Oriental wet cookie pounding scene lingerie japanese

Oriental wet cookie pounding scene lingerie japanese
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After getting all the kids to bed you join me in the bedroom. I put down my book and you give me a sexy smile. You slowly take off your shirt, revealing your beautiful breasts. I sit up and move toward you but you motion for me to stop. I lay back and enjoy the show. You raise a breast up to your mouth and start to lick and suck your nipple, all the while staring into my eyes. You do the same with your other breast and then slide your hands down your body. You turn around and slowly slide your pants down.

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I bite my lip as I stare your gorgeous ass. As you step out of your pants I get a brief glimpse of your pussy. You turn to face me and you slide your hand between your legs. Your eyes shut as you start rubbing your clit.


With your other hand you pull your breast up to your mouth again. You moan as you suck on your nipple and play with your clit. You push a finger deep inside of you and you gasp. You withdraw your finger and bring it up to your mouth to lick all of your juices from it.

Finally you move over to the bed. You grab the sheet and slowly pull it down exposing me. You lick your lips when you see my rock hard cock. You kneel down on the bed and start to kiss your way up my legs. You avoid my cock for now and kiss your way from my abdomen to my chest. You stop for a few moments to lick and suck on my nipples before moving up to my neck. I tilt my head back and you kiss and lick every inch of my neck. I pull my head down and we start kissing.

Our mouths open and our tongues start searching each others mouths. When you feel I'm getting a little too excited you push me back down on to the bed. You kiss a straight line down my body to my cock. You kiss the underside of my cock from the base to the head, then you give the head a little lick.

You look up at me and tell me you are going to suck me off. My cock twitches with excitement as I realize this means that this is not just foreplay, that you intend on sucking my cock until I explode in your mouth.

You take me into your mouth without using your hands.

You tease my cock with your tongue making it throb. You slide one hand under my buttocks, squeezing them, with the other you rub my chest and abdomen. Your head starts to slowly bob up and down on my cock as you gently raking your fingernails across my abdomen. You increase the pace as you dig your fingernails into my ass and abdomen. My breathing starts to quicken and you decide to push me over the edge. You push a finger deep inside your pussy and then start to rub it against my anus.

You gently massage my opening until you feel the muscles relax, then you push your finger inside my ass. You press down against my prostate as you suck my cock wildly taking me as deep into your mouth as you can.

Uncontrollably my hips start to buck and I start fucking your mouth. You know I'm past the point of return and you dig the nails of your free hand into my ass cheek and I groan loudly as my hips fly off the bed and I feel my cock errupt into your mouth.

You suck and swallow greedily as I pump my cum into your mouth. I collapse back on to the bed as you swallow the last few shots and start licking me clean.

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You continue to lick and suck me until my cock has completely gone soft. You slowly kiss your way back up my body as I recover. We kiss for a while until I'm ready for more and then I roll you over unto your back. I kiss you deeply before I move down to your neck, kissing, licking and biting. You moan and press your body up against me as I hit the sensitive parts around your neck.


I place little kisses all over your chest while I stare at your breasts longing to suck on them. I finally give in to my lust and I attack your breasts.

You gasp loudly as I quickly take one of your hard nipples into my mouth and suck on it hard. You moan loudly and push your hips against me hard as you feel the sexual current flowing from your breasts to your burning pussy.

I suck and lick each of your nipples slowly as I feel your frustration build. I know you need to cum badly but I also know that the more I tease you the harder you will cum. I kiss all around your breasts for a while before I start moving down your body. I kiss my way down your abdomen, teasing your navel for a little while.

I kiss and lick your mound and then move down to your inner thighs. With each kiss and lick on your thighs you involuntarily spread your legs a little more. You are so worked up I can see your wetness dripping out of you. With each lick and kiss I get a little closer to the place where you want my tongue, but with each kiss I move a little slower.

You moan in frustration, wanting to grab my head and push it into your pussy.

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You start pulling at the sheets to keep from grabbing me and I realize I should have tied you down before I began. I know you can't take anymore so I surprise you by quickly pushing my tongue inside you.

You cry out and your entire body tightens up from the shock. You grab the back of my head as I start fucking you with my tongue.

Your start pushing your hips into me matching my thrusts. I know you are close so I suck your hard clit into my mouth and start flicking it with my tongue. You grab a pillow and scream into it as you feel your orgasm throughout your entire body.

You cum so hard you think you are going to pass out. After a few moments your body relaxes but I continue to lick and suck your clit. I feel your wetness on my chin and I need to taste you, so I work my down to your opening and lick you clean, inside and out. I lift your legs and continue to work my way down. I lick up all of the juices that have run down from your pussy.

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I lick my way down following the trail of wetness between your buttocks. I start licking your anus until your muscles loosen up and then I push my tongue against your anus. After a few pushes my tongue slips into your ass. I fuck your ass with my tongue as your body writhes in pleasure. When I know you're ready to cum again I move back up to your clit. I suck and lick your clit until I feel your body start to stiffen. Then I push my pinky deep into your lubed ass. When my finger invades your delicate opening you explode, again screaming into the pillow.

This time I don't give you any time at all to rest. I push two fingers inside your pussy while I continue to lick and suck your clit. I start finger fucking your pussy and ass as I suck hard on your clit. Your body starts to convulse as you cum again and again. Orgasm after orgasm shoots through your entire body until you collapse back down into the bed.

Your breathing is quick and loud and you feel like your heart is going to leap out of your chest. You beg me to stop and I do so unwillingly knowing you can't take anymore.

I wait for a few moments for you to recover a little and then I lick you clean before moving back up your body. I kiss my way up your body, when I kiss between your breasts I can actually feel your heartbeat through your skin. When I reach your neck you have fully recovered and you start kissing me passionately. We kiss for a few moments and then I continue to slide up your body. Your disappointed for a few moments until you understand what I have in mind. I straddle your chest and slide my semi-hard cock between your breasts.

You smile and press your breasts together surrounding my cock with your soft flesh. I tit fuck you for a little while as I feel my cock get harder. It gets hard enough that the head pokes out from above your breasts. You tilt your head and start licking the head of my cock with each thrust. Then with a look of pure lust in your eyes you take the head into your mouth.

You suck on the head of my cock while I move up your body a little more. You grab my ass and start to push me deeper into your mouth. I understand what you want and start to fuck your mouth. It feels so good I almost don't want to stop but I need to be inside you. I pull out of your mouth and you let out a disappointed groan. You disappointment ends quickly as I move down your body and push my cock deep inside your wet pussy. You wrap your legs around me as I start thrusting into you.

I want to take my time but can't control myself. You dig your fingernails into my back as you beg me to fuck you hard. I thrust into you harder and harder, my balls slapping against your ass.

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I quickly pull out of you just seconds before I go over the edge. Your eyes open and you start to ask me why I stopped but I grab you and roll you over onto your stomach.

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I enter you again, but from this position you are much tighter. You moan as you can feel every inch of my hard cock deep inside you.

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I kiss the back of your neck as I thrust into you long and slow trying to last as long as I can. I reach under you and start to rub your clit.

After a few seconds you start gasping and I feel your muscles tighten around my cock. You start cumming as I explode deep into your pussy. I cum so hard that I collapse on top of you, emptying myself inside you. After a few moments I slide off of you and you roll over onto your side. I lay down behind you, spooning against you and holding you tight to me. We kiss for a little while until we both fall asleep holding each other.