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Teen boy first time straight sex gay young teens free videos this
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You are bound and tied to a chair. A single light above your head is almost motionless in the room. Cold concrete walls, not cleaned in years it looks like, are your only surrounding. A single window high above your head is letting in faint moon light as you are mentally preparing yourself for what is to come.

All of your training is led to this moment. The sound of a door is heard behind you. The lock being disengaged and the hinges creaking as a Tall man in a military uniform comes from behind you. Looking straight ahead, feigning courage and stupidity at the same time, the man sees right through it.

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He knows you are a spy for the Russians. Why else would you be here. As he looks down to you, you look past him, as if he wasn't there to begin with. He starts speaking to you, a formality you guess.

You have nothing to say to him, let alone being able to understand most of his words. They are to fast for you to comprehend, which makes it easier to play dumb for you.


The man chuckles to himself and without warning, slaps you across your face and knocks you on your side, chair tied to you making it impossible to get up of your free will.

The man helps you up again and speaks slower to you this time "Do you understand English?" you don't get it all, but understand the words understand English and detect the questioning inflection in his voice. Still a little shaken up from his hit, you nod, hoping to not get another slap across your face. He just smiles and mutters good. Another man enters, handing him a folder.

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You don't know what it contains but are sure it is about you. Your government taught you tricky American ways they will get you to talk. He flips through some pages, everything clipped to the one side of the folder.

You catch a glimpse of your picture, but the hand writing may have been Greek to you. He hands the folder back to the man as he leaves the room and locks the door behind him.

He holds a picture of you with and another man in uniform. You recognize the man in the photo a little bit. "You were the last one seen with this man before his death" The man tries speaking slowly.

You recall the man, slipping him a knockout drug and seducing the secrets out of him. A victory for mother Russia. Without a word the man slaps you again knocking you back on the floor. expecting to be lifted back up as the man approaches you, his last step is followed with a swift boot to the stomach.

You cough up some spit, not expecting that. He leaves you on the floor, bending down and talking to you there. This time he slips in Russian where he can, his accent is poor and his grasp of the language sounds self taught.

"We have evidence you killed our agent.

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Do yourself a favor and admit it so we don't have to go through this. I don't want to be a bad guy and hurt a pretty Sooka like you anymore than I have to" He now lifts you up by your hair, feeling all of it will rip out at any second till you are back on your feet, sitting up right.

Hearing an American like him calling you a bitch is enough to make you be defiant even more. You spit on his uniform and in your best English recite to him "I em proud Rooshian citizen. Nute spy like you thunk" He sighs and walks behind you. You imagine he is going for the door, but the door never opens. A shiver slides down your spine as you fear the worst is yet to come.

Without a word of sympathy you hear him taking a few more steps toward you from behind. The tension building, thinking of all that you have been told will happen to you if you are caught.

The rack, a firing squad, maybe even being hung at the gallows. You take a deep breathe and think to yourself, at least I will be a martyr for my country and not dying in vein. A sharp prick hits the back of your neck. What happened? The man walks in front of you again seeming pleased with himself. "You had your chance rooskie spy.


We could have gone the easy route, now we have to do it the hard way" You really don't like the inflection he used when he said hard. Suddenly your body starts to get hot and seems on fire from the inside. The man is now getting undressed in front of you. His body is impressive as you can't help notice him.

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Why are you noticing and admiring his body? Your a proud soviet spy, not sex crazed American you hear about. He approaches you, his cock dangling in front of you. He bends down, to look eye level with you, and says once more "Last chance to surrender" Your pussy is starting to get moist and hot. How is it this enemy is looking so attractive right now? His green eyes staring into your brown eyes. He stands now, his cock eye level with you. Your first thought is how much you want to swallow that piece of man.

Your pussy getting wetter by the moment and you are unable to control yourself anymore. You lunge forward, attempting to get his dick in your mouth, but to no avail. He steps back as you lunge forward, getting a slight taste on your tongue before falling flat on your face.

Now your field of vision is really limited but the memory of his cock is all you can envision. You don't know where he is now, but hoping he will help you up once more. A moment passes before he walks behind you.

Without a word, you feel cold steel against your skin. As it moves around, you realize the moist air in the room is touching your skin. IS HE CUTTING MY CLOTHES OFF!? The feeling of the cold steel leaving little cuts along your skin is turning you on now, wanting to expose yourself to him more.

More steel, less clothing. You imagine your whole ass and pussy are exposed to him, thinking he cut more than he did. You wiggle about, acting like you are exposing yourself to him, inviting him in. In reality, it was a small slit on your pants, so you can go to the bathroom without going in your pants. He pulls you back up from behind, thinking that the steel was what you felt on your neck earlier.

