Chris Devassa do Sexlog e o marido numa cabine da boate Mistura Certa

Chris Devassa do Sexlog e o marido numa cabine da boate Mistura Certa
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By the time the alarm went off on Thursday morning, I was already awake, lying in bed thinking about what would be my second day on my new job. I couldn't decide which of the emotions I was feeling was stronger: fear, shame or excitement.

The one thing I did know was that in a short time I would be facing all three. Again, by the time I finished showering and shaving Kathy had laid out my wardrobe for the day. I was surprised to see that she had selected a red blouse and a relatively modest black skirt that was at least six inches longer than the dress I had worn the day before. I breathed a sigh of relief until I noticed that lying beside the skirt were a garterbelt and stockings.

Knowing better than to challenge Kathy's decisions, I applied my makeup and put on the clothes she had chosen, plus a pair of strappy 5" spike heels that matched the skirt. With my nails and lipstick matching the red blouse, I was actually quite happy with the way my reflection in the mirror looked.

When I made my way to the kitchen, Kathy seemed just as satisfied with my appearance. "You look nice," she smiled. "I hope that skirt isn't too long, but I really wanted you to wear the stockings and the skirt has to be long enough to cover them…at least until you bend over or sit down." "I think it will be OK," I answered.

"Men generally appreciate a flash of stockings almost as much as a glimpse of panties." Kathy laughed. "Is that what you've heard" she asked.

"Because you certainly wouldn't know what a man likes from personal experience. You haven't been a woman long enough to know and you certainly weren't a man before that." I absorbed the insult in silence and grabbed some coffee as she suggested, "Why don't you drive yourself to work today?

That way I won't get stuck waiting for you if Joe decides to fuck you at the end of the day again. Besides, I may be getting fucked myself this afternoon and I don't want to worry about stopping in time to go get you." Surprised, I asked, "Who's going to be fucking you?" "That's really none of your concern," she shrugged. "I fuck whoever I want whenever I want. But, if you're a good girl, I may let you clean out my pussy with your tongue when you get home and see if you can identify the donor by the way it tastes.

Now, shouldn't you be getting to work? " For most of the drive, my thoughts were occupied by wondering what Kathy was going to be doing all day, but as I got closer, they turned to what I was going to be doing. By the time I parked and was walking to the office door, I had forgotten all about Kathy and was thinking only about what I was about to do. Joe and Becky were at her desk when I walked in. Joe took one look at me, frowned and said, "Suzy, in my office, now." Surprised at his stern tone, I silently walked into his office.

He closed the door behind me and immediately said, "I have to say I'm disappointed in your outfit. That skirt is unacceptably long." "There, there's a reason," I gulped. "There better be," he growled. "What is it?" "Maybe I should show you," I suggested timidly.

He nodded, still frowning and I walked over to the coffee table near the sofa. "This is about the same height as the table in the waiting room, right?" I asked. He nodded and I turned away from him to face the table. Taking a breath to calm my nerves, I bent over and touched the table top. As expected, I felt the back of my skirt pull up, giving Joe what I hoped was a good view of my stockings.

When I looked back over my shoulder, his frown had turned into a huge grin. "OK?" I asked, without straightening up. "Oh, yeah, it's OK," he agreed, quickly walking over to me. His hands went under my skirt, lightly brushing along the backs of my legs, up over the tops of the stockings, along the garters to my panties.

"Damn," he groaned, "now I'm going to spend another day thinking about fucking you!" "Isn't that the idea?" I asked, still bent over the table. I wiggled my ass a little and asked, "Aren't I supposed to put those ideas in the heads of all your customers?" "Yeah," he chuckled. "That's exactly the idea. Of course, the difference is that I know I'm going to fuck that ass before you go home." He stepped closer, put his hands on my hips and pressed his groin against my ass. "I'd do it right now except I'm afraid you wouldn't be in any condition to work the rest of the day after I got done with you," he hissed.

"But you'd better let Kathy know you're going to be late coming home tonight." He stepped back and slapped my ass. "OK, cunt," he grinned.

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"Get out there and get to work." I strutted confidently back to Becky's desk where she said, "I'm assuming he thought your skirt was too long?" "At first," I grinned. "But I convinced him it was OK." Surprise registered on her face. "How did you manage to do that?" "I just showed him this," I shrugged, turning my back on her and bending over. "Oh, my," she giggled.

"Yeah, that'll do it." "So," I asked, turning to face her again. "What's on today's schedule?" "Oh, today is a special day," she grinned. "It's the third Thursday of the month!" "Meaning?" "Meaning Lou Wilson will be here this afternoon. He's always here on that day." "And he is?" I asked.

"He is the dreamiest, most amazing customer we have," she sighed. "He's the one customer I'm really, really going to miss." She looked at her appointment calendar and shrugged. "There are a couple regulars coming in before Lou that we'll need to take care of.

Nothing special, but pretty nice guys. The first one should be here soon, so we should probably get some coffee made." I volunteered to take care of that and managed to complete the task before the first of Joe's appointments for the day arrived.

He was a nice average-looking guy who Becky introduced as Gary. I got him his coffee, leaning over enough to give him a nice view of my garters, but not far enough to show my panties (since I was a little self-conscious about what kind of bulges might be visible without the restraint offered by pantyhose).

When I took the cup to his chair, the smile on his face told me all I needed to know about how good the view had been. When he finished the cup and asked for a refill, I eagerly responded, and while I was pouring it, I realized that I had moved beyond the "uncomfortable" stage and was actually enjoying the opportunity to show off and tease the visitors.

When Gary went into Joe's office, I immediately started thinking about what would happen when they were ready to sign the contract. My reaction surprised me—while yesterday the thought of what was about to happen had frightened and even disgusted me a little, this morning I felt no such negativity.

