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"Mark, did you hear me?" Charles swung around to see an exceedingly tall slender amazon type woman in bikini shorts and a diagonal band with a strap which served as a top. She was possibly the sexiest woman he had ever seen. He couldn't tell if she was real or synthetic, but with her looks he didn't care. She had an enforcer ATW rifle over her shoulder and a hand on her shapely hip. His eyes went from her bulging breast, to her mound protruding from between her legs, prominant even in those hideious kahki shorts.

"Where the hell am I?" Charles asked suddenly. "Mark, have you been out in the sun too long?" she smiled teasingly, a questioning look in her eyes. "Lady, I don't know who you are or where we are, but I'm not and never have been Mark. My name is Charles Hunter." "What?" she straightened and explosive anger flashed in her eyes.

Her hand clenched into a fist and it hit Charles in the stomach before he could move to protect himself. In an instant she leaped through the air and landed firmly on his chest. "What have you done? Where is Mark?" her hands went around his throat and began to close down.

"Woman are you friggin crazy. You are trying to choak a robot. I don't know how I got here and I don't know anything about Mark. Now get off me before I hit you," he said, slapping her right hand away. The sudden loss of support made her fall against him. He looked into her beautiful face, then down her delicious clevage.

"That will be the day," she growled but relented slowly, climbing to her feet. "The bastards must have discovered his background. I thought he'd be safe after all this." she trailed off and looked closely in Charles' eyes. "Welcome to Effrasia, asshole." "Thanks, bitch." "Are you hungry?" "I shouldn't be, I ate less than an hour ago.

but I am. I guess Mark hasn't eaten lately." "We were about too. Damned, I was just getting him broken in." "You think the found him out?" he asked, falling into step beside her. "He had a shady past?" "To say the least. He was a Terminalist, you must have heard of them." "Oh yeah, I've heard of them," Charles said, rolling his eyes. "I program computers. I've never been hacked by one, but everyone in my field is familiar with a Terminalist.

In the 20th century they were called Hackers. I don't like them very much, they are non-productive psychopaths who contibute nothing to society and destroy what I create.

Despite what they say, it takes no genius to destroy." "Yeah, we all have our problems. Well I'd better indoctrinate you on the way back to the hutch.

We are the guardians of Seti Alpha Four. We are game wardens protecting the future of species transplanted here by IB&C while they were still in business. Here you will find genetically engineered plant and animal life unseen on Earth for over a century. Our job is to protect and study the habits of these species so we can readapt them to Earth, to be trasnplanted at some point in the future. Any questions?" "Yeah, what's your name?" "Cindy Oray.

Yours?" "Charles Hunter." "Well don't do any hunting here, we live on the recomb, not real meat." "How many others are on this planet?" "None, we're it." "So this is all we do, walk around and watch animals mate?" "That's about the size of it, but that's about to change.

We are reintroducing the California Condor on Earth in a few weeks. The biologists feel they can adapt to the mega-complexes of Western." "How exciting. I was just finishing up a project on. hell, I don't know where I was. Anyway they simply yanked me here in the middle of a test run." "Leave behind anybody significant?" she asked casually as they reached the grass and bamboo hut.

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"No. well yes, sort of. I just found out she was ninety in real life." "In these bodies we are all the same age. I was born in the late 20th century, that's why I'm here. I lived in a time when most of these animals were still alive." "You're a defrost?" "Yeah, I'm a defrost," she said defensively.

"You got a problem with that?" "No, I guess not. Say, this is pretty nice," Charles looked around the inside of the room and was surprised to find that technology had not been left behind, despite what the outside of the hut looked like.

"Yeah, we do all right. Most of the protein for the recomb comes from the local flora around here. We're not allowed to touch anything originating on Earth.

I'll show you which is which later. There's actually very little local plant life which is poisonous. A few type of fungus and three flowering shrubs, that I know of. Technically, the recomb can remove the poisonous aspects of such plants when it recombines the molecules into something we recognize as food, but I wouldn't try it." "I know nothing about recombs, everywhere I've been my food came from a deli slot." "A techie, huh?" "Sure, I had a programming job with a large corporation." "So why are you here?" she handed him a plate of steak and mashed potatoes.

