Massiven Kitzler Mädchen wird hart und schluckt Arsch gefickt

Massiven Kitzler Mädchen wird hart und schluckt Arsch gefickt
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Although this is a sequel I tried to write it so that you don't have to read the original story. ******************************************* Sis Comes Home for Memorial Day - A Year Later - Part 1 "Aunt Melissa," Shawna Spencer innocently asked, "Is Uncle Shawn your brother?" A loud crash came from the kitchen as Melissa Graham dropped the ceramic bowl she was getting out of the cupboard. The bowl shattered as it hit the floor. Melissa tried to gather her thoughts as she recovered from her neighbors five year old daughter's question.

"How could such a young child have figured it out?" she thought. Melissa and her brother Shawn and taken great care in hiding the fact that they were siblings that were living as husband and wife. Melissa was watching Shawna while the girl's parents were attending a wedding. Shawn meanwhile had taken Shawna's eight year old brother Mike fishing.

Melissa and Shawn had become close friends with the children's parents Wayne and Angie Spencer shortly after they had a commitment ceremony and subsequently purchased a house across the street from them. Melissa and Shawn never had children of their own when they were previously married, so they enjoyed watching Shawna and Mike when the kid's parents were away and had become close enough to them that the kids referred to them as aunt and uncle since they had no real aunts and uncles.

As Melissa was cleaning up the broken bowl, Shawna came into the kitchen holding the 8 x10 portrait of Shawn and Melissa from their commitment ceremony. She held it up pointing to a picture in the background. It showed two children at the zoo holding hands.

"See. that is you and Uncle Shawn," the girl said. "Mommy is right. You do look like each other." Melissa not sure what to say and not wanting to lie told her. "Well Uncle Shawn and I grew up together. We were friends even when we were your age." "But I heard you tell Mommy that you two met in high school," Shawna responded. "My mom thinks he is your brother, just like my mommy and daddy." Melissa was speechless.

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If Shawna's first question wasn't shocking enough, the revelation that Angie and Wayne were siblings as well completely blew her away. She had always had a gut feeling that the couple shared something unspoken in common with her and her brother.

Could this be it? Almost as if to relieve the tension the young girl told her, "It's okay Aunt Melissa, I know I have to keep it a secret from everybody just like I do for Mommy and Daddy." Melissa knew that the Spencer's were very open with their children so did not think the girl was making it up.

She wanted to talk to Angie first before admitting to the girl that Shawn was her brother. "Honey… can we talk about it later when your mom is with us?" "Yea, we can do that, but Mommy will tell you the same thing. Can we have a tea party?" Shawna asked changing interests quickly as she often did.

Relieved in the shift of things Melissa answered, "Of course but you have to help me by setting the table, while I heat the water." Shawna quickly went to a floor level cupboard where Melissa moved the tea cups and saucers when she learned of Shawna's joy in helping with their little tea parties. The girl carefully got out the saucers and put them on the table and returned to get the cups. While Melissa fixed them some weak green tea, Shawna went to the spare bedroom and retrieved two fancy hats for her and her Aunt Melissa to wear while they had tea.

They sat together and had girl talk about how Shawna liked her first year in school. The phone rang and it was Angie to let her know they were on their way home and if things were okay with Shawna. "She's fine, but the two of us need to have a private talk and then probably talk to her together about something she asked me." "What did she ask you?" Angie asked. She had a feeling she knew because it wasn't until after she talked to her husband Wayne about her suspicion that the Grahams were siblings, she noticed their daughter may have overheard.

This was the first time that Shawna had spent much time with Melissa's house since that conversation. "We can talk about it when you get here." "Okay. Give me about 15 minutes to change when I get home and I'll be right over. When Angie and Wayne got home they went to their bedroom to change out of their formal clothes. Angie was down to her bra and panties when her husband came over and started to run his hands over her soft skin.

He reached around and cupped her small breasts in his hands as he kissed the nape of her neck. Angie could feel his erection pressed against her. "The kids are gone we have the whole house to ourselves. It's been awhile since we've made love outside of the bedroom," he said. Angie couldn't help but respond to his advances and wanted him badly. They had both been busy the past few days and hadn't had sex since earlier that week. She turned toward him kissing him softly on the lips and running a hand over his erection.