Instead, I was actually hoping that Gary would ask for me instead of Becky so that I could suck on a nice juicy cock! My wishes were granted a few minutes later when Joe buzzed Becky and asked her to send me in with the papers. We went through what I now knew as the normal signing procedures, and, when I had finished witnessing the signatures, I turned to see Gary sitting on the sofa grinning. I turned back to Joe and asked, "Is this an occasion that we want to celebrate?" "Yeah, I guess it is," he smiled.

"I think Gary would be disappointed if we didn't." I grinned and turned back to Gary. As I moved toward him, his legs parted and he reached down to unfasten and unzip his pants. "OOoooh, somebody really is eager," I teased. "Would you like me to help you with those pants?" He nodded happily and I sank to my knees between his legs. I tugged on his pants as he lifted his hips and pulled them down to his ankles. His boxer shorts followed the same path a minute later and I was now staring at his hard cock.

As Becky had indicated, he seemed to be a nice "average" guy, but I knew that part of my "service" was to make him feel special, so I "oohed and awed" over how perfect his dick seemed before leaning down and kissing it.

He sighed softly, obviously enjoying the sensation, so I stuck with it, kissing my way down his shaft to his balls, then slowly licking my way back up. By the time I got back to the tip, I wasn't sure which of us wanted him in my mouth more, but I wasn't going to delay the act to find out. Wrapping my lips around his shaft felt so good that I almost creamed my panties instantly.

I fought off the orgasm by concentrating on making the experience as good as I could for Gary. I discovered that I was getting very good at gauging reactions to things I tried and then responding to those reactions. I could immediately tell when a man liked the flick of my tongue in a certain spot or an increase in the intensity of my sucking, and I knew just how to use that expertise.

It didn't take me long to figure out that Gary liked long, slow strokes, so we quickly established a nice rhythm as I pulled back until the tip of his cock was just touching my lips, followed by slowly inhaling his dick and allowing it to slide deep into my throat. When my chin bottomed out on his balls, I would reverse the process, slowly moving back up to the tip.

After lingering just long enough to replenish my oxygen supply, I'd start the long, slow slide back down. After six or seven such trips, he was squirming almost uncontrollably and whimpering softly. The next time I reached the tip, I decided to up the ante a little: I kissed his cockhead, smiled up at him and moaned, "God, I want you to cum in my mouth!" His mouth literally dropped open and he gasped for breath as I started back down his dick.

By the time I was halfway down, I could feel him twitching between my lips, so I reversed course and got back to the point where he was just resting on my tongue before he shook and exploded. I glanced up and saw him staring down at my face, so I smiled and made a show of his sperm splashing onto my tongue.

When his dick stopped spurting, I smiled and swallowed, then licked my lips and breathed, "Thank you! That was so wonderful!" Gary collapsed backwards on the sofa, gasping and groaning as his dick shriveled in my hand.

I triumphantly kissed it once more then stood and took a deep breath, again tasting his cum as the air moved through my mouth. "That really was nice," I sighed. "Thank you." Without waiting for a reply, I turned, went back to Joe's desk and picked up the signed contract. Joe nodded his approval and I left the office with the papers. Becky looked at me questioningly as I approached her desk.

"That was fun!" I smiled at her. She giggled and shook her head. "Well, you may have been a little scared yesterday," she observed, "but I think you have things under control today!" "I do feel a little more relaxed," I admitted.

"Does that make me bad?" "Not around here," she smiled. After Gary left, Joe called me back into his office. "I just wanted to let you know I thought you did an excellent job with Gary," he said.

"He loved it." "I'm glad," I blushed. "And so did I," he winked. "You managed to give me quite a show of those stockings and your panties when you bent over his lap." I blushed even more at the thought and he continued, "If I didn't know better, I'd say you were trying to get me to come over there and fuck you while you blew him." I shook my head.

"I, I wasn't. Honest, I wasn't thinking about what you could see." "I know," he said. "But next time you will…and I expect an even better show. Understand?" I nodded uncertainly. Joe smiled and nodded, "I think you're going to be a great little whore," he said. "You have that need to please that makes you very special. I hope you never lose that." "I'll try to remember that," I promised.

"Good," he smiled. "Now, get your ass out of here before I decide I need to fuck it." I couldn't resist swinging my ass just a little more than usual as I strutted out of his office.

It occurred to me that I was actually feeling proud of myself: it felt nice to be complimented, even if it was about what a good whore I was. The glow from that compliment lasted the rest of the morning and early afternoon as I flirted with and flashed the three guys who had appointments with Joe.

I even found myself feeling disappointed when each of them left without Joe calling me into his office. "Have I really become that much of a slut?" I asked myself. "I should be happy that Joe didn't whore me out to those guys! Instead, I'm sitting here pouting because I didn't get to blow them?


What's happening to me?" I was still trying to come to grips with my feelings when the door opened and one of the most handsome men I had ever seen walked in. He was at least 6'4", and his white shirt was stretched tight across a massive chest, while its short sleeves proudly displayed two of the biggest biceps I had ever seen. My eyes dropped to his relatively tiny waist and I could only imagine how tight and powerful his legs must have been.

When I looked back to his face, I marveled at his dark mocha skin and deep black eyes that seemed to stare through me. It was obvious that this had to be the guy Becky had been excited about seeing and I instantly understood why. "Hi, Lou," Becky bubbled beside me. "It's so nice to see you!" "Nice to see you, too, darling," he smiled, leaning over to kiss her on the cheek. "And who's this?" he asked, looking at me.

"This is Suzy," Becky answered. "You know I'm leaving; well, Suzy is going to be my replacement. Suzy, this is Lou Wilson." "Nice to meet you," I managed to say breathlessly. "Nice to meet you, too," he smiled, showing perfect teeth.

He made no effort to hide his eyes running up and down my body. "Yeah, it's real nice to meet you," he mused. "You're going to have a tough act to follow. Becky is a fantastic secretary." "I know," I answered. "I'm trying very hard to learn from her and be as good at the job as she is." "This is only Suzy's second day," Becky pointed out, "but she seems to be very talented and very dedicated to the job. I think she's going to be just fine." "That's good to hear," Lou grinned.

