Black and white naked gay men Jesse Bryce the cockhungry hunk

Black and white naked gay men Jesse Bryce the cockhungry hunk
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My spelling isn't that good. Don't read if you're worried about punctuation, grammar, etc. Just read if you have a foot fetish, or else you won't like it. Read my first story if possible. ~~~~~~ To be able to watch our incest video, you had to be a member of the hosting site which cost around $50.00 / month to watch these types of illegal / consensual videos.

Of course, because it was our video, I had it downloaded onto the computer. I uploaded it onto a disk and gave it to my sister with a link in case she wanted to read the comments from people discussing our video.

I didn't really care about what happened between my sister and I. We continued our normal lives; her being an annoying brat and me being her bitchy brother. A few weeks after I uploaded our video onto the Internet and became a hit, my sister again came into my room as I was playing Xbox.

"Hey, I watched the video." My sister said as she came and sat beside me on my bed and watched me play Grand Theft Auto 4. When I looked at her hands, I saw our CD cover which contained our porno. "So." I said hoping to get a real reaction as to whether or not she regretted her decision of doing what we did. When we went shopping together, she was really happy about the money she had received from doing this. Was she feeling any guilt now?

I paused the game giving her my full attention and I looked at her. "I really liked it, I mean, it wasn't like the amateur porn stuff you see online, it was edited real nice." She said. "Thanks, Sis, I couldn't have done it that good if it wasn't for you following the instructions, you know." I said to her.

She smiled and gave me the porn disk cover which contained the disk of our porno. "So wanna do our next one tomorrow?" She asked as she gave me the disk. "WHAT!? You wanna do it again?" I screamed.

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"Well, I've been reading the comments and so many people wanna see more from us." She said to me. My sister wasn't looking at me anymore, and her voice was really quiet again. "So you want to do another porn?" I asked quietly in case our parents heard us from the living room. My sister nodded and took out a small white piece of folded paper from her pocket and placed it on my bed in between the two of us. She unfolded the paper and showed it to me.

I saw so many letters and numbers. "I looked at the other videos on the site, the different fetishes, styles, and types of porn that they had. And I calculated the number of viewers. I also read our videos comments to see what the viewers all wanted and would pay money for." "So what's the highest one?" I asked her quietly. "There's some popular ones like girl on girl porn, but a lot of people are willing to pay for young oral sex and stuff and--," My sister was saying.

"Sis," I interrupted, "What is something you wanna do?" My sister paused once I interrupted her. Then she remained quiet and looked on the floor, like she was thinking. But she didn't say anything. "Okay wait, we'll do this. You write down all the ideas the two of us CAN do for our next porno.

That will narrow our choices. Come back once you're done." My sister nodded and headed back into her room. ~~~~ My sister returned into my bedroom with a sheet of paper full of writing and sat down on my bed.

I paused my game again and took a look at the paper.


It was half-way full of writing, listing all the different types of porn the two of us can do. Some seemed easy like facial cum shot, some seemed hard like poop fetish!. I took a quick scan, then ripped the bottom empty half of the paper. I grabbed a pen from on top of my cabinet, ripped the empty paper in half, and handed it to my sister.

"Here, take this." I said to my sister as I handed her half of the paper. "Write down 3; not one, not two, but three of the ideas from the paper in no particular order in which you're committed into doing. Okay?" My sister nodded. I looked down at the list my sister created. There were so many ideas to choose from. The first one I wrote down on my sheet of paper was "Feet" because it seemed like the easiest one.

The second one I wrote down was "Peeing" as that seemed easy; even though I knew nothing about it. The last one I wrote was "Swallow" but that would be my sisters choice at the end of the day. I handed my pen to my sister who had more time to think about the choices. I folded my paper and watched as my sister wrote down three ideas of what she and I could do for our next porno.

I hoped that she was kinda enjoying doing this, and not only doing it for the money we can make.

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It took her a minute to decide what to write but once she finished, she folded her paper and handed it to me. I took both our papers and placed it in the middle of us.

Then I opened both papers. I had written: Feet, Peeing, Swallow. My sister had written: Feet, Oral, Massage ~~~~~~~~~~~ "Okay you two, we're off shopping.


No fighting, no leaving the house, and keep the door locked okay!?" My Mom said as she gathered her things and headed off shopping. Dad was already waiting downstairs for Mom and once Mom left the home, my sister and I were alone on a Saturday morning which was similar to a few weeks back when we did our first porno.

I headed to our front door and locked it, knowing now was the time we were free. My sister began to walk from the living room to her bedroom. I followed. She sat down on her bed and I sat beside her. My sister had just taken a shower, spreading the smell of her strawberry scented shampoo all across her bedroom.

I had the video camera's emptied and all set up in my sisters room, ready to record what was needed.

My sister cut and colored her fingernails yesterday night. Her feet were pale white and the red nails was very attracting.

She slipped on her pink furry bedroom slippers and waited for my start. Her hair, skin, and bathrobe were still wet and I hoped this would allow more people to find this attractive. I grabbed the two video camera's and pressed the recording button on each one. I looked at my sister who was only wearing a white bathrobe.