"You know how much I want this," she told him. "but Melissa said she needed to talk to me about something Shawna told her when I got home." "What do you think she told her?" he asked. "She wouldn't tell me so I think Shawna may have heard our conversation about thinking that Melissa and Shawn are brother and sister and asked her if they were.

You know how inquisitive she can be especially at her age." "Are you going to tell them that we are brother and sister?" Wayne asked. "Let me find out just what Shawna may have told her," she answered. "We already discussed telling them if it turned out that they are as well. Besides it might be something totally different. You know our little girl can come up with some pretty unexpected questions." "You're right.

Remember when she just dropped her doll on the floor and out of nowhere asked why airplanes don't fall out of the sky like her doll did?" They both laughed remembering that day. "Well do what you seem to think is best for everyone Sis." "I will Brother," Angie said. She gave him a quick kiss and they broke apart and finished getting dressed.

Angie went across the street and knocked on the door and entered. They were close enough friends now that they usually didn't wait to be let into each other's house. "Melissa," Angie called out. Her daughter came out to give her mom a hug. "Hi honey. Did you have a nice day with Aunt Melissa?" "Yea. We had a tea party and watched movies and stuff." "Angie, I'm in the kitchen," Melissa called out.

"Be there in a second," Angie said. Turning to her daughter she said, "You watch your TV show while I talk with Aunt Melissa." "Okay Mom," Shawna said. She went back to watching her show while her mom went to the kitchen. Not wanting to jump straight into what Shawna had asked about she asked, "How was the wedding?" She brought them both a glass of wine as they sat down at the table.

"It was beautiful, but I don't think I've been to one that isn't," she answered. "So what did you want to talk about?" Melissa and Angie had always been pretty open with each other so Melissa proceeded to ask, "Shawna seems to have the idea that Shawn is my brother. She said she heard it from you talking to Wayne about it. Is that true?" "Yes, I didn't realize she was within earshot until after we talked about it," Angie answered.

"I first noticed the picture of the two of you in the background of your wedding picture. Forgive me for checking further but genealogy is a hobby of mine.

I found a couple family trees on a website that shows you and Shawn are brother and sister. The ages and birthplace are here in our city. If it hadn't been for that picture I would have never guessed it although you do have the same nose. I noticed that after I figured it out and started to look for physical similarities. You looked even more alike when you were kids." Melissa sat there stunned and was thankful none of their other friends had come to visit them and seen the picture.

The only other person besides their parents who knew their secret was their friend Amy who was there at the commitment ceremony. They had come to refer to it as their wedding even though they could not legally get married. She was afraid to ask about what Shawna had said about Angie and Wayne being siblings.

Angie saw the worried look in her friend's eyes and knew what she had to say to ease her concerns. "Wayne and I are okay with it because you see Wayne is my brother. We will keep your secret to ourselves." Breathing a sigh of relief she said, "Shawna mentioned that too. So she knows?" "Yes and so does Mikey. We told them both after Shawna overheard us talking about it.

We felt it best to be honest with them so they didn't say anything to others and explained it is not accepted by society for a brother and sister to be married. I guess she figured since the two of you are like us it was okay to ask you about it. That little girl is so smart for her age.

I need to have another talk with her about not mentioning it to anyone else." "We both can if that is alright with you. I told her I would talk to her about it after I talked with you," Melissa said. "I do have one question. From what Dan at the zoo said you had a legal wedding. How did you do that?" "Yes we are legally married because we are both adopted as you already know.

Our birth certificates shows our adopted parents names. It is referred to as an amended birth certificate. We actually didn't know we were siblings when we got married. When I got pregnant we thought it was a good idea to find out who our natural parents were and maybe find out the medical history. It took some digging but eventually we obtained our original birth certificates and discovered we had the same parents and were brother and sister." "So have you contacted your natural parents?