"I have to admit I'm going to miss you, though." "That's sweet," she smiled up at him. "Thank you. I know I'm definitely going to miss seeing you, too. Now, why don't you have a seat and a cup of coffee while I let Joe know you're here?" He nodded and moved to a chair across from the coffee table. I didn't wait for Becky to suggest I get him a cup; it was all I could do not to sprint to the table.

I spent a good two minutes fiddling with the coffee and adding the cream and sugar he wanted, all the while bent over, showing off my stockings and wondering if my skirt had ridden high enough to give him a glimpse of my panties. When I took the coffee over to him, his sparkling eyes and huge smile told me had enjoyed whatever show he had gotten. "Thanks," he said in his deep baritone voice as he took the cup.

"You're welcome," I smiled. "Let me know if you want anything else." I walked slowly back to Becky's desk, swaying my hips and silently praying that he would want a lot more. Unfortunately, Joe called Lou into his office before he needed a refill, so I didn't get to give him a second show. When Joe's office door closed, I turned to Becky and gasped, "God, you weren't kidding about him!

He's absolutely perfect!" "And you haven't even seen his best feature, yet," she winked. "I don't think I've ever wanted to do a guy as much as I want to do him," I confided.

"I know what you mean," she nodded. "I've never known a man as exciting as him. I'm sorry, but I have to tell you, I hope Joe lets me to be the witness, not you." A few minutes later her phone buzzed. She answered and disappointment showed on her face. "Damn," she frowned as she hung up. "Here's the contract…you're the lucky one." My excitement was at an all-time high as I hurried into Joe's office.

For the first time, I had no regrets about my situation…in fact, I even briefly thought "Maybe being a whore isn't such a bad way to make a living! I can't believe I'm going to get to blow that gorgeous guy!" We hurried through the signing, with first Lou, then Joe executing the contract. As I was signing, Lou stepped back towards the sofa while Joe reached under my skirt and ran his fingers along the tops of my stocking at the back of my leg. The thought that Lou was watching Joe fondle me was nearly as exciting as the way he was touching me, but neither was as exciting as the thought of pulling off Lou's pants and sucking his cock.

When I finished signing, Joe asked, "Can you make this really special for Lou?" "Oh, I sure can," I breathed. I turned and looked at the dark brown Adonis waiting for me, and suddenly had a thought.

"Do you want something really special?" I asked. "A once in a lifetime celebration?" He grinned and nodded. I looked at Joe, who shrugged his approval of whatever I had in mind. I smiled and picked up the phone, hitting the intercom button. When Becky answered, I asked, "Could you come in here and give me a hand?" Both Joe and Lou's eyes lit up as they realized what I intended.

Of course, Becky didn't hesitate—by the time I walked over and knelt in front of Lou, she was closing the door to the office behind her and hurrying towards us. Between the two of us, we pulled down Lou's pants and underwear, freeing his already hard cock. I was thrilled to see that it was every bit as impressive as Becky had led me to believe: it was at least an inch longer and much thicker than Ron's cock and it felt like it was made of steel it was so hard.

"Oh, God," I whispered, "can that be real?" "Oh, it's real," Becky answered. "It's real and it's magnificent!" She bent over and kissed the head, leaving a slight lipstick smudge, then offered it to me. I duplicated her action, adding my lipstick to hers and smiled at her. "Thank you," she whispered. "Thank you for letting me join you." "My pleasure," I grinned.

"Consider it a going away present." I took the lead, running my tongue up the side of Lou's cock and looking at Becky. She grinned and copied my action. Our eyes met and it was like a psychic connection: we both instantly knew what to do next. In unison, our tongues started at the bottom of Lou's cock and ran up the entire length to his cockhead.

Our lips parted and met with the huge purplish-black cockhead between us, surrounded by our mouths. I wanted desperately to stuff that thing in my mouth, but decided to give Becky the first turn. I backed away and watched as her face lit up. She engulfed the cockhead with her mouth and slowly stroked his shaft. The look of pleasure on her face was amazing and I wondered if I looked that happy when I was sucking cock. When Becky pulled back and let me replace her mouth with mine, I could feel the answer: I felt every bit as happy as Becky had looked, and I was sure my face showed it as much as hers had.

The two of us worked on Lou's big dick for about ten minutes before I looked into Becky's eyes and said, "I'm so glad we're doing this. You look so happy!" "I am," she bubbled. "The only way I could be happier is if this monster was in my pussy." "Have you ever done that with him?" I asked.

She shook her head. "Then why not do it now?" I suggested. "It may be your last chance." Her eyes grew to the size of saucers. "Really?" she gasped. "But, but what about you?" "Don't worry about me," I urged. "Do it." She slowly stood up and pulled her skirt up to her waist. As she turned to face Lou, I reached up and pulled down her panties and pantyhose. I tugged on her shoes and she managed to step out of the pantyhose, panties and shoes.

When she spread her legs and straddled Lou's, I could see that her cunt was already glistening with her juices. "Good thing," I thought, "she's going to need that lubrication." She pulled Lou's cock out and pressed down on it, moaning as it found its way into her cunt.

Lou grabbed her hips and started to guide her up and down, working deeper into her.

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I was watching with fascination when I sensed a movement near me. I turned to see Joe standing beside me, just dropping his pants to the floor. I automatically reached over, grabbed his erection and started stroking it. He moved closer and put his hand on my head, pulling my face towards his crotch. Not wanting to miss the action going on in front of me, I tugged, pulling him forward and turning him sideways so that I could suck his cock while still watching Lou fuck Becky.

I have to give Becky credit: she rode that massive cock like a pro, taking every inch in her dripping snatch. She leaned forward into Lou and Joe and I were both treated with a fantastic view of his monster cock stretching her cunt with every stroke. Joe must have really been enjoying the sensation of being blown while watching his beautiful secretary getting thoroughly fucked because by the time Becky was screaming her way through her orgasm he was blasting his load into my mouth.

