and a leather vest that left his bare chest half-exposed. He was muscular and covered in barbwire tattoos. Fiery tattoos covered his arms like sleeves, and a naked woman, kneeling, a collar about her throat adorned his arm.

He was so sexy and handsome. I loved him so much. And there was disappointment in his eyes. I swallowed. "I-it's nice to see you, Mom." "No hug? No kiss on the cheek?" My mom shook her head. "I'm sorry, Sir, for not raising her better." "You've done a fine job," Daddy answered. Then he gave my ass a smack. I yelped. My ass was a mass of bruises from being spanked and caned. My entire back hurt from the flogging. I took a step forward, trembling, then swallowed and approached my mom.

I glanced at her, biting my lip, afraid she would turn into a monster, that this apparent acceptance was all a ruse to trick me. I hugged her, stood on my toes, and gave her a chaste kiss on the cheek. Her arms went around me, resting on my lower back. When I tried to break away, she wouldn't let go. I squirmed, swallowing, wondering what she would do to me.

"I think you can give me a better kiss than that, all things considered." She had a wicked smile on her lips that definitely was at odds with her fifty's housewife look. "I mean, you've sucked your daddy's cock after all." "Mom," I gasped and blushed. Hearing her say it was so embarrassing.

I squirmed in her arms. "I heard you and Sun enjoying his cock last weekend." She gave a wicked giggle. "Mmm, it was so hot fingering my cunt while hearing you suck and bob on his dick. And it was such naughty sounds the two of you made." That was last Saturday. Sun, my best friend and now lover, had spent the night. Daddy showed us his dungeon Friday night then on Saturday, he took us to the mall were he teased us with vibrators and fucked me in the ass in public.

But before we went shopping, we sucked his cock while he had phone sex with Mom. "I can't believe you heard us," I groaned, even more embarrassed. "Oh, you blush prettily. Now give your mom a proper kiss." Before I could move, her lips bent down and seized mine.

I stiffened. Her lips were so soft yet hungry. Her hands tightened on my burning back, pulling my naked, cum-stained body close to hers. She moaned, her tongue brushing my lips. I squirmed more, so aware that Daddy watched us. My pussy boiled with excitement. My arms tightened about my mom and I kissed her back. Our tongues met. My eyes closed. I became so aware of the swell of her large breasts through her blouse. I sighed, my pussy growing hotter and hotter, my hips undulating, pressing against her.

And then she broke the kiss. "Ooh, that's more like it." She pressed her forehead against mine, the tips of our noses brushing. "I missed you. I'm so glad you took care of your daddy while I was gone. I'm so proud of you, Melody." "You are?" "She needs a bath, slave," Daddy said, walking up beside us. Mom broke away and then threw her arms around Daddy's neck and kissed him.

My eyes widened at the passion of it. Mom melted against Daddy. She clung to him like I did, with all the desperate desire of a schoolgirl. And Daddy responded. He kissed her hard. His hands seized her ass, squeezing it like it was his property. It was. Mom was his slave. She wore a choker around her neck, a heart-shaped pendant dangling from it. She had worn it every day that I could remember. Sometimes I wondered if she took it off to sleep. It was the symbol of her submission.

And soon I would get my own. Disappointment soured through me. I hoped I would be Daddy's new slave, replacing Mom, but it was clear that he loved her so much.

I blinked away tears as they kept kissing and kissing and kissing, Mom grinding on him like a wanton whore in heat.

Finally, the broke the kiss. Mom panted. "Two weeks. I missed you so much, Sir. So much." "I know." He stroked her braid—Daddy liked braids, he used mine as a leash. "I missed you, slave." "Even with Melody here?" Mom had a mischievous smile on her lips. "Even with Melody." He glanced at me. "Though she was such a sweet distraction." That was it? Just a distraction? I squirmed, fighting tears. "Oh, don't say it like that," Mom said. "Look at her, you're breaking her heart.

You loved every second of her submission, didn't you, Sir?" "Careful," Daddy said, his voice stern.

