Big tit teen with wonderful body masturbates masturbation and webcam

Big tit teen with wonderful body masturbates masturbation and webcam
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Growing up with a drop dead gorgeous sister resulted in an infatuation that had me masturbating at least two or more times a day ever since I first learned how. I started this before I even understood what I was doing when long before puberty I found out that rubbing my penis felt good and it got stiff whenever I thought about her.

My sister, we"ll call her Kari, is three years older than me so when I all of a sudden had a growth spurt leaving me with a 7 inch penis when I was 18, she was 19 and I couldn"t have imagined her being any sexier.

Kari was tall for girls, 5"8", thin but athletic looking, long legs, gorgeous blonde hair, green eyes, and perfect perky 34C tits that were definitely made to go with her body. Fascinated by the new and much larger cock I started fantasizing about showing it to my sister. I wanted her to see what I thought was a giant in my pants and I started masturbating four, five, even six or more times a day thinking about what she"d say and coming just at the thought of her touching it or wrapping her lips around it.

I kept trying to think about ways to just "Accidentally" let her see it and then let things go from there. Whenever I knew she was in her room right across from mine, I would leave my door unlocked and open a crack hoping she"d walk in or that I"d catch her watching through the crack.

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That idea however seemed hopeless after months went by without incident, so I looked at the bathroom we shared next to our rooms and got another idea. It was too easy too just pretend I forgot to grab a towel from the closet and run in front of her room to get a towel while my hard cock is swinging less than an arm"s reach from her.


However both of those tricks I came up with to play exhibitionist with my sexy sister ended up working on the wrong family member, but it led to an interesting relationship with mom. One day Kari went swimming in our pool when it was only her and I in the house, and I just couldn"t contain myself when I saw her come out of her room in a bikini instead of the one-pieces she always wore any other time.

Unable to take my stare from her flat, toned stomach, and her barely covered chest, when she looked up and saw me watching her in lust, I was so preoccupied by thoughts of what I wanted to do to her that I didn"t realize my hand had made it"s way in the front of my pants rubbing my bulge.

She cleared her throat to wake me from my staring trance, flashed me a sexy little smile, and went out to the pool. For such a hot and sexy young woman, Kari never showed off her body much with the clothes she wore making the tiny blue bikini, with very little left to imagination, the closest to naked I had seen her.

I couldn"t stop myself from watching her through the windowshades, realizing after jerking myself off twice in a row that I NEEDED her to see my cock that night and I only could dream of her hand wrapped around it as she guided it into her mouth.


We were still by ourselves later that night when I saw her door was open and she was sitting with her view right toward her door. I jumped in the shower, "forgetting" my towel of course, but instead of the usual shrinkage from the water that leaves me with a shriveled inch, the anticipation of what I was about to do had me harder than ever to the point it almost hurt.

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I got out of the shower and listened at the door, perfect timing I thought when I heard footsteps going toward her room from right where I was standing. I opened the door saying "sorry I forgot my towel!" only to look up to see my mom turning around. Before she even noticed I was naked with a huge erection at full attention only inches from her body, her swinging arm landed her right hand wrapped firmly around my dick. My cock twitched at the touch practically blowing my load in her hand before she jumped back startled and I retreated to my room.

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Bracing myself against the back of my closed door I felt confused that I was even hornier than I was and found myself all of a sudden fantasizing about her rubbing it for me. I was already naked so it wasn"t a tough decision to lay on my bed and masturbate. However after having my mother not only see my adult penis for the first time and almost making me cum by accidentally touching it, but the earlier situation with my sister along with all of the sexual anticipation and thoughts I had in my head all day was almost too much to handle.

For once I just needed to masturbate until it stopped getting hard rather than do something stupid out of being mindlessly horny if even one more thing happened. My sister was walking down the hall toward her room as my mom, only a few steps ahead of her, opened my unlocked door to find me in perfect view of them both as I furiously stroked my cock.

