Girlfriend on home video gives me a head

Girlfriend on home video gives me a head
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The next week was uneventful, but frustrating. Seeing Emily every day was difficult, not being able to touch her, at least not more then a quick feel, was horrible. Emily knew what it was like for me during the day, and would play it up. I don't think she worn panties once, and somehow found a way to show me every day, right in the middle of class.

It wasn't all bad though. Wednesday, she came to school wearing a skirt that was at least a couple of years old, it still fit her tiny waste, but was way shorter then a girl of her age should be seen in, at least in public. It was a plain number, but she made it look amazing. She wore no panties again, and whenever I sat at my desk in front, she would open her legs and show me her best parts. I hadn't used any of my potion on her after the first time, but it just seemed to fire her up on an almost constant basis.

After handing out the math assignment, they went to work, and I sat to watch. Emily looked at me in her knowing way, and slowly open her long legs, just enough so I could see her little slit. I licked my lips, Emily giggled and closed her legs.

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After school that day, I drove her home, as has become the norm, and went in to the house. Melissa was already home, and kneeling on the living room floor in her naughty french maid corset, with black patent heels, and black back seemed stockings.

Cliche I know, but I liked it. "How may I serve you ladies" she asked us, never making eye contact. All I wanted was Emily at that point, "Just sit and watch." I told her.

She didn't move, just spun to face the couch. Emily stripped down to nothing in seconds, and I was standing in nothing but thigh high stockings and heels shortly after. We embraced as long lost lovers, I held her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist.

We stood and kissed for a long time, her small mouth accepting my tongue, and mine hers, over and over again. I truly loved this girl, like I have never loved anyone before.


I sat on the couch without putting her down, so she now sat on my lap facing me. I pulled away from her eager mouth, and latched on instantly to her pea sized nipple. She groaned, turning in to a moan as I did. It was hard and responsive. She quivered as I flicked it with my tongue before switching to the left one. She held my head with both hands, pulling me in to her Chest.

Climbing down from my lap, she pulled my hips to the edge of the couch, then getting down on all fours, called for her mother. "Slut, come eat me." she commanded Thrusting her ass up, she started to eat my clit, just before her mom buried her face in her pussy with such force it pushed her face hard in to my labia.

Melissa lapped with a passion unnatural, and uninhibited. I was so aroused, after about 3 minutes of sucking my clit, Emily put a single small finger in my ass and I exploded. Her face was glazed with my fluids as she grinned up at me, and mouthed "I love you." then her eyes rolled back, as she grabbed both of my legs and started a high pitched moan with the side of her face resting on my cunt. Melissa had both of her arms between and under her legs holding her up, otherwise she would have collapsed.

She held her there, lapping like a thirsty dog, as Emily convulsed and writhed for several minutes. When Emily had come down from that massive orgasm, she climbed back up in to my lap, and we sat and made out for the next 45 minutes, while Melissa made dinner.

SPRING TIME Spring had come in full force, it was a bitter sweet time for me. I would miss wearing the heavier dresses that allowed me dress in my corsets and such, but spring also meant all my little girls would be wearing their cute little sundresses, and me too.


No more teddies, merry widows and garters, it was on to thigh highs, and thongs. I was a fairly normal day, or what has become normal. Emily stayed after school with me, I would take her home later. We all live together now, Emily, myself and Melisa. Emily was reading in our reading corner of the classroom, a u shaped area created by some four foot tall bookcases that allowed the children to read with fewer distractions, as the opening only faced a blank wall, and when lounging on the pillows and bean bags, you couldn't see over the top.

Emily was in the corner with Nancy, the most delectible and delicious looking redhead I had seen in many years.

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Yet to get all freckled up, she was a plae skinned beauty, with her greenish eyes, and long, slightly curly hair. I wirried a bit about leaving them alone, Emily had become an absolute nymphet, and was always wanting. I was right to be worried. I went over to check on them, slipping my heels off to be quite.

As I peeked over the bookcase, I see Nancy laying on the largest beanbag, and her dress, what little there was of it, was up around her belly. Emily was slowly stroking up and down her slit through her panties, staring in to the eyes of her friend.