Completely exhausted, Becky slid off of Lou and collapsed to the floor, leaving that big rod covered with her juices. I finished swallowing Joe's cum and moved forward, grabbing Lou's glistening cock. I licked it, tasting Becky's cunt juice, then went to work, suspecting that it wouldn't take much longer to get him off.

As his orgasm approached, I felt Becky touch my thigh. I glanced at her without taking Lou from my mouth and she said softly, "You can finish him, but please don't swallow it." I could barely concentrate on her words enough to understand them, but I managed to nod without breaking my rhythm. I now had both hands wrapped around Lou's cock, squeezing and massaging it as I sucked for all I was worth. I could feel his balls tightening and hear his breath becoming more and more labored as his orgasm got closer and closer.

Then, with a loud groan, he grabbed my face and held my head still as that beautiful cock jerked and spewed his seed into my mouth. Again and again spurts of cum shot onto my tongue, filling my mouth. I desperately wanted to swallow, but I had promised Becky I wouldn't so I fought the urge, despite the fact that I could feel the overflow oozing from the corners of my mouth. When Lou finally stopped cumming and leaned back in the sofa, huffing for breath, I sat back, thrilled with my success, but wondering what I was going to do with the mouthful of cum that I was holding.

The answer came quickly: Becky struggled to her knees, crawled to me, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. Her lips and tongue forced my mouth open and she hungrily slurped at the puddle I had preserved. My shock lasted only a few seconds before I automatically responded, kissing her back passionately. Our tongues met and literally fought over Lou's cum for almost a minute until we both swallowed our share and let our lips part.

Becky leaned forward and kissed me lightly one more time before whispering, "Thank you for sharing. That was wonderful!" "It was," I agreed with a smile, kissing her back and licking a dribble of cum from her chin. "Damn!" Lou groaned, "that was great! I've wanted to fuck Becky for a long time, and she was just as good as I thought she'd be. And Suzy? Damn, you're a great cocksucker!

Hell, I'm ready to sign another contract right now if we can go again!" Joe laughed. "Sorry, buddy, it doesn't work that way. Come back next month." "Bet on it," Lou laughed. "I'm going to spend the whole time between now and then dreaming about that mouth!" I felt a rush of pride as Lou's compliments reinforced the value of my feminine side.

"I can't wait," I sighed. "I absolutely love your cock." "That was obvious from the way you sucked it," he grinned before he turned his attention to Becky. "I'm going to miss you," he told her. "But, if you have to go, at least I got to see what a great fuck you are first and you're leaving behind a terrific replacement." "I'm going to miss you, too," Becky acknowledged.

"And I can't tell you how happy I am that Suzy invited me in to help with you. The two of us pulled ourselves together and left Joe's office holding hands. Neither of us felt any need to visit the restroom, preferring to keep the taste of Lou's cum alive as long as possible. We exchanged another round of goodbyes with Lou when he eventually left Joe's office, and, when he was gone, Becky said, "I wanted to thank you again for bringing me in. I could tell from Joe's face that he hadn't suggested it, so it must have been all you." "It was," I nodded.

"I felt bad about you sitting out here missing the one guy you had been looking forward to doing during your last week, and I thought it would be fun to have both of us there." "Fun is quite an understatement," she giggled.

"That's the first time any of Joe's customers have fucked me. They always settle for blowjobs, but I just couldn't pass up the chance to do Lou before I left. I have to say, it was everything I dreamt it would be." "I'm glad," I told her. "And you?" she gushed. "God, watching you blow him was awesome! I mean, I've seen lots of blowjobs in porn flicks and even quite a few in person, but I've never, ever seen a woman who was enjoying it as much as you were!

The look on your face was like you were in heaven! Of course, the look on Lou's face was like he was right there in heaven with you! I'm sure he meant what he said about how good you are, because I could tell just from watching.

I used to think I was good at giving head, but I can't come close to competing with you! You're amazing!" "Thanks," I blushed. "I'm sorry!" she immediately apologized. "Is it too embarrassing to hear me say things like that about you?" "No, no," I replied.

"It's not. I mean, yeah, it's a little embarrassing to hear that people think it's obvious that I love sucking cock. But, at the same time, it's…it's sort of nice to hear compliments about how good I am at it." I paused and then confessed, "I, I've never really been good at anything, so it's nice to be told I'm great at something, even if it's sucking cock." "Well, trust me, you are great at that," a voice said from behind me.

I turned to see Joe standing just outside his door. "I always thought Becky was great at it and she is, but I don't think I'll hurt her feelings by saying that you're in a class by yourself when it comes to sucking cock." "Th-thanks," I blushed again.

"Of course, you're also a pretty good fuck," he smiled. "And you still owe me one of those." "I know," I smiled. "But since you just had an orgasm, I'm guessing that will have to wait." "Well," he mused, "I guess it could wait, but it doesn't have to.

It's up to you." "To me?" He shrugged. "You're right, after that blowjob, I don't feel like I need to cum again. But, I noticed everyone got to cum in there except you. If you'd like to come to my office, I'm sure I can fuck you until you do. All you have to do is tell me you want it." I glanced at Becky, who winked at me, then back at Joe.

Even though Joe was right about my needing to cum, I was shocked to hear my voice say, "Yes! Yes, I want it. Please fuck me." Joe grinned and said, "Why doesn't that surprise me?

Come on in." I walked towards his door, still stunned that I had asked to be fucked, let alone that I had asked for it in front of Becky. When Joe closed the door behind me, he said, "I think you know what to do next." Without answering, I walked over to his desk.

I reached under my skirt, pulled my panties down and let them drop to the floor, then stepped out of them and bent over the desk. "Pull up your skirt for me, whore," Joe commanded. I took a deep breath and pulled my skirt up around my waist. "Now tell me again what you want," he ordered.

