Brazzers Nekane Big Tits At School

Brazzers Nekane Big Tits At School
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This is a fictional story but hot non the less. Uncle Rod was a normal guy, five foot 10 build and 250 pounds. He worked a normal 8-4 job at the local insurance office. He was married and even had a daughter who was 7.

They lead a pretty normal life of working and hanging out with friends and family but Uncle Rod had a secret. He liked to fantasize about little girls. Whenever he was home alone we would rub one out while looking at porn videos and pictures of little girls.

Any age would do from 2-18 but the younger the better. One day, him and his family were invited to a family cook out. They were all having a good time hanging out outside while his brother cooked on the grill. The ladies were talking about the kids as usual and the guys were talking about cars as guys do. The kids were out in the yard playing tag.

Rods niece had just turned 4 the month before. She was a quiet timid little girl who would rather play by herself than other kids. Rod was watching Lacy play with his daughter. Rod's daughter Cally, was trying to teach Lacy how to do a summer sault. They caught the attention of Rod when he noticed every time Lacy would try a summer sault her little poke a dotted sun dress would come up over her waist and he could see her sweet little pink panties. Uncle Rod felt himself starting to get a little stiff as he was watching her.

When the food finished cooking his wife called for the girls to come eat. He watched Lacy come running from across the yard with her shoulder length pig tails bouncing with every step and he couldn't help but think how much he would enjoy guiding her little mouth over his swollen cock by her pig tails. They gathered around the picnic table and ate their dinner in the warm summer evening. A while later Uncle Rod excused himself to restroom. He went through the kitchen and down the hall to the bathroom and had heard someone else come in the door after he did but he didn't think anything of it.

When he turned to go into the bathroom he'd seen little Lacey standing at the end of the hall.

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He went into the bathroom and when he shut the bathroom door he could hear the sound of her little feet running down the hall and stop at the bathroom door. He stood there a minute real quite so he could hear what she was doing but he couldn't hear anything.

He looked at the door and could see her shadow from under the door. He noticed the door had a key hole so he looked to see if he could see her through the hole and when he did he seen her peeping through the hole.

It kind of stunned him at first but he instantly felt his cock jump in his pants. He stood there for a second not knowing what to do at first.


Then he thought, she wants to see something so he's not going to disappoint her. Uncle Rod unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled his half hard cock from his pants. He just stood there without touching it so it would just hang there.

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Then he started moving his hips ever so slightly so his cock would bounce up and down for her. He could still her shadow underneath the door so he knew she was liking what she was seeing. This made his cock get even harder because the meer thought of a little girl watching his half erect cock bouncing up and down made him horny as hell.

Now his dick was rock hard and standing straight up. He thought that maybe she would want a closer look so he slowly opened the bathroom door so he didn't scare her. Uncle Rod peers around the edge of the door and says "Hi Lacey." She stands there half looking at the ground and says "Hi" in a very shy little voice.

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Uncle Rod smiles at her and asks her "Do you like what you seen through the key hole honey?" Lacey just knodds her head yes. Uncle Rod takes her by the hand and says "Well, you can come in here with me and take a closer look. Would you like that?" Again, she just knodds her head. He leads her by the hand into the bathroom with him and shuts the door. He puts his fingers under her chin to lift her head up so she is looking directly at his cock. He says to her "This is what you were wanting to see.

You can see it real good now." He watches her as she looks at it and he can tell she's a little anxious so he says "You can touch it." Lacey looks at him with her big brown eyes and then wraps her little fingers around it.

Uncle Rod can't hardly believe it, his little niece his holding his cock in her little hands. Lacey gets a smile on her face and puts her other hand on it to. Uncle Rod says "You can play with it like a toy. Move your hands up and down on it and it will grow for you." She did as her Uncle Rod said and starts to move her hands up down on his rock hard cock. He lets out a light moan because he is in awe that his fantasy is coming true. After she has played with it a couple minutes Uncle Rod tells her he would like to play a game now and she agrees.

He tells her to open her mouth because it also like to play peek a boo. She opens her mouth and he puts his dick in her little mouth and slides it back out as he says "Peek!" She giggles and opens her mouth again.

Uncle Rod is in heaven! He puts his dick in her mouth and grabs her by her little pig tails and guides her little mouth a few more times up and down his throbbing cock.

When he stops, he says to her "My turn to play a game now." She just knodds her head. Rod takes advantage of the fact that she is wearing a little sun dress. He puts the lid down on the toilet and sits down.

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He waves her over to him and she happily comes over to him. He lifts her up on his lap facing him with one leg on either of him. He wraps his arm around her and up her dress. He at first starts rubbing her underwear as to not startle her too much.

She doesn't seem to mind so when he knows she's ok with that he slips his fingers under her underwear and finds her tiny little pussy hole. He doesn't put his finger in but just flicks his finger around the outside of it. She squirms a little so Uncle Rod looks her in the eye and reassures her that it's ok and kisses her lips.

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She puts her hands on his shoulders to hang on and ever so slightly, she starts to bounce up and down to the rhythm of his fingers. This is making Uncle Rod seep pre cum all the way to his balls.

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He directs her hands back onto the shaft of his harder than ever cock. As he is playing with her little pussy hole and clit he moves his legs back and forth so it makes her bounce. She is holding onto his cock as shes moving up and down and jacking her Uncle Rod off while he his playing with her pussy. Uncle Rod thinks this is fantastic but would really love to feel her bald 4 year old pussy on dick.


He arranges her so she is laying back on his legs with her pussy pressed right up to the base of his dick.

He takes her by her hips and starts sliding her velvety soft pink pussy lips up and down his pre cum soaked cock. He is loving it and starts to move her faster.


Uncle Rod looks at little Lacey and asks her "Do you like Uncle Rods horsey ride?" She manages to squeak out a little yes between her labored breaths. Rod is amazed how much Lacy is enjoying this and that she acts like she is about to cum.

Watching her pussy lips sliding up and down on his dick like he has watched so many times on his computer is too much for him.

He knows he is about to blow his load so he lifts her dress above her head. A few more pumps of little Lacy's soft warm pussy lips around his dick and Lacy wins the prize. A pool of cum on her belly. Uncle Rod sits there holding his little niece trying catch his breath and he says to her "You won the top secret prize! He puts his finger in the pool of cum and puts his finger in her mouth. She wrinkles her face up a little and Uncle Rod says to her "It may taste a little icky right now but you will get use to it.

You will like it next time." Did I make you feel good?" She knodds her head and says "Yes Uncle Rod." He doesn't want her to tell anyone so he tells her if she liked it she can't tell anyone because then Uncle Rod can't make her feel good like that anymore. She said ok and promised not to tell anyone.