After Shawn and I discovered our true feelings for each other we both agreed it was best to have their blessing and not hide it from them. They accepted it and if fact it was our mom who suggested we have a commitment ceremony since we couldn't have a legal wedding," Melissa said. "No we haven't because we are afraid they might not approve and find a way to annul our marriage," Angie confessed.

She seemed sad to say that because she already had told Melissa how she would like to meet her real parents some day. "I need to tell Shawn that you and Wayne know our secret." Without saying it she was also asking if she could tell him that Wayne and Angie were siblings as well. "Yes you should, but let Wayne and I be there and tell him ourselves that we are also a brother and sister couple like the two of you." Angie nodded her head in agreement and the two women stood up and hugged each other.

Inside they were both happy they no longer had to hide the only secret they hid from each other. "Let's talk to Shawna," Angie said. Together they walked out to the living room and each took a seat on either said of her. The girl looked at Melissa and then to her mom asking, "Am I in trouble for telling Aunt Melissa about you and Daddy?" Angie and Melissa both hugged her to let her know things were okay.

"No honey, you are not in trouble. We just wanted to make sure you know you can't tell anyone else that Daddy is my brother or that Aunt Melissa is Uncle Shawn's sister," Angie told her daughter.

"I won't. I promise," the girl told them both. Together they watched the rest of the TV show that Shawna had been watching. They all heard Shawn pull into the driveway returning from fishing with Mike.

Shawna quickly bolted from her seat to go meet them. Melissa and Angie went out to meet them as well. Mike was busy showing off the fish he had caught to his mom and sister. Melissa gave Shawn a friendly welcome home kiss. She looked into the cooler at the days catch and remarked, "Looks like the two of you had a successful day. She then looked over at the two youngsters interacting.

"Look at them. They remind me of us when we were that age." Shawn kissed her on her forehead and glanced over at Angie who had to have heard what Melissa had said. "She knows and so does Wayne," Melissa quietly told her husband. "We can talk about it later though.

Wayne came out to join the rest of them. He hugged both of his children and looking at all the fish they had caught joked, "Did you guy's leave anything for other fisherman? I have a good idea. Let's get these cleaned up and since it will be a nice day tomorrow have a cookout tomorrow at our place." "That's a great idea since we have some stuff to talk about together," Melissa said.

"We can bring the deep fryer and cook some that way. Wayne can fire up his grill and do some on the grill as well." Everyone liked the idea. Shawn and Wayne each took a handle of the cooler holding the fish and carried it across the street. Their wives and the kids followed them. They all pitched in together to clean the fish in preparation for the next day's cookout.

Shawn did not ask anything about Angie and Wayne knowing their secret. He trusted his wife/sister as to when the subject would come up. Instead the usual fishing stories from past and present were exchanged about the 'one that got away'. They all laughed and joked together as the usually did when they got together.

Even the kids pitched in. Wayne wanted to start teaching his son how to clean a fish. Even Shawna helped by walking around with a small waste can for the adults to put the bones and other parts that had to be thrown away. She didn't even seem to be bothered by the heads of the fish after they had been cut off.

With everyone working together it only took about thirty minutes for them to have several fillets prepared. After the work was done and the kitchen cleaned up Melissa and Shawn said their goodbyes and they set a time together to get together then next day. They returned home and after entering the house, Melissa walked over and picked up the wedding portrait and motioned for Shawn to sit beside her.

"This is how she figured things out," she said pointing to the picture in the background. "Damn. I never really noticed that. I've always been distracted looking at my beautiful wife in the picture," Shawn told her truthfully. "Do you think we should move it to our room?" Melissa thought about it for a moment and boldly said, "No I am proud of that picture and the fact we have overcome the prejudice of society.

I really don't think anyone will look at it that closely and notice it and besides… I like being able to sit in here and look at my favorite picture of my big brother when you aren't with me to look at in person." Melissa got up and headed to the kitchen, "Why don't you go up and take a shower while I get dinner ready Bro." "Yea.

I am sure I could use one," he said. As he walked up the stairs it hit him that Melissa referred to him as her brother.


Although it was true they rarely did that at home. They usually only did that when they were at their parents or when those who knew them to be siblings were nearby. Maybe she was just more relaxed about it now that their neighbors knew.