Her simple white cotton panties were slowly getting moist, and both were breathing hard. "Feels good right?" Emily asked "Real good" Nancy told her. "Want to feel something even better?" Emily asked with a sly smile. 'OK" was the hesitant response. At that, Emily crawled down between her legs, and pulled her panties aside. Nancy had a scared 'ick' sort of face, which vanished with Emily's first lick. 'Mmmm" was the only response.

As Emily licked, and I watched, our eyes met, and I could see Emily grin as she ate her friend out. After a moment, I was getting way too turned on, so I silently returned to my desk. I put my heels back on and make considerable noice as I walked to the white board and started humming as I erased. "Hey girls, I think I see Nancy's mom here" My little fib made truth not 2 seconds later.

Rustling sounds of tiny sundresses going back in to place, followed by the emergence of a flush faced Nancy, and Emily looking like the cat that ate the Canary. Nancy grabbed her stuff and was out the door. "Bye Canary" I called to her, leaving her with a slightly confused look on her face. I smiled.


"Back to reading Cat" I told Emily. She grinned, spun around and swung her hips back to the reading corner. I went to tiding up the room. ten minutes later, I was almost done, and went to put a couple of dozen reading books away in the reading corner. About half was through the book re shelving, Mrs. Benoit came to the door, knocked and let herself in with one movement. "Ms. Rogan," she started. Mrs. Benoit was an attractive woman in her day, but at 40, the bitterness of 2 failed marriages had left her looking more like an evil witch, an evil witch with an amazing body yes, but evil none the less.

"Ms. Rogan" as she was saying, "I need all your end of quarter paperwork by the COB next Friday, We don't want a repeat of ." She droned on. I payed close attention to everything she said, well, my eyes did, my mind was elsewhere, mostly on her ass.

As she went on, and on, and on, I leaned over on the bookcases, not really intending to flash my cleavage at her, lets just call it a pleasent mistake.

She noticed, got tounge tied briefly, and continued. As she spoke, I almost jumped out of my skin. Emily had remained silent, and moved over by me, hiden by the bookcases from Mrs. Benoit. At first her hand was just on my calf, gentle caress, and a subtle squeeze. When her hand reached up to my knee, I knew I was in trouble, big time. Sliding her hand slowly up my leg, under my dress, she reached the cuff of my stockings, I could almost see her tiny hands cresting the white lace trim. Further it went, on to bare skin.


She quietly got to her knees beside my, and reached all the way to my ass cheek, first kneeding the left one, then the right. I was going crazy. "Yes Mrs. Benoit, of course" I would say, not sure of anything she was saying.

A few minutes of playing with my ass, and her held left, and the tension eased. A moment later it returned, and directly a wet index finger went sliding right up my ass hole. I deserved an Academy award for keeping my composure. Have had all I could take, I stepped away and out from the reading corner, the subtle pop sound her finger made leaving my anus heard by all in my mind, But mrs. Benoit didn't seem to notice.

And our conversation quickly concluded.

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After she left, I shut and locked the door, promptly returned to the corner to find little miss Emily laying back with the biggest grin on her face, giggling like the 8 year old she was. "Funny was it?" I asked. She just nodded. "Well now you get to finish the job." I said as I walked over to her, straddled face and sat down on it.

Pulling my thong aside, she had ample access to my clit, and went right to work, as she suckled on it like a starving baby. As she sucked my clit, I reached back and went to put my hand down her panties, but she already had her tot sized g-string down at her ankles, and two finger buried in her pussy, making sloppy wet sounds.

I added a finger to the mix, and pushed it far enough up so I could rub her cervix.

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She always likes that. We came in moments, and thankfully for her, It was a dry cum for me. I crawled down to her, lay beside her and we kissed for a few minutes, her sweet little tongue dancing in my mouth. "You know sweetie, we haven't fucked your mommy in days, I think she is getting awful horny. Think you might be up to another round at home?" I asked her. "I think I can do it." she said.

"Do you think someday, we can take Nancy home, and fuck her?" "I don't know about that, she might tell someone." I told her. "But she makes the most amazing sounds when she cums, and her pussy and so tight, only 1 finger!" She stated. I stared at her, what a little slut I have created, Damn I loved her.