Adult females are in for a wet look nudity oral stimulation together

Adult females are in for a wet look nudity oral stimulation together
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It was the middle of December, and cold outside. Bailey and Jade sat under a blanket, nude as always, next to a roaring fire. Their starling of a mother walked by smiling, dressed only in white lingerie designed with snowflakes.

She smiled and gave her eldest daughter a wink because she knew she was feeling her younger sister under that blanket. This made her quite flustered, and she went to her room to take care of it.

She stopped by both her daughters' rooms along the way, grabbing a used sports bra of Bailey's, and a pair of Jade's panties.

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She went to her own room, and sat down on the bed. She took the bra first. She was pleased at how nicely Bailey's breasts were developing. She sniffed each cup, and they smelled a little sour. She had sweated in it, and she liked it.

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She licked each of the cups, imagining her eldest daughter's nipples in her mouth. She placed it aside, and grabbed the pink panties she had taken from Jade. They were used, and she could smell sex from Jade's snatch on them. She smelled the back of them, and thought of her daughter's beautiful round ass. She used the panties and rubbed them in between her legs, and began to moan. Dylan heard this, and entered the room to find her mother in ecstasy.

He climbed onto the bed next to her, and took a whiff of the clothing she had taken, which gave him an instant erection.


His mother felt it touch her thigh, and she stopped what she was doing. He leaned over to him, and looked deep into his eyes as she slowly began to jerking him off. He whimpered as she brushed her nails over his balls. When they could stand it no longer, she climbed on top of him, straddling him reverse cowgirl, and began riding her son's cock. She moaned, and he savored every moment as he felt his mother's ass slap against him, watching those beautiful mounds of breast bounce as she worked him.

She came first as she had been toying with herself quite a while, and the built up pleasure exploded onto Dylan. She cried out, and rode him as the pleasure wrecked her body. When she was finished, she climbed off of him, and lapped her own cum off of his cock, and knelt down for him, pleading with her eyes.

He stood over his mother, and jerked his dick. She encouraged him. "Cmon honey, cum for your mother like you own her" she crooned. She stuck out her tongue and he felt her hot breath on his cock. That was the killer for him, and he slammed into his mother's open mouth, spurting rope after rope of hot cum down her throat.

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She gagged, and a few tears came to her eye, but she enjoyed it, and swallowed all he had to offer. They collapsed on the bed, and kissed softly as he played with her perfect soft breasts, squeezing them.

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Back in the living room, Bailey was still fondling her younger sister. They sat warming up for a while, until Bailey suggested "it's a little warm in here, want to go outside and cool off?" "With the was you're making me feel right now sis, I'd do anything" she replied, eyes closed, enjoying herself.

She stopped, and Jade gave her a pitiful look. "Don't worry. Later" she said with a half smile.

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They got some warm clothes on, and walked outside, hand in hand. They found their favorite lake, which was frozen over, and went to lay down on it. Jade rolled over onto her sister, still holding her hand, and kissed her softly on her cold little nose. Bailey giggled and brushed a strand of hair from Jade's rosy cheek, and kissed her back, more passionately.

They lied like this for a while, their bodies warm with love, even though it was cold out.

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"I have an idea" Jade whispered, and rolled off of her big sister. "Stay right here" she picked up something off the lake, and came back, hiding it in her hands. "Trust me sis. Look at my eyes, I wanna see your face." She obeyed, and Jade slipped her hand down her sister's pants. Bailey gasped at the feeling. It was a piece of ice!

Jade could feel the goosebumps on her thighs, and watched as Bailey blushed and bit her lip. Within a few seconds the ice melted from the heat coming from in between her legs. The cool flowing feeling caused Bailey to wet her pants.


She blushed as Jade could feel the hot liquid on her fingers Jade withdrew her hand, and tasted. She liked it, the thin cold water mixed with the slightly thicker, warm, lubricant (with just a bit of pee mixed in). She offered her fingers to her Bailey, who suckled, enjoying mixed tastes of herself.


"Now I have an idea" she said as she took Jade's fingers out of her mouth with a pop. She stuck her hand down Jade's pants, and Jade did the same to her. She gave her sister a sensual lick on the cheek and whispered "Whoever cums first loses" and set to work.

The sisters started to pump their hips toward each other, fighting the pleasure. They felt each others hot breath on their faces, a nice feeling in the cold. Bailey could only fit two fingers into her sister, but Bailey, being a little more developed, could handle three. They each increased speed, trying to match each other.

Jade was faster with those clever little fingers of hers, and felt Bailey give in and release, soaking her pants and Jade's fingers. She placed them in her own mouth, and almost bit down as Bailey finished her soon after. She let out a muffled whimper through her fingers. Bailey copied her younger counterpart and suckled the juice off of her fingers, making sure to get it all. They kissed, tasting themselves in the other's mouth. They walked back to the house, stripped back down, and layed back under the blanket, fire still going.

They played mindfully with each others breasts, and Bailey said to her sister as their bodies warmed by the fire "I love you sis".

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