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Trai dep show cu to
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When I was a teenager living at home with my parents house I was increasingly attracted to our next door neighbour Christine during my teenage years. Unfortunately the following story is only a fantasy as much as I would wish otherwise.


My parent's neighbour Chris was in her early 30s when I was a teenager living at home with my parents. Chris lived with her husband Tony and their young son Richard and baby daughter Sarah. Chris was a housewife, staying at home to look after the children. Chris had a pretty face and was nearly always smiling. She had long curly brown hair, an absolutely gorgeous body, slim with ample breasts, broad hips and long slender legs.

On hot summer days Chris would often be dressed in small bikini tops which barely contained her large round breasts and shorts, usually cut off denim shorts which showed a lot of her arse perfect pink cheeks, often leaving me wondering whether or not she was wearing knickers underneath the shorts.

I would often watch her from my bedroom window as she went about her chores, putting out the washing to dry or mowing the lawn. I would always feel aroused and lust after her shapely body.

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The summer when I turned 16 my parents went away for a couple of weeks leaving me at home with Chris and Tony keeping an eye upon me in case I needed any help. One day I came out into the garden and whilst Chris hung out their washing we got talking over the fence.

I stood admiring Chris's shapely rear as she hung the washing. It turned out that Chris was all alone since her son was with grandparents and her husband was working all day.

Chris asked if I fancied coming around for lunch. I agreed and around 30 minutes later I knocked at Chris's house. Whilst Chris put together a lunch of salad and sandwiches I sat at the kitchen table and made small talk about leaving school and starting college later that summer. All the time I could scarcely keep my eyes off of Chris's wonderful figure. From the creamy white skin of her shoulders to the way her full tits were barely contained by her small red bikini top to her slim yet shapely legs.

We sat down and ate together. As we talked my eyes kept being drawn to Chris's tits and I realised that I could see the outline of her semi-erect nipples through her bikini top. After a while Chris caught my eyes as I glanced towards her breasts again. I could feel myself go red as she casually asked "Like what you see?". "I better be leaving" I replied. "No need to be embarrased nor to leave. I'm flattered to be getting so much attention from a young man.

Tony barely pays me any attention since Sarah was born, always seems to be too tired or perhaps I am no longer as attractive as I was when I was younger" said Chris. "I wouldn't agree with that second part. I think that you are extremely sexy. I often notice you around and about the garden" I replied. "What draws your attention?" Chris asked.

"You have an absolutely magnificent figure, and the bikinis and shorts you wear leave me very turned on" I blurted out. "Is that so?" Chris replied with a smile. She reached her hand up to her bikini top and looking me straight in the eyes slowly drew one strap down over her shoulder. Still holding my gaze Chris then slipped the other strap down her other shoulder and held her hands over each breast scarely keeping the material over them. With a saucy smile on her face Chris removed her hands letting her breasts swing free.

Her breasts were large with small areola and erect nipples. Chris reached aroung and untied the back leaving her sitting topless in the chair. "Wow.

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You have such a fantastic pair of tits" I commented. Chris smiled again, pushed her chair out from the table and stood up. She walked to the side of the table where my view was not obscured by the table and slowly unbuttoned her shorts.

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Working her thumbs into the waistband she gradually worked the denim shorts over her hips before letting them slowly slide down her smooth legs to the floor. Chris was not wearing any panties under the shorts leaving her standing in front of me naked aside from a pair of mule shoes with a small heels.

I peered at her cleanly shaved vagina, her pussy lips pronounced and clearly visible. "You've seen me, now let me see your body" Chris said with a cheeky smile.

I was a little unsure and nervous but I stood up from the table and unbuttoned my shirt before removing it. I then quickly stripped off my shorts, boxer shorts and shoes. My cock was semi erect and I was unsure what to do next until Chris walked over to me and gently kissed me on my lips.

As I responded she kissed me more passionately slipping her tongue into my mouth and French kissing me. We stood embracing our hands roaming all over one another's bodies. Her skin felt fantastic, smooth and warm. I could feel her nipples erect against my chest. Chris then began to kiss my neck before working her way down to my chest before eventually dropping to her knees where she grasped my now solid penis in one hand and leant forward before tenderly kissing the tip.

Chris drew back my foreskin and drew her tongue around the tip before slowly slidding her mouth down the length. I gasped in suprise and pleasure as her hot mouth coated my entire shaft with saliva. Chris began to draw her mouth and up down the top half of my cock whilst sucking softly hard.