He thought more about it and could not remember a point where their friends started looking or treating them differently.

It was like they totally accepted it. He took his shower and came back down for dinner. During dinner Melissa asked, "Would it be okay if we skip going to a movie tonight and just stay home and watch a DVD or something?" She looked at him with that certain gleam in her eye giving away what that something was.

He smiled back at her with a knowing look and told her, "That's more than fine with me." They finished eating and started to clean the kitchen together. "I can get this," Shawn told her knowing she would want to shower first after handling the freshly caught fish.

"No, I want to do it together. There isn't really that much. I loved when we were kids and things together," she said with a wink. Shawn's mind began to wonder what his sexy wife was planning. "Maybe I will be taking another shower with her," he thought.

After they finished Melissa headed up stairs after giving him a sisterly kiss on the cheek. "See you in a few Bro." "Okay Sis," he said. Shawn wondered again why she was reverting to a sibling type attitude. Maybe there is more to this than just Angie and Wayne's knowledge of things. He picked out a DVD for them to watch just in case she really wanted to just relax and watch a movie together. Melissa got undressed and while waiting for the water in the shower to warm up, shouted from the bathroom door, "Can you come up and help me wash my hair in a few minutes Bro?" Melissa had agreed to let her hair grow long again as long as Shawn would help her take care of it.

It wasn't as long as it was when they were teenagers, but was now a few inches from her waistline. "Be up in a few Sis." Shawn finished loading the DVD and proceeded up the stairs and entered the bathroom. Melissa liked her showers very warm and the room was filling with steam. "Did you find a good movie to watch tonight?" She asked as she looked out opening the curtain just enough to see her face.

She saw Shawn starting to undress to join her in the shower. "Woooo.

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what do you think you're doing?" He looked at her confused asking, "I thought you wanted me to wash your hair for you?" "I do but you can't get in here with me.

You're my brother. What if Mom and Dad get home early and find us naked in the shower together. You can just reach in and wash it from out there." Shawn got the picture of what was happening. She was role playing some of the fantasies they had as teenagers but never acted on back then. Melissa was now his younger teenage sister and he was her older big brother. Shawn got an extra towel and laid it on the floor since he was sure washing his sister's hair this way that not all water would drip into the shower.

"Whenever you're ready Sis," he said. With the shower curtain closed Melissa put her head into the spray to get her long chestnut brown hair nice and wet. She was glad Shawn and agreed to help her care for it if she let it grow long. It used to reach her waist but was now planning to let it grow to just below the cheeks of her ass.

She reached out of the shower handing her brother the shampoo and conditioner. It wasn't the same kind she used in her teens but rather the brand that Shawn and purchased for her from Victoria's Secret before she came back to town to visit the year before.

She had to keep the shower curtain open about 6 to 8 inches exposing her naked backside to him in order for him to wash her hair properly. It really wasn't much more than he already had seen when she wore some pretty skimpy outfits while she had her brother brush her hair for her back in their youth.

As Shawn washed his sister's hair, the shampoo suds ran down her back and over her firm ass. He couldn't help but start using it to wash her back as well.

As his hands reached her ass cheeks, Melissa interrupted him, "Just my hair Shawn." Melissa returned to washing her front as he continued washing her long hair. He could tell she was taking more time than needed to wash her breasts and noticed her breathing becoming deeper. When he thought he had washed Melissa's hair thoroughly, he told her to rinse it so he could switch to the conditioner.

Just like the first time they showered together, but this time without saying it she reached back and guided her brother's hands to her pussy which was covered with a nice thick bush of pubic hair.

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Shawn proceeded to shampoo her bush occasionally running his fingers over her clit or the lips over her pussy. Melissa reached back pushing him back a few inches and closed the curtain so she could rinse the shampoo from her hair.

With her back once again turned to the curtain she told Shawn he could open it enough to use the conditioner. While he worked the conditioner into her hair, Melissa started acting totally as though they were teenagers again.

