Gina hot Teen saugt und fickt Freund in seiner Wohnung

Gina hot Teen saugt und fickt Freund in seiner Wohnung
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Katie and Josh had been like my own kids since I met them, 3 years ago. Both of them were TALL, and I mean TALL. Josh was about 6'2'', and he was 16 years old. Katie was 13, and she had to be at least 5'8''.

Katie was maybe 110 lbs, Josh maybe 180. Josh had always been husky, and he was built like a football player with perfect white teeth. Katie had very long brown hair, that curled sweetly around her face and down her back. Her breasts were small, maybe a 36 B, but that was to be expected with her age.

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Her ass was her best attribute. Her delicate brown curls framed her butt like a picture, and believe me, it was. I had a feeling Josh had smacked that ass more the a few times, and she acted like it too.

That's why I was heartbroken when I heard of their parents death. Katie was a wreck. Josh was being an excellent big brother, but drifting in and out of foster homes was not what these kids needed. So, I adopted them. It's what ANYONE would do if you knew these kids. Anyway, here's what happened. I drove to the airport coolly, trying hard not to fidget. I was nervous, and I knew I would be.

But my fears melted away when I saw Katie. She was standing there at the airport terminal, a bright blue bag slung over her shoulder. She wore a pink tank top that cupped her titties perfectly. Hip hugger jeans and sandals with small diamond earrings completed this angelic picture. Her hair was brushed neatly, and flowing over her shoulders.

Josh's arm was on her shoulder, pulling her slightly close to him to protection. Josh stepped down off the curb, pulling Katie with him. "Derek! Hey, thanks for doing this.

Katie says thanks too." Josh opened the car door and Katie stepped in the back seat. I wondered why spoke for Katie. Josh seemed to read my mind. "She hasn't spoken since Mom and Dad died," he explained, handing Katie her book, which was 20,000 Leagues under the sea. "She took it harder then I thought she would." Josh and I chatted throughout the entire 2 1/2 trip. Katie stayed quiet in the backseat, absorbed in her novel. Josh continued to tell me that one of her boyfriends had "pushed her too far" and had practically raped her one night.

My cock leapt to attention and I quietly asked if he had succeeded. Josh wrinkled his nose.

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"That's the thing. I don't know, Derek. She wouldn't tell us or the police." One of his tanned brown hands dug slightly into the seat, and I wondered if this boy had gone to jail before or after Josh had beaten him to a pulp. When we arrived at my house, I saw Katie's jaw drop. I smiled to myself.

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It is impressive, being 4 stories high with thick stone walls and nestled in a rolling hill landscape. You could hear the burbling of a stream not too far away, and there was a large barn in the back yard. I keyed in my 6 number sequence door-lock, and we entered. Josh helped Katie up the stairs, and I could hear gasps all the way up. I waited until I heard their doors close, and then I began reviewing my strategy for the night.

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It was crucial that I remained cordial throughout the entire night, but with my raging hard on it would be a challenge. I stepped into one of the bathrooms on the first floor, and wanked off to a picture of Katie sucking my balls.

It took me about 10 seconds to spray my cum all over the toilet.

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I heard Katie's door open and I quickly cleaned up the mess. I stepped out of the bathroom in time to see her thump down the stairs. She gave me a half smile and handed me a note. Her writing was plump, full and curly. Thanks so much Derek. I love the library, and the room is wonderful. I hugged her, feeling her tits press lightly against my abdomen, and kissed her forehead. I tucked the note in my pocket just as Josh came down the stairs. Josh smiled and told me the house was awesome, and that he loved the science lab I had included.

He led Katie into the majestic dining room, and I hung back to watch Katie's flawless ass disappear around the corner. Dinner was nice, and we were astonished to hear Katie actually breaking her rule of silence to say the house was wonderful. We trooped into the kitchen to eat dessert, which was chocolate ice cream over blonde brownies, with walnuts. Josh said he was suffering from jet lag, and went up stairs to bed.

I asked Katie if she wanted to watch a movie, and she nodded. I wasn't surprised that she chose The King and I for the movie. As I expected, she fell asleep half way through. The plus side was she fell asleep on my lap. I casually reached for the popcorn, and brushed her small breasts in the process. I repeated his process several move times, until the popcorn bowl was empty.


I kissed her lips lightly, switched off the TV, and carried her upstairs to bed. The next morning, I woke up and reached for my game plan notes. I read it twice, then flushed it down the toilet. I walked out of the bathroom to see Katie in a nightgown waiting to brush her teeth. "Katie! Hey, your up early. Where's Josh?" I asked, wondering if she was fully awake yet.

She shrugged and went in to brush her teeth. I watched through the keyhole as she reached to get a towel. She then proceeded to unbutton the nightgown and reveal her smooth, pale skin. I considered jumping in there now with her, but killed that thought when she glanced around nervously. She massaged her nipples, and fingered her crotch for a few moments before turning on the hot water.

As she waited, she sat on the toilet to play with herself, giving me a beautiful view of her wet pussy. My cock was throbbing by now. She went in the shower, and I decided to make my move. I undressed, and opened the door.

"Whoa, sorry! Didn't know you were in here." I said, starting to leave. Katie glanced at me and asked in the sweetest voice known to man, "No, it's okay. What do you want?" She had opened the shower door half way, giving me a half view of the hot water caressing her nipples.

I didn't answer, just kissed her on the mouth. I felt her jump slightly, but I wrapped an arm around her waist and slipped my tongue between her lips. She melted in my arms, and I stepped in the shower.

Still holding the kiss, I brushed her nipple, enticing a moan from Katie. She rubbed her knee against my cock and it pulsed with pleasure. I sat her down on the bath seat and began to lather her up, first doing her face, her neck, and her shoulders, then moved down to her breasts.

I gave these an extra long scrub, and was pleased to hear the moans increase. I washed her all the way down to her pussy, and then I stopped. I spread her legs and discovered she had lost all sense of self control. She was putty in my hands now, and I licked in inside of her thighs all the way until I reached the outer folds of her labia.

Her moans were deeper now, and more urgent. I flicked her clit with my tongue, and she came hard.

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It was probably her first orgasm, and it coated her thighs, my lips and my fingers. She was limp now, but I continued to lick and suck her pussy.

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Until she had her third orgasm did I stop. I turned off the water and toweled her off. She leaned against my chest and I carried her into my room, where we could discuss things more.intimately. She moaned into my chest, but I just kissed her neck and started playing with her nipples. I looked her in the eyes and said "You wanna go all the way?" She trembled and shook her head vigorously. I kissed her nipples and asked her a second time.

She didn't respond, as she was busy fingering herself. I got up on my knees and brushed my solid rock dick against her lips. She hesitated, then opened her mouth.


He tongue was clearly unused to blowjobs, so I coached her in making me cum. "That's it, yeah baby, lick the head. Yeah, okay now massage my balls, ooo yes, just like that. Oh man, oh shit, oh my god." I came explosively into her mouth, and she lapped up the cum just like a sweet little bitch.

She cleaned me off, and I gave her tits a final squeeze. She scampered off into her room, and I watched lazily as she dressed for the day. I smiled as she fingered herself for a few minutes. This was the beginning of something great. I could feel it.