"Sir," she said, her voice tight. "Show your daughter how much you love her and how much her submission has meant to you." "Are you giving me an order, slave?" She flashed a sweet smile.

"Never, Sir, just wifely advice. But if you felt I went too far, I will go fetch the belt or cane or paddle and you can discipline me right now." Daddy groaned then broke away. He walked over to me and lifted my chin, staring into my eyes. "I love your mother." I nodded my head, tears built in the corners of my eyes, crested, then fell down my cheeks. "But that doesn't me I don't love you as much." His strong thumb brushed away my tear.

"Watching you obey, watching you transform into my good girl has been wonderful. I cherished every second of it. So don't cry. And don't think it ends. You and your mother will both serve me from now on." "Together," Mom said, her voice as excited as a teenager's.

"I've been dreaming of this since I delivered you and Alice." "Alice, too?" I gasped. "But she's so." "Bad?" Daddy grinned.

"We'll straighten her out." Then he kissed me. And it was as wonderful as the kiss he shared with mom. I could tell. Just as much passion. I trembled in his arms.

He held me. So strong. His lips were rough, the opposite of Mom's. I closed my eyes and let myself get lost to his love. Daddy still loved me. I was still his good girl. Daddy broke the kiss, a hint of a smile on his lips.

"June, I believe I commanded you to bathe my new slave." "You did, Sir. And it was horrible of me to delay." Mom took my hand. "Come on, sweetie.

You are covered in cum. Lucky slut." I blushed again. It was so weird. I let Mom lead me away from Daddy. I threw a look over my shoulder at him. He watched us both, his cock straining his jeans. He wanted this. Mother and daughter sharing incestuous passion and serving him.

What a wicked Daddy. My pussy grew hotter, juices trickling down my thighs, as Mom led me by the hand upstairs to the Master Bathroom. I had come to think of it as mine, just like the Master Bedroom. She nodded in approval when she saw how clean it was. "Boy, Daddy really spanked you hard," she said in the bathroom.

She admired my ass. "What a delicious shade. Purple and red. I bet it hurts." "So much." "And you love it, right?" I nodded my head. "It reminds me that I was his good girl and submitted." "And you're a masochist just like your mom." She smiled. "Two weeks and not spanked once. It's been torture. And your sister." "Where is Alice?" "At Donna's. She's spending the night. Out of our hair." My mom paused. "We'll need your help to break her in.

I know she wants it, no girl gets in that much trouble when she knows her daddy will spank her if she doesn't get off on it." I blushed, understanding. "But that's for later," she said. She let out a purr. "Mmm, but you have a tight, little body. And these breasts." I gasped as Mom cupped my round, naked tits. She squeezed them then her thumbs brushed my hard nipples. I shivered at the sensations. "Teenage firm. I bet your daddy loved them." "He did.does, Mom." I squirmed.

"It's so weird to hear you say this stuff." "Because you thought I'm your stuffy mom." She winked at me.


"Just because I dressed like this? I know, it's so conservative. I look like the type of woman that wouldn't know what to do with a cock." I giggled. "Which is why your Daddy make me dress like this. It makes him so hard because he knows I'm wearing the sluttiest underwear on beneath. Because I am his whore. I'll do anything for him. I've fucked so many men while he watched, pleasing them to make him happy. He's even prostituted me." "Men paid Daddy to have sex with you?" "And I came so hard as he sold me." She shivered and squeezed my tits.

"Ooh, let's get you bathed and we'll talk. No more secrets." Mom turned on the faucet, kneeling by the bath like she had when I was a child, sticking her hand underneath it, making sure the water was just the right temperature before she put in the stopper. The water filled and she grabbed the bottle of pink bubbles. It should have been in the other upstairs bath. The one I normally used. "You were expecting to bathe me?" I blinked.

