Teen girl loves big black dick

Teen girl loves big black dick
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It was a Thursday evening and I was just finishing work when my phone went off, a message from my husband said "im outside, hurry up I got a surprise for you." I started to worry, he never comes to my office, he never finishes work before me, but today 2 things out of the ordinary, got my heart pounding, just then the office door opened and in walked my boss.

Still here Wendy, I thought you had already gone, my boss Jack was a married man, 30yrs old 2 kids and very attractive young wife, he wore glasses that made him look older but more intelligent, he had never made any advances to any women in our office block, but always had a good look if any of us females wore something sexy.


I said "I am just finishing up then I,ll be gone, do you need anything befor I leave" "no, save it for your hubby" he replied, then winked and walked out. As it wasn't the weekend it was a strange remark to make, but I brushed it off and got my stuff together and left the office, I was the last of the girls to leave, I said goodbye to jack and walked to the lift, the building was almost empty and I got out the lift in the lobby and was greeted by the security guard Richard, he was tall dark and handsome, and was always making rude comments to the women in the office block, he was only 23 but was very cock sure of himself, but I always felt safe around him, he had a way about him that made him flirty and chatty even though he was half my age… he would always complement me on what I was wearing, often askin if I was wearing tights or stockings under my short skirt, or if I was pleased to see him if it was chilly outside, and my nipples were poking through my blouse, I just took it all in fun, and gave as good as I got from him.

"Hi Wendy" he said as he walked toward me, "had a hard day in the office, when are you going to let me massage your shoulders for you to relieve your tension," "Stop it Richard, you know I would scare you off if I took up your offer, besides I,m old enough to be your mum," and laughed, "That's no problem, I could be your toyboy then, and we could play with each others toys" he joked.

We walked over to his desk and I signed out, and as I went to walk away he looked me straight in the eye and said "you don't know what your missing, I can keep it up all night, and start again first thing in the morning, and still come to work full of beans" he laughed nervously as if he had overstepped the mark, I smiled at him, and said "that's a lovely thought, but doesn't it get sore with all that wanking" smiled and winked at him and left him standing there blushing as I walked away.

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I saw my hubby Peter, in his car in the carpark and walked over to him, he got out and kissed my cheek, then opened the back door and got out a big bunch of flowers, he handed them to me, and told me to jump in, I was surprised to get flowers he never does things like that, he told me to get in, "whats going on Pete?" I asked "just get in the car, were going out" he replied "what about my car I don't want to leave it here" I said "Its all taken care of don't worry" he replied.

I got in and pulled my seat belt on, he told me to relax and drove out the car park.

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The flowers were sitting on my lap and playing on my mind, had he been playing away again or was he going to leave me, things were going through my mind, I put the flowers on the back seat, and asked him whats going on, "relax, were going down the coast for the weekend, I've got a meeting tomorrow and thought we might as well make the most of the hot weather, I've booked a hotel until Monday and cleared it with your work." He works for a big I.T company and travels a lot around Europe and a couple of times to the states, "oh right" I snapped "would have been nice to have been told, or even get to grab some clothes, and get a shower in," I didn't sound happy because I wasn't, he had come back from a meeting in the states 5 months ago, and for a few weeks he was very stand offish and hardly come near me, sex stopped and then the bombshell, he said the meeting went on till 9 oclock that night and the clients 3 men all took him back to 1 of there houses, he told me that he was 33 and married and 2 young kids, his wife was petty, and he felt comfortable being at there house, he said they all sat there drinking and playing pool into the small hours, and the guys wife was very flirty with 1 of the other guys.

Their names were Dominic and Vicci, the couple, Rick and Dan the other 2, Dan was the 1 she was flirting with, Vicci was apparently pouring drinks for all the guys and every time she got to Dan she would turn and rub her bum against his crotch and laugh, Dom would just say "go for it girl.

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He'll cum in his pants soon, Pete said they were all laughing, when Dan suddenly started rubbing his crotch into Vicci,s bum, and his hands up over her tits, Pete remembers her nipples going hard and poking through her vest top, she was pushing back against him, and the rest were all egging them on, even Pete, and Dom, then he had his hands inside her vest and pulling at her nipples making her gasp, and push back a bit more into his crotch, Pete had told me they were all laughing and whistling and she turned round and lifted her vest top off and pulled Dans head down to her nipple, and pushed it toward his open mouth, she then pulled away from him and took her jeans and knickers off and started rubbing her shaved pussy in front of them all, they all cheered and she walked toward the pool table grabbing Dan by the hand, and bent over the table put her hand down between her legs and started fingering herself, Pete said you could hear her squelch from her juices, Dan unzipped and rammed his cock right up her and fucked her until he shot his load right up inside her, Dominic started clapping and laughing, and said "she wont be happy with that Dan, she hasn't cum yet, c,mon boys she needs our help" and with his laugh ringing round the room Pete said they all walked over to her and started rubbing her body, by the end of the night they had all cum in her pussy and her mouth, Peter told me that he had woke in the morning on 1 of the small sofas in the den where the sex took place, he had a major hangover, and thought he had been dreaming until he saw a discarded pair of knickers on the floor and Dan was asleep on the floor naked.