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"So what do you think of my friend Amy?" she asked. "You know you really should start dating her. I think she is just the right girl for you. She is outgoing and will help you break out of that shell Bro." "I'll think about it Sis, but mostly because you think she would be good for me. I trust your judgment and know you wouldn't give me bad advice," He answered.

Shawn had started dating his sister's friend Amy when they were younger. The difference was not because his sister suggested it, but rather because Amy reminded him so much of Melissa both in appearance and behavior. He ended up breaking up with her not because he didn't care for her but more his concern over almost calling her by his sister's name while they had sex. "I think I am ready to rinse the conditioner and then get out and dry off. You are going to brush my hair out for me?" "I always do for you don't I Sis"?

Shawn replied. Melissa stuck her head out and kissed him on the check. "You're the best brother a girl could want.

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Now go so I can dry off. I'll be down after in a bit." Shawn went down stairs and waited. He was enjoying this role play of being with his teenage sister. In doing so he realized the love he had for Melissa was just as strong as it had been then if not stronger. Melissa dried off and found the smallest towel they had to wrap around her but still cover her. She only partially dried her hair wanting it to dry completely while Shawn brushed it for her.

Before she went downstairs she wanted to do one more thing to do to add to this role play and get Shawn worked up some more. She called their friend Amy, who they had not seen since their commitment ceremony. They had planned for Amy to move in with them after she split up with her husband.

She received a job opportunity that let her travel to Europe for six months. She was looking forward to experiencing her first threesome with Melissa and Shawn. In fact despite her desire to have new sexual experiences, she turned down the chance to be in a few threesomes while in Europe. The job was coming to an end and she would be back and move in with them as planned by Memorial Day. She was currently in Los Angeles completing her reports before leaving the job.

"Hi Amy, I need a favor from you," Melissa said. "Sure Missy. What do you need," Amy answered. "Well. for some reason I have this desire to fulfill some of the fantasies of having sex with Shawn when we were teenagers and actually role play the ages.

I have been acting like a teenager with him since he got home. We haven't had brother/sister sex since we first confessed our feelings for each other. I already had him wash my hair while I showered but made him reach in to do it and only exposed my backside to him.

I want you to give him a call and get him worked up some more but pretend you are still in your teens. Then I will come down and keep the role play going. "Mmmmmm, that is so hot. I think I have an idea on how to do it too," Amy said.

"I'll do it on one condition though." "Oh! And what is that?" Melissa asked. "I want to watch!" answered Amy in a commanding tone. "WHAT?" Melissa exclaimed.

"You heard me. Set it up so I can watch it on Skype. We are still planning to have that threesome when I get there right? I just want a preview of what I'll be experiencing" "Yes we are. I am actually looking forward to it. You had me so turned on that last night you stayed with me getting off using my vibrator.

Oh I wanted to kiss you and fuck you with that vibrator myself so bad. If Shawn and I weren't getting married the next day I would have been all over you.

I never had a desire to be with a girl until then. I can't get it out of my mind. I guess I can give you something think about until we are together," Melissa said.

"You should know I've been saving my first experience with another woman to be with you Missy. Will you be able to set up your webcam so I can watch?" "The computer in the living room will work if I move the camera angle toward the couch," Melissa answered. "I'll have to think of something to get Shawn out of the room while I set it up." "I guess I'll be seeing you both in a few," Amy said with a giggle before hanging up.

She knew this was going to be a major turn on to watch and logged into her Skype account waiting for Melissa to log on. She also stripped naked and got a few of her favorite toys out and set them next to her laptop. She doubted that she'd even need her toys.

Her pussy was already wet knowing she was going to watch her best friend fucking her brother. She'd watched some brother/sister pornos but none seemed like they were real siblings. Melissa and Shawn were real. Amy then picked up her phone and called Shawn on their home phone. Shawn heard the phone ring and saw it was Amy on the caller id.

"Sis, it's Amy," Shawn shouted up to Melissa. "Can you get it? I'm still drying my hair," Melissa responded. "Hi Amy," Shawn said when he answered the phone. "Hey Shawn. can I talk to your little sister?" "She just got out of the shower. Do you want to wait?" "She is?" Amy asked. "That makes me think of what happened the other day." "What do you mean?" asked Shawn.

