Horny babysitter caught masturbating by the dad

Horny babysitter caught masturbating by the dad
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Somebody complaint about the masturbation scene in Chapter 2 being too short. Well, that's because Chapter 9 more or less is one 1700 word masturbation scene and I did not want to get repetitive.

:) Chapter 3 "Let me lay down the law for you." OK, I had said I could not wait to fuck her but when I entered our room I decided "First work, then pleasure" and the commands would only stay in place till midnight and were not enough for all the other stuff I was up to for the next 3 weeks.

"Take of you dress and go into the bathroom." She did "No sit down on the sink facing me and spread your legs. Now shave your pussy." When we met she started shaving it but soon she went to letting some hair on and then, slowly, little by little more and more hair remained after each shaving. Right now I had a mouthful of hair every time I ate her out.

But she still let hell rain down on me if I did not shave my balls.


That's fairness for you. Standing there in front of her and watching her shave her pussy I got even hornier. I decided to get some relief after she finished shaving and set the rules after that. There was still a long time till midnight. Oh, she had a hot little cunt. Just the way I like it. Just a little slit with nice puffy, juicy cuntlips. It took her about 5 minutes to finish shaving and it where long 5 minutes. Finally when she was finished I told her to come with me into the main room.

I sat down on a chair and told her to kneel down in front of the chair and suck my dick. While she went to work I started thinking about the commands. What would I set as new rules for her?

And would I set them permanent? It is hard to think when a beautiful girl swirls her tongue around the tip of your dick while massaging your balls. I decided to stop thinking and to enjoy the rest of it. She continued with little circles around the tip of my dick and then went to kiss the head from all sides. Then she looked up at me as she stuck out her tongue to lick the underside from my balls to the tip and then she took the head into her mouth.

She slowly licked it inside her warm wet mouth for a couple of seconds before she began sucking on it. I put my hand on the back of her head. My senses were super heightened and I felt the curls like I could feel each individual hair in my palm as I pushed down, not with force but just a little bit to indicate that I wanted her to take my dick deep down. And she did. Her head started going up and down in my lap slowly, then faster, then she slowed down again but went deeper.

And every time my dick came to the place where her throat began the beginning of the swallow reflex sent a little jolt of pleasure through my body. Then she let my dick slip out of her mouth again and rubbed the tip of my prick on one of her nipples while she kissed the upper side of my shaft. Then she kissed her way back to the tip along the side of my dick, letting her tongue make a little jump out for a quick lick every couple of kisses and finally I was in her mouth again.

This time she started sucking and bobbing fast and deep right away. I felt it approaching, felt the trembling and decided to enjoy her sucking till the very end.


"I'm about to come, be prepared but don't stop!" I did not want her to get some of my sperm into her lungs. Her sucking continued and I got closer and closer until I finally blew jet after jet of jizz into her hot mouth.

I never had her continue sucking as I came before and it felt like heaven.

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It seemed like the waves were coming and coming and would never stop and when I was finally finished and looked down at her looking up at me I realized that she had her mouth full and did not know what to do with my cum. She had no command for that (She was still in trance and would not do anything unless commanded). "Swallow!" And it was sexy to see her do it just like that. "Lie down on the bed, spread your legs and play with your cunt!" So, now that I had set up something to watch it was time to set the rules.

"Rule 1 and this is one that you will keep with you as long as we are together: Your jealousy is gone. Even if you see me banging another girl your only thought will be how you can join in!" "The rest of the rules are for the duration of the vacation only." "Rule 2: You will only wear the legal minimum of clothing in any given situation." "Rule 3: You will accept whatever I choose to do with you." "Rule 4: You will obey my commands." "Rule 5: Unless I tell you otherwise you will eat my sperm whenever possible.

The only exception is if I cum in your ass." "Rule 6: You are going to wake me with a blowjob whenever you wake up before I do" (And I'm going to wake you by fucking you was something I did not add because it was nothing she had to do) "Snap out but continue masturbating till you orgasm." I looked at her, looked at the way her breasts were jiggling as she was working her tight wet pussy and started smiling.

"In the next 3 weeks I'm going to feed you a lot of sperm. I'm going to fuck your tight little ass a lot, too. And I'm going to film you giving me little shows. I'm going to make an archive of videos of you sucking my dick, taking my load on your face and fingering your cunt. I'll even make some videos of you begging me to fuck your little backdoor and me doing just that.

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And as soon as we are home I'm going to set up a blog and share it all with the world out there. And before this holiday is over I'm going to find us another girl and I'm going to enjoy both of you as much as I can. What do you think about that?" At that moment she orgasmed. Chapter 4 For all of you who have never been woken up with a blowjob.you can't imagine what you have missed.