"Sweetie, your Daddy and I worked this out before I left. Right down to me catching you coming back from the dungeon. He thought it would be funny if it was a surprise. I wanted to tell you right after he seduced you, but he likes his little jokes." "He does?" I had trouble believing that. Daddy was always so.remote. Strong. Authoritative. He sometimes didn't seem like a real person but a force of nature.

A sexy, dominating presence demanding my submission and giving me such ecstasy. "Yes." she swirled her hand through the water as it filled, the pink bubbles spreading, the bubblegum flavor brushing my nose. "Now hop in, and I'm going to wash every inch of your body." The way she said it sent an excited flutter through me.

There was no denying the sexual nature of her words. "Yes.Mommy." She smiled. "Mommy. You haven't called me that in years. I love it. Now get your cute keister in the bath. Daddy wants you scrubbed clean." I did.

I groaned as I sank in. The warm water rose up my thighs and then engulfed my sore ass. I it was heavenly. I knelt in the water then leaned back.

She shut it off, the water only filling up to just above my waist, leaving my stomach and breasts dry. I sighed again, my bruised ass drinking in the warmth. While Mommy stripped. I watched her, suddenly eager to see what she looked like. I had caught glimpses of her naked body before. I even once saw Daddy spank her in their bedroom, the door cracked open.

She had such a beautiful ass. But this was different. She was stripping for me. She worked down the buttons of her blouse. It was so frumpy and boring. And then I smiled as her bra came into view, bright red and covered in frilly lace.

The fabric was mesh, her nipples poking through hard. It was a whore's bra. A slave's bra. She smiled as she unzipped her skirt. "You like Mommy's bra?" I nodded my head. "It's so wicked." "I love wearing it around people.

They have no idea." Her skirt fell off. She wore a thong, the waistband matching lace to the bra, the cloth diving down the front of her shaved pussy also mesh, her clit and engorged pussy lips pressing against it. "You're wet." "Well, I have a sexy daughter to bathe," she smiled then unfastened her bra. It clasped in the front. Her large breasts spilled out, nipples hard. I groaned and squirmed, pressing my thighs together as I admired them.

I had sucked on Sun's small tits. Now I wanted Mom's. She knelt beside the tub, only in her thong, and grabbed the loofah. She squirted body wash into the pink sponge and worked it into a froth. Then she reached into the bath and pulled out my right leg, lifting it up. I shuddered as she ran the sponge up and down my calf, washing away the remaining traces of cum.

I groaned, shivers running up my leg to my pussy as she washed me. Her eyes burned as she stared at me. "So you always knew you wanted me and Alice to be Daddy's sex slaves?" She nodded.

"Just like I was your Grandpa's sex slave." My eyes widened. "What?" Mom smiled, the sponge washing farther down my leg to my thigh. "Yes, your Grandfather, my Daddy, was such a handsome man when I was younger.

It's such a shame his health is failing. He took my cherry while Grandma held my legs apart. Ooh, that was amazing. You know that feeling." My pussy clenched as I remembered Daddy taking my cherry in the changing room.


"Yes." "I was his sex slave. He took me to dungeons. It's where I met your Daddy. He was just getting into the lifestyle and, well, we had a lot of fun playing together." The sponge washed farther down my thigh.

My pussy tingled, my toes curling. I wanted her to wash my dirty cunt. "So you stopped being your Daddy's good girl?" I asked, shocked. "I did. Because I fell in love with Mark. Your Daddy." Her smile was radiant. "So Grandpa sold me to Daddy as part of our wedding ceremony.

When he gave away the bride, it was quite literal. That's where your Daddy gave me this choker." She touched the heart-shaped locket about her neck. "How could you?" I asked. It.offended me that she would stop being her Daddy's good girl. "I would never stop being Daddy's girl." Mommy laughed. "Oh, we'll see.

When you meet that special Dom that makes your heart flutter, you might change your mind." "Never," I said, shaking my head. She just gave me a smile. Then she slid the sponge up my leg, away from my pussy. I moaned in disappointment then gasped as her tongue licked at the sole of my foot to my toes. I groaned, shuddering as her tongue swirled around my toes then she sucked on them, her cheeks hollowing.