"Well we taking our shower after gym class the other day and well I couldn't help but watch her. She looked so sexy the water cascading down her bod. If I was into girls I would have made a move on her." When Amy mentioned gym class, Shawn knew his sister must have recruited their friend into her plan.

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"Oh so you think you might be interested in having sex with my baby sister? I knew I might have to someday protect her from the guys, but it hadn't occurred to me what to do if a girl had the hots for her." "Well I don't know if any other girls are interested in her, but if you want to keep me away from her well.

you might have to take care of my needs. Since we are talking about showers, if you wash my back, I'll wash yours. You don't have to stop with my back though I want you to make sure you take care of every inch of my body." Shawn thought back to what Amy looked like at that age.

Amy and Melissa could have passed for sisters. The image of his sister and Amy in the shower together caused his dick to stir. Amy continued, "You know your sister has a student council meeting tomorrow after school.

Why don't I come over and we can get to know each other better?" "i guess that would be okay," he said reverting to the shy teenager he used to be. "What would we tell Melissa if she comes home and finds us fooling around?" "Maybe we should ask her to join us. I've seen how you look at us both. I can tell we both turn you on. We knew you were watching last week when we did that sexy dance routine in her room. It just made us dance sexier. I can't get her to admit it but I think she is just as hot for you as I am." "Well go ahead and come over tomorrow and we'll see what happens," Shawn said.

"I look forward to seeing you. Tell Missy to call me when she comes down from her shower." Amy said. Melissa came down the steps shortly after he hung up the phone. He looked up and saw her she was only wearing a towel as she sometimes did when they were teens. She went over and sat on the floor in front of the couch like she used to do when she wanted her brother to brush it for her. "I forgot my hairbrush Bro," she said. "Can you go back up and get it for me?" "Sure Sis. Amy wanted you to call her when you came downstairs." Melissa had to stifle a giggle when her brother told her that.

She did not leave her brush in the usual place so Shawn would have to look for it. That would give her enough time to set up the Skype connection and adjust the camera view. When she connected with Amy she really wasn't surprised to see Amy naked and pleasuring herself.

"Well how is your view?" Melissa asked her friend. "Looks good," Amy said seductively. "It will be even better when I see that towel off you and your mouth around your brother's cock while he eats your pussy." "I hear Shawn coming back down… gotta go" Melissa quickly turned off the monitor so Shawn wouldn't realize she had been on the computer.

She quickly took her place back in front of the couch. The thought of Amy watching them added a new twist to her desire to play out her teenage fantasies and she liked it. Melissa was pleased that Shawn and changed into a pair of cutoff jeans like he usually wore around the house back then.

She hadn't even noticed he had a pair since he still did not wear shorts a lot. Shawn sat down on the couch spreading his legs so his sister could scoot back as far as she could. The touch of his legs against her arms sent shivers through her body. As he started to brush out her hair, she once again took on the role of a teenager.

"Soooo. Amy tells me she's coming over after school tomorrow. So you're taking my advice Bro?" "Yea, I guess so. I am not sure what to talk about though." "You'll do alright. You don't have any problem talking to me do you?" "Not really," he answered. "But it's different with you. I've known you all my life.

You're my best friend." He continued brushing his sister's long brown hair. He then did something he had always wanted to do back then and leaned forward and kissed Melissa on top of her head.

A warm feeling filled Melissa and she gasped when she felt the kiss. Suddenly she was the shy one and stammered, "Wha… wha… what was that for?" She was totally into the fantasy now and reacted as though it was the first time her brother had kissed her. "Oh, just because you are you," he answered.

His sister blushed at his words. "Could he have some of the same feelings I have for him?" she thought to herself. She changed the subject back to her best friend. "Well when Amy comes over just talk to her like you would me. You know besides looking like me, she has some of the same thoughts and way of looking at things. You know she really likes you. The way she talks about you, the two of you might end up not talking much at all," she said with a giggle. She wondered if her brother picked up on the hint that she too was interested in him that way.