He could smell sex on him and said he wanted to get out of there and back to the hotel to shower.

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I remember the night he told me, and how it made me feel, I slapped his face and walked out on him that night and went to my daughters house, I never told her what had happened, but as I lay in her spare bed I felt so horny imagining my husband and his mates double ending some young tart and taking turns filling her with his cum, I ended up fingering myself to an almighty orgasm that night. I snapped out of my thoughts, and asked how long till we get there, "about enough time for you to have an orgasm baby" he replied, because long car journeys usually tend to make me horny, "oh right, so you want me to masturbate, I feel dirty but not in that way" I retorted, "I need a shower honey," I replied.

"Well its gonna be about an hour and half till we arrive, you can always doze off for a while." "ok, wake me when were nearby babes," I laid my seat back a bit and started to doze. I could feel Peter waking me and as I come round I felt a cold breeze and realised my blouse was open and my tits were out, the window was open and my nipples were rock hard ,Pete was laughing, and there was a lorry driver along side us looking at my naked boobs, I was shocked but it turned me on and I started rubbing my nipples and turned them toward the driver, asking my husband how I got into this situation, he just laughed and said "you just started shifting in your seat, and rubbing your nipples through your shirt, then you opened it and got your tits out," "so you didn't have anything to do with it then" and laughed myself, the lorry driver was doing his best to keep up with us but eventually had to slow down because of traffic, but this flashing my tits was turning me on, I reached round and un hooked my bra and managed to take it off completely, I undone the last couple of buttons on my blouse and pulled it right open, and hitched up my skirt as high as it would go, next I took my panties off and started rubbing my now wet pussy, Pete said "theres another lorry up ahead, what do you want me to do" "get alongside him and see if he notices" I replied We caught the lorry quickly and I told Pete to hit the horn to grab his attention, the driver nearly swerved into us as he got a glimpse of me in a state of undress, as we were next to him I pushed 2 fingers inside myself and took them out and held them up offering them to him, then put them in my mouth and sucked them clean, his face was a picture, the next thing Pete put his foot down a bit and pulled in front of the lorry and started indicating to pull off the moter way, I looked up and see a sign for a service station, I realised what he was doing and put my hand out the window waving the driver to follow us.

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We turned toward the services and the lorry followed, Pete drove a big empty space near the back of the car park near some trees, and stopped, he rolled up my window a bit and locked the doors, just as the driver pulled up along side, I pushed my seat back as far as it would go, and turned so my now exposed and really wet pussy was facing the lorry driver, I ran my fingers up and down my wet slit then started to finger myself, all the time looking right at the driver who couldn't take his eyes off my fingers.

I could tell by the movement in the cab that he was wanking his cock, and I was fingering for all I was worth, Pete had his cock in his hand and was rubbing frantically to, he was moaning about cumming, and got on his knees and wanked all over my thighs and fingers, I pulled my fingers out and scooped his cum onto my wet fingers and sucked them clean, and put them straight back in my pussy and started fucking nyself again, I looked back at the driver and he opened his cab door, and turned to face me, I could now see his cock, impressive I thought, he stood on the top step of his cab and said he was going to cum.

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"open the window Pete please" I gasped, the window went down as the driver started started to shoot spunk, some onto the roof of the car, and some straight into the open window and onto my face as I stuck my head out, I reached out and grabbed at his cock and pulled it toward me, he had cum all over the head and was still oozing cum out the end, he stepped down another step cock now level with my face and I sucked his cock in, tasting his spunk, my other hand still fingering myself, I started to cum, moaning around his cock, bucking in my seat and soaking my hand, I released his cock and licked my lips, he then shocked me by askin me for my dirty knickers as a trophy, of course I obliged, but not befor I rubbed them up and down my soaking wet pussy, I handed them to him and he put them straight to his nose to sniff them.

Pete started the car and we drove off, I turned and blew a kiss to my mystery man&hellip.

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