"My wife." he hesitated for several moments before continuing, "she's gone." "Sorry.

Everyone I ever knew is gone, except for one man, he used to be the mechanic who worked on our car most of the time. I hated him. He got stinking rich off some kind of patent that made gas three times more efficient and had himself frozen.

He restores cars for a rich guy now. I was a model and part-time biologist. I got cancer and my insurance company froze me rather than paying off. I learned that you should always read the fine print before signing anything.

But in the end, the joke's on them. They've been dead for two centuries and I'm still here." "I've heard of cancer, it was a big thing in the 20th century.

I don't know what a car or mechanic is, but I'm sorry anyway." She shrugged and began eating. She cooked well, which was a real art with a recomb machine. It was easy to program a recomb computer to spit out food substitutes, but the art was in the slight alterations which synthesized certain spices, altered the moisture content, or added the hint of different flavors produced by a private formula.

Cindy was a master. Charles enjoyed the warm, freshly scented breeze blowing in off the plains, playing with the lacy curtains and ruffling Cindy's dark brown hair while they ate. Cindy finished eating first and dumped her dishes in the recycle bin on the recomb. She sat and watched Charles eat, then took his dishes too. She returned with a gleam in her eyes. "So now that your full and your robotic body has refreshed itself, and is even now transforming all that protein into energy, how about sex?" Cindy asked casually.

"With you?" Charles asked stupidly. "Unless you have somebody else in mind," she pretended to look around the empty room, then stared at him, planting her elbows firmly on the table. "Let me put my cards right on the table. I swing both ways, but Mark didn't. He liked men. I haven't had sex in over two years and unless you're like him, this body should be appealing to you. So how about it?" "Sure, ok," Charles said casually.

She led him to the rustic looking couch, abruptly at a loss. She really hadn't expected him to say yes so quickly. After years without sex, she was suddenly lost.

"You have a nice place here," Charles said, looking around the little hut. He touched her shoulders. She shuddered under his touch. She bent and began patting couch cushions into place. He sank to his knees behind her. Her pussy was so close he could smell it. It smelled delicious, a little like pussy and a little like lilacs and cinnamon. She must have a magical woodsy type of perfume, he decided.

He inhaled deeply, taking in her heavenly aroma. Slowly, with a will of their own, his hands came up and touched the back of her legs.

Gently, they slid up into her shorts until each hand held a cheek of her ass. He kneaded them firmly, while pulling her pussy up against his nose. He inhaled again. He heard her take a deep, shuddering breath. She moved slightly, spreading her legs. Charles pushed up the left leg of her shorts until he found the soft crease just below her ass cheek.

He kissed it gently, then licked it. It was fresh, warm, and slightly salty. He licked his lips for a moment, then licked the other crease. She shuddered, melting in his hands. Suddenly eager for more, Charles spun her around and sat her on the couch. Her slender soft hands came down to rest on his head. She caressed his hair absently, while he inhaled the aroma of her pussy once more.

It was more that he could stand. He yanked down her shorts and panties in one quick jerk. He sat facing her lightly-haired pussy. He spread her pussy lips with his thumbs and sucked her clit into his lips, nursing gently on the throbbing member.

It was like a little cock. Mechanical or not, Cindy had one fantastic body. It was entirely suited for her manly type of amazon personality. And it was beautiful. "Oh yes, suck it," she whispered, almost in his ear. He reached out and licked her long, stiff clit lightly, while his right thumb plunged up inside her pussy.

She gave a shuddering gasp and pulled his face tightly into her pussy. He sucked the clit into his lips and milked it, before strumming it with his tongue. She cried and withered before him. The taste and sounds were very erotic. Outside he could hear the sounds of animals. The peacocks surrounding the area set up an unholy howl and screech, which seemed to be echoed by Cindy. Charles liked eating pussy, but he needed attention himself.

It was time to sink his cock into some hot meat. He stood, spun her around, and bent her over the arm of the couch. She laid with her ass presented, her hands on the cushions of the couch, as he stepped out of his uniform. He grabbed his cock and pressed it against the entrance to her pussy. He rubbed it up and down briefly to lubricate it, then shoved. He sank his cock into her pussy up to the hilt. She gave a little cry, but pressed back against him.