Funny sensations washed down my thighs to my pussy. I gasped, my cunt clenching. It different. Almost ticklish, but so exciting. I leaned back, letting Mommy worship my toes, sucking them clean while she stroked my calf with her fingernails, lightly scratching.

"Mommy, yes," I sighed. She popped her mouth off my big toe. "Like that, slut." "Yes, Mommy." "Good. I'm so glad you're as much a slut as your mother." As she sucked my toe back into her mouth, I moaned, "Me, too, Mommy. Daddy's slut." Always.

I would never give him up. I would be his good girl forever. The sucking on my toe made my head swim. I groaned, my eyes fluttering. I squirmed as she worked her way from toe to toe, each one making me more and more excited. The water splashed and the bubbles washed against my stomach as I squirmed. Then she switched foots, stroking and cleaning with the sponge while her tongue swirled and her lips nibbled.

My breasts heaved as my excitement grew. The sponge crept down my thigh, washing in circles, nearing my pussy. "Please," I moaned as she neared my pussy, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked my toe. "Please, wash my dirty cunt." Her mouth popped off. "Such a dirty cunt. How many dicks fuck you?" "I don't remember. A lot. A Black Master fucked me up the ass. His cock was huge." "That would be Master Rex. And did he have Tiffany, his White slave, with him?" I nodded my head.

"She lubed his cock." "Mmm, you are making Mommy's cunt so wet picturing that big, Black dick reaming your tiny, White ass." Her hand slid the sponge up my thigh to my stomach.

She leaned over, her tits resting on the lip of the bathtub. "And did you cum?" "So hard, Mommy," I moaned. "Like when Daddy fucks me. I kept cumming and cumming." The sponge washed circles across my stomach, cleaning off the dried cum staining my flesh.

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I groaned and squirmed, my poor pussy begging for attention. Everywhere the sponge touched me sent rippling tingles across my skin, ending at my clit and making it ache more and more. Mom purred as she washed the sponge higher. "They drenched your tits. They really liked cumming on them." "And my ass," I moaned as the sponge grazed the bottom swell of my breasts. "I can't blame them.

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You have your mother's ass." I giggled with her. The jealousy I felt earlier was gone. I was glad we were both able to talk to free, to share our kinky desires.

There were no barriers between us. We could talk about anything. How many other mothers and daughters could say that? How many mothers were afraid to admit all the naughty things they've done in their bedroom, ashamed of what they did? How many daughters were terrified that their mothers would judge them for the new desires raging through their maturing bodies? "I love you, Mommy," I said. She paused then a huge smile crossed her lips. "Love you, too, sweetie." "Will you wash my cunt now?" She laughed.

"Little sneak. No. Besides, have you asked our Master for permission if you can cum?" "No, Mommy," I sighed as she went back to washing me. She leaned over as her sponge washed the bottom of my breast. I gasped as she sucked my nipple, covered in dried cum, into her mouth. Tingles shot down to my clit as she swirled her tongue about my nub. "Oh, Mommy, yes, clean up all those men's cum. Make me clean for Daddy." She dropped the sponge into water as she sucked and licked, abandoning pretense.

Her hand slid up my side and cupped my other breast. I leaned my head back, squirming, my poor pussy growing even hotter, itching to be touched. I clenched my hands on the bathtub's rim, fighting the urge to finger myself. Her lips popped off my nipple and her tongue swirled around my breast. She licked in circles around my mound, cleaning up the jizz with her tongue.

It was so naughty. She was such a slut. I loved it. "Mommy, yes," I moaned. "Ooh, yes. You're slut just like me. Mmm, clean up all that cum. You love it." "So much," she moaned. "I wish it was fresh. That would be even better." "Yes," I moaned in agreement, squirming at the wicked thrill. "Maybe Daddy will cum on my tits and you can lick me clean." "Oh, he will.