She slowly increased the speed at which her head bobbed up and down. I began to slowly push my penis into her mouth gradually increasing the rhythm until eventually I felt as though I would come in her mouth. Chris sensed my arousal and drew away. "I don't want you to come yet, I want you to come in another part of my body, but not my mouth!" she announced.

She stood, took my hand and led me to the staircase before leading me upstairs. As I followed her up the stairs I couldn't take my eyes off her perfect arse as it swayed in front of me. When we reached the master bedroom, Chris and I embraced again French kissing and I could taste the salty flavour of my pre-spunk on her lips and in her mouth. I could feel my penis straining it was so hard it was very uncomfortable. I drew my hands over the soft skin of Chris' hips and bottom before gradually caressing her breasts, playing with her erect nipples between my fingers.

Chris reacted with pleasure moaning as I gently tweaked her nipples with my fingers. I leant forward and took her erect nipple into my mouth working my tongue over one nipple then the other. "Have you ever seen a woman's pussy?" Chris asked me. "No" I replied. Chris drew away from me and sat on the edge of the bed. She slowly parted her legs exposing the deep pink inners of her pussy. I knelt in front of her level with her pussy.

Chris parted her pussy lips with her fingers and I lent forward and gently planted a kiss on her vagina. "Lick my pussy" Chris urged me. I tentatively licked her pussy tasting her juices and smelling the scent of her wet pussy. I gently pushed Chris's fingers away and drew her pussy lips open with my finger tips and drew the tip of my tongue over the length of her vagina.

I began to lap at her tips coating them in my saliva before pushing my tongue as far into her open pussy hole as I could making Chris gasp in suprise. "Lick the hard knob at the top of my vagina, that's my clitoris.

Lick it, lick it, now, now, now." Chris gasped. I didn't need asking again and I began to lovingly lick and suck her clitoris causing Chris to moan and grasp the bed sheets in her hands.


"Yes, yes, yes. don't stop, don't stop." Chris screamed as an orgasm washed over her.

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Chris grasped my hair holding my head in place and clamping her thighs around my head as she came. Afterwards when Chris had finished panting and regained some composure she said "Sit on the edge of the bed while I find a condom".

As Chris riffled through a chest of drawers she leant forward giving me a perfect view of her glistening pussy lips below her pert arse framed by her lovely legs. It was such a sexy view I was convinced I was going to come there and then.

Having located a condom Chris tore the packet open and knelt in front of me. She looked me in the eyes and said "A woman if often more fertile after giving birth and so this is even more important today." Chris slowly drew the condom down my erect young cock before pushing me back on the bed. With that she straddled my waist and looking me in the eye guided my penis to her hairless vagina. I was treated to the view of my cock sliding into her sopping pussy as she slowly lowered herself on to my hard prick.

The sensation was phenomenal as Chris slowly began to lift herself up and down my prick.

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Chris leant forward and began to kiss me, her large round breasts swaying and brushing against my chest as she did so. We kissed passionately our tongues interlocked as I slowly responded to her movements by bringing up my hips, pushing my cock deeper into her vagina. Chris drew away, leaning with her hands on my lower stomach she began to ride me faster and more forcefully, grinding her vagina against the base of my cock.

I reached up and cupped her breasts, running my fingers over her nipples. Chris smiled and closed her eyes concentrating upon her own pleasure. I responded by thrusting harder and faster into her soaking wet pussy. Chris began to moan and ground her pussy against me. "Yes, fuck me faster, faster" she urged me.

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I did as Chris asked fucking her with all my strength. "Yes, yes, yes" she cried, her face flushed red as her orgasm washed over her.

I felt her pussy tighten around my penis as her vagina contracted as she came. Chris then slid off of my cock, walked over and faced the wall placing her hands level with her head, slightly bend forward and urged me "Your turn, come inside me".


I leapt off of the bed and stood behind Chris, seized her hips and gently slid my rock hard cock back into her tight soft pussy. I rammed my cock in and out of her body holding her hips firmly. Before long I felt my own orgasm rising and, leaning forward against Chris's back, I passionately kissed her neck before coming, shooting my sperm into the condom deep in her vagina.

When I withdrew Chris knelt in front of me and peeled the condom from my cock. With a smile she turned the condom upside down and dripped it over her erect nipples before smearing it over her breasts and neck. Afterwards we showered together, gently soaping and then drying each other.