Her pliable ass cheeks were mashed out of shape by his hard hips. He shoved hard to get the best penetration he could. His hands went to her hanging breasts. He pulled her blouse apart and filled his hands with womanly globes of flesh. "Oh fuck yes," he sighed. Slowly he began pistoning his cock in and out of her wet cunt. The slap of hips against soft ass cheeks grew loud in the room. Her moans of passion were even louder. Mashing her tits in brutal fingers, Charles fucked Cindy hard.

Outside, a lion roared.


A crow called to it's companions in a voice that sounded like it was calling, "dog, dog,". Charles thought this was humorous, considering the position in which he was fucking Cindy. He moaned, with his eyes tightly closed, as he plunged up into Cindy's sweet ass. His cock was well-lubricate, sliding in and out smoothly. Her moist pussy was hot now, very hot.

Moisture from her pussy was dripping down from her pussy and collecting at the little V. He took the time to pull his cock out of her pussy and slid it up and down in her crack, before resuming one of the best fucks of his life. Cindy's hands clawed the material of the couch, as his hard penis filled her body cavity to the breaking point.

She felt his cock clear up to her abdomen. It was just what she needed. After years of waiting, fantasizing, and masturbating, she finally had what she wanted. It was glorious. His hard, pistoning cock was filling her cunt with fire. He was wild, his desires were as hot and urgent as her own.

Who would have thought that things could change so quickly? "Fuck me good," she screamed in sudden abandon. Charles pumped into her swollen pussy lips several more times, then stopped, remembering his first time with Eileen. He pulled out of her wet pussy and pushed her down on the couch. "Roll over on your back and grab your ankles," he whispered.

It wasn't a zero gravity chamber, but he could improvise. Cindy hurried to comply. Feeling silly with her feet up in the air, she waited as he knelt behind her. She gasped at the first contact. His cock entered her pussy, pushing slowly, intolerably slow until his full length was inside her. He felt even larger from that angle, and she could watch him as he fucked her. He fucked her pussy for several more minutes, then pulled it out, rubbed it up and down in her pussy, then resumed.

She screamed as the huge cock seemed to split her pussy again. The stimulation was incredible. He reached down and rubbed his hand over her pussy, rhythmically massaging her clit and wet pussy lips, while his hard penis slid in and out.

The fire from both seemed to blend together into one massive fire. Before she could get ready, her pussy began to spasm and she found herself in the middle of one massive orgasm.

He continued to pump away in her pussy, while she mindlessly babbled and raved, hunching her pussy against his pelvis. All too quickly, it was over. But to her amazement, he was not through. He pulled out of her pussy and slowly inserted his cock into her ass, renewing the glow that had just been extinguished by her orgasm. She felt the fire building again, much faster than it had before. To her astonishment, she felt her pussy clenching stronger and stronger against his hand until a second orgasm tore her loins apart.

A twisted smile lit Charles' face, while he watched her thrash around on the couch. He liked the feeling of her ass clenching on his hard cock. He liked how she hunched her pussy against his hand, trying helplessly to satisfy herself. He liked showing her who was in control. She was very manly, but he was the man. Then the smile left his face. He was going to cum. Pumping faster and faster, thrusting in tune with the loud slap of flesh, and the sticky liquid sounds that came from his hand in her pussy, he groaned and closed his eyes, only aware of the heat and spasms in his own loins.

With an animal cry of lust he heaved his cock into her ass and froze. His cock hesitated, then spewed hot cum into her ass. She withered on his cock, bringing herself to orgasm. They intertwined, gasping and clutching at each other as their bodies exploded. They finally stopped and lay side by side on the couch. Charles got up slowly and opened a beer, while watching the happy glow on Cindy's face.

They took their lovemaking into the bedroom, which was more suited to their needs. By the end of the second hour he was glad he was using a synthetic body, his real body couldn't have taken it.

