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Again this is our first story so please be kind. This is part two of several. Let us know if we should continue.


Comments are always welcome and would be appreciated. Thank you and enjoy I rush to my rental car with confidence. Cumming on Mark's fingers helped to take the edge off but it was to get to what I really needed.

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I really need John inside me but first I need to check into my hotel and freshen up. Once inside my room I move quickly to ready myself, showering and primping. In the shower I can't help but spend extra time washing my swollen pussy and tender breasts.

The anticipation has me so aroused that I am panting and shaking as I wash my body. The soap running down my skin feels slick and amazing against my fingers and clit. I hadn't planned on making myself cum but I don't know how I could possibly stop now. I feel eager and urgent so I begin shoving two fingers deep inside my pussy.


The palm of my hand slamming into my clit. I reach up and grab a hold of my breast and squeeze hard. I need it hard. I need it rough.

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I squeeze and pinch my nipples and breasts until it hurts so good as I keep slamming my fingers inside my pussy. My legs are shaking and I feel like I'm getting close. As I slam my fingers in I feel my pussy gushing and throbbing against my fingers. My clit is screaming for me to fuck faster and rub harder. I squeeze my tits as hard as I can and begin moving from slamming three fingers into my pussy hard and using my full hand to rub and pinch my clit fast and hard.

After a few rounds of this I am screaming and cumming all over my hand. My knees are so weak that I let myself kneel on the shower floor and come down from the high.


Fuck that was good. After a few minutes I finish my shower and finish dressing and prettying up. I am beyond ready to surprise my man. Before I leave the room I remember my surprises that I bought for Wes.

I place the first carefully and pocket the second then I'm out the door. My heart is thumping inside my chest.

The buzzing I feel has me reeling. I feel completely flush and hot but it is welcomed in the cool fall air that I am not used to at all.

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I should probably be wearing a sweater but I want just enough skin to entice my prey. Although I am covered by jeans and a long sleeved top.

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I feel sexy as hell. The jeans are dark and tight and hug my ass nicely. Admittedly rubbing me in all the right places at the moment. I look down and admire the cleavage bursting from my top.

I see the turquoise lace peeking out. His favorite. I park and approach the building slowly. As expected someone in a tie comes out to greet me. All smiles and booming voice to welcome me to the dealership. A young black man with a little swagger approaches me with his hand out He tells me his name is Mike and I tell him I'm Sharon and I take that moment to look him up and down just for fun. "What can I do for you tonight?" Mike asks.

"Hmmm we will see. Can you show me that car over there?" I think my sizing up catches him off guard but he recovers quickly and he says sure and runs to grab the keys. He comes back with that bright smile and begins telling me about the car.

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He opens the door and I sit in the driver seat. He leans next to me and chatters about all the car has to offer. I run my hands along the wheel and look up at him as he speaks. "So when can I drive it?" I interrupt the information he provides on mileage. "Eager aren't you?" He laughs. "Oh you have no idea." I smile. He looks at me curiously, closes the door and walks to the passenger side and climbs in. I can tell Mike is stunned and curious by me but I feel like I can be someone different and wild on this trip.

I feel like I need to test myself. "So Mike, what is the wildest thing that have ever done driving in a car?" He turns quickly to look at me as I pull out of the lot quickly without waiting for him to put his seatbelt on. He still hasn't answered me so I decide to be wild and hit the gas.

I have no fucking clue where I am or where I'm going but who cares, right? "I didn't take you for the silent type.

Okay well I will start then. I have driven with my shirt off." I look at him and then pull my shirt over my head with quick movement.

" Jesus" he says and laughs. " still silent? Okay then we'll I have driven with my bra pulled down too." I look wildly at him. I pull my full tits up and out of the cups of my lacy turquoise bra. My rosy pink nipples are large and erect and looking so naughty.

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Mike stares at my tits and licks his lips. His eyes are wide and hungry but still he says nothing. I continue my speedy drive into the unknown. "Still nothing from you Mike?" He keeps staring at me.

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" I have even rubbed my pussy until I was soaked while driving a car." I offer as I unzip my jeans and slide my free hand in. I push my fingers snuggly against my pussy and feel how wet and hot I am. He watches every move I make but is silent. I love that I have this affect on him. Im feeling powerful and sexy and naughty. I see that he is excited. His cock is clearly hard. "I have done some naughty things as a driver but oh god can you imagine all the naughty things I have done as a passenger?" Mike still sits stunned as I drive with my hand on my pussy and my tits naked in the cold air.

It is in that moment I realize my mistake. "Mike I would tell you and show you all that I have done as a passenger but I think I need to save that for someone that has the guts to take advantage of what a girl like me needs.

I don't think that is