Shawn thought more about what his sister had said and was busy checking out her out with only a towel hiding her sexy body from his view. When they first started she was hugging her legs to her chest. This caused her breasts to bulge out a bit at the sides. As his eyes moved lower he could see the towel had been pulled higher completely exposing the cheeks of her butt. But gradually she extended her legs out and was slowly running her hands from her thighs to her knees. Melissa found herself getting turned on and could feel her nipples harden underneath her towel.

She wanted to just pull the towel off, turn around and unzip his shorts and suck his cock. She had to know he wanted her the same way she wanted him before doing that and possibly ruining the relationship they already had.

She let out a soft moan while thinking, "Please Bro give me a sign that you love me the same way." Shawn noticed her breathing becoming deeper and faster as she massaged her legs. Shawn began to use his legs to gently squeeze and massage Melissa's arms. "Mmmmm. that feels good Shawn don't stop." Her hair was dry and brushed out so Shawn set the brush down and ran his fingers through his sister's hair.

He lightly massaged her scalp and neck. He had never touched her this way before when he brushed her hair. When he lightly ran his fingers over her ears, Shawn had discovered a new erogenous zone.

A jolt of energy went straight to her pussy. Melissa had the signal she'd been waiting for. "Oh god!" she screamed. Her body was on fire. "Mom and Dad won't be home for awhile and it is getting rather hot in here. I don't think I need this with just the two of us," she said tugging her towel loose causing it to fall to her lap.

Shawn looked down at his sister's exposed breasts. Like Melissa his mind was far in the past and it as though he was seeing them for the very first time. A light glean of sweat was starting to form over her body causing it to shine. Shawn started to massage her shoulders and she leaned further back allowing him to do whatever he pleased. His hands slid down her front giving her breasts a playful squeeze before pushing her forward enough so he could slide off the couch and sit on the floor with her.

Melissa slid forward on the floor and rested her head in her brother's lap. At some point her brother must have unzipped his shorts because she felt his cock against the side of her face. She purred like a kitten as she rubbed her cheek against it. "Shawn, I need my hairbrush." Shawn reached back to the couch and picked it up and handed it to his sister.

Slowly she started stroking it up and down as though it was a cock. "My oh my Shawn, look how hard your cock is. You really do think I am sexy don't you?" She was totally lost in her fantasy because playing with her hairbrush this way was exactly what she would do in her teens after her brother had brushed her hair. Shawn was entranced watching her as she removed the towel from her lap and tossed it aside totally exposing herself to her brother's eyes.

After licking and kissing the handle of the brush she took it and moved toward the bush of pubic hair covering her pussy. It too was brown just like the hair on her head.


Imagining it was her brother doing it she ran the brush through her pubic hair. "Oh Bro! You don't miss anything do you? You sure know how to take care of your little sister." Shawn's hands moved lower and were now massaging Melissa's breasts and lightly pinching her nipples. She moved her head so she could plant kisses on his hard cock and lick it just like she had done to the handle of her hair brush. She flipped the brush over so the bristles were facing up and started rubbing her pussy with it.

"Mmmmm. rub my pussy for me Bro," she said pretending it was her brother's hands rubbing it. She stopped using her mouth on Shawn's cock and turned her attention to the handle of her brush like it was his cock. "You treat me so good. I want to treat you good too my dear brother," she said. With that she took the entire length of the handle into her mouth and sucked it in and out slowly. Shawn wanted nothing more than to slide out from behind his sister and slide his real cock deep inside of her.

He could see the juices from her pussy on her inner thighs. She was wet and ready. He refrained from acting on his desire wanting to see what else his sister might do with the brush. "You make my cock feel so good Sis when you do that," he said pretending it really was his cock she was sucking. His spoken words fueled her desires even more. She worked the brush handle in and out of her mouth harder and faster.

As her brother played with her breasts, she suddenly pulled it from her mouth shouting, "No no don't cum yet Bro! I want you inside of me!" She then moved it down and slid it into her pussy. She worked it in and out gently. "That's it Shawn make love to me. I've wanted you to be my first. I am sorry I didn't save my cherry for you. I broke it a few nights ago with my brush.

