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Perfect ass suckina a big cock
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Seppia was soon installed as my Mistress after a payment and talks with her brother Seppius.Confirmed to be with my child, I had acted quickly to make sure she was tied firmly to me. And after numerous sessions of hot and sweaty sex, I made sure she knew where her loyalty lay as I ravished her impregnated womb. She didn't mind not being my wife as just being a member of my house was enough of a power, status and wealth booster.

She had power like never before and as she was my mistress and had my child in her womb, she had abodyguardof 50 soldiers. I then began talks with ilithya's father Albinius. Within a month and after a wedding on Friday great wealth that still had people talking about it weeks later, Ilithya became my official wife, the blonde beauty also becoming pregnant soon after our wedding night.

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Melitta was soon to join them as we fucked like rabbits. She was feeling insecure after seeing the two talking and rubbing their bellies with soft smiles on their faces at their impending motherhood.

Melitta had promptly grabbed me and locked us in her rooms where we fucked and I came 5 times in her pussy and she was confirmed pregnant soon after. I would soon be a father to three children and it was great news for my ego.


The brothel next to my house was a hit. Behind closed doors during the day, all women, whores or otherwise, were trained in battle and assassination techniques as well as information gathering.

I had been a bit surprised to find out that the female warrior I had bought was Artemisia. With all the dirt and grime covering her face, I hadn't recognised her. It made me wonder how she was even here. The battle between her and the Greek navy where she fought and died happened long before the events of Spartacus. Having no way to understand (Artemisia had merely stated that she had been born in Greece twenty years ago to a whore, offering no other explanation.) I let the matter rest.

I installed her as my personal guard and head of security (The normal guards didn't argue with having a hot woman leading them.) as well as putting some of the trained women into my lupus as silent sentinels and guards of my wife, Melitta, Seppia, the servants and myself.

The rest went to work at the brothel, which was soon filled with eager clients who heard of the most beautiful and we'll versed whores in Rome. I had spared no expense in making the women extra beautiful and making the brothel even more famous. Soon i knew everyone's dirty secrets and by everyone imeant the rich and powerful of Rome.

I had enough blackmail material to fill a ludus. Another reason for my ravishing of as many women as possible was the fact that I just had TOO MUCH WEALTH. Daily from my businesses I received 10 million gold coins.

My boats brought in another 5 million per week and my silver, gold and iron mines which were on an island discovered by my father had to extend their stores capacity THRICE in order to keep all the minerals theywere mining. When my father in this universe died, he left me 40 million in gold and silver pieces and 80 million worth of assets and businesses. Now I had 250 million gold pieces, 120 million in silver and 100 million in assets and businesses. Even when I gave to charity or to broke businessmen there was still too much.

I had even started a bank and was giving out loans with little to no interest and it was still too much. I had taken up the Roman empires expenses in their foreign dominions and conquered nations and it was STILL TOO MUCH!! Though with how much money and aid I was giving out I was making lots of allies.

But I needed heirs and women. As I got more money I could leave sizable wealth to my children and their mothers in my will. I would leave a dynasty of children with my wealth and their mother's cunning though I would make sure they would love and be loyal to one another.


I'm still sure I could impregnate half of Rome's women and still give them enough money to run a small Kingdom. Hell! Every servant and guard in my ludus was in my will with one million gold pieces. Not that I was gonna tell them.

Just recently an army of 5,000 mercenaries had loaned 5 of my ships to seek fortune and adventure. I didn't like them but I was promised 50%.

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Plus they were taking away 5 ships that I didn't need. Though I'm sure that ten more would be made to replace them by months end. "Alexander, my dear" I turned to find ilithya's seductive gaze upon me. If I had let myself waver even for a little, this tigress would have me putty in her hands. She walked towards me, a loving look on her face as she came to stand beside me. She, just like most women I had slept with here in this world,had come to love me and iIlithya was very possessive.

"it's time for dinner. You have the rest of the night after I'm through with you to muse." My eyes went down to the slight curve of her belly where my heir lay warm and protected. I smiled softly. "Very well Ilithya. Let us go. I wouldn't have my wife kept hungry.

Besides, I'm sure Seppia is waiting for us and Melitta and Artemisia must be angry at me straying from." She began to pout and say in a husky voice. "Am I just your wife? When we first met you made quite sure to make me worship that godly cock of yours with my mouth and feed me your seed like I was a common whore. Great Jupiter how thick it was and still is. Calling me a slut as I nursed on your balls." I let my hand into her silk dress and cupped her tips. "Tempt me and I won't give you a moments peace after the birth before I give our child a sibling to play with." Her lips formed a lustful smile at this as we went to eat.

####################################### Canthara had been a whore for a long time. Her soft lips,beautiful figure and face, lovely tanned skin, long wavy black hair and fertile womb had many a person seek her out for her "favours" on two occasions she had even been paid to bear children for a client.

Now she was in the house of Alexander, before her master. Her Dominus Lars Alexander.

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Or at least she was on her knees naked before me with my 7 inch cock hanging out freely with my huge sperm filled balls. Slowly she let her tongue snake over the proud, pomegranate-sized spunk pods.

She had never tasted such good ball meat, and from the flavor she could tell I had marinated each opulent orb in flowing cunt sauce. Melitta's to be exact. She enjoyed the taste though. "You want my child, don't you Canthara?