And I will." Her mouth licked over to my other breast, falling a line of silvery cum. She licked around my breast, her own tits dangling. I squeezed one and she moaned. Her breast was so soft and pillowy, not firm like mine or Sun's. I found her nipple, so fat. I rolled it between my fingers, bringing more moans from her lips. She sucked on my left nipple as both my hands played with her breasts. It was so hot to roll and pinch those nipples between my fingers.

I once nursed from these breasts. I shuddered, releasing her nipples.

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My fingers dug into her soft tits as the excitement swelled through me. "Oh, Mommy, yes," I groaned. "Oh, yes. Clean my nipple with your mouth. Oh, yes. Such a wicked Mommy. I love it. You're making my pussy so hot. I hope you'll clean it next. With your tongue. Oh, Mommy, I want you to eat my pussy. That would be so hot. We could lick each other while Daddy watches." The door opened. Daddy walked in. Mom sucked harder. She wiggled her ass as Daddy watched us.

I groaned, my nipple aching in Mommy's ass. My fingers pinched her nipples hard as I stared at Daddy's naked body. His cock hardened before him, swelling as he watched the incestuous sight of his wife sucking on his daughter's nipple.

I groaned, my eighteen-year-old body shuddering as a new wave of hot lust washed out of my cunt. "Daddy, she's washing me. She's getting me all clean for you." "I can see that," he groaned. "Your Mommy always was an obedient slut." Mommy sucked harder, moaning about my nipple. She was excited by Daddy watching. I understood. She wiggled her ass at him, enticing him. She had a hot pussy beneath her thong just like I did. She was dripping wet, eager to be fucked by her husband and master.

I felt so close to my mom. We were the same. Her teeth nipped my nipple. I gasped at the pain, shuddering in the bath. She had a smile on her lips. She knew I loved it. She bit again, tugging on it, stretching out my nipple and bringing a low groan from my lips. "Damn, June," Daddy groaned. "I pictured this, but to see you do it.

Have you washed her pussy yet?" Her mouth popped off my nipple. "I waited for you to arrive, Sir. How do you want me to wash her? Sponge? Fingers? Tongue?" "Fingers." He fell to his knees behind Mommy and smacked her ass.

"Finger our little girl's cunt, slave. Make her cum. She's earned it. You should have seen it, June. How she was in the dungeon. She's just like you. She loved every moment of it. She hit subspace and didn't want me to stop. The spankings were on the verge of drawing blood." Mommy smiled at me.

Her wet fingers trailed down between my breasts, leaving beads of water behind. I squirmed as she went lower and lower. This time she would reach my pussy and she would make me cum. Daddy had given us permission. I stared into her dark eyes as she went lower and lower. I trembled as she reached my stomach. Her fingers circled around my bellybutton. I moaned as she teased me.

A wicked smile cross her lush lips. My nipples tingled, remembering Mommy sucking on me. And then her fingers dipped beneath the water and brushed my shaved pudenda.

She caressed my pubic mound as I spread my legs wider apart. Daddy's eyes watched her, hungry. His hand held her braid. I licked my lips as she went deeper beneath the water, her fingers growing nearer and nearer to my aching sex. She touched my clit. "Mommy," I squealed. It was the lightest graze, but I was so excited my clit throbbed and pleasure sparked through me.

Water splashed as my hips bucked. My ass flared with pain as I sat back down. But it was worth it. Mommy gasped, her eyes widening. Daddy grunted and his groin smacked into Mommy's ass. He fucked her. Mommy purred her delight, hips undulating back into Daddy's thrusts as her fingers stroked my vulva, sliding up and down, teasing my engorged flesh but staying away from the really sensitive bits.

"June," Daddy grunted. "You practiced your kegels?" "Every day, Sir." Mommy's face contorted and Daddy groaned. "See." "Yes," he growled, chest rippling as he plowed Mommy hard. "Kegels?" I panted as her fingers traced my pussy lips, brushing my engorged labia. "Exorcising your pussy muscles to keep your cunt nice and tight so you can do this." Her face contorted and Daddy groaned. "And make your Master feel amazing." "Yes," he grunted.