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They both actually stepped into the doorway with the look of shock on their faces as I looked up, both of them with their eyes glued to the beating I was giving my penis when all the turn ons got to me.

It was more than I could have dreamt, not only did they both see me show off my growth, but I actually had my mother and sister(Kari actually seemed to be slowly moving toward me without even realizing it) speachless in my room watching me masturbate and BOOM.

my dick felt like it exploded. I was in the middle of the biggest orgasm I ever had while they both watched, the first shot hit the ceiling almost at my door, but the second shot I"ll never forget as it hit her right on the edge of her chin, splashing off a bit along her neck and the top of her tits.


Sitting there with my cock in my hand as it went limp after another 7 shots, none of us moved for what felt like half an hour until all of a sudden I saw my sister stretch out her tongue and lick some of my cum off her chin. Confused and surprised that Kari actually seemed to be enjoying what just happened, I didn"t even pay attention enough to see my mom run over to me with an angry look on her face until she started yelling at me as she reached out and snatched up my dick in her hand as tight as she could and yanked it hard enough to get my attention away from what my sister just did and stopping me before I was erect again.

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She yelled to my sister to go back to her room and without letting go of her painful grip she walked back to the door and shut it, pulling me up from my bed by my dick. "I was coming to talk to you in case you felt awkward about what happened in the hallway but instead I find you playing with yourself?!?!" "Not only that but when you see that we walked in on it you kept doing it while we were only looking out of shock", she yelled, tightening her grasp around my dick even more whenever she raised her voice.

"Don"t think I didn"t notice that you pointed it toward your sister on purpose!" "You better tell me what"s going on with you and why you obviously were enjoying having us watch that!" Finally she let go of my cock, resting her hand on my thigh instead, as she sat down next to me on the bed, waiting for my explaination.

I don"t know which reason it was or if it was a bit of both, but I told her everything either because I realized that coming clean about everything wouldn"t make things much worse after what had just happened, or the fact that she was making little barely noticable motions with her hand on my thigh and just stared at my limp dick as it slowly rose up fully erect.

Her hand was so close that I could only think about telling her whatever I could to have her stroke my shaft instead of my thigh.

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"Mom, I"m sorry but I guess I just went a little overboard when I noticed that in less than a week my penis grew over 3 inches" "I just wanted to show someone to see what they"d say and I don"t know what came over me but when I saw Kari in her new bikini." I looked away not knowing if I should finish the sentence.

"Tell me", "you saw her in her new bikini and what?" She playfully ran a finger along my dick trying to get me to finish what I was saying. "Well I watched her, and I was playing with myself" "I got a crazy idea to pretend I forgot my towel so when I walked to the closet by her door to get one she"d see, but you know as well as I do what happened instead" "Honestly, I had to masturbate after that because when you touched it I almost came but instead it just got hard enough it hurt" "Hunny, I"m your mother, and you can talk to me about stuff like this no matter what" "I didn"t mean to get so mad but I don"t want you doing stuff like that in front of your sister" "I noticed you grew nice and big when you"ve left your door cracked open" "I didn"t want to say anything unless you told me about it first" "As far as what you felt when I accidentally touched you before, that"s perfectly normal, sons grow up with their mother being the only person that touches their penis, it"s natural to still happen at your age" Finally taking her eyes off my dick she just looked up at me and smiled before placing her fingers lightly around the tip of my dick.

"You might have not known it but I see you get hard all the time when I brush against it by accident, nothing to be embarassed about" Just then she ran her fingers from the head down the whole shaft and I blew it. She got up and walked toward the door, "Just don"t involve your sister in this stuff, it"s not right, but if you ever need anything just let me know" And she walked out the door with me still sitting there not even knowing what to think about everything that happened that day and cumming for the first time from someone touching it other than me.

However what I did not know at the time was that my sister had been listening the entire time with her ear pressed against my door.