"I, I want you to fuck me," I said softly. "I want you to fuck my ass." "Because?" he asked. "Because I'm horny and I want to cum," I sobbed. "Not because you want to please me?" "No," I whimpered. "I mean, yes, I want to please you, but, but that's not why I want fucked." "I love it!" he crowed.

"The sissy bitch knows that her best chance of cumming is getting fucked! Wait until I tell Kathy about this! Her worthless husband has accepted the fact that he's a sissy cunt!" I heard him spit on his hand and knew he was rubbing the saliva on his cock for lubrication. "Do you know how hot you look bent over my desk in those stockings?" he asked. He rubbed his dick against my ass crack and hissed, "Say it again, bitch. Tell me one more time what you want." "I want you to fuck me," I cried.

"Please, please just fuck me! God, I need it so much!

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Please fuck me!" "That's a good girl," he grunted as he pushed into my ass. "There's nothing as nice as a cunt who's so horny she begs to be fucked." "That's me he's talking about," I thought.

"He's calling me a horny cunt!" That was literally the last coherent thought I had for the next five minutes, as a moment later Joe drove his cock deep inside me. From that point on, all I could do was absorb the feelings gushing through my body: Joe's cock pounding into me, his hands running over my hips and legs, my own erection trapped between my body and the desk, the effort of balancing on my spike heels reminding me of how I was dressed, the taste of Lou's cum still coating the inside of my mouth, and the quickly growing feeling of an impending orgasm.

When that orgasm did hit, it was shattering—my body and legs shook and my vision went black. Even with the sound of my heart pounding echoing in my ears, I could hear my own moans. I melted onto the desk, no longer able to support myself in any way as both my knees and arms buckled. Joe kept fucking me all the way through my orgasm, not stopping until I was little more than a puddle of flesh lying on his desk whimpering helplessly.

When he did pull out, he slapped my ass and said, "Don't say I never did any favors for you, bitch." I could only manage to nod my head slightly and moan softly to indicate I agreed.

It took me several minutes to gather enough strength to stand up, and by then, Joe was sitting at his desk, grinning at me. "I expect you to clean up that mess," he said, pointing at the puddle of cum I had left on his desk. I nodded and reached for a tissue from the box on the corner of his desk. "Not like that," he said sharply. "Lick it off." I looked at him, at the puddle and back at him.


"Do it," he ordered. "Now." I nodded and bent over, bringing my lips to his desk. "I've done worse," I thought as I started licking up my semen. "It's not like I've never eaten my own cum before." When I finished, Joe laughed.

"Jesus, is there anything you won't do? Kathy was right, you are a perfect whore. OK, you're done for today. Pick up your panties and get your ass out of here before I decide to fuck it again." Grabbing my panties from the floor, I hurried from the room as fast as my sore ass and spike heels would let me. I stopped outside his door just long enough to pull my panties back on, then made my way to the refuge of my car.

I had to sit there for over five minutes to get my shaking to stop. With my lust sated, the analytical part of my brain regained control and that part of me couldn't believe what I had just done. "I actually begged him to fuck me! Even worse, I meant it! I actually wanted him to do it! What's happening to me?" The questions played over and over in my head while I drove home, with no answers coming to me. While it shouldn't have been a surprise, when I walked into the house and saw Kathy smirking, my heart sank.

"So," she said, "I hear you had quite a day." "It, it was OK," I said noncommittally. "OK?" she laughed. "From what I heard, that's an understatement." "What did you hear?" I probed. "Well, I heard that you were so turned on and so horny that you literally begged Joe to fuck you so you could cum! Is that true?" "Yes," I admitted. "But, you have to understand. We basically had an orgy with one of his customers, and it was like everyone had an orgasm but me!

I was soooooo horny that I just had to do something! I really needed to cum!" "I can understand that part," she said, "and I can't blame you for wanting to cum. It's the other part that I think is interesting." "The, the other part?" "So you needed to cum.

OK, not a problem. But, you couldn't go to the restroom and jack off? The only way you could think of to cum was to get fucked? You needed a man in your ass to cum?" I tried to shrug it off.

"It, it's just that…" "It's just that you're a woman," Kathy finished the sentence. "You can deny it all you want, but the bottom line is that when you wanted to cum, when you needed to cum, the best way you could think of to do it was to get fucked.

And when you did get fucked, you had a really nice orgasm, didn't you?" Since it was obvious that she had heard from Joe and knew the truth, I didn't see any upside in denying it. "Yes," I admitted. "So," she smiled, holding her hands out face up, "what does that make you?

You're either a woman or you're gay. Which is it?" "I, I'm a woman," I replied, my voice trembling. "Are you happy? I'm a woman! OK? I look like a woman, I dress like a woman, I suck cock like a woman and now I fuck like a woman! Is that what you wanted to hear?" "It's exactly what I wanted to hear," she said calmly.

"I like it when you admit the truth. From what Joe told me, you really enjoyed yourself today. Did you like sucking his customers' cocks?" "Yes," I had to admit.

"And you enjoyed the little orgy you orchestrated?" "Yes." "And, you admit that you begged Joe to fuck you so you could cum?" I nodded.

"Because you're now a woman?" she pushed. I nodded again, as tears filled my eyes. "Why are you crying?" Kathy asked.

"Why?" I gasped. "My God, Kathy, look at me! I'm turning into a woman!" "So those are tears of joy?" she asked. "What? Are you kidding?" "No, I'm not," she smiled. "If they aren't tears of joy, they should be." She tenderly stroked my face.

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"Listen to me darling. I've told you this before, but it seems like you have a hard time either believing it or accepting it, so I'll tell you one more time. You were NEVER a man, not really. Yeah, you had that tiny little think that you called a cock, but we both know it didn't deserve to be called that. Even when you managed to fuck me, I could barely tell when you were inside me. But, that hardly mattered, since you weren't there long enough to do anything for me anyhow.