"Your mother has a tight cunt." Daddy smacked her ass. "Such a cunt. Damn, I missed your pussy, slave." "I missed your cock, Sir." It was so hot. Her fingers stroked me faster and faster. I squirmed, sharing this moment with my family. Her fingers pressed into my folds, caressing me and sending such wonderful delights shooting through me.

"Oh, Mommy, yes. Clean my dirty cunt." "Such a dirty cunt," purred Mommy. She smiled at me and then shoved two fingers into my depths. I groaned, my back arching and breasts jiggling.

She pumped them in and out while Daddy fucked her so hard. It was so hot. I clenched my pussy over and over on her fingers, exercising her cunt, keeping myself nice and tight for Daddy. She smiled at me, nodding her head, encouraging me.

I moaned, humping into her fingers as I clenched and relaxed my cunt. The friction intensified whenever I squeezed. It was so wonderful. The pleasure swelled through me. I buzzed with incestuous delight. "Finger our little girl's cunt, slave," groaned Daddy. "I want her to cum on your fingers. You're such a naughty Mommy. To want your little girl fucked by her Daddy. To finger her cunt. Such a bad Mommy, slave." "So bad, Sir," moaned Mommy.

Her fingers pumped faster and faster in and out of my cunt. Her thumb found my clit. I gasped and bucked as she rubbed fast circles.

Bubbly water splashed. Foam flew as my legs kicked out of the water. I groaned and gasped, the pleasure building and building inside of me.

She fingered me as fast as Daddy fucked her. As his hips sped up, so did her fingers. I moaned, trembling. My clit ached beneath her thumb while I clenched my pussy over and over on her fingers. The bliss swelled through me. "I'm going to cum, Daddy. Mommy's making me cum. She's such a bad Mommy." "So bad," he growled and smacked Mommy on the ass. She groaned in delicious pain, her face twisting. "Yes, yes, such a bad Mommy.

I need to be disciplined." Crack! "Yes," she gasped, shoving her fingers so deep inside of me. And then they curled. I gasped as they slid along the top of my pussy wall and found this special spot. The pleasure came to life as she attacked me at that wonderful spot, nerves carrying pleasure through me. I bucked in the water. It splashed over the rim, wetting her dangling tits. Bubbles dripped from tits as my body tensed.

"I'm going to cum, Daddy. Yes, yes, yes!" "Cum, whore! Cum for Daddy!" "Yes!" I was a good girl and came. My pussy spasmed on Mommy's thrusting fingers. Such joy burned in her eyes as the pleasure shot through me. Daddy grunted, watching me as he kept fucking Mommy. Her fingers kept attacking that spot in my pussy, massaging me, driving me wild. I gasped and grunted. I couldn't take the bliss. Stars danced before my eyes.

"That's it, sweetie. Cum for Daddy, slut. Ooh, yes. You're such a whore. You love it when Mommy fingers your cunny!" "Love it!" "Oh, yes," groaned Mommy as another orgasm burst inside of me. I thrashed harder. "Oh, yes, she's cumming, Sir. Our baby girl is cumming so hard." "She's beautiful." "May I cum, too, Sir?" Mommy asked, her voice thick. "Please, please, Sir." "Yes." I bolted up as I came and seized my mommy's head.

We kissed as we both orgasemed. She moaned into my mouth, shuddering on Daddy's cock. I savored the thrill of her fingers caressing my cunt. The pleasure carried me higher and higher. We shared our joy. And then her fingers withdrew. Our lips parted. I panted over and over. Daddy stood up, his cock dripping with Mommy's juices.

He was still hard. I blinked. "Didn't you cum, Daddy?" Mommy let out a purring moan. "Your daddy knows how to hold it back to please his women." "I thought we were supposed to please him." Mommy smiled. "We are. But you know how much your daddy loves to make you cum. He's a man. He can't help himself. He has to make you squeal.