It was you I was thinking about when I did." Shawn continued to play along imagining he was making love to his sister. "This feels so good Sis. I knew it would. I've wanted to make love to you for a long time. I don't care if people think it is wrong but I love you. I always have and I always will." Hearing her brother confess his love for her pushed her over the edge.

She came hard and her hips bounced up and down off the floor continuing to fuck the brush handle as Shawn massaged her tits.

It was such a turn on for Shawn to watch his sister reliving the past that he came at the same time with only the light touch of Melissa's cheek against his cock. He shot hard and far. His cum landed on her chest and stomach. Melissa didn't expect it but because she was lost in her fantasy. Her brother's cum covered her front. As reality set back in she guided his hands and had him rub his cum all over her breasts.

She turned her attention to his actual cock and licked and sucked the remaining cum from it. Suddenly the moans and groans of a woman having an orgasm came from across the room. Melissa had forgotten to mute the speakers on the computer. Amy must have cum hard from watching them. Shawn looked toward the computer. "What was that?" he asked. "Come on and I'll show you," Melissa said standing and taking his hand and they walked to the computer. She turned the monitor back on and there was their friend Amy on the screen trying to catch her breath as she licked her juices from the vibrator she had been using on her pussy.

"Surprise!" Amy said as she turned her attention back to the screen and saw her two best friends watching her. "I can't believe how hot that was watching the two of you. It makes me wish I had a big brother." Knowing that Amy had watched the whole thing triggered something inside of Shawn. Melissa occasionally liked rough sex and she was about to get it when she least expected it. He pulled his cutoff shorts off saying, "I am glad you liked it Amy because the show isn't over," he told her.

With that he bent his sister over the desk and took her from behind. Melissa screamed, "Oh fuck!!!" It was a combination of surprise and pleasure as Shawn buried his cock into her still soaked pussy. She didn't know if it was her brother or husband fucking her but she didn't care. It was rare for him to react this way and she loved it. She pushed back fucking him just as hard as she was fucking him.

As Shawn pounded his sister's pussy he reached up grabbing her hair holding it and pulling back enough to hyper-extend her neck. He leaned forward and used his tongue licking and tickling the newly discovered erogenous zone of her ear. Despite how much the desk was shaking from their hard sex, Melissa and Shawn were also getting quite a show watching and hearing Amy who was still on Skype watching them and again using her toys to pleasure herself.

This time it was with a life like replica of a cock that was about the same size as Shawn's. "Yes Shawn… fuck her hard. Ram your cock in her just like I want you to fuck me when I come to stay with you.

Missy don't you worry either because why your brother is fucking my cunt like that I am going to be devouring that sweet pussy of yours. Then you can eat me while he fucks you." The combination of her brother fucking her so hard, his tongue and lips on her ear, and the thought of her best friend eating her pussy was too much for her and her body exploded in an orgasm so hard her pussy contracted to the point that Shawn could not pull it out if he wanted too. He came with his sister seconds later.

Amy too came so hard she actually pushed back so hard from the desk that her chair tipped over causing her to fall to the floor. Slowly they all recovered and started laughing together as Amy picked herself off the floor.

"If that is any indication of what we are going to share together when I get there you better plan on taking the whole week off from work after Memorial Day because I won't let either of you leave the house.

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If I have to tie you to the bed to keep you there I will," Amy told them with determination. "Don't worry Amy. We were both planning on taking the following week off. It will be our first anniversary after all," Melissa told her still gasping for air. Amy looked at them both and blew them a kiss.


"I need to finish up some reports tonight, so I can get things closed out on this end and get ready to move there. Love you both." Speaking for both of them Shawn said, "We love you too Amy and look forward to seeing you again." With that they both closed the Skype connection. Shawn helped Melissa stand up and seeing she still seemed weak in the knees picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. She reached down pulling the covers back as he set her on the bed and got under the covers with her.

Melissa snuggled up to him resting her head on his chest. "I love you Bro," she said. She lifted her head and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. Shawn gave her a kiss as well. It wasn't the long passionate kiss you would expect from a couple who had just had some very passionate sex.

It was the kiss any brother might give his sister. "I love you too Sis."