Boquete gostoso de novinha do Tinder

Boquete gostoso de novinha do Tinder
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1. Ben Thinks about Yvette Over the next few days Ben thought about what Kate had said and wondered why his mother had told Kate to have sex with him. Maybe his mother thought he needed more sex. Or maybe she thought Kate needed more sex, though he couldn't believe that.

His mother had a whole side to her that surprised him, and it took a while to get used to it.


He wondered if every time she went on a business trip she had sex with her clients, and how often she had sex with people when she went to meetings. He also spent more time admiring her body.

Her breasts really were great, and he thought about what kissing her lips would be like. Or if those lips were sucking on his cock and his balls emptied themselves into her mouth. Would she swallow? The next time Kate called to have a meeting he was ready, and said to Kate to invite his mother along.

He was looking forward to seeing his mother as well as Kate. 2. Yvette has her Second Son: Ben Kate knew Ben was ready for his mother when they met. He was even hornier than usual. She was naked with his face buried between her legs in about five minutes, with his tongue giving her clitoris a real working over.


Once he had her pussy ready he put her legs over his shoulders and pushed his cock into her. After a few minutes Kate saw Yvette slip into the room.

She quietly stood near the bedroom door watching her son's ass going back and forth as he had Kate. Knowing Yvette would hear, Kate said to Ben "Have you thought about what I told you last time?" "Oh yes", said Ben. "I thought about you and Mum fucking all those people." "What about that we fuck each other too?" "That too." "What did you think about?" "That I've kissed the same lips as her, and had my cock sucked by the same mouth that goes down on my mother's pussy.

I've licked the same nipples, and gone down on the same pussy. And I get to fuck that pussy too." "Aaahh", moaned Kate thinking about what he said and from the feeling his cock was creating in her body.

Yvette was standing there, leaning against the door frame while she listened to her son. She was tweaking her nipples and cupping and squeezing her breasts with her left hand and playing with her clitoris with her right. "What about your mother? Have you thought about her?" "Oh yes, her ass, her boobs, her lips. I've thought about kissing her and then undressing her. Every time I've seen her since the last time I've thought about how I'd undress her out of whatever she was wearing.

I like her in tight pants most." "Do you think about sex with her?" "God yes.

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I think about it when I'm having my girlfriend. I think about Mum lying a few meters away and what it would be like with her under me instead of my girlfriend. Maybe I'd fuck Mum and my girlfriend would fuck Dad." Yvette thought about the idea. Maybe it would make things easier if her husband was distracted.

Kate and Ben stopped talking and just enjoyed fucking. Kate was ready to orgasm when she saw Ben was holding himself back. "No don't stop. I want your sperm in me. Cum in me, cum in me." That was enough for Ben and he shot into Kate, which was enough to help Kate to orgasm too.

Ben let go of Kate's legs so he slump forward on top of her. "Wow, that was great Kate." He kissed her. "What did you think Mum? Proud of how your son fucked your business partner?" He felt Kate twitch in shock. "I could see your reflection in the glass on one of the pictures." Yvette walked over to the bed a put one foot on it to show off her pussy better. "Is this what you've been thinking about?" Yvette asked her son.

Kate reached out and ran her fingers around Yvette's labia and clitoris before pushing them into Yvette's slippery wet vagina. "Oh yes Mum, that's what I was thinking about." Kate pulled her fingers out of Yvette, and sucked one before giving the other to Ben. He licked it clean of his mother's juices. "So what are we going to do?" Yvette asked Ben. "I want to fuck you Mum.

Then if there's time I want to watch you fuck Kate." "Okay," said Yvette. "Let's do it." Ben stood up and Yvette took her foot off the bed.

They had hugged and kissed before, but now they were naked, and their kisses were on the lips, not on the cheek. When they hugged their naked bodies pressed together, not separated by clothes. Ben's hands were on his mother's buttocks, and Yvette could feel her son's erection pressing against her belly.


Kate had gotten off the bed and sat on a chair in the room. She wasn't going to miss out on Ben and Yvette going together for the first time. The entwined couple got on to the bed together and Ben rolled on top of his mother. He worked his way down to her beautiful big breasts, and paused to lick and suck his mother's nipples. "I've been thinking about these since Kate told me about you telling her to have sex with me." "Do you like them?" asked Kate.

"They're great. Everything I'd dreamt of," replied Ben. "Will you have sex with me now?" asked Yvette.

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"First I want to go down on you Mum. Then I'll fuck you." "Okay, but I want to suck on your dick while you do me." Ben responded by rolling himself and his mother over so she was on top of him. Then Yvette switched around so her crotch was over Ben's face, and Ben's hard cock was pointed towards her mouth.

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Kate lay back in the seat, masturbating as she watched Ben's cock get attention from his mother, and Yvette's genitals get attention from her son. Yvette was so excited to be licking and sucking Ben's cock. She could still taste Kate's juices on it, and was imagining what it would be like with it inside her instead of Ben's fingers and tongue. "Let's do it now Mum. I want you to ride my cock." That was all Yvette wanted to hear, and in a few seconds she had turned around, and used her hand to guide her son into her body.

He loved the sensation of the tip of his penis entering his mother, the warmth and wetness descending over his cock, covering more and more with each thrust until he was all the way inside her. He lay there enjoying his mother's vagina on his penis, her hands on his shoulders to support herself. He put one hand on her ass, and used the other one to cup one of her breasts. She leant down and kissed him, and as she pulled back he said "I love you Mum." "I love you too Ben." After they had finished, they lay together, legs intertwined.