And since he's a man, he can control himself. He doesn't pop off like a boy does the moment he sticks it into hot cunt." I giggled.

Mommy helped me out of the bath. She dried me with a towel as Daddy headed to the bedroom, his dick so hard. I had a feeling I would be satisfying him soon. I groaned as Mommy dried me, then she gave me a hot, quick kiss on the lips. I loved her so much. I was glad to share Daddy with him. It was so wrong of me to think I was replacing her. Daddy loved us both. I guess he even loved Alice.

Mommy led me out into the bedroom. Candles burned through the room. I guess I know why Daddy didn't enter the bathroom right away. The air smelled of delicious vanilla. Daddy stood before the bed, cock hard, his hands behind his back. "Kneel," he commanded. Mommy and I obeyed, his cock right before us.

I ached to lean forward and lick my Mommy's juices off of him. Though I Mommy had just dried off my body, I was still wet between my thighs. Hot and juicy and ready to be filled by Daddy's cock. Though I fucked all those other guys this afternoon, Daddy's was the dick I truly craved.

"Melody," he said. "Today you submitted. You let me parade you before other men. You let me whip you, cane you, spank you and more. You submitted to their lusts. You took them one after the other while I had the pleasure of watching.

"You submitted to me in every way." His hands came around from his back. He held a jewelry box. My heart constricted. "I want you to be my slave. To live and breathe submission the way your mother does." The box opened with a click.

Inside was the choker he showed me at the mall last week: a unicorn charm dangling from the tight band of gold. "If you accept my collar, you are mine to do with as I please. To discipline. To love. To fuck. To give to others. Do you accept?" "Yes, Daddy," I said without hesitation, tears falling down my cheeks. "Yes, yes, yes. I'm your good girl." Mommy let out a happy sniffle while Daddy smiled at me.

He pulled out the choker. "Stand, slave." I did and lifted back my braid. He slipped the choker around my neck. It was tight. I could feel it collaring me, the unicorn dangling at the hollow of my throat. The clasp clicked behind me and I shuddered. I was his truly. More tears fell. "I'm yours, Daddy." His hands slid up from my throat and cupped my cheeks.

Thumbs brushed away tears. And then he kissed me. Hard, passionate. I trembled against him. He owned my mouth. His wet cock pressed into my stomach as he pulled me close. He was so hard. He needed to be satiated. He broke the kiss. "On your hands and knees on the bed, slut," he snarled. "Your master is hard and needs your cunt's satisfaction." "Yes, Daddy." My breasts jiggled as I raised around him.

I fell onto the king-sized bed, trembling on my hands and knees. Like Mommy had in the bathroom, I wiggled my ass at him. Mommy, holding her cell phone and recording, slipped onto the bed before me, legs spread, her pussy wet and juicy and begging to be licked. Daddy knelt behind me, his cock nudging the folds of my pussy. "Lick your mother and make her cum. Thank her for bathing you, slut." "Yes, Daddy," I moaned. Daddy thrust into my pussy as I pressed my lips into Mommy's cunt.

She had a rich, tangy flavor. I moaned as I devoured her pussy, my tongue sliding through her fat folds as Daddy's cock buried to the hilt inside of me. "Yes," Mommy moaned, filming me devouring her pussy. "Yes, yes, that's the cunt that birthed you, slut. Oh, yes. The cock that impregnated me is fucking your cunt will you devour my pussy.

Oh, yes, whore. Eat me." Her dirty words spurred me on. I moaned as I devoured her, my hips shaking, bucking back into Daddy's thrusts. His balls smacked over and over into my clit as he pounded me.

His thrusts were hard and fast. He grunted each time he slammed into me, enjoying my barely legal cunt. My hips swiveled.

My breasts jiggled beneath me as my tongue flailed through Mommy's wet folds. I drank down her juices. They coated my lips and chin. So much flowed out of her as she humped against my lips. I clenched my pussy down on Daddy's cock, pleasing him and giving him a tight cunny.

