Eurobabe tied up and humiliated by maledom

Eurobabe tied up and humiliated by maledom
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I've been a high school teacher in Kansas for about 10 years.


As a bisexual male, I've been presented with opportunities over the years by former students, both male and female. But my one, inviolate rule has been, never touch a student while they're in school. A case in point is Robert, the former star senior running back of the football team.

As an assistant coach on the football team, I'd had many opportunities over the years to ogle Robert and other members of the team in the showers after practice and games. Watching all that fit, ripped boy flesh, glistening in the water as they scrubbed and horsed around in the showers … damn, it was tough. But I stuck to my rule. Robert was definitely off limits.

We did eventually hook up, just before a now-legal Robert left for college at the end of the summer. He came to my house.

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He didn't say a word when I opened the door to his knock. He simply stepped inside, pulled his shirt over his head and dropped to his knees in front of me. He pulled my sweat pants down just enough and sucked my growing cock deep into his mouth. I placed my hands on either side of his head and gave him what he clearly wanted. I fucked his 18-year-old mouth, slowly and steadily, as he moaned and groaned at each penetration. He stripped his shirt off as he worked on my shaft, revealing his muscular pecs and six-pack abs.

I ran my right hand down to his dark-brown nipple, pinching the tiny nubbin between my thumb and forefinger, eliciting an even deeper moan from deep in his throat. As much as I was enjoying his oral ministrations, I wanted more. And Robert did, too. He didn't fight when I slipped my spit-soaked cock from his mouth and pulled him to his feet.

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I led him into the living room and toward the sofa. Standing behind him, I ran my hands down his body to the top of his loose-fitting denim shorts. I released the snap and lowered the zipper, the sound loud in the otherwise-silent room. My fingers found the elastic waistband of his cotton boxers and dipped inside, following his treasure trail toward my long-awaited prize.

Seemingly in a hurry, Robert pushed his jeans and boxers down, letting gravity do its thing. His remaining clothing pooled around his ankles and he kicked them away, leaving him in just tennis shoes and ankle socks, an incredibly sexy look if ever there was one. His 6.5-inch, cut cock was rock hard and thick, slick with his precum. I wrapped my hand around it and stroked slowly, eliciting more moans and groans.

I placed my hand between his shoulder blades and gently pushed, bending him forward at the waist until his hands came to rest on the cushion. "Coach," he moaned. "Go easy on me. I've never. . ." "You're a virgin?" I asked as I ran my hand between his ass cheeks and teased his hole. "Um, yeah," Robert admitted.

"I mean, I've sucked cock before. And I've been blown. But I've never … you know." "You've never been fucked in the ass," I said, making it a matter-if-fact statement rather than a question. He shuddered at my words. "Yeah," he said, quietly. I gently kicked his feet a little wider and gently spanked his ass once.

"Don't move a muscle," I said.

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"There's more where that came from, if need be." Robert nodded and adjusted his stance slightly as I walked toward my bedroom. I hadn't planned for this, or expected Robert to come by my house, virtually begging to be fucked.

All my "supplies" were stashed in the bedside table. I retrieved lube and condoms from the drawer. Almost as an afterthought, I stepped in to my walk-in closet and took down the case, which held my bondage gear handcuffs, ball gags, Velcro straps, and the like.

I headed back to the living room to find Robert exactly where I'd left him. Football players are trained to follow a coach's instructions, after all. "Good boy," I said. "Now, relax." I knelt behind him and, using a pair of the Velcro straps, secured his ankles to the legs of the sofa. He started to protest but a quick, sharp slap on the ass quieted him down.

I secured his arms next, behind his back, handcuffed at the wrists.

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This forced his face down into the cushions and opened his ass even more. I decided to start out right. I placed my hands on his cheeks and sniffed clean, virgin boy with a hint of soap and just a tinge of sweat. Perfect. I started at his balls and licked upward, my tongue scraping across his pink pucker and on up his crack. Robert groaned deep in his throat. "Oh my God, coach!" he moaned. "God, that feels good!" I commenced rimming his 18-year-old virgin ass.

I worked the tip of my tongue around his puckered anus, feeling the tiny, tight muscle relax. He twitched his hips backward, forcing more of my tongue in to contact with his sphincter, moaning as I ran the tip round the rim of his hole. "Oh, God," he moaned. "Of, fuck! Oh my fucking God!" I reached around and felt his cock.

He was hard as calculus, a steady flow of precum dripping from the circumcised head. I used his natural juices to lube his shaft, stroking him in time with my tongue action. "Damn it, coach!" Robert cried. "Please, just fuck me!" That was what I'd been waiting for.

I released his cock and stood. I poured a steady line of lube down between the pale pink globes of his ass, using one, then two fingers to guide it into his waiting, spit-slick hole, loosening him up for my cock. He pressed back against my probing digits, driving them deep into his bowels, almost weeping at the pleasure of the penetration. "Yeah, coach," he groaned.