So now you're a woman. And guess what? You're a spectacular woman. You look great and you can suck and fuck as well as anyone who's been a woman for 20 years! Hell, you suck cock way better than nearly any other woman alive! I've never seen you as happy as you are when there's a cock in your mouth. And now your body is telling you that being a woman is the right decision for you—that's why it wanted fucked today.

That's why YOU wanted fucked today. You're discovering who you really are after all those wasted years. I'm so happy for you and you should be happy, too." She leaned in and kissed me softly. "Just promise me you'll think about what I just said and that you'll keep an open mind that maybe, just maybe, I'm right, OK? This really isn't about punishing you, it's about freeing you. It's about letting you be you." "I'll try," I promised uncertainly.

"Good," she smiled. "Now, I have a surprise for you. Come upstairs with me." I followed Kathy to the bedroom, where she opened my closet. It only took me a second to see that it was filled with dresses, skirts and blouses. "Where did these come from?" I gasped. "And where are my suits and shirts?" "I went shopping for you today," she smiled, "and on the way, I dropped all your old male clothes off at Goodwill.

You aren't going to need them anymore, so someone might as well get some use out of them." She walked over to the dresser and opened several drawers. I could see they were filled with bras, panties, negligees, pantyhose and other, similar items.

"The same goes for your underwear and socks," she smiled. "You don't need that stuff anymore." "Wait," I gasped. "So you got rid of ALL of my male clothes?" She nodded.

"So, so I have to dress like a woman all the time?" "No," she corrected me with a smile, "You don't HAVE to dress like a woman all the time, you GET to dress like a woman all the time. After all, that's what you are, right? You're a woman so why would you ever want to wear those ugly male clothes again?" I stared at her. "This is real, isn't it? I mean, it's not a game anymore. It's real." I ran my hands down my new curves. "Oh God," I whispered, "you, you really want me to be a woman for the rest of my life." "Don't you?" she answered.

"Don't you want to be the gorgeous, sexy, desirable woman that you've become? Isn't it much more fun than being that pathetic, useless, pretend man that you used to be?

Look at all the pretty skirts and dresses in your closet. Aren't you just dying to try them on? Don't you want to see how the guys react to that tiny little red minidress I just got you?" I couldn't help glancing at the open closet. My eyes locked on a red dress. "It, it looks so short!" I gasped. "It is," Kathy smiled. "I think most women would wear it as a long blouse with another skirt.

But, we both know you won't do that. You're going to want to wear it the way it was meant to be worn—as a hot dress that barely covers your ass. You're going to look sooooooo hot in it!" "Do you, do you really think so?" I asked, pulling the dress from the closet. "I know so," she smiled. "I'll tell you what—why don't you change into it right now? I'll call Steve and invite him over and we'll let him be the judge, OK?" "OK," I murmured, holding the dress up in front of myself and looking into the mirror.

Kathy moved over behind me and whispered in my ear, "I hope you're ready to get fucked again, though. Steve is NOT going to be able to control himself when he sees you in that!" While Kathy happily bounced off to call Steve, I changed clothes, replacing my garterbelt and stockings with pantyhose before putting on the new dress. Even before I looked into the mirror, I could tell it now held the title of my "tightest and shortest" dress.

When I did work up the courage to look into the mirror, I could only stare. While it covered me initially, if I moved my arms at all, it rode up enough that I could literally see the bottom of my ass below the dress's hemline, and no matter how much I tugged and pulled, that didn't change.

"Oh, well," I eventually sighed, "it's not like Steve hasn't seen me in less. I might as well do it. I just hope he likes it." I found a pair of 5" heels that matched the dress, put them on and made my way to the living room where Kathy and Steve were waiting for me.

Steve's reaction was even better than I hoped. "Oh, my God!" he gasped when he saw me, his mouth hanging open. "Do you like it?" I asked coyly as I completed a 360 degree turn. "Like it?" he grinned.

"I love it! That may be the hottest a woman can look and still be dressed!" He crooked his finger and said, "Come here." I walked slowly over to him, watching his eyes, which were firmly locked on my legs and hips. "Hi," I breathed when I was only a foot away from him. "Hi, yourself," he smiled back.

"Damn," he groaned, "I have this sudden urge to kiss you." "K-k-kiss me?" I stammered. He nodded and, even though kissing a guy somehow seemed way more intimate than even blowing him, I suddenly found the idea exciting. "That, that would be nice," I smiled, moving even closer. Steve moved his hands to my ass and grinned. "Trouble is, I have a pretty good idea that you've probably had a cock or two in that mouth today, haven't you?" I blushed and nodded.

"Then I don't think I'm about to kiss it," he laughed. "However, I wouldn't mind adding my cock to the list. Why don't we try that instead?" I nodded and dropped to my knees. "I prefer this anyhow," I smiled up at him. I quickly got his pants and underwear off and started fondling his dick and balls. He stopped me long enough to move to a chair and sit down with his legs spread. I followed him and resumed my fondling until he got nice and hard.

I was happily sucking his cock when he tilted my head up so that he could look into my eyes. "I heard a story about you," he said. "Is it true?" "What did you hear?" I asked, even though I suspected what he was talking about. "I heard that you've decided the easiest way to cum is by being fucked." "Sometimes," I hedged. "Only sometimes?" I nodded. "If, if I'm really horny, then I think that getting fucked is like the fastest way to push me over the top.

But," I added hastily, "that's not my favorite way to cum." "What is?" he asked with his eyebrows raised. "This is," I said huskily. "I like this most of all." "I don't believe that," Kathy interrupted as I pulled Steve back into my mouth. "I know something you'd like even better." I fought the urge to ask what she meant, but I needn't have bothered because Steve did. "Getting double-teamed," she smiled. "Having you fuck her while she blows Ron." Despite my best efforts, I let a soft whimper escape from my lips at the thought.