By the end of the third hour they had time to slow down and become friends. "The old formula still works," Cindy said with a happy sigh from her side of the bed. "What's that?" "The way to a man's heart is his stomach." Charles laughed. "I've never heard that one. You're right, I guess." "That's one of the advantages of being a defrost, all the old jokes are new again." "Cindy, you're a nice woman and I like you, but I can't stay here.

I have. I have something I have to do back on Earth. I think that's why they sent me directly here, to keep me from doing it." "Sounds serious." "It is, I may go to a penal colony, but if there's a chance of bringing her back." Cindy put her hand over his mouth and hushed him.

"Don't say any more. I get your drift." "Huh?" "Never mind. We'll write each other a long letter later. In the meantime, we need a head count on the zebra herd, they usually water this time of day down at the river. The lions have harvested three in the past two weeks, if it keeps up we will have to cull the pride." Charles nodded and shrugged, totally lost.

"Are there clothes I can wear?" "Mark wore some rather garish clothing, but you may find something you like in my closet." Charles felt less disoriented after three or four days, but he was not the outdoor type.

He had lived in a mega-complex his entire life, and SA4 had too many crawling things to suit him. He was constantly swatting at bugs, even in his sleep. He learned to shoot well, thanks to Cindy's constant instructions. Of course there was little else to do other than sex. Charles was beginning to think that Cindy's appetite was inexhaustible. If he remembered right there used to be a name for such a condition, but it was cured so long ago he couldn't remember it's name.

Whatever it was, Cindy had it. At first, at the Atlantis project, he hadn't minded sex with a strange woman, since Delilah had been gone for the past several years.


But now, with the prospect of her return, it bothered him. He felt like he was cheating. This didn't sway Cindy one bit, when she wanted something, she took it. And she wanted it often. Sitting on a hill overlooking the cattle herd, they saw a huge bull climb to the back of a cow and begin humping.

In a few minutes, his three foot long penis was impaling the cow, pumping in and out rapidly. She mooed pathetically, but didn't try to escape. Charles and Cindy looked at each other at the same time. They laughed and moved together. Charles scooped an ample breast from her khaki shirt and fondled it, while watching the cattle mate.

"I guess sex is a major part of nature," he whispered. "It's the only important part of nature, I'm afraid. There are species which seem to actually love, and some who play, but everything is centered around sex, the perpetuation of the species." "What about monogamy?" he asked with a guilty expression. "Yes, many species practice monogamy, but it's not a genetically sound idea.

Each species profits most from sharing different partners. They are more genetically diverse." "They have certainly given you lovely breasts," he said as he caressed it gently. "They are pretty much similar to my real ones, wherever they might be." "They are probably in a tank in the RERE building," he said with a frown. "Oh," she shrugged, beginning to warm up under his touch.

"Don't you know anything about your real body?" "Not really. I remember being jarred awake by an electric jolt. From there it was a pretty hazy few hours before I woke up here. I really don't remember much." Charles opened her shirt and extracted the second breast. Altering his position so he could bend down and suck it, she began talking about her dreams.

Cindy dreamed of fulfilling her contract with RERE and venturing out into the real 22nd century world. But RERE had a policy of keeping the defrosts in the dark, to keep them on the job. If the defrosts learned little of the 22nd century, they must depend on RERE for their existence.

Cindy was strong-willed and wished to not only break away from RERE, but to train others to become self-reliant as well. Technically, a defrost who was removed from a cryogenic chamber was indebted to RERE for ten years. If there was an illness which must be cured, the indebtedness lasted a few years longer to pay for medical expenses.

In reality, RERE defrosted the old timers and enslaved them for life. "Tell me how to live in your world," Cindy said as she watched him suckling a breast. "Not now, I want to make love," he gasped. "That's the first time you've used that word,"s she whispered. "What word?" "Love. Before its always been sex, fucking, mating, or playing around. This is the first time you've ever said "make love" since you arrived." "Oh," he tried to shrug it off as if it held no significance.

She pushed him back on the grass and grabbed his belt. In a few seconds she jerked off his pants. She pulled off her own blouse, giving him free access to her breasts, then slid her own khaki shorts down and off. She straddled his body and sank down until her pussy touched his hard, throbbing cock. She sank blissfully down over his cock, rested there for a moment, then began sliding forward and back, while emitting a little whine of pleasure.