"Yeah, that's it. Fuck my virgin faggot ass with your big fingers." I carried on, probing his hole, watching him twitch and shudder with each thrust as he pressed back against my hand. I decided he was ready.

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I pulled my fingers from his ass with a pop, eliciting a moan of complaint from Robert's lips. I lubed up my cock, deciding to forego the condom (regular testing for me, a virgin ass for him).

I gripped Robert's left hip and used my right to guide the head of my cock between his well-lubed globes. I slipped the head up and down inside his ass crack, teasing his hole further, lining myself up.

"Yesssss," he hissed. "Right there." "Relax," I said. "Relax." I felt his tight muscles loosen slightly and pressed forward slow and steady. Robert grunted and his sphincter tightened, briefly, at the increased pressure.

But a combination of position, determination and lubrication overcame hesitation as the head of my cock slowly split his hole.

"Aw, shit, coach!" Robert groaned as the head came to rest inside his bowels. "God, that burns!" I paused momentarily, my cock twitching and throbbing, the pressure of his sphincter gripping the head almost causing my brain to go into sensual overload. I couldn't imagine what it would feel like with my entire cock buried deep in his clenching ass. But I couldn't wait. Instructing Robert to take a deep breath and push out with his internal muscles, I pressed forward, moving another inch of my cock into his hole.

I started a steady thrusting motion, just a millimeter at a time, gradually increasing my pace and depth until I was fully buried in his ass. "Aw, coach!" Robert groaned, his fists clenching and releasing as they were held behind his back. "So full! God, I'm all full of your cock, coach!" Those words alone made all the anticipation, waiting and wondering, worthwhile.

I stopped again with my cock balls deep in his bowels, relishing the tight heat of his no longer virgin ass. But I wasn't there to just stand around. I slipped back until just the head remained in Robert then pushed forward, slowly but steadily, filling him back up with my cock. I established an easy rhythm, gradually increasing the speed and frequency of my thrusts, until Robert was pressing back against me in sync, begging me to fuck him harder.

I pounded his formerly virgin ass with abandon, feeling my balls slap his as I bottomed out each time.

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Robert started a steady "Ungh, Ungh, Ungh" sound each time I thrust, punctuated with the occasional "Oh, yeah!" or "Fuck!" on a particularly hard penetration. My young running back was showing the stamina he'd learned on the field, driving his ass back against me, giving as good as he got. I reached around and grasped his rock-hard cock in my right hand, my left sliding up his side and around to pinch and tug on his left nipple. There was apparently a direct connection between his nip and his cock.

With a massive groan, he stiffened, his ass clamping down hard on my cock, and came. He shot stream after stream of boy cream onto the cushion of the sofa. I slowed down, gently stroking my cock in and out of his clenching bowel, as his orgasm ran its course. As he relaxed, he collapsed down on the sofa, the muscles in his back and ass twitching with the force of the sensations coursing through his body.

"In my mouth," he moaned, his voice muffled by the sofa cushion. "Fuck my face and cum in my mouth.


Please!" Never one to turn down so sincere a request, I slipped my cock from his ass. There was nothing untoward on my shaft, other than the mix of lube and his natural ass juice, I noticed. He must have cleaned himself out before coming over. The little slut!

He came to get fucked. I moved around to the front of the couch, sat down and lifted his head into my lap, sliding over so he was directly over my groin. Without hesitation, he sucked the head of my cock straight into his mouth and down his throat. I guided his head as he bobbed up and down, his lips coming to rest in my trimmed pubic hair on each thrust. He gagged a couple of times but it didn't slow him down. Locking the fingers of my left hand in his hair, I ran my right hand down his back, to his upturned ass.

Robert groaned deeply in his throat, sending amazing vibrations through the head of my shaft, as I worked three fingers back into his gaping hole. That was all it took.

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With a roar I'm sure frightened squirrels from the trees outside, I came. My seed coated his tonsils and filled his gullet as he struggled to keep up. Gamely, he tried to swallow every drop, but some of my juice escaped and dripped into my pubes.

When I was done, he released my quivering cock and licked around the base and down onto my balls, seeking every last drop before returning to my cock to try to suck the final dregs from my balls. I laid my head against the back of the sofa, eyes closed, chest pumping as I struggled to regain my breath. Robert rested his head on my stomach, panting, sweat sticking his hair to his head. After a few moments, Robert stirred. "Um, coach?" he said. "Yeah, Robert," I moaned. "Could you untie me, please?" he said.

"My legs are going to sleep and I've really gotta take a leak." I laughed, then slid out from under him, heading for the case to get the handcuff key.

He jumped as I slapped his ass in passing. "Don't you dare piss on my sofa, boy," I warned. "I'll beat your ass raw if you do." He looked over his shoulder at me with a grin.

"Promise, coach?"