The friction was wonderful. Pleasure shuddered through me. I moaned into Mommy's pussy, my fingers digging into the bedspread. "That's it, whore," snarled Daddy. "I own you now. You're mine, Melody. My good girl. My slut." "Yes," moaned Mommy. "Two sluts who will do anything for you. Soon it'll be three. Melody will turn Alice into a good girl, too." "Yes," grunted Daddy, excited by adding my fraternal twin sister to the incestuous fun.

My pussy clenched hard on Daddy's cock. I would have to seduce my sister and show her what she truly needed. To be Daddy's slut. To be his whore like I was.

To take his cock in her tight cunny and make him feel amazing.

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I came. The orgasm swelled out of my depths. I moaned into Mommy's cunt as I trembled. I shoved my tongue deep into her hole as my pussy spasmed hard about Daddy's cock. His thrusts sent more and more rippling pleasure shooting through me, prolonging my bliss.

I groaned, trembling, loving the feel of his dick sliding in and out of my cunny. My daddy's big cock. "Don't stop licking my cunt, slut," moaned Mommy.

"Daddy told you to make me cum. Do it. Eat your mommy's cunt. Make her cum. Oh, yes, slut. Mmm, my baby-slut. I raised you. I've masturbated so many times thinking about this. Yes, yes, yes." I licked at my wicked Mommy's pussy. She was so wonderful. I was so glad I had both my parents to love and please. My tongue swirled up to her clit. I sucked on it as I rocked back into Daddy's thrusts. Another orgasm built in me. He kept fucking me, controlling himself, giving me pleasure, rewarding me for being his good girl.

My hands wormed beneath Mommy's ass, squeezing her cheeks as she humped against my mouth. Her pillowy tits shook. She seized one and brought her nipple to her lips, sucking so hard her cheeks hollowed. "Damn, June," grunted Daddy. "Love watching you do that." I was so envious. I sucked so hard on Mommy's clit wishing my tits were as big as hers. She moaned about her nipple as she humped into my mouth. I nibbled on her clit and she gasped, her nipple popping out of her mouth.

"You wonderful slut," she moaned. "Oh, Sir, I'm going to cream our daughter's face." "Do it," he grunted, his voice strained.

"Cum on the whore's mouth." I wanted that, too. I sucked so hard on Mommy's clit. She shrieked and bucked. And then her hot juices flooded my mouth. I drank them down, loving how hot and creamy they were. I reveled in the incestuous delight. And came myself. I moaned as I lapped up Mommy's juices, my cock spasming about Daddy's cock.

He groaned, thrusting harder. He was getting closer and closer to erupting, my spasming pussy driving him wild with lust. I lifted my head from Mommy's pussy and looked over my shoulder at Daddy.

"Yes, yes, please cum, Daddy. Please use my naughty cunt and cum!" "Fuck," he grunted. He didn't cum in my pussy. He ripped out of me and then flipped me onto my back. He straddled me, stroking his dripping cock fast. He grunted and then his cum exploded from his cock and painted my round breasts. I gasped in delight as his cum splashed over my tits.

So warm and delicious. I felt so dirty. Wonderfully dirty. "Damn," he groaned. "Damn, June, our little girl's tits are dirty again. You need to clean them off." "Gladly," Mommy moaned, her face flushed from the orgasm I gave her.

Mommy leaned over and her tongue licked across my round breast, gathering Daddy's fresh cum. I sighed in delight, squirming. I could see the pleasure in Daddy's eyes as he watched Mommy's tongue lick up to my pink nipple and suck his cum off of it. My hand went to my choker, stroking it. I was Daddy's good girl forever. I would never give him up for another man. I shuddered and moaned as Mommy's tongue swirled, teasing me, getting me wet for more fun.

I knew we would have so much. And tomorrow, Alice would return from her slumber party at Donna's house and then we would seduce her. Just like Daddy seduced me two weeks ago. Alice would become Daddy's good girl, too. I couldn't wait. To be continued.