Charles reached up and filled his hands with her breasts. She was so beautiful, strong, and sexy. He didn't like a woman who bulged with muscles, but a strong woman was extremely sexy to Charles. And she was a strong woman, inside and out. If it wasn't for Delilah. For the second time in his life he purged the thought of being happy with a woman other than Delilah. She was the only love in his life. Living or dead, they were married forever. Still, Cindy's grasping pussy felt exceedingly good on his hard cock.

Due to the unique sexual position, Cindy came first, then pulled off and sank to her knees, giving him a wonderful blowjob and filling her mouth with sweet cum.

She wiped her mouth when she finished, and insisted that Charles kiss her. He did, reluctantly. They rested under the large tree.

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The shade felt good in the blazing sun. The cattle herd had moved off toward the river. Charles suddenly remembered her request. She wanted him to teach her about the 22nd century.

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"I can't just sit here and talk about my world until you understand it and can live like we do. We go to school like you did in your time, but for us we sit under a neural transfer machine. It implants information directly into our brains, hour after hour, year after year, until we have all the information we need. My education took nine years, but by your standards there would be no comparison. I believe it equals 25 years of your education, but of course you forget most of what you were taught.

With our transfer method, we forget nothing." "That's a lot of work. Isn't there a shorter course?" "Are you familiar with direct implants?" "No." Charles took his time, choosing his words carefully so he wouldn't frighten her.

"Suppose you wanted to know something, and had a miniature computer in your brain. You call up the information and have the answers instantly. Sort of like total recall." "Sounds good, how's it done?" "A tiny chip, a computer all in itself. It runs off the electrical impulses of your mind and is hooked directly into the neural synapses that transfer thoughts.

In essence, it becomes an enhanced portion of your brain." "If it's that easy why did you need nine years of education?" "It's not foolproof, it's just an aid. For each thing that's unfamiliar to you, you have to stop and recall that information.

There is a delay while you make and receive each request. Suppose you don't know how to use an enforcer. You look at it and wonder what it is. The implant tells you it is a weapon that looks much like your 20th century TV remote. It also tells you that it's the most widely-used weapon in the universe. You ask what it can do, it shows you each button, the laser, molecular deharmonizer, expanding ceramic projectiles, and sonic disrupter.

It gives you the options for each weapon mode, such as how to set the projectile speed and range, or how to widen the laser into an flashlight. Then it shows you how to bend the back down into a pistol grip, set the option and lock the choice into the miniature computer so it can't be accidentally changed. Lastly, it shows you how to depress the firing stud, you can tap the stud to fire instantly, or depress and hold the button down for a holographic sight.

Now you have all the information you need, right?" "It sounds like it, sure," Cindy nodded, already familiar with the enforcers. "Suppose you ask about this information while you face an enemy who is about to shoot you. What would happen?" "I'd still be receiving the information while I die." Charles nodded and put his hands behind his head as he laid back and relaxed against the trunk of the tree. "How much does this chip cost, and where do I get one?" "It costs very little actually.

If you've been defrosted more than ten years, your personal account probably has enough for hundreds of them. To get one you go to a medical clinic and a machine implants it for you in less than a minute." "You're kidding. How can a machine do that?" "It's injected into your brain with a large needle, manipulated into place with electro-magnets, then it's activated by a small electrical pulse through the needle.

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It's over in 45 seconds, actually." "And what was that about a personal account?" "A credit account," Charles sat up and looked at her. "Do you mean to tell me that you've never accessed your account?" "I didn't even know I had one," Cindy said as they both began to dress.

"Damned them. No wonder the defrosts are enslaved. You need legal help." "Not much chance of getting that on SA4," she shrugged helplessly. "Where there's an entercom, there's help," Charles heaved to his feet and slung his rifle over his shoulder. "An entercom?" "A computer, in your time. But it's much more now, an entertainment terminal, computer, and universal communications and translator terminal as well. Come on, let's see what we can find." Charles dug through the supplies in the hut until he found a four inch entercom cube.