You want to be my mistress and bear my children?" "Yes, how did you know?" She asked as she wiped a thick streak of saliva from her lips as she pulled them reluctantly from my fat left ostrich egg of a testicle. "I can guess. You'll get your wish. Be my mistress, bear my children and no longer be a slave.

Tonight I will make you bear my seed in your fertile womb. But for now pleasure me." She got the message and rolled and bobbled the engorged dinosaur eggs that were my balls one by one on her tongue, and lips, saliva accumulating and streaking down my nut sack and thighs, smearing her jaw and cheeks and upper lip with sweat and her own glistening slobber.

As my shaft throbbed, she decided the time to impress me had arrived. She inhaled mightily, her exposed tits expanding in kind, as she worked my impossibly large Cum filled right ball into her mouth. She gazed up at me as she pulled her head back, tugging the testicle away from my body to my enormous delight. Then she performed the Coup De Gras, Diving back forward to latch her lips to the other beef-globe jizz ball, slurping like a whole group of whores at an orgy.

With a sickening wet noise, the ball intruded in, her mouth and tongue working everywhere to find space to fit it. Quickly her hands dove up to help cram more ball meat into her warm mouth, finally forcing the fat full sphere past her jaw with a slutty abandon.

"Such a slut, aren't you? " I groaned in pleasure. Pushing her greedily sucking mouth off my cock I prepared to take my prize as she lay on the soft bed. I settled myself on my knees and rubbed my cock head against Canthara's drenched cunt lips a few times before pressing the bulbous head against them. It took a little work but I was able to force the head into her incredible tight Egyptian twat, the shriek she let out nearly blew my eardrums however.

Experienced she may be but not THAT experienced. To Canthara, it must have felt like someone had just shoved a fist, along with the arm, up her cunt. I would have waited several minutes to let her get used to the massive intruder, but the brunette beauty was having none of that. "Fuck me, master.Give me everything you have." Grabbing her behind the knees I pushed her lower torso up so only her shoulders, neck, and head were on the ground and with one powerful thrust shoved half my dick into her, knocking the air from her lungs.

I took my slut's words to heart and started ruthlessly pounding her tight whore cunt, forcing another inch in with each thrust. One such brutal thrust forced Canthara's eyes to resemble dinner plates as my cock punched right through her cervix and into her womb, the pain and pleasure of the intrusion forced her into a toe-curling orgasm, her already tight pussy now felt like it was crushing my dick as her orgasm ripped through her.

Placing Canthara's legs on my shoulders I grabbed a hold of her huge brown tits and started brutally pounding the cock stuffed beauty underneath me into the soft bed in earnest. I knew I wouldn't last much longer buried in her like this, so i didn't hold back, thrusting at speeds that left my hips nearly a blur.


After nearly twenty minutes of fucking, Canthara's wide-eyed panting face changed into that of a fucked stupid bitch, glazed eyes rolled into the back of her skull as her tongue hung out of her wide open mouth.It seemed she had never been fucked so thoroughly. Her demeanour only made me Fuck her more.She was used to being fucked.But i wasn't fucking her. I was breeding this slut. I was only able to last a little bit longer, she was just too tight for me to keep on going.

Still pounding down into her, I groaned loudly and dropped what felt like the biggest load of cum I'd ever released in my life, which it probably was, by a long shot, into Canthara's fertile womb. "Fill me up, master! Cum inside me! Come on, breed me! Cum in my pussy and knock me up!" She kept yelling as she felt my cum in pussy. The cum that wasn't able to fit in her now filled-to-absolute-capacity womb gushed out her stretched pussy lips to flow down the crack of her sweet ass onto the soft silk bedsheets.

After roughly four and a half minutes I withdrew my still hard prick and fired a few more shots onto her beautiful face, tits and hair as she slipped into an exhausted sleep, her fingers working softly in and out of her impregnated pussy.

###################################### Days passed in relative peace as I continued to wait for news of Glaber's campaign, though word had reached that he had gotten the help of the Thracians.

Not long now and events could begin. I sat at my desk, drinking some wine as I looked at my latest capital figures (at the rate of how much money I was getting per day I should've left my money to orphanages across the world). Artemisia was sitting a few feet away (She looked exactly like Eva green, sparing her eyes, which were blue. She was still as hot as Fuck, though thrice as deadly) with two brothel ladies/Assassins.

My private, secret bodyguard. Nobody would be expecting a three beautiful women to be able to fight after all. Though Artemisia's gazing up and down my body after if unclothing me was getting really serious. "Dominus." A servant had come running breathless into the room to report.

"Word from Thrace.

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Claudius Glaber has been recalled from his campaign." "Well here we go". I thought as I smiled slightly. Only there was more.

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"Also, the mercenaries you loaned your ships to have returned. A great crowd has come to see them at the docks. They come with prisoners and tales of adventures from a place called Westeros." I almost spit out the wine I was drinking.

THE FUCK??!?! I looked at the servant incredulously. "Are you sure of this?" I asked as he nodded. "Yes Dominus.

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It's the talk of all Rome.well that and Glaber's shame in the Gaetae campaign. Though the mercenaries say they found the land destroyed by civil war. Uninhabitable, they say.

The women they've captured are of great beauty though." Where the HELL did GAME OF THRONES fit in with SPARTACUS?!?!?!!!? What kind of messed up confused universe was this? Before I could come up with a game plan though, another servant came rushing into the room. "Dominus come quick! The Domina has gone into labour." A thud echoed across the room as Artemisia, the two female guards and two servants saw their Dominus go down in a faint.

That was really too much info.