Kate had masturbated herself to a wonderful orgasm watching them having sex. "So Mum, why did you get Kate to have sex with me?" asked Ben. "Do you want me to tell you now? Or do you want me to do Kate? We don't have time for both." "You and Kate now, and then you can tell me later on." "Okay", replied Yvette. "But tell me soon", added Ben. "Next time we're home alone together." Yvette paused, kissed Ben. "Unless we can think of something better to do." She looked over at Kate.

"Get your ass over here. I want to lick my son's cum out of your pussy." "Alright", said Kate as she got to her feet. "I want to lick your son's cum out of your pussy." Ben stayed on the bed. He wanted a close up view, of his Mum and Kate having lesbian sex.

He wanted something to remember until the next time he got to fuck one of them, or both of them. As he lay there looking he could see that the lust between the two women was real, with passionate kisses and sensual touches. Their tongues went as far as they could into each other's vaginas.

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Ben's only regret was he hadn't been able to put more sperm in them both. When they were in the sixty nine position, with his mother on top, Ben got behind got behind his mother, put his hands on her hips, and guided her onto her knees so he could do her from behind. He checked her ass out and thought that his mum really did have a great ass. Kate lay there watching Ben's penis in Yvette's vagina, only centimetres from her face, and enjoying Yvette's tongue on her clitoris.

When he came in his mother, Kate licked his cock clean, squeezing the last cum out, before she turned her attention to cleaning up Yvette. As they dressed, Yvette said to Kate, "You know that Denise is in town tonight before our meeting tomorrow. Can you take her out for dinner? I have to go out with my husband." "Sure", said Kate. "I'm happy to. Would you like to come along too Ben? It will be nice if she meets you too. Someone new." "Okay Kate.

Text me with the time." As he left he gave Kate a kiss, and she gave him a wink and whispered in his ear "Your first business development sex", before patting him on his ass. 3. Ben Helps with Business Development Yvette was sitting with Ben having breakfast, the other members of the house had gone, so they had some private time together.

Yvette had let her dressing gown gape open so Ben could see her breasts cupped in her white lacy bra.

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"So how did dinner with Denise go?" "I think you know how it went Mum. We had a few drinks, then dinner, then I took her back to her hotel room and screwed her brains out. It was fun.

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Not as good as you and Kate, but it was still lots of fun." "I'm glad you had a good time. You didn't need to have sex with her though." "I think she would have been disappointed if I didn't Mum." "Maybe, but you didn't need to." "Don't worry Mum. Kate told me all about you and business development sex. I'm happy to help you and Kate with your business, and I got to do it with someone new." "Kate told you about that!" said Yvette with a startled tone to her voice and surprised look on her face.

"I don't mind Mum. It helps your business, and I'm happy to share your pussy. I have to share it with dad anyway, and I don't know who else. If you're banging one son, maybe you'll bang the other too?" He saw the reaction on his mother's face.

"Or are you doing him already?" He saw her face change again. "Yes you are! I thought you might be. You are a very slutty mummy." He paused. "I have to go to university soon, but I've got enough time for a quick fuck if you want." "Okay. A quick one." She stood up, undid the tie on her dressing gown and sat on the kitchen bench where her other son fucked her.

I've got to go soon too. 4. Yvette Reveals the Truth Yvette was lying beside her son, looking at the ceiling of his bedroom. They had had sex, and even though she tried to distract him from explaining why she got Kate to have sex with him by offering a blow job, Ben had insisted. So she told him the story of the family in Prague.

The restaurant, then back to Sangeeta's apartment, the taxi drivers, the orgying, the father, son and daughter doing all sorts of things together. Then when Sangeeta's sister and son had arrived, seducing Sangeeta's son and sister too.

"So when I got home I wanted the same relationship for our family. I seduced your brother bit by bit, but thought it might be too obvious to do the same with you. So that's why I got Kate involved." "What about me and Denise?" "That was just a spur of the moment thing.

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I didn't expect you to screw her. Did you like it?" "Oh yes. Not as good as you, he said before leaning toward her and kissing her lips. But I'll do her anytime you want.

And any other pretty clients like her." Yvette stored that away for future reference. Having a horny young man could create business opportunities where two women couldn't.

"So what's next Mum?" "I don't think we've got time to do it again before the others get home." "No, family sex. What do you want next? Me and Steve together? Or do you plan to do Linda? Or maybe I'll do Linda." "Well, it would be good if you can get Linda into bed. What do you think about getting Kate to have Steve? Or dad? Would you mind sharing Kate?" "I'm already sharing Kate and you with lots of people, so I don't mind sharing her with them too." Ben got on top of his mother and kissed her.

"Why do you want Kate to fuck Dad?" "He can't complain about me cheating on him if he's cheating on me." "And Steve?" "Won't he have fun having sex with Kate? You're already sharing me with your brother, so why not share Kate with your brother too?

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Anyway, maybe Kate can get him into business development sex." "You're turning your whole family into whores Mum. Next thing you know, you'll have Linda turning tricks too." "Maybe you're right. Letting them know that they could have sex with a mother and daughter could help secure a lot of business." "Okay then.

Kate seduces Dad and Steve. I'll keep screwing your clients and see if I can get Linda into bed. You keep fucking everyone." "Yes. Just one thing. I'm screwing Linda's boyfriend.

In fact, I've screwed lots of them. Maybe it will help you work out how to get Linda on her back." "Does your pussy get any rest Mum?" "Not much, and it likes it like that."