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He walks in front of you again, your mind now foggy with sex and lust. He lifts his foot, pushes on your stomach gently to bend your ass and pussy out through the back of the chair and explaining you can go to the bathroom without fear of going in your pants.

As you start to open your mouth in a sarcastic thanks, he lifts your head to look up to him.


Your mouth caught open a little bit, and then filled with his cock. He pushes himself back and forth inside of you, enjoying himself. Your not sure if you should be happy or mad at man, giving you what you secretly wanted.

He thrusts a few more times, almost making you gag, then pulling out of your mouth. "Do you want to talk yet?" Your not sure what kind of torture this is, but your head is swimming. You hold onto a little bit of your senses yet as you cough and shake your head. Quickly your throat is filled back with penis to where it was before. You cough hard gagging now as he keeps pushing into you. Your not able to get much air and almost chock on him and your saliva.

"One last chance before it gets harder. Are you ready to tell us your secrets?" He pushes once more, this time forcing tears out as you cough and almost vomit on his dick.

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He pulls out looking into your eyes again. You are just lost in his eyes, not able to answer, giving in to the lust you feel. Unable to answer even if you wanted to now. He moves behind you once more. He lifts the chair forward, landing you back on your face again. You feel like your nose is almost broken, at the least out of alignment.

The pain is turning you on, not ever being handled like this before in your life. Such power, and control, even over the most indominable spy. As the pain subsides you realize your ass and pussy are exposed once more, and his for the taking. Wait, why are you thinking of how you want him to take you? You scream out "NEEEEEEEE" and give into the pleasure of him sinking his cock into your drenched pussy.

It sounds so wet and inviting even to you. A thought pops into your head.

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did he inject me with something earlier into my neck? The thought is quickly replaced with lust and agony as he is mounting you like his bitch. His cock is pushing deep into you and you now scream out "DDAAAAAA" loving the feeling and lost in the sex. After a few powerful strokes, your nose feels busted and broken for sure now.

"I weel talk, I'll tell you my secrets" you scream out as you cum on his cock. It was just to intense for you to handle. He pulls out of you, waits for you to speak. You are waiting for him to lift you off the floor again before speaking. He kneels down and looks to you, all your able to see is his feet. "Speak Sooka" You guess you wont be lifted off your face yet. Feeling clever you give him a personal secret.

"I am on peel" You feel smug, hoping that's what he would be satisfied with. He lifts you up back on the feet of the chair. He stands laughing, and then you start laughing too, thinking that he found the joke funny too. "You're on the pill? That's your secret?" he is still laughing to himself and smiles to you.

He walks closer and kicks you in the stomach with the tips of his toes "You won't have to worry about that with me here. I'll kill the soviet baby that would grow in you each day if I have to, till I get your secrets" Wow, that's pretty intense. As you look up to him, you feel blood and snot dripping out of your nose. Yeah, it feels pretty broken. His cock still there, as natural as could be. He looks angry now and asks commands to you as if you were one of his soldiers "SECRETS.

NOW!" You sigh and give into him. You start to speak Russian, knowing he doesn't get much of it. Part way through you stop and look at him.

You get an idea and hoping it will work "Comrad, make a deel?" He raises a brow to you in curiosity. "You geeve to me dick more, I talk more English" Figuring this is a win win situation for you both, you find you can not get enough of his cock. As he pounds you from behind, through out the night, you moan and scream out random secrets in parts and pieces as he fills your random holes.

Hoping he can't get them all or put them together, your mind is slowly divulging back to lust, forgetting some of your secrets yourself, only able to give him pieces. Finally your mind starts to come to as dawn is approaching.

You feel tired and drained and completed. When he is satisfied with what you have told him, he pulls out of you and throws the back of the chair on the floor, all you can see is the ceiling at first glance. You look over to him as he is walking over to a tape recorder. Fuck, maybe he did get it all and could piece it together. It was worth it though. After he dresses himself up and back to his normal demeanor, he walks over to you. Your eyes glazed over with lust and possibly love. Whatever happens now, there is no regrets.

You close your eyes expecting the worst. A sudden heavy pressure is on your stomach. You cough up blood and shit on the floor as you realize his army tread boots have been stomped onto your tiny stomach.

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He leaves the room for a time. As time passes you start to pledge your allegience to the American government thanks to your new husband, the very general that raped and abused you. There is no life for you back in Russia, so why not at least let your future child know his father