"See?" Kathy pointed out. "Suzy knows that would be the best of both worlds." "Is that true?" Steve asked. "Would you like that even more?" "Maybe," I admitted slowly. "I'd love to help you out with that," he grinned. "I'd be happy to fuck that tight little ass of yours while you suck on Ron's big black cock. Why don't we have Kathy invite him over right now?" "If, if you really want to," I gulped.

"I, I want you to have fun with me, so it's up to you." "Great!" he beamed. "Then let's do it! Kathy, make the call." I kept sucking on Steve's cock while Kathy called Ron. When she hun¬g up and told us he was on his way, I started to back off, much to Steve's displeasure.

"Don't stop now," he ordered. "I'm too close to cumming." "But, don't you want to save it for after Ron gets here?" I asked. "Fuck no," he laughed.

"Finish the blowjob now. I won't have any trouble getting it back up after he gets here, and I'll last a lot longer and fuck you a whole lot better that way." "Oh, OK," I gulped.

"I, I keep forgetting some guys can come back that quickly." "Hell," Kathy laughed, "based on how you performed back when you were trying to be a man, I'm surprised you even remember a guy can get it up once!" I opened my mouth to respond, but Steve stuck his dick in it before I could.

I figured it was probably better not to snap back at Kathy anyway, so I surrendered and resumed my sucking. No longer trying to extend the blowjob, Steve now started vigorously fucking my face, and within a few minutes he was spurting a nice, big load onto my tongue. I swallowed and smiled up at him as his breathing slowed. "That was great, Suzy, thanks," he grinned. "Now, keep sucking so it stays hard until Ron gets here." Ron arrived a few minutes later, and, true to his word, Steve managed to stay hard.

Of course, Kathy made me do a quick fashion show for Ron, showing off my new dress while she explained why she had called him over. By the time she finished, he already had his clothes off and was beginning to lie down on the floor. "Come and get it," he grinned, holding his stiffening cock. When I moved between his legs, he said, "No, not that way. Get over top of me like we were going to 69. I want a good view of Steve's dick fucking your ass. Besides, you can swallow more cock that way." When I moved around to the other side, with my feet straddling his head, he said, "Nice panties.

But, don't you think you should get them out of the way before you get down here?" Self-consciously, I tugged my panties and pantyhose down my legs to my ankles. At Kathy and Steve's prompting, I took my shoes off so I could pull them completely, then put the shoes back on because they thought I looked more like a whore with them on.

As I was crawling into place over Ron, Kathy told him, "This will be the second time today Suzy got fucked. She's had quite a day." "Why don't you tell me all about it?" Ron asked. "It sounds interesting, but I think Suzy's mouth is going to be too full to talk." As he guided my face to his crotch, Kathy started filling him in on the details of my day.

"Joe says Suzy has been a really, really great whore," she let both guys know. "She struts around in her miniskirts letting everyone know how proud she is of that amazing ass, and she not only blows anyone Joe tells her to, she's actually eager to do it! Plus, he's been totally surprised by how much of a woman she's become.

He knew she loved sucking cock and expected her to do that, but he didn't think she'd be such a willing fuck as well." I could feel my body reacting to the humiliation of Kathy telling the men how much of a whore I had turned into, and I was glad that I could hide my face in Ron's crotch so they couldn't see me blushing. While I was still trying to mentally handle that, I felt Steve's hands on my hips, pulling me back towards the hard dick I knew was waiting for me.

I started to turn and look over my shoulder, but Ron's strong hands intercepted my head. "Uh-uh, bitch," he said. "Keep your fucking mouth on my dick where it belongs." I signaled my understanding by edging forward and swallowing another two inches of his rod.

"Good girl," he sighed, releasing my head. "Show us what you've got." What I had was a huge cock stuffing my mouth, one hand wrapped around the thick shaft and the other fondling a pair of heavy balls.

Meanwhile, I could feel Steve's dick sliding along my ass crack. It felt cold, which I quickly understood meant that he had at least lubed it.

His fingers dug deeper into my hips and his dick pressed against my anus. I closed my eyes and moaned around the cock in my mouth as I felt him enter me.


I felt Ron shift under me and realized he was trying to get a better view of the action above him. "Oh, yeah," he urged, "that's hot! Look at that dick sliding into that tight asshole! Does that feel as good as it looks?" "Better," Steve grunted. "Jesus, what a nice, tight fuckhole this cunt has!" "Look at how she's wiggling that ass!" Ron laughed.

"Damn! The slut's enjoying herself!" It didn't take much self-analysis to know he was right. I was completely overwhelmed by the sensations I was experiencing: my mouth was completely stuffed with Ron's huge, delicious, black dick, while my hands were wrapped around what wouldn't fit in my mouth and his heavy balls; meanwhile, Steve was steadily working his way into my ass fucking me into a feeling of total womanhood.

And, if that wasn't enough, Kathy was still going on, telling both guys what a great whore I had been at work and how proud she was that I had accepted my new life as a cunt so totally and completely. I was completely dazed with the combination of pleasure and humiliation, but I was slowly becoming aware of yet another feeling. At first, I couldn't place it, but gradually I realized I was feeling pride! These two wonderful studs fucking my ass and mouth wanted me. They could easily have been enjoying Kathy the same way they were me, but they weren't.

For that matter, I was sure either of them could have been with any of a dozen different women, but they weren't. They were here, with me, and they were both totally enjoying it! Of course, there was no doubt the men I had blown earlier had enjoyed my talents, too, but this was different…Ron and Steve knew who and what I was, yet that didn't bother them in the least.

That thrilled me almost as much as the feeling of their cocks using me. Ron came first, pumping an enormous load of cum into my mouth. I swallowed as rapidly as I could, but I could still feel some of his sperm dribbling from the corner of my lips. When he was done, he pushed on my shoulders, straightening me up enough that he could slide out from under me. "That was great," he grinned.

