A teen Fucking his friend

A teen Fucking his friend
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Part 2 Thanks for the positive ratings on the previous story and the comments, I'm sorry if this one is short as well, but I promise the next one will be longer, let me know where you want me to go from here. Enjoy. After a few minutes of kissing I eventually pulled away from Mary and asked her if we should be doing this, after all we were family and seeing as we live together, it could get a bit awkward, especially if anyone found out.

However Mary said that she didn't care and besides we were just fooling around, it isn't anything serious. So before I could argue my case further, Mary had moved from beneath me and sat on the chair, beginning to surf through the rest of the porn videos. After a few seconds of searching, she came across a video showing a girl doing what my brother and his girlfriend was doing. Before clicking on it, she looked back at me and asked if I was going to watch it with her or not, so I got off the floor and stood behind the chair, where I could get a good view of the screen.


It was then that she started the video. It began with the guy licking the girls pussy, (although I did not know this term at the time), like I saw our cat drink its milk. It was after this had been going on for a bit that I looked down at Mary and noticed that she had subconsciously began to rub herself.

Then I looked up again and saw that now the guy in the video had stopped licking the girl and had now got on his knees in front of the girl and was getting his cock sucked like Mary had done to me. However she only did this for a few seconds before she stopped and the guy repositioned himself so that he was lying just above where the girl was.

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The he slowly lowered himself onto the girl, pushing his cock into the girls pussy, causing the girl to gasp. Then once he was fully inside her, he pulled back out again, to only push back in again. Then Mary swivelled the chair around to face me.


So that's what sex is, Mary said, I would never had guessed, I thought it was a special type of cuddle. So lets do it, Mary said, once again taking the lead by pushing me onto her double bed, removing her panties as she went, revealing her beautiful delicate looking pussy; which was mostly hairless apart from the odd sprouts appearing here and there. With this sight and without asking for permission I moved my mouth to her pussy and whilst spreading it apart with my hands, I began to lick it like the hungriest cat ever.

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The taste of pussy was the best thing ever, it was sweet with a somewhat salty after taste and the best part was it seemed that the more I licked it, the more of this delectable fluid entered my mouth. After a while of licking Mary's pussy, I was awoken from my own little world, by Mary pushing me away from her pussy and her lowering her head to my rock hard cock.

Taking it all in one go and then rapidly moving her head up and down, it was when I started to get the funny feeling again that she stopped, removing her lips from my nicely lubricated cock.

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She then lay back pulling me with her. I asked her if she wanted me to go slowly or what, so she said that if I went slowly but not to stop if it hurt.

With that I grabbed my cock and positioned it in front of her pussy and began to slowly push it in, inch by inch, which was both a strange and amazing feeling, with her pussy squeezing against it, when I was nearly the whole way in, I felt my cock hit something that stopped it proceeding further in.

I looked at Mary with concern wondering what to do, to which she just nodded and gritted her teeth.

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I then just thrust as hard as I could, causing Mary to grunt with pain, until after a few seconds when what ever was blocking my path before, gave way letting me sink my cock fully inside Mary. When I was fully inside, I slowly pulled out and then pushed back in, increasing my speed after each thrust. Looking into Mary's eyes I could see that the pain she was in a few minutes ago had been replaced by pleasure and I had to say, I was starting to get the return of that funny feeling, where I felt like I had to pee.

Then, before I could say anything, my body tensed up in a wave of ecstasy and I felt that weird white liquid shoot into Mary's pussy, which caused her pussy to clamp round my cock and for Mary to make a rather loud shrieking noise. After this intense pleasure had subsided, I fell on top of Mary. Then after what felt like years, I kissed Mary on the lips, said that was amazing and removed my limp cock from her pussy.

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I then bent down in front of her pussy and began to lick it again removing some of of the white fluid from inside her, savouring every last drop, which tasted even better as it had merged with the flavours of her pussy juice, blending into some insanely tasty infusion of saltyness and sweetness.

I then heard Mary ask me to move so that she could lick my cock, so not wanting to stop licking her I moved my body so that she could suck my cock whilst I licked her pussy. Then after a few minutes of this I got up and kissed her again and asked her if she wanted to come and get a shower with me, so we both got to our feet and looking towards the door, froze in shock as we saw .

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To be continued