"That little thing is a computer?" Cindy asked skeptically. "And more. You can't make intergalactic calls on a computer.

You can on this." Charles depressed the tiny stud on the side of the black cube. A holographic screen and keyboard sprang into existence. Cindy gasped and smiled. Charles began typing on the holographic keyboard. There were no actual keys, the entercom sensed his fingers in the appropriate space and interpreted them as key strokes.

"What do we do first?" she moved closer to watch over his shoulder. "First we find your account, then we find a law firm to represent you.

A good law firm with a staff of lawyers and a judge unbiased about defrosts." "A judge?" "Sure, who do you think pays them?" "In my time, the taxes did." "Trials must have lasted for years.

Who came up with that idea?" Charles asked as he punched the holographic keys with blinding speed. Cindy was more fascinated by the keyboard and screen than she was about what appeared on the screen. She waved her hand through the intangible keyboard and dozens of characters appeared on the screen. Charles gave her a scowl and she slid her hands behind her back, giving him a sly smile. "Here we are, Rule and Clyde. They were responsible for getting the Deity class of computers classified as intelligent and getting them human rights." "You're kidding?

A computer?" "Of sorts, it's actually an AI. artificial intelligence constructed of human brain cells cultured to perform computer functions. It's. complicated," he stopped, suddenly at a loss. "There's something similar inside this black box." "I'm so far behind that the daily news doesn't even make sense to me," she said with a scowl. "We can fix that, just be patient." "Maybe I'm better off here," she said reluctantly. "You may be, but what I want to give you is a choice.

Right now, you and the thousands of other defrost have no choice." "Charles, are you willing to talk about what you spoke of earlier?" "Not now." "It could be important." "Ok, but type it, don't say it. Your brain patterns can be monitored for speech, but keystrokes are untraceable, so far. They are interpreted as normal movement," he said, repeating what Eileen had taught him. He suddenly felt a pang of loss at her memory. Charles explained his plight, and his intentions on the screen.

Cindy explained that Mark's main goal as a Terminalist was to crack the files in IB&C. He had succeeded but had been detected. He volunteered for RERE to hide until the search was over.

If they could find Mark, Mark could find Delilah, if anybody could. Charles pulled her down and kissed her soundly, then ran a check on Mark. It took only moments to find that Mark had assumed Charles old job at the Atlantis project, which made sense since they were both computer experts.

Charles sent two words over the entercom to Mark Midgate, half a galaxy away. "Kill yourselves." Charles quickly contacted Rule and Clyde, retained them through his credit account, then turned with his enforcer aimed at Cindy. She in turn, aimed her's at him. "One, two, three." Charles said and depressed the firing stud. Alarms sounded outside of the RERE life support vats.

Technicians ran from one end of the room to the other, reading dials and climbing up the short ladders to the lids of those showing an alarm. In moments Charles, Cindy, Mark, and Eileen stood wet and shivering. Their bodies were shriveled, white, and delicate. Heat lamps were directed at their still- naked bodies while sensors and tubes were removed.

They were cleaned and dressed by the time that five armed Rule and Clyde representatives showed up at the laboratory door with legal documents.

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Before anyone could object, the five armed guards ushered them out of the building. Six months later Charles sat at his table reading the thin plastic sheets of his daily paper. He turned to the section containing the law suit's filed against RERE and even he was staggered by the enormous settlement paid to former RERE defrosts.

"Honey, RERE is finally paying," Charles called with a smile. "I bet they really hate me now." Delilah came into the dining room and set a plate of bacon, eggs, and toast on the table, then leaned down to read over his shoulder.

"I bet Cindy and her new husband are celebrating. She's a rich woman now." "Are they still coming over tonight?" "Yes. Mark called too, he and his new friend are coming.

Have you ordered the barbecue?" "It will be here at five, all fired up and fully stocked." "Good," she leaned down and kissed him, then went over to stare out the window.

"I like this neighborhood. I always wanted a house of my own." "But dear, we had one before. never mind," Charles smiled and began to eat. It was still hard to remember that Delilah had missed out on several years of his life, but he mind.

He was happy, very, very happy.