Blowjobs are always great but the feeling of drifting in and out of sleep and feeling that pleasure while never knowing if you are awake or dreaming and having the most perfect erotic dreams while at the same time experiencing the physical side to match the dreams. It's simply the most perfect feeling imaginable. When I first awoke I did not even understand what was happening.

I was just feeling so good and so relaxed and then I drifted back to sleep. I don't know how long I slept after that but when I woke up again I kept my eyes closed and just let my mind drift.

It drifted back to the night before. After Tina had fingered her pussy to orgasm I lay in bed next to her and took her in my arms. We lay like that for a long time and then she turned her back to me and I spooned behind her.


I put my arms around her and cupped her full breasts enjoying the feeling of her warm body against mine, the feeling of her round shapely ass against my crotch and the soft flesh in my hands. I felt my dick rising and adjusted it so it was aimed at her pussy and then I entered her with slow little movement until my dick was all the way in her pussy. She moaned softly as I continued to fuck her with little circular movements of my hips until we both drifted off to sleep. I can't even say who drifted of first.

"Honey, who fell asleep first last night?" She pulled her lips of my dick and started stroking it with her hand. "I did. I remember that you kept moving until I dozed off." After saying that she went back to work. I slid a bit up the bed so I was in a half sitting position against the backboard of the bed. From that position, with my head a bit higher up, I could see her body as she lay between my legs with her head bobbing up and down in my lab.

Her ass looked great from this angle. Perfectly round and full. Her back with the little valley created by her spine and her long legs that she had bent at the knees made it a perfect view altogether. I started gently stroking her hair as I felt the pleasure build up more and more. I didn't take me long to finish and I enjoyed her mouth for a couple more minutes after that as she gently kept licking the head of my dick as the arousal slowly diminished.

I put my hands under her arms and slowly pulled her up to me, and then I rolled her to the side so that she was lying on her back next to me and then I bend over to her and kissed her neck. I planted little kisses all around her neck and then continued to kiss my way down between her breasts and to her flat stomach. I took my time kissing around her navel while I caressed the sides of her breasts and her thighs.

Then I made my way even lower and lay down between her legs just as she had lain between mine just a couple of minutes ago and started to kiss her inner thighs. I spent a while kissing the soft skin between her legs and her pussy enjoying as she started moaning silently. Then I licked up and down her pussy lips enjoying the unique taste, sweet and a bit sour at the same time. I continued kissing her pussy lips, making my way up to her clit. And when I reached her button I put my lips to it and gently sucked it for a moment.

As the pleasure was building in her she pushed her hips up into my face to show that she wanted to be kissed and licked harder, that she wanted more of my tongue and lips. I flicked my tongue across her clit up and down and from side to side and at the same time slowly pushed the index finger of my right hand into her cunt. She was so wet. The moment my finger parted her lips I felt the fluid coming out and again she moaned and bucked her hips. I started fuck her with my finger while I licked her button faster and faster.

Then I took her clit into my mouth sucking on it and licking it in my mouth. By now she was moaning constantly and I felt her legs jerk at the sides of my head. I slowed down to prolong that state of arousal to make the orgasm that would soon follow even stronger. She could hardly contain herself. She wanted to cum, wanted to feel that relief. She grabbed my head and pushed me hard into her pussy.

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She started to circle her hips into my face but I would not let her come just yet. I wanted the orgasm to be a strong one and when I felt that she was close to losing it again, when I felt that if I let her wait any longer the moment would be gone I speed up again.

Licked her hard and pushed my finger deeper and harder into her wet, tight cunt. She grabbed my head and pulled me in and I licked sucked as hard as I could as she started to scream and spasm. I looked up and saw the muscles in her stomach contracting, saw as the contractions of all muscles in her body washed over her like waves. Then, slowly the contractions subsided. I slowed down and watched as some single aftershocks rocked her body and then, just as her breathing was almost back to normal I speed up my tongue and finger work once again.

And I had hit the right moment. I saw the contractions set right back in. I heard her breathing quicken again. She spread her legs further and pulled my head back in and I did not disappoint her.

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I continued licking until another set of spasm rocked her body and when it was over I slowly continued licking her as gently as I could to give her that nice shivering feeling as she came down from her second orgasm of the morning. After one or two more minutes I climbed up to her on the bed and put my arms around her. I whispered "I love you." Into her ear and hold her real tight as we drifted back to sleep together. Now that's what I call a good morning.