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Her knees were showing and we both knew what would happen in a while. "Okay, so I want you to go to the washroom, untie your bathrobe, but keep it on, when you come out, tie it, and walk to your bedroom. Once inside, I will knock on your door which you must allow me to enter. Then just follow my lead." My sister nodded and entered the washroom. I held one video camera and placed it on my sisters cornered cabinet, it had a view of almost the whole room.

I zoomed in so it recorded my sisters bedroom door and her bed. I left her bedroom afterwards and stood outside the washroom with the second camera in my hand ready awaiting her exit. "Okay, count to 10 and we'll begin!" ~~~~~~~~ My sister exited the washroom and finished tying her bathrobe together. She then walked from outside the washroom to her bedroom. I followed her recording from behind as she entered her bedroom.

I then put the camera I was holding on the ground beside her bedroom door to allow our voices to be heard, and then I left her bedroom, closing her door in the process. I knocked on her bedroom door which she gladly came and opened for me. "Oh hey sis, can I come in?" I asked. "Yeah you can, I just finished taking a shower." She said. She sat down on her bed and I went and sat beside her. With that scene done, I quickly grabbed the two video cameras.

I placed one camera on her bed post and zoomed in so it would record only the bed. The second camera I held in my hands and recorded my sister. I sat down beside my sister knowing I would have to edit a lot of stuff. "Sis, wow, I love your toe-nails!" I said as I zoomed my camera onto her feet, then her toe-nails. "Oh thanks," She replied, "I just painted it last night. So um, why did you want to talk to me?" "I've started to learn how to give foot massages, thought I'd try it on you first before I break someone else's foot." I said to my sister.

My sister smiled, "So you want to break your little sisters feet first, here's my answer, FUCK YOU!" "Sis, I was just joking," I said smiling as this was great acting. "Please, here, lie down on your bed." I instructed. My sister laid down on her bed on her back angrily, "If you hurt me, I'm gonna fucking kill you." She said.

I watched as my sister laid down and relaxed her body onto the bed. Her eyes were open however which I wanted her to close it. I waited until she made eye contact with me, and I closed my eyes. I hoped she had gotten the message. I opened my eyes and I saw her eyes were closed. PERFECT! I went in between my sister's legs and removed my sisters small slippers off her feet revealing them up close to the camera.

Her feet were pale, skinny, and really small. They were really cute with the red toenails and looked very clean since she just took a shower. I tapped my sisters shoulders and gave her my hand-held camera so she can record as I massaged her. I began to massage her right foot first. I held the bottom of her right foot with both hands, the I began rubbing the top of her foot as I worked my way to the sole.

I rubbed it very gently and carefully not to hurt my sister. I finished off with shaking and pulling her toes until I heard the crack. My sister moaned as I cracked each one but also started laughing.

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Once done, I moved on to her left foot. I did the same exact process. But this time, I spit on my hands, then rubbed them together. I massaged her foot again this time with saliva which helped somewhat. I pulled her toes and my sister moaned again as I did.

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Now I wasn't sure of what to do. I went on my stomach and leaned my face beside my sisters feet. I then started with her right foot, spitting, licking, and kissing it. I started by placing my tongue on the middle of my sisters foot, then licking all over it. I used as much saliva as possible trying to moist the foot. Next, I started kissing her toes, starting with the big one and moving down to the smallest toe.

I put as many toes into my mouth as possible. We both were moaning as this happened and when I began to twirl my tongue around her toes.

I did the same to her left foot. Putting all the toes into my mouth and twirling my tongue around them. My sister was moaning a lot. Once I believed her toes were moisturized with my saliva, I got up on my knees and pulled down my boxers revealing my cock. My sister opened her eyes and stared at my cock staring right into her face.

"Pass the camera, then give me a foot-job." I said. My sister handed me the camera. Once I faced the camera towards my sister, she placed her feet around my cock and began to masturbate it. It took a minute for her to get used to giving me a foot-job, I don't think many girls do that so it was a first for my sister. The feeling was much more different than a blowjob or a hand job, it was a rough intense pleasure sinking feeling as I watched her knees bend inwards and outwards and her feet rolling my foreskin up and down.

I moaned as she sped up the pace until I had a full 7' erection. "Sis, when I say I'm cumming, don't move your feet." I said. My sister nodded, than continued giving me a foot job. I continued to moan as she sped up the pace even more, going faster and faster until I felt my cock twitch and sperm racing come out. "I'm Cumming!" I yelled. My sister stopped moving her feet allowing my sperm to come out slowly which is what I wanted. I used my body to push my sperm out and have it leak out onto my sisters beautiful feet.

"Holy, Fuck!" I said as she slowly moved her feet unleashing the rest of my sperm to come out and onto her feet like water going down the drain. Once all my sperm was out onto my sisters feet, I used my hands and spread it all around her feet.

Her feet were so slippery now which was so hot.

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I looked at my sister, "How are you enjoying the foot cream?" I asked my sister. She smiled at me as I finished spreading my sperm onto her feet, then kissing each toe before cutting the camera.

~~~~~~~~~~ I handed $500.00 cash to my sister. Our foot fetish porno didn't make much money, but it was easy to do and for my sister who likes money, she was glad we did it. Want me to continue this series?