"I loved the view, but I'm glad I came before you two…I was worried I might have to contend with a cum shower!" "No problem," Steve assured him. "We both had orgasms earlier, so we could last a while. Now it's just a matter of whether Suzy wants to stop or keep going. How about it, hot stuff? Had enough or should I keep fucking you?" "Don't stop," I begged.

"Keep fucking me! I want to make you cum again! I, I want to cum again!" "Great answer!" he grunted as he pushed even deeper into my ass.

"Let's show Kathy and Ron how much you love being fucked. Why don't you tell them how it feels?" I groaned and whimpered, "It feels wonderful! Oh, God, I love being a woman! I just hope you like it as much as I do." "Oh, I do," he grunted, thrusting even harder. "You're a great fuck. Turning you into a bitch is the best thing Kathy has ever done." "I didn't turn Suzy into a bitch," Kathy answered him.

"I just released the bitch that was always hiding inside my husband. The proof is how fast Suzy has become such a whore—a transformation would have taken time. It wouldn't have happened overnight thing like this." "Does this mean Suzy is going to be available on a regular basis?" Ron asked.

Kathy laughed. "Oh, right, I forgot to tell you the big news!" "The big news?" he asked. "Bigger than the bitch accepting a job as Joe's whore?" "Much bigger," she giggled. "Suzy, tell Ron about your closet." I groaned, partially in response to Steve burying his cock in my ass and partly in response to the humiliation of what Kathy wanted me to tell Ron. "It, it's all dresses and skirts," I managed to gasp. "And your drawers?" Kathy led me on. "They're all full of panties and bras and stockings," I whimpered.

"I'm not sure I understand," Ron said. "Why is that such big news?" "Because, that's the only clothes I have now," I gasped as Steve fucked me ever closer to an orgasm. "Kathy got rid of all of my male clothes. I, I have to wear skirts and dresses all the time now.

I, I have to be a woman all the time." "Not just a woman," Kathy corrected me, "a whore. All Suzy has are tiny little miniskirts and dresses and sky-high spike heels. So everyone who sees her will know she's a cocksucking, fucking whore. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, that's what she is. A horny little cunt ready and waiting to do whatever any guy wants her to do." I closed my eyes and fought back both my tears and my orgasm.

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"Say it, Suzy" Kathy hissed. "Tell the guys what you are." "I'm a whore," I sobbed. "I'm a cocksucking, fucking whore—24 hours a day, seven days a week." "You forgot a couple of adjectives," Steve grunted. You're not just a cocksucking, fucking whore, you're an amazing, fantastic whore. In fact, you're probably the best whore in town!" I looked over my shoulder. "Really? Are you serious?" I managed to gasp. Instead of answering, Steve took two deep breaths, closed his eyes and drove into me, burying his cock completely inside me.

A second later, I felt his dick twitch and jerk. The sensation and the realization that he was cumming in me were more than I could handle—I squealed softly as my own dick spasmed in response. I continued to spurt onto my stomach as Steve's sperm filled my ass and the room spun around me. After what seemed like forever, Steve finally stopped cumming and let go of my hips, allowing me to drop to the floor, completely spent. "Yeah, I'm serious," he chuckled. I tried to get up, but my body refused to move from the floor.

Kathy moved closer and gently stroked my hair. "Did you enjoy that darling?" she asked. "Mmmmmm, oh God, yes," I was barely able to moan. She tilted my chin up and I opened my eyes to see her smiling down at me. "I know I've told you this before," she said, "but I am SO, SO proud of you! You've become such a good little whore!" "Thank you," I smiled back at her. "I'm glad you're proud of me." She laughed. "You know, I have to be honest.

I was never, ever really proud of you when you were trying to be a man. It just never seemed like you were anything special then. But, now? God, you're so amazing as a woman that I can hardly believe it!" It was all I could do to smile up at her through my exhaustion, and enjoy the feel of her hand stroking my hair and face.

It felt so good that I closed my eyes and actually drifted off to sleep. When I woke up, the men were gone and Kathy was on the sofa, reading a book. "Oh, wow," I murmured, "how long was I asleep? "Oh, about a half hour," she replied. "I didn't wake you because I figured you had earned a nice nap. You really did do a great job tonight." "Thanks," I smiled.

"Ready for bed?" she asked. I nodded and struggled to my knees. "Good," she said, setting her book down. "We can head up, but first, I want you to promise me something." "What?" I asked.

"I'm so proud of you that I want to make sure everyone knows how good you are. Tomorrow morning, I want you to promise to tell Joe what a great time you had tonight. Tell him all about it—how you did Steve first, then invited Ron over and let them double-team you; how you blew Ron and how Steve fucked you for over 20 minutes until you both came together.

Will you do that for me?" I gulped. "Do, do I have to?" Kathy looked disappointed. "No, you don't have to. But, I want you to. I think it would be a nice way to show both me and Joe how much you enjoy being a woman, and it would make me even prouder to know that you're brave enough to admit it to him." I swallowed and stared into her eyes.

"If, if I tell him about this, he'll probably expect me to be even sluttier at work. He'll expect me to be even more of a whore than he already does!" "Probably," she smiled wickedly. "That's one reason it will take so much courage. But, I know you're a brave girl and you can do it. Don't you want me to be even prouder of you?" "I do," I said, "but&hellip." "But what, honey?" she asked, stroking my hair. "Are you ashamed of what a cunt you've become? You shouldn't be. You heard Steve.

You're an amazing woman. Why would you be ashamed of that?" "I, I'm not," I stammered. "So?" I took a deep breath and gave her the answer I had known was inevitable since the moment she made the request. "So&hellip.I'll do it," I whispered. "That's my girl!" she bubbled. "God, I love you so much!


Thank you!" She blew me a kiss and smiled. "Just for that, I think I'll let you eat my pussy before we go to sleep. Ready for bed?" I nodded and let her lead me to the bedroom where she did, indeed, let me lick her to an orgasm to appropriately end the day.